WintermuteX Stories


By WintermuteX

Tags: Mg, pedo, scifi, mc, rape, oral best, inc

Content: Pedophilia, Sci-fi, Mind Programming, Rape, Bestiality, Incest

"How about this one?"

M0rt tapped a button on the grimy keyboard and another image flicked onto the projector with an audible tick.

"It's just some people," the little girl said. "They look like they're having fun I guess."

M0rt paused to tap his cigarette on the filthy ashtray, invisible in the darkness of the enclosed room. The only light came from the image of the projector on the wall. A man and a woman, smiling. Some kind of park or something, with trees and shit. The kind of places Havers went. M0rt had never seen a real tree. They seemed overrated.

"Ok tell me what you think of this one." His voice rumbled like gravel in his throat, rough from years of smoking. The projector clicked and the room fell into darkness for an instant before the new image blared onto the wall.

"Do we have to do this?" The girl squirmed uncomfortably in the sturdy frame of the metal chair that clasped her body. "You said this was for your study. Can't you just let me go? I'll be good." She stopped pulling at the wrist straps for a moment and fixed M0rt with her best little-girl smile: pretty, innocent, with embedded Skin-Sense makeup giving her cheeks the perfect flush and her smile a pair of flawless dimples. She looked like a model, the kind of token daughter you would see in a Haver advertisement smiling and having fun with the rest of her shithead family.

M0rt couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to have those little 12-year-old lips wrapped around his cock, the little girl sucking his penis with all the relish and gusto of a succubus. Funny, how many VR programs he had on file for that. It was as easy as sin to jack in and load up any of a million different scenarios - there was no end to the depravity available on ExNet. Want to bang a supermodel? There were programs for that. Big tits? Small tits? Take your pick. The public indexes had tens of thousands of girls each with their own parameters. Celebrities, fantasy girls, you could even feed it enough photos and it would map them to the model so you could fuck your ex-girlfriend or the girl next door. The seedier sites on Ex had equally sketchy programs available. Want to know what it felt like to fuck a horse? Or be fucked by one? How about a little girl to sate your pedo fantasies? M0rt knew all about the sketchy sites. He practically lived on them.

With a sigh he got up and walked around the cluttered desk to where the naked girl was strapped into the frame, facing towards the projection screen. She was bound to the rusty frame at the ankles and wrists, lying back in the elevated chair. M0rt stared hungrily, relishing the sight. She was beautiful, like a lovely flower on the cusp of blooming, in stark contrast to the chaotic mess of cables and hardware festooned everywhere in the rank hovel that M0rt called home. The edges of the mess hovered at the edge of the light, the pale blue glow of the projector the only thing sparing the room from pitch blackness.

M0rt loved this part, loved how the ugly glare of the projector lit up the girl's bare skin with a grey-blue glow. Naked, vulnerable, her body on lurid display like a doll. He stood for a moment, staring down at her, admiring the sloping curves of her prepubescent body. A hot rush of blood began to stir in his pants.

"Look it's ok if you don't have any C-dream to sell," the girl said, squirming under his gaze. "I'll be fine without it. Can you just give me my clothes and let me go? Please? I promise I won't tell my parents or the cops or anything." The girl looked up at him, blinking through her long lashes. She was gorgeous, a picture of youthful beauty, primed on the threshold of blossoming into a young woman.

M0rt bent to double-check the straps. The leather bindings around the girl's arms and legs held her securely to the chair. She was squirming uncomfortably, but she wasn't going anywhere. You couldn't be too careful when dealing with someone from the street. Some Havers had nanite meshes that they could program with subvocalizations. Wouldn't want the metal buckles of the straps to suddenly melt away, chewed by an army of mites too small to see.

"You're not going anywhere you lovely little fuck." M0rt cupped her chin in a hand, a gesture of mock tenderness, and used the other to feel the port at the back of her neck. "Not until I've done what I want with you."

He finished with a quick grab and twist of her nipple. The girl winced.

"Well FINE! Fuck YOU then." The 12-year-old girl seethed as he turned away and walked back into the darkness. She squirmed again, making the frame rattle, and tried to spit in his direction. Fiery little cunt. Those were the best.

"Christ. I knew I shouldn't have listened to Ex3y," she mumbled. "Getting fucking C-dream on the street. She made it sound so easy. That little bitch."

M0rt plopped into his chair again, an ancient contraption that rolled on a pentad of crusty plastic wheels. The thing had probably been scavenged out of a dumpster sometime in the last century. The whole room was like that, full of ancient claptrap and clutter, smelling of garbage and sweat. The rotting tenement was sunk deep below street level like a rat's nest. It was perfect for M0rt though. It had that one essential quality: nobody knew it existed.

"Don't you even have a fucking holo? Where did you find that old piece of shit?" The girl sneered at the projector, her friendly demeanor evaporating. "It's like, 2D? Are you a fucking caveman? A scav?"

"I'm a lojack," M0rt said cooly, typing a few commands on his keyboard, checking his systems. "I make do with what is at hand. Not everyone is a Haver like you. Now look at the screen, or I will put a fucking vise around your head so you can't move."

The girl huffed but looked forward again. M0rt smiled inwardly. She really was extraordinarily pretty. A perfect catch. She was going to make his client very happy.

"Now, what does this make you feel?" he asked again.

"They're kissing. It's nice I guess."

"How about this one?"

The girl squirmed at the image of a topless woman on the beach. A model of some kind, holding a tantalizing pose for the camera.

"Um, ok yeah. I mean I knew you were probably a fucking pervo but do you think I'm going to get grossed out by some tits? My mom has better ones."

M0rt ignored the sass, his eyes focused on the terminal on his screen. Everything was nominal.

"And this?"

"Jeez, fucking..." The girl swallowed, her composure broken. The vibrant image of a man's fully erect cock glared from the projector screen, hung like a horse and tinged almost purple at the tip. M0rt couldn't help but feel a little jealous. The man was probably Enhanced of course. Havers had money to spend on shit like that. Penis Puffers and Titjobs and cruises on the jet-driven airships that trailed their wakes just above the surfaces of the garbage-filled oceans.

"Well I know it's not yours," the girl said. "You're probably tiny. Just a little inchworm."

She recovered quickly. M0rt had to give her some credit at least. It was perfect, actually. You wanted high-spirited girls. Meek ones didn't take their programming quite as well.

"Do you like this one?"

Her gasp was audible. M0rt smiled. She may have acted tough on the outside but she was just a little girl at heart. Perfect. Even more importantly, his monitoring program showed that the levels from her bio-peripherals were exactly what he hoped for. Her wetware was solid. No anomalies. She'd take the programming well.

He left the image on the screen: a little girl the same age as his captive, on her back, with a muscular dog straddling her face. The long, bulging length of the canine's red prick dangled down, and the girl's lips were puckered lovingly on its very tip. White-grey ooze had splattered all over her face, fresh and glistening on her skin. A look of rapturous passion twisted her face as she held her doggy lover's dripping cock between her lips.

"Such a nice girl." M0rt came around the desk again. "Having fun with the family dog like that."

"You're fucking sick. You sick...sick fuck." The girl struggled for words, unbalanced by the blatant display of bestiality projected on the wall. "Do you know who my dad is? He'll have every cop in the whole federation after you and when he finds you he's going to fucking...going to..."

"Oh I know exactly who your father is." M0rt crouched behind the girl's chair and lifted her long hair. "Actually I know everything about you Angelina." The metal iris of her port peeked back at him from the base of her skull. Perfect. Probably a UNI switch model. L33t malware protection and hacker countermeasures. Child's play. Havers always thought the latest and greatest would protect them.

"I'm Angi3, don't fucking call me Angelina," she scoffed. "My mom calls me that. Call me by my handle."

"I'll call you a lot more before we're done." M0rt held her long black hair to the side and lined up the jack. The long fibroplastic prong glittered like a needle. Its other end fed into the rat's nest of wires that powered his systems.

"Don't you fucking put that thing in me. No fucking way!" Angi3 shrieked and began struggling. M0rt sighed as he held her hair. Well, it was alright. He liked a bit of struggle. The little ones always struggled the best.

"Do you know how many girls have said that to me?" M0rt seized her hair with a violent jerk of his fist, wrenching her head to the side and snapping the jack into her port with a smooth motion.

Her eyes flew wide open with shock. Her mouth gaped open. She stared at the wall, seeing nothing for the moment. M0rt's bootworm would take a few seconds to work, to ooze into all the nooks and folds of her wetware and make itself comfortable. Once it was installed he could get to work.

She recovered just as M0rt sat himself at the desk again.

