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Bug Breeding School

By WintermuteX

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Content: Insect Sex, Pedophilia, Schoolgirls, Impregnation, Birth

With a rattle of chairs being pushed back, the entire class stood as Hatsuma-sensei strode into the classroom.

"Good morning girls," she said, plopping her bag onto the desk at the front of the classroom. Her eyes came up and she regarded the roomful of schoolgirls with a quiet dignity.

"Good morning sensei," the class intoned in unison. Misume said the words along with them, nervously smoothing the pleated skirt of her school uniform over her hips.

"You may be seated," Hatsuma said, opening the snap on her bag and pulling out her books. As one, the class took their seats at their desks again.

Misume looked around and swallowed uneasily. She hadn't really known what to expect when she first arrived that morning. The classroom was so clean, so utterly typical of a Japanese school that she had almost thought that she had arrived at the wrong school by mistake. A freshly-cleaned blackboard dominated the front of the room, and the desks and chairs were simple and serviceable, indistinguishable from those that could be found in any other classrooms in Japan.

The two dozen girls in the classroom were all her own age, all clad in the pristine white sailor blouses and blue pleated skirts shared by all Japanese schoolgirls. Small red ties and dark stockings completed the traditional look of the uniform. Misume looked down for the thousandth time, fidgeting with the dangling red slip of her own tie, making sure it wasn't crooked or wrinkled. Some nervousness could be expected when moving to a new school, but Misume was a very shy girl. She knew the other girls were looking at her out of their peripheral vision even as they pretended to stare straight ahead at the teacher.

"As you can see, we have a new student joining the class today. Misume, will you stand up and introduce yourself?"

Misume stood, fighting the nervous knot growing in her throat. She took a deep breath to steady herself and turned to look at the class.

"Hello. I'm Nagana Misume," she began. "It's nice to meet you all. I"

"Misume comes to us from the Fukiage school in Kagoshima prefecture," Hatsuma said, filling in the void as Misume trailed off nervously. "Although she's a late enrollment this year, she's been approved for the Breeding School program. Thank you Misume. Will you take a seat?"

Misume sat down, smoothing her skirt against her legs. Her face was burning. She didn't like having lots of people looking at her. The other girls had regarded her politely, but a few had exchanged quick whispers among themselves. A girl with lovely dark hair twisted into twin braids giggled as her friend whispered in her ear, the both of them looking at Misume.

"Now then." Hatsuma addressed the class with a commanding tone that ordered them to be quiet. "We can continue the lesson from yesterday. Kana-chan, do you remember where we left off?"

The girl with the twin braids stood up at her desk earnestly. "Yes sensei. We were reviewing the history of the bug breeding industry."

"Very good." Hatsuma nodded at Kana, her face wearing a pleased expression. "That's right. If you girls remember, Japan was suffering from a number of crises at the turn of the century. Can someone give me an example of one?"

A brown-haired girl to Misume's left stood up. "Energy shortages. Fossil fuels couldn't keep up with the rising demand and diminished exports from other countries meant Japan didn't have enough power."

"That's right. Very good Sai-chan. Anyone else?"

The girl with the dark braids stood up again. "Food shortages. Japan was almost on the brink of famine. Our arable land was shrinking and we couldn't feed the population."

"Correct." Hatsuma smiled as the girls sat down again. "Those were two of the major issues facing our nation, but there were others also. Our waste problems had reached critical mass and the recycling techniques couldn't keep up. We lived a lifestyle of disposable goods. The declining male population was also felt very heavily in the industrial sector. Companies struggled to retain enough staff. Many more women entered the workforce at this time, but it wasn't enough. Japan needed men. It still does, today. That was one of the last problems to emerge: your generation, a new wave of young girls, but very few boys for you."

"So we have energy, food, waste, and domestic sexual issues," Hatsuma said in her patient, lecturing voice, ticking off each point on her fingers. "Japan tried a number of things, but they all failed. The solution was eventually found where nobody expected it. Would anyone care to tell me what it was?"

A few of the girls stood up, but Hatsuma nodded at Kana again.

"Nanoka Misumizu was the first genetic researcher to successfully adapt human genetic characteristics into insects," Kana said. "She grew the first Flesh Fly a year after her funding had been pulled, working alone in her lab. Nobody believed in her research, and she was ridiculed once people found out what she was trying to do."

"Indeed she was," Hatsuma nodded. "Her alterations were crude at first, and the first Flesh Flies took many tries to get right. Still, nobody paid attention to her until she finally used her own specimens to successfully impregnate herself."

Hatsuma turned to write on the whiteboard while still addressing the class.

"Misumizu-hakase was the first human woman to grow fly larvae in her womb. The process she developed to give insects human-compatible sexual characteristics was so robust that it was quickly adapted to a number of other creatures."

Hatsuma-sensei had sketched a blobby, grub-shaped diagram on the board. Its body was shaded by a number of small ridges and it tapered to a puckering mouth of tiny tendrils at one end.

"This is a Flesh Fly baby," she went on. "Its gestation period is three weeks and the brood size can be up to a dozen larvae. The birthing process is comparatively easy, and far quicker and less painful than having human babies."

She turned to face the class again. "None of you year 1 girls have ever been impregnated by a Flesh Fly, of course, but that will soon change. With their copious ejaculations and frequent mating sessions, it's common for up to half of a class to be pregnant a few days after introduction. For the majority of you, your first birth at Breeding School will be a Flesh Fly, but with the amount of mating you'll be doing you could easily get pregnant from any of the bugs."

"Sensei, when do we get to Slink centipedes?" Sai asked. Misume turned to her side to look at the girl as she asked the question. The girl's brown hair was long and luxurious, hanging nearly to her waist, looking almost silky in the morning light. Misume couldn't help but feel slightly jealous. Her own hair was also brown but not nearly so fine or so long.

"Some bugs are harder to breed with than others," Hatsuma said, "and a few are very difficult indeed. As your technique and skills improve, you'll be introduced to the higher levels of bugs to breed with them. A wide range of sexual experience with all of the bug species is required in order to qualify for placement in the bug breeding industry.

"Slink centipedes are for year 2 girls," Hatsuma went on, addressing her answer to Sai. "Along with Earthen Lobsters, Mick Mosquitos, Bore Beetles, and many others. Also note that although we collectively call all species adapted by the Misumizu process 'bugs', it actually includes a number of non-insectoid species. The Earthen Lobsters, for example, are crustaceans. As you know, the process has never been successfully adapted to a mammal. It works best on insects."

Misume felt her heart quicken and her face flush from all of the frank talk of breeding. She had known what Breeding School entailed for a girl, of course. With her mother working as a researcher in the bug industry, she had grown up quite familiar with the idea of insect copulation. It almost seemed more natural to her than having sex with a human boy. Not that there were many of those around anyway, and they were all spoken for. Most schools were all-girl schools now, and Misume had had barely any time to interact with the opposite sex.

And right on her 12th birthday, the earliest time a girl could technically qualify for bug Breeding School, her mother had sat her down and broached the idea to her: the breeding industry offered excellent pay, financial stability, free health care, free education - basically everything a young girl could need to begin her life. All she had to do was fuck bugs and have their babies around the clock until she turned 20. She could technically exit her contract as early as then, but most girls found their time in the industry extremely satisfying and didn't want to leave, according to her mother. Misume had been hesitant at first, but her mother had convinced her and then pulled strings to get her transferred and signed up for late enrollment barely a month after Misume had had her birthday.

"Now girls, let's go over Flesh Fly anatomy," Hatsuma said. She flicked a button on her desk, and a screen unrolled from its tube on the wall, descending to cover the whiteboard. With another button flick, she turned on the overhead projector.

"This is a Flesh Fly cock," she instructed the class, her tone clinical and detached in contrast to the blaring red organ projected on the wall. "The typical length is from 2 to 3 feet with a girth of anywhere from 2 to 4.5 inches. As far as insect cocks go, it's one of the larger ones, and the Flesh Flies really know how to use it."

Misume stared at the enormous organ, her mouth hanging open. It was a massive pink-red shaft, curving slightly, with several layers of fleshy flares at the tip. Rings of tiny nodules like little warts decorated the shaft just below the glans and at the base. The thing was fully erect, jutting from the nether region at the base of the Flesh Fly's body. Misume had never seen a cock before, and she gazed at it with fascination. The taut flesh almost seemed to pulse with life on the screen. Was that thing really supposed to go in her vagina?

"The cock has been refined by dozens of generations of alterations, of course, for maximum pleasure, as has the rest of the Flesh Fly's body, emphasizing fertility, size, penetration ability, and ejaculatory volume. Typical ejaculations run about 200cc at a time, but some specimens have been reported emitting up to 600cc. There's one final characteristic that they have been aggressively bred for. Does anyone know what it is?"

Kana raised her hand eagerly. Misume had already pegged her as the teacher's pet, and it seemed to be holding up.

"Yes Kana-chan, go ahead," Hastuma said.

Kana stood up. "It's the Fischer-Hauser process. After a Flesh Fly dies, if the body is fermented, it can produce gases eight times stronger than natural gas."

"That's right," Hatsuma nodded at Kana and then smiled at the class. "The whole reason for the fly's existence in the first place. Breed 10 of them, and you can power a turbine for a day. Breed enough, and you can power all of Japan. The acidity of the fly's body is very important to the process. Scientists are still working to perfect the body chemistry alterations with each generation."

"Which is why you'll be breeding with so many of them," Hatsuma said, waving her hand airily. "My first brood was with a Flesh Fly. Lovely creatures. Fantastic mates. A girl's first birth is always her best, so make sure you enjoy it."

"Yes sensei," the class intoned.

"To return to the topic of Misumizu-hakase," Hatsuma droned on, "her research garnered worldwide attention once it was realized what she had done and what the possible applications were. Flesh Fly breeding took off quickly, spurred by investment from the energy industry, and rapid advances were made to adapt a number of additional species. Earthen Lobsters were created as an easy protein food source, a highly efficient alternative to beef. Common pillbug DNA was utilized to create the Pilabugs that we have today - efficient garbage recyclers that can eat virtually anything. The waste industry was very interested, and today they're even a common household pet since a single once can take care of all the garbage of a family of 4.

"As you can imagine, there was some...resistance to these solutions at first, but it was recognized that the growing bug industry had the potential to solve all of Japan's mounting problems in the face of the declining male population: the need for clean energy, food sources, garbage disposal, and a new generation of horny girls with no boyfriends. The industry demand was there, and the formation of the Breeding Schools was inevitable."

Misume swallowed. She knew most of this already, of course. The industry had been established over a decade ago, before she was even born, and it operated just as smoothly as ever. Girls, breeding with legions of oversized insects to produce brood after brood of new creatures. The bugs were short-lived and the need for new girls was constant. There had been some efforts, back at the beginning, to adapt the alterations to produce female versions of the bugs so they could breed with their own kind, but none had met with any success, and the efforts had dropped off once it was apparent that there were more than enough human girls eager to fill the demand. Girls just like her, Misume, on the earliest cusp of fertility just after her 12th birthday.

"Well" Hatsuma said, snapping off the projector with a flick of the button. "That's enough telling, it's time to show you the real thing. Kana-chan, please watch the class while I fetch a Flesh Fly for us."

Misume watched her go. The rest of the class sat primly at their desks until she was out the door, and then burst into furious whispers.

"Can you believe that thing?" The girl in front of Misume whispered to another girl, giggling. "How does that even fit inside?"

"Beats me," shrugged the other girl. "But my sister says they feel great. She says she was nervous the first time too."

"Have you ever touched one?" Gasped the first girl, struggling to contain her giggles.

"Once. My sister let me touch a Flesh Fly and watch as she had sex with it. I was 8. It was the first time I learned about bug breeding."

The girls lowered their voices, whispering to each other and devolving into hysterical giggles. Misume hunched nervously in her seat, rubbing her hands up and down her stockinged legs, wondering if the other whispering girls were talking about her. She tugged at her blouse to adjust it again. It was a brand-new uniform, with a dark collar and skirt, in the traditional sailor style of Japanese students. Her mom had thrown out Misume's old uniform and cleaned and ironed the new one, helping her dress and doing her hair and getting Misume looking perfect before sending her off to her first day at Breeding School with a kiss.

"Hi." Misume jerked in her seat as the voice sounded from her right shoulder. The twin-braid girl had come over to talk to her, and was regarding Misume with a friendly smile.

"H-Hi," Misume stuttered. The girl was very pretty, with dark hair that shone slightly. Her braids had draped forward onto the collar of her uniform as she bent slightly. She could be a model, Misume thought.

"I'm Kana. That's Sai." Kana-chan nodded at the brown-haired girl to Misume's left. "We've both been here since the start of the year.

"Oh." Misume blushed again, embarrassed at how she had started the year late. "I guess I'll have a lot to catch up on."

"Not really," Kana shrugged. "I think you'll get the gist of it. Fuck the bugs, suck them, get them to ejaculate inside you. Piece of cake. You'll love it. When did you decide to join Breeding School?"

"Just a month ago," Misume said. "My mom works in the industry. She was able to pull some favors and get me in here even though the year had started."

"Ah, that's lucky. Do you know why that's lucky?"

Misume shook her head.

"Because you get to take classes with me and Sai," Kana said, breaking into a grin. "Sai knows all this stuff already. She pretty much knows everything. She was always top of the class when we were kids. A brainiac. Right Sai?"

The brown-haired girl shrugged nonchalantly and rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

"And she's always known she would go to bug Breeding School," Kana went on. "Her whole family has worked in the industry. Her mother. Her aunts. All her sisters. It's like a family tradition."

"Pretty much," Sai smiled. "Mom worked for 10 years as a breeder, then she took some time off to have me and went right back into it. I guess I've always figured I would do it too."

"And since she's doing it, well obviously I have to do it too!" declared Kana. "I can't let her show me up. She may get better grades, but I'll bet I can fuck better and have more bug babies than she does."

"Maybe," Sai laughed. "You're the one with experience after all."

"Mom always let me play with the family Pilabug," Kana explained. She really seemed to like to talk.

"I learned how to suck him off really young. Mom was mad when she found out, but then she taught me about bug semen and how I should never let him cum inside me because that's for professionals."

Kana grinned deviously. "So when Sai decided to become a professional I knew I had to too."

The conversation was interrupted as Hatsuma-sensei returned to the classroom. She was holding up a large fly the size of a dog, hugging it to her chest with her arms wrapped around its underbelly. The fly buzzed in her arms, docile, its delicate wings flicking occasionally.

Misume was surprised - it really didn't look like what she had expected. It was obviously a fly, but with a smaller, arched body composed of black chitinous plates. Its eyes were bright red fields of glittering facets, but they didn't dwarf the head as much as they did on a housefly. It was smaller, cuter somehow. Misume found herself fascinated rather than repulsed. An red protrusion jutted from the fly's face where its mouth was - an insectile mouth, a proboscis, like a circular sucker with pointed fleshy tips all around the rim.

"A Flesh Fly," Hatsuma announced, holding the creature up in front of her like a baby. "This one is around 2 months old. They only live 6 months, as you know, but with their high fertility rates a single fly can potentially sire hundreds of larvae in that time."

Misume took careful note of the segmented body and soft belly as the teacher held the Fly up. Its 6 legs flicked slightly, making a brushing sound, and it had tiny bristling hairs on each of them. A pink, fleshy region dominated the area at the bottom of the abdomen.

"A Flesh Fly's cock stays retracted in its body until it is aroused," Hatsuma announced. "Luckily, it is very easy to get them aroused." She held the fly up against her, rubbing its belly tenderly, being careful not to disturb its wings. Her breasts rubbed against the creature's head. She continued her slow, gentle massage, cooing slightly into the faceted eyes, until a slender pink tip began to protrude from the undersection of the belly.

"Here we go. It takes very little stimulation to get a Flesh Fly aroused. Often just the sight and smell of a human girl is enough. Ok. Take a good look."

Hatsuma kept the fly held gently against her body as she walked around the classroom, continuing her massage of its body. The bug's cock slowly lengthened, growing longer and firmer, visibly hardening as the girls watched. The two-dozen pairs of 12-year-old girls followed the bug with their eyes bulging with curiosity as Hatsuma walked between them, holding the Fly up to give each of them a good close look at its stiffening cock.

