WintermuteX Stories

A New Purpose in Life

Written by Carpe
Rewritten by Wintermutex

Tags: MFgg+, 1st, best, mc, nc, reluc, ped, preg, teen

Content: Insect Sex, Mind Control, Teen/Preteen Girls, Impregnation, Pregnancy

11-year-old Gwen skipped happily across the garden in the sunlight. It was the perfect day to play outside, the morning sun baking the breeze to balmy warmth. Mom was going to be out all day with her boyfriend, so Gwen could do whatever she wanted. Sure, her older sister Julie was SUPPOSED to be watching her, but she had just snottily told Gwen not to do anything stupid before locking herself in her room right after Mom left. Big sisters were such a pain.

Gwen grabbed the hula hoop from the tall grass. She and Julie used to have contests to see who could keep it up the longest, but now her older sister was too good to play with Gwen. Whatever. She primed the hoop with her hands, then swished it around her body, spinning her slender hips to keep it going and shouting with glee. 6...7...8! Laughing, she let the hoop spin itself out on her naked stomach and drop to the ground. Mom would probably kill her if she knew Gwen had taken the skimpy blue bikini and matching pareo from her closet, but Gwen just loved how they looked on her body. She felt almost naked, the milky-white skin of her youthful body gleaming in the sun. The top was just a thin pair of provocative triangles that covered her nipples and left the rest of her flat chest bare. On Mom, you could practically see her whole breasts. They didn't cover much. The skirt was a gossamer little wrap that fluttered in the breeze, and the bottoms were a perfect V running between her hips and down over her pussy, just a slip of cloth barely wide enough to cover the little girl's hairless pussy lips. She remembered how it was so thin that Mom had let it slip at the beach once. That was when she had met her new boyfriend.

Oh shoot. She let the hoop drop instead of giving it another spin. Mom wanted me to water the garden today. She dashed over and turned the hose on, then grabbed the gurgling nozzle. Water shot out and Gwen played it over the flowers, soaking them thoroughly. Hmmm, that was too fun. Maybe it would feel good if...she turned the hose on herself and shrieked with laughter. It was so cold! Ack! She let the nozzle drop to the ground and gush water on the grass, then raced over to turn it off. Feeling the chill, the girl looked down at her dripping body. So this is what she'd look like if she went swimming in this suit. Not bad. The 11-year-old was filling out pretty nice, with some sweetly rounded hips and a perky, adolescent bottom. She dipped her fingers under the fabric stuck in her ass and pulled it back out a bit. This thin suit was always doing that. It seemed like it wanted to sink right between her asscheeks all the time. She ran her hands up the curves of her sides and covered her breasts. Or, where her growing breasts WOULD be. She was still pretty flat. The other girls at school were starting to get breasts. Julie had them. Mom had an amazing pair of tits, always fresh and tight and bouncy in the loose shirts she wore. She had seen her boyfriend squeeze them a few times when he thought nobody was looking. It wasn't fair. She wanted to have a nice pair of tits that men always looked at like Mom did.

The summer heat was mounting as the sun climbed towards noon. Gwen decided to hop in the pool. She tucked her legs and cannonballed into the clear water and swam for a few minutes to cool off. What to do for the rest of the day? Julie wouldn't be any fun. Gwen floated lazily on her back, thinking. The trampoline! Mom had got it for her last summer. She had loved jumping on it so much, but Mom made her put it away when summer was over. She probably wouldn't mind if Gwen got it out again this summer. With an eager smile, she paddled to the edge and pulled herself up, then stood and shook out her hair. It was long and blonde, amazingly full and curly, shining golden in the sun like she was a Disney princess. Mom had always said her hair was her best feature. She said boys would go crazy for it. Gwen squeezed most of the water from it and towelled it, then pulled it back over her shoulders.

The screen door scraped when she went inside. Nobody around. The family room was empty. The little pareo around her waist was still dripping slightly, so Gwen pulled the knot loose from her hip and dropped it unceremoniously on the floor. She'd wash it later with the bikini. If she got everything cleaned up and put back before Mom got home, she'd never even know Gwen had "borrowed" the skimpy bikini and matching skirt.

Julie was still locked away in her room, so she'd have the trampoline all to herself. Gwen skipped down the hallway to the basement door. It was an ancient thing of worn, faded wood that creaked ominously when she opened it. She fished around to the side, feeling for the switch, then pulled back her hand with a hiss. A big splinter protruded from her thumb where it had speared the skin. Carefully she picked it out, and noticed there was a glob of some kind of green slime on her finger too. Yuck. The basement was so gross. She hated going down there. A few years ago, the basement would have been too scary for her, but now she was a big girl. She wasn't a kid anymore. She was 11! Big enough to know about bikinis and tits and to know what boys had between their legs. And big enough to not be scared of the basement. She took a deep breath and went down.

Dusty groans alternated from the steps as Gwen padded down into the gloom. The hanging bulb's pitiful shine did almost nothing to drive back the darkness, and mostly managed to cast scary shadows in the corners between the boxes and old furniture. Gwen looked around for the trampoline, pushing a tarp aside and brushing off the dusty cardboard to read the labels. Funny, there was more of that green sludge down here under the tarp. Mom really needed to clean down here once in awhile. Finally, she saw it behind a box in a corner: the big orange disc was hidden by dust but the sheet of woven black fibers reflected the light in an arc. Yes! She pushed a box. Ugh, too heavy. She squirmed around it. It was hard to move down here - too cluttered. An old lamp blocked her way and she moved it, and then bent over to peer at what was in the box blocking the trampoline in the darkness. A set of weights, some as heavy as fifty pounds. She would have to drag them all to the side.

Gwen had no idea she was being watched from the shadows. Her mind couldn't have comprehended the cold, alien intellect that had sensed the little 11-year-old girl's presence, and was even now sampling every pheromone of her innocent female smell and watching the sweet, round bottom with its barely-concealed cunt waving in the air as she struggled to haul the barbells.

Got it! She hefted the edge of the trampoline. Now she'd have to drag it out of here. She began to pull it awkwardly across the dusty floor, but stopped when she saw an odd, oval shadow in the basement corner. Had that been there when she came down? Was it moving? Something about it She peered closer. Why was the stupid light bulb down here so dim? Suddenly it skittered out and leaped at her. Gwen dropped the trampoline and screamed bloody murder just before the thing bowled her over. It was a cockroach as big as a dog! Gwen rolled over and tried to run. She HATED bugs! She squeezed around the boxes and tried to make a break for the stairs, but the bug was faster. It had no intention of letting this succulent little morsel of a girl get away. It skittered over the clutter and leaped onto her back, sending her crashing to the basement floor.

Gwen was horrified to feel the segmented legs catching at her sides. She struggled and twisted, but they had tiny, sticky barbs on them that kept the bug firmly attached to her back. She screamed for her sister, for Mom, for anyone, and flailed her arms, but the heavy bug kept hold and used its bulk to keep her pinned to the floor.

Julie might have heard her sister's doomed scream, if she wasn't swinging her head and listening to her music on her noise-cancelling headphones. She had got them so she could shut out her brat of a little sister whenever she was making noise, and they worked perfectly. Now she was just waiting for Amber to call her on Skype so they could talk, about boys, about school, about annoying little sisters who should get what's coming to them. If only she knew what was coming to her sister in the basement right then.

Gwen's mind spun in terrified paralysis. She lay helpless on the basement floor with the big cockroach-like bug on her back. She wanted to scream. She tried to scream. She screamed and screamed in her mind, but her throat was locked in a horrified rictus and emitted only the most pitiful moaning. Disgust and helplessness brought tears to her eyes. This...this THING was moving on her back, making clicking noises, squeezing her thighs, her butt and hips, then moving higher to rub the oily bottom of its carapace along the smooth skin of her back. So smooth and soft, such a little treat this girl was. A few more clicking steps brought its head up to the back of her neck, so it could sample her whole body.

The pheromones were perfect. His prey was a delicious young female, not yet defiled by a male - not even fertile yet, but with luscious curves and a sweet, soft little body ripe for his needs. The creature's excitement rose, and the fluids of its arousal began to drip onto her body. Now he needed to make her mind perfect for what would be next. It reached for her head...

In Gwen's fevered fear, she thought it was some kind of horrible bug tongue reaching out to devour her, but the creature had entirely different plans for her. It spread its jointed feelers and slithered them gently into her ear canals, probing carefully. It had all the necessary equipment to "fix" delicious little female minds like hers. It pushed farther, taking care with its delicate work as the girl twitched and cried beneath it. The bug couldn't do its work with her moving, so it fed a soft, comforting hum reverberating into her skull to keep her still. Finally the tiny needle tips on the very ends of its feelers brushed against the soft flesh underneath her eardrums. It was ready. Painlessly, the two points slipped into her flesh.

Gwen was shaking with terror inside, even as her body lulled drowsily from the insect hum that seemed to fill her entire brain. Mom, save me please! Julie, anyone! Her silent cries went unheeded as the tips slipped inexorably closer together in her head, bringing with them a mounting hum that resonated in her brain like an echo chamber until it was overpowering. They were getting closer, slipping through the soft flesh inside her head, approaching her brain with painless, surgical precision. When the tiny needle-points of both appendages were exactly deep enough, they began to vibrate almost imperceptibly, giving off minute electric impulses that wove intimate connections between the master bug's mind and the young human slave mind. Tentacles of cold alien intellect snaked into every wrinkle of the terrified girl's cranium. When it was done, her small body had stopped shaking and crying, mind locked in a rigor against the inexorable intrusion of her insect master. She stared at the wall with empty eyes, only dimly aware, almost catatonic. She was an open vessel, as if a key had been turned in the lock of her mind that opened every channel of her consciousness and froze them all in place.

With the initial preparations done, the bug began to hum with a pleased vibration. This 11-year-old girl was ready for programming, ready to receive her new role. It began crawling over and brainwashing every fold of the little girl's' mind. It took her memories and improved them. It took her human feelings and injected his insectoid influence into every one of them. It took her thoughts and secreted the viscous fluid of its very nature on them until every one was tainted. All of the little girl's memories of friends and toys, laughter and sorrow, and every other experience she ever had were dimmed, their essential character washed out, then enhanced with images of desperate cravings of the feel of slick carapaces and brown juices, feelers and antenna brushing the soft parts of her body, the clicking of segmented legs, of frenzied insectoid copulation and the shrieking, glorious pleasure that came with it. All these sensations congealed together, sliding into the gaps of her mind and solidifying like sticky fluid, changing everything and instilling a new need and purpose for the 11-year-old girl's existence.