"Fuck! You think you can fucking program me?", she snarled. "Fuck off. I wrote my own firewalls. I've been hacking since I was 8. Once I broke into my little brother's wetware and disabled his vocal systems because he was annoying me."

"That's nice." M0rt tapped some more keys and watched the reactions of the subtle neurological outputs displayed on his screen. "I'll turn yours off if you don't shut up.

That actually did seem to shut her up for the moment, as she grasped the precarious nature of her predicament.

"So Angi3. You're 12 years old. How good are you at sucking cock?"

"What the fuck?" Angi3 jerked her head, as if she could make the jack fall out. "You sick pedo pervert shithead! Take it out!"

M0rt pressed a button. An image flashed on the projector.

"Would you like to do this? How do you think she's feeling right now?"

Angi3 tried to squeeze her eyes shut against the floor-to-ceiling image of a naked teenage girl on her knees with a fat prick stuffed between her lips. The girl's eyes were trained upwards on the camera - blue, hypnotizing, full of lust.

"Fuck." Her eyes popped open of their own accord. M0rt's programming wasn't going to let her off that easy.

"Be honest. I'll know if you're lying, obviously."

"It's uh..." Angi3 squirmed uncomfortably in the chair, her face scrunched. "I mean he', she looks like she's...having a good time? Ugh. This is gross. Why are you making me watch this?"

M0rt nodded to himself and pulled his keyboard closer to type a command.

%> sx_db_pipe --pre-filter && ../inhibition exec:set_limit 5

Angi3's head jerked slightly. Her jaw bobbed open and then shut again. Her eyes cleared almost immediately.

M0rt pressed a button and the projector clicked. "Now, what do you think of this lovely image Angelina?"

Raw understanding seemed to dawn slowly on the little girl's face.

"Oh fuck." Angi3 gazed at the image, unable to look away. The image registered for the little girl as something familiar, something erotic and desperately arousing. M0rt watched her nervous system flickering like a web, glittering pulses as her heart beat faster.

"Do you think she's having a good time?"

"Yes...I mean, N-no...fuck, I mean...FUCK." She squirmed again, her rapturous expression broken. "What did you fucking DO to me?!"

"Just some baseline data. A few petabytes to get you started, and a little something to loosen you up. You seem like a pretty tightly-wound girl."

"Fuck you." She spat like a snake, but her vision was locked squarely on the image of the lithe little girl on the screen whose face was twisted into a rictus of raw carnal delight at the fresh white goo splattered all over it.

"Have you ever done that Angi3?" M0rt asked, even as he watched her EKG zigzag up and down erratically in the monitor on his screen.

"Um, er..." She twisted uncomfortably, yanking at the straps on her wrists a final time before sagging limply in the chair.

"No..." she mumbled, shaking slightly.

"No what?" M0rt prompted.

"No I've never...never done that..." M0rt watched the girl wilt in the chair, her eyes locked to the screen and her mind subconsciously battling the lifetime of skill and knowledge he had uploaded into it. It must have been an odd sensation to be a little girl and suddenly realize you knew everything about sex and that the mere thought of it was intensely arousing.

"But...?" M0rt leaned to the side in his chair, grinning to himself. He didn't need to see the neural feedback coefficient. He always knew when someone was holding back, and the trembling girl had her mouth clamped tightly shut as though she could barely comprehend what she wanted to say.

"I...I..." Angi3 stuttered for a moment before the words came out in a rush.

"I once saw a friend do it. She wanted some C-D pretty bad. I pretended not to look but it made me feel really funny. Like a hot flash. I didn't want to admit it."

"I'll bet." M0rt looked with approval at her levels. Still normal. Not that much could go wrong at the first step, but he took pride in his attention to detail. He had multiple levels of sniffers checking every byte going into and out of that port to make sure everything was right. M0rt was as meticulous as he was unscrupulous.

"Hmm. Let's see what we have in store for you Angi3." He pulled up his client file again.

Client CB87225
Paid: 500,000¥ upfront
Seeking: age 12
Desires list attached.

He perused the file. It was longer than usual, quite the laundry list of kinks and fetishes. A man after his own tastes. Or woman maybe. M0rt wasn't in the business of judging, or of asking too many questions about his clients.

"Do you like to suck cock Angi3?"

"Well, I haven't...I mean uh...I could try. I mean, wait FUCK!" The girl blushed slightly, a pink flush rising on her smooth cheeks. She was even cuter when she blushed. M0rt felt that hot surge again, a horny bubbling in his crotch, but managed to ignore it. F/U/U/V was very specific. The goods were to be fresh and not manhandled in any way. The client wanted the first crack at it. That meant no stuffing his stiffening cock into this little virgin twat no matter how much he wanted to.

Well, her inhibitions seemed suitably weakened. That was always an essential first step to getting her mind to accept the rest of the programming. Might as well tackle the next item on the list - a subtle change to the regulation of her endocrine system would have her hornier than a cat in heat. M0rt preferred to get the physiological alterations out of the way after installing the baseline. He typed another command into his console.

%> tt endo-sys --compile -O2 -g female && push_settings

Angi3 went blank again, her eyes dead, her mind bending under the wild flurry of code. M0rt gave her a few seconds to come to herself again.

"Do you have a boyfriend Angi3? Is there someone you like?"

"Um..." The 12-year-old was still reeling, her eyes glazed over.

"Anyone?" M0rt asked.

"At school there's this b-boy..." Angi3 shook her head slightly as if trying to clear her vision. "We took sex ed together. He always smiles at me for some reason."

"Is he cute?"

"Yeah. I mean, well..." That blush again. "Yeah I guess he's cute. He has this brown hair that just kind of curls around his ears and it's sort of nice."

"Have you ever thought about his cock?"

"As IF! Ok...I mean sometimes, yeah. Ok. I do. Me and my friends talk sometimes, about what one would be like. I wondered what his might be like a couple times."

M0rt nodded approvingly to himself. She was already opening up, her defensive posture forgotten under the wash of sudden data. Perfect. He took a closer look at his screen, noting the blips in her levels. Her arousal was through the roof, her thoughts of the little boy she liked hugely amplified. Her norepinephrine was a bit high though. Best to take a closer look. He got up and went around the desk to stand in front of her.

"Have you ever wanted to kiss him?" M0rt bent down, looming over her, seeing the girl wiggle futilely against the metal frame that cushioned her.

"Have you ever wanted to fuck him? To feel his fat prick inside your little girl pussy thumping away? Wouldn't that feel good?"

"Jeez." Angelina tried to look away, her cheeks burning and her chest heaving rapidly. M0rt's hands snaked out and his fingers closed on her nipples. He gave them each a gentle pinch, feeling their firmness. They seemed to stiffen even more under his hands. Angi3 squeaked in surprise but didn't cry out, didn't cuss at him. Instead her chin began to shake with a gentle quiver.

One last thing: M0rt bent down farther and brushed a finger along Angi3's blushing little slit. Little girl pussy was the cutest, he thought: just a pretty little cleft between two puffy, hairless lips. Angi3 squealed and her legs knocked together, but she couldn't push him away. M0rt scratched gently, noting how her breathing became more rapid at his touch. Dewy moistness glazed the end of his finger. She was wet.

"Good," he murmured, straightening up. Any more teasing and she might get too horny to continue. But he could tell the alterations were working. It was funny how little it really took to get little girls horny. It's like the itch was always there, lingering just under the surface. All you had to do was stir the waters.

"Ok," he mumbled, plopping into the squeaky chair. It rolled backwards suddenly and he almost pitched onto the floor. Cursing, he got the damn thing under control. Next item.

%> capabilities add:fellatio.pkg set:fellatio-affinity 7 | upload_cap.zh

A sudden jerk of her muscles. A quick mist in her eyes.

"Angi3?" he asked.

"Y-yeah?" Her voice was dazed. M0rt tapped a key to throw another image on the projector.

"Which of these cocks would you most like to suck?"

Angelina scrutinized the 4 choices, as if thinking carefully. M0rt almost laughed at the expression of girlish seriousness on her face.

"The bottom left I guess."

"Why the bottom left?"

"Well, he's not too long. If it's too long you have to try to use your throat which is harder. But he's wide, and that's the best. A fat prick is more fun to suck. There's more, you know, meat."

M0rt tried to contain himself. He was sweating, hearing a 12-year-old girl talk this way. That was always the danger: the leering temptation of making the goods too appetizing. He wanted to stand in front of her and pull out his own prick and let her little tongue try its newfound skills on it. His programs were thorough: they gave her the knowledge and the aptitude, and he knew how to fill in the desire. And she was so vulnerable, just a little fucktoy of a girl sitting there naked and strapped to the chair, breathing heavily.

