Wintermute X Stories

Barn Bitches

By WintermuteX

Tags: best, mc, nc, Mg, ped, preg

Content: Young Girls, Bestiality, Mind Control, Non-consensual, Sexual Slavery, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

"You're such a bitch, Mom!"

Angela crossed her arms and scowled at her mother from the passenger seat. Mom scowled back, her face painted with fury.

"Don't you call me that!" she shrieked. "I'm tired of your attitude Angela! All your stupid tantrums and your attitude - I've had enough!"

Angela rolled her eyes. Arguing with her Mom was nothing new - they did it on a daily basis now. Things had been growing worse for months, finally reaching a head last night.

"I'm sick of you lecturing me," Angela growled. "I'll fuck my girlfriend if I want, and there's nothing you can do about it! I'm 13 now! You're not the boss of me!"

"This is what I'm talking about!" her mother shrieked. She yanked the wheel and they both leaned tight as they took the corner at high speed. Angela didn't know where Mom was going, just that she was driving like a maniac.

"You don't listen! You have sex with that...that AWFUL girl in your bedroom. We can all hear you you know! And THIS! I can't believe you did this after I told you you couldn't!"

Mom was gesturing at her nose stud. Angela just laughed at her. She had got it a week ago, so she could match Megan. She loved it. She loved how punk it looked. Mostly she loved how much it pissed Mom off.

"Your room is filthy all the time! You dyed your hair like this! You're out at all hours of the day and night going to parties and I never know where you are!" Mom was frantic, hunched over the wheel. "You're out of control, Angela!"

Angela sneered. Mom was so pathetic. She didn't like her purple hair. She didn't like the goth clothing, or the tight tops and skinny jeans she wore for Megan. Mom didn't like anything Angela did, and half the time Angela wasn't even sure if she was doing something for herself or just because it would piss Mom off.

"Why do you even care where I am?" asked Angela. "It's not like it ever mattered to you. What does it matter if I go to parties?"

"Because I don't know if you're ok!" Mom took another corner at high speed. Her hair was frazzled, her expression harried. "You could be off doing...doing drugs or something! Or being raped! How would I even know if you don't call me and check in?"

Angela laughed. God, Mom was such a tard.

"You may have flushed that baggie of pills, but it's not like I can't get more," she chortled. "And do you really think I'm being raped Mom? You can't rape the willing."

Mom's look was ghastly, her face white, staring straight ahead at the road with her hands clamped to the steering wheel like shackles. Angela laughed again.

"Do you know what I was doing last night?" Angela asked sweetly. "All that time you were freaking out? John was having a big thing as his place, you know, the big mansion he has. The whole football team was there. Do you know what Megan and I were doing? We were sucking cocks Mom. Cock after cock, all of them. Every huge fucking prick of every single guy that was there. We sucked them all, then we went to the bedroom and let them fuck us both as we ate each other out."

Mom looked like she would detonate right there. Rage had blanched her face from white to red. Angela delivered the coup de grace.

"Have you ever licked cum from your girlfriend's snatch Mom? It's fucking great. We're going to do the same thing tonight, and there isn't a single goddamn thing you can do about it."

Angela smiled triumphantly. Mom had always thought she would be her little princess. Dressing her up for plays with those silly costumes. Even entering her in a beauty contest once. Fuck her. Angela was tired of her Mom trying to live vicariously through her. She could see the lines of worry in her Mother's face, the deepening creases of her perpetual frown. She was old and Angela wasn't. Fuck her. Angela didn't owe her anything. She was just out to have some fun, and she was tired of Mom always getting in the way.

"You think I can't do anything about it?" her Mom muttered, her brow deepening to furious purple. "You think I'm helpless? You think I can't control my own daughter? Think again, you little slut."

Mom spared a hand from the wheel to toss a glossy pamphlet at her. Angela caught it and opened it up, then gaped.

"Are you tired of the ungrateful antics of your offspring? Sick of your darling's daring attitude? Fed up with her fucking her way through every boy in school? Now there's hope! Turn her into a certified Pleasure Girl™ and give her a brighter future! Our academy turns out only the highest quality girls, fully trained and Brain-Broken with top-notch industry certification for maximum performance! Don't consign your precious little princess to a world of drugs and prostitution! Let Crossbreed Academy take the wheel, and in no time we'll have your naughty little knave engaged in the bright and promising career of Professional Pastoral Pleasuring!"

"What the fuck is this?" Angela laughed. "Some kind of boot camp? Fuck you, Mom! You think you can force this kind of shit on me?"

Angela wadded up the pamphlet and threw it at her Mother's face. Mom ignored it, looking ahead with her face fixed with stern determination. Angela huffed, and then looked out the window, wondering for the first time just where they were going. They had driven way out into the countryside. Angela had never been outside the city before. Spotted cows dotted the rolling green pastures outside the window.

They came to a stop sign. Angela jerked the handle to her door.

"Let me out!" she shouted. "I'll walk back! I don't need a ride from a cunt like you!"

She yanked the handle repeatedly, but the door didn't open. Mom had locked it from her side.

"This is one ride you're not getting out of, you little bitch," Mom murmured, smashing the accelerator again. "This is why they changed the laws, you know. Because of a generation of brats just like you. Arrogant little shits that think they know everything and deserve everything. Well, now you're going to learn different!"

Angela just laughed at her again. Mom was so helpless. She thought she could scare Angela straight. What a dumb cunt. Angela could just call for a ride and have practically any of her friends come get her.

A big compound of gleaming white buildings was approaching. Mom stopped at a big arch with a gate of vertical bars and waited for it to open. Angela stared as they slowly passed through and it shut behind them like the guardhouse of a fortress. This place looked like a prison, with a long perimeter of high walls and towers. Angela shuddered. Maybe getting out of here would be harder than she thought. She yanked the door handle again but it was still locked, so she flopped back in her seat and huffed.

"I'm sorry Mom," she said. "Somehow things got out of hand. Can we try again? Maybe just drop this whole idea and we can go home."

She gave Mom her pretty smile, the one that had always won her over when she was little.

"Please? I'll be good this time, I promise. I'll call when I'm out and I won't have Megan over, ok?"

Mom just looked at her, her face scarred and lined with 40 years of worry. God, she looked old. What a hag.

"No," Mom finally said, after a long pause. "Not this time Angela. This time you're through."

Men with white coats were approaching the car. Angela stared out at them, then turned on her Mother.

"Fine! Fuck you and your wrinkly old cunt, Mom! Dad was right to leave you! You think these guys can control me? I'll be sucking their cocks and out of here in no time!"

She was surprised when one of the men suddenly yanked open the door from the outside. Angela shrieked and sank into the chair, but they leaned in and grabbed her. She screamed and struggled in their grip.

"Fuck! Eat shit you pigfuckers! Don't touch me!" Angela screamed, but they were determined. They got her seatbelt off and manhandled her right out of the car. They didn't seem too concerned about grabbing her in a polite way either. Her small, 13-year-old frame was no match for them as they forced her to the ground. Angela kicked and screamed. One of them had his knee in her back like she was a common perp from the street.

"Let go of me!" She screeched, but they were too heavy. Her face was in the dirt. Her skirt had ridden up to her thighs, but they didn't seem to care. The men handled her like a sack of meat. She could feel the heavy white coats pressing against her arms and thighs. Angela jerked and spit like a snake, but it didn't help. She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her neck.

"Eeeeek!" Angela howled from the pain of the needle. It was a big one. What were they doing to her?! Did they think they could handle her? She'd show them! She twisted and struggled, furious, but they only laughed. Their chuckling dwindled suddenly as a wave of sleepy euphoria washed over her. Wow, that felt good, way better than the pills Megan usually had. She suddenly felt very calm, quiet, like a placid lily on a silent lake. She smiled. Wonderful. What kind of boot camp gave drugs? Angela had only an instant to ponder that question before the world sank into a dreamy darkness.

"Ugh. Let me out of this!"

Angela seethed as she struggled in the sturdy chair, but she was locked tightly in. She had barely been awake when they yanked her out of bed and marched her down a succession of white, gleaming hallways. It had almost looked like some kind of medical institution for the insane, with all the harsh fluorescents and the squad of burly men in white coats escorting her along none too gently. They had taken her clothes and phone and left her completely naked. Afterwards, they led her into a big, cool room and she had sat back in the big chair when they gestured - a staunch, medical-looking affair almost like a cross between a dentist's seat and a ob-gyn table - and it was only when an attendant had pressed a button on a nearby console and the metal shackles suddenly shot out and snapped around her wrists and ankles that she fully began to understand her predicament.

One of the men was inspecting her bonds, making sure she was tightly restrained, apparently. Angela gave him her sweetest smile.

"Ohhhh noooo, I guess you got me." Her tone was a simpering whine, the kind she used when she wanted a guy to do what she wanted. "All tied up like this. I've seen pornos that started this way."

Her smile was full of sultry promise when he looked up at her. She mock-struggled for a moment, then slumped as if defeated.

"I guess that's it then. Poor me, totally helpless, and in a room with so many big men! Gosh, I wonder what will happen? Just what sorts of things could a pack of studs like you even DO with a tied-up 13-year-old girl?" She gave a wide, innocent grin, showing her teeth. "And I'll bet nobody would even hear a thing outside this big room no matter what you did to me!"

She began to wiggle as if in anticipation, as much as she could when shackled to the chair anyway. If they were going to try some kind of corrective rape on her they might as well get started so she could have some fun.

The man inspecting her reached up and pushed her head firmly back onto the headrest. Angela licked her lips seductively, trying to get his attention, but he reached down and pressed a button beneath the chair. Instantly a metal band flipped out and snapped tightly shut around her neck.

"Uck!" Angela swallowed, feeling the cold metal on her throat. "Oh I get it. Can't have me moving all around huh?" She winked, but the man simply made sure the band was tight with his fingers, then turned to join the others. They all began to head for the door.

"Hey!" she shouted at their retreating backs. "What the hell?! You're just going to leave me here?" They ignored her, leaving one by one through an extremely thick metal door that looked like it belonged in a bank vault.

"You motherfuckers!" Her struggling was real again. "Are you all gay? Is that it? Bunch of faggots? Fine, go suck each other's cocks then! Just remember that I could have done it better!"

The last man flicked a switch on the wall as he left, plunging the room into heavy darkness save for a bright spotlight coming from above. Angela blinked against the painful light. It was sharp and straight in her face.

Minutes passed, then Angela heard a quiet humming from the chair. It began to shift, its motors slowly moving, leaning her further back and elevating then spreading her legs. Angela groaned. She couldn't see a thing with the bright light in her face, but she felt the gown ride up her legs and the cool air brush her pussy.

A blue light blinked on from somewhere on the wall. Angela could barely tilt her head down to see. It was in the perfect spot to illuminate her cunt. What was this, some kind of sick medical exam? She jerked and shuddered when she felt something like cool metal suddenly touch her pussy lips and pull them wide open.

"Labia majora meets qualifications. No abnormalities." A voice intoned the words from a speaker overhead, almost like a robot. "Minora presents mild medial swelling consistent with prolonged sexual activity. No abnormalities.

The chair thrummed underneath her as the pale blue light shone on her privates with clinical detachment. Something like a camera clicked and whirred. Angela could hear it moving in the darkness. She groaned, humiliated. It wasn't that she objected to having her pussy examined - she had fucked the first ob-gyn Mom took her to when she was 11. Mom had found out about that and took her to a different one. She fucked that one too. Mom thought she was being clever when she sprung a woman doctor on her the third time, but hilariously enough that had turned out the same way. Angela already knew by that point that she liked girls just as much as guys. Mom had given up after that. Still, that was different. This was gross. It was like being examined a machine. There was nobody here, nobody Angela could flirt with and take advantage of like she always did.

"Vestibular region presents clean. Negative indications of infection or disease."

"Oh come on, I could have told you that," Angela muttered. She flopped her head back when the light clicked off, leaving her alone with nothing but the indifferent hum and the horrible light from above. She shut her eyes tightly. What kind of camp was this? She had expected some sort of guidance counselor and group therapy bullshit where they all sang kum-bay-yah and talked about their repressed feelings. Not...this.

A high-pitched motor suddenly whined right by her ear. Angela jerked when she felt a sudden, sharp pain in her neck.

"Eeek!" Angela felt her throat flush hot as the needle injected some liquid that burned slightly. Instantly she broke out into a hot sweat, droplets forming on her forehead. She felt her breathing quicken and her heart began to race in her chest. The needle withdrew slowly. Angela gulped nervously. She would have been wiggling like a worm if she could move at all. Her muscles jerked on their own, and to her surprise she felt a tremendous rush of warmth to her crotch.

And then...nothing. The little needle machine went quiet. The chair hummed along. The light shone in her eyes. Angela began to pant. What on Earth had they given her? Whatever it was, it was making her more horny than she had ever been in her life.

"Hnnnnnngh!" Angela began to groan. She couldn't help it. Her pussy was on fire, shivering, desperate. Angela longed to reach down and touch herself, but she couldn't. Her wrists were tightly bound. Her ankles were locked to the seat. The cold, uncomfortable metal tightened on her throat whenever she shifted. Nothing happened. No sound could be heard in the room beside that incessant humming. Nobody came.

"Oh god, just let me...just let me..." Angela licked the spittle off her lips. How long had it been? She had tried counting the seconds in her head and gave up quickly. She couldn't focus. She was so horny. She would have given anything for those men to come back and plug her pussy with their cocks. Her body felt like it was steaming under that hot spotlight. Her crotch ached and quivered, fiery flashes darting up and down her insides like lightning. Oh god, it felt so good. Just needed a little more, just a little more and she could cum. She began to shift just a tiny bit, as much as she could in the bonds, but it didn't help. She tried to picture her favorite fantasies - wandering down an alley and ending up gangraped, getting caught in a 69 with Megan at school, having a 3-way with her hunky gym coach and his young wife. It all just made it worse. They pushed her to the brink, but she couldn't orgasm. She needed a touch, just a little touch. If she could just get her hand free, even a single finger, and slide it into the juicy, dripping slit between her legs she knew she would have the most powerful orgasm of her life.

Instead she lingered in agony. Had it been minutes? Hours? Angela was still panting feverishly, like a beast in heat. The horny feeling didn't diminish in the slightest. It kept her right on the edge, a ragged, gasping, jerking little girl locked into that infernal chair, the room shrouded in darkness but for the glare in her eyes, her hair slick with sweat and her pussy dripping with desire.

Finally Angela heard a noise. She would have turned her head if she could. Someone was coming. The spotlight flicked off and the normal lights came back on - bright and stark like a doctor's office. A woman with long, raven-black hair was smiling grimly down at her.

"Hello Angela. How are you feeling?"

"What...what...what did you..." Angela could barely form the words. Her body had been wracked with the promise of pleasure for so long that she ached all over.

"Nice and horny, probably. I apologize for my tardiness." The woman pulled over a little wheeled stool and sat on it, then crossed her legs and arranged her short black skirt carefully. "I was called away before I could begin your training. Just an unfortunate little incident down the hall. Turns out you're not the only rebellious child here."

She gave Angela a menacing smile, showing a row of perfect white teeth. She was really quite pretty.

"Who...who are you?" Angela panted.

"Oh it doesn't matter who I am, Angela. Call me whatever you wish. All that matters is that you've been given to me for training, and from now on, I am your god."

She leaned in closer, staring Angela in the eyes. Angela shrank into the chair, feeling frightened for the first time in a long time.

"My face will be the first thing you see when you wake up. It will be the last thing you see when I permit you to sleep. It will linger in your dreams. Your old life is gone, Angela. Forget it. Forget everything. You have a new purpose. You are my creature now, and I will remake you as I wish."

Under normal circumstances Angela might have laughed, ridiculing such a pompous speech, but somehow, deep down, she knew that the woman meant every word.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked, her voice suddenly meek. Maybe it was the fatigue from lingering at the brink of a climax for hours, but Angela felt weak and truly helpless in the face of this woman's cruel smile.

The woman leaned closer, closer, so close she could have kissed Angela. She could feel the woman's breath hot on her face and it made her shudder. She blinked, staring into the dark pools of the woman's eyes.

"I'm going to break your brain, Angela."

The woman moved her arm, and Angela felt something slam into her pussy. Instantly she exploded, her orgasm erupting in her brain like a supernova. She felt herself scream with pleasure, stars erupting in her eyes, lightning strokes of pleasure lancing out from her pussy and crashing together in her head like a cataclysm. Angela lost herself in the storm, tossed about by the most intense and violent orgasm she had ever experienced. It seemed to go on and on, as though the latent energy had been building up all these hours only to now burst forth from a broken dam. Her pussy writhed and clenched, sucking at the object the woman had thrust inside - some kind of intense vibrator, roaring along at its highest setting. Angela's limbs spasmed, jerking helplessly against her shackles. The orgasm went on and on, by far the longest the 13-year-old girl had ever had. She soared along on a firestorm of ecstasy, riding the waves of pleasure until at last they finally began to calm and dwindle away.

"Oh god...oh god..." Angela couldn't even summon the strength to lick the drool from her lips. "What..the fuck...was that?"

"Nice, isn't it? Our formulation really does get the job done. It will take several more doses though until your body begins to really adjust. This " - she flicked the end of the buzzing vibrator between Angela's legs before pulling it out harshly - " is just a crude little stepping stone until your stimulus feedback programming is properly in place. But once the treatment has run its course, you'll see just how effective it is. It's why we're the industry leader in this market."

"The what? Industry?" Angela was still dazed, the words seeming to run in one ear and out the other, like she couldn't find her mental footing.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry Angela," said the woman with a cynical smile. "I forgot just how disorienting a girl's initial training session can be. Well, no matter. We have this little film that will clear things up. Let's watch it together, shall we?"

The woman clicked a button on a tiny remote control and a large flat screen on the wall directly ahead flickered to life. Angela stared, still lightheaded from the explosive climax and with spittle congealing on her lips and chin as she watched the film begin.

"Late in the summer of 2030," the TV droned in a man's voice, "Senator Roswell proposed a bill designed to empower the new Solyusex industry and simultaneously curb what was seen as the growing problem of heightened criminal and sexual activity in children under 18. H.R. 836 enjoyed strong bipartisan support and was passed in both the house and the senate later that year and then signed into law by President Schwartz."

The narrator paused as the film showed brief footage of elderly men in suits engaged in debate in the senate, and scrolling text of an excerpt from the bill itself. President Schwartz was shown too, sitting at his desk in the white house and signing the bill into law with his signature pen as cameras flashed and clicked in a mad cadence.

"Once the legal roadblocks were cleared, a thriving industry sprang up almost overnight. Solyusex had been around for years, but its usage was hampered by the altered biological needs of the animals that had been treated with it. After years of intense lobbying from the farming industry, H.R. 836 - sometimes dubbed the "Farmbitch Law" - was finally seen as the solution to their problem."

Angela shook her head, uncomprehending, and opened her mouth to ask a question, but the woman just shook her head sternly and gestured at the screen. Angela continued to watch as the narrator droned on..

"Solyusex's long-term effects were still under study at the time. The FDA had granted access to limited trials in 2022, and wide-scale testing by the year 2024. The serum's astonishingly beneficial effect on the health, virility, productivity, and lifespan of virtually all farming stock was overwhelming. When coupled with a rigorous routine of sexual activity, the drug promoted increased muscle mass, a stronger immune system, encouraged bone density, improved cardiac health, eliminated parasitical activity, and promoted health in virtually every organ and system of the animal's body. The drug's requirement of the activation of certain hormonal channels only stimulated by sexual activity was not seen as a problem, and working farms adjusted their animal's breeding schedules accordingly to reap Solyusex's benefits. Corporations and independent farmers were clamoring for ever more of the drug, and the manufacturers struggled to keep up. The Solyusex serum's formula was a secret kept closely guarded by the Solyusex Corporation, and despite several competitors entering the market with alternatives, SolCorp's position at the top of the market was still unchallenged by the time the drug was fully approved in 2026.

Labs. Animals. Farms. Men with white latex gloves injecting horses and cows with large syringes. Angela watched the montage with shocked fascination. What on Earth did any of this have to do with her?

"Composed of a carefully-balanced cocktail of synthetic human hormones, endocrine regulators, vitamins, stimulants, and potent aphrodisiacs, Solyusex proved effective on most mammals it was tested on - including humans. Human trials were prohibited initially, but the drug was finally approved for limited human testing in mid 2026. It was only by 2027, when the drug had virtually saturated the livestock market, that the first unanticipated effects began to make themselves felt."

"That...that's the shit you're injecting me with?" Angela gasped. The woman just shrugged and gave a predatory grin.

"Technically," the woman said, "it's not fully approved for use on humans yet, but let's just say the industry and the government are willing to look the other way for now while we solve the problems that the drug introduced." The woman nodded at the screen, indicating Angela should keep watching.

"The inclusion of human genetic material in the serum had long-term side effects that first began to make themselves felt late in 2027. The widely-publicized case of Ms. Matthews, a farmer's daughter who was raped by a hyperactive stallion on high doses of the drug, first brought the issue to the forefront of public and scientific knowledge. Breeding rates - previously at all-time highs - began to fall precipitously among the animals that had been treated. After some experimentation, it was observed that the sexual appetites of the male animals had shifted - they were no longer stimulated by females of their own species, but rather by the sight of human bodies - particularly girls in pubescent and prepubescent stages of development. The mechanism of this transformation is still undetermined, with research ongoing in a number of areas, but the dilemma was clear: either encourage the new-found sexual predilections of what was now 95% of the farming industry's animals, or forego the benefits of Solyusex entirely.

Angela's eyes began to bug out. The film's imagery had shifted focus, from stock photos of farm animals being bred together to lurid images of the beasts copulating with humans. A young woman of 18, clearly in a clinical setting, rubbing a dog's penis against her own exposed genitals. Close-up photographs of animal cocks entering vaginas. Scientists in lab coats, spinning vials of semen in centrifuges and examining the results. A young horse being led by the reins past a row of bent-over girls of decreasing ages until he picked the one he liked and the scientist made an impassive note on his clipboard.

"Reproduction was steady enough thanks to artificial insemination, but the search for a solution as to how to keep the animals properly stimulated to reap the benefits of the serum occupied national attention for quite some time. The industry had grown fully dependent on Solyusex, with animals experiencing radical withdrawal symptoms and even death when deprived. In the midst of these scandalous revelations, farming output began to fall and the resultant food shortages first made themselves felt. Civil disturbances began to rise, and crime increased sharply in the face of the growing depression in farming and related industries."

More footage. Crowds angrily marching and shouting, kids throwing rocks at walls of police hiding behind their riot shields. A car aflame. A violent crowd in front of the white house. Angela vaguely remembered some of this. She had only been a kid when it happened, and Mom had never seemed to want to explain what it was about.

"The Roswell commission, headed by the Senator himself, pledged themselves to finding a solution, and with the introduction of H.R. 836 and the rapid development of the required training programs, the industry finally began to return to normal. Today, Solyusex use remains more widespread than ever, and with the rise of the Pleasure Girl industry, is powering an economic boon more potent than any seen in the last 200 years. Further applications of the drug are currently under research, including the benefits of administering regular doses of the serum to house pets along with vaccination schedules."

The documentary drew to a close with a vaguely patriotic theme, playing rousing music and showing captains of industry shaking hands and smiling in front of cameras, graphs of household income rising and crime falling, a statue of Senator Roswell himself on a pedestal in front of the Capitol Building with the flag waving in the background. They had gone over him in her geopolitics class, and she had never bothered to listen to a word of it. Too boring.

Angela closed her mouth and swallowed. She had been gaping. Farm animals? Little girls? She had never paid attention to the news. She had heard something once about a law decriminalizing something called bestiality, but never cared enough to ask Mom about it.

" want to make me some kind of animal bitch?" she asked in disbelief. "You can't do this to me!"

The woman's grin was infuriatingly placid. "We can and will. We've already begun, Angela."

Angela struggled against her bonds, furious, wrenching her wrists and ankles against the steel.

"Let me out! You kidnapped me!"

"Not according to the law." The woman's smile was menacingly sweet.

"I have rights!"

"Actually," - the woman conferred with a stack of papers in a folder, "you have no rights."

"I'm a citizen!" Angela shrieked.

The woman's laugh sent a bone-chilling flash down Angela's spine.