Gone were the human things, normal instincts overridden with a desperate hunger for the taste and odor of the bug's oily juices, the slimy fluids of its underbelly, the thick dark greenish cum. Everything she learned in school was upgraded: her memory of the roll-down world map in class was replaced with a fleshy diagram of bulging bug anatomy, her textbooks became hundreds of pages of photographs of humans eagerly copulating with insects, her lunch periods in the cafeteria were fond memories of her and her friends eagerly spooning slop from trays filled to the brim with warm bug semen that glowed a virulent green. In gym, they didn't play dodgeball. Instead the girls would line up and kneel on the floor, pulling down their gym shorts and panties and letting an eager row of dog-sized cockroaches ram their slimy dicks into their pussies and fountain green bug sperm into their wombs until it overflowed into slick puddles on the floor. The coach gave top marks to the girls that orgasmed first. This was what she remembered, her head filled up with intimate knowledge of bug anatomy and what the wonderful fate was for females like her - breeding ceaselessly with her insect master and cresting the waves of orgasmic pleasure between each new birth of bug spawn from her pussy. This was now the most important thing in her new, re-purposed life.

For two hours, innocent Gwen lay in the basement until the very last memory of her life was found and flushed out and replaced with the bug's version: it was an image of her, her mother, and her sister posing together at the beach - a photograph from last year's summer. They all had big smiles on their faces, a happy family. It was a powerful memory, embedded deeply into the core of the young girl's self, but at last it was twisted and replaced with an image of all three of them as naked as they day they were born, hugging each other and smiling happily, each with a swelling, pregnant belly that writhed visibly from the host of insect larvae under the surface. Dark greenish cum dripped from their cunts and ran in gooey rivulets down each other's legs. A little girl's happiest memory of her family.

That was it. It was over. The last thing grounding the human soul of little Gwen now belonged to her bug master. Its feelers carefully slithered out of her ears, and it stepped off the girl's body, mandibles working excitedly and waiting for her reaction with great anticipation.

The 11 year old girl woke slowly to a gloomy, dusty room. She sat upright. At first, there was just emptiness inside, and a furious longing for something. Looking around at the clutter of the stacked boxes, she saw the huge cockroach on the floor beside her, and burst into a happy smile. Her mind was beginning to work, the implanted instincts firing perfectly. She didn't see a big, revolting bug, but rather her mate, her lover, the one thing the 11-year-old little girl desired in all the world to fill up the empty void inside her.

Then she felt something binding and unpleasant and looked down at her body. A disgusting wrap of blue cloth circled her chest and covered her nipples, and another was woven around her hips and pussy. They felt terrible! Nothing at all like the feel of clammy chitin and insect feelers that she enjoyed on her skin. The filthy fibers were like blasphemy, covering up the 11-year-old's pert little nipples and her succulent pussy, hiding them away from herself and her master. With a grunt she ripped them off and threw them away. Yuck! She hated all kinds of human clothes! Maybe she had worn some, once. The memory was hazy. But what she knew was how much she enjoyed taking them off and replacing the feeling with rows of clicking, segmented legs that wrapped around her body. Her prepubescent body now completely naked, she looked at her bug master again, and giggled with joy that a sweet little breeding cunt like her would never have to wear any awful human clothes again.

Everything about the bug was exquisite. She compared the masterfully built exoskeleton to her own flimsy shell of pink. She was soft and supple, lacking the armor of her superior. She only had two thin legs, and vulnerable, rounded hips and shoulders, unlike the oval shell and firm angles of her master's body. He was glorious compared to her, a beautiful and virile specimen like an oversized cockroach, but with a dozen legs and a larger, harder beetle's shell instead of wings. She caressed her own skin with dissatisfaction. So inadequate. Still, there must have been something that attracted such a wonderful creature to her.

She cupped the two small, budding mammaries on her chest and squeezed them. The cherry-colored nipples stiffened and when she pinched them she felt a shiver race through her. It felt so good to do that, but she only cared about her Master's pleasure. How could these pitiful buds serve him?

Sliding a hand down her flat belly, past her navel, she found another place warming with desire. It was softer and fleshier than most of her body, the puffy, hairless lips dimpling as she poked it. She spread them and slipped a finger into the moist crevice beneath. Here! This was it. The warm dew told her that her body was ready to serve. This was where he would enter her, couple with her like she desired, use her meager little body for his purpose.

Her heartbeat thumped a mounting rhythm in her ears. Naked and horny beyond words, her eyes focused on the big bug as she touched herself, her 11-year-old mind racing through every eager image of glorious cockroach breeding. So wonderful, to have her true purpose given to her by her master, to have her little cunt stuffed with bug cock and flooded to the brim with his seed so she could bear a brood of beautiful little larvae.

The bug was pleased! He knew his brainwash was a complete success when the tiny breeder shed her clothes and touched her little red nipples and the adorable virgin slit. He sensed something else also, a new smell exuding from her body, pheromones of desire and need leaking out from her breath and from the immature crack between her legs. This was the first step, for his breeder's little body to respond to his masterful presence and warm itself to a fiery horniness like a bitch in heat.

Moisture trickled down Gwen's hands as she sunk another finger into the delicate hole. Every cell of the 11-year-old's body was ablaze with an unendurable passion like she had never felt. It roared in her brain, urging her fingers farther, making her squeeze and twist the nipples on her flat chest with abandon. Her panting grew until her chest heaved back and forth madly. Her hips seemed to be moving on her own. A third finger, joining the others, squeezed into the tight crack to enjoy the rippling massage of her pussy walls around it. Her brain focused furiously on the image of a majestic cockroach dick, massive and erect, dripping at the tip with the tiniest sample of sweet green sludge. She wanted to feel the velvet texture on her skin. She wanted to lick it, slather her tongue up and down the length, take it in her mouth and let it ram into her throat. She wanted it inside her, needed it inside her. Feverishly, she wished the pathetic fingers she was frigging away with were half as good as that glorious insectile phallus. The final thought of the exquisite length slipping between her lips and inside her pussy sent her over the edge into a wild, mind-tumbling orgasm. She shrieked and jerked, falling forward and bracing with a hand on the floor as every muscle in her crotch spasmed into a wild frenzy of pure frothing ecstasy. The girl's tiny body shook uncontrollably and her eyes rolled up, almost losing consciousness from the storm of bliss that ripped through her. This is what he would do to her, her mind screamed. This is how much he would love her, and more.

Panting desperately for breath, naked chest dusty from squirming against the basement floor, Gwen sat slowly up and looked at her master with tears were in her eyes. She had never felt such a joy, and he was going to give her even more, was going to complete her meager existence right now.

The bug read the signal for the next step when his little breeding cunt lay back and spread her legs wide open. Her carefully-implanted instincts were telling her all she needed to know. He skittered forward, and mounted her stomach, then climbed up and wrapped his sticky legs around her torso. The little girl stared into his face, panting and moaning, desire painting her face red.

She was still too young to get pregnant. Despair almost took hold, but she knew her lover would fix this before filling her up with his cum. Images of the spurting fluid filled her mind: a thick greenish slush, potent and filling and swimming with billions of tiny bug sperm, her food and her drink and her baby-making stuff all at once. She wanted it so desperately. She wiggled her hips to urge him to start as she gazed up with a begging look at the thousands of facets in his eyes.

The touch of firm velvet flesh oozing with sludgy oil against her thigh made her look down. This was it! The magnificent black girth of fine insect cock that had haunted her mind was now brushing its pointed tip up against her crotch. The bug cock was as big around as her arm and over a foot long, with twisting ridges along the length and delicate bristles at the base. Erect flesh gleamed in the pitiful light with an oily sheen that leaked from oozing pores on the hard ridges. Any normal human woman seeing her master's beautiful cock would have run screaming in horror, but Gwen loved every inch of it. It was there, so close, about to push inside her. Hot blood rushed through her veins at the thought, and a tingle began in her pussy as it flared and dripped even more readily.

Slimy fluid rubbed Gwen's navel as the bug positioned itself, fixing the sticky segments of its leg to her sides, and positioning the blackish-orange tip at her swelling tunnel. God she wanted it so bad. Her hands went up, caressing the chitinous sides, urging him in. Sudden force jerked her legs as the tip shoved and pushed its way inside past her hairless, puffy lips.

The little breeding cunt was deliciously wet and warm, but so tight! She shrieked when he thrust inside, but even the accompanying fresh gush of fluid wasn't quite enough to get its substantial organ more than a few inches into the sucking warmth. The bug pushed harder, enjoying the squeezing tightness and rippling massage of the 11-year-old's tiny cunt muscles on its cock. It pulled back up the slippery tunnel and rammed forward again. The breeder was making pitiful mewling noises of pleasure with each forward thrust, and the bug pushed harder, slamming ruthlessly into the willing breeding cunt that he had prepared. There was a resistance, but with one heavy slam the bug rammed its thick cock forward, forcing past the brief tug and burying itself inside.

Gwen wrapped her open legs around the big pumping shell when her body jerked in pain. She screamed again, revelling in the joy of her Master taking her pathetic virginity and pumping harder and faster into her body. The pain was a tiny price to pay, and it was swiftly replaced with the glorious feeling of ecstasy from having the whole length of the bug cock moving inside her. She was a small, unworthy thing with a flimsy carapace, and she could feel that her body was too tight for the imposing girth of her Master, but she knew he loved her so much and that he had the power to take care of even this little problem. The bug wasn't going to be stopped by the unbearable tightness of an 11-year-old's virgin pussy. Warm goop oozed out of the wet pores of the pumping prick inside her and began to coat her pussy walls in an oily substance - her master leaking out some of his precious fluid, making her even wetter and deflating his own massive member so he could fit farther inside. The bug pumped even harder into the little 11-year-old girl until her butt was wiggling on the floor and the flaring tip of the mammoth bug cock had slowly pounded past every squeezing inch and bottomed out at her cervix.