But no. M0rt pushed the thought away. His competitors were the ones that sometimes couldn't control themselves. They sampled the goods, spoiled them, and their contracts fell through. One had even got too involved and ended up busted. He had programmed her to love him, apparently. A very messy affair, that. M0rt never failed his clients. That was the difference.

Horniness, check. Blowjobs, check. Next item.

"Angi3, have you ever fucked your dad?"

"What?! No fucking way!" Angelina squirmed in the chair, caught between laughter and disgust. M0rt gauged her reaction and shrugged, then typed in a command.

%> capabilities add:incest.pkg set:incest-affinity 8 | upload_cap.zh

There was little more than a twitch this time. She was good. A natural. Her brain took in the information dump extraordinarily quickly. She might have gone far in academia with a brain like that. Maybe little Angi3 would have been a neuroscientist, or a doctor of cybernetics. Such potential. But now under M0rt's guiding hand she was being reshaped for something very different.

M0rt tapped a button and then leaned back in the treacherous chair. It almost went over again but he kept it stable on the uneven floor.

"Are...are they a family?" Angi3 asked.

"Sure. Let's say they are." On the wall was a finely-detailed image of a threesome: a man, middle-aged and not particularly fit, a woman who looked like his wife lying back on the bed naked, and a little girl being spitroasted between them. Dad had his cock stuffed balls-deep in his little girl's pussy, gripping her ass, and seemed like he was bucking her forwards. The girl's mouth was wide open and crammed to the hilt on mom's black dildo strap-on. The projector may have been old but it still had enough resolution to capture the flawless skin of the girl, her back arched with pleasure and her dribbling saliva flowing down the veiny surface of the dildo.

"Wow. She seems lucky. They all do." Angi3's look was one of keen interest and arousal.

"The family that plays together stays together." M0rt murmured. He wasn't sure where he had heard that old adage. It had probably been around forever. For as long as there had been human families they had been fucking each other.

"I wonder why my dad never tried to fuck me," Angelina murmured, as if regretful.

"Hundred to one he's thought about it more than once," M0rt muttered. "If you were my daughter I'd be fucking you so hard that you'd have triplets before you were 13."

Angi3 actually giggled, as if compelled by the idea, but then stopped abruptly.

"FUCK you. Making me think about my dad like that!" She jerked against her bonds again. "You fucking sick pedo shit! Let me fucking go!"

M0rt leaned back and let the little girl struggle herself out. It was serendipitous how she had fallen into his grasp. C-Dream was a plaything for the rich and powerful, and the little cunt had come down to the street from her opulent Haver skyscrapers to find some. Her supply in the neighborhoods above the clouds had probably dried up. She had hit up some of the scummier looking individuals until one of M0rt's contacts had sent her down here. There'd be a fat bounty in it for him. It was better for her anyway. The street was no place for a fresh little 12-year-old cunt like her. She's probably have ended up in a brothel if M0rt hadn't shown up to take care of her.

That was how he acquired most of the girls he'd programmed. M0rt had a reputation for his top-notch neurohacking. This one would be no different. Sure, she was just a bit cuter - gorgeous actually, even by Haver standards. M0rt let his eyes roam over her slender body even as she struggled against the data he had injected. Lovely, flawless skin, gleaming pale blue from the projector light. A delightfully flat chest, the barest of slopes outlining where her slight breasts had just begun to grow. Sweat pearled her skin as she jerked frantically. The conflict wouldn't last long: the little girl could remember sucking cock a thousand times by now, the memories crowding up alongside her innocent childhood experiences running in the pristine Haver parks and playing in their playgrounds. Fat cocks, slithering in her mouth, spewing and gushing their slimy deposits and leaving them dripping in her throat and on her lips. Intangible. Indefinite. Not true memories, but the experience and and skill they brought with them were real enough. The neurocyb revolution had made training in any task simply a matter of uploading the proper data. The military used it to train their soldiers. Civilians used it to become adept at their jobs and learn new hobbies. M0rt used it to inject oceans of filthy knowledge into the pristine minds of little girls. To each their own.

"Fuck!" Angi3 yanked her arms and legs futilely one last time before giving up.

"You through?" M0rt asked.

Angi3 sagged in the chair, and didn't answer. M0rt checked her levels, a glittering matrix of cascading symbols on his screen. She was scared, her body shaking with the sudden wash of new passions, but she wasn't in danger of a mental break. M0rt was far too skilled for that to happen. There was always a turning point, a sudden nadir of desperation as the programmee finally began to appreciate what was being done to them, just before the frantic voice of rebellion in their head was finally squelched.

This was what his competitors didn't understand. This was why M0rt's work was unparalleled. He carefully watched the subtle pulsing of her system readouts on his screen. It felt like a second heartbeat, beating in time with his own. There was a special connection between programmer and programmee, an intimate one, like an embrace between lovers. M0rt was inside this little girl as surely as if his cock was buried between her legs. She was right there, a glimmering matrix of data being sculpted under his hand. When he was done with her there would be no turning back.

"Please..." Angi3's head was hanging as she sobbed. Tears flowed down her face and dripped in moist pearls onto her naked chest. "Please mister...M0rt. Please let me go. I won't tell anybody. I promise." Her chest heaved heavily. "My dad can give you money. There won't be any trouble."

M0rt considered the weeping girl in the chair. She was beautiful, broken like this. He wondered why he hadn't noticed it before. Her long brown hair glimmered in the darkness like fine satin. The sweet globes of her bare ass poked through the cups of the frame, plump and inviting. M0rt wondered what it would feel like to squeeze them. They would hardly be the first piece of preteen ass he had fondled, but he found his heart racing at the thought. Maybe he should inspect her again, feel her body, check the heartbeat racing under her naked chest and test the dewy moisture in the cleft between her legs. His cock was already thrumming in his pants as he let his eyes wander again over the sweet curves of the prepubescent body. He loved little girls. He loved his job, fucking with their minds and then fucking them. It was always a bonus to work on a Haver too: to rip their arrogant little worlds apart and impose a new reality on them. Those cloud-dwelling shits thought they lived apart from the squalor that coated the surface of the Earth. Their white, gleaming edifices that soared through the atmosphere in defiance of gravity were a stark contrast to the bleak filth of the megacities on the surface. He hated them.

She was a Haver, but M0rt found that she was the first one she didn't hate. He watched the tiny, vulnerable girl sniffle with fear, and almost felt sympathy for her. Sure, the little cunt deserved this. She might even be happier being a cuntslave to his client instead of meandering down the slow, wasting path of a C-Dream addict. M0rt wasn't sure why, but he didn't want that for her. She had a fiery spirit that he envied. His programming couldn't take that away, and he wouldn't have even if he could - spirited girls were so much more fun. For his clients, anyway. M0rt couldn't help but wonder what would happen to this girl after he delivered her to his anonymous client - maybe he was just a normal pedo who wanted a little slut as his mistress since his wife wouldn't put out anymore. Maybe he was a wealthy Haver himself who liked to have someone smaller that he could beat the shit out of as he fucked her. M0rt usually avoided the details of his clients but he had known more than one that liked to choke out the girls at the moment they came. M0rt was a pervert and a rapist and proud of both but the perversions of the wealthy could make him look like a saint by comparison. Maybe she deserved better.

Fuck it. He shoved away the image of Angi3 with a collar around her neck and bruises around her eyes. Fuck her. He didn't give a fuck what his clients did to the girls.

"No," M0rt said to himself, shaking his head. "No."

"Please," Angi3 pleaded, sniffling, thinking he was denying her request. "Nobody has to know."

M0rt cleared his throat and refocused his attention on the screen. Her systems were nominal again and the command prompt waited for his input. Just data. That's all she was.

"So Angi3. Would you like to be trained in sucking horse cock or dog cock?" M0rt's fingers hovered over the keyboard.

"Oh fuck," she said, with a quivering intake of breath.

"Your choice," he said. "The client only specified bestiality."

"How about neither?" She had recovered enough now to deliver a little sass.

"If you don't pick, I'll just pick one for you. I have some lovely packages."

"I'll take whichever one you're trained in."

M0rt had been staring at the screen, fingers poised, distracted by his thoughts. The joke almost flew past him, but it suddenly registered. He put down his hands, then leaned back in the squeaky chair and howled with laughter.

"What's so funny?" Angi3 snapped. "You're not the one about to get a petabyte of animal cock shoved in their brain."

"Nothing, nothing," M0rt chuckled wildly, wiping his eyes. Fucking shit. This girl was something else. Not even the last one with the red hair and freckles had managed a jab like that.

"Horse cock it is," M0rt murmured, grinning. "You'll love it, I'm sure. Hell I'll even throw in the horse anal package. The client didn't pay for it, but fuck it."