"A Flesh Fly is a slow mate," she instructed. "During intercourse it secretes a large amount of pre-cum mucus that helps adjust the acidity balance of the human womb. This helps prepare you for insemination. They typically like to fuck for around 20 minutes before their first ejaculation, but that is just when they're getting started. A Flesh Fly produces some of the most copious ejaculate of any bugs. They usually keep breeding for another hour before they're finished, with an average of 6 to 10 more ejaculations during that time. It's rarely a good idea to try to disengage from a Flesh Fly before it's finished, and really there's no reason to. Their wings are delicate, but not very, so you should be careful, but remember to move and get into it so you and the fly have more fun. This helps ensure a substantial amount of fly cum gets inside you.

"So, since I believe in getting right to the action," Hatsuma said, still holding the fly around the waist, "who wants to be the first girl? Come on, don't be shy girls. Look at how hard he's getting for you."

Her continued rubbing had coaxed the pink organ to its maximum length, jutting out an impressive 2 feet from the base of the fly's body. It bobbed in the air, and Misume followed the big ridged glans with fascinated eyes. It seemed to pulse with a hungry need. The fly seemed to be getting more agitated, buzzing its wings and flicking its legs with excitement.

Kana had raised her hand politely. "Hatsuma-sensei? You said I could pick for the first mating lesson."

"Oh goodness yes, thank you for reminding me Kana. Since you got the highest marks on the first quiz, you can pick anyone in class to go first. One of your friends I assume."

"I know just the person." Misume jumped as Kana looked right at her, smirking. "It should be Misume."

"I...I...uh," Misume's jaw bobbed stupidly. She felt a wild flush in her neck. She wished she could shrink down into her chair.

"It's her first day. I think she should find out what Breeding School is all about."

"Well Misume, how about it?" Hatsuma held the bug in front of her invitingly. "Ready to give this little guy a shot?"

" sensei. I'm ready."

"Why not start with your mouth?" Hatsuma took a step closer, putting the fly's cock at mouth-level just in front of Kana. The pink organ bobbed up and down, jerking occasionally with the fly's excitement.

The hot flush in her neck was spreading, but Misume took a deep breath and steadied herself. It wouldn't do to be so bashful on her first day, when she was just getting started. And the thick organ looked surprisingly enticing, fleshy and bulging but flared with strange alien curves and ridges.

Slowly, she opened her mouth and leaned closer. What would it taste like? Salty? Meaty? Her lips brushed the bobbing tip, steadying it. The fly buzzed its wings excitedly, but didn't try to break out of Hatsuma's hug. It was a very well-trained bug, apparently. Maybe they used only the most cooperative ones on the first year girls.

Heat brushed her lips. Misume was surprised at the warmth. She puckered her mouth, kissing the tip, and caught her first taste of bug cock. Not meaty or salty. Not like anything she had ever tasted. But not bad, she thought. It had a kind of musk that tingled on her lips and left her wanting more.

Her teacher waited expectantly. The class waited expectantly, every eye trained on her. Misume tried to ignore them as she raised her hands and lightly gripped the fleshy thing to steady it. Its texture was tantalizing to her fingers. She squeezed it experimentally, not too hard. It was almost spongy, yet as firm as iron. She had never felt anything like it. It was her first feel of any cock and Misume found that she liked it.

A tiny bit of fluid glistened at the tip of the bug's cock, a prelude to the warm deposits of fluid she knew were waiting to gush out of this thing. Carefully, Misume opened her mouth wide like at the dentist and guided the big shaft in.

A stark taste of tangy bug scent greeted her tongue. Misume shivered but let her lips brush further along the flesh. She could feel the warm pulse of the cock in her mouth. She wiggled her tongue experimentally, sliding it under the tumescent shaft, coating it with saliva.

The fly seemed very excited now. Its wings were buzzing eagerly. Its six legs waved wildly around her head. It looked down at Misume with glittering, hungry eyes, a horny animal desire reflected in every impenetrable red facet. Its sucking mouth puckered at the air.

"Very good Misume-chan," Hatsuma said proudly. "That's your first taste of bug cock. You'll have plenty more during the school year here. Sucking a bug off is a good way to get it erect for penetration, or just have some fun. Kana, can you please get a breeding mat?"

Kana leaped to her feet and ran over to the wall to drag one of the soft blue mats into the empty space in the middle of the classroom. Misume pulled her head back and let the bug's cock flop in the air, the glans now coated with her saliva. She licked her lips to catch the juices dribbling down her chin.

Hatsuma gestured at the mat, and Misume gave a startled jump. Oh, right. It would have to cum inside her. She still wasn't quite sure how that worked, but she managed to pull herself together enough to get up and walk nervously over to the mat. Kana was sitting on her knees on the edge of it, smiling slyly at Misume. The hot flush of embarrassment burned on Misume's face and neck. The whole class was staring at her. Feeling a bit lightheaded, Misume sat down on the mat.

"That's good Misume," Hatsuma said, going down to her knees also while still holding the bug. "Now, just lie back sweetie. Kana, will you help her?"

Kana leaned forward and reached for the edge of Misume's blouse, Gently, she pulled it up Misume's waist, then up over her bare breasts. Misume managed to blush even deeper. The Breeding School uniform specifically precluded bras and panties, and her mother had reminded her not to wear them. But still, being exposed in front of the class on her first day hadn't been what she expected.

Of course, she was about to fuck a bug. A Flesh Fly. Her first. Her first lover, the first cock inside her 12-year-old pussy. The creature looked ready, agitated and hungry. Misume shivered.

Kana's hands trailed down her bare belly, then her fingers wrapped gently around the bottom of Misume's skirt. She pulled it up, revealing Misume's pussy to the class. The fly seemed to become even more excited at the sight, struggling in Hatsuma's arms. The flash of exposed little girl pussy had set it off.

"That's good Misume. Now, there's nothing to worry about." Hatsuma held the fly forward until it was right on top of Misume. Misume felt the scratch of its grasping legs on her skin, felt the soft bump of its erect cock bumping up against her pussy lips. The feeling sent an unfamiliar tingle arcing up her spine, and she shivered again.

"I'm going to let him down gently. Stay calm." Misume nodded, and Hatsuma lowered the fly closer to her body. Misume was breathing heavily, her bare chest heaving with her nipples stiff in the air. Six hard legs brushed against her sides, and Misume shuddered at the first caress of her insect lover. The legs tightened, getting a good grip on her body. The fly's wings pumped the air with an excited buzz. Hatsuma let the fly go, and it pushed forward to wrap itself even tighter around her. Misume stiffened in surprise as the insectile face pushed up right against hers. Two glittering faceted eyes stared directly into her face. The puckered proboscis twitched excitedly. The bug ducked its head, planting the fleshy tube right on her nipple.

"Gyaah!" Misume quivered at the feeling of heavy suction on her breast. Buzzing happily, the fly worked the short, fleshy tube of its proboscis against her bud. Misume's hands flew up even as her legs kicked involuntarily. It felt wonderful. The moist sucking feeling caressed her nipple and kindled sparks of warmth that swirled in her belly. It felt so good that she had almost forgotten about the thick tool pressed against her nether regions, and was surprised when she felt it shift as the fly positioned itself.

Her arms wrapped themselves instinctively around the fly's back, hugging the insect to her. It wasn't cold like she expected. The black chitinous body had a peculiar kind of clammy warmth to it. The fly quivered against her, the vibration stirring the sparks inside her into a heat that began to itch in her crotch. She felt the muscles in her hips twitch as the insect lined up. The tip of that massive pink shaft was positioned right at the entrance to her 12-year-old pussy. Misume felt the pressure of that organ, and the pressure of the curious eyes of all her classmates as they huddled in a tight circle around where she lay on the mat.

With a sudden, powerful rush, the fly slammed into her. Misume screeched, holding the fly to her. It had slammed through her hymen, ripping her virginity thoughtlessly away. Tears came to her eyes, but were quickly driven away by the powerful feeling of fullness coming from inside her pussy. The fly didn't seem to care about her discomfort. Its six legs hugged even more tightly around her sides and back as if it thought she might try to run away. The wings buzzed slightly for balance, and it began to move its body in a rapid rhythm, thrusting into her cunt.

Misume felt herself squealing with surprise. Sudden flashes of astonishing pleasure lanced upwards from her crotch. The thick organ of the fly's cock barrelled in, and her legs spread instinctively. A sudden crack of delight strobed in her brain, and she threw her head back, eyes clenched tightly shut, mewling with the heavy rush of new sensations.

Dimly, she felt Kana's hands supporting her shoulders. Sai's fingers were clutched tightly in her own. The slippery, sucking delight of the fly's mouth on her 12-year-old breasts was a rush that buzzed in her head, but the sensations paled beneath the heavy, pounding beat that was slamming into her pussy.

The fly bobbed against her with incredible speed, ramming its 2-foot erect cock into her pussy like a piston. The pain had surprised her at first but it had quickly drowned under the drumbeat of raw animal pleasure that she was feeling for the first time. A frothing pleasure bubbled in her crotch, the slippery feel of the massive shaft of meat sliding so forcefully into her virgin cunt. Misume had been as curious as any girl. She had explored herself, had wondered what sex would feel like, but the sudden, pumping reality had blown away all her expectations.

She opened her eyes again. Her pelvis was slapping back and forth, being bucked forcefully against the mat by the creature's motions. Misume stared into the faceted red eyes that bobbed inches from her own, losing herself in the alien stare. The slippery mouth of the fly had sucked its way all across her flat breasts, leaving a track of bug juices glistening on her skin. She could feel the warm shell of its belly moving against her own, feel the tiny hairs of the legs wrapped tightly around the bare skin of her hips and sides. Her small body jerked back and forth on the mat, each thump a louder beat in the rhythm of ecstasy that was boiling up inside her.

"Uh, Uh, Uh! UH! UGH" Misume realized the rising squeal was her own voice, each word forced out of her by the slamming cadence of that thickness between her thighs. Her pussy was on fire. She had never felt anything like this. The slippery fullness of the bug cock entering her body was intoxicating, a drumbeat that vibrated in her skull. Dimly, she was aware of her classmates holding her legs so she didn't get pushed off the mat, chattering excitedly to each other as they watched her copulating with the oversized fly. She was panting. She couldn't think. Drool dribbled down her lips and dripped from her chin.

Her body was a volcano. The energy surged up inside her suddenly, erupting from her crotch and filling her with heat. Her muscles twitched and jerked. The fly's cock slammed home, and Misume felt the flared tip lodge itself deep inside her, jammed up against her fertile womb. A sudden gush of warmth spurted deep inside her like an explosion of delight. She wrapped her arms around the chitinous body, holding on, her body buzzing every bit as much as her insect lover as her first orgasm exploded inside her. A torrent of ecstasy whirled in her brain, blinding her, filling her ears with a ringing sound. The fly's mouth pulled ecstatically at her nipples and its meaty cock vibrated inside her, every delightful twitch transferred to the spasming muscles of her pussy and converted into waves of pleasure that rose up from their squishy connection. Misume arched her back, her body crushed tightly to the fly, locked to it and exulting in the feeling of the insectile body rubbing against hers as they twitched together in the throes of pleasure.

Misume felt like she was floating down off a mountain peak. Her classmates were murmuring excitedly around her, most of them having witnessed their first sight of copulation between an insect and a human girl. Misume's eyes fluttered and she looked up to see Kana smiling gently down at her.

"Nice, isn't it?" Kana smiled sweetly.

"Y-yeah..." Misume felt like she couldn't catch her breath. The fly was still clutched tightly to her body like an extension of herself, its cock buried deep inside her.

"Told you you'd love it. Me and Sai, well we're not bug virgins, but most of the girls here are. You'll all get to discover how great it is."

Misume's chest was still heaving. She swallowed and tried to catch her breath. Being fucked by her first Flesh Fly had been the most amazing thing she had ever felt, and the school had *4 years* of this? Her battered mind could scarcely conceive it.

"Sssh, that's very good Misume," Hatsuma-sensei said, patting her hand as Misume lay spent on the mat. "Pay attention now girls. Usually a Flesh Fly would want to breed for at least another hour and achieve several more ejaculations before losing interest, but this one is specially trained for classroom demonstrations."

Hatsuma leaned towards the fly, wrapping her arms around it from behind again. Its wings seemed to buzz angrily and the arms tightened around Misume's sides, but Hatsuma slowly brushed the sides of the fly beneath the wings while making gentle hushing noises.

"Good boy, there you go. Shhhh, it's ok. She was fun, wasn't she? Time for a little break."

The brushing motions and the tone of the teacher seemed to calm the fly and it allowed itself to be pulled backwards. The thick pink cock slipped inch by inch out of Misume's cunt, sparking wild thrills up her spine, until the tip suddenly popped out like a cork from a bottle. A gush of oozing white fluid came out and pooled on the plastic surface of the mat.

Misume groaned and flopped back on the mat, as if the departure of that engorged organ had suddenly deflated her. She was exposed, her skirt pulled up around her waist and her schoolgirl shirt raised to her shoulders. A warm, sticky feeling coated her thighs. She raised her head to look down at it. Cum. Bug cum. If this much had come out, how much had gone inside her? She tried to picture it: a congealing flood of glistening goop, ripe with billions of insect sperm, filling up her 12-year-old womb until it backflowed like a stopped sewer pipe. She rested a hand on her belly. A warm, full feeling lingered deep beneath the surface.

"That will be all for today, class." Misume heard Hatsuma addressing them all distantly. "We're almost done with your first-year lectures now. Remember to review the breeding tips and orientation material in your textbooks, and to come prepared for breeding."

Kana and Sai reached down to help Misume to her feet. She stood on shaky legs, warm fluid oozing down her thighs and leaving stains on her dark stockings, then gathered her things to follow the other students out of class.

"So, was it as good as you expected?"

Misume turned her head to regard Kana. Her classmate smiled back, the dark twin tails of her hair bobbing slightly with the motion of the train.

"I don't really know what I expected, but it was...amazing," Misume said.

"And that was just your first day," Kana grinned. "For most girls who start Breeding School, it's their first time with a bug. But not for me and Sai. We've had a little bit of experience. The breeding industry runs in our family."

Misume turned to look out the window. Another train was passing in the other direction, dark silhouettes of businessmen and women framed in the windows. A normal commuter train for civilian traffic. Not like the train Misume was on. Warning stickers were plastered near the outside doors that this was for Breeding School girls only.

"So do you take this train every day?" Misume asked. She had seen her classmate waiting at the station on her way home from school and naturally gravitated towards her. There was something attractive about her, something warm in her inviting, slightly mischievous smile. The girls had chatted and then boarded and sat together.

"Yup! We probably live pretty close to each other." Kana leaned and poked Misume in the shoulder. "It's only three stations to my house from here. It's a good thing the Breeding Schools provide these special trains."

"How do they work?" Misume turned her head to take in the rest of the train. A smattering of schoolgirls in identical school uniforms to her and Kana were sitting and standing about, chatting with each other. The gentle motion and slow clacking rhythm of the train was so typical that Misume might have thought they were on a normal train that just happened to have nobody but schoolgirls on it. Outside the windows, the skyline of Kyoto flowed by in the afternoon sun.

"Well," Kana said, "you know Breeding School performance is based on the number of hours spent actually breeding. Most girls want to rack up as many hours as possible to keep their grades up. And because it's fun." Kana's smile was devious. "So the Japanese government decided to kill two birds with one stone. Time spent on the train for a girl in Breeding School is time wasted when she could be fucking bugs. So the breeding trains always have at least one species of insect. Look up there."

Misume followed Kana's pointing finger upwards. The train's ceiling was higher than normal, and a smattering of large-winged insects with curved bodies were hanging from the ceiling. They seemed docile, their wings sometimes fluttering lazily.

"Balloon dragonflies," Kana said. Misume nodded in understanding. She hadn't seen one before in person. They were slightly smaller than the Flesh Flies, each one with a curving, grublike body about the size of a small dog. The wings were almost as long as her forearms, and each bug had two pairs of them. The heads and thoraxes were a deep purple color, with blue, expressionless eyes covering the bulk of their faces. Each dragonfly hung from the ceiling by their six short legs, which ended in hooked claws that looked excellent for hanging on to things.

"Some of the trains have other bugs too. They switch them out sometimes. A girl likes some variety, you know."

"Oh." Kana's suggestive smile made Misume blush. The train had pulled to a gentle stop at the next station and the doors whooshed open. A fresh set of schoolgirls like herself stepped onto the train. Pristine white sailor uniforms, pleated navy skirts, and dark leggings.

"So why aren't they doing anything?" Misume asked, looking up at the dragonflies hanging from the ceiling again. There were dozens, some of them creeping along between the cars, enough of them to evenly match the girls in numbers.

"All the bugs are very well trained," Kana said. "Watch."