Gwen's muscles went stiff, holding him inside, legs tightly wrapped around the shell. Her red pussy lips strained unbearably around even the shrunken girth of her master, but the orgasm ripping through her came with the joyous thoughts that her purpose had come here and now. She could feel the warmth spurting inside her and in her mind she saw the thin black liquid of her master's special breeder juice gushing from the tip where it was stuffed so deep in her tiny pussy, flooding through the pinhole of her cervix and filling the space inside. Everywhere the goop went she began to change. It flowed down both Fallopian tubes and found the weak, human ovaries, coating them and beginning to work their insectile influence on every cell within seconds. The preteen's infertile reproductive organs began their wonderful process of transformation into their new, twisted, and extremely fertile versions. Gwen shuddered in happiness and pleasure. She kissed her loving Master, thanking him for the gift of cockroach juice swilling in her womb and for ruining the soft, fleshy organs she had had and replacing them with fertile versions that she would use to give him so many sweet little bug babies.

Gwen and the bug lay locked together for hours, the girl twitching ecstatically from orgasm to orgasm. The swelling insect cock had plugged her pussy with a tight seal, keeping every drop of transmuting sludge buried inside the girl's womb where it belonged. The bug rested with its sticky legs wrapped around her and the bulk of its heavy shell nestling against her stomach, the pleasure of the little girl's rippling cunt evident in the waving antenna and excited chittering sounds. It held tight as its breeding cunt squealed and thrashed in pleasure, keeping the thick syrup of bug fluid plugged inside the 11-year-old. Just a little while longer for the vile juice to work, and its little breeding cunt would be ready.

Between each muscle-jerking climax, Gwen patted the smooth carapace of the bug resting on her stomach and ran her fingers along the jointed legs, the delicate feelers, the mandibles that clicked each time her breeding slit gave him a wave of pleasure. She whispered her wordless declarations of love, of devotion to her bug master, her desire for the black elixir in her to remove her immature ovaries forever and give her beautiful new ones, fertile to the soup of bug juice swimming in her insides. Her existence and need was now to give birth to her beautiful lover's offspring, a sweet brood of cute little larval bugs, not some disgusting, ugly human babies, all pink and soft and unworthy.

All afternoon, while her little sister found a new purpose in life under a pounding cockroach prick, her older sister, Julie, lounged in her room talking with her friends on Skype and ignoring the fact that she was supposed to be looking after someone. Little sisters were such dweebs, her friends agreed. Julie could hardly have realized that she had already lost her sweet, innocent little sister permanently a few hours ago. If she had opened the basement door, she would have seen the shadows cast on the wall of a tiny squirming form with a massive, pumping insect silhouette perched atop it. If she had climbed down, she would have seen the terrifying sight of a little 11-year-old girl on her back on the dirty floor, naked, with an enormous cockroach coupling with her, would have seen how the creamy white flesh of her legs contrasted with the disgusting brown color of the carapace they were wrapped around, and how the leaking trail of blood and pussy juice on the floor led to the point where the bulging black insect cock was tightly stuffed in the hairless opening of her once-virgin cunny. Julie could have told from the expression on her little sister's face that Gwen was now the happiest girl in the world because of the absolute joy of having the big, disgusting cockroach corrupting her immature reproductive organs permanently.

But Julie didn't want to check up on her dorky sister. She didn't go to the basement and see Gwen's rapturous defilement. Instead, she was wrapped up in looking at the pics of a handsome boy from her class, and talking about him with her friends. They fantasized about how his lips would feel, what the muscles on his arms felt like. Giggling, they even wondered how big his cock was. Julie had never even had sex, but she talked about it constantly and thought about it even more. She never could have imagined that her own 11-year-old sister had been already been fucked by a cock bigger than any human boy's and was now the willing breeding stock for another lifeform.

Finally it was over. The black liquid had sunk irreparably deep into her body and her corrupted reproductive organs were ready. The tingling itch from the black goo bathing her insides had reached a crescendo before finally fading away after hours of bliss. Gwen shuddered through yet another of her seemingly endless streams of orgasms. Her belly felt like it was burning, and the sweat coating her body had the syrupy aroma of insect bile. She smelled like her master. That sweet scent was the signal for the bug that her body was finally ready. Slowly he started pulling his mighty bug cock out from the little girl's snatch, breaking the seal around the tightly-stretched pussy lips. Gwen almost cried, hugging him with her legs and pleading for him not to go, but she realized she needn't have worried. He thrust right back in, slamming deep inside then pulling out and doing it again, establish a bucking rhythm that plunged the thick black cockroach cock deep into the little girl's abused young pussy all over again.

Gwen was in Heaven. Her body was ready and her lover was finally giving her his ultimate gift. She hollered in joy and curled her toes, thrusting back against the rhythm and lifting her 11-year-old ass off the ground so she could give her bug mate a deeper angle for his thrusts. The pointed tip banged against her cervix and the ridged sides scraped her pussy walls with a delightful friction that sent sparks of pure ecstasy lancing from her crotch up to her brain. The giant cockroach latched on her body with its sticky legs was the fulfillment of all her dreams. Its fluids scraped from its thorax onto her belly and its meaty prick thrust madly into her tiny cunt.

"YESSSS!" Gwen shrieked, with every pounding thrust. She gasped and panted and moaned and squealed with excited delight as the mounting rhythm of pounding bug cock stoked a blaze of fervent passion in her crotch. She wrapped her legs harder around his shell. She yelled for him to fuck her deep, to give her bug babies. She pushed her hips forward with each thrust, knowing that the milking massage her frenzied pussy was giving her master's cock would soon bring the flood of frothing green bug sperm that she so strongly desired in her womb. Her corrupted ova were ready. She wanted to do everything to give her master as much pleasure as possible and milk as much cockroach cum from the pounding end of his mighty cock as she could so she could be filled up with bug babies. This was her only desire now - to breed. To offer her soaking, immature but fertile cunt to the bug she loved beyond everything. To be fucked, to be his lover, to be his sow, his bitch, his delicious little breeding cunt and fuck toy forever.

"Fuck me!" She yelled. "Please! Unnnngh, make me pregnant with your babies!" She panted her feverish desires into his insectoid face, staring pleadingly into the facets of his alien eyes. She had never felt anything like this, never imagined anything so beautiful in her wildest dreams. "Shove your big bug cock in meeeeeEEEEE!" Gwen's obscene comments seemed to urge the bug on. It pounded furiously, moving its whole body to drag the slimy, dripping black bug cock almost all the way out of the girl's pussy, then ramming it back again with furious energy. Gwen's existence mounted to a height of ultimate pleasure that no preteen girl had ever felt before. All of her mind and thoughts and feelings oriented and focused on her one goal: to breed with her bug master, to let him spew his potent, twisted seed inside her endlessly until a beautiful swarm of larval cockroaches swelled in her pregnant belly.

If Gwen's mother could have seen her precious daughter, she would have been horrified by the sight of the little girl buck naked and yelling like a wild animal as she fucked an enormous cockroach to screaming orgasm, demanding to be bred like the obsessed receptacle of bug semen that she now was. The mind-numbing sight would have shocked her mother into unconsciousness, like something out of a dream, or a nightmare.

But it wasn't a dream. This was Gwen's magnificent reality now. The giant bug fucked the little girl senseless for hours, shoving its thick cockroach prick into the little girl's rapturous pussy as she writhed through dozens of orgasms. Gwen's existence oscillated between the storming highs of each blissful climax, and the grunting, animal heat of her bug lover pounding and thrusting into her cunt in between, inflaming her pussy walls with an unbearable passion that swiftly pushed her over the edge to yet another orgasm. For hours the ridged, black organ battered the little 11-year-old pussy. For hours Gwen panted and moaned and begged incoherently for his sperm. She was sweating profusely, filthy from the dust and dirt of the basement floor and the slimy oils dripping from her master's thorax. Her perversely altered body heated up until her blood was boiling in her veins, and at last, with one climactic pelvic shudder, her bug lover pushed inside and stayed while a flood of thick greenish insect jism erupted into her womb.

He really loved her! Tears filled Gwen's eyes even as the most intense orgasm yet roared through her muscles. He loved her so much that he fulfilled her begging. The primal wave of hot semen gushing into her was his gift, and she loved it, loved the second one, and the third. Spurt after spurt of potent fluid washed up inside the girl's belly, each one delivering a greenish slush of cum straight into her waiting cervix. In moments, the tiny womb was full, and still the fluid surged in like a dam had burst. Her belly began to bulge, swelling with the mass of internal fluid as if she was already pregnant. She put a hand on her navel to feel the mounting pressure of her master's love inside her.

Time and heat ebbed away ever so slowly on a river of euphoria. Gwen could feel tiny drips of bug sperm slipping out from the tight seal of their connection and dripping down her asscrack. The smell was overwhelming: a virile, potent blend of overpowering pheromonic aromas that conveyed the slimy scent of skittering dark places and oozing carapaces of vile fluids - every delicious scent that she loved about her bug master. She lay on her back long after the jerking storm in her muscles blew itself out, smiling contentedly and patting the smooth shell of her one and only lover, the bug still twitching spastically and occasionally spurting more deposits of hot fluid into the ocean already inside. She knew that deep in her womb, each black ovum was being sought out by billions of insect-twisted sperm swimming through the green sludge, burying themselves against the surface and squiggling through, then dividing and eventually growing into a healthy brood of swarming young.

After almost ten minutes of being locked to his little breeding cunt, dumping every drop of semen it could into her, the bug finally twitched its way to the end of its climax. Greenish swill had leaked from their intimate connection and pooled on the floor until it had spread out into a sticky mess of insect cum that coated Gwen's butt and back like syrup. The cockroach had begun the first step to breed new life, dumping as much cum in his breeding cunt as possible, but there was one more thing to do to seal his seed inside and give protection to the fertilized ova, to offer warmth for the coming larvae.