"Aren't I the lucky one?" Angi3 snarled.

M0rt chuckled again and typed a command.

%> capabilities add:best_horse.pkg add:best_horse_anal.pkg set:best-affinity 8 | upload_cap.zh

M0rt watched the naked little girl twitch briefly in the frame, her mind zapped with a lightning bolt delivering almost limitless carnal knowledge in every possible aspect of animal pleasure. How far humanity has come, he thought, able to train little girls in horsefucking in an instant. In the old days they had to train them manually.

"Oh shit," Angi3 gasped when her eyes cleared. "Oh fucking fuck."

M0rt pressed a button and a new image flashed onto the projector: a lovely stallion with a shining coat and a monstrous black phallus, erect and glistening with saliva from the mouth of the little girl crouched beneath his body.

"Is that how you got started?" Angi3 quipped, but the sudden rise in her testosterone and synthocortisol betrayed her. M0rt looked over the clutter of his desk at her naked body in the frame and saw her nipples harden visibly. Aroused.

M0rt tapped the projector a few more times for fun, cycling through an array of some of the most graphic horse bestiality he had on file. He didn't need any questions to read Angi3 now. Instead he just enjoyed the swelling feeling in his pants as he watched the little girl's eyes glued intently to the screen. She was licking her lips excitedly.

"Just a few more now Angi3. You'll be a lovely little cuntslave in no time."

Angi3 groaned and flexed in her bonds, still shaking slightly. The progressive increase in horniness from this kind of programming was almost overwhelming for such a young girl. She was holding up well enough though. M0rt wasn't sure how well he was holding up though. His cock was a steel rod against his shorts, threatening to rip the fabric. M0rt swallowed and adjusted himself in the seat uncomfortably. Angi3's preteen body was an almost irresistible allure. With any other girl M0rt might have got up and crammed his cock into that bald little snatch until he left a creamy deposit inside, then returned to the programming, but the F/U/U/V instructions were very clear. He wiped his arm against his forehead to clear the sheen of sweat then typed another command.

%> ~/positions_v2.zh <| cat positions_list.dat

"This'll round out your education just a bit," M0rt said, watching the girl twitch again. His positions file made the Kama Sutra look like a child's playbook. It was important for a good girl to know how to take a cock in any position in any setting.

Angie's eyes fluttered, and she gave out a long, low groan. Her brain was now filled to the brim with every conceivable sexual position known to man. The little girl could do doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing, sitting, spitroasted, 69, and a thousand others, or handle just being pushed over whatever furniture was nearest and slammed in the cunt. Anything the client wanted. M0rt's goods were top notch. He wasn't going to deliver a girl who would stumble or didn't know what she was doing.

"Let's see," M0rt muttered to himself. What else was on the list? Just a few other things. He looked at Angi3's readouts on the screen and then looked over at her. The girl was breathing heavily, her naked body sweating and heaving. Blood surged in M0rt's cock until it felt like it would splinter. God she was beautiful. He hadn't noticed how alluring her violet eyes had been at first. M0rt stared for a few moments longer until he forgot what he had been doing. Shaking his head, he typed another command.

%> capabilities add:bdsm.pkg set:pain-tolerance 6 | upload_cap.zh

Whips. Handcuffs. Rope. Ballgags. Angi3 now knew more about them than any innocent little 12-year-old girl that had ever lived. M0rt threw in a few add-on packages. Candle wax. Nipple clamps. Cunt piercings. She'd be familiar with them all. Might as well go for broke.

"Oh Jesus Christ," Angi3 groaned, flexing in the frame. She was almost buckling under the strain. Still, this was the longest he had ever gone in a single programming session with a girl. She was a natural, to endure like this. M0rt didn't feel quite so confident. Watching this little girl spasm erotically in front of him had driven his cock to the razor edge. How strange. None of the other girls he had programmed had ever made him this excited.

M0rt set a few more parameters, erasing any distaste for women or for fat, older men. This girl would fuck anything that moved now and love it. She was almost ready.


He waited a few moments, until the girl's eyes fluttered in acknowledgement.


"Have you ever cum before? Even by yourself? Be honest."

Her throat moved visibly as she swallowed.

" I...I haven't."

M0rt smiled inwardly. That was perfect. His programming could be a lot more effective if the brain hadn't become used to the normal hormone channels. This was where his expertise truly shined. M0rt had hacked a Haver researcher once, owning his systems and then using that to bootstrap an attack on the guy's wetware the next time he jacked in. M0rt had found a goldmine rummaging around in that mind - the old man had been on the verge of a major breakthrough, a method of conditioning the regulation of the hypothalamus without additional expensive implants beyond a typical UNI interface. M0rt had stolen every byte of the research and then scrubbed the old geezer's brain. Over the next few years he had poked through the code until he figured out how it worked, then used it as a basis for his own set of programs. The efficacy of the method was one of the reasons his goods were so highly sought after.

He caught himself staring at the little girl, her naked body flexing under the pale blue light as she panted. The twin dots of her stiff nipples poked at the air and her smooth tummy heaved in tantalizing motion as she tried to catch her breath. M0rt had shoved every carnal secret possible into her brain by now, but this was his favorite part. He was going to make sure this girl's first time was a life-shattering experience.

%> tc endo-sys --compile -g female --max && push_settings

The upload streamed through the fibroplastic connection into the girl's neuroport at the speed of light, trillions of flashing bits flipping in her wetware and adjusting the delicate parameters of her body's function.

"Hnnnnnggg!" Angi3 twisted in the frame, her face a rictus of something between pain and pleasure. Software didn't get tired but you had to be careful with wetware. She was at her limit now, M0rt guessed, judging by his monitors, but he was done anyway. Finally. He eyed the little girl's naked body lustfully. Time to take her for a spin.

He leaned back in his chair and felt for the jack behind him. The hard edge of the fibroplastic needle rubbed against his thumb. He positioned the jack awkwardly with his hands, aligning the needle with his own port at the base of his skull. The familiar shivering sensation arced down his spine as he slid it in.

M0rt had an endless selection of virtual reality scenes. They could be downloaded in packages of thousands from Exnet. He picked his favorite one and typed in the commands. He saw Angi3's body jerk in the frame at the exact instant that an icy quiver lanced into his brain.

The world went black, then unfolded itself again in a nauseating kaleidoscope before solidifying. M0rt shook his head to dispel the dizziness. Havers had custom wetware that eased the transition into VR. It had to be customized for each brain. He wasn't so lucky. Angi3 was already there, looking around warily.

"What...what's this?" She peered around the dingy room. A wide bed with luxurious pillows and soft-looking red covers filled most of the space. The walls were faded wallpaper with raw plaster peeking through in a few places. A cheap-looking brass chandelier with hanging crystal chips glittered from the ceiling.

"This looks like a roach motel's version of a penthouse," Angi3 sneered.

"Yeah, pretty much," M0rt said. He didn't say that he liked this room because it was the first time he had fucked a girl under 10. He caught the quick flash of her eyeballs towards the door then back to him, then she looked down at what she was wearing.

"Did...did you program this?" she asked, fingering the delicate fabric with a surprised look on her face. It was white and gauzy, lingerie that glimmered like satin but was translucent enough to still show her nipples. Filigreed lace edged the neckline and shoulder straps. It hung delicately around her upper arms, the shoulders cut open and bare.

"Yes," M0rt said, taking a step closer. She looked ravishing. He felt the blood thundering in his cock, looking at her. She was a thin girl, with a slight build, and she looked delicate and vulnerable in the skimpy garment. He expected her to sneer at him and insult him, but instead she just rubbed the edge of the garment with awe.

"It's actually...nice. I never had anything nice like this."

"What do you mean? You're a Haver. You have everything you want."

"Well I mean, we're rich compared to here, but we're not all that rich." Angi3 looked up at him. "And my parents never got me anything like this. They're really strict, and they're always fighting."

"That's too bad," M0rt said. He found he meant it, too. It was an unfamiliar feeling. Angi3 didn't seem like the kind of girl who should have to deal with that. He fucking hated Havers but there just seemed something...different about her.

He stepped closer until he was right in front of her. She shrank slightly under his bulk, but stopped when he put his hands on her bare shoulders. She was so cute, her wavy brown hair perfectly simulated in VR right down to the individual strands. Her cheekbones were flawless, her neck graceful and beautiful. She looked up at him, her eyes wide and uncertain. M0rt felt the heated rush stir his cock to agony in his pants.

Her foot came up lightning-quick, slamming him in the crotch. In the same motion she twisted out of his grasp and pushed past him, barrelling for the door. The polished metal knob creaked as she twisted it ferociously and hauled with all her might.

