WintermuteX Stories

Depraved Mom - Part 1

By WintermuteX

Tags: M+g, rape, reluc, pedo, magic, demons, preg

Content: Rape (graphic), Pedophilia, Mother/Daughter, Demons, Hell, Impregnation

Megan pushed the front door closed behind her with her butt, then kicked off her shoes. Her 12-hour shift at the diner had left her exhausted. All she wanted was to put these groceries away, make a quick dinner, then get the girls in bed so she could relax.

Amanda and Ashley were on the couch in the living room, watching a horror movie on tv. "Hey Mom," they chorused, without looking away from the screen. Megan paused to watch, the plastic grocery bags on her arms bumping against the couch.

A teenage girl was fleeing down a darkened hallway in some kind of industrial complex. Her short skirt was rent to pieces in several places, and her t-shirt dangled loose, torn to reveal the girl's bra and a healthy dose of tantalizing cleavage. She dashed around corners, weeping in terror, plunging through the shadows between harsh spotlights. The camera followed her closely, framing closeups of her exposed bra and the tattered skirt bouncing against her bottom, capturing the looks of raw horror as she stole glances over her shoulder.

A beast followed close behind, snarling, cloaked in shadows, its claws barely visible at the edges of the darkness. Some kind of demon. Its monstrous bulk was revealed in brief flashes - powerful muscles, pointed horns, slavering jaws. It pursued the girl with ravenous hunger, closing inexorably on her vulnerable form.

Megan couldn't help but envision just what the demon would do to her when he caught her. The demon had probably disposed of the rest of the cast already, but a sexy girl like her, no, it wouldn't kill her. It would catch her in its claws, screaming, her torn clothing offering no protection from their sharp edges. Then the beast would hold her to the ground, letting her feel his virile form looming over her, and it would...

Megan shook her head to dispel the image, chastising herself for her overactive imagination. It had been too long since her last boyfriend. A tiny tingling sensation itched between her legs.

"Maybe you girls should watch something else," she said. The girls were too young for this. Ashley had just turned 12 last week, and Amanda was barely any more mature at 14.

"But Moooooom," they echoed together.

"It's almost over," Amanda said.

"Please Mom," Ashley pleaded. "Grandma never lets us watch good stuff like this."

Megan sighed and gave up. She wished she didn't have to ask her own mother to watch her daughters sometimes when she worked double shifts at the diner. Her Mom was a prude, a true straight-laced puritan. Megan had always resented that. Mom had never explained a damn thing about sex to her. She had ruthlessly purged any mention of anything "unholy" from Megan's life; it was no wonder Megan had rebelled. She still remembered when her Mom had become so mad at her when she found her playing a computer game with demons in it. Mom believed in demons for real, and for some reason they always seemed to terrify her.

"Ok but after this is over, come to the table and we'll eat dinner."

"Thanks Mom," they trilled in tandem. Megan left them and walked into the kitchen.

Fish and vegetables again. Megan didn't have the energy for anything else. She listened to her daughters shriek in fright every few minutes as the movie made them jump. It finished just as the food was done, and Megan called the girls and dished up their plates for dinner.

"Amanda has a boyfriend," Ashley announced as she took her seat. She smirked and took a bite.

Amanda glared at her sister, an outraged look on her face.

"You shut up squirt," she said.

"Boooooooyfriend." Ashley tittered at her own wit, enjoying the reaction her teasing got from her sister.

"You're just jealous because you don't have one. No boy would want your ugly face." Amanda stabbed her fork into her food and took a bite, chewing defiantly.

"Girls, please. That's enough." Megan knew exactly what her daughter had been up to. The whole thing had been caught by her nanny-cam. She had given the girls the talk about sex, of course, the immature pair giggling through the whole thing. She had vowed she would never keep her daughters in the dark about sex like her own Mom had done to her. They were both young though, too young. Megan wanted to be a good parent, but she felt...conflicted. What her camera had caught was the hottest thing she had ever seen, and the thought of her precious little girls, the screeching, hyper little pair of hellions she had raised all these years putting that energy to good use on a stiff cock, licking it, sucking it, spreading their legs and taking the firm flesh inside...

She shook her head again. She wanted to slap herself. Her imagination ran away with her far too often.

"Don't tease your sister," she said to Ashley.

Amanda stuck out her tongue at Ashley.

"Amanda.. We'll talk about this later," she said, and the look on her daughter's face was almost worth it.

After finishing dinner and cleaning up, Megan told the girls to get ready for bed. They came to say goodnight to her in the kitchen.

"Brush your teeth?" She asked Ashley, the little girl hugging her around the waist.

"Yeah Mom." Ashley was a picture of adorableness in her peach-colored cotton pajamas. The cute little top hugged her chest tightly, riding up her waist and exposing her belly button. At 12, her tiny breasts were still flat - puberty hadn't kicked those into gear yet. Megan eyed them, knowing they would soon begin to fill out and boys would begin noticing her little girl too. She would be a real package, pretty, petite, with an impish smile. Maybe Megan should start getting her some sexier clothes. The pajama bottoms hugged a pair of sweet globes that were filling out nicely.

Amanda leaned in to give Megan a hug once her sister was done. The 14-year-old looked stunning in the white chemise Megan had gotten her for her birthday. She had noticed her daughter eyeing the negligee racks more and more when they were at the store, so Megan had gone and picked out an extra small slip of satin, with tantalizing bits of filigreed lace around the breasts and thighs that emphasized the girl's developing curves. Amanda had loved it.

Megan kissed Amanda on the top of the head and let her go. "Ok girls, get to bed," she said. The pair scampered off, and Megan went to her room. Finally, she could rest. The tingle between her legs had been slowing growing all evening. She locked the door behind her.