Gwen was only 11, but she had already fulfilled her most intense desire in life. She lay on her back contentedly, enjoying how the spreading pool of leaking cum adhered to her asschecks. Her master pushed deeply inside her again, and she felt a low hum from his body, and a new sensation in her cunt: more fluid was oozing from the pores of his bug penis, but this time it was hot and thick, and it rapidly turned very sticky, like glue. The fluid pooled up against her cervix and sealed it tight, and Gwen knew that it was her bug lover's mechanism to keep her larval babies warm. She patted the chitinous shell. The sealing syrup felt itchy, but she loved every kind of fluid he put inside her and accepted them all. Slowly, the bug pulled back, leaving hardening tar-like sludge behind, until finally it pulled all the way out and thick dark ooze welled out and mixed with the greenish soup on the floor. It hardened rapidly, and before Gwen knew it a tight plug of black-brown resin had formed between her pussy lips. The 11-year-old's pussy had been locked up tight with all the precious cockroach seed inside.

Gwen felt exhausted now from fulfilling her duty, but she was too chilly to sleep. Luckily, her instincts told her that the solution to that problem lay in her bug master's gifts as well. She dug her fingers into the pool of green slop on the floor and slathered her body with it, rubbing her lover's warm cum over her bulging tummy, coating her hips, digging for another dollop with her fingers and smearing it over her breasts and neck and then licking the green, gooey remains from her fingers. She knew it would sink into her 11-year-old body through the pores of her skin - even more of her lover's fluid inside her - and settle in her cells where it would keep them warm and work slow changes on them, so that his smell would become her smell and her body would be even more pleasing to him, so that her female aroma would contain pheromones that would tell every other bug male that she already belonged to a dominant male.

The bug's cum would keep her warm, but she was also hungry. She looked at him and pointed to her mouth, then opened it wide and stuck out her tongue.

The bug expected his breeding female's request. Her body needed a large amount of energy to deal with her growing pregnancy, and he had to feed her well. He skittered all the way up her body, the rows of legs pumping around her head and the slimy underside of his chitinous body filling her vision. Gwen's eyes bulged with desire as the goo-covered organ came up and the flushed orange head brushed her lips. She couldn’t wait to taste her lover’s cum. She stretched her jaw as wide as she could, and welcomed the turgid shaft of bug meat into her mouth. The bug's cock began slowly pumping into the little girl's sucking tunnel as she tongued the flaring, pointed glans and the firm ridges that circled the girth. Every part of it was delicious. Every part of it was heaven. The little girl licked and sucked and sloshed saliva in her mouth until the end of the mammoth organ was thoroughly coated, then began a furious bobbing motion. Her neck twitched rapid jerks up and down the shaft, sucking off the enormous cockroach looming over her head. No 11-year-old girl ever sucked a big black cock with such enthusiasm as Gwen milked her lover's delicious phallus. Her cheeks blew and her tongue worked until the pointed head was dipping against the back of her throat. She could feel the swelling flesh, the coming flood, and she buried the tip against her tonsils, as deep as the big organ could go, just in time for the flash food of green bug jizz to spurt out and flood down her throat to her belly. It was hot and tingly, and oozed down her esophagus like syrup. Gwen could feel her belly swell with satisfaction as the fluid poured in and kept coming. She pulled back with a slight pop, dislodging the bug cock from her throat, and began sloshing the waning current of fluid around with her tongue, sucking every drop of nasty insect semen from her lover's cock like a little baby sucking milk from her mommy’s breast. The spurts of slimy green ambrosia finally slowed to a trickle. It was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted, like sweet syrup with a sharp, musky undercurrent of male bug potency baked into the flavor. She licked his cock clean without wasting even one drop.

Now with a full stomach and a stuffed pussy and a drying coat of hot cum on her skin, she finally dozed off. Her slumber was filled with fevered dreams of her human DNA merging with twisted insect DNA to create new life in the steaming depths of her belly.

The bug looked at his mate: the little girl slept soundly in a pool of stinking, greenish cum, her flawless white skin contrasting with the wretched deposits of dark, greenish bug semen. It dried on her breasts, it coated her nipples, it dripped gooey trickles down her belly to pool in her delicate navel. Globs of green coated her lips and chin where it had spilled out of her mouth faster than she could swallow. Her once-golden hair was a dirty, tangled mat flecked with green spurts and adhering everywhere to the sticky mess where her back met the floor. The rapturous smile exuded a pure character of sweet innocence on the sleeping girl's face, as if her mother had told her a cheerful bedtime story, but Gwen's grin was from her dream of an endless mass of tiny larval bug bodies slowly growing in her womb, the itching heat in her belly keeping them warm and the plug on her womb keeping them safe until the happy day that they could be born as healthy cockroach babies.

Her breeding was complete. She would sleep for a few hours and then the bug would need to feed her again. In the meantime, he had another task. Sorting through all the images from the little female’s mind, it knew there was another little female in the house, a girl smooth and supple and with only a slightly less immature cunt. She would be his mate too, would be stuffed with bug spunk until her belly swelled with a swarm of larvae, like every female would be.

Julie was lying on her stomach, chewing gum and listening to her music when she suddenly felt something heavy skittering up her leg. She turned her head, and screamed in terror to see the gigantic bug, as big as a dog, that had crawled up on the bed and straddled her thighs. She ripped off her headphones and snatched at her nightstand, trying to get her phone, trying to get anything, but the bug lunged up onto her back, wrapping its insectile arms all around her torso and pinning her to the bed. She shrieked and twisted, trying to throw the bug off, but the segmented legs were locked tight around her hips and sides. Her flailing hands knocked the lamp and the alarm clock off the little table. The awful thing was moving up her body, mandibles clicking, making a chittering sound in her ear. Julie could feel a syrupy fluid seeping through the back of her shirt and rubbing across her bottom where her skirt was being pushed up. The sludge oozed onto her struggling bottom where the filthy thorax was rubbing against it and dribbled down onto her cotton panties. And what was that poking sensation against her privates? The little 13-year-old had a sudden, horrible realization, and she screamed again and thrashed, but the adrenaline dumped into her veins came too late. The bug extended his special tentacles and dipped them carefully into the struggling little cunt's ears, and she suddenly went limp as the currents of bug brainwashing began to swirl in her head. It was game over for the little girl.

With delight, the cockroach pushed the needled tips of its feelers farther into the soft flesh of her inner ears. It knew that the breeding cunt was paralyzed and helpless, and as the insectile buzzing grew louder and louder in her skull, the bug's mind dipped deep inside, exploring every nook and cranny.

Friends. Boys. Classes from school. Everything on the surface was stripped away. The bug injected the images of himself breeding little Gwen into Julie's innocent mind, images of his thick bug cock slamming into her cunt while she screamed in delight, visions of the girl's euphoria as the swill of bug semen spurted up inside her and mingled with her corrupted ovaries, starting the speedy process of growing into larval bug babies in her womb. The boys were supplanted by raging desires for handsome cockroach flesh in all of her tiny holes. The friends were enhanced, memories filling of the times that Julie had shared delicious bug cocks with them, how she and Amber would double-team a blowjob on powerful cockroach dicks, licking up the firm, black shaft of oily filth and taking turns bobbing eagerly on the fist-sized tip. Her head was filled with long days in class daydreaming about stinking greenish bug semen splattering on her face, filling her mouth and throat, or being rammed into her pussy on the end of a thrusting bug prick. She knew her purpose in life: the bug used the knowledge of its other little breeding cunt as an example, filling Julie up with a burning desire to be fucked and bred.

She had wanted to become a model. She was due to start at a modelling school at the end of the year. No more. Her passion and eagerness were harnessed and fed into the yearning dream of accepting a pounding cockroach cock into her tiny pussy and welcoming its flood of greenish semen, the joy of her belly swelling with each new brood of grubs, and the heavenly feeling of their slippery larval bodies sliding out of her during birth so she could repeat the breeding cycle again.

Images of naked little Gwen flooded her mind, filling the final gaps. Slender and still too young to have hair on her pussy yet or anything more than the barest hint of a pair of mounds around her sweet nipples, she had been the first to be bred by her bug lover. Julie felt beads of moisture quickening on the lips of her lightly-fuzzed cunt. How she envied Gwen! To be the first to be pounded to submission by the thumping rod of cockroach meat and to take the filthy slime of his greenish cum inside - it was almost more than she could bear. Her little sister got everything first. But it was alright. They could be together now as a loving pair of little breeding cunts should be, both sharing the liquid love their bug master pounded into them and bellies swelling up with the life of his cockroach babies.

For 2 hours, the giant cockroach perched on the catatonic little girl's body, straddling her legs, leaking its eager oils onto her shirt and the bare asscheeks under her pushed-up skirt. 2 hours to permanently corrupt the 13 year-old’s virgin mind. Just like with Gwen, Julie’s mind was left with one final memory: a happy image of the time they were together as a family at the beach, both girls and their mother lying back on the sand and hugging each other with happy smiles while a friend took their picture. The final sticky strand of insect influence snapped into place, and it was replaced with the fantasy of all three of them lying on their backs in the basement, naked bodies ensconced in beds of filthy resin. Julie and her mom's bellies were swollen almost to bursting from their pregnancy, and Gwen was beside them nursing the larvae of her newborn brood from her tiny tits. Happy, loving smiles were on all their faces as they hugged each other. It was the best kind of dream a little girl could have, a deep, idyllic, intensely personal rendering of a girl's view of her loving family. She had always wanted them all to be happy, even her little squirt of a sister. The yearning for this dream was embedded deep in the foundation of her new self. Julie mind’s was now fixed for good.

Bristled feelers slithered out of her ears. Julie woke with her head resting facedown on the pillow of her bed. Every part of her was filled with an aching longing, a desperate need for a purpose she couldn't yet identify. It was almost unbearable. She wanted to cry. Feeling sticky all along her back, she slowly turned over, then broke into a glorious smile when she saw her lover standing on the floor, feelers waving about excitedly. He was what she needed! Here was her master that would fix her on the course of her new, wonderful life. Her pussy was already moist, lips quivering with anticipation. Julie was old enough to already know everything about sex, so her new mind began to work faster than Gwen's had. She kneeled on the floor and embraced the hard carapace. A growing little girl's mind tends to fill up with dreams of falling in love and getting married, and of course having sex for her first time. For Julie, the joy of every one of those things was bursting in her mind at once. She bent to kiss the slimy head, lavishing her affection and gratitude on her master for choosing someone so unworthy like her.