Misume followed her eyes, seeing a pair of brunette schoolgirls that were standing and chatting with each other, each holding a pole. As they talked, both girls casually raised their skirts in the rear, exposing their bare bottoms.

As if on cue, a pair of dragonflies detached from the ceiling, hovering with a buzzing sound and dipping down to fly near the girls. The girls smiled at them briefly, then resumed chatting with each other. The flies landed gently on the girl's backs, latching on to their uniforms with their hooked legs. The long bodies slithered hungrily down the cracks of the girl's asses, and Misume could see a massive erection growing from the tapered tip at the bottom of each bug's abdomen.

"Standard mating invitation," Kana said. "It was in one of the lectures you missed. Remember how there were some...incidents back in the early days? Well the government had to enact strict laws to ensure that every bug in the industry was trained to only attempt to mate when a girl is actually ready. All you have to do is raise your skirt. The sight of pussy and ass lets them know that you want it.

Misume's eyes bulged when she saw how long the erections on the pair of dragonflies had grown. Their cocks were thin and curved, with smooth shafts that flared to fleshy pointed tips festooned at the base with little bumpy nodules. The pink organs began to flush red as they stiffened. Every bug was different, Misume had learned, but most bug cocks somewhat resembled a human's cock blended with flaring, bug-like features. It made sense, given their combined DNA.

The bugs had a good grip on the girl's backs as the pair stood chatting, and were lining up their curved pricks from behind so the points pushed up against each girl's genitals. With sudden enthusiasm, they jerked their bodies, penetrating both girls. The two squeaked, going breathless and losing their conversation at the sudden invasion of bulging flesh.

Other girls were joining in. Whether sitting or standing, their raised their skirts, flashing their bare cunts, which lured the bugs down like magnets. Each one quickly sprouted an erection as it latched on to a girl, wings buzzing. Their soft bug bodies slid hungrily along naked butts and thighs, erections growing, caressing the schoolgirl flesh on display. The girls pet the dragonflies along their backs to encourage them closer.

Misume watched in fascination, then jerked when Kana leaned back in the seat next to her and raised her own skirt. A dragonfly descended, landing on Kana's waist, and the girl pulled up her shirt to give the bug access to her bare breasts. The bug's four wings vibrated, thrilled at the sight of the little girl's bare chest and cunt. Kana pet the grublike body, encouraging it.

"Aren't they cute?" Kana giggled. "Those big blue eyes are so sexy. And the baby nymphs are the most adorable little things you've ever seen. I'm kind of hoping that my first brood is dragonflies.

"Come on buddy, that's it. Good boy." Kana purred and shifted slightly in her seat, wiggling her pelvis invitingly. The dragonfly buzzed happily and then settled. It dipped its head, and latched onto Kana's bare nipple with its tiny purple mandibles.

"Eek!" Kana squirmed. "God, these guys sure do love tits. They're breastfeeders too, for a couple weeks after birth."

The dragonfly was fully erect already, its thin cock nestled against Kana's tiny hairless cunt. With a sudden thrust of its body, it shoved its way inside.

"Gyah!" Kana jerked suddenly. She reached out and Misume felt her hand enfolded by her friend. "Oh g-god, that feels so good."

Her fingers squeezed harder around Misume's as the bug began to pump its prick into her pussy. Misume watched, mesmerized, as the bug's lengthy organ managed to squeeze inch after inch of tumescent flesh inside her friend.

"Don't you...don't you want to try?" Kana was gasping already. The bug was squeezing her nipples with its mandibles as it established a pistoning rhythm into her cunt.

"Don't be shy. Come on." Kana was smiling so invitingly as she leaned back in the seat. "I know it's your first day but you'll love them."

Misume looked up at the ceiling, her mind dizzy with the memory of the Flesh Fly. She had never felt anything as amazing as that insect's prick pounding its way inside of her and gushing its sticky gift into her womb. All species of the bugs had been selectively bred for attributes that maximized female pleasure, since that encouraged more mating and thus enhanced fertility. Was it true they had long ago surpassed human guys? Misume wouldn't know. She had barely met a handful of boys in her life.

She had always been a shy girl, but really, what was there to be shy about? Her new friend was getting bugfucked right next to her, flat tits exposed and her tiny schoolgirl pussy spread obscenely around the pistoning shaft. This was why she had joined the Breeding School, after all.

With a sigh of her own she leaned back. The train's chairs had a bit of give to them, designed to be comfortable for the girls even as they were getting pounded by bug cock. Misume reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt, then pulled it up to her waist.

More and more dragonflies had entered the train car as it filled with girls. A few swooped near Misume, but one beat the others to the punch, landing on her waist and stomach with a light buzzing of wings.

"H-Hi." Misume swallowed shyly. The bug stared back into her gaze, its blue eyes utterly expressionless. She could see its eager energy though in the hungry buzzing of its wings as it got comfortable.

Six insectile legs slowly slid around her sides, gripping tightly. The grublike body slithered against her waist, then down to her pudenda Misume gasped. It was warm, warmer than she had expected, and soft against her skin. Dragonflies were year 1 bugs, she knew, so they were gentle lovers.

A bulging knot of flesh was growing against her privates, the bug slowly getting erect as it worked its arms and body against her. It seemed eager to get started, to stuff its bug cock into her human cunt and fill it with seed. Misume was panting heavily, feeling the moisture of her own need growing down below. Her pussy remembered the ecstatic copulation with the Flesh Fly and was hungry for more.

Suddenly feeling impatient, Misume raised her shirt. The bug buzzed happily, regarding the scanty slopes of her tiny breasts and the two pink nipples that dotted them. It immediately ducked its head, pinching one of her nipples into its mandibles.

Misume's toes curled and she squeaked. It didn't hurt like she had expected. The bug was gentle, and the mandibles weren't rigid like she had thought, but flexible. Slow suction pulled at her breast as the creature suckled. A small rivulet of goopy bug juice began to trickle down from her breast. It felt wonderful. It was like the perfect combination of stiff pinching - but not too stiff - and warm suction.

"I told you, Misume-chan. They love tits." Kana was giggling next to her as her dragonfly mate fucked her enthusiastically. Kana's tiny body was bucking back and forth, hips working with passionate rhythm, urging the bug deeper inside her.

Misume couldn't help the small moan that escaped her throat. Letting the dragonfly suckle her tits seemed to work wonders. It was fully erect, the pink flaring tip of its dripping bug cock pressed up against her slit. Her fingers tightened against Kana's, the girls holding hands as the dragonfly lined up its prick with Misume's bald cunt.

With a sudden thrust of its body, it was in. Misume squeaked again, her fingers tightening. The thrill of that bulging bug flesh pushing up inside sent shivers up her spine. Her pussy spasmed in anticipation, clenching hungrily around the invading insect organ.

The train came to a stop. More girls piled on the increasingly crowded train car. Many were pregnant, Misume saw, girls her own age on up through their teens, with their bellies bulging under the sailor shirts of their uniforms. The new girls wasted little time raising their skirts to attract mates, the remaining dragonflies buzzing down from the ceiling hungrily. Misume looked around as her muscles trembled, getting used to the slippery length of flesh moving inside her. Most girls were openly fucking now. Some were standing with skirts raised, the dragonflies clinging to their backs or their stomachs. The bugs had no problem reaching the girls' cunts with their curving cocks from front or behind, apparently. Other girls were seated like her and Kana, and a few were on all fours on the floor, their school packs slung next to them, bucking their hips and crying out with pleasure as the dog-sized bugs fucked them from behind. This was why every surface in the breeding train seemed to be designed of soft materials, Misume realized. There wasn't any sharp metal like in normal commuter trains. The girls could be comfortable fucking however they wanted.

The typical chatter of noisy schoolgirls was fading away, replaced by a chorus of grunting squeals and delighted buzzing. Misume could see the windows begin to fog up. Her bug lover had established a slow thrusting motion which was sending warm waves of pleasure up from her crotch. She moved her hips teasingly and smiled into those faceted blue eyes. Her one hand was tight in Kana's grip, feeling the other girl's arm jerking with her own motions. She wrapped her other hand around the back of the dragonfly, urging him closer.

"Ungh, ungh, uhhhhh, yes." Misume was panting, the flush of her passion rising from the drumbeat of pleasure between her legs. God, bug cock felt good. The rumors that most girls didn't want to leave Breeding School at the end of their contracts suddenly made sense to her. Misume hugged the buzzing creature tighter as it doubled down with a tight pinch on one of her nipples.

"Eeek!" Her legs jerked and she shivered uncontrollably. The bug was pistoning away, its upper body held stiff with the six legs around her sides and the softer lower portion practically a blur of motion. The slippery friction of insect meat thrusting inside of her was driving her to a rapid climax, the pulsing motion thundering in her cunt and sending it into overdrive. God, they had barely started, and she was already about to cum. Was sex with bugs always like this?

Through her heavy panting Misume realized a stray dragonfly was buzzing about. It hadn't found a mate; all the girls on the train were already intimately involved with the thrusting cocks of the other bugs. Kana waved the creature closer.

"Awww, were you left out? Wanna come in here buddy?" Kana cooed. The dragonfly responded enthusiastically, coming down alongside the dragonfly already on Kana, with its bristling erection bobbing in the air.

"Year 1 girls aren't supposed to do this, but I won't tell if you don't." Kana's grin was wicked with lust. "They're thin enough for two at a time I think.

Kana wrapped her free hand around the new bug's back, pulling it to her. The new dragonfly lined up its cock next to its thrusting partner, and managed to squeeze the tip in.

"Unnnf!" Kana's head flopped back with delight as the second bug cock pushed into her pussy. Her fingers tightened spastically against Misume's. Both her nipples were engaged by the sucking insects now as they pounded in happy tandem into the girl's little cunt. Misume could see Kana's lips stretched wide around the pair of shafts, glistening with the shared juices of human and bug copulation.

Misume's own bug's thrusting had reached a crescendo, and a blinding haze of pleasure rose up to overwhelm her. She squealed and hugged the dragonfly on her stomach as tightly as she could. The pulsing organ thundered to a climax and then smashed in with a final jolt. Her arms and legs jerked as if electrified. An arc of pleasure lanced up her spine and detonated in her brain. Her body trembled beneath the tempest of pleasure, pussy walls clenching madly around the insect cock lodged so deeply inside. She felt that same warm gushing feeling, a slippery delight moving inside her and tingling madly. Dragonfly cum. The creature's wings buzzed intermittently, holding steady with its cock buried inside her, filling her up with insect seed.

The warmth spread out from Misume's belly. It was like a delicious fullness that sparked pleasure in her entire pelvis and quenched the burning itch that had been growing deep inside. More bug cum, flooding up into her 12-year-old womb. Misume could almost see it, the gelatinous fluid squirting into a reckless gush of passion up through her cervix, mixing with the dripping remains of Flesh Fly semen and filling the space like a balloon. Billions of insect sperm, swimming in the fresh flood and seeking out her eggs.

Misume realized her legs were pulled up and clenched tightly, her body rigid. She was vaguely aware of the shrieks of pleasure she had been making, but they were lost in the general din of the bug-on-schoolgirl fuckfest taking place all over the train.

Her arm jerked. Kana seized next to her, shrieking with passion as her own orgasm rose up and overwhelmed her. The bugs slammed a final volley into her cunt and then thrust deeply inside, twin barrels of pleasure exploding into her body. Misume watched, dazed, as her friend writhed in orgasm. Kana's tongue was lolling out. Spittle dribbled on her chin. She looked so cute, an ahegao expression plastered on her face like in one of those perverted manga they sold to men. Flush with heady pleasure, Misume couldn't resist. She leaned over and pressed her lips to her friend's mouth.

Kana kissed her back, fiercely, body writhing under the combined touch of both insects squirting into her tunnel and the warm, girlish press on her lips. She jerked again and again, the orgasm racking her small body like a storm. Misume thrust her tongue between the twitching lips and found her friend's tongue rising to meet her. They twisted in a slippery duel, swapping saliva.

They were both sweating, heaving, bodies flushed with erotic pleasure. Gooey runoff dripped from both their cunts, trickling onto the seats and pooling on the floor. Misume felt Kana's heavy breath on her neck as the girls leaned into each other. The bugs seemed quite content, all 3 of them, still clutching with their hooked legs and still rock-hard inside the schoolgirl's cunts despite just flooding them with 3 copious loads of insect sperm.

"G-god...that was amazing," Misume panted. She was wondering if the dragonfly was going to pull out, but it just stayed there around her waist, staring its unknowable expression from those blue faceted eyes.

"Yeah these guys are great. So cute!" Kana giggled. A bead of sweat dripped off her nose. "The babies are really affectionate too. Hey, do you know why they call them Balloon Dragonflies?"

Misume shook her head. "No. Not really."

"They can cum the most of any of the flying bugs. It's like they have a huge balloon of cum inside them, always ready." Kana's giggle was so cute it was infectious. "That's what my sister used to say anyway. We had a whole lecture on dragonflies. They're pretty hectic. They like to ejaculate at least 10 times, and each time they spurt out around 50 cc of cum."

Misume tried to fathom this. The errant gush of fluids leaking from her cunt already indicated that she had been filled to the brim. How much more cum did these bugs have? How much more could she take in her overstuffed womb? Already the dragonflies had recovered and were beginning to thrust into the sloppy cunts. A fresh wave of steaming pleasure began to creep up from her genitals again, where the bug's firm prick was sliding in and out, leaving a goopy mess all over the seat.

"Good thing our stop isn't for a while," Kana smirked. Misume nodded, then her jaw clenched with a sudden jolt of pleasure. The dragonfly's rhythm was mounting as its excitement grew again. The two slimy shafts of bug meat were both thumping into her friend's cunt with fresh abandon.

"I'm glad you transferred here," Kana said, smiling at Misume. "Things sometimes get boring with just me and Sai."

Kana squeezed Misume's hand in a warm gesture. "It's only your first day but you did pretty good. I think you'll fit right in here."

Kana's smile evoked a hot flush of passion in Misume's throat, where it warred with the growing beat of ecstasy coming from below. Kana was so cute. Misume found herself wanting to kiss her again, to feel the brush of those lips. She felt so happy, and not just from the growing orgasm in her belly. She had been so nervous and shy, but her new friend would help show her the way.

"Welcome to Breeding School," Kana grinned.

Misume squealed as her bottom was jolted forward by the powerful thrust. Her fingers clutched at the edge of the wooden desk as her bare belly rubbed the smooth surface.

Her cries of passion seemed to excite the fly even further. It was hunched over her back, legs secure on her hips. Misume turned her head to look up at its faceted red eyes. They gazed down with an inhuman look at the schoolgirl bent over her desk with her shirt pulled up and her skirt hiked up to her waist. The smooth human flesh seemed to invigorate it, the firm jiggles of schoolgirl curves feeding its buzzing enthusiasm. It began to slam its bug cock even more ferociously into Misume's tiny cunt, the reddened flesh bulging with potent hunger.

"Ahhh, ahhh, Ahhh, AHhh, AHHHhhh!" Misume's panting was growing, driven by the rising storm of her orgasm. How many times had this been? 5 or 6? She couldn't really remember. The fly on top of her had had its cock lodged in her pussy for what seemed like an eternity, ejaculating over and over. She wondered for the millionth time how such an animal could produce such an astonishing amount of semen. It seemed like the thing would deflate like a balloon at some point, but it just kept right on going. Sure, they were genetically engineered for that, but the small part of Misume's brain not already consumed by her mounting climax wondered how much more her battered pussy could take.

Misume had learned that Breeding School progress was measured by several factors: breeding hours, sexual technique, brood health, number of pregnancies, and many other things, but it was the breeding hours that were by far the most important. 100 hours of firsthand breeding experience were needed just for her midterms, and the school believed in starting on that milestone early. The lecture series was already over, Hatsuma-sensei only appearing briefly in class each day to coax the girls on good techniques that could get the bugs to cum in them faster.

The rest of their time was spent breeding. Misume looked around the classroom with glazed eyes. All her classmates were here, every one of them bent over a desk or on her knees or back on a mat, copulating with one or more of the Flesh Flies that polluted the classroom like a buzzing cloud. The school maintained a certain population, and it was the girls' job to sate the fly's lusts each day. Squeals and squeaks and cries of pleasure filled the classroom, the schoolgirls writhing in the pleasure of their insect orgy.

Misume wondered why they made them wear the sailor uniforms at all, given how much of their time was spent with their skirts around their waist and their shirts pulled up. The traditions of the disciplined Japanese classroom persisted somehow. Misume had to clean hers thoroughly each night. They all did, to get the bug cum out so they could be fresh and clean for the next day. The dignity of a proper appearance had been drilled into all of them. Each schoolgirl was to show up each day in her best condition, just as in a normal school.