She pulled off her shirt and looked at herself in the mirror. Amanda looked just like Megan had at her age. Perky, sexy, full of youthful spunk and energy. Megan couldn't help but compare. Her body hadn't changed much. She ran a brush through her light brown hair. She was in good shape, with an ample amount of curves and a pair of C tits that still had a nice bounce to them. She turned to the side and cupped them, inspecting her profile. Men still fell all over themselves for her just like when she had been a teenager. She hadn't had a boyfriend in a long time though. She loved to suck, loved to fuck, loved to bend over and feel the hard shaft squeezing into her pussy and pounding away, but in the end it was all so...unfulfilling. Cute guys were a dime a dozen. Wind-swept hair, professional shirt, shining rolex watch, muscled forearms and a 5-o'clock shadow - bleh. Megan couldn't tell them apart sometimes. She knew since she was a little girl that she liked something else.

She slipped off her panties and sat at the computer, then brought up the video she had been thinking about all day. Amanda had baby-sat for several of the neighborhood kids after school, and Megan had had no idea that the nanny-cams she had bought on an impulse would pay off so much.

Amanda's bedroom flickered onto the screen. She entered, leading the little neighbor boy, Tom, by the hand. Amanda was as likely to babysit kids at their own house as hers - sometimes their parents just wanted some quiet time. Amanda led him over to the bed and she sat down on it. Megan could see what had drawn her daughter's eyes with such fascination - Tom had an erection, a diminutive little bulge tenting his shorts.

Amanda hunched forward curiously while Tom stood shyly in front of her. Megan couldn't hear them, but she could imagine what was said as Amanda pulled her skirt up and encouraged the boy to explore underneath. He ducked with boyish enthusiasm, probing the older girl's panties cautiously with his fingers, as if he might scare her away. Amanda lurched suddenly and gasped, fingers curling in the boy's hair when his fingers prodded underneath the fabric and found her special place.

Megan watched with interest, imagining herself in Megan's place, a little girl about to discover sex for the first time. Amanda shivered for a minute as Tom explored her glistening lips and apparently found her clit. She lurched and her mouth moved silently on camera. Megan could almost hear the squeal. Amanda grew impatient after that, and grabbed the little boy's shorts and pulled them down. His tiny dick sprung out, waving in front of Amanda's face, and she examined it from up close with eager curiosity.

It didn't take long until her daughter had it in her hands, running her fingers along the stiff length. It was so tiny, fitting in her hands with room to spare, but it fixated her attention all the same. A look of feverish enjoyment rippled on Tom's face as the older girl opened her mouth and began to taste it, licking the head tentatively, then moving in long, slow strokes down the sides.

Megan moved her fingers to her clit and began a gentle massage, stirring the latent itch that had waited so long. Her daughter wasn't a bad cocksucker, she thought. She wondered if Amanda had done this before. Amanda wrapped her lips around the boy's tool, and the image burned itself into her mind - her precious daughter, only 14, with a tiny dick between her lips, sucking on it like a tootsie roll. Tom was enjoying himself immensely, the little boy humping slightly, pushing his taut boyhood into his babysitter's mouth. Amanda's cheeks wiggled as she sucked with all her might, bobbing her head, and abruptly she pulled back with a surprised look. Semen shot out of the tiny head, spewing onto her nose, her cheeks, a stray rope crossing her lips and leaving a streak down her neck and shirt. Tom shook as his orgasm washed over him, ejaculating fiercely onto the older girl.

Maybe she was surprised a 10-year-old boy could cum so fast. But even through the camera, Megan could see the look of determination on her daughter's face. Amanda pulled off her shirt and bra and touched Tom's hands to her little breasts, encouraging him. Her skirt followed suit, and then the girl pulled Tom up onto the bed, naked but for her panties, and began to undress him with hungry curiosity.

Megan dug her fingers in deeper, slipping inside herself with a moan. Her other hand found her breast and squeezed it. It was so hot, watching her daughter on screen. They were both so cute - Tom, with his tiny little boy dick quickly reviving as he touched her, and Amanda, becoming more visibly excited with each passing moment as she peeled off his clothing.

It was almost like watching herself at that age, Megan thought. Amanda's breasts were small but firm, and when her panties came off it revealed a plump pair of smooth buttcheeks that jiggled pleasingly. Instinct had taken over, as the pair maneuvered on the bed. Megan felt like she was right there, helping her daughter spread her legs, guiding the minuscule little prick to the folds of her tiny cunt. Her fingers worked her own cunt in a frantic rhythm, flicking her bud with her thumb on each stroke. The sight of that tiny dick made her horny in a way ordinary men couldn't.

Her fingers thrust and squeezed, building the burning sensation to a gentle roar of pink pleasure in her crotch. She worked them in and out to the rhythm of the pair on screen, imagining her daughter's pleasure as a prick entered her for the first time. Tom encountered some brief resistance, a momentary look of confusion on his face, and then he pushed and was through. Amanda saw her daughter's shriek, though she couldn't hear it, the girl arching her back on the bed and wrapping her legs around the boy penetrating her. The bed rocked with their motions as they found the natural rhythm that their bodies guided them to. Boy and girl, making love for the first time, sweet affection on their faces, sweating, gasping, reaching for and exploring each other with their hands. Her pumping fingers flared, and Megan was pushed over the edge. Her thighs jerked and tightened and she squealed involuntarily, a blinding pulse of ecstasy rocketing up from her crotch and exploding in a torrent of primal pleasure in her brain. She thrust her fingers in as deep as they could go, rubbing her clit madly. The chair rocked back and forth with Megan's shudders, and the pair on the screen were caught up in similar convulsions. Megan watched euphorically as the boy's tiny bottom thrust forward and slammed into her daughter to the hilt. The kids vibrated together, arms and legs clutching wildly, and Megan imagined the heaping helping of little boy sperm shooting up inside Amanda. The girl writhed in pleasure, hips straining, urging him on with jerks of her legs on his backside.