"Sure you are. A citizen with certain special provisions as noted under H.R. 836e. No passport, no travel without accompaniment, you can't own property, exemptions from the thirteenth amendment and the Civil Rights Act, and you must be under the care of a person with full citizenship at all times. Don't you get it Angela? You're an animal now. Property."

Angela stopped her struggling. The woman was serious. Fear joined the cold shiver in her back, but she forced herself to look at the woman and gave her best defiant sneer.

"What if I just run away?"

The woman just shifted on her stool, smiling primly, and arranged the black skirt meticulously over her legs again.

"After your training is complete, you won't want to. We have an extremely low rate of attempted runaways."

"I'll find a way!"

The snort was ugly, contemptuous. The woman leaned over, her face inches from Angela's, and stared her in the eyes.

"Listen. This program encompasses a full diversion of all sexual predilections and appetites to animal orientation. You'll be thoroughly broken, Angela, and then you'll be sold as a product to the farm breeding industry to live your life of service. You're basically on the level of a working-class farm animal. What would happen if you misbehaved or tried to run off? Well, what do farmers to those animals? They shoot them. Sometimes, anyway. It's their right. But most would consider you too valuable to shoot, and they'd return you to us as a defective product for a reinforcement of the brain-breaking training. So you'd just end up right back here, and I get the pleasure of doing this all over again."

Angela had been shrinking back into the seat with each word, frightened, her eyes wide as the woman's cold breath played over her lips. Those eyes were so dark, staring at her with menacing confidence, inky black pools that matched her hair

"Now." The woman sat back abruptly on her stool and opened her manilla folder again. "We do have just a few little bits of paperwork to take care of. Bureaucracy, you know. So troublesome. It would be nicer for everyone if the government would just deregulate us entirely, but I guess you can't have everything."

"You're kidding…" Angela scoffed, but the woman was not kidding. She held up a signed certificate so Angela could see it.

"What's that?" she asked. The words seemed to swim together confusingly.

"Your mother's official surrender of guardianship and custodial assignment," the woman said. "I can read it to you, if you like. Actually with that stuff in you you'll have a little trouble with letters. An irrelevant side effect. You'll probably lose the ability to read after your training. Oh don't worry, Angela, you won't miss it. I assure you."

That bitch. She had set Angela up, had put her here, like she was some kind of animal in need of obedience training. She felt fury seethe in her gut.

"And I do need you to acknowledge this one," said the woman, holding up another form densely packed with tiny words. "You won't be able to sign it, but you don't actually need to."

"What is it?"

"Oh, just some information about remediation of disputes in the chattel industry. Not that we ever have any of those. Our girls are quite happy. Our lawyers just insist on this."

"Disputes?" Angela felt a glimmer of hope. "How do I open a dispute?"

"You don't." The woman returned the form to her folder. "The form explains that there is no authority for remediation other than the girl's trainer themself, as prescribed by law. That's me, by the way."

"I want a lawyer!" Angela shouted suddenly.

Another chilling laugh, mechanical, as if the woman had been through this a thousand times already. Maybe she had.

"And just how do you think you're going to get one, Angela? All locked up in that chair like you are? Hmmmm?" The sickly sweet smile made Angela want to claw the woman's eyes out.

"Ahhh I always love this part so much!" The woman held up her phone and took a picture of Angela's shocked and furious expression.

"Perfect! This one will go to your mother in her weekly status reports. She specifically requested pictures of your reactions at each stage of the training."

" friends will get me out! " Angela shrieked. "My dad! The police! Somebody…"

"Listen." The woman bent to stare Angela in the face again. "Nobody is coming to get you. You're here precisely because nobody cares about you.You've driven away anyone in your life who might have had the slightest bit of loyalty to you, and the law owes you nothing. This is perfectly legal. Your old life of sex and drugs and petty crimes is over. Right now, there is only one person in the world concerned with your welfare: me. You're my charge, my pet, my lovely little bitch in training. And the process of changing your life for the better begins right here, right now."

The woman stood up and pressed a button on the console. Angela yelped as she felt the bite of the tiny needle again, and instantly the hot rush of drugged euphoria spread out from her neck. Oh god. She groaned, shivering and trembling. The same desperate demand from her crotch, begging her to reach down and wipe a slick finger over her lips, to flick her bud and dip into the moist tunnel beneath. Angela groaned and wiggled like an animal in heat. It was unbearable.

"We're going to have so much fun together, Angela." The smile on the woman's face was hungry, feverish, as she looked down at the 13-year-old girl writhing in her restraints. "By the time this is over we'll be the best of friends, and you'll thank me for all I've given you."

"Fuck you!" Angela screamed. She shook on the edge of climax as the roar of pleasure tightened in her belly. So close. She was so close to orgasm already, just from a tiny little dose. But it hovered just out of reach, tantalizing, agonizing.

"We can start with some remedial training tonight," said the woman. "I can even be nice and put on your favorites. Do you have a favorite, Angela?"

"Ah...ah...a favorite?" Sweat was already dripping from her forehead into her eyes. The Solyusex had gripped her veins like fire. Way better than weed. Better than Molly. It was even better than the heroin she had tried. It wiped away all her fear and anger and replaced it with a focused, roiling passion that consumed everything.

"Sure. Which do you prefer? Do you like horses? Pigs? Dogs?"

Angela struggled to focus on the words. They made no sense to her. Her climax hovered just out of reach like a storm forever breaking the horizon.

"I...I like dogs, I guess," she panted. "Why?"

"Oh good, me too," the woman purred. She reached and flicked another switch on the console, and the flat screen flickered to life again. "Dogs it is. Goodnight, Angela."

The woman walked away, leaving Angela gawking. On the screen was a video of a little girl her own age, her blouse open and bending over a husky, touching his fully erect penis to her budding breasts. She looked curious, hungry, with just the slightest little lick of her lip. The girl rubbed the red tip on her nipples, then leaned to peer at the cock from closeup, with the camera zoomed in to show every fine detail of the bulging red organ. She seemed entranced. With trembling fingers she touched the cock to her lips. Angela shivered. She was so aroused, so desperately horny. She licked her own lips, her body crying out from the stimulation. So gross, but her body didn't know the difference. With the horny fire in her blood, she shuddered wildly as the video went on. The girl's experiments with her canine partner escalated as she explored everything she could do with him. Taking him into her mouth. Squeezing and fondling the bulging rocket as she rubbed his furry belly, even eventually bending over and letting him mount her like she was a common bitch. The look of pleasure on her face was intoxicating, the curve of her back enthusiastic as she pushed back at him, the swell of her nipples and the arch of her lips as she cried out with a long moan of passion.

Angela groaned, feeling the pleasure of the girl as if it were her own. She was more turned on than she had ever been in her life, more aroused, shaking with a desperate need more urgent than anything she had felt before. It was like she was hovering over a cliff. The little girl on the screen shook and orgasmed, but Angela couldn't. God, it was so gross, but already a little voice inside her was begging for release. The video finished and was replaced with another, and then another. Girls having sex with dogs. Teens. Preteens. The shock finally blended together into one long chorus of moans in her head. A 12-year-old riding a German Shepherd bareback. A 10-year-old on a bench in a park with a white labrador's head buried under the skirt of her dress. The look on her face was rapturous. Two 6-year-old twins bent over and licking the throbbing red cock of a mastiff as it dangled beneath him. A teenager with a spurt of doggie cum dripping down her breasts. She ran her fingers and licked it up like it was honey.

It went on and on. Minute after minute. Hour after hour. Angela's brain was hammered into a frenzied overdrive, desperate for release, hovering on the verge of orgasm as she watched young girls performing every conceivable sex act with their canine lovers. It was too much. She shook. She cried out. She gibbered and begged for the woman to come back, but nobody came. The erotic marathon continued onscreen, searing itself into Angela's brain as she throbbed with desire. She lost track of time, of the world. There was only the burning pleasure, unrequited, and the endless litany of doggy cock plugging tight little girl cunts and puppy spunk spewing out onto their supple young bodies. Shocking. Grotesque. Utterly fascinating. Angela couldn't help but watch, drool dripping down her chin and a rampant fever burning in her crotch and her head until finally everything went black.

Her chest heaved. Her gasping was a haggard rhythm, rasping in her throat. Slick sweat dripped from every pore of her body. She groaned. She could barely remember her name. Muscles clenched and ached, chaotic spasms that wracked her maddened body. Hours. Days. Darkness, except for the lurid light of the viewscreen and its endless litany of depraved imagery. An existence punctuated only by the brief stings every few hours of the needle. Pleasure, lurking just out of reach, strobing behind her eyes with mechanical clicks as the screen flicked through its rapid slideshow of perverse bestiality. Women of all ages, girls, even very young girls, fucking dogs, sucking dogs, humping dogs, being mounted like willing little bitches and their pussies stabbed with flushed red canine cocks. Girls covered with dog semen, dripping down their chests, dribbling from their smiling mouths, spattered and dripping from pussies and thighs.

Angela flinched in shock when the light came on. The sound of the heavy metal door groaning on its hinges filled the room. Even without the metal collar holding her head in place, Angela would have been too exhausted to turn her head and look.

"How is my little bitch today, hmmm?" The woman's voice was sweetly insincere. "Feeling a little bit hungry for doggy dick?"

Angela blinked, trying to see through the sting of the light and the sweat dripping into her eyes. It was the dark-haired woman, bending over Angela with a lurid smile on her face.

"Please...please…" Angela groaned. She had never gone so long without cumming. She had never needed to cum so much. Her body pulsed with agonizing need. It was inhumane, lingering torturously at that threshold of pleasure.

"Hmm, very good. You're coming along nicely." The woman bent over and shone a small penlight into Angela's eyes. "Excellent progress. How do you feel, Angela?"

Angela swallowed, her mouth dry, her throat raw. "Oh god...I'm so horny...please...just let me...let me..."

"Let you what? Hmmm?" The woman flicked a switch to turn off the screen, and Angela blinked. Her eyes ached from having stared at it for so long. The woman turned to check the readouts from a nearby panel.

"Let me cum," Angela managed to croak.

"Oh, is that all?" The woman bent over again to stare Angela directly in the face. "You want to cum? Well, you've been obedient enough so far."

The woman leaned closer, and squeezed Angela's jaw in a tight grip, digging her fingers into the girl's cheeks.

"The dose schedule you've been on is designed to keep you at the edge of stimulation with no possibility of self-climax. The first lesson you'll learn here, Angela, is that you only cum when I allow it. Keep me happy, and you'll get all release you need and so much more."

Angela could feel the woman's hot breath on her face, could read the lurid excitement in the woman's cruel smile. She was enjoying herself. The woman pushed a button, and Angela's chair elevated her to a sitting position. Angela flinched when the woman brushed the hair out of her face in an almost tender gesture.

"Hmmm, you really are quite a pretty girl, Angela. I'll bet you had your pick of the boys at school. Or was it the girls you liked, hmmm? Maybe the teachers? Well, no matter. From now on you'll be craving only what we allow you to."

The woman bent even closer, her lips brushing against Angela's. Angela shivered, sweating.

"Here, let me show you."

The woman crushed her lips against Angela's mouth, burying her in a kiss. At the same time, her fingers reached down and dug at Angela's exposed pussy, slipping easily into the juicy tunnel. Angela's shriek was muffled, buried by the woman's sucking mouth. The wiggling fingers were like a spark that flared and ignited her pussy like dynamite.

"Mmmmmmph! MMMMMMMMMMMMMPH! MMMMMEeeeeeeek!"

Angela's squeal echoed in the sterile room as the woman broke her kiss. The woman kept her fingers firmly planted in Angela's pussy, digging hungrily at the 13-year-old girl's G-spot like a professional. Angela writhed. She shrieked. The sound of her own voice rose in her head in sync with the gale of pleasure that was rocketing up her spine and exploding behind her eyes. And in the eye of the hurricane, in the center of that red, raging tempest of horny lust burning itself to a cinder inside of her was all of that imagery that her brain had taken in, every scene, every grotesque picture of girls engaged in an endless orgy of unspeakable sex acts with their doggy lovers. Rubbing the pink-red shafts to excitement, enveloping the engorged puppy pricks with their mouths and slathering the turgid red cocks with hungry saliva. Girls sucking dog cum, throats pumping, or just gasping as they let it splatter all over their faces and drip down their bare chests. Angela howled. Her body was locked in a rictus of ecstasy as tight as the metal shackles around her limbs. She had never had an orgasm so intense - not even when she let Megan eat her out while her dad watched or when they both took turns riding their teacher's cocks, making it a contest to see who could get them to cum first. Girls laying back, sprawling, legs open for their canine masters. Girls bent over in the bitch position. Lunged at, stabbed, pounded mercilessly with veiny, throbbing doggy prick until the beasts beat themselves to a lustful climax. Angela couldn't help it: she saw herself the same way, bent over, furry heat rushing at her back and slapping her bottom until she felt the sudden clench and the heated rush of puppy sperm spewing deep inside of her, filling her belly like a balloon until thick white animal spunk overflowed and spurted wildly from her pussy like a chaotic, splattering firehose.

Angela collapsed. Her world was spinning - hot, torrid, still whirling from the tornado of lust that had surged in her body. She could feel her own breath, heaving ragged in her throat, but that was all she could feel. The raging tempest of her orgasm had stolen everything else.

Her senses returned, slow and hazy. The cold metal around her neck and limbs. The clandestine room, with all its strange instruments. And the woman. Angela blinked, watching as the woman pulled dripping fingers up her mouth, then licked them sensually.

"God I love my job," the woman purred. "There's no juice quite so fine as a little girl's, I always say." She licked her fingers clean of the juices that Angela's spurting pussy had left all over it, savoring each finger as if coated with melting ice cream.

Despite herself, Angela couldn't help but feel a sense of burning shame. It was an unfamiliar feeling - but there it was, lurking in her throat, a little clench of hot sorrow. She had lost her virginity quite enthusiastically at 8 with her mom's boyfriend. She had always said she would do anything, anyone, anytime she pleased - but she had always drawn the line at animals. That had somehow seemed too far. Only sickos and perverts fucked animals. Degenerates unfit for human society. She hadn't ever really thought about it much beyond that. Now she had had the most explosive orgasm of her life, and it was all centered on that kaleidoscope of imagery that they had stuffed in her head.

"Now then, let's begin."

The chair began to hum, lifting Angela up to a sitting position. The woman turned and took a seat at the strange console next to the mechanical chair. Angela blinked as the lights in the room came to full brightness. She could see the woman much better now: short black skirt, a tight white top with a business flair and a very un-businesslike sample of cleavage showing. The same steely, unnerving eyes Angela remembered, blushing lipstick of a hue just a shade off purple, and luscious black hair with a sultry wave to it that would make a supermodel envious. A knockout. Angela licked her lips in spite of herself. Even in this ugly, clinical setting, the woman stood out. Any other time and Angela would have been looking for a way to get into bed with her. To seduce her. To feel her touch and rub her little girl pussy the way only another woman could. Then maybe after they were done, a little bit of blackmail to keep her cooperative. Angela had done it before. Adults were so easy to manipulate once you threatened to let it get out that they had bedded a 13-year-old girl. She could get them to do anything at that point. But now, Angela was the one at the woman's mercy - naked, shivering, locked into this infernal metal chair with her legs open and her cunt dripping with fresh juices.

"We'll start by testing your Pavlovian and other involuntary responses," the woman said. She pressed a button and the image of a beautiful golden retriever flicked onto the screen.

"Hmmm…" The woman stared down at the console, watching the unseen hints from Angela's body. She turned a knob and pressed more buttons, and more images flashed up in front of Angela. The dog, erect now. A closeup of his pink cock, bulging. Despite herself, Angela felt her heart quicken. She swallowed, realizing she was salivating. The woman tapped a painted nail on the surface of the console, murmuring. More images came up: dogs of every color and breed, sometimes in benign poses, but more often visibly erect. Closeups of canine genitalia. Thick shafts of pink and red and purple, shot through with veins, turgid and flush and leaking doggy semen.

"Nnnngggghh." Angela groaned softly and struggled under the onslaught. Sweat broke out on her forehead. Somehow she could taste the salt, the musky flavor of sweaty beast on each throbbing cock as if they were in her mouth already. Disgusting. Abhorrent. But her body didn't seem to think so. It began to ache, flaring with pleasure in her pussy.

"Good enough, I suppose." The woman tapped more keys at the console, staring down, her face illuminated by the blue glow of the readouts. "Q response indicates progressive canine philia. Strong secondary indicators. How do you feel Angela?"

"Fuck you," gasped Angela, still sweating. She could feel a tiny streak of drool escape her lips and dribble down her cheek, but couldn't do anything about it with her hands still shackled.

The woman just laughed. "You're a sassy little bitch, Angela. That's perfect. It will make breaking you all the sweeter. I can't wait."

"Eat shit…" Angela panted the words. She tried to stare back at the woman as she said it, to meet that steely-eyed gaze, but her eyes were locked on the carnal display on the big screen.

"Hmm…" The woman tapped her chin contemplatively. "What to do with you? You wouldn't be good as a research girl...too independent. A rebel. No no no."

She stood and bent over Angela, surveying the girl, licking her lips like Angela's naked, struggling 13-year-old body was a succulent piece of meat. Her hand snaked down and grasped Angela's tiny tit and gave it a rough twist. Angela squeaked in spite of herself.

"You've had our general training regimen so far Angela, but once we decide where you fit, we'll change you. Mold you. Make you into the perfect product."

Angela managed to tear her eyes away from the screen, then shrank with fear under that steely gaze. The woman completely believed what she was saying. She wasn't joking. Angela could already feel the changes in her own body and mind, her thoughts uncontrollably focusing on acts she would have thought reprehensible before.

"We'll have to remove these, of course," said the woman, bending and inspecting the small tattoos on Angela's shoulder. "Easy enough. The technology has come a long way. It won't even leave a mark. We can't leave you any distractions that might remind you of your previous life, you understand. We pride ourselves on a quality product and once you ship we want you focused solely on taking doggy dick or swallowing horsecock or whatever it is you end up doing."

Angela swallowed, trying to keep her tongue from hanging out at the thought. The mere words were making her salivate.

"Speaking of which, I have an exciting new program to tell you about," said the woman, taking a seat once again. She tapped the console and the room lights dimmed as the screen changed to a vivid slideshow. Men and women. Girls. Families, all happy and smiling in a variety of cozy domestic scenes.

"We're still working on the marketing angle," said the woman, tapping a button to show more slides. The tone of the scenes shifted. A mother and two girls, gathered around a dinner table, laughing and smiling as the food was dished up. Except one of the girls clearly had her skirts lifted up while the family dog was licking her crotch. Another scene: a happy picnic, a cheerful family lounging on springy grass. Picnic baskets. Sandwiches. The youngest girl wiggling facedown on a red checkered blanket with her pink summer dress up pulled to her hips while a dog on a leash rammed her from behind. Another scene: a small country girl caring for what was clearly her pet pony, brushing it, feeding it, then bending down to lovingly rub and lick the beast's growing erection until a fountain of semen splattered out onto her face.

"The focus groups love it. The market is there too. It's a modified line of Solyusex designed for small animals and pets. Brings a whole new bonding aspect to the family dog, don't you think? We think we can launch it early next year, if we can get it approved anyway. What do you think?"

Angela could feel her mouth hanging open. She couldn't help the little string of hungry spittle leaking down her chin. The scenes were so hot, evoking overwhelming feelings of horny passion in her cunt. Each slide somehow made her wish she was the girl in the scene, gleefully fucking the family pet as everyone smiled and laughed in tidy still-life. The fire in her body began to burn by itself, so well-trained that her mind had no control over it anymore. She began to struggle feebly.

"Hmm…" The woman walked over to where Angela was groaning. She bent down, looking into the girl's fluttering eyes, until Angela dropped her head.

"It's still too early to enroll you in the new program, but I think it's very exciting and I think you'll agree! I've even volunteered to be in the early trials."

Angela's head lolled, the girl unable to keep the words straight against the rising tide of fiery horniness dominating her senses.

"Hmmph. Don't go out on me now Angela." The woman raised Angela up with a hand to her forehead. "We have so much more to do today!"

"Do you…" Angela panted, struggling to get the words out against the eager clench in her throat. She could barely admit it, but she would have given anything - absolutely anything - to be let out of her chair so she could be fucked proper. Pounded by a thick, throbbing animal cock. Dog. Horse. Anything with four legs and a dick. It hardly mattered.

"Do I what?" The woman's sweet smile was edged with cruel desire.

Angela swallowed. "Do you...fuck you dog?"

The woman blinked once, her normally implacable expression tinged with surprise.

"You do…don't you?" A croaking laugh rasped out of Angela's throat. "You already fuck your dog at home, don't you? Hahaha! You sick fuck!"

Fury flashed on the woman's face. Angela smiled. She had found a chink in the armor.

"Do you suck little Fido's cock before you leave for work in the morning? Like a good little bitch?" Angela sneered. "Or do you let him cum inside you and leave the house with a wad of disgusting doggy sperm leaking inside your skirt?"

Angela's head rang suddenly, painfully. The woman had slapped her. She laughed even harder.

"That explains why you love this job so much! You're so ugly that no man would touch you anyway! Poor little thing, a pathetic little puppy dick is all you can get!"

The smack rang audibly in the room. Angela cackled, her face burning painfully to match her crotch.

"So pathetic! You pretend to be all high and mighty but you're just a sad little bitch slut that can't even get a dicking from your own species!" Angela laughed like a lunatic, howling, her cunt throbbing. The Solyusex burned in her veins.

Fingers gripped her cheeks like steel pincers, cutting off her laughter and digging in until Angela's eyes began to water.

"Not that it's important," snarled the woman into Angela's face, "but I don't care much for men. Animals are so much less...complicated."

"Fuck you, you stupid cunt!" Angela managed to squeak out. The woman's grip tightened and for a moment Angela thought she would hit her again. Fury flashed in those dark eyes like lightning in a storm, but at the last moment the woman seemed to regain control of herself and released her grip.

"Fuck me? Oh no no no Angela, fuck you with a giant horsecock, my precious, gorgeous little slut in training."

The woman turned away. "Normally girls are farther along than you by now. You're my little special-needs student. I'm so disappointed in you. We're going to have to train you even harder to get you caught up, it seems. Get that saucy little brain of yours broken like an egg."

She pressed some buttons on the console, and the room dimmed. Another graphic slideshow flashed on the wide screen, bringing with it the vivid carnal depictions of bestial love that haunted Angela's dreams. At the same time, Angela felt more warmth flooding into her from the needle in her neck.

"I was going to let you cum again before I left, for being a good little girl." The woman patted Angela's head like she was a pet. "But I've changed my mind. I'll keep you on the threshold mixture for now instead of the full regimen of Solyusex. Let's try another week of remedial training, shall we?"

With a last cruel smile at Angela's nude, restrained body, the woman turned and left. Angela groaned, her eyes locked on the screen. Unable to look away. Unable to move. Unable to rub a finger on the throbbing passion in her groin that the drug was keeping at a slow burn. There was no distraction, no way to occupy the mind with anything other than the shocking, vile slideshow that filled her vision. Dogs. Horses. Donkeys. Bulls. Pigs. Rams. Eagerly copulating with human girls, mounting, bumping, humping, splattering their smiling mates with animal sperm. Gooey leavings dripped down chins, crotches, gaping assholes in lurid displays. Groaning, Angela struggled impotently, the scenes searing themselves into her retinas, imprinting themselves on her brain, awakening and reinforcing the burning, bestial hunger crackling like a bonfire inside of her. Her eyes refused to shut. Her crotch refused to cool. Bound in the darkness, Angela moaned feebly, lingering on the edge of pleasure, unable to cum as the minutes stretched into hours, and beyond.

"'Hi there you sweet little thing!"

Clutching her lunch tray, Angela raised her head furtively. The lunchlady was obese and covered with hairy warts, sporting a worn hairnet and a greasy apron as she held a giant ladle up triumphantly.

"What'll ya have, sweetcheeks? Horse? Dog? Cow? We've even got dolphin cum today! You ever tried dolphin cum?"

Angela's head drooped submissively again, taking in the identical tubs of gooey white slop that passed for food in this prison. She was still adjusting to the new routine.

"Um...ugh. So gross…" she murmured, eyeing the gelatinous gunk. Other than some discoloration, they all looked the same, like big tubs of cum.

"Don't you have any real food? Can I have some more of those flavor cubes at least?" Angela asked.