Across the row from Misume, one of her classmates was bent over a desk facing her. Her body rocked back and forth on the desk, the fly mounting her from behind. Despite the inscrutable gaze of the faceted red eyes, it somehow seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the feel of the little girl's cunt. It rammed its cock into her with gusto, wings buzzing and black body a blur. The red sucker of its mouth bent and trailed along the girl's bare back, leaving a slippery river of insect slime along her spine.

"That's very good, Misume-chan," Hatsuma-sensei said, suddenly appearing in front of Misume's desk and blocking her view. Misume had been so distracted by the growing heat of her climax that she hadn't seen the teacher walk over.

"How does it feel?" Hatsuma asked, bending her head down so Misume could see her better.

"It's g-good, sensei," Misume gasped. The fly slammed her with a particularly hard jolt as she said it, and her breath ended in a squeaky gasp.

"He's cum in you several times. That's good work. You can help him cum faster though, if you wiggle your hips each time he slows down. Flesh flies really like that."

"O-oh, ok." Misume felt the heat rising from her belly to her head, like a boiler overstoked and about to explode. She tried to do as the teacher said, giving her hips a sexy little wiggle in the air to please her insect lover.

It seemed to work. It slammed home even harder, and then crushed against her cervix with a final jolt. Misume cried out as lightning flashed behind her eyes. The throbbing red shaft of bug meat in her cunt pulsed with liquid delight, shooting a froth of fly spunk up into her cunt. It backflowed rapidly, every single nook and cranny of her insides already brimming with insect semen. She felt most of the load running into a warm flood down her legs as her orgasm shook her into convulsions.

"Good!" Hatsuma-sensei patted Misume's shoulder affectionately as she trembled. "Just like that. I think this guy has a while to go yet, but remember to use a good technique so the bugs can cum inside you as often as possible."

"Yes...yes sensei." Misume could barely gasp out the words, still rocked by her climax. Hatsuma smiled and went to the next student to offer pointers. Dazed, Misume looked around again. There were Kana and Sai, along with another girl she didn't know, the trio all on their backs on one of the mats with a fly perched on each of their stomachs and thrusting away into their cunts. Sai had her head thrown back and was sucking off another fly that was hovering over her head. The girl writhed and groaned ecstatically, speared at both ends by the large blistering red shafts of the Flesh Flies. Misume could barely see her body under the buzzing wings and black chitin of the flies fucking her. Kana had long ropes of white goop criss-crossing her face, the results of her own fellatio moments ago. Her tongue was lolling out in that cute expression that Misume knew meant she was close to orgasm.

There were more flies than girls. The habitats in the school held thousands, and now that breeding was in full swing they were let out to wander the halls and classrooms and fuck the girls as they pleased. Each morning all the girls filed in, sailor clothes pristine and fresh, sitting primly in their perfectly-arranged desks then standing and greeting sensei in unison. Model students in what by all appearances was a perfectly standard Japanese classroom.

The contrast to the current chaos near the end of the school day was almost comical, Misume thought. Her schoolgirl clothes were rumpled and dirty, encrusted with countless deposits of bug cum. Her dark stockings were ruined with goopy stains, and one had ripped - a Flesh Fly's eager leg kicking out as it fountained semen inside her and catching the fabric. Her little red tie was dishevelled. Her mouth tasted of the salty-sweet potency of insect semen and her genitals, thrust so proudly in the air, were a disaster of squishing gunk and leaking fluids.

The bristling hairs of the fly's legs around her sides clenched tighter. It was cumming again, having barely stopped the relentless drumbeat of its thrusting cock after the last time. Flesh flies were almost insatiable. Balloon Dragonflies too. Probaby all of them, actually. Come to think of it, Misume thought, they literally lived to fuck little girl pussy.

The moving river of warm fluid in her gut welled up quickly, erupting into another orgasm that swept her away. White heat burned in her brain and a ringing buzz sounded in her ears. The classroom was a cacophony of orgasmic girlish squeals and the sounds of the flies - buzzing wings and the funny frushing sound of their hairs as they sometimes rubbed their legs together. It all ran together for Misume like a syrupy river of delightful sensation, congealing with the flow of her orgasm. She loved it. She wondered why she had ever been hesitant about her decision to enter the Breeding School. the heady rush of fucking bugs dominated her days, and at nights her pussy itched with anticipation of the following day. Misume had never known that school could be so much fun.

She was just coming down when she felt her phone vibrate against her arm. She picked it up, and saw a message from Kana.

Meet me at school 2night after dark. East side. Me and Sai want to show you something. Don't worry it'll be fun ❤

Misume looked up. Kana was lying on her back, still fucking the dog-sized fly perched on her belly. She couldn't exactly get up and walk over. But she had sent this message. Misume wondered what was so important that it couldn't wait. Kana and Sai seemed to be whispering conspiratorially to each other as their flies rested in between ejaculations.

"Ok I'll be there," she texted back awkwardly. her thumbs kept hitting the wrong keys as the fly slammed into her from behind. Misume sighed and let the phone drop back onto the desk.

The fly was thrusting madly into her again. It seemed like it would never let her go. Misume's vision was suddenly blocked by a furry black body - the hovering body of another Flesh Fly in front of her head.

"Awww, feeling left out?" Misume grinned and reached out, fondling the buzzing creature's erect cock. it seemed like it was between mates at the moment. It didn't seem right to leave the poor thing out.

Misume guided the pink shaft of insect prick into her mouth, wrapping her lips hungrily around it. She remembered the very first time she had had an insect dick in her mouth - her first day. What would it taste like, she had wondered? Now as the cloying, musky scent of insect genitalia filled her sinuses and her tongue slithered along the salty, firm band of turgid flesh, she wondered how she had ever gone without it. She sucked madly and worked the shaft in eager strokes. Throbbing meat filled her mouth, matching the thumping passion filling her pussy. Delicious. Flesh fly dick was meaty, with a sharp tang of oily aftertaste that seemed foul-smelling and insectile at first, but she had grown to love it. It was the spice that filled her mouth at all times of the day. Not even meals could wash it out, and she had woken up in the middle of the night several times, realizing she was licking her lips, her mouth working and sucking even in her sleep for that delicious taste.

An excited buzzing of wings preceded the sudden bulge of the Flesh Fly's cock in her mouth. Misume buried the flared glans against the back of her throat, prepared for the onrush of the spurting flood that erupted a second later. Viscous fluid spewed into her throat, coating it like a firehose. Misume swallowed madly, trying to suck down each titanic gush of gelatinous fluid that flooded her airway. Gunky deposits slid down again and again, building to a warm heat in her belly and an uncomfortable bellyache. Still, she kept swallowing, her throat steadily clenching tighter, until it all welled up back into her mouth and shot out through the constricted space where the bug's cock was caressing her cheeks.

White spew fountained out of her mouth. She coughed, heady, desperately aroused and feeling like she was about to faint. She coughed again and again, syrupy exhalations of gooey bug cum, until at last she could breathe again.

"Remember, Misume-chan," Hatsuma called from across the room. Flesh Flies usually ejaculate around 200cc at a time, so pay attention so you will know when your stomach is full."

"Yes...sensei," Misume mumbled, still reeling and gasping. Her belly was an uncomfortable, tight pouch squeezing inside of her chest. It was filled to bursting with bug spunk, and she had lost track of how many loads of fly cum she had swallowed already. She felt ashamed at the bulk of wasted fly semen dribbling down her chin and neck and dripping onto the floor.

Well, the year 2 and 3 girls could keep up, it was rumored. They were a bit older so maybe that was an advantage. Misume resolved to work hard and do well in her breeding until she could last an entire day of taking Flesh Fly loads in her stomach and not miss a drop.

The thumping behind her reached a crescendo. Misume lay her head down on the desk, hair sliding in the sticky goop that dribbled from her lips, and just hung on for the ride. Flesh flies could thrust several times a second when fully excited, assisted by their wings and their strong, flexible bodies. The pistoning girth thundered into her like a relentless engine, building up to a final series of powerful slams before shoving its full length inside her, the pointed glans reaching all the way up to the gate to her womb and blowing a torrent of white heat straight up into the crowded space. Misume reeled, barely able to squeal, completely overcome by the rapid orgasms and frenetic pace. Her climax exploded in her brain like fireworks. Dimly, she wondered if they started the girls out with the hardest bugs, but no - these were the easiest. The slowest and most gentle pace they could go. And Misume had spent each day so far worn so completely ragged by the pace that at the end of the day she just felt like a soggy dishrag that had been dropped on the floor.

What were the other bugs like, if these were the easy ones? How did they smell? What were their cocks like? What did they taste like? She knew a few stats so far - ejaculate emission tables and the number of orgasms before each creature was exhausted - but nothing yet about how they would feel, what kind of lover each one would be. She was decently frightened of the Bore Beetles, since they had a reputation for being rough. Some girls liked that the most. But they were year 2 bugs.

And this was only the first couple of weeks. Years of Breeding School stretched before her, years of explosive pleasure and offering up her little girl cunt to any insect with a cock that wanted it. She could hardly fathom it. And babies. They hadn't talked a whole lot about them yet, though they were the purpose of the entire thing. How many bug babies would she have? Would she be a good mother and wean them properly?

Misume rested her head on the desk, eyes fluttering as she waited for her next mates, drifting in a cozy haze of erotic delight as she pondered the future. For her, it was just another lovely day at the Breeding School.

Misume squinted, trying to make out the outline of the school in the darkness beyond the chain link fence. The gate had been left unlatched. She opened it slowly, cringing when the rusty metal squeaked. It was almost the middle of the night. Everyone had left the school and it was locked up for the night. The light of scattered sodium-vapor lamps spilled out to form yellow islands in the inky darkness.

Misume crept through the parking lot, following the location marker Kana had sent her earlier. She came up to the eastern side of the school and looked up, seeing the edge of the roof looming far over her head. The school was large, built as it was to house not only a normal population of schoolgirls but a multitude of bugs and their associated habitats.

She followed the wall and found the service door. It was cracked open. Misume thought she heard giggling echoing faintly from inside. She snuck through and descended a metal stairwell.

She hadn't been to this side of the school before. The advanced students came here. Misume didn't know her way around. This wasn't a normal school hallway, but a corridor of concrete. Just a service access tunnel, but leading to what?

Misume followed the echoing sound of girls talking. The corridor let out through another door into a wide hall, brightly lit, with large, thick panes of glass dominating one of the walls. A bug habitat. What lived inside, Misume wondered? From this distance the glass was too fogged with heat to tell.

"There she is!" Kana broke off her conversation with Sai and beckoned Misume over near the glass. "I told you she'd come Sai. She's not a chicken."

"Hmmph, guess not. Ok you win that one." Sai crossed her arms, but her smile was warm as she greeted Misume.

"Are we allowed to be in here?" Misume asked tentatively. Year 1 girls had restrictions on their movements and activities, for their own safety of course. They weren't allowed in the parts of the school where more advanced bugs were bred.

"Don't be such a goody two-shoes!" Kana laughed, grabbing Misume by the arm and hauling her up to the glass. "You've got to learn to have a little fun, Misume. Maybe break the rules once in a while. Now, look in there."

Kana wiped the glass with her arm, and the pair of girls peered in. Misume was startled by the sudden shift of the enormous red bulk inside.

"Eeeek!" She squealed, surprised. She tried to jump back, but Misume held her arm.

"Don't be scared! They're not as bad as they look. Actually a lot of girls prefer them. You just have to be careful because they can be rough." Kana's hand on her arm guided Misume back to look again.

Inside the glass pen, she saw the heft of the bulky body turning around. Water droplets collected from the steam of the cell shone like sweat on the bright red carapace. The creature lifted its head, and Misume stiffened again as two alien eyes on short stalks poked up to peer at the girls through the glass.

Earthen lobsters had a number of crucial differences from the original organisms they were adapted from. The large claws were diminished to a manageable size, for example, and its legs were longer and strengthened to support the bulk of the body a few feet off the ground. Misume stared, fascinated. The creature was about the size of a cow, its back and sides covered with segmented red carapace. Its wide body tapered to a narrow head no larger than her own that bristled with pointy crustacean features and a pair of study eye stalks. It was quite flexible, she realized, as it pivoted about. The long array of sharply-pointed chitinous legs clacked on the floor of the pen. The belly was white and soft, the legs protruding out of both sides of the meaty flesh in a long row of squirming appendages. The creature reared up to see them better, its forelegs in the air, and Misume could see the distinctive lobster tail at the base of the body.

"I think he's happy to see us," Kana giggled. "Poor guys probably get so lonely at night, with no girls to fuck. You ready Sai?"

Misume turned and realized that Sai was stripping out of her uniform. The girl ditched her shoes and stockings, then hooked her skirt and pulled it down her thighs, letting it drop to the floor. She pulled her sailor shirt up over her head, and let her long hair cascade back down in a smooth brown shower. She dropped her shirt too, and stood in front of Misume and Kana, her 12-year-old body fully naked. She wasn't bashful about nudity at all, Misume thought. She had no reason to be. Her waist was a slender hourglass, her hips perfect curves of smooth flesh. Even her budding breasts looked succulent, like perfect handfuls just waiting to be squeezed. Her perfectly straight hair hung almost to her waist, shining in the light. She was extraordinarily pretty, and she looked even better naked. Misume felt a hot blush rising up her neck.

"I'm ready," Sai said. She stepped on bare feet up to the door of the pen - a hard affair of white plastic at the corner of the glass with a sturdy lock. With a deep breath, she reached out and turned the locking handle with her hand. The door popped open with a puff of steam.

Misume watched her friend step gently inside the pen and pull the door shut behind her. Sai looked at the lobster, its eye stalks waving curiously. The pair stood regarding each other for a moment, the naked schoolgirl and the mammoth crustacean engineered for breeding.

A enormous pink organ, smooth like rubber, was growing from the white flesh of the creature's groin. It advanced on the girl, slowly, its long red legs clicking in menacing tandem. Sai gulped and backed up until her back thumped to the glass wall. She seemed to be having second thoughts. The steam of the pen was already congealing into sweaty droplets that ran in rivulets down her naked skin.

"Kana?" Sai called out, her voice muffled. "You said they wouldn't hurt, right?"

"Did I say that? Hmmm." Kana's grin was wicked as she watched the monstrous lobster form advance on her friend. "I mean, how would I know? I'm the same grade as you are. There's no backing out now though."

The earthen lobster took another step towards Sai, who was backed into the corner now. The girl squeaked in sudden fear.

"This was her idea you know." Kana's smile was heavy with arousal as she pressed her nose to the glass with Misume, the pair of girls peering into the pen curiously.

"She said she wanted to try one of the more advanced bugs. When I found out about it, I had to come along. I couldn't let her show me up again."

Sai straightened up, overcoming her fear as the gigantic lobster form loomed up over her. Its pointed forelegs, shorter than the legs in the back of the beast, reached out and clamped around Sai's waist and torso. It had the little naked girl pinned to the wall. Its head dipped, eye stalks waving excitedly, the alien eyes taking in the girl's bare skin, her smooth belly and the lovely mounds of her 12-year-old breasts. Sai was half-hidden under the shining red carapace now, but Misume could see the tremendous cock of the beast still lengthening under it - pink, veiny and massive, with a distinctive lumpy curve to the shaft and a big flat tip like a horse.

Sai squeaked as her body was lifted up in the lobster's arms. It manhandled her, squeezing her flesh. A tonguelike appendage protruded out from its mouth, squirming over Sai's face and leaving a trail of gunky slobber. Sai shivered, then opened her mouth wide. The lithe tongue darted between Sai's lips, and Misume shuddered with the imagination of that warm, squirming thing slithering in her mouth.

Sai's trembling body went limp, submissive, but the lobster held her aloft effortlessly. It writhed its body to maneuver the massive log that bobbed from its crotch. Misume's eyes bulged. How on earth could that thing fit? It was impossible. It would be like trying to fuck a horse. The flat tip grazed against Sai's bare cunt, and the girl shivered and spread her legs instinctively.

Misume abruptly realized that Kana was stripping next to her. Her friend doffed her shoes and stockings, then followed with her sailor shirt until she was nude too.

"No way I'm letting Sai have all the fun!" Kana grunted. With a determined look on her face, she stepped to the next pen over, an identical enclosure of glass with a white plastic door and a shifting red bulk inside. She turned the lock and stepped in, closing the door behind her.