Megan floated, dreamy, blissful, coming down smoothly as the storm of her orgasm receded. The video was over, the camera pausing after the pair had quickly dressed and Amanda had led Tom out of the room. God, watching her daughter get fucked was so hot. Megan's parental instinct burned with a sense of shame at this thought, but it was buried by the crushing tide of arousal from what she had watched. She couldn't wait to see Amanda get fucked by someone else, maybe another boy from school or the neighborhood. Maybe a man. And little Ashley, how long until she spread her legs and discovered the joy of a pumping prick in her 12-year-old pussy?

She languished in the chair, thinking back over the years, reliving it. She had been only 14 herself. Her first time. She hadn't known anything about sex, didn't know what men had between their legs, had only the most vague notions of where babies came from. And all at once it had crashed into her world.

It had been at a beach party during the summer. Some older kids had invited her circle of friends to come out and have some fun. Megan had liked one of the boys, an older guy. 18. Too old for her, but she couldn't help herself when she looked at him. Cute, with brown eyes and dark hair that he kept spiked. She thought maybe she could talk to him. Maybe he'd notice her.

And at the party he had ignored her entirely, talking to other girls his own age instead. She had been crushed. Her own friends had paired off with others, leaving her alone. There were adults and kids of all ages here, but nobody wanted to talk to her. She went back from the beach to the beach house after a little while, and went to go to the bathroom.

She was washing up when the door opened. A fat man stood there, grease stains on his white shirt and a filthy baseball cap on his balding head. He looked at her for a moment, and she went white with embarrassment and shock. She forgot to lock the door.

A chill went down her spine when he stepped in anyway, pulling the door closed behind him and locking it.

"Hey little girl," he said, his voice dripping with a subtle hunger she couldn't identify. "Having fun at the party?"

"" Megan's mouth bobbed stupidly as he advanced. His fat belly pushed her against the sink.

"Yeah, it's uh, great." She tried to smile but she was too afraid. "I'd better go. My friends are waiting."

He caught her arm as she tried to wiggle past, holding her tight.

"What's the rush? Your friends are having a good time. That's what parties are for, right? Having a good time?"

His grip was iron on her arm. He pushed her back against the open toilet, looming over her. Megan shrank from him, terrified.

"Please...I..." He stunk. He smelled like he hadn't showered in a year. The odor of his hairy feet stuffed into sandals a size too small made her gag.

She pushed blindly, panicking, trying to run. It was like pushing a whale. He pressed her over the toilet and spun her around with the terrifying grip on her arm. She felt her skirt lifted up and filthy fingers running along her thighs. They dipped into her panties, rubbing the cleft of her ass, then yanked them down.

Tears filled her eyes. A meaty hand planted itself on her scalp and forced her forward, and she heard a belt buckle coming undone. His blubbery stomach held her pinned over the toilet. Megan struggled briefly again, but his grip was too powerful.

Cold porcelain pressed against her cheek. The chill that ran across her exposed genitals was blocked when something soft but firm brushed up against them. Megan had only an instant to register what was happening before a meaty stick spread the lips of her pussy, and then rammed its way inside.

She screamed. Something felt like it was ripped away. The massive organ pressed inside her began moving, working painfully in and out. She felt like she was being split open. A wave of sweaty fat began slapping against her bottom.

"Good girl." Fetid breath clogged her nostrils as he bent his head over her. "Just like that. Do you like that, you little slut?"

Megan had barely even had her fingers in her own cunt before. Mom would never have approved. Only twice, a pair of stolen experiences when she had been left alone in the house, able to explore herself without the risk of her mother barging in. The orgasms had been like awakening a new part of herself.

The meaty invader was a whole different experience. It slammed in rudely, stuffing the 14-year-old girl's tiny cunt with agonizing fullness before drawing back and rapidly thrusting in again. Megan couldn't see anything, with her head squished against the back of the toilet. She cried, her tears flowing down and washing against her cheek. The rough rhythm picked up pace, the disgusting man banging into her with greater zeal, thoroughly enjoying his rape of the little girl.

After a few minutes it didn't hurt anymore. The pain was still there but it had blended with a sort of fiercely boiling pleasure that she barely recognized. Like when she had touched herself, but so much more wild, so much more alive. It throbbed inside her, beating like a drum with the pounding cadence of the thick girth slamming in again and again. Megan felt a primal pleasure swirling in her crotch, rippling spirals through the spasming muscles of her cunt. It felt amazing. The fat man drove her forward, grunting like a pig, jerking her entire body, and Megan found herself pushing back. Her crying turned to heavy panting, an animal instinct rising up in her brain to take control. Everything else was blotted out but the pistoning pleasure in her crotch.

This was sex. It felt amazing. Megan wiggled her hips and pushed back with zeal. Mom had never told her. The hand crushed against her skull, the fist curled in the fabric in the back of her shirt, the unyielding porcelain against her body - they mixed with the meaty, pulsing penetration into an explosive rumble of pleasure that rose up and swept everything else away.

Megan shrieked. She quivered, she writhed as her first major orgasm exploded in her gut. Pushing, cramming, her tiny hole was spread and stuffed and worked in slippery jolts that sent tremors through her limbs like an earthquake. The man's hands suddenly steadied on her hips, holding tight, and she felt a warm, sticky sensation moving inside her. She didn't know what it was. The fat man slammed in with one last bounce of blubber and held her tight against the toilet, her back arched, lightning ecstasy shooting up her spine.