"Sweetie, for you this *is* real food! Protein and vitamins, flavored just the way you like it! Your body is changing from the drugs and this is all the nutrition you need. Here darling, try the donkey spunk. It's particularly good today."

Angela proffered her tray and the lunch lady scooped and splatted a huge white mound of disgusting gelatinous ooze right in the center. Angela groaned as she left the line and turned to find a seat.

There were other girls in the cafeteria - trainees, like her. This was the first time they had let her socialize since she had gotten here. Apparently she had managed to pass their induction phase, harsh though it was. Things were a little better now that they had given her a cell and only made her train 16 hours a day now. She found a bench at an empty table and sat down, then poked the shuddering mound of her food suspiciously before dipping a finger into it and testing it. Slimy. Salty. It certainly could pass for cum. For all she knew it WAS cum. She wouldn't put it past them.

She pushed the tray away. The cafeteria was very plain, like a real penitentiary. There were some posters on the wall alongside an array of brightly-colored marketing pamphlets. Angela regarded the floor-to-ceiling displays dully. "A good Bitch gets all her vitamins and minerals from three helpings of animal spunk a day!" proclaimed one poster proudly. The Solyusex logo adorned the corner of a picture of a cartoonishly-rendered girl Angela's own age, naked as a jaybird and eating a bowl of cum with a spoon like it was porridge. A shiver of arousal raced down her spine seeing the white goop dribbling down the girl's chin and dripping onto her breasts.

Angela shook her head and pushed the disgusting tray away. What were they *doing* to her? 'I'm going to break your brain', the woman had said, and Angela felt halfway there already. The heavy rush of the drug was in her system every hour of the day, feeding an insatiable appetite, a burning lust focused squarely on the heedless grunting and thrusting of fucking animals. Her thoughts could barely run for 10 seconds without thinking about it. It was in her dreams. Fucking dogs, licking their red, veiny shafts. Horse cock touching her lips, throbbing hungrily. Her down on her knees, grunting, squealing, dominated by base animal urges and lost in the throes of passion with endless animal lovers.

Her eyes settled on another poster. "Solyusex! For all your animal's many needs! Happy, healthy, and horny!" The pastoral scene of horses and grazing sheep seemed to be targeted at farmers. "Buy your animals a Solyusex-brand Bitch today!" trumpeted another poster. It showed a girl on her knees in lacy, slutty clothes, looking neat and clean, mouth open, tongue out, sultry eyes glistening with lust and looking eager to receive a load straight into her face. The background was a collage of various farm animals, each hale and healthy. Angela felt her mouth watering.

She broke from her reverie with a start when she realized another girl was sitting down across the table from her.

"Hey," said the girl, slapping her plastic tray onto the metal surface. It was full of mounds of gooey cum that jiggled like gelatin cakes.

"Oh...hi," said Angela tentatively. The girl was extremely pretty, and looked maybe a couple years older than her. Her blonde hair had an enticing natural wave to it.

"Haven't seen you here before," said the girl airily, digging into the white goop with a spoon, swirling it around. "You been here long?"

"Oh I...I don't know. I think it's been...uh…" How long HAD it been? She had lost count of the days, but somehow she had a feeling it hadn't been as long as it seemed. "A few weeks…I think."

"Oh. So you're not crazy yet." The girl dug in her spoon and lifted a glistening bite to her mouth and gulped it down.

"Don't worry," she said. "You'll get there. I was like you a few months ago. Staring into space, always feeling like I was on fire." The girl took another bite, slurping it off the spoon zestily.

"Once they break you it gets a lot easier." The girl shrugged as if this were of no consequence. Angela tried to muster a weak smile.

" this a prison?" she asked.

"No. Don't you know? Didn't you watch the video?" The girl frowned at her, munching on her slop.

" mean, yes. It''s hard to keep straight." Angela held a hand to her forehead. Details had been running together lately.

"You're in Bitch training. What are they working you on now? Bulls? Horses?"

"No uh...dogs," Angela said meekly.

"Oh that's easy," said the girl dismissively. "You don't even have to be careful with dogs. Just get down and let them fuck you. Easy. Not like horses. I'm Jean, by the way."

"Angela…" muttered Angela. She found herself incredibly attracted to Jean. The girl had a casual, effortless beauty. Confident. Perfect eyes. Almost like Megan, but even prettier. She found herself blushing shyly, a rare response.

"Here, maybe it will help to read this," said the girl, reaching back to take one of the pamphlets from the stock on the wall and holding it out for Angela. "While you still can, that is. It's all fuzzy to me now."

Angela took the glossy paper. It seemed to be a Solyusex advertisement. A happy, smiling farmer occupied the front panel. She opened it.

"Modern animal husbandry faces more challenges than ever before," began the copy. "Disease, infirmities, falling birth rates, and low production. But not anymore! With Solyusex, you can improve your stock's health and output almost tenfold!"

"You going to eat that?" asked Jean. Angela looked up. Jean was pointing at the mound of cumslop on the tray in front of her. The girl had already cleaned every last glob of semen off her own tray and was licking the spoon.

"Uh...go nuts." Angela pushed the tray across and kept reading.

"Regular injections of Solyusex are scientifically proven to drastically improve health, boost immune function, increase longevity, raise spirits, and generally improve your animals in every way! Call your regional Solyusex distributor today for a free trial!"

Pictures of various farm animals in their prime were showcased in brilliant color. The remaining text was disclaimers and technical information.

"What they don't tell you about are the side effects," said Jean, chewing the donkey cum noisily with her mouth open. "Genetic something-or-other. Oh sure they'll be super healthy and live twice as long, but eventually they won't want to fuck their own kind anymore and they'll get super antsy if they can't have regular sex."

"And that's where we come in…" murmured Angela, staring down at the paper dully.

"Yup!" piped Jean. She slurped a particularly gooey glob into her mouth, leaving a small trail of leaking white fluid on her chin. "Just a little bit of training and brain breaking and off we go! Industry-certified, money-back guarantee, perfectly indoctrinated to fuck and suck and love every minute of it." She cleaned up the last of the slop and then leaned back on the bench with a light burp. "Some days, I don't think I even mind it anymore."

"How can you say that?" asked Angela. "Don't you want to get back at them?"

The girl laughed. "Oh hell yes! I sure do. I also want a fat horse cock rammed in my pussy. I'm not sure which I'd like more." She leaned forward again. "What we want is what they want us to want. That's the whole point. That's why they give you that fucking Solyusex drug all the time. Train our minds. Train our bodies. Then sell us like the bitches we are. Want to hear something funny?"

"What?" asked Angela.

"There's a rumor," said the girl, leaning forward and whispering. "So they know Solyusex fucks with animal genes long term somehow. They're still trying to figure it out. Meanwhile they keep selling girls like us to fuck all these drugged-up animals and keep them happy, be the perfect mates. Seems like it's working. Maybe too well…"

"Huh?" said Angela.

"They're trying to keep it hushed up, I think, but...well supposedly there was a girl. One of the early ones, so she's been on the drug the longest, and she was working with animals that had been on Solyusex for like 10 years. Fucking and sucking like a happy little bitch." Jean leaned forward even closer until she was almost whispering in Angela's ear. "Right up until she got pregnant."

Somehow that took a moment to click in Angela's foggy brain.


Jean made a motion with her hands. "Shhh. We'll be in trouble if they know we're talking about it. It's just a rumor though. Probably not even true, ya know. But hey...stranger things have happened, right? Supposedly they hid her away in a lab and hushed everything up and paid the farmer to shut up and not talk to the media about it. Talk about a big deal, but they're trying to keep it under wraps. Just think about that though…"

"The fuck...that's crazy," breathed Angela. Jean was bent close, their lips almost touching. Angela had a crazy impulse to kiss her.

The bell rang shrilly. Both girls jumped. Lunchtime was over. Back to training. Orderlies were already filing in, guiding the girls down the hallway, ready to manhandle any that wanted to make trouble. Angela and Jean sat back and stared at each other for a moment, then got up to follow. If they were tardy they'd be punished by having orgasms withheld, so they joined the stream of girls, some with lips and chins still glistening with their lunchtime cum food, all filing in orderly fashion to their training. To their breaking. Docile. Eager. Like a herd of cattle being guided to pasture.

"It's funny…" murmured the dark-haired woman, shining a penlight in Angela's eyes. "How science often stumbles onto great things without realizing their potential. Mr. Pavlov had only an inkling, just a tiny glimpse of what could be done, really."

The woman clicked the light off and stood up, looming over Angela. "We don't use his techniques, of course. We've come a long way since then. But the *concept*, dear Angela - the potential of taking and training a creature, of remolding their behavior as you see fit - that is the dream humankind has lusted over since time immemorial."

"Are you always such a dramatic bitch?" snarled Angela. "Does fucking your doggy give you delusions of grandeur? Christ, just zap my brain and kill me now."

Angela had learned to recognize the hidden anger, the subtle shift of muscles in the woman's throat that belied the rage that boiled underneath whenever Angela talked back. For a moment she thought the woman would slap her again, then the calm, steely gaze returned, undisturbed, like a placid lake. Angela smiled and scored a mental point for herself. Needling this pathetic woman was a special kind of pleasure, but lately it was becoming harder and harder to focus long enough to do it.

"You're coming along quite satisfactorily," said the woman, arranging her skirt before seating herself on the stool at the console. "Your Q ratio is low though, but just within the limits. I'll bump your thyroid a bit. That should help. Congratulations Angela! You've passed phase 1." The woman's smile was smug and confident, brimming with an implacable will.

"Now, we can move on to phase 2."

Angela squeaked when she felt the bite of the needle. The familiar sensation flooded back, hot and raging, Solyusex coursing in her veins like wildfire and leaving a smoldering hunger. Angela squirmed as the horny feelings washed over her, pussy quivering, nipples hardening in the air. The woman watched her nude body writhe with a smile.

"I'm adding some new drugs to your regimen. A few cocktails of this and that. Immuno boosters. More vaccines. Also a serum we give to our little bitches in training. It's quite the invention: it loosens your muscles, makes you extremely flexible. Funny, they initially thought of using it simply for sports applications - on gymnasts, if you can imagine that."

The woman scoffed, as if such a waste was unthinkable.

"Luckily we discovered a much more potent use. It's quite marvelous, really, just how much a young body can tolerate when we administer this."

Angela shuddered as the woman tapped the sharp nail of her finger on Angela's lips, then traced it down her naked body. "Your throat. Your asshole. Even your sweet little pussy, Angela. They'll all become so very versatile. Able to stretch and accommodate nearly anything at all without being damaged."

She bent and loomed over Angela's face as she liked to do, staring into the girl's eyes.

"Have you ever felt a stallion's cock rammed up your asshole, Angela? I have. I highly recommend the experience.

She turned away and pressed a button on the console. Angela heard the whirring sound of moving machinery above her.

"What's that?" she asked, looking up. She could see some kind of mechanized arm moving about slowly in the dim light near the ceiling.

The woman didn't answer. Angela felt her heart beating slightly faster. The room was unfamiliar - different from her normal training room. Maybe this was because she was on the next stage. But what more could they possibly do to her? The chair she had been tied to was less a full chair and more just a few padded supports for her body and back, all attached to some kind of machinery. As the woman pressed more buttons on the console, Angela felt the thing whir to life around her. The motors bleated a tiny whine, elevating her, raising her nude body into the air until she was at the woman's eye level. At the press of another button, the chair began to move, its supports pulling away, leaving only the tight clamps around her arms and legs and a little brace for her back. Angela struggled aimlessly, but the bands were merciless. She was suspended in midair, leaning back with legs spread and only the mechanized arms of her shackles supporting her.

"What the hell IS this? Aren't you going to make me watch more animal fucking videos?" Angela writhed, then hung her head back. It wasn't really uncomfortable - all the supports were holding her at exactly the right places to balance her weight.

"It's time for your physical training to begin," said the woman. She paced slowly around Angela, lips prim, her skirt pressed, her wavy black hair immaculate - not a strand out of place.

"Imagery only goes so far. We used to train with a combination of just that and some real animals, but have found much better results with this method."

Angela could see the machine above her now, whirring as it came down out of the darkness. A crane of some kind with several extensions of long, rubbery, phallic shafts all folded tightly against it.

"We have so many girls these days…" the woman sighed. "It isn't efficient to keep enough animals around to train thousands of girls. So we use a...surrogate, to get you accustomed to the experience. You need to be an expert in taking animal dick before we can graduate you and sell you, after all. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products.

Angela gaped as the crane stopped just above her, bobbing slightly. A giant dildo whirred as it folded down and extended itself. The thing was quite lifelike, as far as she could tell: pink and curving and shot through with sharp red veins. There were plenty of other dildos on the machine too. Some small and some massive, in every shape and size. Animal dildos. There was even a little corkscrew pig shape.

"Since I'm nice, we'll start you with some doggy dick," the woman said airily. "Then let's work our way up, shall we? I'd like to see what you're capable of. I wasn't kidding about the stallion cock in your ass."

She pressed a button and Angela's clamps moved in the air, pushing her forward while pulling her legs back until she was upright in a spread-eagled position. Angela gulped as the machine whirred, the big dildo pushing towards her mouth. It brushed her lips, halting only briefly before forcing its way into her mouth with an implacable mechanical whine.

"Mmmph!" Angela shuddered, her mouth stretched tight around the thick phallus. It was meaty, lifelike, not at all rubbery. It even tasted faintly salty. Angela could hear the woman's humming lightly as she tapped the control at the console, and the large dildo in Angela's mouth began to buck..

The pulsing movement worked Angela's mouth tightly, cheeks puffing, lips stretched around the obscene girth. The dildo was crafted to perfectly resemble a dog's cock, right down to the slight curvature. Angela felt her body respond with a shivering wave of arousal, the hot wash of the drug frothing in her veins. She gulped down saliva, sucking reflexively as the machine crammed her mouth full of simulated dick.

The popping sensation of the machine pulling back was a surprise. Angela gasped, sucking air as hot drool bubbled on her lips. Her crotch throbbed madly, quivering. The machine whined again as it adjusted her angle in midair.

"Ah, there are few things so fine as watching a 13-year-old sucking on a doggy prick," sighed the woman. Angela's eyes fluttered. The drug was making her dizzy. She felt fingers on her scalp, something pressing on her hair.

"Wha...what are you doing?" she mumbled. The woman was standing close, her cleavage filling Angela's view. She was putting something on Angela's head.

"That was just a warmup, Angela," the woman purred. Angela felt a band tighten around her scalp. "You don't think we'd build this whole thing just to ram a few dildos in you, do you?" The woman's chuckle was rich and dark. "No no no. This stage of your training will be much more...intense."

The woman finished adjusting the thing on Angela's head - some kind of mesh, almost like a hairnet - then began to probe the rest of Angela's naked body. Angela could feel her attaching sticky pads to spots on her bare skin.

"We've found that the effect of the Solyusex cravings can be enhanced with the proper stimulation of the nervous system. There are over 100 electrodes touching your scalp right now, Angela." Angela could feel the woman moving down her body, attaching more sticky pads. "The technology is really quite impressive. These tactile stimulators produce feedback in your motor nerves. The effect is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. The point is to give you the genuine experience, after all."

"Well lucky fucking me," snarled Angela. "So what's this thing going to do - reprogram my brain or something?"

The woman snorted. "Don't be stupid. This is science, not science fiction." She finished her prodding then bent to look Angela in the eyes. "We're just going to help break down your resistance. Think of it like a kind of hypnosis, Angela. Except it makes you love animal cock."

Angela contorted in midair as a sudden jolt of pleasure wracked her body, like a lightning bolt leaping from her toes to her scalp. The woman had touched a button on the console. She smiled as she watched Angela writhe.

"Well. No need to calibrate, it seems. How do you like it?"

"…" Angela's tongue lolled, barely able to force out the words. The flash of pleasure had been intense, as if the drug in her system had been instantaneously stoked to a boiling point. She hung her head, already panting heavily.

"Not such a sassy little cunt, are you now?" The woman turned to grab some kind of apparatus from a holder on the console. "Are the words coming a bit harder now, hmmm? It's almost too bad. You've got quite the mouth for a 13-year-old girl. I'll almost miss it."

Angela struggled to think of a retort, then jerked when she realized the woman was fitting some kind of helmet on her.

"What?! What's this?" The woman grabbed her neck to hold her in place, and a dark band came down to cover Angela's vision. She couldn't see anything now.

"Don't try to take it off," said the woman's voice. "Not that you could, anyway," she chuckled. "The system just needs a few moments to sync with your nervous system."

Angela jerked in shock when a blue light sprang into view. It was some kind of VR system. She moved her head side to side, and the system tracked perfectly, as if she was floating in space. A light hum began to buzz in her head, and she realized she couldn't feel the metal bands holding her body in midair anymore. A light warmth suddenly spread in her limbs, and they began to feel slightly numb.

"Loading baseline calibrations." The woman's voice felt far off, hazy. Angela shuddered as a buzz raced down her spine. A tingling sensation followed in its wake, spreading out until it reached her extremities before fading away. "Very nice. You're looking good, Angela. How do you feel?"

"Fine," she mumbled. She really did. The machine hadn't been uncomfortable, but now she couldn't even feel it at all. She felt suspended, like she was floating in zero gravity.

"Excellent!" the woman piped. "We can begin then. I have so many lovely programs for you. Let's start with Horsecock 101, shall we?"

"What?" Angela muttered, confused, but the world was already changing around her. The blue light came up, resolving seamlessly from a pixelation of null space into a perfectly rendered world around her. Angela felt her jaw drop. A pile of hay lay in front of her, bordered on either side by shoulder-high plank barriers. A dirt floor was beneath her, and the sun peeked through the wooden slats of the ceiling above. A stable.

Angela felt like she was standing up now. Was the machine moving her? The effect was almost imperceptible. She held up her hands in front of her eyes, turning them over to gawk at the realism, then looked down. It was her own nude body, or an approximation, at least. She felt for all the world as if she were standing in a real stable.

"My god, it's so realistic," she blurted.

"The miracle of technology," said the woman's disembodied voice. "Video games drove a lot of the development, but we perfected it."

Angela heard a snort from behind her, and turned around.

A horse! The animal shook its head, nickering softly, eyeing Angela with an inquisitive gaze. Angela felt herself gape. The animal was so close to the real thing that she could almost forget it was a VR construct. The hairy mane moved beautifully as the horse bobbed its head, nostrils flaring. The creature's black eyes were fixed tightly on her.

The familiar flash of pleasure began to ache in her body as Angela looked down. A long, fleshy cock extended under the horse's belly, thickening as she watched. The horse's cock. Mottled, enormous, growing hungrily. Angela licked her lips in spite of herself. It looked so much like the real thing.

The horse took a step forward, and Angela stepped backward reflexively. The beast looked hungry. Or maybe that look in its eyes was something else entirely. Angela stared, feeling something intense and untamed in its gaze. She took another step back, and felt the coarse brush of a solid wood wall on her naked backside. Simulated, she had to remind herself. The machine seemed to have subverted her sense of touch entirely.

The horse was closer now. It neighed softly, a not-so-subtle hint of urgency in the sound. Angela gulped. It was erect now. He seemed to have grown harder just from looking at her. There was nowhere else for her to go. Muscles played under the creature's hide as the enormous body closed on her, the huge, bestial bulk a shocking contrast to her small, nude body as she cowered against the wall.

"Now now, don't be bashful Angela," said the woman's voice, from someplace out of reach. "Why don't you touch it?"

The creature was close now, its flaring nose an inch from Angela's face. Her eyes dropped to the mammoth organ, throbbing, almost dragging on the ground now. The horny flare of Solyusex pulsed in her veins, and she felt herself kneel. Did she do that on her own? Or did the machine move her? She couldn't tell which, but the sudden flush of need in her body was undeniable. She reached out her hand, and almost jumped when she felt the warm, rigid flesh underneath her fingers.

It must be the machine, she thought. One of the myriad of bristling dildos that it could bring to bear. But the sensation was perfectly lifelike, and the first feel of horse cock under her fingers brought with it a rampant, unbearable flash of desire. Unable to help herself, she bent forward, eyes wide, inspecting the majestic organ. Thick veins ran down the length, and the tough flesh yielded slightly as Angela gripped it. She could barely fit her fingers a quarter of the way around the tremendous thing.

"That's a good girl. It's nice, isn't it?" rang the woman's voice. Angela breathed in wordless agreement. The beast towered above her, the rippling flank tight with power, but the cock in her hands shuddered like rigid velvet, a phallus longer than her arm, twice as thick, throbbing eagerly and tightly erect. Angela was salivating. She bent and stretched her tongue, touching the flesh, feeling it, giving a long, slow lick up the mammoth shaft. A distant part of her brain knew it was artificial but the rest of her body responded powerfully, flushing hot, anticipation racing in her veins. She wanted it. Needed it. The thick, irresistible feel of animal cock. She touched the thing to her nude breasts, feeling the horse's cock swell even tighter. A beast aroused by the feel of a little human girl, its penis rubbing her tiny, naked body, brimming with desire.

Angela gave another long lick, relishing the taste. Her cunt was pounding, hungry. She brought both hands up, trying in vain to fit her fingers around the gargantuan girth. The stallion neighed and moved, pushing its cock against her hands, the flaring mushroom tip rubbing the tiny mounds of her breasts. Angela moaned. The feel of horse cock moving against her body was the hottest thing she had ever felt. The flare in her cunt intensified. She moaned again. The horse was moving, and Angela ran her fingers along the length, jacking it, licking hungrily as the huge head pushed against her.

"Ah, I love seeing a little horseslut enjoy her first dick," sighed the woman's voice. "It really warms my cunt. Do you like it, Angela?"

"Yes," she breathed. Her chest was heaving, the horse's cock thrusting in her hands and rubbing her breasts. Angela was on fire. An inferno raced in her veins. The drug, burning like magma. She didn't care. Her body wanted it, needed it, demanded the pleasure of the tremendous girth in her hands. The thing jerked slightly, the rippling, majestic stallion prick throbbing warmly against her fingers and lips. Angela jerked. She squealed in between a frenzy of sucking and licking. Frothy saliva ran across her tongue and tumbled from her lips to leave a shiny splatter on her flat breasts. Horseflesh rippled through her fingers, sawing back and forth, the horse moving eagerly and humping against her tiny body, the muscles in its flank taut with desire.

Angela gasped for air. The flaring tip of horsecock pressed against her, squeezing her nipples, lubricated by gooey saliva. She gripped tighter, feeling the flesh bulge and flare in her hands just as her own orgasm rose up. She jerked taut as her climax ripped through her suddenly, a whirlwind of lightning lust that roared through all her limbs and up her spine to become a shrieking cyclone in her head. The hungry horse cock bucked against her, and Angela felt a splatter of warmth like a hose against her chest. White goo rocketed out as the beast neighed with pleasure, cum fountaining against her neck and chin and oozing down onto her naked chest. She jerked uncontrollably, rubbing her nude 13-year-old body frantically against the quivering horse dick, savoring the feel of animal semen spewing its tight spray from the thundering prick raging in her hands.

Angela sagged limply as the storm finally receded, heaving for air, warm goo sliding like pancake batter down her breasts. She heard a clicking sound, artificial, like a cellphone camera.

"Very good, very good," murmured the woman's voice. "I love a little girl dripping with semen. Fake of course but it looks real enough. Luckily this thing takes excellent screenshots. We'll put them in the report to your mother. She's been quite satisfied with your progress so far. We can see how much she enjoys her naughty little daughter turned into a raging horsey slut."

Angela shivered. The pulse of the drug was waning temporarily, the powerful orgasm leaving her drained. She could still feel it though, lurking, like a beast waiting in a pen, patient, ready to be unleashed again.

"No," she murmured, suddenly thinking of her mother. "Fuck that. No." From somewhere deep inside she managed to summon a small bit of strength, a fleeting remnant of that rebellious energy she had always harbored.

"Aww, it's ok Angela," soothed the woman's voice, mockingly. "Don't worry. There will be other horse dicks to suck, and so much more too. That's the beauty of this system. We can do this over and over. The animals won't even get tired. Let's try it again, shall we? I'll reset."

Angela looked down. The gooey, oozing blobs of horse cum vanished, leaving her naked body pristine.

"No!" Angela shouted. She moved to get up from her knees, and felt the system resisting. The horse's belly loomed above her, but she forced with all her might. The system, unable to reconcile the collision of her body, forced the stallion to vanish, and Angela stood upright.