Misume gaped as the scene unfolded. Sai's lobster had shifted around and pinned her back against the glass. Sai's plump buttcheeks squished wetly against the steamy surface, and her long brown hair was slick and stuck to the glass. Misume couldn't see Sai's face, but she could see the full-body shiver and hear the sudden shriek as the lobster's bulk suddenly jerked, penetrating the tiny struggling form.

Sai's sweaty back began to move up and down, her flesh making a rubbing sound against the glass. The lobster held her aloft, its big red legs clutching her waist and sides, totally in control. Misume jerked with each fresh shriek from her friend, watching the sudden motions of the titanic pink cock squeezing up between the girl's spread legs.

In the other pen, Kana was bent over on the ground already, her face against the glass. Sweat streaked her smooth skin. The lobster in her pen was already mounting her, its enormous red body almost enveloping the tiny pink form. The legs clutched eagerly, squeezing her naked flesh with delight and maneuvering her into place on the ground. Its eyestalks stretched downwards, leering into the girl's face. Kana's expression was twisted with lustful anticipation.

Fuck it. Why should she be left out while her friends had all the fun? Misume clenched her fists with resolve, then began to strip herself. Her shoes and stockings and skirt joined the pile of haphazard schoolgirl clothing growing on the floor. She pulled off her shirt and tossed it aside, then strode to the next pen over. Inside, a heaving bulk of red carapace regarded her with curious eyestalks.

She almost turned away. The memories of the warnings they had all received in the classroom about breeding with bugs they weren't trained for yet buzzed in her head, but she swept them aside. Her pussy quivered with anticipation. Wild grunts and fleshy slaps came from the steamy contents of both pens next to her, her friends shrieking with delight as their bodies were plundered. She turned the lock and pushed the door, stepping quickly inside and pulling it closed behind her.

Up close, the earthen lobster seemed even bigger and more imposing. Its hulking form turned to face her, pointed legs clicking. Misume stepped back instinctively as the menacing form advanced, until her naked back touched the glass wall. The steam was congealing to sweat on her skin already. Holy fuck the beast was enormous. Misume shivered, eyes scanning the creature up and down. Its red carapace glimmered brightly in the light with beads of water forming droplets on it that trickled down. It moved forward, rearing up over Misume, its large body dwarfing her. Misume's breath caught in her throat as the array of grasping legs opened wide on each side, then clamped themselves around her sides and waist.

The legs clenched closed behind her back, drawing her up to the creature's belly. The ridges of white flesh bumped and slid wetly against her skin. She squealed as her feet left the floor. The grasping legs enveloped her. She was totally vulnerable, her naked 12-year-old body pressed against this genetic monstrosity.

Black eyeballs on stalks peered hungrily into her face from inches away. From between the pointy protrusions around the thing's grotesque mouth, a slithering tongue emerged, wide at the base and narrow at the tip. It curled with visible delight and touched her face, feeling her cheeks, her nose, leaving a gooey trail behind like a slug. Misume's body shivered and she gasped, her mouth yawning open due to her training, and the thing's tongue slithered in instantly.

The warm tendril of flesh writhed like a worm in her mouth. Misume pushed back with her own tongue, dueling with the thing then closing her lips and sucking on it. Her body shook with steamy passion against the thing's rigid belly. From down below, she felt the first bump of firm cockmeat poking tentatively at her crotch.

The heavy buzz of arousal vibrated in Misume's head. She spread her legs and wiggled her hips, using the slight give she had in the grasp of the thing's legs. The thing hunched its body, its lobster tail sliding across the floor as it lined up. All Misume could do was grab the closest pair of legs with both hands and hold on as her body was steadied in the air. She felt the poking intrusion of the flat tip sliding against her genitals, spreading water and slimy lobster precum across her lips. Her pussy trembled in anticipation.

The sudden invading bulk almost made her scream. Her muscles seized and her mouth tightened around the slimy tongue. It felt like she was being split apart. The thing was enormous! She had thought the Flesh Flies and dragonflies were big, but her 12-year-old pussy had never experienced anything of this size. It strained between her legs until it felt like her cunt would burst. She looked down, barely able to see the mammoth organ cramming into her through the fog of steam. She spread her legs as wide as she could. The taste of alien saliva filled her mouth, the lobster's tongue working in a frenzied rhythm.

Her body shook against the lobster. Her back arched, her legs jerked. She could barely take it. The beast rammed in again, and it felt like someone was trying to hammer a 2-liter into her cunt with a sledgehammer. Dimly, she felt herself screaming around the writhing tongue. It hurt, but not unbearably, and the pain was rapidly being buried under the rising storm of heated pleasure that bubbled from her crotch. Her pelvis was forcefully slammed, again and again, and her body jerked in the grasping legs. Misume threw her head back, letting it hang upside down, breaking the creature's bestial kiss. Her own tongue lolled crazily out of her mouth.

Back and forth her body jerked, thunder slamming into her crotch. She reached out wildly with her arms and legs, body writhing in pain and pleasure, but the lobster held her steady. Her naked body was streaked with droplets of water and sweat and the gooey oil that rubbed from the creature's underbelly. Misume's head bobbed violently in the air until she thought her neck would snap. Back and forth the creature went, piledriving into her with violent force. The turgid shaft of pink meat - as big as her arm - was being forced inch by inch into her straining pussy. Wild strokes of growing ecstasy throbbed up from where the tremendous lobster prick was cramming into her cunt. Misume writhed and howled, speared, her body inflamed with the heady pleasure from the spear of rigid flesh battering into her gut. It was like lightning, a slippery, solid fullness that spread her insides and barrelled in deeper than she could have thought possible. She wondered if her belly was distended, but couldn't manage to raise her head to see.

The shrieks of wild orgasm came to her from the other pens, her friends thrashing in the claws of their own crustacean lovers. Misume felt her own pleasure building up, crashing over her in waves. The rising volcano of heat in her loins simmered and began to erupt, driving by the powerful thrashing motion of the tremendous cock stuffed inside her. With a final jerk of her body the creature slammed home, ramming as much of the horse-sized cock into the tiny girl as it could. Misume's howls rang in her ears. Her climax exploded in her brain and filled her senses with burning heat. The thing was so enormous, and it didn't slow down for her frenzied thrashing at all. No wonder they only let the advanced girls breed with these things. The thoughts were battered and stripped away under the tempest of ecstasy that spasmed throughout her body.

A slow trickle of familiar-tasting sludge dripped into her mouth. Misume's tongue was lolling. Her body was limp, spent, a doll speared on the firm pink manhood of her bestial lover. The lobster's tongue hung just above her, warm droplets oozing from the tip into her mouth. A pair of black eyes on stalks regarded her with an impenetrable alien gaze.

Misume cooed and rubbed the segmented legs that clutched her sides, basking in the post-orgasmic bliss. So different from fucking a Flesh Fly, but still so satisfying. Earthen Lobsters couldn't really achieve the frenetic pace of the smaller insect species, but they more than made up for it with their substantial cocks. Misume's muscles ached. She still felt like she had been split open with a log. The monstrous organ had scarcely diminished in size when she felt it pop out like a cork. A warm gush of fluids dripped down her thighs. She collapsed wetly to the floor as the legs let her go.

Through the steam, Misume saw Kana pressed up against the other side of the glass. Her naked body was stretched out, her breasts and belly squeezed against the slippery surface. A copious flood of white gunk drenched her genitals and legs and her body was covered in rivulets of slime and dripping water. The twin tails of her dark hair were frazzled and slick with fluids. She smiled at Misume, and pressed her palm to the glass.

Misume reached up and matched her touch. The girls smiled at each other through the pane of glass, sharing a satisfied moment. No words were needed.

Pointed legs began to prod at Misume's sides again. The lobster was already ready for another round. She groaned and flopped over onto her stomach. Sticky fluid rubbed onto her arms and legs from where it coated the floor. The thing must have ejaculated a gallon of sperm into her cunt, filling it to the brim and letting the excess run off into a sticky puddle on the floor. Misume bent her head and gave an experimental lick. It was salty, in a slightly fishy way. Potent and musky. She swallowed the warm mouthful and felt it ooze down her throat.

A double row of legs surrounded her on both sides. The creature's body loomed over her, red carapace shining. With a sigh, she thrust her butt into the air, and felt the stiff organ of its sex caress her aching pussy lips. She felt like she had been stretched on a rack, but her body burned with the need to feel that enormous shaft of throbbing meat inside her again. She'd fuck the lobster again, as many times as it wanted, letting it ram the turgid pole into her little girl pussy and thrash until it filled her with its cum. At the moment, she couldn't imagine wanting anything more. Fuck me. Breed me, she thought. It was why she was here, at the Breeding School, her cunt a plaything for every insect and beast that cared to use it.

Her pelvis was rammed forward. Her sudden squeal joined those of her friends as she was penetrated. Face pressed against the dripping glass, tongue lolling out, Misume let herself go.

"The Pilabugs were one of the earliest Misumizu adaptations," Hatsuma-sensei lectured as she strode between the desks of the classrooms. "They're quite fast to become excited and are one of the easier year 1 bugs. Now, can anyone who studied the chapter in the text tell me more about them?"

Kana raised her hand, waving it frantically until Hatsuma gave up and nodded at her.

"A Pilabug can ejaculate about 4 to 8 times within 2 minutes. Their thrusting pace is one of the fastest of the insect species, up to several times a second. Gestation takes about a month and yields an average of 16 baby insects. The brood size makes them one of the more difficult bugs to birth.

"It takes 2 months for the infants to finish their sloughing," Kana went on, "after which they become fertile and ready to breed."

"Very good Kana." Hatsuma smiled. "Today we'll be breeding with the Pilabugs and getting to know them. We have some of the year 2 girls here to help us with them. Everyone please bend over your desks in the standard breeding position."

As one the girls in the class rose, and leaned forward over their desks. Misume bent and rested her belly on the wooden surface of the desk. She reached back and pulled her skirt up, exposing her butt and genitals to the cold air.

Several of the older girls were moving about the classroom, helping distribute the Pilabugs. The creatures were curled up in the girls' arms like basketballs, their outer shells composed of black, rigid segments. Misume felt one of the girls place one on her back and gently stroke the creature's exterior, murmuring to it. Misume felt the brushing motion of a hundred tiny legs on her back as the thing unfolded.

"Naturally, some of you may become pregnant with Pilabug larvae as your first," Hatsuma went on. "Please remember to check with the school obstetrician and get your regular checkups and your births will go fine."

Misume felt a pair of feelers tentatively brush her neck from behind. The dog-sized Pilabug was slowly shifting its bulk and wrapping its line of long legs around her sides and waist. It wasn't really as heavy as it looked. Misume sighed and spread her legs more as she felt the creature's curling legs slither along her naked backside.

A shiver ran up her spine. The warm underbelly rubbing against her back with its insectile ridges contrasted with the smooth black shell. The bug squirmed, and chittered slightly. She felt the feelers wave about and touch her ears and hair. It seemed to be enjoying its position, perched on her lower back with its bottom half curving around her naked rump. The first touch of meat grazed Misume's quivering pussy lips.

All of the girls had their Pilabugs now. Misume looked around, seeing how the bugs uncurled and then grabbed lustily to the bent-over schoolgirls with their tiny legs. Kana was at the desk next to her, her stomach pressed down against the surface and her face contorted with anticipation. Misume could see the pink cock emerging from the black flesh of the Pilabug's groin. They were strange-looking, small compared to the other bugs. The smooth flesh of the shaft parted on the underside near the tip, giving way to a bristling forest of small bumpy nodules that formed the bottom of the bug's glans.

What would those throbbing bumps feel like inside her pussy, Misume wondered? They seemed to bulge larger as the bug became fully erect. Each bug was different, their cocks all bringing a different kind of unique thrill to her cunt. Some were frantically fast at thrusting, others slower. Some were more excitable. The Misumizu process had adapted the form of the human phallus to dozens of species, but each one had its own twist. Mean time to arousal. Maximum ejaculate volume. Average ejaculations before satiation. Misume's head was stuffed with facts now. She was a good student. She did her homework and fucked hard when she was in school. She had become much better at moving her body to get the bugs more excited, and had been complimented more than once on her technique by Hatsuma-sensei.

But none of her studying could actually convey what a new bug species would really *feel* like. What kind of lover it was. How it tasted. The smell of its arousal. She had been surprised by the Warren Wasps, how rapidly they moved despite their delicate bodies. The Atlas Ants they had been introduced to last week had been the smallest of the bugs, like puppies, but they had eagerly crawled all over the girl's naked bodies, with dripping cocks of a satisfying size that defied their small stature. Misume could still feel the hundreds of ant legs crawling all over every inch of her body, the insect rustling as they jockeyed for position. The ants hadn't been too fussy about which holes they ended up in.

A firm shaft of slippery flesh thumped against her pussy lips. Misume sighed with anticipation. Well, she was about to find out. The rows of gripping legs dug tightly into her flesh. The bug's abdomen covered her butt, and she felt her bare buttcheeks rubbing against the slimy bug underbelly of the creature. It chittered with approval, and Misume felt the slippery point dig between her waiting pussy lips.

The bug slammed in, earning the inevitable squeak from her throat. Misume's fingers clenched at the wood of her desk. God that felt good. At least 4 inches of the fleshy bug cock were stuffed inside her at the first stroke, and it was working more in. Misume let her head drop to the desk, eyes fluttering, losing herself in the sensations. Her cunt pulsed with please from each thrust, dripping with delight, lubricating the sensual slide of insect cock inside her. Its faint chittering sound was mounting, the Pilabug enjoying the feel of the squirming schoolgirl writhing on its engorged prick.

Misume's mounting moans joined the chorus of the other girls. All down the row, schoolgirls were bent over their desks, dark skirts up around their waists, each with the curved form of a humping Pilabug clinging to their backsides. Some of the older girls were giving a few tips on technique. The black chitinous bodies moved quickly, the bugs ramping up speed. Misume could feel the thumping of the bug's cock inside her quickly growing. The little bumps on the underside of the glans vibrated against her pussy lips as they slid in and out, like fingers drawn over an uneven surface. The rapid flicking of her labia sparked a wild torrent of pleasure that blossomed up from her cunt. Those little nodules were extraordinary, bumping in and out like that. She was shivering, her fingers clenching even tighter, as the heady warmth began to rise up and fog her senses.

"That's good," one of the older girls said, stopping by Misume's desk. She looked down with a kind expression, taking in the sight of Misume's body jolting back and forth as the bug thumped her from behind. "Remember to keep your butt in the air to give them a good angle. They're not curved like dragonflies are, but you want them to reach deep when they cum in you."

Misume nodded, panting. Words were failing her as she was carried by the current in a river of rising pleasure. The older girl was visibly pregnant, her taut belly showing in the gap between her skirt hem and the bottom of her sailor shirt. She rested a hand on her smooth belly as she observed Misume.

"Mmmph, mmph, mmmph!" Misume's groans were rising as the girl watched her. The Pilabug was incredibly fast, thrusting in and out in slippery frenetic jerks.

"You can make him slow down a bit, and actually you'll both enjoy it more if you give him some time to build up. Clamp your legs together a little bit more so it tightens your pussy.

Misume pulled her legs together, just a bit, her shoes squeaking as they found new purchase on the classroom floor. The Pilabug slowed down slightly, not thrusting quite so recklessly into her tightened cunt now.

"There you go. These little guys like to go for hours so really you want to pace yourself. Make sure to stay comfortable. You don't want to get any aching muscles."

The older girl smiled again at Misume, resting a friendly hand on her shoulder, before moving down the line. Misume adjusted herself a bit. The desks were pretty comfortable already. They were designed at exactly the right height for schoolgirls to be bent over them and fucked.

Misume looked over to see Kana and Sai bent over their own desks. Sai's face was twisted in a rictus of orgasmic pleasure, the Pilabug on her backside quivering ecstatically, buried deeply in her cunt. Kana's tongue was lolling in that cute expression that Misume loved so much. A copious river of white fluid was already dripping down her legs, the Pilabug having spent itself inside her at least once.

The heat was rising up in Misume, overwhelming her. She spread her legs again, inviting the bug to a more rapid pace. It obliged eagerly, slamming harder and deep with its stiff bug cock, digging into the quivering flesh of her 12-year-old pussy. The firm ridges of its oily underbelly slid along her bare bottom. The feelers brushed her ears. The thousand gripping legs clenched her sides tightly, kneading her bare hips and digging into the cloth of her sailor shirt.