Heat, sweat, a rotten smell of an unwashed body. Megan's senses churned on overdrive and then slowly cooled off. She sagged against the toilet, gasping desperately, her climax receding. A slippery sound accompanied the sensation of something pulling out. He wasn't holding her anymore.

The door opened, and then closed. Megan looked back, drained of energy, heaving. He had left. She was alone. Gingerly, she reached down and touched a finger to her pussy, and brought it to her nose. What was this? Gooey, gelatinous, an eggshell-white fluid that glistened in the bathroom light. It smelled funny. She tasted it, and made a face. Salty. She flicked it off her finger.

The door opened again and a man stepped in. Older, greying hair, with an ugly lined face looking down at his phone. He shut the door and then looked up in surprise, noticing her sprawled over the toilet.

A young teenager, sagging over an open toilet, sniffling with her skirt and shirt pulled up as cum dripped from her gaping pussy. She saw the brief hesitation as he took the situation in and made a decision.

He reached back and pushed the lock. It clicked. Megan cowered under his fiendish grin as he moved up behind her. The agonizingly long sound of a zipper focused her senses, and before she knew it, her body was being pressed down again, the old man forcing her against it. A firm tip of turgid flesh pressed against her slippery pussy, and Megan felt a wave of excitement wash through her.

The thrusting cock didn't hurt as much, and the potent wave of pleasure frothed to a boil in her crotch even more rapidly than before. The man held her steady against the toilet, pistoning the helpless little girl, ramming his prick into the sloppy, used hole of her pussy with glee. Megan came rapidly, her fingers and toes curling, arms and body jerking as much as she could under the steady grip. The same sensation of syrupy warmth filled her up as the man grunted wildly.

Megan had never felt more alive. The storm of her orgasm faded slowly, and she heard the door open and close again. She rested her head on the toilet back, panting wildly. A dripping slime was oozing out of her cunt, dribbling down her thigh and dripping into the toilet.

Another squeak of the door. Another click. Megan looked back. It was the boy that had asked her to the party.

His stunned look lasted only a moment. Megan reached a hand back, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers. Her shame mixed inextricably with her pleasure.

"Do it," she said. Her thighs were quivering. Sex. Submission. Megan had never dreamed of something feeling so good. The 14-year-old girl wanted nothing more than another round with a tumescent cock shoving deep into her little girl pussy.

He obliged her. She felt his fingers on her hips, squeezing, brushing her skirt, then running along her back. She arched and thrust her butt up even more, whimpering. Fingers curled around her tiny breasts.

The thick meat positioned itself against her dripping tunnel, and pushed. Megan squealed. It felt better every time. This was sex. She fucking loved it. Her body felt sore from the abuse, but her cunt flickered violently with a tempest of pleasure. The boy rammed in, slapping her bottom and driving her against the toilet, then grinding her against it. Her head was squished in the nook between the porcelain and the bathroom wall. He drew back and slammed her again, then a third time.

Something unfamiliar poked at her rear. She puckered involuntarily, then winced as it pushed in slowly. His finger, in her butt. Her body clenched and spasmed, driven to the wild, raging edge.

Megan squealed and let herself go, shaking uncontrollably. Fuck me, her out-of-control brain thought, fuck my little girl pussy. The bucking motion increased into a wild frenzy as the boy rapidly swelled up inside her and then banged in to the hilt. A fountaining, gushing sensation spewed up into her belly, heaps of the white stuff flowing in and flooding the space.

Megan lost herself in dizzy oblivion, drifting in a hazy static of flickering ecstasy. Her orgasm lasted even longer, rushing through her body in a tidal roar. By the time she came down the door was just closing again. Someone else had come.

A greasy trucker. The paunch of his hairy belly slamming against her butt drove her wild. He left her sagging limply with a fresh trickle of white goop leaking from her cunt. A drunken frat boy followed, with a wicked smile on his face. She came with wild howls on the pumping end of his prick. More men came. She lost count. Word must have circulated that there was a party in the bathroom. Megan's thoughts were blown away by each crashing orgasm, leaving only a residual feeling of determination in the 14-year-old to fuck every last cock that presented itself. Her thighs shook. Her belly heaved. Her pussy vibrated and spasmed itself to new heights of a paradise the little girl had never known existed.

The rest of the night was hazy. Megan could barely remember it. What she did remember, she thought, languishing in her chair in front of her computer, was how she thought her mother would kill her when she found out Megan was pregnant. She didn't, though. She just sat there, calmly, and told Megan that she would help with everything. 9 months later Amanda was born, a squalling, screeching little bundle of joy that changed everything for Megan.

Megan fingered her cunt idly, drifting through her memories. That night was like a whole other world had been opened to her, a side of herself awakened that she still could barely admit to. The boyfriends she had had after that never satisfied her. They were boring. Nothing had been as good as that crushing feeling of being slammed against the toilet, a lewd little semen receptacle for an unending train of men coming in. Used. Raped. Defiled. Utterly degraded. Her relationships usually fell apart when she realized that she couldn't feel that same thing again.

Megan got up and pulled on some panties, then tumbled into bed. Her shift had left her dead tired, and in no time she had dropped off to sleep. Her dreams stirred with thoughts of the movie that girls had been watching, of a bestial creature chasing her, catching her up and then slamming her down, grinding her into mud with its body before ramming its turgid prick inside her. Just a little fucktoy, just a slutty piece of meat to be raped and used and filled with cum.

She smiled in her sleep and rolled over.

Fuck. Megan kicked off her shoes as the door shut behind her. Fucking John. She should quit. She was going to quit. She wasn't going to work anymore long shifts. She'd tell him off to his stupid, handsome face and then throw down her apron. Tomorrow. Maybe. She sighed.

