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Sep 18, 2023

Here's part 4 of Midland, by Chrissy. More mages fall prey to the ravening Monstrum hordes and become eager little breeders. Yum!

Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Gore, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Sep 16, 2023

Here's part 3 of Midland, by Chrissy. They have actually written all 6 parts, I'm just unbelievably slow at editing and converting them. Lots of delicious little girls being raped by monsters in this one. More to come in the future. Enjoy!

Young Girls, Rape, Monster Rape, Oral Fixation, Pregnancy, Mind Control

Sep 12, 2023

This is a Monstrum Tribute story written by Rich Humus. I was quite impressed with it and the descriptions of the rapacious Amarok so I'm posting it here. Thanks so much, Rich, for writing this story. I have a couple days of freedom left, and if I'm lucky I'll be able to edit and get the rest of the submitted Midland stories online by then too.

Young Girls, Rape, Monster Rape, Oral Fixation, Pregnancy, Mind Control

Sep 09, 2023

It's been quite some time since I updated, and I do apologize. I simply don't have the privacy I need to write these sorts of stories anymore. But I did have the opportunity to finally finish Church of the Loli, so here it is. It's a loose sequel to Sex Ed for Little Girls, so it may help to read that one first, though it's not completely necessary. I think this may be one of my most personally anticipated stories, as a bridal fetish is a very powerful motivator for me.

A lot of aspects of my site were designed with ASSTR's limitations in mind, but since I now mainly host elsewhere, I may change a few things. With Church of the Loli, the images are not reduced in size anymore from my originals. I love all the artwork too much to do that. So if you click on them you should have the images in their original sizes as I found them. It's hard to source these as a lot of these artists were drummed off of Pixiv and either removed all their work or had it deleted, which is a tragedy in my book.

Also, ASSTR is down again. I'd really recommended bookmarking my main sites and at this point instead of anything on ASSTR.

Within a few days I will be posting some Monstrum Tribute stories generously written by fans of big monsters vying against little magical girls. Fun stuff.

Young Girls, Marriage, Bridal, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Oct 30, 2022

My, it has been a while! The circumstances of my life have severely curtailed my writing time, but I'm still trying. I have 3 stories to put up, but only one is my own. Chrissy was kind enough to write some Monstrum Tribute stories and I was thrilled to read them. I also have a story of my own: The Bookstore. This is just a short story, softcore in nature, to explore an amusing notion I often think about: having literature like this available freely to the public in bookstores. I liked the idea so much I decided to explore it in between working on other projects. It kind of takes place in the same universe that Sex Ed for Little Girls does, and that Church of the Loli will also, a setting I'm tentatively calling the WintermuteX Cinematic Universe 😁

Also, ASSTR remains down. ASSLR is a potential replacement, but it seems my site would not be allowed there with the images I have so oh well. ASSTR's status and ultimate fate remain unknown.

Young Girls, Pedophilia, Softcore
Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Gore, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy
Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Gore, Death, Bondage, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Church of the Loli remains the main project I am working on next. Finding art to accompany this idea has been stimulating, to say the least. Some of it I would not be able to post here, but here's some examples of the beautiful art I've come across that has inspired me to keep writing.

Feb 03, 2022

After quite a long hiatus, I really felt the pull to keep telling Beth's story, so I managed to crank chapter 3 out. It concludes the sort of "proper beginning" of the tale I want to tell, resolving the tension between the 2 main characters and setting up for more to come. Plenty of sweet, sweet monster rape in Beth's future before it all ends, and hopefully an interesting story as well. It won't be a year before I get another one out though. Next is either chapter 4, or maybe I'll take a little break and write Church of the Loli, the wedding story I keep thinking about.

Young Girls, Monster Rape, Incest, Pedophilia, Magic

Apr 11, 2021

This one took a while while my motivation foundered. I have to remind myself not to try to grab hold of too big of a scope when considering things because then it feels so big that it's hopeless to even try. Creative overambition is the enemy. Chapter 2 was already written in my mind. Chapter 3 as well. I'm hoping that will come quicker. I'm feeling very positive about this story and am eager to get deeper into it.