"You can tell that haggard old cunt to kill herself, you hear me? Fuck you. I won't be your little Bitch!" Angela stood upright, feeling the fury of her old self. "Fuck her and fuck you too! Screw your stupid brainwashing. Do you like to watch little girls? Is that it?" She shook her first, screaming at the empty air of the stable. "Are you just some dog-fucking little pedo shit that gets off on watching this?"

Angela stamped her foot and screamed with fury. For the moment, the drug seemed far away and she brimmed with anger. Everything that they were doing to her. Everything they had done. Treating her like an animal, like a Bitch.

"Hey I have an idea! Why don't you put on one of these things and come in here, and while I suck one off you can stick your tongue in its ass and eat its shit! Is it programmed to do that? To shit in your mouth? I'll bet you programmed that part yourself you wrinkly old cunt!"

"Oh Angela, Angela," soothed the woman, "what do you really think this will accomplish? Why can't you just bend over and be the good little Bitch that you truly are? That's all you're good for, after all. Legally, you're just a cuntrag, a sperm dumpster for farm animals to empty their semen into. The sooner you admit it, the happier you'll be."

"No! Fuck you!" Angela screamed. "Get this thing off of me! I'll get out of here! You can't hold me forever!"

She turned and ran, the woman's mocking laugh following her like a demon. Her bare feet pounded the dirt. There was a door to the stable. She ran through it, and out into an expanse of soft blue light. The world around her vanished, leaving only the soft hue of emptiness and the echoing laugh. Angela screamed. She ran and ran, anger and rage pumping in her veins.

Her legs gave out and she fell, landing on her hands and knees, crying hysterically. She curled her fingers and they dug into the dirt. She was back in the stable, right where she had been. Angela hung her head, weeping. The simulation didn't even bother to mimic her tears.

"It's not unusual, you know, for most girls to have a final outburst or two," said the woman, her voice totally unflustered. "Some of our Bitches adjust faster than others. You've lagged behind the normal training routine, Angela. But it's alright. You just need a bit of remedial training, that's all. Luckily, our system is quite flexible in how it proceeds."

Angela raised her hand to wipe at her face, and felt something jerk. A loop of rope had appeared around her wrist, with a length running tight to an anchor in the wall. She looked and saw another around her other wrist. She tried to move and felt similar jerks around both her ankles.

"What-?" She could barely move. The system had conjured restraints, holding her in place on her hands and knees. "Let me go!"

"Ah, Angela, Angela, Angela. I'll do you a favor and up your dose a bit. But there's no getting away. You should realize that by now."

Angela struggled against the ropes, but they were immovable. She was tied like a hog in a pen. The machine wasn't accommodating her movements anymore. She froze when she heard the sudden snort of the stallion behind her.

"Horsecock 101 is one of my favorite programs," purred the woman's voice, as Angela heard the beast moving forward behind her. She could feel the heat of the beast's flank brushing her back.

"But if anything, I like Horsecock 102 even better," the woman tittered. Angela could feel a giant fleshy poke probing her behind, a throbbing, stimulating warmth - the wide mushroom tip of the horse's prick.

"You just need some accelerated learning, Angela. We'll break you yet, and don't worry - we'll both have so much fun doing it. Have I told you before how much I enjoy the feeling of a stallion in your ass? Programming this was one of my favorite assignments."

Angela could feel the flaring head of the beast, pushing against her, the force raising her butt in the air. Her breathing quickened. The drug burned in her veins. Horny passion raged in her gut, burning like a bonfire. Her naked body quivered in anticipation, in hunger, in ecstasy.

Angela screamed when the beast slammed in.

"Here you go sweetie!" The lunchlady swung her ladle and deposited a wet splat of gooey white gravy on Angela's tray.

"Thanks," said Angela with a smile. Lunch was one of her favorite times of the day. Right after morning training, that was. Or maybe evening training. She raised the tray and inhaled the savory smell of musky white goop. They had dolphin cum again today. Dolphin cum was her favorite.

She plopped her tray down and sat at the table. Taking her spoon, she dug into the creamy muck and swallowed a heaping spoonful. Yum. God she loved this stuff. It slid down her throat so warm and salty and comforting. Semen really was the best. She didn't mind eating it for 3 meals a day at all - in fact she would swallow as much as she could get as often as she could get. Her belly never seemed like it could get enough animal cum.

Angela let her mind wander. Sometimes things seemed a bit hazy, but today was one of the good days. She smiled fondly, remembering her morning training - a 3-way experience with a dog, a horse, and a bull. The machine really did a good job, she thought. She wondered why she had ever been afraid of it. The exquisite feeling of the horse and the bull changing places in her pussy and ass while the dog ejaculated deep in her throat had made her cum a dozen times so far today. She loved her training, loved losing herself in the erotic allure of animal sex, of surrendering her body to the overwhelming, grunting, slamming rhythm of beast cocks in every hole. Evening training might mix it up a little with some exotic animals. Maybe a giraffe or elephant again. She wasn't sure. The woman sometimes varied Angela's curriculum unpredictably, but Angela didn't mind.

She slurped down another spoonful, eyes wandering. The colorful posters still decorated the cafeteria. The shapes on them seemed strange. Letters, but unfamiliar. There was only one word she could still read - Bitch - and it was the only word she cared about.

The girls moved about her. Angela returned some of their smiles - the ones she recognized. Girls came and went, new one showed up from time to time and some of the old faces had gone - graduating to their new jobs in the industry, she assumed. Soon it would be her time too.

One girl sat down across from her abruptly. Angela gave a start. It was Jean.

"Hi." The pretty girl's smile brought back a sudden whirl of memories. Angela felt woozy and held her head for a moment. Right. Jean. She remembered. Sometimes it all seemed so clear and other times it was a confusing fog - like right now, for example. She had first come here, at some point. She had wanted to leave. Why had she wanted to leave? Oh right, they were turning her into an animal bitch. A little slut for barnyard buttfucking. Now she remembered, but it was a confusing memory - lodged in her head in permanent conflict with the desire she felt at all times.

"Hey," said Angela, returning the smile when the wooziness finally passed.

"Check this out," said Jean, looking around conspiratorially before flashing Angela something in the palm of her hand.

"What is it - a keycard?" whispered Angela.

"Yeah," nodded Jean. "I sucked the dick of one of the guards and he didn't even notice me take it. Listen Angela - we're getting out of here. I know the guard's schedules. I've been watching for months. There'll be a break tonight. We can get out."

"Really?" said Angela. A faint glimmer of hope had finally registered. Getting out. She could escape with Jean. Get back at her mom. For something. Oh yeah, for sending her here.

"Hey," said Jean, snapping her fingers in front of Angela's eyes. "You're with me right?"

"Y-yeah," said Angela. She remembered now. "We can't let them turn us into Bitches. We'll get out of here and find some way to get back at them."

"That's the spirit," smiled Jean. "You and me, Angela." The girl reached out and covered Angela's hand with her own, smiling her gorgeous smile. Angela felt herself blush.

"Be ready, ok?"

Angela nodded. "I will be."

She watched as Jean smiled and got up, nonchalantly palming the keycard again, and walked away. She looked down again. A single spoonful of gravy-ish lunchtime cum still oozed on the tray. Angela stared. They could finally get out. It would be over. She had been so close to breaking. All she had to do was hold on a little bit longer, just a tiny bit, and she could get away from all of this forever. She could find some way to get back at the woman. At her cunt of a mother. She wasn't quite sure how yet, but she'd think of a way. All she had to do was hold on and keep acting the part.

Dipping her spoon, she scooped up the last of the dolphin cum and swallowed it down.

The scrape of her cell door woke Angela. She sat up on her cot.

"Jean?" she asked. For a moment the shadow lingered in the doorway without answering.

"Shhh, yeah. Come on. They're gone."

Angela got up and followed the girl into the corridor. She had been in the training rooms but she had never been outside of the facility since she had gotten here.

"Do you know the way?" she asked.

"Yeah." Jean grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her along. "I think so. Let's go."

The two girls hustled down the bare corridors. Flat, sterile tiles stretched up to empty ceilings marred by the occasional reflective half-domes hiding cameras. Angela looked up nervously.

"Won't the cameras see us?" she asked warily. Jean shook her head.

"They're usually not watching at night. They're lazy. I've been in the control room when sucking their dicks. They're lazy because they figure nobody can get out. Now come on!"

They passed doors to other cells, all of them shut and tightly secured with keycard readers. Angela followed Jean closely, nervously tiptoeing along. Eventually they began to pass doors for the training areas.

"They keep the trainers in use pretty much around the clock," said Jean, nodding at one door as they passed. "Different girls have different shifts."

Angela took a closer look. A status monitor next to each door contained a readout with vital information. Angela had trouble reading some of them, but others were quite clear.

Name: Deliliah. Age: 14. Training status: 67%. Current regimen: zebra anal intercourse.

The girls tiptoed past the door. The corridor branched ahead and Jean pulled her down the left path. More training doors. Angela glanced at one as they passed.

Name: Sarah. Age: 8. Pre-trial status: 10%. Regimen: Canine oral.

"Can't we get them out?" asked Angela sadly. All those doors. All those girls. Soon to be Bitches, every one.

"Fuck no," whispered Jean hotly. "We can't count on anyone else, Angela. Come on!" The girls followed the corridor to its end and skirted the edges of a wider room with office decorations. A man in a white coat was seated at a console in the center, snoring peacefully in front of several displays.

"Wait a second," said Jean. She reached into a potted plant and pulled out a small handful of dust.

"Ok we're getting close," she said. "It's through here."

They passed through a pair of double doors and then Jean stopped Angela with a hand on her arm.

"Wait," she hissed. "You see those?"

Angela saw a line of small glass circles marching down the wall where Jean nodded. The girl raised her hand and blew the dust into the air. A swirling haze filled the corridor for a moment, revealing shimmering red lines in the air.

"The bottom one doesn't work, see? Just stay down."

Angela followed Jean at a crouch, skirting under the lasers. The corridors were much nicer here. The tiles gave way to wood-panelled walls and soft lights. The girls snuck by a door that seemed to lead to a conference room. Muted voices came from inside as the girls hurried by.

"We're almost out!" Jean was growing visibly excited, pulling Angela along by the arm. "Come on Angela!"

They turned left at a fork, avoiding voices coming from the other directions. Ahead was a heavy door with a crashbar. Jean pushed against it just as a piercing alarm rang out from above.

"Fuck!" she yelled, tumbling through the door with Angela close behind. Outside was darkness, and a sharp tinge of cold winter air. Gravel kicked under their feet. Behind them, the alarm wailed like the peal of a banshee.

"We gotta go! Run Angela!" Jean shrieked. In the distance, she could hear men shouting. She ran. The gravel scoffed under their feet as they tore across the ground. Legs poundings, blood rushing, Angela ran like the wind. Jean was just ahead. The area seemed wide open. Suddenly, a piercing spotlight blinded her.

"Keep going!" screeched Jean. The girls ran faster. Angry voices echoed in the darkness, followed by the baying of dogs.

Something whizzed by her ear violently, and Angela veered away, frightened. More sounds came from the darkness. Projectiles smacked the ground by her running feet.

"Fuck!" screamed Angela. The voices were closer now. The dogs sounded like they were at their heels. Another whizz and Jean went tumbling to the ground with a shriek.

"No!" Angela screamed, but kept going. She could hear them right on top of her. Shouting. Snarling. The spotlight was blinding, oppressive. She couldn't see anything, but she kept running.

Suddenly a tremendous weight smashed into her back. Angela went tumbling head over heels, gravel scraping her flesh. Something was snarling, yapping in her face. Several things. Angela screamed. She punched out, and felt fur. Another creature bowled her over again, its bulk pushing her body against the ground. Angela cowered and curled up into a ball, shrieking. The violent thing was snapping at her. She felt hot slobber on her skin.

"Well Angela, that was quite a good run," she heard over the frenzied barking. Her trainer. Through clenched fingers she could see the raven-haired woman put a whistle to her lips and blow. Angela heard nothing, but the pack of dogs immediately let up, content to growl and salivate and only snap if Angela so much as dared to move a muscle.

She heard men talking, moving in the darkness. Her trainer held up a hand, keeping them at bay.

"Things get a little boring here sometimes for the men, but this gives them some good entertainment to watch. Most of them didn't think you'd get past the optical defenses, but I had faith in you Angela."

The woman's smile was calm as she eyed Angela cowering on the ground.

"Ah my little Bitch. What am I to do with you?" The woman tapped a finger to her lips with a curl expression. "You're the last in my class Angela, but you have been more rewarding to work with than any of the other Bitches I have trained."

She moved up, towering over Angela, her silhouette blocking the spotlight. She reached down and patted the closest dog, stroking his ears as he salivated.

"Solyusex didn't always work so well, you know. This was an early, failed product. Not marketable for us. Too aggressive. But the company hates waste. So we found a use for them."

The woman continued to stroke the canine's ears lovingly as the beast watched Angela hungrily.

"These lucky little bastards get to run down little runaway bitches like you. They're very good at it. Something about being horny for naked, fleeing little human girls gives them quite the motivation. Do you know how we reward them? They get to spend the night with any bitches they catch, Angela."

The dog growled menacingly, showing what he thought of that prospect.

"Oooh, the poor guys." The woman took a slightly babying tone as she ran her nailed fingers down the beast's thick neck. "Sometimes they get a little dry spell, so we end up giving some of the girls a bit of encouragement. Like you and Jean back there."

Angela could hear growling and grunting in the distance, and the sound of a girl yelling. Jean.

"You got this far, so we'll leave you here for the night. The compound is inescapable, of course," purred the woman. "Not that you'd be able to run anyway. These poor little things are just not going to let you go, Angela. They're very well trained, of course. It would never do to hurt our little Bitches in training."

The woman held up her whistle. The dogs began to bark madly, yapping, jumping over each other and frothing.

"I do know how much you like dogs, after all. I'm a big believer in on-the-job training. I think you're ready to move onto the real thing. Consider this your graduation. Have fun, Angela! Maybe this will be just what you need to finally break your brain for good."

The woman looked on with a last cruel smile, then raised the whistle to her lips and blew. Angela heard nothing, but it was as if the tide of dogs was unleashed. The pack surged forward, covering the screaming girl. Angela felt herself battered from all angles. Her butt was pushed up, and she felt furry bellies scraping her behind. A pointed tip grazed her pussy for an instant before ramming home.

Angela's scream was quickly cut off as a dog's cock forced its way into her mouth. The curving, throbbing mass forced its way quickly into her throat, rapidly expanding and unleashing a torrent of hot cum. A matching flood suddenly erupted from the cock in her pussy, filling her insides with dog sperm. No sooner had the beast pulled out than another slammed home in her asshole - the dogs weren't too picky, it seemed. Each cock was quickly replaced, Angela barely able to gasp for breath between eruptions. Her body exploded. Each climax erupted like a volcano in her brain, orgasm following orgasm as the pack raped her senseless. Dog cocks thrust in her mouth, her pussy, her asshole, a relentless tide of surging horny canines pricks. Angela lost count of her orgasms. Her 13-year-old body was lost beneath the cavorting pack of canines. She grabbed at dog pricks, jacking them off, revelling in the warm, gooey cum that splattered her body. Dogs yapped and snarled, slobbering in her hair, licking her naked body everywhere, and Angela lost herself. She howled. She drooled. She pushed her butt in the air and begged. She thrashed and came time and time again, offering every one of her tight holes over and over like a fanatical doggy slut. Eager, willing. Her resistance drained away at last as something seemed to shatter in her mind. She pushed back, bucking her pelvis against furry bellies. She moaned, cum frothing in her mouth, gasping in the brief moments when her airway was clear. Angela humped and jerked and squealed, fucking and sucking doggy dick with abandon, abandoning all thought in the flurry of the canine orgy enveloping her. She gave in, reveling in it, embracing it like the broken cumdumpster that she had resisted being for so long. Welcoming it like the squealing little teen bitch that she had become. Subsuming herself in the flurry of pounding cocks like the Bitch that she finally was.

"Jake! Hey Jaaaaake!"

Jake looked down from the loft of the barn to where George was standing.

"Hey! You got a package Jake!" George pointed out the barn door. "It's up at your house!"

"Ok thanks George!" Jake waved the man out then wiped the sweat from his brow with a cloth. He had been pitching haybales for some time and was exhausted. It was a good thing he had George to help him on the farm during the summer months. Farming was devilishly hard work and an extra pair of hands was always welcome.

He took the ladder down then left the barn to where his tractor was waiting. The sun was burning hot in the sky. It took him a good 15 minutes to get up the hill with the old tractor wheezing along before he finally arrived at his farmhouse.

It was a humble two-story home. Jake prided himself on keeping it clean and well-maintained, even though he lived alone. Slatted shutters. Peaked roof. A porch and railing running the perimeter of the ground floor. The house may have been quaint but it was plain and it suited him just fine.

The cardboard package had been left in the middle of the living room. It was big - bigger than he had expected, but then again he wasn't really sure what he had expected. Of course it had to be big, with what was in it. He cut the tape and pulled the flaps, revealing several papers on top of a smooth white container a little smaller than a dishwasher.

"Certificate of Warranty," he muttered, reading the words out loud. The document had an official government seal and everything. Jack squinted as he read the flowing cursive. Some people may have thought Jack a bit slow at times - his ex-wife included - but he preferred to think of himself as careful. He read everything on the certificate.

100% Certified Grade-A Barn Bitch! A Soluysex Product This certificate confirms the authenticity of the non-person legal entity in accordance with USC 977.

Underneath the certificate was another sheet.

Congratulations on your purchase of your fully trained and brain-broken Solyusex Barn Bitch! This package contains one (1) human girl of legal non-person status to be used as you please for the sexual pleasure of your Solyusex-treated animals. Please see attached manual for the full provision and care of your Barn Bitch. She's in a light state of suspended animation now, but use of the provided syringe (fig. A) will revive her. To ensure the best use of your Barn Bitch, pleasure ensure her diet and sanitary needs are fully met. The necessary diet of your Barn Bitch is quite simple: animal semen. Do not feed her anything else, as she now has an aversion to ordinary food. The emissions of animals that are current on their injections of Solyusex have all the necessary proteins and vitamins that your Barn Bitch requires."

Jake checked the box again. The white container seemed like some kind of cross between plastic and styrofoam. A clear plastic clamshell in the corner held a large syringe of blue fluid and what looked like a pre-loaded tranquilizer gun. There were several more papers, including a manual as thick as his hand. Jake put them aside. The container had pull tabs, and when Jake pushed them apart the container cracked and came open easily.

Inside was a young girl curled tightly in a ball and lightly clothed in a tiny bikini top and short skirt and seemingly nothing else. Jaked paused. He hadn't expected a girl so young. Did they train them this young? Not that he was objecting - as long as she could get the job done. But as he scanned her tiny nearly-nude body he felt a twinge of doubt that a girl so little would be up to the task.

Well, there was only one way to find out. He had paid a lot of money for this product, after all. Might as well see if she measured up. She'd have to be durable though - his farm was a working farm. His tractor was old and beat-up. His truck was a twice-rebuilt rustbucket. He worked hard to stay in business and so did his animals. She'd have to work just as hard as the rest.

Jake tore open the packaging to the syringe. It seemed pretty self-explanatory. Intramuscular injection, it said. He shrugged. There wasn't much meat on the girl, but he grabbed her butt - a pleasing little handful, he noted - and jabbed her there. She didn't so much as peep. Jake sat back and waited.

And waited. He checked his watch. Shit. This thing better not be DOA, he told himself. It would cost a fortune to ship it back. He was just beginning to reach for the manual and look for a customer service number when the girl suddenly jerked and gasped.

She opened her eyes and sat up. Jake watched her. She seemed a bit woozy.

"Hey there," he ventured.

The girl nodded but was holding her head. There was a collar around her neck set with a little metal paw print, he noted, and a tag was attached. He leaned in to read it.

"Hi there! I'm your new barn bitch! People call me Angela but you can call me whatever you want! I like to fuck horses, bulls, dogs - whatever! Just make sure I have an ample supply of stiff animal cock on tap at all times and I'll take care of myself! (for support call the Solyusex hotline-1888-187-1873)

"Hmmm," he muttered, thinking. Looking at her now that she was out of the box, she was actually pretty cute. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, with the barely-there chest of a pubescent girl and a pleasing little curve to her ass. Brainwashed to fuck animals, eh? Jake looked down at the certificate again. Well, she was legally in the same class as an animal. Basically just more farm stock. He had a lot of that.

He leaned forward and gripped the girl's chin tightly. Her eyes widened in surprise as he forced her mouth open. Hmm. Teeth looked ok. Gums healthy. She looked in good health. He let her mouth close and trailed his hand down to her chest. He gave one of her tiny tits a squeeze. Barely anything there, but typical for a girl this young. She gasped and shuddered slightly under his grip, then stood still, letting him fondle her.

"How old are you?" he asked.

"13," she said weakly, seeming to find her voice at last.

"Turn around," he instructed.

The little girl did so. Obedient. Servile. Well that's a start. He touched her bare back, running hands down the smooth skin until he touched the feeble skirt.

"Bend over."

She did so, glancing back with a look of fleeting hesitation. Jake gripped her ass. Hmmm. Not bad, really. The skirt was a preposterous 2 or 3 inches, covering nothing. Just a little fuck-me garment for a slut, really. The girl's butt was two handfuls of squeezably soft flesh. Jake gripped them tightly, ignoring her wince, then spread her ass.

The girl's cunt was hairless, clean. A pretty little slit of teenage pussy. Jake rubbed his fingers up and down, feeling her labia. The girl moaned suddenly, trembling like a bitch in heat. Sheesh, she was sensitive. The drug probably made her that way. Well, that was just fine by him. He motioned for her to stand up and face him.

"So er...Angela," he said, checking her tag. "You like to fuck animals eh?"

"Oh yes sir," she said, suddenly enthusiastic. "I'm certified for full sexual intercourse with any animal you might have. Horses. Bulls. Anything really. Dogs. Do you have any dogs to fuck? I really like doggies." Her eyes seemed to light up.

"Hmmmph," Jake said. "My dogs are working dogs. I'm not sure they have time for bitches. You can do normal work too, right? Shovelling? Moving things?"

"Yes sir," she nodded. "I'm legally classified as a working farm animal. I'll do anything you ask. Anything at all."

"Fine," said Jake. He stood up and grabbed the little girl's wrist.

"Come with me." He knew just where to start. Dragging the girl behind him, he pushed open the screen door and led her outside. The girl stumbled slightly, her legs still seeming like they were a bit weak, but he didn't care. He didn't have the time or inclination to be gentle. He yanked her along by the wrist, crossing the big dirt yard until they reached the pig sty.

"These are my boars," he said, gesturing at the muddy pen of pink animals rooting in the muck. "I keep the sows separate now since they won't fuck them."

He grabbed a shovel from where it was leaning against the fence and shoved it at the girl.

"Here. I have a couple dozen of them and they shit all day. I want you to shovel all the pig shit from the yard into that bin over there." He nodded at a rusting metal container. "I have an assload of chores to do. You're on pig duty until I get back."

"Oh I...ok, er- I can do that." She wilted under his glare. He wasn't in the mood to put up with any shit from his new bitch. He really did have more work than he could handle. She took the shovel tentatively. He grabbed her shoulder and pushed her through the gate into the yard, roughly, and she almost stumbled again.

"Get fucking started," he snarled. "And I expect you to do a good job. Understand?" God, she looked pathetic, as she nodded at him. A skinny, mostly-naked little slut of a teenager standing in ankle-high muck and looking around uncertainly at the crowd of snuffling beasts. Fuck. She'd probably turn out to be worthless if she couldn't shovel shit. He'd find out, anyway.

Turning from the pen, he put the bitch out of his mind. The afternoon was getting on and he had so much to do. He got the truck and cranked the engine until the thing sputtered to life, then drove it down the hill to where his storage shed was. Inside was a pile of replacement storm shutters. The ones on the house were falling to pieces and he had spent some time the past few days to put them together and paint them. He piled them into the rear of the truck and drove back to the house, then grabbed his tools and began to unload.

The afternoon had faded to dusk by the time Jake was done. Fine work, he thought. A dozen new storm shutters graced the sides of the house. He looked across the yard as he began to put away his tools. The girl was still shovelling dutifully. He had eyed her from time to time as he worked, making sure she was still working too. Everything works on this farm, he thought. Especially the animals. This one had her work cut out for her. She'd have to work for her keep like everything else.