With a final powerful slam that made her desk rock and jolted her into the stratosphere, the Pilabug thrust home. The blinding light of her climax rushed up to envelop her, senses whirling with delight. Her body twitched and she felt herself moaning. God she loved bugs. Loved the bumpy ridges of their bodies sliding against her, the feel of pincers and mandibles and segmented legs caressing her bare skin. Her orgasm thundered up like a geyser, fueled by all those delightful sensations from her insect lover. Her thighs clenched and a warm river began to move inside her: goopy cum, spurting up into her tunnel, entering her womb. The twisted insect semen filled her belly with heat. Misume pictured the gush of seed, the squirming of billions of wiggling little bug sperm swimming in her innards. She clenched her pussy tightly, keeping the bug locked deep inside her, milking him for every last drop of his wonderful gift.

The bug's prick vibrated like a tuning fork inside her. Misume realized she could feel the bumpy nodules thrumming, an ecstatic buzz rubbing right against her g-spot. Engineered for maximum female pleasure. The Pilabug was holding her tight, still stuffed inside her, but the pulse of that bumpy cock suddenly catapulted Misume into another orgasm just as she was coming down from her first one. She shrieked. Her legs kicked. Warm fluid gushed down her thighs and collected at the tops of her leggings. She held on to her desk like a girl lost in a storm, shaking, drowning in euphoria.

Her double orgasm tapered away slowly, and she relaxed. The Pilabug was still hard inside her, despite spurting its load of bug semen straight up into her uterus. She spent every hour of the schoolday loaded with bug sperm, but the Pilabug was her first today. It had her empty womb all to itself.

The schoolday progressed as it usually did for Misume: with constant fucking. The Pilabugs were nearly inexhaustible. After the first controlled introduction, the girls were allowed to play freely. Misume had joined Kana on the mat. Her friend was on her back with her legs spread, sailor shirt pulled up to expose the slight slopes of her growing breasts. Misume hovered over her on her hands and knees, and gave her friend a passionate kiss. She loved kissing Misume, almost as much as she loved having insect cocks stuffed in her, and her friend returned the gesture with equal passion. Her hands roamed down and touched Misume's breasts, pleasant handfuls that filled her palms. Rivulets of gelatinous semen coated their bare thighs where they touched.

Pilabugs crawled everywhere freely, climbing onto each of the girls and penetrating them wherever they pleased. Misume and Kana let an eager pair crawl up behind them. One curled itself slightly over Kana's cunt, cock engorged and ready to thrust inside her, and the other crawled up and perched on Misume's upthrust rump, ready to do the same. The girls held each other, hands locked together, trembling with anticipation. They both jerked in tandem as the bugs thrust suddenly inside.

This was Misume's favorite thing: to share the pleasure of insect copulation with her friends. Kana was warm-hearted, with a devious smile and a slightly perverse streak. They shared everything together. Their bare chests rubbed against each other, slippery and wet with sweat, the erect buds of their nipples touching. They pushed together and shared another passionate kiss as the bugs began to thrust into them from behind.

Something firm and wet touched her ear. Misume broke her kiss with Kana and looked up: a pink Pilabug cock glistened an inch from her nose. Sai was sitting cross-legged, hugging the bug around its midsection, letting its cock bob out into the air. A leering smile was plastered on her face.

Hot passion guided her instincts. Misume reached out with her mouth, wrapping her lips lovingly around the pulsing bug prick. The patch of nodules bumped against her lips as she sucked the meat into her mouth. It was delicious, rich with potent bug taste and congealed sperm and the leavings of the pussies of all the girls it had fucked so far today. The tastes blended together into a delightful bouquet in Misume's mouth. She sucked the flaring tip, cheeks working eagerly.

She popped off with a dribble of saliva, and Sai angled the bug slightly to let Kana have a turn. Misume looked down as the girl beneath her tilted her head and wrapped her lips lovingly around the engorged pink organ. Misume shuddered with the thumping pleasure of the bug impaling her from behind. Kana vibrated beneath her, her own body twisting with passion, stuck at both ends by meaty insect prick.

The girls took turns, swapping the little Pilabug's cock between them. They could both feel the nervous energy of the creature quivering in Sai's arms. A shared orgasm was building in the slick heat between their bodies, the pair of girls shuddering and craning their necks with passion, backs arched, legs spread, panting with hot breaths in between each round with the bulging cock in their faces. The slippery warmth of little girl heat rubbed Misume from below. Her pelvis jerked, exploding with pleasure. The cock bulged in her face and she took it in her mouth again, and she felt Kana convulse underneath her just as her own climax rose up and detonated behind her eyes.

The girls writhed together. Misume's mind was whirling. She could barely control herself. The pilabug's cock rammed itself inside, tip lodged against the gates of her uterus, and she felt the moving heat of fluid gushing inside of her. Thoughts tumbled in her head like debris in a storm. The schoolday had barely started, and she had already lost count of her orgasms. They had all day to enjoy the Pilabugs, to try to quench their insatiable sexual appetites with their bodies. She had all the time in the world to enjoy this, here with her friends, their 12-year-old bodies contorting and writhing with pleasure as they were impaled by the endless parade of throbbing, spurting bug pricks.

Misume embraced her friend tighter. She let her mouth squeal with the throes of pleasure wracking their body, exulting in the waves of bliss. This was what she was meant for: her tender body to be prodded, gripped by clutching insect legs, her cunt and her womb offered up to the flood of insect mates to be used like the tools they were. She wondered how much of the class was pregnant already, if a brood of tiny larval babies was already wriggling in her gut. Statistically, it was almost impossible for a girl to go more than a month without impregnation at the rate the Breeding School set, they had been assured. As her orgasm strobed in her brain, Misume knew that it wouldn't be long now.

She could hardly wait.

"Nagana Misume," the nurse called. "The doctor is ready for you."

Misume got up from her seat in the waiting room. Although she looked composed on the outside, nervousness bubbled in her gut. She crossed the room, her pleated skirt swishing as she passed the smattering of other girls that were waiting and followed the nurse through the door.

Her nervousness increased as she was shown her room and left alone to wait for the doctor. Some things didn't become any less scary even though they were expected. She sat on the medical bed, legs swinging in the air. A Breeding School poster was on the wall, with cheering, cartoonish illustrations of schoolgirls bent over in various stages of copulation with equally cartoonish insects. Text with anatomical facts and details cluttered the spaces between the depictions.

Misume sighed and touched a figurine on the desk at the side. A vertical cutaway of a woman's body, shown from the side, was held aloft on a little pole with a plastic base. The anatomical details were good, painted brightly and showing the placement of various organs, and the distended cavity of the womb underneath the bulging belly. Misume rubbed her finger over the textured surfaces of the tiny brood of little white grubs that writhed in the center.

She jumped and almost dropped the figure when the door opened abruptly.

"Good morning Misume. I'm Dr. Takeshi." He was an older man, with grey hair and a kindly face that instantly put Misume at ease. She shook his hand shyly.

"Now then," he said, perching himself on a stool that rolled on little wheels. "You say you've been feeling sick in the mornings?"

Misume nodded, feeling herself blush.

"Well that's hardly unexpected for a girl your age in the Breeding School." The doctor snapped on some rubber gloves and pulled a machine over to the bed. "Go ahead and lie back Misume, and lift your shirt up."

She did as he asked, heart racing. The doctor took a tube of some gel and squirted the clear goop onto the face of a hand-held instrument. Then he added a dollop to Misume's bare belly for good measure.

"Ok now hold very still please," the doctor said. He flicked a switch and a monitor mounted on the wall came on, showing all black. Misume tried to control her breathing as she leaned back, eyes glued to the monitor, but she couldn't help a slight wince as the cold surface touched her belly.

The doctor held the instrument tightly against her. The chilly gel lubricated its slide as he moved it slowly along her skin. A white, roundish bubble jerked on the screen then steadied, sliding slowly with the motion of the instrument. Her belly.

The doctor concentrated as he watched the monitor, moving the device inch by painstaking inch. Misume tried not to breath. A prickling anticipation was growing in the hairs at the back of her neck. A sudden flicker of indistinct motion breathed on the monitor, like something seen deeply underwater. The doctor twisted a knob on the machine, and the bubble expanded as it zoomed in.

"Congratulations Misume," the doctor announced. "You're going to be a mother."

Even though she had been expecting this day, it still hit her like a shock of cold water. She could barely make out the glistening forms on the monitor, but they twitched with life even as she watched. Life. Insect life, growing in her belly. Her first babies. She felt stunned.

"Flesh Flies. Nearly half a dozen it seems," Dr. Takeshi said. He moved the instrument slightly to get a better look. "Hmm. No torsions. I can see the umbilical cords. They look healthy. About a week along, I'd say. Quite typical."

Misume nodded dumbly. Flesh Flies took a month to gestate, she knew. Her heart had been fluttering ever since it had become apparent that she needed to see the doctor, but she hadn't known what species it would be that they found. Now she knew, and the knowledge filled her with a sudden rush of joy.

The doctor hit a button and the image on the screen stilled briefly. A printer whirred in the corner, delivering an oversized paper with the sonogrammed images of her babies on it. After wiping her belly with a cloth, he took the paper and handed it to her as she sat up.

Misume stared down at it, hypnotized. Babies. Flesh Fly babies. Hers and nobody else's. Realistically, she knew it was the first of many to come, but nothing could dampen the special joy that she felt at this moment.

Dimly, Misume realized that Dr. Takeshi was still talking.

"...don't typically show yet, but in a few days you will. Flesh flies grow extremely rapidly. They're not delicate, and you can resume your breeding activities as normal, but take care with your belly. Try not to squish it, and take care when you bend over."

Misume nodded, trying to absorb the information. The doctor printed more sheets for her: information for girls pregnant with their first insect brood. Expect frequent urination. High-protein diet. Vitamin supplements. Checkups every 3 days.

"All of the industry bugs are engineered to be robust, of course," Dr. Takeshi said, regarding her with that kindly smile as he sat on the stool. "The school expects you to continue with breeding activities right up to the moment of labor. You'll know when it comes. Your class schedule shouldn't be affected. If the sickness gets worse, or you feel any discomfort, you can contact our office. But Flesh Fly births are very easy Misume, and your grubs are healthy, so you have nothing to worry about."

Clutching her papers, she let herself be led out with a hand on her shoulder. The world seemed hazy, like a dream. Was this what every girl felt like, the first time she realized she was going to be a mother? She reached down to rest a hand on her belly, feeling the warmth there. Her babies. Squirming, deep inside her, a tangle of larval bodies. She couldn't feel them yet, but soon, she knew, she'd be able to feel their stirring motions.

Misume pulled out her phone as she walked, feeling electrified in the crisp morning air as she walked back to class. She had to tell Kana. She had to tell her mother. She wanted to shout and let the whole world know. Kana had been through the same thing earlier in the week, finding out she had been impregnated by a Flesh Fly. Sai had found out before that when she started showing earlier than expected. The ultrasound had shown an Earthen Lobster gestating in her belly, of all things - the consequences of their little adventure. Hatsuma-sensei had been very upset and there had been some talking of docking Sai's grade since year 1 girls were not supposed to breed with the lobsters, but it had blown over. The girls had celebrated together, but Misume had begun to feel left out. No more.

In just a few weeks, her babies would be grown, and she would be a mom.

In a normal Japanese classroom, Misume thought, the students sat quietly at their desks, disciplined and tidy, studying their books. It was all very orderly. Misume had gone through grade school learning her geography and arithmetic, earning passable grades but never particularly excelling in any area. It was only in the last year that her grades had begun to decline. School was too boring, she had told her mother. She couldn't concentrate.

Her transfer to the Breeding School had been like a new life. She was in the top 3 of the class now, just behind Sai and Kana. Her marks were good, her breeding hours on pace, and she loved every minute of class.

In contrast to the boring classrooms she had been in last year, this one was chaos. Most days there was no need for a teacher to supervise them. They knew exactly what they had to do. Girls stood, sat, laid down or crouched on their hands and knees - whichever position they happened to favor at the moment - as bugs of all kinds swarmed the classroom like an anthill. Squishing and slapping sounds blended with the ongoing chorus of moans, gasps, and girlish shrieks of pleasure.

All of the introductory sessions had been completed for the girls, so the entire set of year 1 bugs were set loose in this wing of the school. The girls offered up their bodies and fucked whichever ones they liked. It was necessary to attain some minimum experience with each bug, but beyond that, the school only counted general breeding hours: sucking, fucking, lifting their skirts and bending over and letting their little schoolgirl cunts be penetrated by the parade of dripping insect pricks.

Every girl was thoroughly pregnant by now, their 12-year-old bodies bulging with the insect broods growing inside them. Misume scanned the room, bent over her desk and head bobbing as the Flesh Fly banged into her from behind happily.

Just across from her another girl was sitting on her desk, legs spread wide as a pair of Balloon Dragonflies rammed their erect cocks into her dripping pussy. They each had seized one of her nipples between their mandibles, and the girl's face was twisted into a rictus of pleasure as the bugs sucked her tiny tits and fucked their pair of cocks into her straining cunt. She cried out, overwhelmed by her orgasm. A fresh flood of glistening white fluid suddenly gushed out around the cocks and welled over the side of the desk, dripping a fresh addition to the widening puddle of bug semen on the floor below.

Near the window, one of her classmates was leaning against the wall on a mat with her skirt pulled up, mating with several insects. A swarm of nearly a dozen Atlas ants crawled over her lower body, climbing over each other to take their turn perched in front of her pussy. Small creatures, their cocks were nevertheless huge for their size, bigger than the average human phallus just like all bugs. The slippery, throbbing sticks of pink flesh trailed under their bodies, ungainly and leaking fluids all over the girl's stockings. Misume wondered how much ant cum had been stuffed in the girl already - the Atlas Ants could put out a surprising amount - and if it were ant babies growing in her bulging belly.

A Warren Wasp was perched around the girl's head, it's front legs on the windowsill and its spindly hind legs keeping a grip on her shoulders. The girl was bobbing her head eagerly, sucking on the bug's thin white phallus, plunging the erect meat between her lips with gusto. Trickles of white semen dribbled down her chin and dripped onto her shirt from the several loads the wasp had already spurted into her willing mouth. So much goo had trickled down that the girl's shirt was thoroughly soaked through, and transparent. Misume could see the girl's slight breasts, the erect nipples poking divots in the cotton fabric.

Another girl was crouched doggy style on the floor next to Misume's desk. Her pregnant belly hung down, brushing the floor, jiggling with the motions of the Pilabug slamming her from behind. The eager creature writhed its rows of tiny legs with glee, humping away at the little schoolgirl's pussy. Another pilabug was half-curled on the ground, the girl sucking its cock. She bobbed her head with a well-practiced gait, sliding the smooth pink meat into her mouth effortlessly. Saliva and juices frothed around her lips and dribbled down the bug's upraised shaft.

More pilabugs were enthusiastically violating a trio of schoolgirls on a mat. The girls' bodies writhed together, touching and fondling each other, sharing their ecstasy. Their pregnant bellies rubbed together, bulging tightly like beachballs. Flesh Flies were everywhere, the buzzing sounds of their wings adding a low drone to the room's cacophony. A girl was sitting upright on her knees, rapturous delight on her face, as a Flesh Fly clutched her behind and thrust rapidly upward into her cunt. Another fly was in front with its sucker mouth clenched tightly over one of her breasts while she fisted its waiting cock. The fly buzzed with delight at the handjob and a stream of white fluid lanced out and landed in a goopy rope on the girl's pregnant tummy.

Misume's senses whirled in erotic overload, a pulse driven by the storm of the thumping pleasure between her legs. All about her her classmates gasped and squirmed, shrieked and cried out with orgasmic pleasure. The buzzing and humming of excited insects and the fleshy sounds as they slammed their throbbing pricks into the tender bodies of the class of 12-year-old girls was like music to her ears. The salty taste of bug cum tingled in her mouth. Her legs shook, the muscles going weak as the Flesh Fly drove her with powerful slams against the desk. She dropped her head with a happy sigh again and looked down, seeing her own pregnant belly jiggling with the fucking motion. She had loved all the bugs, but decided that Flesh Flies were her favorite. There was something intensely arousing in the feeling of those six segmented legs with their tiny hairs wrapping around her sides. The feel of it on her skin never failed to evoke a shiver of arousal. The buzzing of her lover's wings was like a gentle hum. The slick fly body rubbed against hers, and she arched her back, pushing against him passionately, urging him on with desperate motions. Heated passion began to boil up inside her and all her senses focused like a laser point on the pumping fly cock ramming into her delicate pussy with lightning speed.