"Hey sweetie pie." She gave Ashley a hug from behind as the girl lounged on the couch, playing with her iPad.

"Hey Mom. Rough day?"

"A bit. It's ok." She smiled. Ashley was as sweet-hearted as they came, aside from an incorrigible urge to tease her older sister. Megan tousled her hair then went into the kitchen.

"Where's Amanda?" she asked.

"In her room. Doing homework I think," Ashley called back.

Hmmm. Megan wondered if Amanda had done anything else in her room today. She'd check later. She had already resolved to get another camera for Ashley's room. If her 12-year-old daughter was going to lose her virginity, Megan wanted to watch.

The thought stirred a shiver in her pussy. She looked out from the kitchen, seeing the back of Ashley's head on the couch. She loved her girls more than anything, and tried to ignore the dark, tiny part of her that whispered how wonderful it would be to see them experience what she had. Amanda was the age Megan had been when she was raped. Ashley was almost there. She wondered what the girls would say if they knew how their conception had come about, if they could understand the acts that led to their existence. Megan lost herself in her memories, staring at Ashley.

She had been 16. Two years, and she had never quite recaptured that feeling of vile bliss. Megan could barely control her lust when she thought about that night. It had become too much for her.

She walked along a narrow street in the filthiest section of downtown. The cab driver had shaken his head when he dropped her off, no doubt imagining what would happen to a teenage girl here in the middle of the night. That was fine. It was what she wanted. Two years, and she had grown desperate.

Clutching her coat nervously, she turned down an alley behind a seedy club. She had heard only rumors. She wanted to see for herself. The fluorescents flickered ominously overhead in the darkness. She followed the wall of ruined brick and plaster until she came to a black door and a shuttered window with a neon sign overhead.

She pressed the buzzer, then waited. The slats rotated, and a beady-eyed man stared out at her.

She stared back defiantly. His eyes traveled up and down her body, taking in her trenchcoat. They were red and watery, and had a sunken, unhealthy look.

"You 18?"


They stared at each other in silence again. Finally he grinned and pressed a button. The door unlocked with a click.

It was loud inside the club. Music pulsed through the walls oppressively. The walls inside were disgusting, paint flaking off, tainted with mold and unidentifiable stains.

Megan followed the man when he beckoned, descending a narrow set of stairs lit only by a flickering neon tube. Her hands tightened into nervous fists. Maybe this was a bad idea.

"In here." The man jerked his head at an open door, sneering lasciviously. "Hundred per hour."

She nodded and stepped in, and he followed and closed the door behind them. The filthy booth was even worse than the hallway. It smelled of garbage and bodily fluids. The music was quieter here, but it still thumped through the wood and plaster. He pushed past her and gestured rudely to a waist-high plastic divider with a semicircle cut out of the top. A similar divider hung suspended from above by a cable. Both cutouts were lined with fuzzy red velvet.

He patted the edge of the circle, wearing an unsettling smile. Megan took a deep breath and took off her coat. She had worn her sluttiest clothes, not that it mattered: an obscenely short schoolgirl skirt, and a narrow strip of white cloth around her chest, tied in front. She stepped forward, then bent over the divider, placing her waist in the semicircle cutout.

An electric whine came from overhead, and the top divider lowered over her waist, fitting the top half of the circle to her body. She was trapped, bent over at 90 degrees, pilloried with her butt hanging proudly in the air in the back half of the room. The wall was not even an inch in front of her nose, and a crusty 2-inch hole hovered directly in front of her face. A slanted surface beneath her provided a place to rest her hands and support herself.

She felt a squeeze on her exposed buttcheek, the man unable to resist a small sample. She shivered. Then she heard him leave the booth.

The anticipation quivered in her gut, oscillating between excitement and terror. There was no getting out of this thing until he came along to free her. She was helpless, her 16-year-old body perfectly positioned to be used. The minutes ticked by. She began to struggle. Hopeless. The stirring itch that had been building in her pussy all night became frantic. She wanted to rub it, needed to, needed something, but the upper half of her body was cut off by the divider. She kicked a leg impatiently.

That sound must be the door opening. She froze. Had someone come in? Were they looking at her 16-year-old pussy right now, ready to fuck it, ready to use it? She wiggled her hips as much as she could, which was barely at all. Come on, she thought, do it.

Fingers on her skirt, lifting it up, digging into her buttcheeks. She shuddered with delight. No turning back now. Her body was offered up, bound, nothing more than an object to be used. She quivered expectantly. The fingers explored her genitals, sliding gently along her lips, then pushing inside, feeling the ample juices that were already flowing.

She squeaked at the sudden intrusion, and almost came early. She was so wound up. She needed a cock in her body, needed a thick prick rammed into her tight little 16-year-old cunt until she screamed. Use me, fuck me. She whispered the words, panting.

A tip of pulsing velvet pressed against her sopping lips, then slid inside. She jerked in her bonds. It was so wonderful, feeling that delicious firmness pressing up into her, knowing it was a stranger, that they had come to use her little girl's body and then throw her away. It slammed forward suddenly, jolting her hips against the divider, making it shake. Megan shook with it, muscles jerking when each slam came, then cringing expectantly on the outstroke. The man fucked her pussy eagerly from behind, not knowing who she was, not knowing she was 16, not knowing that she was definitely ovulating. She had timed it. It was why she chose today.