Julie tore her clothes off as she followed the bug down the stairs. This pink shirt that she had loved because it was one size too small and showed off her navel - disgusting! All it did was keep her master from gazing on the growing mounds of her sweet 13-year-old tits. She ripped the thin cloth and hurled the scraps away, then did the same for the garment underneath. Much better. And what a ridiculous blue wrap around her waist! It was short, barely hanging to her upper thighs, but even that was much too long. It kept her smooth skin hidden and her perky bottom concealed. She shoved it down and stepped out of it, then tossed it on the couch. The final horror was revealed: a scrap of thin purple cotton ran across her hips and down over her pussy. The impudent fabric covered her dripping slit, outrageously standing between the beloved insect cock she longed to receive and the delicious warmth of her tingling pussy. She yanked them down and dropped them as she descended the basement steps. Torture, for a young girl to have to wear something so terrible. They had been expensive clothes, but to Julie they were now just filthy rags. The only covering she needed was her master's body, clutching her torso as he fucked her to screaming oblivion. The passion of pounding insect prick in her pussy would keep her warm.

The bug surveyed his new breeding cunt as she walked naked across the gloom of the basement. Her smell was already changing, the tantalizing smell of a fertile 13-year-old girl mixing with the oily tang of exuded insect pheromones. She was just a little older than the other, with a humble pair of growing breasts and a perky, wiggling ass that any boy would have killed for. The flesh of her weak body was slightly tanned, giving it a healthy golden hue, and her long, dark hair hung to her waist in a river of healthy curls.

Julie's knees went weak at the sight of her lover looking her over approvingly. He was so lovely, with a handsome, full thorax and an imposing carapace. The potent insect smell was heaven to her nose. How had such a wonderful creature chosen her and little Gwen to be its breeding cunts? Had any pair of girls ever been so lucky? Julie looked over and saw her naked 11-year-old sister sleeping on her back in a syrupy pool of stinking greenish bug cum. Her belly was already swelling slightly from the pressure of the fluid and the growing life inside, and her naked body was slathered with drying streaks of dark oils and rich green bug semen. The sight brought a flood of fluid gushing from her pussy - she had never seen anything so hot. Her fingers jerked down to her slit of their own accord and rubbed furiously, sliding along her blushing lips and dipping inside. The thought of it flared pink pleasure in her cunt: little Gwen, her annoying little sister, being suddenly pushed down by the big bug climbing on her back, thrashing and struggling in fear, then being pounded all afternoon with thick bug cock until her belly swelled with insect cum. She was almost jealous that Gwen had experienced it first. Every little girl should be so lucky, to twist and shriek with joy on the end of the bouncing cock of her bug master until millions of insect sperm flooded out and swam into her womb. Her fingers worked furiously, digging deeper into the spasming warmth as she tickled her clit with her thumb, and the biggest orgasm of her life suddenly surged through her body. It was too much - she collapsed onto her knees, arms and legs shaking, crying out from the sheer horny joy of seeing the aftermath of her sister being fucked by the bug they both loved so much.

She couldn't wait any longer. She had barely wrested control of her quaking muscles back from her fading orgasm when she leaned forward onto her hands and knees and dropped her head on the floor. Looking back at her cockroach lover, she thrust her butt in the air and spread her legs wide open. Do it to me too, please. Her gasping pleas were incoherent with lust. There was nothing more she desired than to share this heavenly experience with her sister. Fuck me like a dog, breed me like a pig, her eyes said. She reached back and spread her pussy with her fingers, whimpering at her approaching master. Her desire was firm and her purpose was crystal-clear. She lived only to be bred, to screech her way to endless orgasms on thrusting cockroach prick and birth beautiful larval babies. Just like her sister. She no longer felt any animosity, no jealousy or the slightest hint of resentment. She loved her little sister beyond words, almost as much as she loved her bug mate that was eagerly climbing up her bottom and fixing its sticky legs around her naked waist. Gwen and her could be together now.

Gwen woke up to the sounds of wild panting and shrieking. Her sister Julie was face-down on the floor, naked and filthy with dark oil from the pumping dog-sized cockroach on her back, screaming at him to fuck her harder, to permanently defile her reproductive organs and give her his bug babies. The sight lifted her heart with joy. A new breeding cunt for her lover! She was so happy. Julie and she had been close when they were younger, and now they could grow close again, sharing the most intimate bond a pair of little sisters could share: a thrusting cockroach dick in their pussies around the clock. Her eyes were drawn to the tiny trickle of blood winding its way down Julie's thigh, then up to the mammoth, glistening organ ramming in and out of her sister's cunt, fascinated by the rhythmic spreading of her sister's pussy lips as the uneven, twisting ridges shoved their way past. Julie pounded her fists on the floor, hollering in tears as yet another orgasm ripped through her body. Her scattered hair bounced on her back as each powerful thrust banged her pelvis and arched her spine. The sight was like a precious gift to Gwen. She drank it in, admiring the powerful hammerblows of her virile lover at her big sister's cunt, how her butt jiggled and her back arched and her throat clenched around each ecstatic howl. It was like everything right with the world right in front of her. Julie had a weak, flimsy body of pink flesh just like she did, but her master's thick shell covered its backside, protecting it, coupling with the inferior little cunt and completing her with the gift of bug juice in her gut. Gwen loved him so much, loved them both. The clicking mandibles and swaying feelers stirred boiling arousal in the depths of her cunt like the sight of a boy never could. The powerful thorax clung tightly to its little breeding cunt and the imposing abdomen pounded away, driving the powerful bug cock deep into the tiny little girl. He was so strong and handsome, and he'd give Julie a huge brood of swirling larvae in her gut just like he had done for Gwen.

She looked down at her own swollen belly - it was just a bit bigger now than when she had gone to sleep, and eerie motions seemed to stir about faintly just under the skin. Contentedly, she stroked it, knowing that soon she would fulfil her new purpose in life. There was a heat and a slight itch growing just beneath her stomach as her body adjusted to the expanding mass of life inside. She would get so much bigger - she could hardly wait.

Julie was panting and moaning incoherently, chin rubbing on the dusty floor and spittle dribbling from her lips. Her eyes rolled up and her legs kicked involuntarily as another orgasm raced through her body. The bug on top of her kept pounding away, slamming its meat into the little 13-year-old girl's pussy with abandon. Gwen traced her sticky hands down to her own pussy and began to rub the lips around the resinous plug and flick her clit. She had never seen anything hotter than her own sister face-down under a giant cockroach being fucked senseless. Her master could mate for hours - that's how long it took to prepare his special seed. Enough time for a lucky girl to orgasm dozens of times. It was pure bliss, having that firm rod crammed into your tight pussy. Her fingers rubbed savagely at the exposed parts of her genitals, and each bump against the hard plug sent a ecstatic surge vibrating up her pussy walls all the way to her cervix.

Julie shouted and quaked and bucked her hips back between each orgasm, and then collapsed into insensate bliss when each one exploded fresh into her brain. Gwen couldn't tell how long it went on. Her own fingers drove her body through one orgasm after another, watching the sight of the giant black bug prick thrusting into her sister. Finally, his powerful motions increased to a furious tempo, and his little girl fuckstick slammed home with one colossal smash, splitting the 13-year-old pussy and stretching the lips around the engorged girth almost to a breaking point. Julie shrieked and pounded her arms and legs against the floor, bucking like a wild animal from the sensations rocking her body, but the heavy cockroach kept its perch on her back with its sticky legs. In her mind's eye Gwen could see the oily black liquid spewing out and rushing through her sister's cervix, up into her womb, filling the gap with vile sludge that crept down her Fallopian tubes until they found the weak, pitiful human reproductive organs at the ends. Bit by bit, millimeter by millimeter, they oozed over it and seeped inexorably into them, twisting each cell with infusions of beautiful insect DNA until the destruction of their human fertility was complete and they began to change to their better purpose. Gwen rejoiced. She shouted wordless cries of love to her sister as they both shuddered through torrents of raging climaxes. She urged her lover on, yelling for the quivering black cock stuffed in the tiny pussy to flood her sister with life-giving bug semen until her belly bulged from the pressure just like Gwen's did.

After it was done, Julie collapsed onto her side in a thick pool of dark greenish cum like her sister, with a thickening cum plug of hardening resin stuffed between the puffy lips of her cunt. It would lock the precious syrup inside and keep her fertilized eggs warm as they grew into a swarm of squirming larvae. No 13-year-old girl ever wore such an expression of blissful satisfaction on her face as Julie did right then. No new clothes, no iPhone, no thrill from a boy, no happy sensation in Julie's entire young life could have ever come close to matching the joy she felt knowing that there was now a brood of insect babies growing deep in her barely-ripe body.

When she opened her eyes and saw Gwen looking down at her, love on her face, her happiness multiplied. She had always felt a little guilty about turning her sister away. They used to be inseparable, talking all the time, sharing every secret under the sun and giggling as they told jokes to each other late into the night. All of that was past, irrelevant. Now, the two young, naked girls, lying in pools of cockroach cum, talked about how much they adored their lover, how tasty his cum was, how thrilling his smell was, how wonderful it was to have the twisted, nasty dick thrusting into their pussies. And again and again, their conversation turned to how they both wanted to have many, many of his babies. Thousands. Millions. An endless swarm of beautiful cockroach children, their gift to the one that had given such a shining purpose and direction to their formerly pointless lives.

They broke off when Julie's stomach growled. She was terribly hungry. Rolling onto her back and pointing to her mouth, she watched her lover approach and climb up her chest. The skittering legs caressed her soft skin and breasts, then climbed higher up her head until the dangling, ridged monstrosity of a cock was bumping against her lips. Eagerly, Julie licked and sucked, bobbing her head on the firm meat until a geyser of sweet warm slush erupted from the end. She had never tasted anything like it, never tasted anything so monumentally delicious - a heated, flowing pudding that tingled rapturously on her tongue and tickled delightfully as it slid down to her stomach.

Gwen was next. The bug knew he needed to keep both of his pregnant breeding cunts well fed. It twitched its feelers in glee as the little girls bobbed and licked and sucked each wonderful spurt from his sensitive cock. His seed had all the nutrients a healthy, growing girl could need as she nursed a brood of cockroach young in her belly.