He packed the last of his toolboxes, setting it on the porch with the others, then lifted a big sack of feed from the ground. Trudging over to the sty, he kicked open the gate and then tipped the sack to pour feed into the troughs. Orange pellets clattered on wood, and the pigs came running excitedly.

Jake grunted, moving out of the way and dropping the sack to the ground with a splat. He wiped the sweat off his forehead with his arm, then turned to look at the girl.

She was a wreck - filthy with shit, sweaty, and with mud plastered on her bare legs all the way up her thighs. She leaned on the shovel, looking exhausted. Her little slut skirt was wilting and dripping with pig piss.

"Solyusex pellets," he said, gesturing at the troughs where the pigs were squealing and nosing between each other for feed. "Not quite as effective as the injections but it gets the job done."

"Can I clean up now?" she asked wearily, still leaning on the shovel.

Jake looked at her disbelievingly. "You still haven't taken care of the pigs."

"But I did what you asked!" she said, suddenly bristling. "I shoveled the whole pen!"

He didn't like her defiant look. In fact, he found it infuriating. It was the surest way to piss him off. He took a step forward and grabbed the little bitch by the shoulder.

"Let me go!" she shouted, startled. Jake didn't let her go. Instead his arms tightened in fury and he grabbed her head and shoved it straight down into the muck. It was easy enough - he was a big man and she was a tiny girl. But Jake never accepted any excuse for laziness. The girl's shriek cut off with a wet splat.

"You fucking bitch!" Jake shouted. His temper was short and he had had enough already. He let the girl's head up, ignoring her crying, and bodily dragged her by the wrist across the pen.

"I don't have any place for lazy animals!" he snarled. There was a hitch. He yanked her up until her head was level with it, then held the crying girl in place with one hand while he yanked his belt off with the other.

"Stop!" She was weeping pathetically. "I don't want to fuck pigs! They're so gross - I hated training for them!"

"You fucking whore, what do you think I bought you for?" he snapped. He pulled the belt around her neck and threaded the other end under the hitch, then yanked her wrists up and looped the belt around each of them. Goddamnit. Didn't the company brainwash these bitches properly to love fucking animals? It was their fucking guarantee. A compliant little slut. He didn't need a bitch that wouldn't obey. He cinched the belt tight and then tied it off.

"Gah!" The girl struggled in surprise on her knees, bent over with her neck locked tight to the hitch.

"You're overdue for your dose, aren't you?" he muttered. "Fine." He had kept the syringe in his pocket. He pulled it out and yanked off the rigid plastic shell, then jabbed it in her neck. The blue fluid vanished as he pressed the plunger.

The girl spasmed, groaning, the drug seeming to have an immediate effect. Slumping, she gasped in exhaustion.

"The pigs are horny," Jake said, seeing the animals begin to wander over curiously. "They always are, after their meal. Supposedly they like little girl pussy now."

A boar came close, digging its snout into the girl's rear end. It began to squeal excitedly, liking what it smelled.

"I guess we're about to find out," Jake shrugged. The girl was no longer struggling, but shivering, as if resisting the arousal flooding her veins. The boars were surrounding her, grunting, snuffling, snouts trailing over the girl's nude, muddy flesh. Their squealing rose in pitch, the pack seeming to grow more excited by the moment.

Jake leaned back against the fence, watching as one of the boars rose up and mounted the girl. She yelped, feeling the creature's belly brush her muddy back. Yeah, they were fucking horny alright. The thing's big spiral cock was fully erect, brushing against the girl's slippery pussy. Jake wondered just what aspect of the drug it was that changed the creature's desires. Genetics or something - he didn't know, and since Solyusex had improved his farm so dramatically he didn't really care either. The pigs seemed plenty excited though. The boar was grunting and lining up, its pig dick squeezing against the little girl's tight slit. She shuddered and moaned, her tiny body barely visible under the fat blobs of pig flesh.

Her moan rose to a tight squeal as the boar slid in, the first little ridge of corkscrew cock slipping between her pussy folds. The boar grunted and thrust, forcing more of the spiral in. The girl shrieked with pleasure. Hmm. Jake tapped his chin. He had been breeding animals on his farm all his life, but never with humans. First time for everything, he supposed. The boar certainly seemed to be enjoying itself. It dug its snout into the girl's hair, leaving glossy pig snot running down the back of her neck. Mud and filth scraped from its belly onto the girl's naked back. It screwed its cock in to the hilt and began to buck gleefully, fucking the little 13-year-old pussy with abandon.

The girl's squeals of pleasure rose until they matched her porcine lover's. She was tightly bound to the hitch - neck and wrists secured by the belt - but she began to push back, moving her butt, thrusting hungrily backwards onto the pig cock that was penetrating her. The other pigs were rooting around, licking her all over, eagerly awaiting their turn in her cunt. The sight of the little girl seemed to drive them wild. Jake had never seen them this feisty. He watched with approval as the heavy boar on the little girl's back rammed itself harder and harder, pig flesh slapping her butt with wet, muddy thwacks, until it squealed in pleasure and buried its cock as deep as it could go into her pussy. A wail of ravenous desire poured out of the girl's mouth. The creature jiggled and grunted with happiness as it flooded the little girl with its pig semen, grey swill flooding out to fill her tiny cunt with gooey animal seed. The girl shook and yelped with joy as her own orgasm crashed over her, shuddering in her submissive position under the creature, knees buried in slop and her tiny 13-year-old body locked in sexual congress to the filthy animal that had mounted her.

Not bad, he supposed. Jake reached down and gripped her chin tightly in his hands, looking into her glazed eyes.

"Now, you're going to spend the night out here in this pen like a good little animal. I want you to fuck every single one of my pigs as often as they want and I'd better not hear one little peep of complaint out of you. And they're going to want it a lot too, with a pretty little thing like you in their pen."

The girl was panting, shuddering wordlessly. The boar had dismounted her and another rapidly took its place. Mud and slop plastered her pretty face, but her expression grew rapturous as she felt the next pig cram its rigid cock into her pussy. Jake nodded with satisfaction and stood up, then left the pen and closed the gate behind him.

Behind him, in the darkness, wild grunting and a howl of girlish pleasure followed him as he walked across the yard to the house.

Morning sun streamed lazily through the bedroom window. Jake flipped the white pages of the manual as he lay in bed. It sure was thick - and comprehensive. He had tractor manuals that were less thick than this. Apparently the care and feeding of a little animal slut was even more complicated than that. The section on hygiene and proper maintenance alone was over a hundred pages.

"Always make sure that your Barn Bitch receives her daily dose of Solyusex on time according to her maintenance schedule," read the manual. "This will properly tune her sex drive and make her compliant. Barn Bitches that don't receive their scheduled dose may have behavioral incidents that produce a poor customer experience."

"Well no shit," Jake muttered. Apparently he should have given it to her the moment she got out of the box. Hopefully if he dosed her with the drug on time there wouldn't be any more...incidents.

Speaking of, he should actually check on her. He had slept in. Normally he rose with the sun. Don't get lazy now, Jake, he chastised himself as he rose from his bed and pulled on jeans and a work shirt. Can't expect anyone else to work hard if you won't. He had a lot to do today.

He found his bitch slumped in a muddy rut, with piss, shit, and animal cum drying in stick globs all over her body. The muck had been dug out by scrabbling pig hooves and her own motions for the whole night, leaving a shallow ditch she had eventually collapsed in. Reaching down, he unhooked the belt and let her head slump into the mud.

"Ooooh," she groaned. She was as filthy as a pig in a mud bath. Almost every square inch of her skin was covered in a bodily fluid of some sort. Jake jerked her head and tied a rope around her neck.

"Get up," he said impatiently. The girl groaned and rose shakily to her hands and knees, then slowly to her feet.

"You look like a drowned sewer rat," he muttered. "Come on."

He yanked the rope, and she followed like a docile animal. The faucet in the yard squeaked when he turned it, and water flooded from the hose.

"Hold still."

The girl shrieked when he sprayed her. Jake could feel the extreme cold of the water, and played the hose about to wash all of the muddy filth off her body.

"I said hold still!" he shouted. "Stop complaining. I know it's cold, but if it's good enough for the pigs, it's good enough for you."

The gunk sloughed off under the torrent of water, revealing the 13-year-old girl's naked body. Her pathetic little clothes had come off sometime in the night. Jake shrugged. That was fine with him. It would be a warm day. She'd be fine. Besides, he was finding he preferred her naked. He had never thought much about little girls, but now he found the sight of the naked teenager more and more pleasing. It was almost too bad that she was legally an animal. Otherwise…

Jake shook his head. No sense going there. He had far too much work to do for such a distraction. The faucet squeaked again when he turned the water off. The girl stood in front of him, dazed and naked, shivering, droplets shining on her smooth skin.

"Are you going to behave today?" he asked.

The girl nodded her head shakingly.

"Fine." Jake pulled the rope collar off of her. "It's baling for today. Have you ever done that?"

She shook her head again.

"Well, that's fine. I'm not going to ask you to pitch hay bales. I've got another job for you. Let's go."

Jake led her to the yard of the barn. He had decided to take Abe today, both to see how his Bitch would perform and because he was actually more reliable than the tractor these days. In a few minutes he had the harness ready and the cart hitched up to the cranky old donkey.

"Are YOU going to behave today?" he asked, scratching the irascible beast behind the ears. "If you do I've got a present for you."

Abe chomped irritably at his hand, but Jake pulled back and patted his neck. "Fair enough. You want to get to work. Me too."

Beckoning the Bitch to follow, he led the donkey by the reins out of the yard, the cart trundling behind them. The hay field stretched out before them all the way to the orange brilliance of the rising sun. He had baled this all up a week ago, and was overdue to collect it.

"Here's the deal. Listen closely because I hate repeating myself."

The Bitch nodded submissively as they walked.

"We're going to walk the field and I'm going to pitch hay bales onto the cart. Every time we stop, I want you down on your knees sucking Abe's cock, you understand?"

She nodded again. The sun had dried her naked body and she was no longer shivering. It was already beginning to warm up.

"I can't hear you," he said impatiently.

"Y-yes sir, I understand," she said.

Jake nodded. They kept walking with the cart for several minutes until they arrived at the first group of hay bales.

"Get to it," he said, then grabbed his pitchfork from the cart and turned to get to work. Pitching bales was mindless work, but honest, and Jake always prided himself on an honest day's work. Everyone had to work for their place, he believed, even the scrawny little cocksleeve of a Bitch he had. As he heaved the first bale up to the cart, he looked at where the girl was ducked under the donkey's belly. Abe's cock was up, as it pretty much always ways, and the Bitch was running her fingers lightly along it, stroking the donkey dick with tender affection as she licked her way up the ponderous shaft.

Hmmmph. Good enough. Jake turned to the next bale. The contented whinnying and girlish moaning coming from the pair of animals was a pleasant background noise on the quiet breeze. He levered another bale. Just one more. The girl was going to work, licking and sucking and squeezing the big, rough cock that throbbed in her hands. She rubbed the mushroom head against her tiny breasts, groaning slightly, eyes fluttering. Abe seemed to be enjoying himself, snuffling and beginning to move his hips. Jake kept an eye on them as he pitched the last bale.

"Let's go," he said, motioning the girl to her feet. Grabbing the reins, they set off further into the field. Abe seemed annoyed that the human girl had stopped her ministrations on his cock, but he only complained slightly as Jake pulled him along by the reins.

Solyusex had been such a blessing. Old Abe would never have been able to pull a heavy cart like this all day at his age, but the drug gave him such increased stamina that it was no problem for him now. All his beasts of burden could pull 3 or 4 times as much since he started them on the drug. Made them randy as fuck though, to the point they could hardly be handled. Abe in particular was difficult to manage. That was another reason he had decided to get a Barn Bitch.

Abe shuffled along, pulling the heavy cart effortlessly and following close behind the girl. He kept dipping his head, snuffling at her butt and licking her there. Jake had to keep hauling on the reins to keep him moving. It wasn't long before they arrived at the next set of bales.

Jake took the fork and stabbed a bale, then heaved it onto the cart. The girl was standing still, staring off into the distance as if distracted, not paying attention. Abe slapped her on the back of the head.

"Get to your business girl!" he growled angrily. "Make my ass cum before I'm done with these bales or so help me I'll strip your hide!"

"Y-yes sir," she quivered, dropping down under the beast and going to work with her mouth. That was better. The donkey's turgid cock trembled in her hands as she licked it and rubbed it all over her tiny breasts. Abe brayed happily, loving the attention the naked little girl was giving to his dangling prick. Jake looked on, momentarily distracted himself. He didn't approve of her talking back to him or woolgathering. Little 13-year-old farmgirls should know their place: on their back or on their knees as they were told. At least she was cooperating now. As he pitched another bale he reminded himself again not to be late with her doses. He needed the slutty little cumrag working as hard as she could.

Phew. That was the last of this pile. Jake pulled off his shirt and mopped his brow; he was sweaty. The sun was beginning to beat down on them. The bitch was growing sweaty too, sucking and licking on donkey dick like she was. She went at the job with gusto now, licking with zeal, massaging the turgid length of cock lovingly and moaning. Jake shouldered the fork and watched approvingly. Abe deserved this, hard-working as he was. A naked little teenager to lick his rough animal prick, slather it with saliva, then pump it with her tiny hands. The pleasure was clear on the beast's face, humping with his pelvis and trying to cram his hefty organ into her open mouth. It looked almost ludicrous, the girl opening wide to receive a flaring glans as big as her fist, but Jake had to give her credit for trying. She stuck out her tongue, flicking it, teasing the donkey with slippery dabs.

Wonderingly, Jake felt himself growing hard. Funny, it wasn't like he usually got hard watching animals fuck. But the sight of a little 13-year-old nympho slut sucking animal dick was starting to get a reaction. He hadn't thought of her that way at first - she was legally an animal, after all - but maybe it was just the sight of her nude little body, slender and athletic, with little-girl breasts that were scarcely there at all and a cute little hairless slit nestled between her legs.

All at once Abe brayed loudly, spasming and pushing forward, slamming his cock against the girl's face. She moaned but held her hands steady as the engorged prick surged in her fingers and a white spray spewed suddenly out, splattering wetly against her face like white mud. One of her hands dipped to her own sex, digging feverishly, and she swayed and trembled as her own orgasm overtook her. The donkey's hawing echoed across the open field as his trembling cock shot out even more donkey semen, blasting the girl's eyes, nose, and cheeks. Gooey runners dripped freely onto her naked chest, and still Abe kept going. A spurt went into her hair, then into her mouth as she leaned forward, wide open, trying to catch the splatter with her tongue out. Ivory cream filled her mouth, welling up and spilling over to run down her chin and neck. Donkey semen was running freely down her body and coating her skin in shiny goop by the time the last fitful blast lashed across her waiting tongue.

"Mmmm," the girl moaned, closing and swallowing tightly. She began to lap up the dribbles, using her hands and licking her fingers, but Jake stopped her.

"Leave it," he said. He liked her like this, sputtering animal dick in her face and the leavings dripping all over her nude flesh.

"But I'm hungry," she complained.

"There'll be more," he said sternly. "You'll get your breakfast, girl. You just have to work for it."

She nodded and complied when he motioned for her to get up. Jake pulled the reins and guided Abe towards the next pile. He seemed happier now, an almost zesty spring in his step. Bending his head, his nostrils flared as he inhaled, smelling the girl's scent mixed with his own seed, then blowing a heavy chuff into her face. The girl giggled. She seemed better after orgasming too. When they stopped he didn't even have to order her onto her knees to pleasure the beast - she was down in an instant, going to work on his softening prick until the long, dripping shaft began to rise again.

"Good girl," he said approvingly. "You keep it up you hear? Work that ass's prick until you've sucked out every last drop of semen."

She nodded, and Jake went to work again. Stab, heave, pitch. Again. Stab, heave, pitch. He was breathing heavily. So was Abe and the girl, for that matter - all of them working hard as the sun began to bake the open field like an oven. Sweat beaded his chest. Abe came again, ejaculating onto the little girl as she howled with glee. Gushing ropes of semen pummeled her face again and again. She gagged, then coughed, donkey cum running in rivulets all over her face and tiny breasts. She looked like someone had blasted her with a firehose of pancake batter. Jake motioned her to her feet. Next pile. Stab, heave, pitch. The sounds of animal sex set the pace to his workout. Abe was happy, snorting and chomping gleefully each time he emptied another load of sperm into the tiny girl's mouth. She was drooling gunk, a frothy mixture of semen and saliva oozing down her chin and dripping onto her breasts and belly to run like a river down to her crotch. She fingered herself as she did her job, cumming again and again with feverish moaning. Next pile. Jake was getting uncomfortable, his erection tenting his jeans painfully.

At long last they were done. That was the last bale. Jake had lost count. Something about the slurping, mewling, braying noises of donkey-on-girl sex acts was unsettingly distracting. She was just finishing him again, the fat cock in her hands erupting in a geyser of semen and showering her face. She slathered it around with her hands, spreading it like a coat of paint, seeming to revel in how the thick sludge covered every inch of her upper body.

Poor Abe looked like a nervous wreck. It almost didn't seem fair, Jake thought. Sure he got to cum but his little Barn Bitch was a tease. Fuck that. Jake looked around and spotted a wide, flat stump. Perfect. Motioning the girl over, he got a hay blanket from the cart and spread it wide over the stump, then motioned for her to lie down on her back.

"Girl, you look like a semen toilet," he muttered. She blinked back at him, face coated everywhere with gunk like a fresh coat of paint.

Jake pulled Abe forward by the reins until he was over the girl. The fat head of the beast's tremendous prick brushed against her tiny little slit and she moaned and wiggled on the blanket.

"You're going to fuck my donkey," he said. "The company says you can take any kind of animal cock out there. I want to see it."

She nodded quickly, betraying her excitement at his words. Jake almost laughed. They really did train these sluts to love it. Fantastic. He could do with a good show. His cock was straining at his pants like it would break right through.

The girl seemed to know what to do. She adjusted her hips, lifting her butt up off the stump slightly, giving Abe a good angle to wedge the flaring tip of his donkey cock against her pussy. Jake almost laughed - there was no way that thing could fit in the tiny pussy of a 13-year-old. Preposterous. Pig cock, now that he could see, but how could she stretch enough for a prick as big as her fist? The company's guarantees were very explicit though. Barn Bitches would fit any farmyard cock into any hole. He had to see it for himself.

Spreading her legs wide, the girl teased the beast, rubbing her pussy lips up and down on his glans, urging him to enter her. Abe chuffed and obliged, pressing forward, and for a moment that tiny pussy stretched and trembled and Jake didn't think she would make it, but then with a wet slurp the head of the donkey's dick pressed inside.

Jake's eyes almost bulged. The girl's hole was stretched obscenely, straining tight around that tumescent flesh. Abe quivered, shuddering, and pushed forward again with a happy bray, clearly enjoying his first taste of little girl pussy. A squeak escaped the girl's mouth, followed by a low whimper.

"Easy boy," Jake said, patting the creature's neck. "Don't break her right away. I just got her." Well, she was under warranty if she did break, but Jake was having too much fun watching this. The gargantuan penis slid further into her pussy, the tiny lips forming a tight seal around the quivering cockflesh, then, with a heavy push, Abe jerked and rammed as much of his dick straight into the girl as he could.

She squealed, eyes shut tight. Dried donkey cum was rubbing from her body onto the blanket like cake frosting. Abe shuffled and her body heaved on the blanket with each thrust of his hips as she screeched with pleasure, the girl totally impaled, her pelvis locked to that mammoth prick invading her body.

Well, now I've seen everything, Jake thought, watching his animal violate the little teenager. Her delicate little pussy was stretched like a gaping hole, somehow accommodating the tremendous cock. Abe was pushing in and out, neighing and thrusting, working several inches of his cockmeat deep into the girl's tunnel. Impressive. She could take a lot. The girl squealed like a bitch in heat, arms twitching, her face seemingly enraptured by the exquisite feel of her donkey lover moving inside her. Her body was scraping on the cotton blanket, jerking back and forth with the motions of Abe's pelvis.

Fuck. Jake was feeling more than the heat of the sun. Who knew donkey-girl sex could be so stimulating? Sure it was just two animals copulating, but...fuck. Without even thinking about it his hand crept to his fly, slowly unzipping himself. Neither Abe nor the bitch were paying him much attention as he pulled out his big 8-inch cock and began rubbing it feverishly. He had watched animals breed all his life and never got off on it, but somehow, when it was a beast ramming its thick prick into a tiny little girl of 13 as she wailed with ecstasy, it was different.

"You little Bitch," he muttered, moving himself over her head. "You're supposed to fuck my animals, not get me hard. Fuck." He rubbed his prick, exulting in the squealing little fuck slut being rammed on the stump. Abe was pushing hard now, faster, jamming his dick into his little fuck toy of a girl, who by now had lost any semblance of control. She was already shaking in orgasm, her body convulsing, legs up and flailing against the beast's hide. Thick donkey prick rammed her back and forth, rocking her body. Jake rubbed his cock, watching all those inches of fat beast cock disappear into the tiny little pussy, flesh straining, then pull out shimmering with gooey girl juices. Back and forth the girl rocked. In and out, donkey dick pounding her pelvis, picking up speed until the little nude, cum-soaked body was being jackhammered against the stump, shrieking with each motion, little more than a twitching cocksleeve for the enormous penis thrashing her vagina and banging her cervix with each stroke. Jake rubbed harder. Donkey cum on the girl's face, all over her skin, gooey white globs, and the squishing sound of the girl's pussy working and straining with the tumescent donkey dick pounding away inside - god it was so fucking hot. He felt his balls tighten suddenly and the sudden rush of cum flooding upwards just as Abe rammed forward one final time, his engorged dick swelling even further in the girl's little pussy and visibly throbbing as his own cum spewed out deep inside her. Donkey seed spilling out, filling the girl's womb, flooding her insides. Jake twitched as his own cum erupted in a wild gush, splattering on the girl's face, adding a fresh coat of white slop to the drying mix of juices all over her. All three of them howled together, lost in their orgasms, cumming wildly as their cries rolled in the field and were lost in the breeze.

Jake reached out a hand, resting it against Abe's flank, his vision swimming. The beast was heaving, snorting happily. The girl was delirious, twitching like she was electrified, her hips still in the air and pelvis still impaled on the rigid length of fat prick. God. He hadn't cum like that in a long time. Maybe this Bitch was going to be a better investment than he had thought.

The girl's butt hit the stump with a wet thwack, sliding off the limp donkey dick. A gush of fluid was welling out of her pussy and oozing into a puddle on the blanket. Her chest was heaving, nipples taut in the air. Jake stared.

Finally he shook himself out of his stupor. The sun was high already. Damnit, they had spent most of the morning doing this. He didn't have time to be cumming on this stupid bitch out in the fields. Fuck.

"Come on, let's get going," he said, pulling the girl roughly off the stump.

"I don't have a towel. Clean yourself up," he ordered. The girl did as she was told, licking cum off herself like a cat as Jake led them both back out of the field.

Jake reclined in bed with a contented sigh as morning sun streamed in the window. The thick manual of dense white pages was curled in one hand as he read. This thing was taking forever to get through, but Jake prided himself on being a responsible animal owner, and the manual had proven to be quite informative so far.

"...steady supply of Solyusex solves most behavioral problems. Do not miss your Bitch's regular dose! In the event that physical discipline is required, a careful application of force is recommended, so as not to cause serious harm. Remember that, although quite durable, excessive force can still damage your Barn Bitch(™), and the lifetime warranty may not cover negligent damage to the product."

The pages had little diagrams in black and white, as if lifted from a furniture assembly manual. Jake found them quite amusing. Fig A was a girl's head and a large palm clearly in the act of slapping her, while Fig B showed a girl's nude body tied to a pole with a figure of a horsewhip and an arrow pointing directly to her. Just a few of the manual's more helpful suggestions.

"The best way to discipline your Barn Bitch is by treating her like the bitch she is! BDSM and restraints are fully encouraged, and the section on corrective rape (pg. 887) includes several methods for ensuring your sassy little slut slave stays in line and fucking her brains out around the clock. Please see the catalog insert for additional recreational toys recommended when employing disciplinary measures. In the event of total regression, please return your Barn Bitch to Solyusex Inc. for service, where her Brain-Breaking(™) treatment will be repeated as often as needed to return her to a state of full compliance and horniness.