Her orgasm crashed over her like a tsunami, and her muscles convulsed wildly. She tried to hold on, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the edges of the desk, squealing with passionate glee. The Flesh Fly had humped its way to a crescendo and given one final powerful slam, burying its bug cock as deeply as it could go into her sucking tunnel. The pointed tip banged up against her deepest point and loosed a torrent of boiling spunk against the sealed gates of her womb. She could feel the bug's seed flowing inside her like a hot river in her gut.

Holding tight, muscles clenched, 6 vibrating insect legs pinning her tightly in place, Misume rode out the storm of her climax. It tapered off slowly, lightning strobes of pleasure gently fading behind her eyes. She was just beginning to regain her senses when she heard one of the girls call out.

"Labor!" One of the girls being fucked from behind by a Flesh Fly called out weakly, seeing the sudden convulsions of the girl opposite her. "Labor!" She called out again, more strongly this time.

The few of the girls that could reasonably disentangle themselves came running. They helped the girl steady herself on her desk and supported her as she leaned back. Misume realized with a start that it was Kana. Her friend was panting rapidly, her face stricken with pain and the muscles in her neck tightly clenched. A copious deposit of clear fluid had already gushed out from her privates, staining her skirt with a gelatinous sheen and dripping down to add to the puddles of bodily fluids on the floor.

Misume stood up, letting the fly that had been fucking her buzz away. It was done with her anyway. She rushed over and stood next to Kana, wrapping the girl's hand tightly in her own.

Sai appeared and took Kana's other hand. "There there, just breath easy, in a rhythm, like they taught us." Sai whispered. Kana nodded wordlessly, biting her lip, and adjusted her pelvis on the desk with painful effort. Kana looked like she had been hit by a semen tornado. Her shirt was pulled up and thick strands of white goop decorated her shaking belly in a crosshatch pattern. Drying bug cum stained her lips and chin. Her crotch and thighs were a mess of congealing fluid that had drizzled down and stained her stockings to a ruined mess.

Sai helped Kana kick off her shoes and spread her legs. Misume supported her friend's shoulders from behind. It didn't take long, the girls knew. Insect birth was a lot easier and safer than human birth, and left almost no bruising or trauma. Usually no more than a day of breeding downtime was required. Misume felt the shudders of her friend's contractions. She reached her arms around, hugging her friend to steady her, her hands coming to rest on her friend's slight breasts.

"Oh god, M-Misume..." Kana gasped, her eyes glazed. 'It feels...feels so..."

"Sssh," Misume breathed in her ear. "Just breathe steady. Don't talk. Concentrate on breathing. In and out."

"Hnnnng!" A sudden contraction wrinkled Kana's forehead. Her 12-year-old body hitched on the desk.

"Good." Kana fondled her friends breasts in a comforting rhythm, feeling her body go slack. Another contraction swiftly followed.

"HnnnnNNNG!" Kana's legs jerked wildly. Sai moved to steady them. It seemed like this was it. As if by instinct, Kana reached down to grip the edges of her skirt, pulling the slack from under her butt and holding it up to make a kind of net under her crotch. Misume could see Kana's belly visibly trembling, see the dilation of the little girl's pussy. Sai crouched in front, ready to help.

"Gyaaaaah!" Kana screeched.

"Push!" Misume urged her, holding her friend tighter. "Push!"

"GYAAAAH!" Kana's shriek was louder, and in a moment her pussy convulsed, squirting out a pinkish-white grub shape the size of a fist. It rolled down and caught in her skirt, twitching like a maggot.

"Keep going!" Misume shivered with a happy thrill, watching her friend's special moment. Kana shrieked again, and another grub plopped out, rolling down to rest against the first. The pair twitched together. More followed rapidly, piling up on Kana's skirt, until a mound of Flesh Fly larva wiggled and cavorted in a slimy pile just underneath her trembling cunt.

"Agh!" Kana shook and went limp, spent, resting back against Misume's supporting weight.

"7...8....9!" Sai counted. "Congratulations Kana. That's 9 fly babies, all healthy."

"Let me see...let me see..." the new mother panted. Sai picked up one of the grubs. A thin purple umbilical cord stretched from the newborn creature back into the gooey depths of Kana's pussy. Kana took the creature in her hands, smiling with happiness, and rested it against her breast. It curled as if delighted by the feel of its mother's breast. Its body was mostly featureless, with slight ridges in the white flesh, but one end had a tiny sucking mouth squirming around. Kana helped it find her nipple, and the little bug clamped over it and began suckling.

They had 3 more labors that day: 2 more Flesh Fly broods and a trio of twitching dragonflies. Misume helped when she could, in between breeding. The bugs were as horny as ever, as though the pregnant schoolgirls giving birth to their insect young in their midst had excited them even beyond their normal level. The girls who had given birth suckled their young and rested for the rest of the day, giving blowjobs to satisfy the insects that buzzed near. Misume tried to pick up the slack, sucking and fucking 2 or 3 at a time, working her trembling pussy on the throbbing shafts of the endless tide of bugs in the classroom. Her own belly jiggled tantalizingly with the rocking motions of her body, hot under her hand. Soon it would be her turn.

The next day saw 6 more labors, including a brood of Pilabugs, which Misume cooed over with the rest of the class. The cute little things curled up instinctively into gooey little spheres the size of billiard balls as they came out. The girl who had birthed them gathered them up into her arms and cried happily. None of the girls had any problems. It seemed just like their teachers had said - bug births were easy. The girls from the first day quickly returned to action, their bellies deflated, ready and waiting for a fresh batch of insect seed to impregnate them again. The bugs practically scrambled over each other in competition to fuck them, spurting load after load of gelatinous bug spunk up into their schoolgirl wombs. The Breeding School encouraged rapid reinsemination - girls with the most births got high marks and were paid more in the industry.

It was the next week, when Misume was on her hands and knees being spitroasted by the aggressive humping motions of 2 Warren Wasps when her first contraction hit.

Luckily the bugs were just finishing up. She swallowed the cum in her mouth and let them go, then rolled over on the mat.

"Labor!" She heard someone call. "Misume's in labor." They seemed far away. Her body jerked again in sudden pain, muscles spasming involuntarily.

Her friends came running - Sai and Kana. Misume smiled up at them, so happy that they could be with her as she had her first. Kana looked almost normal, her belly magically deflated after her birth, but Sai bulged obscenely. Earthen Lobsters were huge creatures with huge young, and took months to gestate. It would be a while before she was a mother along with them.

Kana held Misume's head in her lap as Sai helped spread her legs. Another contraction hit, the painful spasm radiating down her waist. Misume squeaked, nervous for the first time. Her babies were on the way. She could feel herself sweating, trembling.

"Shh, just relax Misume. Remember to breath with the contractions. In and out, slowly.

Misume nodded, smiling through tear-stained eyes. She was so lucky to have such good friends. She rested a hand on her bulging belly, feeling the sharp quiver deep beneath the surface. Her pussy was straining, dilated, the residual wasp cum dripping from her labia.

"Ooooh!" Misume's legs jerked, but Sai held her steady.

"Eeeek!" That one hit closer than the last one. Misume's mind whirled and she tried to focus. Breath. Just breathe. In, out. The thought was shattered as a final racking spasm shook her body from head to toe.


Misume cried out with the ecstasy of birth. She felt something moving, and pushed with all her might. Something slippery about the size of a potato squeezed its way out of her vagina, plopping onto the mat.

"Good, Misume! Keep going!"

Misume reeled, but followed her instincts and kept pushing. Another heavy thing shifted inside, and she felt another plop. A third followed it, and they kept coming. She bore down, gritting her teeth and groaning madly. Her fingers clenched and her toes curled up. Shaking tremors wracked her thighs. Another plop. Something wet and juicy brushed her leg. Her pussy muscles were straining, out of control. Something shifted again.

All at once her muscles went slack. She collapsed. Someone was holding her head up. She tried to remember. Kana, smiling down at her.

"Guess how many," Kana grinned slyly.

", I don't know, 6?" Misume said weakly.

"10! You have 10 healthy Flesh Fly babies Misume." Kana swept the hair out of her face, then bent and kissed her on the forehead. "Congratulations."

Misume looked down, tears brimming in her eyes. Sai and another girl had helped gather up the larva and piled them on her chest. The grubs writhed about, white bodies slick with fluids, tiny little mouths sucking at the air, seeking their mother's embrace. Misume laughed with joy and hugged them, then began guiding them to her breasts. They latched on with perfect instinct, the little bug mouths just barely wide enough to fit around her nipples.

It was all like a happy dream for Misume. The sounds of her classmates, fucking and enjoying themselves all around her, eagerly welcoming each penetrating thrust of their bug lovers into their bodies. The sight of her brood, squirming on her chest - new life that had come from her body. Her friends smiled down at her.

With an elated sigh, she rested her head on Kana's lap. She was a mother now. 12 years old, with her first babies. Sure, she would have many more births during her time at the Breeding School, but this was her first. She was a mom now. She had never been happier.

"Oh, oh, me me! Pick me!"

Kana laughed and pointed at the little girl who was sitting at the desk, waving her hand erratically. Kana pegged her at 8 years old.

"What's your question?" she asked.

"So like, all the bugs, when you give birth, do they always grow up to be boys?"

"There are no girl bugs," Misume confirmed. "The genetic disposition of the engineered insects ensures only a single sex - male."

"So they can't have babies on their own?" The girl asked.

"No they can't. Humans have a symbiotic relationship with the bugs. They couldn't survive on their own. They need human girls to breed." Misume smiled warmly at the girl. "Girls like you."

Another girl raised her hand. Misume called on her.

"Were you nervous when you started the Breeding School? she asked.

Misume paused for a moment, surveying the class. The girls were all only a few years younger than her, still in normal school. They were all looking intently at Kana and Misume, who were standing at the front of the classroom. It was funny how much this classroom reminded her of her own - rows of identical desks with wooden surfaces, schoolgirls in their traditional sailor uniforms, all clean and tidy.

"Yes I was...nervous." Misume admitted. The girl reminded her so much of herself from a few years ago. "Very nervous actually. But I shouldn't have been. Breeding School is lots of fun."

So far these invitations to speak at the younger girls' classes had gone well. The invitations had come to her and Sai and Kana first, since they were at the head of their class. Sai had declined, saying she hated public speaking. But this was the third one Misume and Kana had done.

"So um..." another girl piped up. "How long do they take? The babies I mean."

"It depends on the species," Kana answered. "You know human babies take 9 months, but bugs are a lot faster. For instance, Misume here is pregnant with Slink Centipedes. They take around three months to grow." Kana patted her own belly fondly as she went on. "I'm having Flesh Fly babies again, and they only take 3 weeks."

"Would you girls like to have a feel?" Misume waved her hand in an inviting gesture over her belly. "Come on now. Don't be shy.

The girls got up and came to the front of the class eagerly. One by one, they rested their hands on Misume's and Kana's pregnant bellies.

"Oh!" The little girl jumped when she touched Kana's belly. "It moved."

"Just a little kick," Misume assured her. "Sometimes the bugs get a bit restless when they're close to being born."

"I've never seen a bug before," one of the other girls said. "What do they look like?"

Misume and Kana looked over at the teacher seated behind the desk in the corner of the room.

"Take your seats again girls," the teacher said. The younger girls began to file back and sit at their own desks. The teacher nodded at Kana and Misume, indicating that they could begin the demonstration.

"We're going to show you a Flesh Fly today," Misume said, as Kana stepped outside the room. "They're one of the most common bugs, and essential to the energy industry. They're also lots of fun! They're in such common use in the breeding industry today that some people like to call them 'girl's best friend'."

Kana came back hugging an adult Flesh Fly around the waist. Its wings buzzed lazily and its puckered mouth probed the air of the classroom.

Misume watched the class stare in astonishment at the bug. It reminded her of the first time she had seen one, during her first day at Breeding School when she had mated with it. It had seemed so foreign, so alien and inscrutable, with its black chitin exterior and fleshy belly. Some of these girls had probably seen bugs before, but most of them likely hadn't.

Kana was smirking at her, waiting. With a deep breath, Misume pulled up the shirt of her school uniform, exposing her breasts to the class. Then she hiked up her pleated skirt, making sure all the girls in the class could see her bare pussy.

"The is how you give an invitation to the bugs saying you are ready for sex," she said. "They are trained to leave you alone otherwise."

Misume turned to face the nearby desk, then bent over it. Her pregnant belly brushed against the cool wooden surface. Kana deposited the Flesh Fly onto her back.

"Flesh Flies are very excitable, and can become fully erect in seconds," Kana continued from her bent-over position. She watched the widening eyes of all the 8-year-old girls in the class, all of them fixed on the lengthening rod of pink flesh she could feel sliding along her bottom. They were young, and likely very few of them had ever seen a girl having sex, much less having sex with a bug. But social taboos regarding sex had virtually disappeared in Japan with the rise of the breeding industry. When an entire education system was in place to encourage girls to have as much interspecies sex as possible from age 12 onwards, there seemed little point in trying to hide the matter. 'Never too young for education,' was how the saying went.

Kana encouraged the Flesh Fly with gentle motions and a cooing noise, and Misume wiggled her hips to encourage it. The six legs of the buzzing insect drew tight against her sides, the tiny bristling hairs evoking an instant feeling of arousal deep in Misume's belly. Her breathing was heavy with anticipation. Everyone was looking at her, all those eyes. Once she would have been mortified to the point of literally melting into the ground, but her shyness had largely evaporated during her year at the Breeding School.

A throbbing tip came to rest between her pussy lips, primed at her opening. Misume gasped at the sudden heat and held her breath. The young girls watched, sitting at their desks with bulging eyes. Suddenly her pelvis jerked forwards as the fly rammed its cock into her snatch.

"Eeeek!" Misume always tried not to squeal during these demonstrations, but had never managed it. It just felt so good, that sudden inrush of veiny meat sliding along her pussy walls. The fly was thrusting away, and she felt its glans digging into her insides, pushing farther with each stroke.

"Sexual technique is very important when having sex with insects," Kana went on in a lecturing tone. "The Breeding School helps you practice your performance until you can make any bug cum inside you in record time."

They had given this presentation several times over by now, the well-rehearsed lines coming easily to their lips. Kana droned on, expounding on the health benefits of bug rearing while Misume was banged against the desk by the frantic motions of the Flesh Fly. It's cock was sinking deeper with each stroke, rushing past her slippery pussy walls with delightful friction. Misume squeaked again with pleasure, the sound bubbling out of her after a particularly hard thrust. She put her hand over her mouth. She had to be professional. She opened her eyes and forced herself to look at the class like a teacher would, trying to hide the contortions of pleasure racking her body. The fly's ample meat thundered in at a brisk pace, the tip jabbing deeply at the closed passage of her womb. The girls watched, hypnotized. Proper education is important, Misume said to herself. It was good to introduce bugs to girls early on. She might have been less hesitant to join the Breeding School herself if she had seen this demonstration when she was their age.

Professional. Misume's lips trembled as Kana told the girls about the benefits that the adapted insect species brought to Japan. She tried to keep her thoughts in order as she was fucked in front of the class, but they kept jumbling up. The delicious throbbing meat plunging into her cunt felt so delightful. The feeling of her pregnant belly rubbing the desk sent waves up pleasure coursing throughout her body. She wiggled her hips, urging the fly to go harder. She wanted to be fucked. Needed to be fucked, with all these little girls watching. Kana's voice droned on, matched only by the buzzing insect wings and the slapping, gooey sounds of thrusting bug penetration.

The fly barreled in with a final thrust. The desk scraped slightly across the floor and her belly jiggled wildly from the jolt. Misume stiffened, lightning locking her muscles in a rictus of pleasure. She felt herself gasping wildly, lost in the ecstasy. The bug prick throbbed mercilessly deep inside her, gushing its liquid seed into her passage and flooding it with warmth. Misume felt the fly cum squirt out around her straining pussy lips and dribble down her thighs. She gripped the edge of the desk with white knuckles and rode the storm of her orgasm, out of control, legs jerking and pussy clenching. The pressure of dozens of sets of eyes prickled her skin, the class of 8-year-old girls looking on with bug-eyed expressions as she shrieked with passion from the fly prick that had been rammed into her cunt like a throbbing cork.

Misume's head was spinning. White fog coated her senses with gooey pleasure. Gradually she came down, hearing Kana talk as if from far away. Her fly lover was caressing her skin with its hairy legs, sated for the moment and happy.