Both sisters were panting with contentment after their meal. Julie hugged her little sister and kissed her on the mouth, stray globs of green goop rubbing between the contact of their lips and naked chests, then she leaned back next to her. Her tanned body had insect cum all over her knees and thighs and arms, and stray green blobs around her nipples and lips too from her pregnant sister's embrace. She dipped her fingers in the sludge on the floor and rubbed even more of it on her belly, swirling it around until her skin gleamed with a greenish-black sheen in the fading light. It would sink into her pores, mark her as insect property for life, change her scent to an aroma even more pleasing to her master. What girl needed clothes? She had her master's cum to cover her. What girl needed food or drink? His spunk satisfied her appetite better than anything she had ever consumed. What girl needed anything in life more than the thrill of thrusting bug dick in her pussy and the hot itch of larval young in her womb? She drifted off. She and Gwen no longer had any need for human things. Everything they wanted, everything they desired, was already seeping into the cells of their body and fertilizing new life deep inside their flesh.

Angie was smiling, humming a little tune to herself as she came in the door and shut it behind her. She rested her back against it with a sigh. Her date had been great, and afterwards her boyfriend had fucked her silly and left a huge helping of semen inside her. She loved to go bareback, loved the feel of a thick penis sliding around deep inside her, and most of all she loved the feeling of the heavy spurts of warm fluid squishing up the tunnel of her pussy, seeping into her womb, the leftovers trickling out later in white drips.

She went to her bedroom and undressed, looking at herself in the mirror as she did so. She was only 25, fit, healthy, slender, with a knockout pair of natural tits. She turned side-to-side, examining the perfect profile of her curving hips and waist. Not a hint of pregnancy marred her skin or breasts. Her cunt was a clean-shaven, inviting crevice of pert pink lips. She had a trim belly and a tight, jiggly butt that every guy ogled as they walked past. She loved it, loved how they looked at her. She knew the sight of her in her typical skin-tight jeans and shirt could trigger the carnal desires coded deep inside them to bend her over and fuck her until they left a thick helping of baby batter inside her snug cunt.

Her enthusiasm for cocks and their sweet, milky deposits was why she had 2 daughters already at such a young age. She had started early. Maybe she'd have a third. The thought filled her with a warm thrill. She pulled down her panties and stood naked, holding them up for a sniff: yup, white spots speckled the fabric, mixing with the general dampness from her own excitement. Maybe another baby was already growing inside her.

Speaking of her kids, where were Julie and Gwen? Locked in their rooms probably. The girls had got along splendidly when they were younger, but once Julie crossed the 10-year mark, the pre-teenager angst had begun to set in. They used to be inseparable, doing everything together, having so much in common. Angie thought they just needed something else to share, something they both really loved, to bring them together again as a family.

She threw on a loose crop top and a short skirt, foregoing the panties by tossing them in the hamper. She liked to go free, and she needed to do laundry anyway. After dressing she went to look for the girls.

Julie's room was empty. She pushed the door the rest of the way open and wondered where she went. Her computer chair was sitting at an angle - that was odd - and her lamp was on the floor while her headphones dangled from the edge of the desk as though she had left abruptly. Left to see a boy, probably. She was that age. Angie supposed she'd have to give her the talk about sex soon, but she wasn't looking forward to it. She hated using condoms herself, and the thought of her daughters wiggling and orgasming on the end of a pumping cock like she had done at their age made her strangely aroused. Little girls had insatiable energy. She wanted to make sure Julie was getting some kind of cock stuffed inside her before she was 14, just to settle her down. Maybe a boy at school would knock little Julie up, Angie thought, but she would prefer if a man did it. She'd already broached the idea to her boyfriend and he seemed to like it. Both Julie and Gwen had seen him naked, seen his cock, and no guy would pass up a chance to fuck a sweet little pair of 11 and 13-year-old sisters. Julie should be first, and if it worked, Gwen could be next.

The thought hung in her mind, refusing to fade as she went down the hall and checked Gwen's room. Empty. Little Gwen, only 11, her pregnant belly bulging obscenely and hanging down in a slight paunch. She found she liked the idea. She could imagine her little girl lying on the bed each night, holding a hand to her belly, feeling the kicks of the life inside her.

"Gwen? Julie?" She went out into the hall, calling their names, and got only silence. Well maybe they were out fucking. They definitely weren't here. That was just fine. She could play with the new toy she had bought. It had looked somewhat...smaller when she ordered it online. The website had promised "discrete packaging", but the box had arrived emblazoned with the logo: 12-INCH VEINED DRAGON DILDO - WIDE. Luckily she had snatched the box off the porch before the girls could see it.

She decided to go to the kitchen and get something to eat first. Her bare feet shuffled over the carpet in the heavy silence. It was so quiet she could hear the clock ticking, the light tap-tap-tap, sound pattering from high up on the wall.

What was this? A small green blotch on the carpet caught her eye, like something had been spilled, or leaked. She bent down and sniffed it, the short skirt pulling up and exposing her bare cunt to the empty house. It smelled musky, foul, and oddly potent. She spotted her blue pareo lying on the carpet near the hallway. How did that get out here? Gwen probably. Angie knew she had been taking more of an interest as she developed sexually. It wasn't the first piece of her wardrobe that had been filched. Angie walked over and spotted Julie's skirt draped on the edge of the couch.

Slobs. She'd have to teach her girls to be more clean, not to leave their clothes everywhere. Looking more closely at the skirt, she noticed something odd: the button had been ripped off, as if its threads had worn down...or been torn off in haste.

And what was that smell? Angie sniffed, following her nose. Was it coming from the basement? The door was cracked open. She usually left it shut. A pungent odor breathed from the dark slit, like something damp and fetid. She opened the door and was greeted by the wooden steps descending into the gloom of the basement. The pitiful hanging bulb was so dim it was about to go out. It was just too dark for her to see much of anything, but she could barely make out something purple laying on the steps a few feet down.

What was that!? Angie whirled around, short skirt flaring briefly before settling against her hips. Just the clock, ticking rapidly. Too rapidly. It was probably broken. It WAS broken, she remembered. The battery had run out weeks ago. The clicking came from above her.

She looked up just in time to see a dark shape the size of a large dog dropping from the ceiling. Horror hit her in a wave as the thing crashed against her and knocked her to the floor. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" she thought, twisting on the carpet. Insectile legs locked around the sides of her body, and the slimy surface of a black carapace filled her vision and crushed her head down to the carpet.

IT'S A GIANT FUCKING BUG! Her mind whirled in panic. The thing's legs scrabbled madly for leverage against her sides. Angie screamed and tried to push it away, but it was much heavier than it looked. The revolting thing was almost exactly like a cockroach, but with way more legs and a beetle-like shell. She HATED bugs. Her life had been filled with a panicky phobia of every kind of skittering pest. And was that really a...a...a big dripping bug cock? Hanging underneath it? The brief instant that she froze, gaping at the arm-sized monstrosity was all the time the bug needed. Its barbed legs finally caught in Angie's skirt and it reared up toward her head, long feelers twitching. Angie screamed again, seeing a million versions of herself in the facets of the huge insectile eyes that leered at her with their alien gaze. She heaved and twisted one last time, managing to turn over onto her stomach, and pushed.

It held on, clamping legs around her waist and torso, scratching her skin. She only made it a few feet. The bug pushed her down again as she collapsed. She could feel the dark fluid of the slimy creature smearing on her skin like oil. Her skirt was pushed up, her top had ripped open in the struggle with the barbed legs, letting her tits hang down tantalizingly. She shuddered in revulsion as a slick and dreadfully hard part of the bug's anatomy rubbed across her bare slit.

The bug was ecstatic! This prey was ripe, healthy, fully mature - and huge! Its two little breeding cunts in the basement would be able to pump out a lot of young, but nothing like the full-grown womb of this one. It pushed down again, halting her struggles with a press against the carpet, and extended its special jointed feelers towards the openings on the side of the whimpering creature's head. They pushed in, delicately, slithering into her ear canals, the tiny needles piercing the skin at the ends with experienced precision. There was so much to do here, so much to rewrite and reprogram in this woman's mind. The tiniest of vibrations began as the tips sunk towards each other in her head, and her screaming halted.

The bug pushed a little farther and got to work, unravelling the self of this breeding cunt and stringing it back together with the slimy glue of its own instincts. There was so much to work with, so many more memories and thoughts and passions than those of the two little girls it had ravished. Gone were the happy memories of Angie's childhood, replaced with even happier memories of pounding cockroach organs in every one of her holes since her very first memory as a toddler. Her mom had usually left her in the crib with a few undersized cockroach masters for company, and they had worked the 2-year old’s mouth and cunt and tiny asshole, training the delicious holes for their role to come. Her weekends at the park were transformed, her mom taking little Angie there and then both females lying down and offering their cunts to the master bugs that wandered the area. Mom could always get them to cum first no matter which hole she used, but the tips she gave little Angie helped her become a master bug cocksucker and fucker. School was endless lessons in cockroach breeding habits and her glorious role in them, chemistry became bug semen appreciation classes where the girls sampled frothing green bug spunk from streaming flasks, homeroom was rolldown diagrams of detailed bug genital anatomy, and her favorite, PE, was stripped away and replaced with the delighted memories of bending down on the gym floor with the rest of the girls and thrusting her ass in the air until one of the swarm of her bug masters mounted her with its scaly body and legs and pumped into her tiny cunt, leaving a sloshing deposit of green fluid that overflowed and ran down her legs onto the polished floor.

Julie and Gwen's births had been the happiest memories of her life. Now it was clear that was because the two little girls could become more willing cunts for their master. She had reared them until this joyous day. Now her master had come, and she could give up her human womb and bear broods of little cockroach babies just like she had always wanted.

And there was even more here the bug could use. The revolting fear of insects was twisted and replaced with an equally powerful fetish for every lovely feature of the superior bug body: longing for the warmth of their chitinous shells, desperate desire to feel their legs rubbing against her sides and the feelers probing her naked body and tits, and of course, the ecstasy of a thick bug cock slamming home in her pussy, flooding it with green gunk and impregnating her with its brood.