Raw pleasure washed her body, just as it had two years ago when she had been raped in the bathroom. Just a little girl, worthless, good for nothing more than a quick fuck. Just a little semen toilet. Her head jerked in a rhythm, chin bouncing. The hands grabbed her skirt from behind, anchoring her waist as it slammed in roughly again and again. Megan shrieked, though nobody would be able to hear her through the walls of the booth. It was bliss. It was everything she wanted. The pumping organ smashed in one last time and held steady as a stream of white heat pumped into her belly. She felt it flow upwards, squirting chaotically, forced into the pinhole of her cervix and up into her womb. Her climax exploded in her head, sending her whole body into convulsions. She reeled, pink tremors breaking her senses apart like glass and flinging the pieces away. Megan came harder than she ever had in the last 2 years.

The thick cock pulled out, and Megan whimpered. She shouldn't have worried. It was soon replaced by another, eager fingers fondling her rear and her genitals before the turgid cock pressed against her lips and thrust inside. She wondered if the price was reduced for sloppy seconds. The eager meat crammed inside obliterated the thought, slamming home roughly, banging into her 16-year-old cunt with gusto. Megan's second orgasm was building inside when something appeared in the hole in front of her face: a prick, proudly erect, stuffed through the glory hole and waiting. She tongued it, tasting the salty musk. Unwashed. Filthy. It tasted like sweat and garbage. She inhaled the scent, basking in it, savoring it, then took it into her mouth.

Megan was fucked from both ends, the pricks stuffing her mouth and pussy banging zealously into her tight tunnels, unwittingly enjoying the pleasures of her soft, 16-year-old body. She writhed, feeling like skewered meat. The cock in her mouth suddenly exploded on her tongue, rich batter spraying like a hose, pumping over her face when it pulled out. She coughed and blinked, trying to wipe the semen from her eyelids, then convulsed when a boiling rush of male seed spurted up into her womb again from behind.

The cock in her mouth was replaced by another, even more disgusting. It was short, fat, and had a misshapen head. She recognized the crusty granules of smegma behind the foreskin an instant before the whole thing stuffed itself into her mouth. Another cock entered her from behind. Megan kicked her legs and scrabbled against the wood with her arms. The tiny little schoolgirl part of her that wanted it to stop was dwindling away to nothing, replaced by the swelling dark side of primal lust. Her waist jerked in its restraint. She worked her lips and tongue over the fresh cock in her mouth, almost retching on the foul odor. She had never tasted anything so vile, so utterly delicious. This was what she craved. The dirtiest cock, the ugliest one on offer, that was what she wanted inside her. Grimy, filthy, short, ugly. Give it to me, she pleaded. They obliged. The glory hole produced round after round of bristling penises in every shape and size, a squalid procession of pricks that thrust eagerly between her lips. She couldn't have avoided them even if she wanted to; there was barely any room to move her head. Their pumping vigor was matched by the thrusting thunder from behind, as man after man took their turn in her, grabbing her little hips, lining up, thrusting into her sloppy teenage pussy and leaving their own donation inside. She felt cum running down her legs all the way to her thighs, warm globules of animal passion boiled and baked and then spurted into the well-used little crevice of a worthless slut of a girl. She tasted different flavors of semen in her mouth, rolling her tongue to compare them, sampling them like a bouquet of wine.

Orgasm after orgasm raced through her, overwhelming her body, slamming into her consciousness and obliterating every thought but one: the feverish dream of all that semen in her cunt, being squished up into her womb, billions of sperm swimming eagerly towards her egg, pushing, forcing, penetrating it, blossoming into new life in her gut. Each fresh spew rocked her to greater height of ecstasy, imagining it. Her cunt had been flooded full a dozen times over. Her belly sloshed with semen. And still she licked, still she sucked, still she quivered and wiggled and eagerly welcomed each fresh prick into her body, losing herself in the primal carnal tempest.

Hours, maybe. She had lost track of time. How many dozens of men had fucked her? It didn't matter. She felt satisfied for the first time in years. The sallow-eyed man entered and slapped her bottom before pressing the button to raise the divider. Groaning, she stood up. Her spine felt permanently bent. It seemed as if being bent over taking cocks inside was her body's natural orientation, and it was standing up that was unnatural. She smoothed the skirt over her hips, trying to massage the aches away.

"Ye can clean up," he sneered, handing her a roll of paper towels. "Come upstairs and knock when ye want yer money."

He left her then, left her in the booth, a used-up little cunt of a girl, defiled and forgotten. She shivered, feeling sated at last. Her bottom was sore. Her jaw hurt from having been stretched all night. And she had never been happier.

She left the paper towels on the floor. She wanted the cum on her legs, wanted the evidence of her degradation all over her. Let the world see what a depraved slut she was, what a contemptible piece of trashy little girl, good for nothing more than serving as a community cum dumpster.

She climbed the stairs and left. She didn't realize until later that she had forgotten the money.

"I had a nightmare last night," Ashley said.

Megan froze while tucking her daughter into bed.

"It was that scary demon thing," the little girl said.

"From the movie?"

Ashley nodded. "He was coming after us. Me and Amanda."

"I shouldn't have let you watch that," Megan huffed.

"I was really scared." Ashley pulled the covers up to her chin defensively. "He got Amanda. I looked back and she wasn't there. I was running so fast. But it was weird...a part of me wanted him to catch me."

Megan patted the covers, then bent to kiss her daughter on the forehead.

"It's ok sweetie. You're big enough to know monsters don't exist. Nothing's coming for you."

"I know. It was just a dream." Ashley smiled up at her mom, her face one of pure innocence. So lovely, Megan thought, running a finger affectionately down her daughter's cheek. She had been thinking of Ashley's conception all evening, of the repulsively arousing things she had done that led to this sweet little girl coming into her life.