The end of the demonstration was like a dream to her. Somehow she got herself under control, only twitching slightly when the fly's cock popped out of her cunt. She rested against the desk, pregnant belly pushing the wood, feeling simultaneously satisfied and deflated. More warmth was gushing down her legs. Kana took the fly at some point and Misume managed to stand up, legs wobbling. All those eyes were on her, staring at her bare body and her pregnant belly, her trembling muscles in the wake of her climax. Misume found that she liked those looks more and more each time they did this. Hell, she would have volunteered for these demonstrations even if the school wasn't giving her extra credit.

The girls gave their final smile to the classroom of girls, said their goodbyes and thanked the teacher, then left for their next demonstration.

Morning light tumbled over the fluttering sheets of the curtains. A gentle breeze was stirring them, whisking a warm current across Misume's face. She blinked, her eyes slowly adjusting, then sat up in bed with a yawn.

Her room was neat and clean, a model picture of the typical room of a Japanese schoolgirl. Her uniform hung on a curtain on the door, the shirt, tie, and skirt spotless and crisp. The wooden bookcase held an orderly array of books, and her desk against the far wall had a single textbook laying open on it and a pencil and paper nearby.

A muted buzzing sound droned in her ears. She shook her head, still hazy. The 2 weeks of her summer break had been wonderful, allowing her to sleep in and indulge herself. She had mostly spent the time at home. The buzzing was slightly louder now, beating against the covers of the bed from underneath.

She pulled back the sheet and then remembered what she had been doing all night. The Flesh Fly buzzed its wings sleepily, cuddled against her naked body. Her son, one of her latest brood. Its pink cock was partially erect, brushing against her thighs and dripping from the tip. Misume pulled the blankets farther down, exposing her crotch and the gooey mess that covered it. Fly cum had congealed in glistening lumps on her labia, and stray spurts from their activities had left trickles of juices all over her legs and belly. She was a mess. She remembered now: she had been trying to study, with her son in the room. But he kept pestering her, brushing his hairy legs against her shoulders as she sat at the desk, and eventually she had relented and taken him to bed.

She must have fallen asleep after one of her orgasms. She couldn't remember how long they had gone on: last night was foggy in her memory, the acts of twisting passion all blurring together. She reached down and lovingly pet the shiny black surface of her son's body, stroking down its length. He liked that. His wings flitted in pleasure.

"Awww, wanna cuddle?" Misume laid back down and snuggled up to the insect. She brushed a hand on his underbelly, feeling the soft warmth and tiny hairs. The faceted red eyes stared at her from inches away, glittering inscrutably in the morning sun.

Misume sighed contentedly. Being a year 2 girl had its perks. She had more choice in her breeding preferences. New bugs had been introduced to her. Home care of the bug of her choice was one of the duties expected of the girls during this year, but Misume hadn't minded at all. Her last brood had been Flesh Flies and she had picked one of the squirming little maggots to bring home. It had grown rapidly, as the flies always did, with Misume suckling it with the milk from her tiny breasts. Her mother had been delighted that Misume was doing so well at the Breeding School, and ecstatic at being able to meet one of her bug grandchildren.

Misume mused dreamily as she lay cuddling in the bed, sunlight streaming over her naked body. She tried to remember the broods she had birthed so far this year: Balloon Dragonflies, Silt Centipedes twice, and then the Pilabugs, with the Flesh Flies right after that. A busy year. Her scores were high for successful births and weaning expertise. She was one of the top students in her class.

She giggled as the red proboscis of the fly slithered across her cheek, bathing it in sucking friction. The red organ had a ring of nodules around the very tip that were highly sensitive, she knew. She stuck her tongue out and met her son's kiss, their squirming flesh writhing together and swapping saliva for sticky bug juices. Misume could feel him getting fully hard, the substantial pink cock brushing hungrily against her body. His segmented legs twitched against her bare flesh, thousands of tiny hairs evoking a shiver that raced up her spine.

"Looks like you've got something for me boy. Did you bring mommy a present?" She patted the thick chitin just behind those leering eyes, then scooted up on the bed and rolled over onto her back. Her son didn't waste any time. With an eager buzzing of wings, it shifted its body and straddled her, clicking legs squeezing the sides of her hips and the dripping pink shaft pointed downwards at her pussy.

Misume sighed with satisfaction, sinking her head into the pillow and letting him take over. The breeze from the window was a cool delight on her skin, the dappled sunlight a pleasant ripple on the ceiling. The warm insect body pressed against her tantalizingly. She couldn't think of a better way to start the day than with her son's cum inside of her. Flesh Flies were engineered for maximum sexual proclivity but her son was particularly energetic. They had fucked almost constantly from the moment he reached sexual maturity 2 weeks ago. Misume's belly wasn't showing yet but it was practically a guarantee at this point. She liked Flesh Fly babies, liked to feel the little grubs wiggling around in her gut, and the Breeding School had emphatically assured the students that with the staunchly different genetics in play, inbreeding from bug sex was not a concern.

Misume cooed and cupped the bulbous fly head as he lined up his cock at her entrance. Vaguely, she wondered how the world had got on before the insect industry and its associated breeding practices had become commonplace. It must have been complicated. This seemed so much better. No cumbersome courting rituals and broken hearts, just the thrusting energy of endless insect cocks in her cunt and the promise of their warm seed growing in her belly. Misume wanted nothing more.

Her 12-year-old body squirmed in anticipation. Her son's cock was nestled against her labia, primed at the tunnel he had been birthed from. Misume wiggled her hips, encouraging him, gently massaging the glans of his organ with her genitals. The segmented legs tightened around her waist, and its body jerked violently, ramming the rigid pink prick deep inside her.

Misume squealed and her legs jerked. She loved that rush, that sudden force splitting her insides. Her son was thrusting gleefully, building up steam, its warm fly body buzzing happily. Her pussy muscles clenched, wrapping the gliding shaft with gleeful friction, welcoming it into the tight confines of her snatch.

"Good boy...g-good boy..."

Misume's breath had risen to a heavy panting. She lifted her legs and locked them behind the fly's back, feeling the kicking pulse of his body. Sparks of pleasure radiated up from her cunt, building to a raging bonfire. Her pelvis was bucking against the sheets and her nipples were poking stiffly into the air from her flat chest. Her son bent his head and planted his proboscis on one, sucking madly. Pleasure thrummed in her body like a drumbeat, warm waves crashing into each other.

She let herself go, raising her arms above her head and moaning loudly. The sounds of gooey slaps and rustling sheets blended together into a melody of passion. God she loved insect cock, loved the feeling of its bulging alien length plundering her deepest space. She had over 500 hours of breeding experience by now but she still loved every moment of it. The multiple ridges on the glans rippled on her insides in a delightful rhythm and the cock's bumpy underside thrummed against her straining pussy lips as it pistoned in and out.

"That's it, keep going. Good boy!" Misume stuttered out encouragement as the fire of her pleasure built to a crescendo. The thumping bug cock slammed in rapidly, pounding her belly as each thrust bottomed out. Her 12-year-old body writhed with pleasure on the bed, locked in sexual congress with her interspecies offspring.

The sudden flowing warmth spurting inside her set her off, lifting her like a wave and hurling her into the heights of a sudden climax. Misume cried out and clutched her son tightly to her with her legs, locking his bug cock inside her. The twitching pulse of engorged meat vibrated against her pussy walls, sending her reeling with passion. Her mind deadlocked on the image of sticky white goo spewing out in a copious flood from the tip of her son's cock, racing up her passage and squeezing through her cervix to drown the space beyond. She felt more spurts, more gooey jets gushing up inside her, her son emptying every drop of his load into mommy's womb. Misume convulsed wildly against the sheets.

Slowly, her shaking muscles calmed, the heady tide of her orgasm receding and leaving the foggy haze of post-coital bliss. Her son was still straddling her, prick bulging and locked tightly in her slippery cunt. The twitching red mouth sucked greedily at her nipple, and the enormous red eyes glared unknowingly down at her.

She went limp on the bed. Well, this might take a while. Flesh Flies didn't do short mating sessions. They liked to cum at least 5 or 6 times over the course of an hour before letting you go, and her son was even more vigorous than average. Breakfast might be a ways off, but Misume found she wasn't hungry anyway. She wanted to stay right here, genitals locked to her son.

Her ears were ringing after her orgasm. No, wait, it was her phone. Misume craned her head, looking up at the endtable at the head of the bed. The phone buzzed in its cradle. She reached out, fingertips barely contacting the phone, and managed to get ahold of it.

"H-Hello?" Misume stuttered into the phone. Her son was moving again, slowly, picking up steam.

"Good morning. Is this Nagana Misume?" The man sounded very professional.

"Yes. I'm...I'm Misume."

"Wonderful. Nagana-san, I wanted to get ahold of you to extend an offer to perform on one of our network's primetime shows."

"TV?" Misume's brain whirled.

"Yes. Network television. It's a 6-episode run of educational material about the bug breeding industry, targeted at girls 8 to 12. Your name came up in relation to your excellent work with girls in the lower grades. We want you to star."

"O-oh, I see." Misume swallowed, trying to maintain her composure. The fly buzzed happily against her body, thrusting faster now, seeming to relish the slow buildup it was putting her through. Currents of pleasure coursed all through her belly. She pushed them aside and tried to concentrate. Apparently the demonstrations she had done with Kana had gone well enough that her name had gotten around.

"Is that something you would be interested in, Nagana-san?"


"What was that?" the man asked.

"Nothing." Misume was breathing heavily, her neck and face flushed and hot with pleasure. Her pelvis was being jerked rapidly on the bed. "Yes I'm interested."

"Fantastic. The shooting schedule is planned to start in 4 weeks, but we can work around your school schedule of course. Transportation and whatever else you require can be provided. We'll be in touch with all of the details next week, but there is one thing we don't have yet: a bug to use during the filming. Our request for one has been tied up in the school's system."

"Oh." Misume looked up at the bobbing fly head looming over her. The enormous red eyes almost seemed to twinkle.

"I have one. I'll bring him with me to each shooting" she said.

"That's perfect. Thank you Nagana-san. We'll talk again next week."

Misume said goodbye and let the phone slip out of her fingers. The bed was rocking slightly with her lover's motions. His abdomen was pumping furiously, almost a blur in the morning light. Misume's fingers and toes curled and she squealed again, letting out the steam that had accumulated during the phone call. She was close to orgasm again already.

"That's good...just like that." Misume pet her son lovingly. He was on the brink, ready to unleash another load of dirty fly spunk into her womb. Her back arched involuntarily, twitching with her imminent climax

What on earth would it be like to be on television, she wondered? She had always been a shy girl but Breeding School had helped stamp that out. Still, what would she do with millions of people watching? Would she choke up and flub her lines?

The pumping fly cock drove her over the edge, and Misume clenched and squealed and trembled on the bed as another torrent of insect spunk was unleashed inside of her. Her nervous thoughts were whirled and scattered by the storm of her second orgasm of the morning, and she lost herself in the pleasure.

"Cut!" the director called. The lights on the cameras flicked off, and the boom mic operator set his mic down to rest. Light chatter filled the room in contrast to the silence that had preceded it.

"Ok. That's uh...that's good Misume," said the director, a handsome man with a trimmed beard and a fatherly face. "Maybe a few things to work on. We'll get it next take."

Misume could barely hear him past the blood thundering in her ears, but she nodded. Her orgasm was fading slowly. How many had that been today? She had lost count. She went limp on the mat, still twitching in places.

There had been a hint of frustration in the director's voice. Misume felt ashamed of herself. The take counter showed they were up to a few dozen tries already. All those people - the lighting and sound guys and the people running errands and the director himself, they had spent all day here, waiting for her to get it right.

Nobody else was on the stage at the moment. Misume was alone, laying on the mat, the imposing array of cameras fixed on her from the edge of the darkness. Her son was straddling her, his big erect bug cock plugged snugly in her vagina.

This was so much harder than she had expected, but the hardest part wasn't trying not to squint under the bright lights, or dealing with the girls who obsessively primped her hair and touched up her makeup between takes - it was trying to keep her neutral smile, stare into the camera, and say her lines as her son fucked her.

It wasn't his fault. He was just doing what he loved. Misume reached up to pat the chitinous body, making reassuring noises. The fly's wings buzzed intermittently, and his huge red eyes glittered like jewels from the lights.

Everything had gone well at first. Misume had stood on the stage in front of a cheery backdrop of clouds and rainbows - suitable for a kid's show - while the cameras panned in for an introduction. She had read her lines and kept a friendly smile the whole time. Everything on the stage was clean and brightly lit - even the sailor uniform that she wore for school was picture-perfect, with the impeccable dark stockings and neatly pleated skirt.

The main thrust of the show was to recruit an even younger audience of girls to become familiar with the breeding program. 'Never too young for education.' had become the marketing tagline, and the bonus was that with advances in fertility research, girls could potentially become pregnant much earlier through chemical treatments. An eligible girl could enter the Breeding School as young as 8 years old.

Misume read the lines explaining the benefits, how the school provided education and health care and provisions for a long-term employment contract in the industry. They wanted to be as detailed as possible, the director had explained. That included a live demonstration of insect breeding in action for the second scene. Starring her. With her son.

"Ok!" The director clapped his hands to get the crew's attention. "Let's get it right this time. This is take 47, people."

He gave Misume a comforting smile with only a hint of impatience. "Ok Misume, you're up. You can do this. Aaaaand...action!"

With her skirt bunched up around her waist and her shirt raised to show her breasts, Misume smiled into the camera. Her son was moving again, pumping his prick gently into her snatch while dribbles of oozing white fluid squished out and added themselves to the puddle on the mat.

"So remember girls, with a Flesh Fly, you can make sure he has a lot more fun if you wiggle your hips a little as he's thrusting. Just like this." She gave a little demonstration, and the flash of pleasure almost choked her words.

"When he's ready to cum, he'll start going very fast. Be sure to stay calm! You can keep your grip better if you lock your legs around the body."

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around her son's abdomen, clutching him even tighter to her body. His motions were increasing, a vigorous, enthusiastic fucking of her schoolgirl cunt while the cameras all watched.

The second camera was swooping in, closing on her genitals, where the fly's plunging pink cock was slipping in and out of her vagina.

"This ensures ensures that the fly can get very deep, and when he c-cums, it's more likely...more likely..."

The beating storm of insect prick between her legs was too much. Misume squealed, muscles going stiff as yet another orgasm boiled up and erupted in her belly. The camera caught the action, every frame of her trembling, shaking 12-year-old body as the fly dumped its sticky insect seed deep inside her.

"Cut! Ok that was a little better Misume. We can edit that together with some other takes." The director didn't seem too upset at the interruption. At least she had got more of her lines out this time. They were making some progress.

"Let's take a break, people!" The director clapped his hands again. "We'll give that bug a chance to calm down a little bit before trying again."

Misume collapsed again, exhausted. Her dizzy mind wondered what it would be like when she actually saw herself on tv, when she knew that millions of other people were watching her young body twisted in sexual congress with an insect. All in the name of education, after all. She had no illusions of being a star, although there were rumors that the educational show might turn into a recurring gig. It would play right smack in the middle of the educational hours on tv, rubbing shoulders with cartoons targeted at young girls.

But that wouldn't happen if she couldn't get these takes right. Misume felt bad about how many they had done. But still, even the many takes couldn't really dampen her mood. She had just found out that morning at the doctor's office - she was pregnant! Flesh Flies of course. Very likely her son's, given their activities, but it could have been one of the Flesh Flies at school. No. She was sure of it. Her son had given her another round of babies, another brood of squirming maggot-like larvae wiggling in her belly. She had been overwhelmed with happiness.

Happiness. That work summed up her entire experience with the Breeding School since she had first been reluctantly enrolled, she thought. The school had opened so many doors for her. Her future was guaranteed. She had met her best friends Kana and Sai. And best of all, she got to have her tiny little cunt pounded by bug cock around the clock every day.

Pumping heat was building up in her crotch. Her son hadn't really stopped even though the crew had. His buzzing fly body vibrated with delight as he rammed his prick eagerly into his mother's sucking tunnel, jabbing the tip against the same womb that had birthed him, that now carried the babies they had made together.

Her arms and legs went around him, hugging him tight. She kissed the sucking proboscis. Happiness. It was a warm feeling in her chest, mixing with the rising surge of her orgasm. She couldn't tell how many of the crew were watching her from the darkened perimeter of the set. All of them, she hoped. Let them watch. Let them see how good it felt. The engorged insect prick was pounding away at her cunt, and Misume let the engorged tide of pleasure rise up inside her until they swept all her thoughts away.