The buzzing finally stopped. The cockroach pulled its feelers out of Angie's ears and let her up. It had taken hours, but the first step of preparing this little cunt for proper insemination and breeding was done.

Angie sat up, dazed. Her insides burned with a palpable emptiness and a crushing need beyond words, but she could see the beautiful source of her desire was right in front of her. The sight was so overwhelming that she almost burst into tears as she gazed with adoration at her bug master. His shining carapace was strong and thick, his feelers nimble as they swayed and twitched in the air. The image of herself was mirrored a thousand times over in the multi-faceted eyes, each one a reflection of her devotion to him. He was wonderful, glorious, everything she had ever wanted. This was the best day of her life. She knew her purpose as a breeder cunt and she yearned to start immediately, but she couldn't help taking a moment to drop to her knees and embrace the insectile visage, kissing the face, sticking her tongue out and letting the mandibles of the creature's mouth squeeze it and coat it with musky fluid. Her pussy itched, thirsty. She wanted him inside her, needed him, needed the hungry pounding bug cock spreading her pussy and shoving inside.

She hopped up and eagerly ripped off the tattered remains of her top and skirt. What filthy human things! It was so much better to be naked, nothing standing between her soft, vulnerable skin and the virile carapace and hungry flesh and leaking fluids of her master's body. The giant cockroach waited on the carpet, feelers waving expectantly, and Angie turned and rushed down into the basement.

What she saw was a joy beyond words. Gwen and Julie lay on their backs in pools of oily, thickening liquid, cunts plugged tight with hardening resin and greenish bug juice smeared all over their cunts, their stomachs, their faces and mouths. She gave a wordless cry, embracing them both, kissing them before lying down eagerly between them. It was even better than the days she had given birth to them. Now they could all be together as a family again, fulfilling their wonderful purpose of bug breeding, what all their cunts and their bodies had been made for. No more of those ridiculous human things, Angie thought. Now her life was complete, all their lives were. Her family was the luckiest alive because they could share this, the most special thing in the world, with each other forever.

Angie spread her legs in anticipation as the bug skittered up her belly. She looked down eagerly and saw the tool of her satisfaction: the massive, imposing bug phallus, as thick as a rolling pin and with a glans as big as her fist, slimy with the combined juices of its own oils and cum and the excited fluids from the insides of both of her daughters. It thumped against her belly as her master locked its legs around her naked body and prepared to mount her. Her muscles began to tremble. Nothing in all her life could have prepared her for the wild anticipation swirling in her loins as the bug dick lined its pointed tip up to her pussy.

The bug primed itself at the opening of its new breeding cunt. This one might take a bit longer, but it was up to the task. Already it could feel the slow changes working in the bodies of the little girls, the arousing pheromones radiating from their pores after their fresh conception, signalling their happiness and contentment and their stirring excitement as they both watched the impending defilement of their mother with wide eyes and eager smiles. The cunt was eager, already wiggling her pink hips under him, urging him on, begging and pleading for the corrupting influence of his cock to slam into her and fill her with black seed.

Angie screamed again, this time in joy instead of fright, as the heavy prick thrust its way inside her. Toes curling, fingers clenching, legs crossing and locking behind the firm shell of her insect overlord, she moaned and gasped and shrieked fiercely as the thrusting cockroach pounded its ample rod inside her. It slammed in and out, spreading her mature pussy and ramming inch after inch of bug fuckmeat into her cunt until the wild rhythm crested to a boiling surge of passion that roiled in her cunt. Was he getting bigger? The tumescent flesh seemed to grow slightly more with each shove, scraping her pussy walls until she thought her body would burst. He was as big as a horse! She yelled out with crazy abandon, spreading her legs as wide as she could, screaming with each hammering jolt to her pelvis.

The bigger tunnel of this new breeder would require a larger girth than the tiny cunts of the little girls, the bug knew. Instinctually, it made the internal changes necessary, retaining even more fluid under the bulging ridges of its already ample cock, swelling up inside her to an incredible size and drawing another scream as it pounded the weak, pink body. To seal properly, it had to grow enough to strain the pitiful flesh to its utmost limit without breaking it.

Twisting and writhing, Angie slapped the floor and jerked crazily as her first insect-induced orgasm detonated in her brain. The power of the tremendous rod of firm bugcock penetrating her body and stretching her pussy like a wild pumping stallion blew her into a gale of pink lightning that flashed behind her eyes and shattered her senses. She roared through the most intense, most climactic apocalypse of an orgasm that she had ever had in her life. No weak, pathetic human cock, not the priest she had lost her virginity to at Catholic school at 8, or the enormous black basketball player she had dated in college, or any of her endless litany of boyfriends, could have compared to the firm, powerful, girth moving deep inside her. Every cell of her brain sizzled and exploded like a firework. The thrusting rhythm in her cunt burned like a maelstrom of fire. She chewed her lip and arched her spine and reached out with her arms, flailing spastically. They caught, and she steadied her rolling eyes long enough to see her two daughters above her, both of them lying back and furiously frigging their sealed pussies with one hand while holding her clutching hands with the other.

Mother and daughters joined in a triangle of furiously intense passion as their shared orgasm rolled through all three, the pregnant daughters grasping their shaking mom's hands as the giant bug that had ravished and repurposed them both thrust violently into their beloved mother, defiling the womb they had come from with rigid bug cock. It was magnificent, the kind of treasured family memory you photographed and hung on the hallway wall. Superior bug flesh pounded into their mother's shaved cunt, driving her pelvis on the floor and flopping her gorgeous tits back and forth. Gwen and Julie held hands with the woman who had given birth to them, watching her receive the greatest gift, knowing her womb and ovaries would never have to bear the indignity of conceiving weak, fleshy human bodies ever again. Gwen watched the dark oils drip onto her mother's stomach with fascination as the hours went on, helping the uneven underside of her master's thorax slide along her mother's smooth belly. Julie's eyes bulged at the horse-like organ shuddering along its length every time it bottomed out in her mother's cunt, glistening with cunt juices and jellied bug goop every time the gargantuan length pulled back out for another thrust. She had no idea he could get so big! Whatever the size of his little breeding cunt of choice, he could fit and stretch it to the limit. Angie moaned and arched her back wildly from the raw pleasure of the tumescent pole of bug fuckmeat violating her cunt. She had lost track of time long ago. Endlessly, the pumping cockroach slammed against her pelvis, bringing her to the dizzying heights of climax, and she was just beginning to wonder if she would lose her mind when a final powerful penetration hammered the cockroach prick home in her pussy and it erupted with a flood of hot brown syrup deep into her fertile belly. The twitching flesh throbbed even larger as the ejaculate poured in, sealing her cunt up tight as it flooded with special bug juice.

Angie twisted in ecstasy. She knew the weak human cum left inside her was being hunted down and devoured by her master's stronger fluid. It would no longer taint her. Her womb had served her well, giving her her two daughters, but now it was being changed to the purpose she had always longed for. Shudders ran up and down her body between successive orgasms, feeling the black ooze fill the space, feeling her ovaries shrivel and begin to transform, her body becoming ripe for the coming bug seed.

The little cunts had only taken a few hours, but the bug took a day for its large breeder, keeping an airtight seal around the thick, slimy prick while the gift locked inside her body did its jobs thoroughly. Angie was reduced to a gasping, heaving wreck of a woman after her hundredth orgasm. Her hair was strung out and stuck everywhere to the sludgy floor. Drying bug semen and insect fluids crusted on her back, on her buttocks, and all over her shoulders. Her jerking muscles would barely obey, exhausted from twitching their way from climax to endless climax. Her daughters helped, knowing how much more work the bug's juice would have to do on their mother's fully-grown body. They shared the cockroach cum from their own bodies, slathering it on their mother's breasts, coating her lips and letting her lick them clean. Selflessly they gifted what their master had so freely given them. Gwen pulled her mother's hair back lovingly and coated Angie's neck with greenish sludge while Julie dipped her fingers into the puddles and brought a generous dollop of green bug juice to her mother's mouth. Angie swallowed, gratefulness in her eyes, and Julie reached down to kiss her on the lips just as the leaking, twitching bug cock stuffed inside Angie sent another storm of ecstasy roaring up from her crotch.

Eventually, the pace slackened. Angie heaved with exertion. She didn't know how long she had been in this darkness, being fucked by her cockroach master, sharing its sweet juices with her daughters. She wanted it to never end. She cried out in despair when she felt the firm flesh pull back slightly, breaking the seal on her cunt that had lasted so long. But her daughters comforted her with gentle pats, and she knew: the thick, odorous slime slowing oozing out of the insect dick and hardening in her tunnel began to plug the space up tight, corking the ocean of sloshing green bug juice inside her belly where it could fertilize and ferment into a brood of squirming, larval bug babies.

With a wet pop, the fist-sized glans popped out of Angie's cunt for the first time in days, trailing snot-like runners of blackish-brown goop from the tip that dripped down and quickly hardened like glue against her cunt.

She rested, exhausted, her daughters next to her. They were hungry, so their master fed them. The girls needed no lessons in cocksucking, Angie saw. Their love for cockroach dick gave them all the skill they needed to coax every green drop of fluid from the meaty stick. They swallowed it all eagerly until their stomachs were stuffed full and the excess goop bubbled down their lips and chins to flow in disgusting rivulets over their little girl tits. Their two little bellies were already swelling, signs of life stirring just under the tight surfaces, and as Angie placed a hand on her own bulging tummy she knew she wasn't far behind.

Angie couldn't help it: she reached out an arm for each, and hugged each of her daughters to her, crying with happiness. They were beyond precious to her, and the shared heaven of being a cockroach breeder, their cunts being used to bear endless broods of insect young for their master, was more joy than she could bear.

She looked to her side, where Julie was resting her head against her mother's shoulder. Sweet little Julie, her tiny tits criss-crossed with deposits of dark oil and green splatters of drying bug cum. Angie could see how the 13-year-old's pussy was already plugged up, her ovaries having a head start on the dark change that would bear more bug babies for their master. She bent down and kissed her daughter, squeezing her naked tits, tasting the slime of bug cum in her mouth. Julie was so precious to her, and Angie was overjoyed that she could share the pleasure of her little girl serving their bug master with her sweet little cunt. She was so glad no boy at school with his weak, pathetic, floppy dick had fucked her and made her pregnant. Who would ever want that pitiful human cum? Vile stuff. It was such a better life for a little girl to shudder through endless sexual bliss on the pounding end of a massive cockroach cock.