"Your Barn Bitch(™) is not a legal person, and as such she is fit for you to do with as you please. Please remember that, although you can fuck your bitch all you want, she needs a constant and steady supply of good stiff animal cock to satisfy her and maintain her health and mental disposition. Barn Bitches(™) are not rated primarily for human intercourse and proper hygiene should always be practiced when making use of the product."

Jake put the manual down with a sigh. There was so much to learn. He wondered if this was worth all the trouble. But his animals seemed much happier now, and as he was learning, the girl's skills were top-notch when she was actually behaving.

He swapped the manual for the clothing catalog that had come with the package, holding the glossy pages up in the light of the early sun from the window. Sex toys. BDSM gear. Clothing. Funny, he had had no idea that they made such sexy clothes for little girls. Not that the animals would care, but maybe it would be nice for his little barn slut to be dressed up in some of these. The catalog had scandalous miniskirts, sheer clothing, sexy stockings, high heels, micro bikinis, even sexy little animal costumes with accessories to dress her as a cat, or a pig, or a cow. As Jake turned the pages a small card fell out. Jake picked it up - a coupon for another product, it seemed.

"Solyusex Corporation proudly presents our newest product: Maid Bitch!(™) Get 10% off your own personal adorable little around-the-house bitch for casual rape and cleaning duty! Enjoy the affection of the perfect pet! Satisfy your cravings! Entertain your friends! Marvel at your house's new sparkling shine! Perfect for parties and all manner of bedroom duties!"

The card had an image of a little girl of perhaps 12 in a sexy French maid outfit on her knees and looking up at the camera, an entrancing blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty with her lips slightly parted and her eyes sparkling with sensual suggestion. Not bad. Not that Jake had much use for her, as busy as he was, but it was good to see them offering new products. Maybe he'd get one for a friend. He checked the fine print:

*Limited time product trial. Offer void where prohibited. Legal approval under USC 997 pending.

Ah well. Maybe someday. He stuck the coupon back in the pages and went back to browsing the catalog. A half-page image showed a girl in a sexy kitty costume with a bell collar and fuck-me heels, giving a sultry pout to the camera. Jake laughed.

"Hey, should I get you one of these?" he asked, turning the catalog around so the girl could see it. She looked up at him from her position crouched over his crotch with his dick stuffed in her mouth. She almost stopped to reply, before remembering how much he hated that, and went back to bobbing her head up and down and slurping his meat lustily.

"Hey maybe if you're good I'll get the Solyusex Bitch Treats for you instead of the horsewhip," he said, turning the catalog back around to keep browsing. IF she was good. He had been making her sleep like a dog at the food of his bed for a while, but after a streak of good behavior he had invited her up onto the bed last night and after fondling her naked body for a good long while he hadn't been able to resist cramming his dick into her waiting mouth. Funny, he thought, looking down at where she was sucking on his throbbing meat: legally she's an animal. Doesn't that make this bestiality? Hah. Maybe his lawyer friend could tell him, but Jake found he didn't really care. As long as she worked his prick like a good little cocksucker and didn't leak horse cum or something onto the sheets he'd keep her on the bed.

"Hurry up," he said, growing impatient. The sun was up already. That was the farmer's cue that he already needed to be working. The girl nodded and increased her efforts, bobbing her head down until her nose tickled his pubic hairs then up until the head of his prick brushed her tight lips before repeating. In and out, licking, sucking, using her fingers to rub squishy saliva up and down his shaft on each stroke. It didn't take long before Jake was on edge. He motioned her up and she pulled off his dick with a wet plop. Jake sat up and gripped her hair, the girl's nose still in his crotch.

"Good girl," he murmured, fisting his prick. "You've been a good little animal slut recently."' He pumped his fist faster, feeling his balls begin to twitch.

"Here's your reward," he grunted, jerking her by the hair down so his pulsing dick slapped her nose. Cum shot out in gooey ropes as Jake jerked, rubbing his glans all over the little cunt's face, spurting and oozing cum onto her forehead, cheeks, and lips. When he was done and finally sagged backwards onto the pillow, creamy white jizz coated her face like a thick donut glaze. She looked good like that, the little 13-year-old licking her lips, blinking her eyes against the runny semen. Jake found he liked shooting on her face best. Swallowing his cum didn't do her much good, since he wasn't an animal on Solyusex. It would just leave less room for her real breakfast of animal semen. Speaking of that…

"You hungry?" he asked, after he regained his breath. The girl nodded like an eager pet, eyes lighting up.

"Come on." Jake got up and dressed quickly, then led his bitch downstairs. He hadn't ordered her to clean the cum off her face so she left it. That was fine with Jake. He liked to see it dripping all over her, melting on her skin until it dried to crusty leavings.

"Sit," he ordered. Pointing to the floor. She did. Jake fried himself some quick eggs in a pan, poured on a heap of salt and ate them quickly at the table. His Bitch kept quiet, kneeling stoically, even though he knew she was hungry. Shouldn't feed animals from the table, he thought. Bad habits. Better to get her started on her duties, and him on his.

"Follow. We're going to the West field for the sheep," he said. The girl got up and walked obediently after him as he left the house, and they crossed the yard and followed the trail that led along the split-rail fence to the west of the property. Jake had put round pavers on this path years ago, and he noted how they were cracked and broken now from the weather. Just another thing he'd have to replace, as soon as he could find the time.

"Oooooh, who's THAT?!" asked the girl in shock, pointing south into the cow field. Jake turned, annoyed that she had stopped.

"Oh him?" Jake said, following her pointing finger to where the massive bull was grazing regally in the field. The creature was a mass of tight muscle, fit and heavy and quite large, practically exuding a potent bovine virility.

"That's Magnus," he said. "My best bull." Jake watched as the proud creature swished its tail emphatically and dug at the grass like all the world belonged to him.

"Holy shit, he's so big." The girl's blanche was almost comical. "Do I have to…"

"What?" Jake turned to face her. "Fuck no! Hahaha. For one thing he's on an experimental high-potency Solyusex. He's my stud and I need him producing. For another, his seed is worth a lot. I sell it. That cum is worth way too much to waste on a dirty little barn slut like you. Stick with sucking the rest of my animal's dicks like a good whore. Now come on."

"Oh…" the girl seemed relieved, but she lingered, looking across the field at the bull until Jake became annoyed.

"Hey!" he snapped. "If I have to get the leash again, I'm going to whip you with it. I said come on!"

She followed with a whimper, her head hanging slightly. Jake tried to brush off his irritation as they walked. In a few minutes they had arrived at the sheep field. The dogs were already bounding across the grass, barking happily with tongues lolling.

"Bruce! Thomas! You little bastards!" Jake laughed and bent to hug them as the pair of border collies bounded up. Their shrill barking only intensified when the third dog caught up.

"Sam! Come here you rascal!" The Welsh sheepdog was his favorite. Jake stroked the older dog's head lovingly for a moment before petting all three excited animals together. They wiggled happily, tails slashing furiously. Jake had always loved his dogs - the only animals with a soft spot in his ruthlessly pragmatic heart. He had had them for years, training them since they were pups. They knew how to do everything he needed, and did it all twice as fast since he had started them on Solyusex. Even Sam, getting up there in years, had seemingly been revitalized by the drug. Sure, they had gotten hopelessly randy and lost interest in the bitches he kept around, but the distempering long-term effects of the drug didn't seem to affect dogs much.

"Boys, boys! Calm down!" Jake chuckled. "I brought you a present."

He turned and gestured at the naked little girl behind him with the dried cum on her face. The dogs promptly swarmed her, barking joyously. The girl's eyes lit up, sparkling with delight, running fingers through their coarse fur as they brushed up against her body.

"Ok! Enough!" Jake whistled sharply to heel the dogs. They had a job to do. "You can fuck her brains out later, ok?" The dogs calmed down slightly, tails still wagging furiously. No sense getting them too excited now. Jake turned and gestured at the field of sheep - a pasture of bright green grass seemingly dotted with giant fluffy cottonballs all along the slope.

"Ready? GIT DEM SHEEP!" Jake howled. The dogs took off like 3 bullets, shattering the serenity of the grazing sheep as they charged in. The animals bleated and began to run in disarray, the chaos lasting only moments as the three dogs worked together to herd them all in one direction until the swarm of running creatures were moving in a wave back down towards where Jake and the girl waited.

Jake pulled open the nearby gate that led to the sheep yard. His handlers would shear them later. The flock careened towards them and flooded through the gate in a massive wooly tide, bleating madly. Jake waited impatiently until the herd was finally through, the trio of dogs still barking at their heels. Once the last of the sheep passed him he pulled the heavy gate closed and latched it.

"Good enough," he muttered. The anxious dogs cavorted around him, full of energy, still excited from their task. He tried to hush the barking beasts.

"Sit!" he shouted. "Sit! I said sit, goddamn it! Bloody mutts!"

It took a couple minutes but they finally stopped barking like lunatics and sat, tails swishing the dirt and tongues hanging from their panting mouths.

"Good boys. Now I want you to listen close, you hear? You don't like your normal bitches anymore so I got you a new one. You see?"

He gestured towards where the naked girl was standing silently.

"You play nice with her, you hear? Especially you Thomas. No nipping."

The dogs wagged furiously as if they understood. Jake turned to the girl.

"I'll be good," she said. "I like doggies."

"Well that's fucking fantastic," Jake growled. "A girl who likes her job. Look, we have a lot to get done today. I want you to make this quick. Fuck my dogs like we have a schedule to keep, ok?"

"Yes sir," she nodded. Jake turned to the dogs and slashed his hand at the girl, and they jumped up and ran to her, howling with glee. The girl's face lit up with excitement for a moment before they knocked her little body over like a bowling pin. Jake almost laughed. The dogs were hard already, erect cocks dancing under their bellies. They seemed to love their new bitch, licking and sniffing the 13-year-old girl everywhere. She squirmed for a moment on the ground, then moaned when Bruce found her pussy and began lapping at it.

Jake leaned back against the fence, watching. Funny. He had always been obsessed with his work. No time for women, or useless little girls. But watching his new Bitch suck and fuck her way through his farmstock had somehow become a favorite pasttime of his. She had skill, he had to give her that. And low-maintenance too, compared to his other animals. Like the manual said, she just needed animal dick and a steady supply of warm semen to suck down to keep her healthy and fed. It was a shame he had to waste time punishing her sometimes. She must have been a strong-willed girl before the company did whatever they did to her brain to remake her. Some of it seemed to have carried over. But she was usually ok if she got her dose on time. Usually.

The girl was trading sloppy kisses with Thomas, saliva mixing with dog slobber as her tongue slipped over the row of sharp canine teeth. Thomas whined happily, tail slashing as the girl french-kissed him. The juicy sound of Bruce's tongue working her pussy was a squishy counterpoint to her moaning. The heavy panting of the dogs betrayed their excitement: it had been too long since they had been able to get off. The bitches just didn't interest them anymore. In fact they nipped at them when they were in heat. Jake had had to tie the dogs up more than once when they got rowdy. Now their eyes burned with newfound lust as they licked and sniffed and jostled the little girl's body, exploring her everywhere with excitement and obvious thrill as their cocks stiffened until they were dangling ponderously beneath all three of them. They didn't want their own kind - they wanted little girl pussy, and they jumped and jostled and yipped excitedly as they jockeyed for position to see which would be the first to fuck her.

The girl had her legs spread wide, urging Bruce on with wordless cries as he stepped up the attack on her pussy with his tongue. Dog drool slathered in a messy froth on her crotch, gooey and oozing. The girl squealed as she reached her first orgasm, twitching in the dirt as the dog's tongue licked juices from her little pussy. Her hands were on the other dog's cocks, jerking them off. A sudden spurt smacked her face, Thomas howling with pleasure as the little girl worked her skilled fingers on his prick. The girl moved her head under him, mouth open, trying to catch as much of it as she could. Her head bobbed as she swallowed frantically, sucking dog semen like it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Thomas seemed to finish just in time as Sam yowled and bucked his pelvis. The girl's head snapped to the other side, underneath Sam, licking and sucking and swallowing, lapping up his seed with frantic enthusiasm. Bruce had stopped licking her pussy and was whining pathetically, looking up at her, tail thundering furiously. He wanted to fuck.

The girl sat up and embraced him, running her fingers through his fur, scratching his ears and cooing. Wiggling happily from the attention, Bruce whined again and rolled over onto the ground as she moved to rub his tummy, tail lashing and cock bobbing expectantly in the air. Nodding, the girl got up and straddled him, fingers massaging the flurry fur of his belly. After adjusting her legs, she raised herself up, using one hand to steady the doggy prick tight against her pussy. She hovered there a moment, the thick red-purple spear of veiny dog meat flush against her genitals, then pressed down until the dog's cock popped inside.

Her squeal of pleasure as the dog penetrated her made her sound like an animal herself. She shuddered a moment, eyes fluttering, the other two dogs licking her nipples and butt respectively, before she fell forward onto her hands. She barely had a moment to take a breath before the dogs were moving to take advantage. Thomas jumped up and mounted her from the rear, the collie jerking his hips to guide his cock into her rear end, and Sam moved around and jumped on her from the front, his jutting prick dangling in front of the girl's eyes. As one, both dogs rammed forward, burying their cocks into the girl's mouth and anus.

Well shit. There was something to be said for efficiency, Jake thought. Three dogs, three tight, wet holes for them to use on the girl. Get 'er done. The Bitch could barely be seen under the thick mass of fur, though Jake could hear her loud moans competing with the frenetic barking. Never much for foreplay, the beasts begin to piston rapidly, thick cocks jerking the little slut back and forth like the piece of fuckmeat that she was. Flush, turgid dogcock pounded the girl from three directions, sliding into her pussy, furry balls slapping against her ass and a veiny dogprick shiny with saliva jackhammering her mouth.

Furry grunts and the wet, slapping sound of coitus began to carry on the wind. The girl's moans rose to a muted shriek as she began to orgasm again. Whining happily, the dogs pounded their cocks roughly, salivating and licking her nude flesh, thrusting in concert. Fat dogcocks shiny with juices pounded the little girl in every hole, ramming her pussy, pounding her anus, cramming into her mouth until her lips strained tight around the knot and Jake could see a bulge moving in her throat. The dogs had been randy as shit for months, hard to control, and now they seemed intent on taking every ounce of their frustration out on their new bitch.

Thomas howled, ramming forward, his knot disappearing as he pressed the helpless Bitch downward and pinned her. Bruce howled, exulting in the exquisite feel of little girl pussy stretching wide to engulf his knot too. Sam howled, one last violent thrust cramming his own fist-sized knot past the girl's lips into her mouth. The beasts all came at once, tightly sealed to their bitch, veiny cocks throbbing deep inside her and pumping their pent-up dog cum deep into her body. Three throbbing canine cocks, stuffed tight in the girl's pussy and filling her womb with sperm, plugged into her asshole with gooey gravy flooding into her gut, and squeezed deep into her throat, a twitching firehose of slippery salty semen gushing down into her belly.

Jake watched, somewhat impressed. He wondered if his Bitch could breathe. She shook like a wild thing as her orgasm tore through her, pink flesh almost lost under all the fur. Well, she did say she liked dogs, after all. Now she could have her fill. Nothing like a bucketload of dog sperm in each hole to start a girl's day off right. She seemed ok, he decided, as her muted howls signalled her catapulting to yet another orgasm. The dogs shook and quivered, paws hooked tightly to her body, each of their fat knots snug and secure in their respective orifices. Jake couldn't help but wonder how girl pussy compared to dog pussy. Did they like the feel of the tight clamp of her throat, of the quivering squeeze of her anus, of the pulsing embrace of her pussy? It sure seemed like they did. Jake had to admit that he had harbored a few doubts when first ordering his Bitch. Would his animals really want to fuck her? Solyusex Corp offered a money-back guarantee though. Hard to pass that up. Your own little girl, they promised, compliant, hard-working, ready to use every tight hole she had for the endless pursuit of animal pleasure. Well, here was the proof.

The pack shook as one, bodies locked together, dog fur trembling, shaking the girl between them. What skin he could see was covered in gooey dog saliva and loose furs. The beasts seemed to cum again, rocking as they emptied yet another triple helping of dog cum into the girl. Jesus. What a little semen dumpster, Jake thought. Pig cum. Donkey cum. Dog cum. It all just seemed to disappear inside her like she soaked it up. When the critters managed to actually empty themselves inside her, that was. She regularly returned to the house at the end of the day with every square inch of her dripping with tacky, half-dried cum. He hosed her off every night, of course - he wouldn't have let her in the house otherwise. Jake took good care of all his tools, whether they were drills, hammers, tractors, or cumrag little girls.

The quivering mass yelped, dogs shaking with pleasure as they emptied yet another offering of oozing sperm into their bitch again. For fuck's sake. Jake checked his watch. They were knotted with her, so it wasn't like they were going anywhere, and they had almost a year's worth of cum bottled up in their frustrated balls. How long did it take a dog's knot to go down? With Solyusex, all bets were off. And while he was enjoying the show, he didn't have all morning.

"Hey Jake!" said one of his farmhands, walking down the path towards them.

"Hey Elijah," said Jake, returning the greeting. Elijah was one of the few people he liked - a man with a strong work ethic who had helped him on his farm every summer for 10 years. Jake employed a dozen hands of help on and off, usually for harvest seasons and lambing and foaling. He had a few more here today helping with the sheep, but Elijah was the one he preferred to talk to.

"That your new bitch?" Elijah asked, cocking his head toward the mass of locked, furry, grunting bodies. "The one giving you all them troubles?"

"That's the one," affirmed Jake.

"Seems ya got a firm hand on her now," murmured Elijah, turning and spitting in the dirt. "Dogs seem to like her."

"That they do." Jake leaned back further against the fence. "Just waiting for them to finish."

Elijah pulled out a cigarette and lit it, then offered one to Jake. He took it, accepting the offer of the lighter.

"Hmmm," muttered Elijah, taking a long drag and blowing a cloud of smoke into the breeze. "She a young'un ain't she?"

"Old'nuff, I suppose," said Jake, gesturing. Elijah laughed.

"Old 'nuff to walk, old 'nuff to fuck, I always say." Elijah tapped ash from his cigarette. Jake nodded in agreement. The two men stood, enjoying the moment, passively watching the show. The little girl was shaking and moaning again, lost in a seemingly endless climax. Jake had lost count of how many that was. Sam was thrashing again, kicking his feet as he emptied another load inside her, and the other two dogs were panting with exhaustion.

"Well I reckon you don't want ta stand around all day," drawled Elijah, taking a last draw and then flicking the stub of his cigarette. "Came ta tell you that Micah broke his stall and jumped the fence again. Got Jonah out chasing him but you know it'll take hours to calm down."

"Again?!" Jake swore and threw his cigarette down before grinding it in the dirt. "That stallion's been nothing but trouble lately."

"It's them drugs," murmured Elijah. "You know it."

"Yeah I know it," Jake groused. Fuck. He couldn't have his horses keep breaking loose like this. The Solyusex had hit them particularly hard, making them almost impossible to handle. The mares were ornery even at the best of times, but they could be kept in line. After the stallions lost interest, Jake had had to separate them and build new stalls to try to keep them secure. It hadn't worked too well.

"Reckon I'll get back and help Jonah," said Elijah. He gave a last smiling glance at the pile of fucking animals on the ground, then tipped his hat to Jake and walked back the way he had come. Jake watched him go.

A wet squelching sound was followed by a desperate gasp behind him. Jake turned. Sam had pulled out of the girl's mouth at last, and was licking his limp cock on the dirt. The girl was gasping and coughing up globs of cum in between ragged breaths.

"'Bout time," Jake groused. "You done fucking them dogs yet?"

A sudden paroxysm kept the girl from speaking. Gooey drool coated her lips and ran down her chin. Thomas finally gave up the ghost, whining as he pulled his shrinking knot out of her asshole with a wet plop. A gush of runny white goop followed his exit, dog cum flooding out of the girl's ass like a miniature waterfall. Two down, one to go. Bruce shook underneath her, tongue still lolling happily as he clung tightly to his bitch with his paws. He looked like he had one last load of dog sperm for her pussy. Jake was just wondering if he should have another cigarette when the sheepdog finally went slack, his thick knot sliding out of the girl's pussy like a fleshy cork. A spurt of goop followed, hot semen gushing from between the tiny slit like white syrup.

The bitch collapsed onto the dirt, still coughing and shaking. Her naked body was plastered with mud and runny dog cum, thick smears and gobs of filth and dripping animal fluids. Jake watched her contortions with amusement and she finally managed to draw in a few ragged breaths in between hacking up gobs of white phlegm. The dogs alternated between licking their own cocks with satisfaction and licking the little girl, tongues sniffing and slathering through the gooey leavings on her naked skin. She finally rolled onto her back with a happy sigh, resting, letting Sam sniff her used cunt with dogged enthusiasm.

"Damn lollygagger," Jake muttered. Just because the little slut had a belly and a butt and a cunt full of warm dog cum was no reason to be lazy. He couldn't stand laziness. He finally stood up straight from where he had been leaning back against the fence and approached the girl.

"Hey, that's enough," he said. "We've got work to do." He dug his boot into her side - just enough to get her attention. Jake never kicked his animals. She groaned and brought her hands up to wipe the gobs of dog cum from her eyes.

"Get up. Gotta get you to work on the horses today."

"Awww, do we have to?" she whined. "I want to stay here." She wiggled her hips happily and cooed as Sam's tongue explored the mess of her genitals. Thomas was having another go at her too, licking the tiny flat slopes of her breasts with growing enthusiasm. All the dogs seemed like they were recovering and ready to go another round.

"I said, get up." Jake's voice was tight with anger. Once should be enough. He should only have to ask her once. Few things made him angry like having to repeat himself.

The bitch cringed slightly, then finally sat up.

"Sorry," she cooed, hugging and petting the dogs, shivering as they licked her naked body. "I'll be back soon, ok?" She scratched Sam behind the ears, then bent forwards to give the dog a full-on french kiss, sucking his saliva and slipping her tongue inside the menacing canine jaws. Sam whined happily, tail thrashing the grass.

Finally, the bitch rose to her feet. The dogs began to bound around her feet, barking and happy. They were ready to bowl her over again and slam her with doggy cock, but Jake whistled to get their attention.

"Gerrout!" he howled. "Into the field with ya! Go! Go! Bruce! Tom! Sam!" he gave another piercing whistle and gestured furiously at the fields. "Gerrout!"

The dancing dogs barked but finally obeyed, dashing off into the tall grass of the field. They could play for a while until the sheep were ready again. The girl wore a sad expression as she watched them go. Jake snapped his fingers furiously, then beckoned that she should follow him. It would be a long walk over to where the horse barn was. Jake stomped along, grumbling to himself as he often did. His dick was still hard from watching his dogs pound every tight wet hole they could find on the little 13-year-old girl. He stroked the bulge in his pants idly as he walked. Maybe he should get the bitch to give him some head again. There was a hose at the horse barn he could clean her with. Bah. He looked at the sun crowing the apex of the sky. It was already noon. Not enough time.

Jake realized he didn't hear her footsteps behind him. He looked back. The dumb bitch was several yards behind him, stopped, shielding her eyes from the sun and looking back wistfully.

"Hey!" Jake roared, turning and stomping up to her. The girl gave a frightened jump, shocked from her reverie.

"Did I say you could fucking stop?" he bellowed, leaning down to scream into her face. "Huh? Did I?"

The girl shook her head, mute with fear. And something else.

"Well?! Speak up!"

"I...I want to go back," she said meekly.

"What?!" Jake felt his hands curl into fists, the fury rising in him. The girl stood up straighter, looking him in the eye now.

"I said, I want to go back. I'm going to go fuck Sam and the other doggies."

"I're going to go...fuck the horses." Jake said slowly, seething.

The girl shook her head. "No. I don't want to."

"You don't want to." Jake echoed her words in a flat voice of tightly-restrained fury.

"Fuck you. I want to fuck the dogs." The girl looked back down the path. "I like doggies."

Jake stood for a moment in disbelief. She had been doing this more and more. Acting out. Being defiant. The fucking bitch. He had had enough.

Quick as lightning, he reached out and grabbed the girl's hair. Yanking hard, he pulled the screaming bitch down to her knees and then planted a big hand on the back of her head to grind her face into the muddy path.

"You little fucking whore!" he howled. "You slut! You filthy little cumstain!" He pressed hard, furious, more angry at her than he had ever been. The girl sputtered as the full force of his weight drove her into the muck. Jake bent down to scream into her ear.