There are some spelling error corrections thanks to flaredchance and I redid some of the behind-the-scenes stuff I needed to do to maintain the site. As most of you probably noticed, ASSTR went down as well. That's not technically a problem for me since I have two mirrors (, but most people use ASSTR. Speaking of that, the little information I was able to find about their outage was thus:

  • There wasn't a problem with the site itself. It continued to operate at its IP. However, due to how internet security works, having content served from the domain rather than the IP itself is crucial. ASSTR is not set up to allow itself to be validly served from its IP address.
  • The domain was deactivated and flagged by Google, the registrar. Such flags prevent renewal. As of now the flags seem to be removed.
  • There's an incomplete mirror at Possibly useful for the next inevitable time ASSTR goes boom. Your favorite stories may or may not be there.
  • is useful for ASSTR status as it's nearly the only unofficial places it can be discussed. There is no official channel for contacting ASSTR administration.
  • The ASSTR administration is unable or unwilling to fix the broken features of the site that haven't worked for years or to maintain its infrastructure properly. Every time it goes down it prompts a flurry of speculation and discussion about alternatives. There are no alternatives and probably won't be until ASSTR actually goes tits up. And it will. It's only a matter of time.
  • I always encourage everyone to make local copies and backups of everything they want to keep. This should apply to my stories as well. Things on the internet don't stay on the internet forever, especially contentious content like this.

But all that aside, things are humming for the moment, and Beth Chapter 2 is finally up!

Young Girls, Catgirls, Bestiality, Monster Rape, Incest, Pedophilia, Violence

Jan 22, 2021

New Monstrum Factorum entry, because why not?

Rape, Monster Rape, Young Girls, Magic/Fantasy, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Jan 20, 2021

I have so many ideas in my head all the time that it feels great to finally get one out that's been baking for so long. This is the start of a semi-long adventure story in a similar vein to Monstrum but composed as one long story. If you liked the Monstrum stories and get as revved up as I do about the thought of monsters raping little girls then give it a peek. And don't forget to drop me an email and tell me what you thought. I hope I can keep cranking these out all the way through the end of the saga because I think it's going to turn out pretty good.

Young Girls, Bestiality, Monster Rape, Incest, Pedophilia

Sep 05, 2020

2020 has been a shit-tastic year, and I felt guilty for not keeping the site up to date. The Barn Bitches draft was done a while ago but I lost the inspiration to finish it off and get it online. But I did finally do it. I wasn't sure if the story would even be good enough to be worth the effort but I guess we'll see. Hopefully it turns out exciting.

As for the site, well, I really don't want to make promises I can't keep. Even working on a couple other drafts as the mood takes me, I'm not sure when or if I'll post more stories. I intend to keep the sites online, but updates will likely be sporadic if they happen at all. Thank you all for the emails. I'm going through the daunting backlog of them now with the goal of answering everyone. The long break has helped my state of mind a bit, and I'm trying to muster the energy to keep writing my ideas. There's definitely plenty of wicked little tales still swirling in my diseased brain and the ones that demand to be let out will find their way to the page sometime, I'm just not sure when that will be.

Thank you again, all.

Young Girls, Bestiality, Mind Control, Non-consensual, Sexual Slavery, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

Feb 16, 2020

Made some major changes under the hood to the site to try to keep it consistent and working on all 3 domains. As always, if you notice anything broken please let me know so I can fix it.

Barn Bitches is nearly done. Little girls having sex with dogs, sex with horses, sex with pigs - what's not to like? It'll be up Soon™.

July 27, 2019

Yay, another monstrum story! And holy fuck is it long! I had to break it up into pieces just to make it seem manageable, but it's dripping with all the typical crowd-pleasers: sex, rape, monster rape, little girl rape, impregnation, more monster rape, humiliation, violence, defeat, and a heavy layer of even more little girls being ritually raped to top it all off. Truly grotesque. I love it. I have to thank Clark & Lily for the Cambahlam entry in the Factorum which kicked off the inspiration for this story. It took 4 months to write and is as long as 3 of my typical stories, so it was a bit grueling, but I'm hoping it all adds up to an enjoyable fantasy tale. Think of it as a Hero's Journey tale where all the heros are little girls who end up being raped and enslaved.

Mg+, bd, best, magic, nc, oral, anal, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol

Dec 5, 2018

The Loli Island video was downloaded so many times that I ran out of bandwidth. I've moved it off to separate file host now so hopefully my provider won't yell at me anymore. If you couldn't download the video the first time please try again.

Dec 1, 2018

A hypothetical: what would you do if you were a man trapped on a desert island with three girls? Three young little girls? Three young and very naked little girls? I'm quite certain I know what I would be spending all my time doing, and it's the kind of thing that would get you arrested almost everywhere.

But not on...