And lovely little Gwen. Innocent Gwen. Angie turned to her other side, where Gwen was snuggled up under her mother's arm, dozing contentedly. Stains of blood and bodily fluids speckled the floor near her plugged pussy. Only 11 years old, and able to be fucked and breed more bug babies too. Had she wanted her boyfriend to fuck the little girl once? Never. Only her bug master was worthy of that. Greenish bug cum had dried on her cheeks and neck and around her tiny nipples, and syrupy fluid dripped in waxy rivulets down her smooth tummy to pool in her navel and around her puffy pussy lips. Angie bent to inspect the resinous plug sealing her daughter's genitals. It burned with an inner heat that she could feel on her face. Billions of insect sperm, swimming inside, seeking the many new eggs from little Gwen's fertile ovaries and then growing in her pregnant belly into a swarming brood of new bug babies. Angie exulted in the thought. Reaching down, she gently rubbed her daughter's pussy lips around the plug and flicked her sensitive clit until the 11-year-old's eyes fluttered open and she yelped her way through waking into a sudden orgasm. Angie bent to passionately kiss her daughter's lips as the girl rode out the storm of ecstasy. Their tongues exchanged the mixed juices of bug cum and oils and their own saliva, revelling in the delicious taste.

Had she thought that smell was dirty? The odor emanating from the pores of the three naked bodies was the sweetest thing in the world, the scent of happy little bug breeders pregnant with bug babies and their bodies splattered and dripping everywhere with trails of sweet green juice. The fertile fluid was growing into more healthy bugs in her daughter's bellies, Angie knew. Why had she ever wanted them to have human children? Disgusting. She could almost feel the millions of infinitesimal swirls of bug sperm in her own womb, swimming through the thick fluid and finding the many eggs from her new ovaries, pushing in and growing into new life. Soon her belly would be even bigger than theirs. This beautiful creature, this giant clicking cockroach, eyes gleaming in the dying light, feelers waving about to touch and rub their naked bodies, had seen something wonderful in them, and given them the best gift they could have imagined. Night and day it would keep them happy and healthy with the gifts from the long, heavy cock dangling underneath its stomach - pregnant, fed, and happy with the gift of their constant stream of beautiful larvae babies.


After a month, Julie realized that her wonderful dream of her happy family had come completely true. She was lying back comfortably in a sticky bed of filth and juices, her hair matted with greenish ooze and her naked body marked everywhere by deposits of dark ichorous fluid seeping into her skin. Her belly had swelled to an enormous size for a 13-year-old girl, almost a third of the size of the rest of her body, and it sagged slightly as she moved her shoulders to get a bit more comfortable. She reached up and pulled a dried deposit of greenish gunk off her hair near the scalp and eagerly put it in her mouth. Dried cockroach cum tasted like candy, like ambrosia, all dark green and crystallized and crunchy and so smooth as it went down your throat and so filling when it reached your tummy. She reached for another piece. She'd have to eat well to have all her strength, because she was about to give birth to more beautiful babies.

Beside her, her mother Angie was also resting, belly bursting with a tremendous pregnancy. It looked like her Mom had stuffed a beach ball under her skin. Angie was looking hungrily at the panting, copulating pair next to her: little Gwen, legs spread and hugging a trio of small white larvae to her tiny breasts, the big bug perched on her belly and pumping its enormous black cock into her 11-year-old pussy. The little babies squirmed adorably, curling around the almost invisible mounds of the girl's flat breasts, competing to suck milk from the pair of pert nipples. Gwen laughed and bent to kiss them, lips pressing against their white bodies, and then suddenly shuddered as an orgasm roared through her body from the thrusting insect fuckmeat between her legs. She had given birth that morning, and ever since then their master had been riding the little girl for hour after hour, pounding away into the tiny body as it convulsed through an endless stream of climaxes, spittle running uncontrollably down her chin and flat breasts leaking milk for the nibbling mouths of her larval babies. He was close now, and as Julie and Angie watched, the bug pressed forward with a final powerful slam that scooted Gwen's pelvis across the sloppy floor. It buried the thrusting meat deep inside the girl's sucking tunnel, engorging and sealing the erupting flood of green bug spew deep inside. Gwen squealed, her ecstasy redoubled by the feel of the little babies sucking and chewing her sensitive nipples.

Their wonderful new reproductive systems worked again within minutes of giving birth. The moment their wombs were clear, new ovum dropped from the twisted depths of their Fallopian tubes, waiting for a fresh infusion of bug sperm to ripen and grow. Gwen, Julie, and Angie were pregnant non-stop, being fucked to the screaming heights of bliss and fertilized and sealed up again immediately after giving birth. Pregnancy lasted only a few days, and the larvae grew so rapidly from their mother's precious milk that they also grew mature and fertile in that time.

When the bug had finished and sealed his green seed inside his little breeding cunt, he fed them all a delicious serving of slimy cum from the dripping end of his dick. Mom remarked how much the rigid organ tasted like Gwen, and the girls all laughed. The babies had gone to sleep, curling up around little Gwen's shoulders and throat. They were so cute, no less adorable or beloved than the thousands they had already birthed. Angie spread her arms and hugged her daughters, and the girls joked about how wonderful and strong their master's big bug dick was, how cute the little while cockroach babies were, how so many of them had gone out into the world and were even right now ambushing little girls, knocking them down, brainwashing and reprogramming them until they ripped off their clothes and offered their cunts to their new masters to be bred. Gwen wondered how young a girl could be and still be a breeding cunt. Mom said probably any age, maybe even a toddler of 2 or 3. They had all seen that the bug dicks could eject enough fluid to get very small, if they needed to. Julie made a joke about the bugs getting loose in the girl's school down the street and they all giggled, but it dawned on them that it had surely already happened. The school had girls from 6 years old to their mid teens, and the daycare across the street was always full of girls even younger than that. All those lovely little human females, all those tight little breeding cunts, laying back and being fucked with twisted cockroach pricks, filled with dark syrup that seeped into the deepest crevices of their wombs and corrupting what it found, giving the girls a newer, better purpose in their lives.

Gwen passed the babies around so they could all pet them. So cute. Julie's inched down her tummy and rubbed against her plugged pussy, as though it had been alive for half a morning and still couldn't wait to get into a girl's cunt. She picked it up and kissed it. Mom had big broods, up to a dozen white writhing worms flushing from her pussy at once, but Gwen usually only averaged 2 or 3 and Julie only a bit more. They'd get bigger, Mom assured them. Stronger. They'd grow healthy on the juice of their master's cum and soon the girls could have litters of bug babies that rivaled even their mother's.

A sharp contraction in Julie's abdomen brought the conversation to a halt. She clutched her stomach with both hands. Another sharp pain, a digging, squeezing sensation. Boiling hormones in her blood were already working to catalyze and break down the resin seal on her womb; it began to ooze from her slit like melting chocolate.She struggled to lay farther back and Mom helped her while Gwen took her hand and whispered words of encouragement. So many times they had done this, had struggled through the blissful pain of birthing their cockroach broods, and they always helped each other. Angie stuck her fingers in the congealed layers of slime on the floor and brought a dollop to Julie's mouth. Julie sucked eagerly on her mother's cum-slick fingers, grateful. It would dull the pain to nothingness and leave only the ecstasy of birth. Another jab, coming faster now. Her chest heaved with rapid breaths and she could feel her belly quivering under her hands, the skin stretched tightly like a drum and beating with the promise of her coming brood. The solid tightness in her cunt melted in minutes, welling out in a dark flood. Her bug master looked on and her mother and sister massaged her slimy shoulders and hips, helping her breath as the minutes of labor dragged by, and before she knew it, the powerful urge to bear down flooded through her.

"Uhhhhhhngh!" Julie panted. The contraction passed, but another would come in a few seconds.

"You're doing so great sweetie," Angie said.

"Think of his cock, how good it feels," Gwen smiled. "That always helps me."

Julie nodded and swallowed. The pain had subsided from the fresh infusion of green seed in her belly but her body twisted and contracted by itself and within minutes her pelvis vibrated and the muscles in her crotch and waist all jerked at once and a flood of dark liquid suddenly gushed out of her pussy onto the floor. Her legs kicked, held wide open by her sister and mother, and another gush spewed out. A third time followed, and then Julie collapsed in exhaustion, her belly deflated like a punctured balloon.

"6...7...8!" Gwen was helping Angie pick the tiny, maggot-like larvae out of the warm mess of fluid. Her mother gathered them in her hands and piled them on Julie's breasts.

"Oh...oh..." Julie panted and looked down at her babies squirming about blindly. "They're cute." She cupped one and brought it to her lips for a kiss.

"8 is the best you've ever done," her mother smiled. "See? I told you your body would get better. Your labor was so quick that time. "

"Yeah..." Julie panted. White milk was already seeping from her breasts, and the larvae were slowly inching their way over to the pink nubs to drink.

Her lover approached her after a short rest, and she swelled with pride and happiness before spreading her legs. She was ready. Her babies fed at her breasts as so many had before, and she wanted even more. She moaned with desire as the tumescent bug prick shoved inside her.

What a wonderful family she had. Her loving sister and mother, her beautiful bug mate, the focus of all her adoration and every desire. And her children, suckling at her breasts. Her children. So many children. These would shed their larval form in a matter of hours and grow into healthy nymphs, rapidly maturing and ready to go out into the world in just a few short days, to find their own breeding cunts and turn them into mothers who were happy like her. Every human female would learn of the euphoria of a pointed cockroach prick shoved into her pussy and sealing the spurting green fluid inside. Every woman and girl would learn how they were meant to serve, to be nothing more than breeding cunts for cockroaches. What could be better? Julie wished for nothing else in the world. This was her new purpose in life. This was the new natural role that every human female would eventually discover.

The thumping sensation in her genitals reached a crescendo, and Julie squealed, hugging her babies tight, as the first of many orgasms tore through her body.