Megan got up and turned out the light, then shut the door behind her. After Ashley had been born, she had resolved to be a good mother before everything else. It had been so much harder than she had first realized, but she hoped she had raised them well enough. She had managed to suppress that dark side of her for years, the roiling, burning lust that commandeered every part of her and pushed her to such repugnant humiliation. That had been the hardest part of all, denying herself. She had almost given in several times. It seemed to grow worse each year.

Amanda was already in bed. She had let the kids stay up late. Megan headed to her own bedroom and locked the door behind her. She stripped, sat in her computer chair, typed the password to her screen saver, then hit one of her favorite bookmarks.

The site popped up on the screen. Black background with red lettering. Cheesy flames. A few cartoonish demons decorated the background. Amateur, but she didn't come here because the site was pretty, she came for the stories.

"Demon's Delight. Satan's Spunk. Loli Warriors in Hell." She scrolled over the story listings. Erotic stories were one of the few outlets where she could let herself loose. She had found this site by a random search. It had contributions from various authors, all of them demonic-themed tales usually involving rape and young girls. It had been like finding a treasure.

There was a new one. "Fun With Fiends." It sounded good. She clicked the link, and the text popped up on screen.

"Megan was the best student at the magic school, so she didn't see why the instructors wouldn't let her see the books on advanced summoning. They dismissed her, saying she was only 12, not yet old or powerful enough for the proper control. So one night, under the cloak of an invisibility spell, she slipped into the school's library and stole a thick tome emblazoned with arcane patterns and a large 5-pointed star."

Not bad. Megan read on, intrigued by the little girl who shared the same name as her. The girl had stolen the arcane book and used it to set up a summoning circle. The story included an elaborate incantation that the girl recited out loud, including a surprisingly detailed description of the occult ritual she performed. Most of the story was given over to the ritual's description, in fact.

Megan played with her pussy absently. Despite the cumbersome details, the story had a great buildup. The little girl had to take off her clothes and offer herself in the center of the circle. There was a ritual focus she needed to use, an onyx pyramid that would contain the spell's power. The book promised that a being of great power would appear, and it did - a massive demonic fiend of bulging muscles and terrifying presence, sporting a magnificent phallus of overbearing proportions. The frightened girl made a mistake and her spell broke, and the story raced along to its climax, young Megan discovering how far she had overreached and how dire the price. Her rape was exquisitely described and Megan read the story to its end, fascinated, enjoying the slow flush of pleasure that crept up from her crotch.

"'You're mine now,' the demon sneered. Picking her up again. The last shreds of Megan's tattered clothing fell away. She squealed with fright as the turgid demonic prick, bristling with spikes, lined up at her pussy. 'Your cunt will serve me in the abyss, forever.'"

Megan rubbed furiously, losing herself in the tale. The girl was doomed to be an infernal plaything, a toy to be used. She rubbed her flowing juices along her own pussy lips, flicking her clit, then shoved a finger into her sucking tunnel. Just thinking about it, about the massive demon prick thrusting into the innocent girl, desecrating her, coaxed the swirl in her groin into a wild frenzy. She added another finger and sunk in to the second knuckle, rubbing furiously, and found the special spot that felt best. Her orgasm washed through her, a carnal explosion focused on the singular scene of the young girl's demonic defilement. Ecstasy rocked her in her chair, shaking her limbs. She wished she was that girl, taken by an overwhelming power, abused, reduced to a pumping cocksleeve for a demon king.

She came down slowly, vibrating like a violin string. Her arms and legs went slack, one finger still buried in her cunt. The blue light of the monitor played over her naked body as she sat, her heavy breathing competing with the sound of the computer fan.

"Written by: Carol C."

Carol? A woman? Megan had figured most erotic stories were written by men. Maybe that was naive. There was a link next to the name. "Contact Me" it said.

Her mouse hovered over it. She had liked the story, but she wasn't really the kind of person to talk about them. Aw hell, she thought, what's the worst that could happen? She clicked on it, and an email window popped up.

"Loved your story" she wrote, then paused, unsure how to continue. Maybe just be honest. "Megan's my name too. I liked how she was raped and used up. Something like that happened to me. It's a bit heavy on the spell details. There are a lot of them. The candles and the bowls and the onyx thing and all that. Hope you write more stories."

She signed it, then hesitated, before forcing herself to hit send. There were more stories here; the site was popular. She browsed around by couldn't find anything else by a Carol C.

A plink sound came after a few minutes, signifying a new message. She opened it. Carol had responded.

"Thanks. It was fun to write it. The spell is an essential part of the story. I couldn't have left any part of it out. Life is stranger than fiction sometimes, wouldn't you say? It's funny what we can discover if we poke around and try strange things."

Megan scratched her head. Life was stranger than fiction? What did that mean? Carol had a couple links in her email signature - her personal blog, and some website Megan had never heard of: She clicked it out of curiosity.

It was an occult storefront. Red candles were on sale apparently, in bulk packs of six hundred and sixty six. Megan browsed around. The section for 'Incantations and Spells' caught her eye, and she clicked.

There it was: a four-sided pyramidal shape of jet-black onyx.

'Demonic protection phylactery', the item read. 'Good for preservation of the soul when summoning, channeling, and containing infernal powers and presences. Often bought together with: chalice and ritual bowl 2-pack.'

Maybe it would be good conversation piece, she thought. So what's that black thing on the mantle? Oh it's my demon summoning focus. She smirked and, on a lark, decided to buy it. Apparently containing the infernal powers only cost $19.99.

After entering her credit card, Megan yawned and tumbled into bed. Sordid thoughts of demons violating young girls danced in her head as she drifted off to sleep.

"Moooooooom! Your dumb package came!"

Amanda flipped the box towards her Mom as she came in the door.