Nothing happened. She tugged pathetically, as if her tiny frame would win the contest of wills with the heavy wooden door, but it stayed locked in place like concrete. Her eyes rolled frantically around until she saw M0rt still standing by the bed.

"That doesn't go anywhere." He shrugged nonchalantly. "And did you really think I'd program my own VR world to simulate the pain of being kicked in the crotch?"

"Well FUCK!" Angi3 kicked the door in frustration, then whirled around to meet him. "So that's it? You put me in here to fuck me? Dressed me up in this skimpy little thing just so you could peel it off and shove your pathetic little cock in me?"

"Yes." M0rt took a step towards her again. God he loved how feisty she was.

"Well bub. You may have programmed me to be a master suck and fuck, but I still know jiu-jitsu." She pivoted into a fierce pose, hand held out as if she was going to chop him to pieces. M0rt laughed at the comical sight of the tiny little girl in her scanty lingerie posing like a tigress.

"Don't fucking laugh!" She said, her expression suddenly wounded. "I had to train really hard."

"Sure you did," M0rt chuckled. "For the 15 nanoseconds your training upload took."

"No." Angi3 dropped the fierce stance and stood looking at him almost shyly. "No upload. Just training."

"No upload?" M0rt pondered that for a moment as he looked at the little girl in front of him, her slender body wrapped delicately by the diaphanous white fabric. He tried to comprehend her tiny frame actually grunting with exertion as she contorted through the demanding routine of a martial art.

"Fucking why?" he asked.

Angi3 shrugged. "My parents are kind of old-fashioned I guess. I got the standard S-E-T training of course, but they didn't believe in uploading for anything else. I have to do everything by hand."

M0rt pondered that. It was one of the reasons he hated Havers: they had everything and could master anything at the touch of a button.

"Don't lie to me." He took a menacing step towards her, and she shrank back towards the bed.

"Havers never struggle for anything. You always have everything you could ever want right at your fingertips, and you dump your fucking trash down here on the streets and the cities and the oceans." M0rt took another step towards her and Angi3 backed up again until her butt thumped against the edge of the bed.

"You never think once about the fucking people who rot down here. You don't give a shit about the mutants and the diseases and the festering shitholes that you create and the workers who live in them." M0rt was drawing himself up, angrier with each passing moment. Angi3 cowered with a frightened look, tiny and vulnerable, leaning back from his advancing body until she plopped onto her butt on the soft bedding.

"We work and we get sick from your fumes and we die in your fucking factories making your robots and your food and your clothes and you never come down from your clouds to give two shits about us." M0rt was seething, his hands curling into fists. This pathetic little girl in front of him was iconic of the difference between Havers and everyone else in this fuckhole of a world. Slender by choice, not because she was starving. Her body's metabolism was perfectly regulated. Beautiful by design, her skin flawless, the wavy sheen in her lovely hair engineered to nanometer precision. A perfect little button of a nose between two violet eyes wide with trepidation, the irises tinted by technology to give her an exotic gaze. Perky nipples hiding just under the satin sheen, poking sensual divots in the fabric. No scars. No gang tattoos. None of the smoggy filth that coated every square inch of the miserable hovels of the surface. Even her pussy was cute and perfectly shaved, a tiny pink cleft peeking out tantalizingly from between her legs.

Angi3 was pushed almost onto her back on the bedding as M0rt loomed over her. Her chest was heaving, the filmy lingerie wrapped loosely over the alluring shape of her torso. She swallowed nervously, her throat working as if she would say something, but M0rt wasn't going to give her the chance. He leaned farther forward until his hands found the bedding and his bulk hovered just over the quivering little girl.

"So yeah. I'm going to fuck you Angi3. I'm going to take your pretty little virgin cunt and ram it until you scream. A little angel like you should never have wandered away from your fucking clouds and come down here."

M0rt's face hovered an inch over hers. He was breathing fiercely, admiring the mounting fear growing in her eyes. Angi3 seemed to shrink into the soft bedding under him, delicate, a lithe contrast to the rippling muscles and heavy bulk of M0rt's virtual body that had her pinned to the blankets.

"And when I'm done with you I'll sell you off to my client to be his little cockslave, to suck him and fuck him and his friends and his animals and whatever else he wants until he gets tired of you. Did you know he requested a fertility enhancement? I made sure you'll start ovulating early."

M0rt placed a hand on the curve of her belly, feeling the contrast of the hot skin under the cool fabric, then whispered in her ear.

"He's going to flood your slutty little belly with cum until you're pregnant. That's all a tiny piece of cuntmeat like you is good for down here. You're not a Haver anymore. Now you're ours."

M0rt slammed his lips against hers, burying her with a violent kiss. He pressed his weight down against her, feeling her struggle and her muted squeal, the writhing shift of her little girl muscles underneath him. Cool satin fabric rubbed his chest, and he felt the slight scrape of the stiff nipples on her smooth chest. His hands came up, cupping her head and feeling her hair, surprised at how soft it felt even in VR. Angi3 shivered underneath him as he kissed her, then pressed back. She wouldn't be able to help herself, he knew - her instincts had been carefully honed to respond with enthusiasm to any stimulation.

M0rt felt her heartbeat quicken against his chest. A low moan rumbled in her throat, the tiny girl unable to resist the sudden rush of erotic stimulation. His hands travelled on their own, fingers trailing down her neck, over the sleek fabric of her lingerie until they came to rest on the tiny points. He gave a slight pinch just as he broke their kiss, relishing how her gasp turned into a sudden squeak.

God he loved little girls. 12 years old was perfect as far as he was concerned, but he had fucked all ages of teenager and even younger, running his cock into the tiny little pussies of 10-year-olds, 8-year-olds, once even a squirming little bitch of 6. It was easy in VR and they all fucking loved it - after he uploaded the proper programming of course. M0rt couldn't wait. He jerked upright and ran his finger rapidly down the center of his shirt. It parted as if sliced with a razor, the VR construct programmed to let him rapidly shed any clothing he wanted without it getting in the way. He loved to slice the skimpy little scraps of his virtual lingerie off little girls, peeling them like an egg, but first he had to ditch his pants. He reached down and made a gesture to pull them down, and they vanished off his legs.

Angi3 looked down, her eyes bulging, working with disbelief over M0rt's massive shaft. It practically glistened in the dim light, massively erect and bobbing threateningly. Throbbing veins pulsed heavily just under the surface and the shaft was an angry hue of red verging on purple. M0rt felt the ravishing hunger reach a boiling point as he looked down at the awed little girl, his bulging prick almost tapping her stomach. He grabbed at her thighs, squeezing them painfully, and yanked her towards him, lining up the enormous organ with the little girl's cunt. The tip came to rest against the inviting heat of the tiny pair of pink pussy lips.

Angi3's lips crumpled into a smirk and she gave a snort, then threw her head back and began howling with laughter. M0rt's breath caught. He paused, flush, his pulsing virtual prick ready to slam into this little girl, and there she was, her struggling devolved into paroxysms of racking laughter.

"What...what the fuck...hahaha" Angi3 could barely control herself. She pointed at M0rt's prick as if the bobbing prick were the most comical thing in the universe. "What the fuck is that?"

"What?" M0rt was reeling, his passion deflating. How the fuck was this little shit laughing at him?

"Stop it!" he yelled, grabbing at her arms and slamming them down to the bed in an iron grip. It didn't make any difference to her laughter.

"It's just...I's so fucking big! Hahahahaha, oh god. Did you really program it to be that big? Jesus Christ it's like a horse!" The little girl devolved into a crazed fit of high-pitched giggling. "I know some guys have to compensate but holy fuck M0rt!"

The bed bounced as Angi3 squealed with laughter. She probably would have been wiping the tears from her eyes if M0rt wasn't holding her arms down. He sat there, straddling her, still stunned.

"How many little girls have you fucked with that monster?" Angi3 snickered. "God it's almost as big as my arm. Can you even fit that thing in? Hahahaha. I mean, yeah it's VR so it'll fit, but how fucking small is your dick that you have to wear that thing in here? Holy fuck hahahahahaha!"

M0rt teetered on the sharp edge between anger and embarrassment. To have this tender little fuck screeching with laughter at him when she should be cowering and moaning as he squeezed inside her was almost more than he could bear. He could shove sexual aptitude into her head but he couldn't do anything about her personality. Rage rose up inside him, a hot splash spreading in his chest.

"Shut up! Shut the fuck up!" M0rt shook her but all it did was reduce her to a fit of wild twitching and giggling. Great. She was VR-ticklish on top of everything else. M0rt bellowed, enraged. He contemplated slamming his cock in her mouth and plugging the source of that mocking laughter, but he had a better idea.