"I own you! This is your life! You think anyone gives a shit what you want?! You're the little bitch around here and you'll fucking act like it or I'll send you back for more brain breaking!" Jake's words ran together into one furious scream. The girl was shaking, sobbing, unable to breathe as he held her face-down in the mud. She kicked, connecting with his shin, but Jake ignored it.

"I'll fix you. I'll teach you," Jake muttered, fumbling at his pocket. Shit. She was late on her dose, which was why she was acting like this. He finally pulled out the syringe with shaking fingers and jabbed the needle into her neck.

"Dumb bitch...filthy little cuntrag," he muttered, pressing the plunger until the blue fluid disappeared. He had never had an animal so sensitive to the timing of its Solyusex dose. She probably wasn't supposed to be like this. Jake had a feeling that this girl was born with an extra-wide streak of defiance in her, a deep-seated instinct to challenge and defy whoever had authority in her life. He didn't want to send her back to the company. In a way, that would be admitting defeat, and Jake wasn't about to admit that he couldn't handle a rebellious 13-year-old. No. Hell no. He was going to wrangle her up. He was going to get her in line. He would break her all over again if he had to.

Beneath him, the girl's futile struggles were weakening. Either the drug was working or she was about to pass out from lack of air. Either way was fine with him. He was going to teach this abject little bitch of his her place or die trying. Luckily he had the kit he had ordered from the catalog. Something for rebellious bitches that weren't quite bad enough to RMA for some reason. He fished around in his back pocket and pulled it out.

The girl gave a long, haggard gasp when he yanked her up again. Keeping a firm grip on her hair so she couldn't struggle, he reached around and forced the leather bit into her mouth. She gave a muted yelp of surprise just as he pulled the straps tight and cinched them behind her head. Now she couldn't mouth off or bite. A pair of trailing reins would let him control her like an ornery horse. Next step. He reached around and pulled her wrists back, forcing her arms behind her. The fuzzy cuffs had a little paw print symbol on them just like her collar did. The girl struggled weakly, but she was no match for Jake's strength as he snapped them tight. Last step. He brought out a long leash and hooked one end to her collar, then looped the other end around his own wrist.

Finally he let the sobbing, shaking girl go. She was moaning pathetically around the bit in her mouth. Jake stood up then yanked the leash to make her stand.

"Next step is I muzzle you. You want that?"

The girl shook her head, eyes downcast.

"Good. You got anything else to say to me?"

The girl shook her head again. Tears began to leak from her eyes.

"Good. Now you are going to do exactly what you're told. Whatever I say, right when I say it, and no talking back. Do you have a problem with that?"

She shook her head a final time.

"Good girl," Jake muttered. Letting the leash hang loose, he jerked the reins. The girl's eyes widened in surprise and she shrieked wordlessly as her jaw was yanked forward, but she followed without complaint after that as Jake set off down the path.

Fuck. What a waste of time. Jake mopped the sweat from his brow. Had this bitch actually got dog cum on his best shirt? Fuck. Good luck laundering that greasy blob out. The day was wearing on too. He pulled on the reins even harder and began to double-time it up the path, ignoring the girl's pathetic bawling.

It was a good fifteen minutes before they made it to the horse barn on the far side of the fields. The pen was closed and empty, but Jake could see the section of broken slats that the stallion had destroyed. He pulled open the gate and made for the barn, dragging the naked, cum-splattered bitch behind him by the reins.

The smell of horse and horse dung assaulted his nose as they entered the barn. Jonah was in the nearest pen, currying the coat of a stallion that was dancing with nervous energy.

"'Ey Jake!" called Jonah, with his usual bubbly charm. "Wonderful day ain't it?"

"Just grand," Jake grumbled. "Did Micah put up much of a fuss?"

Jake patted the horse's steaming flank. "Not much more than usual. Should be able to patch up that hole nice n' proper. Got some 2x4s out back." He gestured at the girl that Jake was leading around. "Who's that?"

"What, not who," Jake grumbled. "My new Bitch." He jerked at the reins. "Say hi you little slut."

The girl warbled a greeting, unable to get any words out around the bit in her mouth. Jonah laughed.

"Well she tried, anyway. Bit of a looker, ain't she?" He scanned the naked little girl up and down with a hungry gaze. "Shouldn't you clean her up?"

"Later," he said testily. "Damn thing is practically more trouble than she's worth. I think I got a defective one. 'Sides, she got work to do. Finish up there then bring Micah out."

Jonah nodded and resumed currying the antsy stallion. Jake led his bitch by the reins over to a pair of stacked haybales in the center of the barn. The girl gave a strangled yelp as he suddenly picked her up by the waist and then hefted her onto her belly on the top bale. She lay there helplessly, both her feet dangling inches off the ground. Jake stepped back and surveyed the height.

"Good enough, I reckon," he murmured. Jonah was just bringing Micah out by the reins. The stallion jerked to a stop, nickering with interest as it suddenly spotted the naked girl bent over the haybales with her sweet little ass raised in the air.

"Ah, you like that eh?" Jonah hummed, patting the stallion's nose gently. "He's not a bad horse, Jake. Just the drugs make him crazy."

"I know," Jake said with a nod. "Let's see if this helps." He beckoned, and Jonah led Micah over, the horse advancing with interest as he eyed the struggling human girl's naked backside.

"Poor guy," Jonah said, a slight sing-song in his voice. "You don't like the mares anymore - must be hard. Horse pussy doesn't do it for you anymore. Well, let's see how you like human pussy eh?" The stallion grunted and neighed as if thrilled by that idea.

"Mmmph! Mmmmmmmmmmph!" the girl was kicking fearfully, turning her head to try to see the enormous beast advancing on her from behind. With her hands tied behind her, she couldn't do much about her position, but Jake clamped a fist on the back of her neck anyway.

"Quit yer bellyachin'," he snarled. "Better not hear a peep out of you unless it's caterwauling from that horse cock in yer belly. You give him a good time, ya hear?"

He held her in place, ignoring her tears and sniffles, as the huge stallion advanced. The beast ducked its nose, placing it right up against her asshole with its dried and gunky cocktail of juices, then took a big snorting whiff.

The girl shrieked, the sound muted by the bit so that it sounded like the squeal of a mouse. Jake ignored her. Micah just seemed excited by her wiggling. The horse's cock was getting hard, the impressive organ dangling beneath him as it firmed and began to rise. He resumed his inspection of the little girl's privates, snuffling against her ass and pussy, even venturing a brief lick to get a taste of her little girl juices.

Funny, thought Jake, how the same man that sold you the disease would inevitably show up to sell you the cure. Here was his prize stallion, in glorious health, but hankering uncontrollably for human pussy. Something about genetics in the Solyusex serum. He didn't understand all that. But he had bred horses all his life, and he did understand that glint of keen interest in the stallion's eyes, that burning hunger, a bestial appetite of sexual desire. Best pair him up with a mare right quick before he kicks his stall to pieces, he would have said, years ago. That didn't work anymore, of course. But as he watched the stallion rear itself up, plant its legs up over the hay bale with its belly brushing the girl's back, and maneuver the gigantic spear of stiff flesh until the flaring tip was pressed against the teeny little slit of the girl's vagina, he knew that the Solyusex corporation had found the perfect solution. A profitable one, to be sure. They had become filthy rich selling Solyusex to every farming market on the planet to be used on animals. Now they were becoming even more filthy rich selling little girl pussy for those same animals to fuck. Richest company in the world. Jake wondered what it would be like to have that much money as he watched the stallion's tremendous cock flex and find its footing, as the stallion chuffed and whinnied in anticipation and the girl shook and screamed against her leather bit. Maybe farming would never be the same. Maybe SolCorp would get even richer solving the next problem they created. Jake pondered just what that problem might be as the mighty stallion suddenly heaved forward with a mighty jerk of his hips and rammed its enormous cock straight into the little girl's pussy.

The girl squealed as her body was jolted like a ragdoll, rocking the haybale. Jake grunted in approval. Her little pussy was somehow stretched wide enough to take the girth of that tremendous horsecock, her bald, puffy lips stretched taut and straining obscenely in a tight seal around that pulsing flesh. Impressive. She looked so tiny and pathetic, impaled as she was on that ponderous spear with her hips lifted up in the air, shivering, mouth gibbering wordlessly. Micah chuffed again and neighed, seeming pleased by the first feel of little girl pussy on his horsey dick. Four feet of firm shaft and it seemed like he had smashed at least 8 inches of it into her with his first push. He held still a moment, seeming to savor the feeling of the little girl's insides, Jake couldn't blame him. He wondered what it must feel like to fuck something as tight as a 13-year-old with that mighty organ. Like cramming your dick into a warm keyhole, he wagered.

His hips jolted again, banging his mammoth prick into the girl. She shrieked, chewing madly at her bit and throwing her head nearly as much as the horse fucking her. Again, her warbling shriek nearly lost underneath Micah's neigh of pleasure. Muscles rippled tightly under the horse's flank as it picked up the rhythm, hips jerking, working its mighty cock into his new bitch. The haybale began rocking with the motion, the girl forced so violently against it with each pounding thrust that Jake was worried it might fall. He gave a nod to Jonah who fetched another bale and pushed it in front of the first, buttressing it against the increasing pace.

The two men watched as the horse picked up the pace, blasting the little girl's pussy with its monstrous prick. She shuddered. She shrieked. Micah neighed and shook his head with pleasure, his mane flying with each fresh crescendo of the girl's howling. His heavy belly was brushing her back, the powerful beast fucking the delicate human girl like she was a mare in heat.

Maybe this would work out after all, Jake thought. If she could pleasure his stallions like that for long enough then maybe they might calm down. All they really needed was a little human bitch to satisfy their cravings. Plucking an offshoot of hay from a nearby bale, he broke it and stuck the end in his mouth, leaning back against the wall of the barn and chewing absently as the show played out in front of him. The girl was gnashing her teeth, her tiny body being driven violently against the haybales with each mighty thrust. Jake hoped that Micah didn't break her. It seemed possible, with the way the horse was ramming his colossal cock into her like a sweating jackhammer. His sides swayed, his hips pounded, his tail lifted and shook in pleasure as he neighed.

"GYYAAAAAHHHHHH!" The girl shrieked wildly, spittle flying. She had chewed right through the bit. "HE'S SO BIIIIIIG!"

"Quit yer bellyachin'!" Jake yelled, without moving from his relaxed position. "Company says you're certified for this, ain't ya?"

The girl couldn't respond, the breath driven from her by the next violent thrust of horsecock into her pussy. Micah was pounding down the home stretch by the looks of it, ramming the wailing little girl like a cock sleeve, like a naked and cum-soaked little slut of a girl whose shattered little brain craved animal dick more than anything on Earth. Her small body was almost lost under the shadow of the big beast, but the long squeals of orgasmic pleasure as her tiny cunt was railed with a massive horse dick mixed with the stallion's excited neighing until the ruckus filled the whole barn.

A final slam smashed the girl's body firmly against the haybale, Micah's hips taut, his cock plugged tightly in her pussy. Not bad. Was that 12 inches he had fit inside her? Still just the tip of that six-foot monster, but Jake supposed it would do. The girl trembled desperately, kicking and howling, the twitching length of cock throbbing like a hose as it pumped her full of horse cum. Hey belly seemed to inflate as he watched, and Jake could imagine that flaring head of animal dick pressed up against her cervix, a firehose of semen blasting up inside her until the torrent filled her womb so tightly that she began to stretch. Micah kept his dick firmly planted firmly deep inside her, his whinnying cries joining her scream as both girl and beast rutted in frantic copulation, their bodies connected by the glistening, thrumming rod of erect horse flesh.

Micah's whine finally died to a snuffling sigh, and the girl's wail dwindled to a drooling gibber. Her body was flushed, dog cum drying in tacky spots on her nude flesh like old paint, dirt and hair and gooey trails of fluid covering her backside. She was impaled against the haybale, her hips held up high at an angle and her legs dangling helplessly as her body was held aloft by the erect horsecock.

"How much ya say you pay for 'er?" asked Jonah, who had been leaning on the wall along with Jake.

"She wasn't cheap," Jake muttered. "Probably could have bought 3 new animals I reckon."

"Yeah but none of 'em woulda put on a show like this," said Jonah with a gesture, smiling. He seemed as aroused as the horse, sporting a bulge of his own in his jeans. Apparently he got off on seeing little sluts pounded by horny stallions too. Jake could hardly blame him, with what was going on his own pants.

"Ya can, if ya want," said Jake with a dismissive gesture to the farmhand's unasked question. Jonah gave him a knowing smirk.

"She's a bitch. You can do whatever you want," Jake added.

Jonah nodded and unzipped as he approached the girl. She was incoherent, basking in the post-coital thrill of her roller coaster of orgasms on the end of a pounding horse prick.

"There's a good boy," Jonah whispered, patting the stallion's neck. The beast was moving again, still erect, seemingly ready to go another round in his new little human bitch.

"Ya don't mind if I get a taste, do ya boy?" Jonah ran his hands down the stallion's mane lovingly. "I'll leave the best part for you, of course."

The horse sure didn't seem to mind, Jake mused, as he watched the beast renew its thumping beat with a zesty snort. The girl squealed, then realized that a man's cock had pushed itself into her face as Jonah moved to the horse's side. Each fresh slam of the horny stallion was belting a gasping breath out of her, but she managed to open her mouth and stick out her tongue, enveloping Jonah's cock with expert skill.

Good grief, thought Jake. 69'd by two species at once. Well he had to give his little bitch points for sluttiness at least. Jonah didn't even have to move, his eyes rolling back in his head as the little girl swallowed his prick, lips slurping back and forth from the force of the sheer pounding rhythm banging into her behind. Up and down, a glaze of delirious pleasure on her face as she swallowed Jonah's big prick and the beast thundered its ramrod cock into her pussy from behind. Back and forth, her back arching with each slam until it looked like her tiny body would break. The bitch was durable, he had to give the company that. He could see the bulge now in her throat as Jonah forced himself into the tight passage, his pubic hair tickling her nose as the snorting, rearing horse plunged and banged into her straining cunt from behind.

Man and horse both came at the same time, emptying seed into the little girl at both ends. Any wails of pleasure the girl had were tightly muffled by Jonah's cock plugging her throat, and the rest of her was pinned so tightly against the haybale again that she couldn't even shake her hips with pleasure. Her throat worked, swallowing semen, and her pussy squeezed tight, massaging the tight shaft of horse prick buried in her tunnel. Pinned at both ends. Her belly seemed to swell even tighter, noted Jake - an impressive belly bulge that made her look 5 months pregnant. This little girl sure had a lot of space inside her for cum. Pure sperm storage.

Jonah finally sagged, spent, and pulled his wilting cock out of the girl's mouth. She gave a ragged gasp, coughing up sticky globs. Micah did the same, his flanks falling slack, his hips sagging, and with a quick jerk he yanked his horsecock from the girl's pussy with a pop like a cork from a champagne bottle. Her hips fell on the haybale with a thump and a flood of sludge sprayed from her genitals instantly, the girl squealing as she deflated. Jake gaped at the sight and almost laughed: a 13-year-old slumped over a haybale, coughing cum from one end and spraying it from the other like a deflating water balloon. The goop splattered to the dirt floor, forming a sticky puddle.

"You reckon he's done?" asked Jake, as Jonah zipped up again and came back over.

"Him?" Jonah jerked a thumb at Micah. "Aw hell no. He's jes takin a breather."

"We've still got the rest of the horses to do," Jake grumbled.

"Reckon so," Jonah said with a grin. "Tell you what: you go up n work on that new hog pen like you've been itchin to do. I'll make sure they all get a few rounds in this little cunt."

"Fine." Jake gave another glance at the pair of animals. After a brief shuffle the horse was indeed getting hard, lining up a mounting erection at the girl's gaping tunnel yet again.

"Manual says you can have as much fun with her as you like," Jake said. "Just make sure she gets fed for real. I reckon about four loads of horse cum ought to do it. Don't spoil her appetite."

Jonah cackled. "No worry boss. She'll get a right workout. I'll see to it for the rest of the day. When we're done them horses won't have a drop left ta'll see."

Jake gave a harrumph and nodded. Jonah would see to it. The man was a hard worker, and Jake always respected that. He didn't mind if he took a bit of fun with the bitch either. It's what she was made for, after all.

With a final backward glance, Jake saw the horse rearing up and mounting again, slamming his thick cock deep into the struggling little girl. The wailing sounds of animal pleasure followed him as he left the barn.

Jake shook the newspaper, humming quietly to himself as he sat at the kitchen table. What a fine morning it was. Golden sun streaming through the open windows. Sausage and eggs still steaming on his plate. He sighed with contentment. It was days like these that reminded him how happy he was to be a farmer. The crisp morning air was invigorating. The weather was glorious. The tractor had been fixed and now was hardly giving him any trouble at all. It would be a fine day indeed.

Outside, his cocks were crowing. The mooing of cows and nickering of horses drifted up the hillside on the breeze, a background lull to the rustling of the paper. Jake pretended to read, but really he was just soaking in the few minutes of rest he had before starting the day. Didn't much care for politics or world events. All that seemed far away to him. All he needed was his farm. Some new conflict in the Middle East. Some new fight in the government about a controversial law over Solyusex. They wanted to expand it or something. Fine with him. His Bitch was doing him proud these days, sucking and fucking day and night with an almost maniacal devotion. He had kicked her out of bed early to do her chores. Come to think of it, he hadn't heard that bleating little noise she made when cumming among all the other animals sounds for a while. Just where was she?

Speak of the devil. The naked, sodden little girl pulled open the door and wiped her feet before coming in and standing timidly in front of him. Barn muck plastered her legs all the way up to her thighs where it transitioned into gooey patches of white sludge in various stages of congealment. Semen leaked from her vagina in trickles and was splattered all the way up the rest of her body like she had been blasted with a cum hose.

"Here I am, sir," she said demurely, dropping her gaze.

"Hmmph," said Jake, snapping his paper again and pretending to read it while ignoring her. "Done with yer overnight chores?"

"Yes sir." She stood still like a well-trained animal, awaiting his orders.

"You fed the pigs and mucked their pens right?"

"Yes sir."

"And refilled their water trough?"

"Yes sir." Her hair was a sticky mess, crusty with globs of dried semen.

"Was that before or after you fucked them?"

"After, sir. They didn't want to wait. I fed the goats and then fucked them too."

"Hmmmph." Jake folded the paper and put it down, fixing his stare on her. Something seemed fishy.

"You get yer breakfast?"

"Yes sir." The girl patted her belly, where a meal-load of semen was undoubtedly warming her stomach.

"Show me."

The girl took a step forward and opened her mouth obediently. Glistening goop mixed with saliva in her mouth, the last load of animal semen still melting on her tongue.

"Good 'nuff," groused Jake, the surly grumble still edging his tone despite the fine morning. "Don't want ya getting faint on malnutrition, ya hear. Plenty of loads from my pigs and goats right?"

"Yes sir. I swallowed every one that came in my mouth. Pig and goat semen. Dog semen too. Thomas followed me into the pens."

"Fine. And the horses?"


Hmmm. That wasn't right. She was looking down even more than usual, a hint of shame in her slumped shoulders.

"Come here." Jake beckoned the bitch forward and she came up to his chair, her eyes still downcast.

"Turn around."

She did so, showing him her filthy backside. Well, she certainly looked like a girl that had been rutting with the pigs all morning. That added up at least. But…

"Bend over," Jake said. Trembling slightly, the girl did so, pushing her ass up into the air in front of him for inspection. Jake felt his mood immediately sour.

"You little cunt," he snarled. "Are you lying to me?"

"N-no sir," she said, trembling harder and beginning to sniffle.

"Liar!" Jake smacked her ass then gripped it tightly. The squeeze caused a fresh gush of semen to ooze out of her little slit.

"You aren't even stretched out," he snarled. "Do you expect me, to believe that you were just using THIS-" he shoved a gooey finger into her tight, runny snatch, "- to fuck my horses? You bitch, I know what your cunny looks like when you just had a horsecock in it, and this ain't it!"

He pushed her roughly away, then stood up, his good mood shattered, his morning ruined. The girl stumbled to the floor and collapsed, crying like the naked, sodden, pathetic little whore she was.

"You don't even smell like horse cum! You think I can't tell the difference?" Jake felt his hands curl into fists. The lying, impudent bitch. She had been doing so well too.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" The girl was cowering, sobbing, trembling from her fear of his punishment. "I was just so tired! I didn't sleep much last night and I was tired! I'll go fuck the horses right now sir! All of them!" She managed to get up and kneel in front of him, weeping. "I'll suck their cocks and let them fuck me in my ass if they want to! Please, let me do it!"

Sheesh. Jake looked down at the wretched animal. Well at least she had a right fear of being whupped. Not that he ever whupped his animals really, but he used the bit and the collar on her when he needed to. He hadn't had to do that for a while though.

"I'll fuck them, I'll go fuck the horses sir." She wiped her eyes, looking forlorn. "I'll fuck the whole barn."

"Yes, you will," said Jake, his voice edged with menace. "Then you'll fuck Abe. Then my dogs. And if you see Elijah or Jonah, you let them cum on you if they want, you hear? I don't want to hear any more about you leaving work undone! Don't come back until dark, ya hear?"

The girl sniffled, nodding, and jumped to her feet. Jake watched her go. She had left a gooey puddle of animal jizz on the kitchen floor. Christ. Well he could mop that up at least. One more thing to do on a pile of work. The farm didn't run itself, he thought to himself as he grabbed the mop and bucket. He didn't need troublesome animals on top of everything else. His Barn Bitch was supposed to solve his animal problems. Jake sighed wearily as he sloshed the water and splatted the wet mop onto the floor.

By the time he finished and managed to get out to the field and start the tractor, he was somehow even crankier. Figured. A day like this, with golden sun and the pungent scents of farm life wafting around the breeze, and here he was moping over a stupid animal. Jake buried himself in his work, trying to forget her as he carried out the morning's work. Needed fertilizer on the west field to get it ready for planting. Baling was long done, but he'd need to kill the weeds to give the hay room to regrow now. A leaky pump on the well needed mending, and a cow had toppled the cobble fence wall up near the top of the hill from rubbing on it. He saw his Bitch twice as the day wore on, first in the field fucking Abe, down on her hands and knees and hollering as the donkey railed her 13-year-old pussy with long strokes of his huge, ponderous shaft. Funny, how the old goat could still get it up at his age. Jake wished he would be half so lucky when he got old. Later he saw her rutting in the grass with the dogs, sucking greedily at the fat canine dick squeezed in her mouth while the other dogs took turns licking and fucking her.

The sun had dropped to kiss the hills by the time he returned to the house, leaving a final gust of warm breeze as the day died to a quiet dusk. Jake let the screen door whack closed behind him, stretching his tired muscles. He had fixed most everything that needed fixing during the day, but when Elijah had returned from town he had told Jake that the truck's transmission was acting up again. Another thing he'd have to look at. It was one step forward, two steps back a lot of the time, and sometimes Jake didn't know how he managed to keep the farm running.

City slickers didn't know 'nuthin, Jake thought, as he snagged a beer from the fridge and popped the cap. They didn't know how much work it was. They didn't ask where their food came from. Jake took a deep swig, then walked back into the living room and went out onto the porch. The screen door squeaked and slapped closed behind him. Jake gave a belch followed by a deep sigh as he collapsed into the old wooden chair. Half the time, he felt like he could get by just fine without the rest of the world. Lawyers. Politicians. Buncha wankers never done an honest day's work in their life. Jake leaned back comfortably, fingers idly circling the neck of the bottle as he pondered the setting sun. Once, when things weren't going so well, he had thought he'd have to sell the farm - maybe get a job at Duke's fixing up old trucks. There just wasn't enough money in it. Goddamn agricultural megacorps had bought up all the land while Jake limped along month to month with his profits barely outweighing his expenses. Then Solyusex had come along. Now his animals didn't get sick anymore. They didn't die before their time anymore. They worked with tireless energy all day every day. Their output had exploded across the board. His stock had grown tenfold since the drug came out, but that had brought with it more work.

Sure, it had been hard at first, once the animals got randy. Jake had had to deal with injuries to cows and mares when the males got too horny. Then that had dropped off, and everything seemed fine. It was only several years later that the animals stopped fucking and started misbehaving.