Mggg, ped, preg

Nov 22, 2018

Clark and Lily were kind enough to write up even more chapters for the Monstrum Factorum. The Shadow Gremlins and Camabahlam are shockingly depraved and deliciously rapacious. Their appetites for the sweet cunts of little girls has been thoroughly and excruciatingly documented by the scholars. Pity the poor mages that fall in battle to these Monstrum, for the violently erotic bliss that awaits them is nearly beyond comprehension.

Mg, bd, best, inc, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol
Mg, bd, best, inc, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol

Oct 7, 2018

So I'm not dead, at least not yet. I really regret the long delay in updating the site. This story has been a long time coming, and now that it's finished I realize it is the longest and most thematically complex story I have ever written. I had thought I would always leave the origins of the Monstrum universe as vague as I could, but the pieces here fit far too well for me to leave out.

I have spent the last 5 weeks writing and writing and editing and writing more to try to make it a worthy story. Even though I'm an amateur and the story is only about 55k words, it still represents many dozens of hours of work. Thank you to everyone who wrote to let me know you were still interested in the series. There are two short companion pieces that go with Grub, and as always, I have other stories in various stages of completion too. I hope I can finish them and get them online in the coming months at a more reasonable pace.

Mg, bd, best, inc, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol
Mg, bd, best, inc, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol
Mg, inc, ped, preg, romance

May 18, 2018

Sometimes a sex story can be written as a series of sexual scenes, moving from one to the next with little cohesiveness or overarching structure. Such stories can be very exciting, and there's nothing wrong with them. I usually feel that if I'm expecting someone to read my story, that I need to make it worthwhile, with connecting threads and tangible themes that span the narrative. I had a lot of trouble finding those things for this story, but I eventually did.

How well those ideas are executed is another matter though. I'm a relentless perfectionist, and hypercritical of my own work. Sometimes finishing a story can feel like failure when it hasn't lived up to the ideal set for it. Ideas not handled well enough, plot gaps that you hope the reader will miss, spelling erors, sex scenes that turn out to be unexciting.

So in the end, I have trouble knowing if a story is really good, whether it will touch someone and tingle their naughty bits and give them something to remember. The emails I get are the only feedback, so thank you for sending them. It's a large undertaking to form scattered thoughts into something special that can be shared, and I'm always delighted when people share back.

I realize that between my other stories, it's been a long time between chapters of the Baby Girl series. Although this caps off the story of their lives that I wanted to tell, I don't think it's the end. I'd like to write more stories in the same vein, told from Shae's point of view.

MGg, inc, pedo, preg

Apr 30, 2018

This story took a long time. It is a revolting parade of horrifically explicit depictions of oversized insects copulating with schoolgirls, and if that makes your dick as hard as concrete then read on. The ideas are inspired by a fantastic doujin I found called Daisy Chain, which, for lack of a better term, opened my eyes to the hotness of Japanese schoolgirls being fucked and bred by an endless parade of horny insects. The images lingered in my mind so much I knew I would have to write a story.

Bug sex probably isn't everyone's cup of tea, but my next story should be a little more traditional.

best, insect, pedo, schoolgirl, preg, birth

Mar 31, 2018

I was talking with BHaub a little while back and he mentioned some ideas for a cyberpunk setting, which got me thinking along those lines. I worked on the idea on and off in between other stories and the result is hopefully a fun read. Ever wanted to program your own little 12-year-old girl? Simply overwriting their mind doesn't seem like much fun. Much more exciting to train them, let them corrupt themselves willingly. The Matrix style of uploading pure capabilities seemed like an interesting direction. I had fun with this one and threw in some experimental oddities just for the hell of it. Enjoy.

Mg, pedo, scifi, mc, rape, oral best, inc

Jan 20, 2018

Bumcoach was kind enough again to create a PDF version of Pet. Ever wanted to read your bestiality story with an awesome cover and back page and professional typesetting? Now you can! Check it out.

I'm also currently working on the next Baby Girl story, which should cap off the series. Not to say more stories won't appear in the future, but this will be the end of the main tale. Health issues have made it harder to write but I'm determined to keep going.

best, oral, rape, reluc, humil, exhib

December 29, 2017

Sometimes a story doesn't have to make sense if it's fun. Hopefully this is one of those times. I don't usually laugh when writing a story but I was pretty much cracking up the whole time with this one. Don't think about it too hard.

I also suffered through the envious problem of having too many pictures of dog rape to choose from. I narrowed it down for you. You're welcome.

best, rape, reluc, humil, exhib

December 27, 2017

Bumcoach graced me with a PDF version the Club Lolipops story, and it's awesome. It even has a cover page and back page. Take a look.