The world folded itself into a nauseating vortex. M0rt opened his eyes to the darkened room of his den. He reached behind his neck and yanked the jack out of his port, then jerked angrily to his feet, kicking the chair over behind him. Angi3 lay with her body clasped tightly in the elevated metal frame, right where he had left her. A crooked grin marred her sleeping face.

"You little fucking bitch," M0rt murmured, striding over to her. Laugh at him, would she? He was going to wipe that derisive smile right off her fucking face. He twisted her jack violently and then yanked it out. Angi3 jerked and squealed, her brain disoriented by the sudden disconnect. M0rt yanked at the leather straps around her wrists, undoing the buckles, and then slammed open the metal restraints around her arms.

"You fucking cunt." M0rt found he was still furious, the feeling mixing with the bubbling arousal he felt as he looked again at the little girl's naked body. She was twitching slightly, flat chest moving with her heavy breaths and thighs flexing erotically. M0rt's cock swelled in his pants, threatening to burst.

He jerked off the ankle restraints in the same way. Fuck it. His client could go fuck himself. He'd be lucky to get such a choice little piece of ass from M0rt anyway. M0rt eyed the dewy cleft peeping out from between Angi3's legs. He was going to teach this little scrap of fuckmeat her proper place: squealing as her little body was impaled on a man's thrusting cock. She'd be doing a lot of it from now on anyway.

M0rt yanked the girl bodily up by her arm. He snaked one arm under her shoulders and the other under her thighs and hauled her up out of the frame. She was light, almost wispy. Her bare skin felt hot against his chest. M0rt whirled and marched angrily into the side room, carrying her as he weaved between the burnt-out heaps of discarded hardware. An open doorframe led to a drab, claustrophobic space with a single dim bulb hanging on a chain providing sallow light. M0rt heaved her angrily onto the bedding, letting her plop and roll, her limbs limp. Angi3's eyes were still fluttering, reeling from the forced exit from VR. Rather unpleasant, that, even with top-quality wetware. She moaned and twitched lamely, trying to come to her senses. Serves her right, M0rt snarled to himself. Kicking him. Laughing at him. Now M0rt intended to pay her back, and that was all the easier if her scrambled cortex made her a little more docile.

His eyes lingered on the little girl's sparse chest with its barely-budding breasts, heaving up and down with exertion. Her skin was flawless porcelain and her long hair trembled in tantalizing brown waves around her shoulders. Violet eyes fluttered in their sockets. His gaze dropped down past the perfect little bud of her navel to the glittering cleft between her legs. A light sheen of sweat coated her thighs and a thicker dew of arousal was just visible on the inner slopes of her puffy lips. M0rt ducked his head.

The salty-sweet tang of little girl pussy met his tongue. M0rt revelled in it, lapping up the taste and coating the smooth, hairless lips with saliva before shoving his tongue into the gap. Angi3 squealed with arousal, the sudden flush of erotic sensation cutting through her jumbled mind. M0rt felt tiny fingers curl reflexively in his hair as his tongue twitched and vibrated and tickled the delicate red bud at the top of the girl's sex. The involuntary quiver of her pussy lips as M0rt's tongue dived between them sent a thrill rushing down his spine.

Gripping her hips tightly, M0rt continued his assault, slipping his tongue over the bald lips, flicking her depths, and then squeezing his lips to her cunt to suction out the squish of juices inside. Angi3 moaned wildly, barely coherent. Her words couldn't cut through the jumbled haze of perceptions from her disconnect and the sudden flush of stimulation. He looked up, seeing the sweetly smooth field of her stomach with the delicate navel crowning the center, the flat slopes of her preteen breasts, the shake of her head and the flutter of her eyes just beyond. M0rt liked her like this, with her mouth twitching with pleasure instead of sass, her thighs around his ears and her insides dribbling their pleasure onto his tongue.

Fuck this little shit, he thought. She's F/U/U/V, but he just couldn't help himself, couldn't bear to take his tongue from the heated vortex of pussy that shivered sloppily against his lips. She was too cute. Her hair was spread on the bedcover in tantalizing brown waves. Her chin jolted and her neck flexed with the cadence of pleasure that his tongue was dancing against her bare little girl cunt. She looked delicate, a tiny frame naked and vulnerable on the bed. He yanked her hips closer, burying his tongue savagely into the steamy depths. Ten fingers curled spastically in his hair, no longer pushing but just holding on as he bobbed in lapping motion. He didn't need to see her monitor to tell how close she was to cumming. His programming was about to show its worth. This little bitch's first orgasm was going to take her into the stratosphere.

"Nnnnnnng, aaahhhhhnnnnggg, uuuuuurrghh!" Her moans filled the enclosed space of the room, heavy and wordless. M0rt squeezed her tightly, her smooth thighs brushing her ears. He could feel the tremor building, the pulse of pleasure radiating from her crotch down to her legs and rebounding back. M0rt watched her fluttering eyes. The little 12-year-old's consciousness was clawing its way back through the jumble in her mind, and her returning senses were flooded with the pleasure M0rt was giving her. Little girls were so cute when they were about to cum, he thought.

Her eyes slammed open. Fists tightened in his hair and yanked. Her back arched off the bed and she squealed with wild energy as M0rt tickled her tiny, subdued clit one last time before burying his tongue into her spasming tunnel. Angi3 shrieked and came wildly, her body contorting with spasms. M0rt held her hips in an iron grip as they twisted, his tongue locked into the sweet nectar of her raging pussy. Juice flooded his mouth and face, the delicious sopping pleasure of the little girl unleashed in a torrent. Angi3's squeals were incoherent, her body's climax assisted by the pre-programmed hormonal overdrive carrying her away like a rocket.

M0rt may have been just lowly hacker scum, but he still liked to see a girl have a good time when he raped them. Call it his honor. His code. He smiled, revelling in the shiny red flush of her neck and the heaving of her bare chest. Her orgasm lasted a long time, her tiny body twitching with aftershocks even after the main tremor had passed. M0rt knew how to keep her going. He had eaten enough little girl pussy to know how to keep her fire stoked with a slow series of gentle licks. Angi3's twitching faded away slowly, and M0rt finally relaxed the grip he had on her hips.

"Fuck...oh fuck...fucking hell that was...that was..." Angi3's head lolled on the bedding. Her 12-year-old body had just convulsed through the most powerful orgasm the human brain was capable of. Her virgin brain was still reeling from the primal bolt of electric pleasure. M0rt stood up and leered down at her.

"You like that, you little slut? I told you you would." He unzipped his pants and shoved them off. Angi3 turned her head towards him, her eyes glazed with pleasure.

" the fucking"

"Stop talking." His cock was a steel rod in his fist, aching painfully. He was just average sized, 100% natural, unlike his VR construct, but he wasn't going to give her the chance to make fun of him again before she had experienced his cock in all of her little holes. He grabbed her by the hair and rammed it straight into her babbling mouth.

Her eyes flew open with surprise, but M0rt knew the salty taste of manhood in her mouth would be a familiar one. His programming left no gaps. Sure enough, her lips trembled around his shaft and the warm suction that engulfed him came to the little girl as naturally as breathing. A tiny tongue slithered under his shaft, struggling to work its way around his girth. He pushed in farther, demanding more, wanting to see how much of his tool he could shove inside this 12-year-old girl's mouth before hitting her throat. She accommodated him, stretching her jaw. Sucking pleasure streaked down his cock in tingling pulses.

M0rt reached down to pinch her nipple, and she moaned around the fat rod of flesh in her mouth. She looked good with a prick finally stuffed in her sassy little mouth, he thought. He slammed forward, establishing a bucking rhythm that moved her naked little body on the sheets. The tiny hole of her throat squeezed against his cockhead, and the warm vibration of her moans coated his glans with each thrust forward. He shivered with pleasure. Angi3 had the rhythm now, the little girl taking to the act of sucking a man's cock like a fish to water. Her fingers came up as if by deep-seated instinct, stroking his shaft. M0rt let his head fall back, groaning at the pleasure she was giving him with her mouth. Goopy saliva bubbled in a froth from her lips, coating his girth with glistening residue on each outstroke.