And there had been some big blowup too, something about the drugs being used. Buncha politicians got involved, making high-minded speeches that Jake rarely paid attention to. There was some big bill they all wanted signed, making quite a fuss about it at the time. Then they did that and afterwards Jake started getting the promotional material from the company about the Barn Bitches. Supposed to solve all his problems, it said. A healthy, organic solution, it said. Guaranteed to please or your money back, it said. Too good to be true. Jake had scoffed. It had taken two years for him to come around to the idea of owning one of the little animal sluts himself.

And speak of the devil: there she was, trudging up the hill, sodden and muddy, looking like a rodent that had fallen into a bucket of filth and cum.

"I'm done, sir," she said, standing in front of him like an obedient dog waiting for orders.

"Hmmmph." Jake's surly expression edged into a grin as he took the little bitch in head to toe: matted cum in her hair, dried white semen running in streaks down her lips and chin like candle wax and globs of tacky gunk all over her tiny flat breasts. Mud and barn filth caked her belly and legs, and her slit was still dripping a gooey slather and gaping open obscenely from where she had been fucking the horses. She looked tired from her chores of orgasming on animal dick all day.

"My animals are happy?" Jake asked.

"Yes sir," she nodded.

"Good 'nuff. Go hose yerself off." Jake gestured with the bottle in his hand, then took another long swig as he watched his bitch cross the yard and turn the handle to the hose. Her butt hovered in the air as she bent over to grab the hose. Not a bad ass anyway, Jake thought, for a 13-year-old. The animals sure seemed to like it. His pigs and goats went crazy at the sight of her, racing and jumping all over themselves in their pens to be the first one to fuck her. His dogs were the same. They couldn't wait to bowl their happy bitch over and be the first one to ram their doggy cocks into her. Horses loved her too. Jake wasn't quite sure what magic the company had mustered to let a 13-year-old girl handle a hefty horse cock ramming home inside her, but they had done it.

"That's enough. Get on inside now!" Jake called when the naked girl was done washing herself. She crossed the yard and crossed the porch to go inside. He gave her a smack on the ass as she passed, admiring the pleasing jiggle. The sight of a naked little girl seemed to be growing on him. He'd have her suck his cock again later. For now, he just gave her a lusty glare as she opened the screen door and went inside, letting it slap closed behind her.

Jake nursed his drink, watching the last rim of the golden sun vanish behind the hills. Tomorrow was another day, but for now, he was just going to rest for a bit. He had earned it, by god. Farming life wasn't for everyone, but for a hard worker like him, it suited just fine.

He barely noticed when Sam crossed the yard and bounced up onto the porch, tongue lolling happily. Jake scratched him behind the ears, staring across the fields as the light faded. He was a good dog. Jake had had him since he was a puppy. He had been the first to lose interest in the bitches after he had started the dogs on Solyusex. For a while they had all been fucking like crazy from the drugs, and Jake had been expecting at least one of the bitches to catch and give him another litter of pups at some point but they never did. The dogs seemed to abruptly lose interest after a time, and the bitches had been too old to do much work anyway, so Jake had sold them. His dogs had been moody for a long time after that, but now they were happy again.

The thumping sound had been going on for a minute before Jake realized it, distracted as he was by the view. He looked down. There was Sam, his good boy, his happy puppy, humping his leg in a frenzy with tongue still lolling joyfully.

Jake leaped to his feet, cursing loudly. "BAD DOG!" he shouted. He shook his leg. The little fucker was glommed on tight. His red rocket was thrusting against Jake's jeans, oozing precum.

"God DAMNIT!" Jake shook his pant leg like it was on fire. "GERROF! GERROF SAM!" He gestured wildly, but Sam just kept on humping like Jake's leg was his new favorite bitch.

"FUCK!" Jake shook his fist impotently as his dog suddenly tightened and spasmed against his leg. A sudden feeling of warmth gushed against his calf. Jake finally succeeded in shaking his dog off, leaving a mess of dog hair and cum drying on his leg.

"BITCH!" he shouted angrily. If that little cum slut was sleeping he would whup her so hard. He swore and called again.


The screen door slapped behind him, and he whirled.

"You little slut!" He stalked up to the girl, and she cowered as he loomed over her. "You had one job! One job! Keep my animals satisfied!" He grabbed her hair and yanked her head so she was looking down at his pant leg. "Does this look like the work of a dog that's satisfied?!"

She looked down at his pant leg, then to where the dog was licking his limp cock on the porch. A rebellious grin crept onto her face.

"Well, he looks satisfied now," she said, her voice dripping with sweet sarcasm.

Jake saw red. Sass. Now, of all times. The girl seemed to jump slightly, as if she had just become aware of what she said. She clapped a hand to her mouth.

"I-I'm sorry sir! Sometimes-it's just, I talk without...I didn't mean it!"

He clamped a fist over her mouth before she could reply. "No! Shut up! I'm not listening to your excuses! Animals don't get to make excuses! You're going to put that mouth to work for something else! First, you clean up my pant leg."

He forced her down to her knees, ignoring her sniffling.

"Go on, lick it off," he snarled. The little girl did so, using her tongue to lap up the major deposits of dog cum off his pant leg.

"Good." Jake used the fist in her hair to give her a jerk towards the dog. Sam had got to his feet, tail fanning happily at the sight of his bitch kneeling on the ground.

"Now I'm going to go inside to get something," he seethed, "and when I get back, you had better have that dog's cock plugged into your worthless little cunt as deep as it can go!

The screen door squeaked as he entered the house without waiting for her reply. He was furious. That fucking bitch. First her lies this morning, and now this! Jake tried unsuccessfully to uncurl his hands from fists. He had a sneaking suspicion that the girl was acting more and more like she had before the company had done whatever they had done to her. Defiant. Lying. Fuck. Jake stomped up the stairs. He had a discipline case on his hands. Maybe he should call the company's hotline. Maybe he should pack her back in that damn crate and ship her back. But somehow, that felt like giving up. Jake didn't like giving up. He preferred to solve problems on his own. He'd give his bitch one last chance.

Jake entered the bedroom. Ah, here it was. He picked up the heavy manual and began to flip through the hundreds of white pages. Feeding. Care. Maintenance. Outside, the rising sounds of the girl squealing in orgasm as Sam pounded his cock deep into her pussy began to echo through the night. Hmmm. They broke the brains of these little sluts somehow, rewrote them to be obedient and love fucking animals. Jake had an idea, something he had mostly skipped over when skimming the manual earlier. At last he paged to the last section in the manual: Discipline.

"Brain-Breaking(™) is a patented process whereby directed trauma and hypnosis mechanisms produce semi-permanent changes in human sexual behavior. Although a complete Brain-Breaking can only be performed at a Solyusex training facility by a certified instructor, some limited reinforcement can be applied after the initial treatment in order to reinforce the desired behavior. It is important that the corrective rape be continuous and vigorous in order to ensure a window of maximum mental trauma for the drug's effects to take hold."

Jake skipped a few pages. He had tried all of this. But in the last part of the chapter he found what he was looking for.

"In the event that the tips from the previous sections do not resolve any ongoing discipline problems, follow these troubleshooting steps before returning your defective Bitch for replacement:

  1. Retrieve the green vial from its packaging. The vial contains a concentrated dose of Solyusex XL, a fast-acting and long-lasting triple dose of the drug with enhanced aphrodisiac properties. Administer the entire contents of the vial subcutaneously with a needle.
  2. Retrieve the red vial from its packaging. This is a formulation of Solyusex XL calibrated for the heavier mass of animals. Do not use this dose on your human bitch! Administer the following portion of the vial to the animals that will be raping your bitch according to their approximate body mass:
    • Canine: ¼ vial
    • Porcine: ½ vial
    • Equine and bovine: entire vial
  3. Select an environment and method that will be suitably traumatic for your bitch. Fully restrain your bitch using a method of your choice, but remember it is important that the animals involved have full freedom to penetrate her wherever they desire.
  4. Allow intercourse to take place undisturbed for a minimum of 3 days. Ejaculations in her mouth should provide sustenance for your bitch during this time.
  5. At the end of her session, clean your bitch and allow her to rest

Jake stomped right back down the stairs and went for the storage closet. Hauling open the door, he began to rummage inside. Somewhere in here...somewhere, was the packet of extras the Bitch had come with. Aha. Jake pulled it out and opened the box. More clamshell packaging contained a matched set of red and green prefilled syringes. Jake tore open the package with some difficulty and pulled out the syringes.

"Fucking...mouthy little slut...I'll teach her," he murmured, dropping the box and heading back to the door to the porch. The wailing sounds of a little girl locked in coitus with a randy dog came from outside. Jake smacked open the screen door.

"That's good enough," he growled, seeing the girl on her hands and knees under the furry body.

"Gerrof Sam. You're through boy. Go sleep now." Jake pushed the dog until the beast finally moved, his loose cock sliding out of the girl. A gush of doggy semen welled out of the girl's cunt as he went. Looks like he had cum in her a couple of times. Jake motioned for her to get to her feet.

"Where are we going?" The girl asked quietly as he clipped the leash onto her collar. Jake didn't feel inclined to reply. He just jerked the leash, forcing the bitch to follow him as he clomped down the porch steps and crossed the yard, heading towards the fields.

It was almost too dark to see when they arrived at the barn. Jake gave the girl a warning glare to stay where she was, then he went in to fetch a flashlight. Hmm. He played it around until he found what he was looking for: a metal frame, about the size of a cart, leaning up on end against the wall of the barn. The edges and corners were all thickly padded. It seemed like it would work, if he had enough rope. Jake played the flashlight around until he found the long, braided coil. Oh yes. He had enough rope all right.

With a few grunts, Jake pulled the metal frame to the middle of the barn, where there was plenty of open space, then tipped it over so the long end was on the ground and the side with all the padding was on top. Setting the flashlight down on the ground on a wide beam setting, he took the rope and began to loop it around the frame. It was a good rope. It didn't seem like it would chafe - not much, anyway.

He saw his bitch peeking in from the doors of the barn, unable to resist her curiosity.

"Get in here," he said with a stern gesture. The girl walked into the barn, the beam from the flashlight playing over her naked body. Fresh dog cum dripped down her thighs.

After a few more loops of rope, it was ready. Jake walked over and grabbed the bitch's leash, then yanked her over to the frame.

"W-what's this?" she asked, a quiver in her voice.

"Shut the fuck up is what it is," Jake snarled. He sized her up - she was much smaller than the contraption's intended participants, but it would do. Jake pulled her forward until she was standing in the midst of the frame, then began tying her wrists to the padded bars.

"He only recently lost interest in the cows," Jake said idly as he pulled the rope taut, lashing the girl's arms tightly to the bars and ignoring her frightened expression. "This was useful for a while, to keep the cows from hurting themselves. He can be quite rough."

"W-who can?" asked the girl. Jake ignored the question, then ignored the girl's yelp when he lifted one of her legs high into the air. He fitted her calf to a padded section and lashed her ankle to the bar, then did the same to her other leg, leaving the girl suspended in the air and shackled to the frame.

She began to struggle feebly, a mixture of fear and loathing on her face. Something about that expression made Jake guess that this wasn't the first time she had been tied up like this. Outside, in the distance, he heard a snort.

"You know, I reckon if he's just begun to turn, he probably doesn't need much encouragement." Jake mused. Another snuffle came from the darkness as the beast drew closer to the barn. "He likes to sleep outside in the summer, but I don't think he'll object to spending most of his time in here."

Jake turned and poured a pile of feed into a trough. Plenty of water. Good. All set. Just one last thing.

The girl was still struggling pathetically when he approached. Jake almost laughed. She looked so feeble, her naked 13-year-old body wiggling like a pink worm amidst the metal frame. Jake pulled on a handle near the rear of the frame, working a ratchet that moved the bars slightly. The girl's ass was forced up into the air, a prim, pert pair of little buttcheeks with a tiny cunt waiting in between. He stopped when she was at the right height.

"Good 'nuff". Jake popped the safety cap off the needle of the green syringe, then squeezed the girl's butt into a tight mound and smacked the needle in. The girl jerked and shrieked, as if the drug burned, then began to shake even before the plunger reached the bottom. Jake shrugged. The manual said to give her the whole dose, so that's what he would do. Solyusex XL eh? Hopefully it would live up to its name.

A golden ring entered the edge of the light with a powerful snort. Jake turned and smiled. The beast came forward more, intrigued by the sight of the little girl struggling and helpless. Magnus: a thousand pounds of rippling bull flesh with a cock as big as his thigh. The pride and joy of Jake's farm. Powerful and virile even before Jake had started him on Solyusex. Jake scratched the beast behind the ear as Magnus gave a low, rumbling moo.

"Oh, you like that, boy?" Jake mused, watching as the bull eyed the girl with what seemed like great interest. His tail was lashing like a whip, his ears twitching madly. The thick, sharp horns prodded at the air.

"Poor boy. Just last week you were fucking my cows, then you stopped." It had been just another worry for Jake, that he might not be able to rent the bull for stud anymore. Now the timing seemed fortuitous. "I think I got the cure for what ails you, though. Just need a little medicine to go with it."

Jake worked his hand down the snorting creature's flank until he found a particularly big patch of fat, then injected the red syringe. Magnus didn't even flinch. All of his attention was on the elevated pussy of the 13-year-old girl in front of him. Jake let go of his ear when he was done with the injection, and the beast lurched forward. He sniffed the girl's cunt, then used his tongue to trace a long, gooey trail up her slit, ignoring her shriek and her legs jerking on either side of his head.

"So when I come back, one of two things is going to happen," said Jake, leaning back against the barn door. He watched with pleasure as the bull reared up, its massive body looming over the poor girl, preparing to mount her. The frame kept her at the right height, her ass trembling as the bull's mammoth cock brushed up against her delicate slit for the first time.

"Either you'll be a good, brain-broken little slut, who fucks and sucks and doesn't sass me even once," Jake said, "or I'll pack you into that crate and send you right back to the company. Either way, I'm done fucking around with you."

The girl's wail rose an octave as the bull positioned itself. A powerful snort blew her hair wildly around. Her tiny body trembled underneath the creature. Jake couldn't help his smile of amusement. Magnus was bigger even than his stallions, a powerful shaft of thick, pulsing bullcock the size of his leg. He seemed quite eager to experiment with the little girl, to push that gargantuan organ into her wet little tunnel and see how he liked the feel of human pussy. Jake could hardly blame him. The bitch's trembling hips practically begged to be fucked, her fearful wail carrying a bleating undertone of desperate need as the drug thundered in her veins. An animal slut to the core.

Jake grabbed the flashlight and walked out into the cool night air. Behind him, a squishy slap and a scream signified his bull's first penetration of human pussy. The snuffling cadence grew rapidly, a growing drumbeat of thick bull cock ramming into the 13-year-old girl's little pussy, squeezing it wide open, the sturdy rod jackhammering home and driving her tiny body hard against the metal frame. The shrieks rose in time with the vigorous snorting. The drugs seemed to be working, alright. That XL was powerful stuff. Jake closed the barn doors and latched them, barely making a dent in the racket coming from inside. A thousand pounds of lunging bull piledriving a little girl a tenth his size, banging her puny cunt with the the tremendous lunging force of six feet of bovine dick. It was almost like music. A howl signalled the girl's first orgasm, the slutty wail of a whorish little girl who savored animal cock with a desperation seared deep into her brain by the fire of the drug crackling in her veins.

Jake turned and made his way back up the hill, whistling a tune. After a while he'd open up the barn with Elijah or Jonah and see how she was doing. His other animals would have to do without for a few days. Maybe a week. However long he decided she needed to be crammed with bull dick to fix her. She really was quite the spicy little bitch. In a way, he'd almost miss that. Now that the problem was taken care of, Jake had to laugh at how mad she had made him. It seemed like she couldn't help the sass that came out of her mouth. Probably best to keep her mouth busy then with sucking down semen from every animal on his farm. It was her job, after all. She really wasn't any different than anything that did a job on his farm, like the tractor or the cows. That was what he had bought. A product. A little animal slut of a girl. A pussy hungry for animal dick any time of day or night. A perfect little Barn Bitch.


She followed him obediently by the leash when he got out of the truck. Jake looked back, eyeballing the 15-year-old girl. She was quite cute today, nude except for the little cow armlets and stockings and the slut skirt with the high heels. Jake liked to dress her up when they went to town. She had got the outfit for being a good bitch - one of several things he had ordered for her from the catalog.

"Wait a second," Jake said. The bitch stopped. He twirled his finger and she turned around promptly.

"Hmm." Jake gripped the shaft of the buttplug. It was lodged tightly between the girl's buttcheeks, the end bristling out to an adorable little cow tail.

"Just making sure it's set," he said. The bitch smiled gratefully, like a dog mirroring its master's pleasure. Jake yanked the leash and she followed him into the vet clinic.

Inside, Jake took a seat while the bitch knelt next to him. Several others were there: a pair of women with a Shih Tzu, a girl with a kitten, a man with two dogs sitting with his son, who was holding a gerbil in a box. Seemed nobody else had brought their Bitch in today, but none of the people spared Jake or his charge a second glance.

It wasn't long before the vet appeared. Without looking up from his chart he waved them both into a consultation room, then followed them both in and shut the door.

"Ah yes sir, I see you've brought your Bitch in today," said the vet, still looking at his chart. "It looks like we haven't seen her here before. Well that's fine. Now, do you have any specific health concern-"

He had stopped short in mid-sentence after glancing up from his chart. The Bitch had jumped up to sit on the medical bed and was grinning happily as she rubbed a hand over her pregnant belly.

"Ah-ah, I see. Well now sir, what's this little girl's name?"

"Can't rightly remember," Jake grumbled. "Ain't got no name, really. I just call her Bitch."

The vet shrugged with a grin. "Not a sentimental man, I take it. No matter. Let's give her a looksee. She's pregnant? We've been seeing more and more of these. Quite a shocking development when they first started happening."

The vet waved a hand at a rack of pamphlets as he bent down to touch the stethoscope to the bitch's bulging belly.

"You've seen the literature, yes?"

"Yeah, yeah," said Jake with a shrug. "Can't rightly understand any of it. Something about genetic mutations, chromosomes...I don't know about all that."

The vet nodded, taking a moment to listen to the girl's belly. Satisfied, he stood up again. "Mutations, yes, in the testes of the animals. Funny, how sure the company was that Solyusex made the girls sterile since they couldn't conceive with humans. They all insisted this was impossible...yet life finds a way. Now let me ask, for the sake of being thorough: do you and her…?"

Jake shrugged. "Sometimes. Farm keeps her busy. But a man's got needs, ya know."

"Of course, of course." The vet made a placating gesture with his hands. "I'm hardly the one to pass judgement. There's no problem with it, along as you practice proper hygiene, of course. Speaking of which, let's check her out."

The vet made a gesture and the girl leaned back on the bed and spread her legs. The veterinarian bent in close, inspecting the girl's pussy, poking with his fingers.

"Hmm. No tearing or inflammation. It's startling how well Solyusex lets the genitalia stretch without trauma. Yes, yes, she looks just fine for a 15-year-old human bitch. Healthy labia, clittoral hood looks good. No abnormalities. Your animals are happy with her?"

"Reckon they like her just fine," grunted Jake, as the vet resumed his exam.

"Well she's up to date on her shots." The vet checked the girl's teeth and ears, then her eyes using a penlight. "Weight is fine. She gets plenty of nutrition, right? Drinks plenty of semen from Solyusex-treated animals?"

"That's my whole farm," murmured Jake. "Everything likes to have a go at her. She eats fine, don't worry."

"Good, good." The vet turned to regard him. "She's eating for two now, of course. Her pregnancy seems consistent with the cases we've seen so far. I'll have the nurse give you a card you can bring in for more bloodwork in a month. But for now, she can resume normal activities. Luckily, there are a lot of excellent resources for people who are suddenly finding their bitches getting pregnant."

He moved over to the rack and after a brief consideration selected a pamphlet.

"This one has a hotline with lots of information," the vet said, tapping the shiny cover. Jake looked down at it. 'Pregnant Bitch? We've got answers!' promised the cover, with a cartoonish figure of a man holding his arms up in confusion amongst a cloud of question marks. A block of small text in the corner read: 'Paid For by the Party for the Advancement of Interspecies Breeding (PAIB)'.

"They're really quite excellent," promised the veterinarian. "They can tell you all you need to know up front. The first thing you should know, of course, is about the sex of the child. The presence of Solyusex-driven mutations supresses expression of the Y chromosome in the zygote."

The vet held up his hands with a laugh when he saw Jake's eyes glaze over. "It just means that it's a girl. Bitches can only have girls. We've never seen any cases otherwise. The bloodwork will confirm, but it will be the same as all of our other cases, I assure you. Your bitch will have a little girl in about 7 months. Remember that the child won't take milk. She needs Solyusex animal semen, exclusively. "Oh, that won't be a problem," Jake shrugged. "Got plenty of animals. Reckon we can get some cum in a bottle easily enough."

The vet nodded. "Yes indeed. Her dietary needs won't change as she grows and she'll learn to feed herself quickly. It's actually quite fortunate that the Solyusex genetic changes are passed so firmly onto the offspring. According to the company, the infant will take almost no training. And, of course, as chattel, you can do anything you like with her sexually." The vet shrugged. "Thanks to the extension of the Roswell act to interspecies offspring, she inherits the legal status of her parent. The girl will be a Bitch in every way, in other words, so there's no problem doing whatever you want with her."

"As for the mother Bitch, her regimen of intercourse can continue as normal. She doesn't need a break. It's actually healthier for her to keep fucking right up to the moment her labor begins. The same durability drugs that give her muscles their elasticity will ensure an easy birth. Just make sure you watch her closely as her date gets close, so you can assist her once the birthing starts."

Jake nodded. He'd always taken good care of his animals.

"Now that conception has occurred," the vet went on, "it's likely that your bitch will remain fertile to your animals after her first birth. The company does have a line of products to help you out, naturally. Specialized pregnancy tests to tell when your bitch has caught from the animals. Oh and they also sell ovulation stimulation drugs, and special food which will help during the later stages of pregnancy."

Jake held up a hand. "I've already got the catalog. I'll go through it."

"Of course. Remember that your newborn bitch will eventually be a pregnancy concern as well. Frankly, we don't have much data on exactly when she is likely to become fertile, but early cases so far suggest that she may be able to conceive with your animals as young as 6, and that she would have more offspring like her."

"Suits me," rumbled Jake. "I guess we'll see. "

"Well then, unless you have any more questions...make an appointment up front and come back to see us in 2 months for the bloodwork."

The vet smiled and opened the door for them with an inviting gesture.

"How's the wife?" asked Jake as he passed.

"Oh she's fine! Just fine," the veterinarian laughed, closing the door to follow them to the lobby. "Never been happier, really. We got that new housepet Solyusex for our German Shepherd, so he can keep her company when I'm working. Wonderful stuff, isn't it? He's never been healthier. Hard to believe that once there was such resistance to the company, eh?"

Jake nodded. The Solyusex Corporation had grown to become the wealthiest and largest company in the world, surpassing former multibillion dollar industries. Radically increased farming output had revitalized the world economies and solved the world's hunger problems. Funny how that had worked out. Twenty years ago, nobody would have accepted that the solution to so many of the world's problems involved animals fucking little girls. Now it was the new normal.

Jake and the vet exchanged farewells when they reached the lobby. He had to tug on the leash to get his bitch to follow - she was gazing at a SolCorp brand poster on the wall, squinting her eyes as if trying to make the letters into words. Stupid thing. Animals couldn't read. He finally got her attention with a jerk of the leash, then led her out to the truck. Her behavior had been almost flawless the past year. She was smiling, happy, and healthy. Jake was proud. His farm had never been better. He had two new barns and at least 50 new animals. At times his poor Barn Bitch had trouble keeping up, but so far she had been attacking the job with gusto. He smiled as they got in and he started the aging truck. She had turned out to be a hard worker after all, sucking and fucking around the clock. taking every kind of animal dick in every hole she had for the last two years. And just think: she'd have her little girl soon, and then that girl would have others, and soon the stalls of his new barns would be filled with bitches. Perfectly self-sustaining animal stock. Row after row of little girls bent over, shrieking with orgasm as his animals pounded their stiff animal cocks into them day and night. A throng of tiny bodies, grunting and shuddering with each bestial thrust. A litter of little slut girls. A flock of animal fuckers. His own brood of breeding Barn Bitches.

Jake smiled. What a time to be alive.