Mg, pedo, gym, fetish, oral, exhib

November 18, 2017

I meant to get this out earlier but the holiday reared its ugly head. This is a longish story targetted at a pretty specific fetish: rhythmic gymnastics. There's something alluring and downright sexy in the graceful act of girls spinning and flipping and contorting to their limits in skin-tight leotards that show off their bodies. This came from a collaboration with Bumcoach that turned me on to the idea, and he also has some fantastic galleries full of images that go with the theme of the story(seriously, ask him for some links). Who knew that a girl wrapped in a shiny metallic leotard and thrusting her crotch proudly in the air could be considered a decent sport?

I also changed the way my site works, so hopefully I won't have to edit/upload dozens of files to change my nav bars. Doing so clogged up the New Files section of ASSTR. Please let me know if anything is broken.

Mg, pedo, gym, fetish, oral, exhib

October 8, 2017

This story grew out a chaotic mix of different ideas. I had several disparate scenes, but they didn't add up to a coherent story. It took several frustrating iterations of mixing and matching until I felt like it was actually coming together. I wanted to double down on the fun aspects of the original - Sheila's incestual exhortations and summer's girlish playfulness - and add a few things into the mix. Then I realized I still had way too much, and so I split it into 2 stories.

So Good Neighbors 3 is probably next with More of the Same™. Also seriously considering another Monstrum story, or maybe a funny little beastiality story I started but never finished. Not sure yet. It's hard to write something if you're not currently inspired in that direction, so I'll see where the mood takes me.

And to everyone who has ever sent me an email: thank you. You're the reason I keep writing.

MFgg, inc, pedo, preg, 1st

September 27, 2017

Something a little different this time. I adapted an unpublished quickie about Xenos to a short story with a few narrative experiments and a slightly nihilistic tone. Let me know what you guys think. I'm also finally working on Good Neighbors 2 in earnest. Summer and Sheila and James are in for more good times and I'm treating it as an exercise in identifying what made the first story work and trying to bring over as much of that as possible. Should be fun.

M+g, monster, nc, rape, reluc, pedo, preg, scifi

Sep 15, 2017

In case you're not up to speed, ASSTR's server had a serious meltdown, and the admins did not have current backups and were not in a position to fix it quickly. Some things are finally back online though, and I now have the ability to update the site again.

I put up a mirror at so hopefully I won't be totally hobbled if ASSTR falls over again. Some things may be broken and image loading is currently unreliable. It's the server's fault so it's not something I can fix myself.

In a few days I'm going to post an Aliens story that I'm almost done editing. Big scary Xenomorphs snatching little girls for the hive. Fun times. I'm also in the early stages of Good Neighbors 2, following James' continuing escapades with Sheila and her daughter Summer.

July 23, 2017

Two stories! The first is a story I've wanted to tell for a whole year, and this is it. The tale of Shae and her Daddy can finally reach its peak. they've become dear to me, in a way. I feel they deserve this.

Mg, inc, ped, teen, rom, preg
Depraved Mom is a rewritten story from carpe again, about a mother who struggles against powerful urges and a repressed dark side (alternate title: Dark Side of the Mom). It changed quite a lot as I was writing it, and I think it turned out pretty well. Maybe there's a dark place in each of us, a desire to be degraded, spent, used like an animal. Megan comes closer to this than she had ever imagined possible.

M+g, rape, reluc, pedo, magic, demons, preg
M+g, rape, reluc, pedo, magic, demons, preg

ASSTR also took a big shit all over itself and crashed, losing most of its data in the process. The currently-live version of the site is from a backup from 2014. The admins say they will not be able to fix it quickly, and their best estimates are for September. I really hope this isn't the writing on the wall for ASSTR as the space they provided encouraged me to put my writing online in the first place.

With ASSTR's ftp access still off, I can't restore the old site, so I've moved to a new host. Hopefully it will work out.

May 18, 2017

I think this is the first *direct* sequel to a story I have written. What happens to Jacqueline after she's cornered and captured? I figured it was an idea worth exploring. Hopefully the result is as much fun to read as it was to write.

The next Baby Girl story is pretty far along. Shae's marriage to her Daddy is a tale I have wanted to write for over a year. The world would never accept their kind of love. Is there anywhere they can live in peace? I'm as eager as anyone to see them get the happy life they deserve.