Heat simmered in his crotch, growing like a bonfire. M0rt reached down and grabbed her wavy brown hair, curling it into his fist. He yanked it to his hips, jerking her forward onto his cock. She squealed mutely around the veiny flesh in her mouth. M0rt could feel his motions bucking against the tight passage of her throat. Breathing frantically, he yanked her forward again and then used his other hand to cup the back of her head, holding her tight. Tiny hands came up, pounding against his thighs. Violet eyes looked up at him, filling with tears, but the artifical Skin-sense mascara didn't run like real makeup. M0rt jerked savagely, keeping her buried. Miraculously, he felt the tiny gate begin to open, and his cock slip inside. Her throat was a spasming heaven of moist ecstasy, wrapping him like a velvet vise. He held her steady, feeling the rising current in his balls, a boiling tide that rose up and overflowed into an eruption of pleasure that lanced through his crotch and out the end of his cock. He felt the warm flood fill the tight space around his glans. Angi3 struggled and pounded on him, but his fist held the little girl steady even as he poured his seed into her throat. He knew she couldn't breath, knew she was overwhelmed by the slimy warmth gushing down her throat and into her belly. Her little girl body twitched on the bed, completely at his mercy. He growled euphorically as the last dregs of his seed erupted from his cock, and then finally let her go.

She reeled back, his cock sliding out with a juicy popping sound. She was coughing, trying to inhale precious air into her ragged windpipe. White goo coated her lips and dribbled down her chin, glistening blobs expelled with each hacking cough. M0rt reached down and seized her chin, forcing her to look up at him.

"Not so cocky now, are you?" He smiled cruelly at those watery violet eyes. "We're just getting started Angi3. I hope you like the taste of cum. Actually I know you do, since I programmed you to like it."

Gooey froth bubbled on her lips as she tried to form a response, but M0rt wasn't about to let her run her mouth again. He pushed her back on the bed violently, then followed on his hands and knees, looming over her.

Angi3 shrunk under him, her tiny frame dwarfed by M0rt's muscular body. His hands slithered down her sides, kneading the soft flesh, stopping at her hips. He head dipped, and he seized a nipple in his teeth. Angi3 squirmed, panting heavily, her words stolen by the sudden rush. The perfect little pink nub was a budding delight in his mouth. He sucked, squeezing the sparse flesh of her underdeveloped breasts, then switched, pinching the nipple coated with saliva even as his lips enveloped the other. She tasted so sweet. VR couldn't really compare, he thought. Little girl pussy was best experienced in person. He was about to sample hers.

"Oh fuck...fuck...oh god M0rt..." Angi3 was reeling, words bubbling from her mouth. "I never knew...never knew it could feel..."

M0rt shut her up with a savage kiss that drove her against the bedding, then let her go.

"Told you," he sneered. "I've programmed a thousand little fucksluts like you. You're all the same." His finger crept down her stomach, tickling her navel then going lower to touch the heat radiating from her pussy. "Funny how you're not laughing now."

She shook her head and tried to wipe the tears from her eyes. M0rt seized her chin in an iron grip.

"Say it. Say what you want."

She tried to shake her head again, but M0rt jerked her steady, his grip steady on her jaw.

"Say it."

"Please..." Angi3 was sniffling. White goo coated her lips and and mixed with the tears on her cheeks.

"Please what? Speak up or I'll put you back in the chair for another round." It was an empty threat. He knew she was broken already.

"Please...please fuck me."

"What?" He pushed her head back down onto the bedding, holding her steady. "I couldn't hear you."

"Please M0rt...please fuck me." He could tell the tide of horniness was lurking just beneath the surface of the little girl. Her nipples were stiff, her chin quivering, her pussy gushing to the touch. The flush of red on her cheeks matched her neck.

"What do you want me to fuck you with? Say it."

Her throat bobbed as she swallowed. Her naked body quivered as M0rt held her pinned to the bed. She was so tiny under him. So cute. M0rt was practically salivating, looking at her adorable nose and enchanting eyes. She really was beautiful.

"Your...your cock. Please fuck me with your big cock M0rt." Each word seemed to come easier to the little girl's mouth as they tumbled out. "I want your cock. Put it inside me, please."

M0rt grinned, hearing the filth he had uploaded into her coming out of her mouth. He could upload skills and tweak hormones, but he couldn't fundamentally alter a person. They always did that themselves. Little girls were all cock-hungry bitches underneath. It just took a little coaxing to make it come out. Just a little taste of dick and they always came out begging for more.

"Where do you want me to put it Angi3?" He let her jaw go, sitting back and straddling her bare legs.

Her hands crept down and she spread her pussy lips for him.

"In here." The violet eyes were pleading, desperate. She wouldn't need C-Dream anymore, he knew. Now cock was her drug.

"Please shove it in my pussy." Her words came out hot and breathless. "Cram it into my little girl cunt, please. Please M0rt. Fuck me."

M0rt smiled with depraved satisfaction. He was already hard again, listening to her beg. He took his cock in his fist and lined it up at her juicy hole.

"Come on. Do it. Make me feel like that again." The 12-year-old was panting like a bitch in heat, craving a repeat of her first earth-shattering orgasm. "Fuck me hard. Fuck me until I scream M0rt." Her words were accelerating as she felt his glans pushing on her wet lips. "I would have fucked you in VR if I knew it felt like that. Do it already."

She was massaging her own breasts, tweaking her nipples as she gasped the words. M0rt stood ready, poised at her entrance and breathing heavily. He had wanted this girl since the moment he had laid eyes on her. Only his cool professionalism had held his cock at bay. That was all swept away now. He had to have her. Fuck the client. He was going to ram his hard prick into this little girl and make her scream on his cock. He had fucked all kinds of little girls but he had never had one he wanted as much as this one. He had already raped her mind. Now she was begging the same for her body.

With a sudden jerk of his hips he rammed his way inside her. His rock-hard cock parted the flesh of her pussy lips, slammed through the brief resistance, and barrelled inside. Angi3 squealed and jerked her legs, and M0rt grabbed them to hold her still. Tight, gripping heat wrapped him in a loving embrace, still twitching with latent pleasure from her first climax. Tears brimmed in Angi3's eyes as her virginity was ripped away. Usually M0rt loved that part, but something inside him felt a brief regret. Even though he had transformed her into a little cockslave just like countless other girls, he found he didn't really want to hurt her.

"It's ok. It only hurts for a minute," he soothed. "I'll take it slow."

She looked at him and nodded. M0rt revelled in the feeling of her tight little cunt squeezing desperately at his prick. He began a slow motion, gently moving in and out, sparing the deeper confines of her tunnel for the moment and letting her get used to it. Her head was already stuffed to the brim with the sensation of every kind of cock imaginable being inside her, but the pain would be something new. It would be gone quickly though.

Angi3 was already moving her hips, groaning, urging him deeper. He obliged, pushing his prick even farther into her depths. God, she was fucking tight. Her unused little cunt squeezed him rapturously. M0rt leered down at the sight of the little 12-year-old enjoying the first real cock in her pussy. Angi3's head quivered and her neck arched with a squeak as he pushed farther in.

M0rt was panting heavily. He pulled out of the sucking warmth and pushed in again. His prick blazed like fire, flushed with the desperate desire for this little girl that it had endured all day. She felt even better than he had expected. The gripping suction seemed to envelop him, her body welcoming the penetration and cunt muscles quaking with delight. M0rt squeezed her thighs, her hips, fingers running over the smooth skin. He bent to kiss her, and found her enthusiastically rising to meet him. The taste of salty spunk greeted his lips.

She wrapped her legs around him and pressed against him, moaning. Her tiny nipples brushed his chest, the erect buds leaving tingling tracks. Hot breath washed his face as their kiss broke. He increased the pace. The sweaty, heaving friction of their joining rose up from his groin, filling him with heat.

They pistoned back and forth, bodies joined in frenzied motion. Angi3's pain was gone. Her inhibitions were broken. She bucked back at him, squealing with pleasure as his cock filled her body. M0rt smiled at that twisted look of delight on her face. She was even more lovely with her pretty face twisted with animal passion. M0rt dropped his hands to the bedding and began a back and forth, pumping his prick into the little girl. Her heels drummed on his buttocks. Her arms wrapped his torso. Ten tiny pinpricks formed crescents on his shoulderblades as she dug in. Pleasure rippled in her expression and froth bubbled on her lips. Girlish gasps of pleasure were steadily rising, mounting into higher-pitched squeals with each heavy thrust of M0rt's cock into her pussy. Her back scraped on the sheets and a slapping rhythm joined the sounds of their gasps as M0rt drove in with increasing pressure.

She twisted. She writhed. She jerked under him, her body impaled by the pistoning force of his cock. She was half his size, squirming under him, a tiny body speared and pinned to the bedding by his manhood. Angi3 shrieked with delight as her pleasure mounted, and M0rt read how close she was already. He was nearly there himself, lightning flashes of pleasure lancing up from his cock as he drove it into the tiny pussy. Her pelvis was coming up off the bed with each powerful thrust. Angi3 wiggled her hips with delight, her face clearly enrapt with the pleasure of his cock inside her. Sweat beaded their bodies as they slid together. She really was lovely, he thought, even for a Haver bitch. Her brown hair moved in silky waves on the bedding. Her violet eyes looked up at him, intoxicating him with their gaze. White goo coated her chin. A sheen of sweat decorated the slight slopes of her breasts. Angi3 raised her arms above her head, her expression one of total abandon.