* Also you have NO idea how hard it is to find non-Winston gorilla porn pics. Seriously. Rule34 has failed me.

best, nc, Mg, oral, ped, preg

Apr 30, 2017

Another update. Yay! The idea for this story grew out of some pictures that I probably couldn't host here without getting in trouble. The imagination tends to run wild when provided with such delightful stimuli. This is a future I wish I could live in.

I'm writing a story about what happens to Jacqueline after being captured by the Corpsum Gorillas. How much ape cock can a girl take? We'll have to find out. Also approaching completion is the next Baby Girl story. Switching between the two tones is a strange experience.

Mg+, best, inc, oral, ped

Apr 7, 2017

Real life and depression took a major shit on my writing for a while. Pollination turned out to be a rather long adventure tale encompassing a lot of ideas - probably too many. I struggled to fit the pieces together and get the editing done but now it's finally good enough to upload. I hope you enjoy it. A handful of other half-finished stories await completion now. More to come!

Clark and Lilly have also been studiously adding to their Monstrum Tribute, the sordid tale of Sarah's transformative journey through the bowels of the abyss. Who's even raping who at this point?

Mg, gg+, bd, best, bi, inc, lesbian, magic, nc, oral, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol
Mg, gg+, bd, best, bi, inc, lesbian, magic, nc, oral, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol
Mg, gg+, bd, best, bi, inc, lesbian, magic, nc, oral, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol
ffg, tent/fg, g, rape, nc, con, bd, preg, ped, bi, les, toy, size, magic, demons, caution.

Dec 15, 2016

Carpe originally wrote and sent me the lovely and gripping tale of a pair of little sisters being brainwashed and raped by a giant cockroach and bearing his young, and I liked it so much that I started rewriting it a little bit at a time. The result is a sordid 17k-word epic of bug rape and submission of a family to their new roles as cockroach breeders. What fun!

MFgg+, 1st, best, mc, nc, reluc, ped, preg, teen

Dec 1, 2016

Clark and Lilly wrote part 2 of 11-year-old Sarah's depridations at the hands of the creatures of the Abyss. Ever wondered what a cock wyrm was? Wonder no more.

Fm+f+h+g, m+f+h+g, Ffg, bd, bi, les, demons, magic, nc, oral, anal, ped, preg, rape, caution

Nov 15, 2016

Clark and Lilly wrote this lovely tribute for the Monstrum series that follows the depraved violations visited upon Sarah the mage during her stay in the Abyss after the events of Filly. I thought it was great, so check it out. (Text Version)

I'm still working on Monstrum: Pollination, making slow progress. Not sure when it will be out.

Fm+f+h+g, m+f+h+g, Ffg, bd, bi, les, demons, magic, nc, oral, anal, ped, preg, rape, caution

Oct 25, 2016

I have to break my rule to never engage in the conceit of prefacing a story with a disclaimer, but it seems warranted here.

This is not necessarily a happy story, though it ends happily. It may not meet your definition of a sex story, though there is sex in it. Readers looking solely for more of the lighthearted romance that characterizes this series may feel free to wait for the next story if desired, which I promise will be a return to form and much less heavy-handed. Still, nothing will bear more strongly on the subject of where Shae and her Daddy have been and where they are going than this story, which I wrote the first draft of over a year ago. If it is a good story, then hopefully it can stand on its own merit.

Mg, inc, teen, rom, cons, preg

Oct 14, 2016

Taking a dream vacation with the girl you love is an experience anyone would treasure, especially if the girl is your daughter. After weeks of work I split this into two parts, and it turned out very talky, a borderline romance novel. Shae has a deeper, richer personality that I had been able to capture so far, and this is a story I have wanted to tell for a long time.

Mgg, inc, pedo, rom, cons, oral, anal
Mgg, inc, pedo, rom, cons, oral, anal

Aug 10, 2016

A wild update appears! I wrote a first draft of this a while back, and it was originally just a quick wank at 8k words with only the bus scene. When I came back and fleshed out some of the rough spots, I ended up with two completely disconnected narratives and the story didn't work well. It took the whole weekend to patch it up and make it publishable, but I like how it turned out.

On an unrelated note, is just dropping story submissions like crazy. I don't know if their spam filter is throwing lots of false positives or if their moderation inbox is just fucking broken. It's very difficult to get any submissions through. Anyone know a better place to post stories? Let me know.

Mg, inc, pedo, rom, cons, exhib

Jun 16, 2016

Violence and Monsters and Rape, Oh My! - Monstrum's alternate title, and this story is stuffed full of all 3. I worked on this story on and off for 3 months, starting with a mental outline of Alinayah, a badass who fell to her doom, and as I wrote her the story became more of a personal exploration of each facet of the damage done to her. By the end I almost didn't want to consign Allie to her fate. Almost.

While looking for pictures for the story I also ran across some amazing artists: Norasuko (Patreon) and Wazakita. Pure gold.

Mg+, gg, bd, best, bi, inc, magic, nc, oral, ped, preg, rape, reluc, viol Jun 20, 2016

May 31st, 2016

I was stuck on another story, so I wrote a different one as a diversion. It was going to be a short wank and then things got ...uh...weird. It also ended up at 12k words. So much for short. Hope it's fun.

Good Neighbors MFg, inc, oral, pedo, cons May 31, 2016

Apr 3, 2016

Short and sweet, with a silly premise.

My Baby Girl Claims Victory Mg, inc, pedo, rom, cons Feb 12, 2016

Feb 12, 2016

Holidays, long illness, and a change of residence conspired against this story, which started as a filler idea and grew into an epic almost beyond my control. I cut aggressively, and still ended up with a narrative that sags in the middle. It happens. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

My Baby Girl and the Halloween Party Mg+, inc, pedo, rom, cons, 1st, oral Feb 12, 2016

Nov 29, 2015

I'm seriously wondering if anyone knows an actual way to get a response from the ASSTR admins. They don't answer their email. The content-security-policy header is wrong, allowing a value of, which is missing a pretty important L in the domain there. XHRs which fail (google analytics, in this case) post back to csp-report.php which takes 10 seconds to respond, if you're lucky, and that's why the page sometimes feels slow and less responsive. What a pain.

Moving threw a serious cramp in the writing schedule. Two new stories about Shae will be online soon.

Nov 4, 2015

My Baby Girl and the Swim Class Mg+, inc, pedo, rom, cons, 1st, oral, voy Nov 4, 2015

Oct 31, 2015

Thank you for your many letters. They encourage me to keep writing. I'm very glad these stories have connected with some people.

I had to go back and rewrite Pajama Party to make the following story make sense. The plan was to release 1-2 stories for every year of Shae's life, and it looks like I'm on track to do that. The cover image was too perfect NOT to post. Pajama Party is mostly sex, and I wonder if it is too repetitive.

My Baby Girl and the Modelling Gig Mg, inc, pedo, rom, cons, oral Oct 31, 2015
My Baby Girl and the Pajama Party Mg+, inc, pedo, rom, cons, 1st, oral Oct 31, 2015

Oct 17, 2015

My Baby Girl and Our First Date Mg, inc, pedo, rom, cons Oct 17, 2015

Oct 15, 2015

So Broodmother was particularly difficult to write, and hell to edit. I ended up cutting a lot to focus on the few themes that were essential. It was a violent, scary story. I told myself I didn't want to write anything that long again. So of course I went and wrote Filly, which was even more violent, more scary, and almost as long. Go figure. In its utterly disturbing way, it is probably the strongest in the series, but I was surprised at how dark and twisted it turned out. Sometimes, the story writes you.

I thought I would write Pollination next since that has by far the most interesting outline, but people responded strongly to Baby Girl and it's getting stale in my head and I can't have that. I have some that are already written, and just need editing - by far the most time-consuming process of writing, assuming you care about what you write. First Date was written 6 months ago and now I have to re-title and rewrite parts of it since the perspective can't possibly work with the other stories. C'est la vie. It will be up soon.

Oct 3, 2015

Monstrum: Filly - Part 2 The outside world crashes into Nela's peaceful life. Mg, bd, best, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol Oct 13, 2015
Monstrum: Filly - Part 1 The outside world crashes into Nela's peaceful life. Mg, bd, best, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol Oct 13, 2015
Monstrum: Broodmother - Part 1 10-year-old Kali is dispatched to the wilds to find out what happened to her friends Mg, bd, best, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol Oct 3, 2015
Monstrum: Broodmother - Part 2 10-year-old Kali is dispatched to the wilds to find out what happened to her friends Mg, bd, best, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol Oct 3, 2015
My Baby Girl and Her First Time I fuck my sweet little girl for the first time Mg, inc, pedo, rom, cons Oct 3, 2015
Monstrum: Bitch A 10-year-old girl uses her magic to fight monsters threatening the kingdom g, bd, best, magic, nc, ped, rape, reluc, viol Oct 3, 2015