He felt her convulse just as his own orgasm exploded inside him. He shoved forward, burying himself to the balls in the little girl. Arms and legs wrapped around him like a spider, Angi3 clutching him tightly. He heard her scream with ecstasy. White heat erupted from the depths, a sticky flood that spewed forth into the tight space. M0rt could feel it building with each spurt, the gooey fluid finding nowhere to go but up into the little girl's womb. M0rt held her in an iron grip and panted, their chests heaving together as pleasure flashed from their throbbing connection. Lightning pulses convulsed his muscles and rose up to cover his senses in a white flash that slowly devolved into hazy static.

He was crouched on the bed, spent. A small form wiggled beneath him, pinned. He moved slightly, and felt the hypersensitive shiver from where his cock was still buried inside her. Soft hair was in his hands. Warm lips brushed his cheek. A smooth surface brushed against the hairs of his chest, breathing with him.

"Fuck," she whispered in his ear. "Holy fuck. Is it always like that?"

He straightened up slightly, looking down into those violet pools, and nodded.

"Your programming is top-notch," he said. "There's a reason my clients come to me."

"You put so much shit in my head M0rt." Angie's finger ran slowly down his chest. "I barely even knew about sex. I didn't know you could do all that stuff. I didn't know it could feel like that."

"My clients get the best," he murmured.

"Your client..." she trailed off, uncertain. She looked down at where his softening prick was still stuffed in her cunt, then looked up at him again.

"So now that you're done uh...verifying me, what now? You expect you can just hand me over to this client? Think I'll dance and sing and be a nice little fucktoy for him?"

"Only programmed you for fucking," he grunted. "You can dance and sing if you want."

"Hmmm."' She snuggled against him, a smile on her face. "Too bad you don't have those programs. My parents would tell me to learn the hard way."

M0rt paused a minute, fighting his lethargy. Her smirk was too suspicious.

"How do you know what programs I have?" he asked suddenly.

"Because, M0rt, you're not the only one with a bootworm." She tapped his chin mockingly. "I wrote it myself. I owned all your systems the moment you plugged me in. You really should pay more attention to your sysmons when you're getting ready to fuck a little girl."

"Shit." M0rt was flabbergasted. "No fucking way. You'd never get past my firewalls. I have that shit on lockdown."

She shrugged, wearing a coquettish look. "I'm kind of insulted that you're only getting 500,000 yen for me. Don't you think I'm worth more?"

M0rt stared down at her, stunned. This fucking girl. This little bitch. He should have been mad. He should strap her into the chair and wipe her systems down and dump her on the street naked for the gangs to pick up. Instead he threw back his head and laughed.

"You little shit. Nobody's ever done that before. Nobody."

"It wasn't too hard." She smiled mockingly. "You've got a little problem though."


She looked down again at where his cock was still stuffed inside her.

"Not a virgin anymore." She wiggled her hips and sent delicious pulses of gooey friction into his spent cock. "Isn't that what your client wanted?"

"Fuck 'em," M0rt muttered. "I'll cancel the contract and tell them to fuck off."

"But you know he's probably someone rich and powerful. A Haver. You wouldn't want them to come down here looking for you.

"I know how to disappear," M0rt grunted. "They can't trace me."

"But your other clients will find out. Your reputation will be trashed. You'll never get any contracts again." She was purring into his ear, rubbing against him with a gentle motion that sent new life flaring into his prick. "I feel kind of bad. I've ruined your business."

M0rt looked down at the little girl beneath him, practically losing himself in those swimming violet eyes.

"Maybe I can make it up to you," she whispered in his ear. "I'm sure I can think of something."

Her words were coaxing fresh blood into his stiffening cock. The drum of his heartbeat was heavy in M0rt's ears. He was flush, sweating. He could barely think. This little girl knew every trick imaginable. He had poured those techniques into her head himself. Her nose was nuzzling his neck like the gentle touch of a succubus. The clean smell of her pristine hair filled his nostrils like a drug.

"I don't really like my parents anyway," she murmured. They're hardasses. This is so much more fun."

She rested back on the bedding, and they stared at each other for a long moment. M0rt knew the inevitability of his decision even as he struggled against it. Lojacks always worked alone. Couldn't risk being compromised by other people, by their systems, by relationships. Other people just increased your attack surface. But he knew as he looked down at her, at her smooth skin and petite body still pinned underneath him, that he could never give her up.

And what was the alternative? He could strip her and dump her like old hardware, the rusted cases and grime-soaked circuit boards that filled the scrapyards that he knew so well. He could scrub her memory and send her back to her family, only to have fed security come sniffing after him when they investigated her disappearance. She would fetch a few thousand yen if he installed some slave software and sold her to a brothel, but as M0rt stared, he knew he wasn't going to do any of those things. He had programmed her too well, trained her in a seduction even he couldn't resist.

"Fuck it," he said. "I'm keeping you."

She smiled up at him, an innocent, pretty-girl smile that masked the carnal desires he could see burning in her eyes.

"And you'll teach me the shit you know? You've got a lot of systems here. I could help you. I know some things already."

That she did. Any girl that could sneak around his watchdogs and break his security had to have potential. She'd be a good lojack herself. M0rt found himself nodding.

"Good!" Angi3 abruptly sat up on the bedding. M0rt groaned as his stiffening cock slid out of her. "You won't regret it," she purred. "I know how to get into bank accounts and shit. I have an info file on other Havers that I know. Bunch of creds and certs. Nobody noticed when I just took a little."

"We'll take more than a little," he muttered, massaging her naked back with his hands. "They won't be able to trace me. I know how to ghost.

She gave him that sultry smile again, then whirled around on the bedding and flopped onto her hands and knees, pushing her bare butt into the air in front of him.

"Well?" She looked back at him, biting her lip. "You going to just sit there all day with your hard little dick flopping around or are you going to put it inside me?" She wiggled her rump seductively. "Is your little sicko pedo cock is just aching for another round of little girl pussy M0rt? This is your programming. Might as well live up to it."

M0rt threw back his head and laughed again. This fucking girl. Squeezing her buttcheeks, he lined her up with his erect prick, touching his glans to the gooey mess of her lips. Angi3 shivered under him. He paused for a moment, holding his prick in his fist and enjoying the squishy feeling of his tip gliding up and down her snatch.

"What are you waiting for?" Angi3 was looking back at him with an impatient smirk. "Did you want to plug me into VR again and try to fuck me with that ridiculous horse cock you have?"

She fixed him with a knowing look. "I know a few things about horse cocks," she said with mock seriousness.

M0rt grinned. She was really something else. He squeezed her asscheeks, thinking about how he was going to have his hands very full with this girl. Maybe too full. Maybe this was what she had planned all along. Maybe her compromise of his systems was deeper than he thought. Maybe she had even snuck in a little programming of her own while they were in VR together. M0rt wondered just who had caught who.

Fuck it. He found he didn't care. Fuck his clients. He could go underground, burn his contacts in Ex and ghost it all. Maybe start fresh as a hacker for hire for the Chinese nationalists. They paid well enough. His days of programming little girls were probably over, but he didn't care. He only wanted this one.

She was looking back at him expectantly, the customary smirk on her face, her wavy brown hair spread on the bedding and her violet eyes simmering with lust. Her little 12-year-old pussy was waiting for him, quivering, brushing the very tip of his cock with welcoming heat.

He squeezed her hips, lined himself up, and slammed his cock home into the tight little pussy. She was his now, all her fire and spit and her cute little wiggling body. M0rt pumped furiously into her cunt, balls slapping forward against her thighs. Maybe he couldn't program away her sass, maybe he couldn't just flip some bits to teach her how to be a proper little cockslut, but he found that he didn't want to change those things even if he could. He liked her spirit, her energy, her precisely engineered Haver beauty, and maybe he could cut down on the time she spent sassing him if she was busy squealing on the thrusting tip of his cock.

Angi3 shrieked as she gripped the sheets. He pounded forward violently, rocking her body. The rising heat gripped them both in fiery passion, a lockstep rhythm of frenzied passion that thumped through the rigid connection of their bodies. Angi3 squealed, her feet drumming the sheets, and M0rt grabbed her hips in iron fists and rammed her rear end with animal passion. Together, the shared orgasm rose up to overwhelm them both.