"Uh, thanks sweetie," Megan said, shutting the door behind her.

Amanda was slouched down on the couch in an undignified manner, one leg on the coffee table, causing her skirt to hike up. Megan saw a flash of deep purple between her daughter's legs.

"Are those my panties?"

"Uhhhhhm, no." Amanda dropped her leg, looking guilty.

"Uhhhhhm, yes," Megan said. "Wear your own panties."

"But these are so *cute*!" Amanda huffed. "Why won't you buy me anything like this?"

"Because they don't make lingerie for 14-year-old girls," Megan retorted. "Look, maybe we can find something in an extra small size, ok? I'm the meantime, if you want to wear something for your 'boyfriend', stick with your own clothes."

Amanda blushed furiously. Megan still hadn't had that talk with her. She kept meaning to, but, well, a part of her didn't really want to put a stop to it. The dark part of her. She should make them wear condoms or something. That was the responsible parent part of her. But the thought of Amanda with her belly swelling up with a baby...

No. Megan put the thought away and slammed the door behind it. She'd talk with Amanda. Tomorrow. Seriously this time.

It was movie night. Megan loved the weekends, when she didn't have to work and could instead be with her daughters. She popped some popcorn in preparation, and the three of them snuggled up on the couch together. It was the latest Harry Potter movie, tonight. Megan didn't really care for it. She just wanted an excuse to spend some time with her girls.

After the movie was over and she got them to bed, she went to her own bedroom, locking the door behind her as she always did. She was going to have some fun tonight. She opened the package, and found the focus exactly as advertised. It was much lighter than she expected - she couldn't quite figure out what it was made out of. But no matter. She had the other things she needed: 12 small candles and 5 big ones, some black sand, and a white bowl with a golden rim. She couldn't quite remember when she had decided to do this. The story she had read had been lingering in her mind, and when she saw the candles and the perfect bowl on sale at the store, she made an impulse buy and got them. Roleplaying wasn't really her thing, but maybe this would be fun. She could get herself off, at least.

She unpacked everything and got it ready, then stripped and turned out the lights. The story had been very specific - naked, and no light, or at least no more than needed to see by. The candles had to be placed in a specific order. She kept her laptop nearby as she crouched on the floor, open to the story. First the lateral prescription, 3 outer and 1 inner candle, for the sanguine vertex. She didn't know what that meant, but she placed them on the carpet as described, using the light of the laptop screen. Then she scattered a tiny bit of black sand in a semicircle, and lit the candles. She could vacuum this up later. More candles had to be lit and placed, and before long she had all dozen of the smaller ones lit and the larger ones arranged in a 5-pointed shape around her. She scattered the sand in straight lines between the candles, forming a pentacle, then placed the black focus on the inside edge.

Now for the fun part. Kneeling in the center of the circle, she took her vibrator and rubbed it over her pussy lips, then turned it on. The pleasing buzz sent a tingle swirling up her tunnel.

She crouched, using the vibrator as she read the story again. The little girl Megan stole the book, waited until nightfall, then set up her ritual just as she had done. The tingle in her cunt grew into a fiery itch, and she tickled her clit with the vibrator just a tad. The muscles of her legs clenched and she shivered again.

Megan worked the vibrator over her lips, massaging them until a pleasing warmth spread out in her crotch. She looked down. Moisture beaded the surface of the little pink rod. Good. She played with her naked breasts with her other hand, squeezing the C cups, tweaking her own nipples teasingly. Then she kept reading.

The little girl masturbated on her knees in the center of her summoning circle until she came, juices squirting into a ritual bowl beneath her. It was bait. The demon appeared, a bestial form brimming with virile power. Little Megan stuttered, chanting a word at the wrong time, and that was it. Her eyes widened in shock, and the creature howled in victory and advanced on her, battering aside the protections of the summoning circle like it was nothing.

Megan dipped the toy into her cunt, feeling it ripple. She was close, but she couldn't cum yet. The 'ritual' required one more thing and she was determined to play along. She grabbed the little bowl from the side of the circle and placed it under her then went to work with the vibrator again.

The buzzing began to throb under its own power, mounting into a steady pulse of pleasure in her pussy. Megan pushed the vibrator a little deeper, working her clit with her other hand. She could feel her own juices, a few drops escaping past the buzzing barrier and dribbling down her legs. God, she was wet. She kept reading. Little Megan screamed as her scanty clothing was ripped off. Just a revealing little slip of a uniform, apparently. That was what they made magical girls in training wear. The demon's claws made short work of it, then it grabbed the tiny girl, one hand wrapping entirely around her waist, and lined her up with its impossibly oversized prick. The mammoth organ was as big as her leg, with backwards-facing spines and a huge, flaring head of blood-red flesh. Megan went weak in the knees, picturing it.

Almost ready. She tested with a finger, careful not to let any fluid escape. So close. She squeezed her thighs, working her pussy muscles, moving the vibrator in and out just slightly, keeping it locked at the head of her pussy. Her own climax hovered in the wings, but she resisted. Just a little bit more. She read. The little girl was penetrated, shrieking as the colossal organ crammed itself into her tiny slit, her belly distending obscenely. The demon squeezed her flat little breasts and plump bottom with its clawed fingers, enjoying the gentle squeeze of little girlflesh even as it pounded away in her aching cunt.

Megan was gasping. She couldn't wait anymore. She abruptly pulled the vibrator out and twitched her thighs. Gooey fluid dribbled into the bowl, the accumulations of her inner juices. She slammed the vibrator against her clit and let herself go, cumming wildly, hands shaking as much as the toy between her legs. She spread her pussy lips with her fingers, and a few eager squirts of fluid shot downward. Megan swayed on her knees, eyes fluttering as she squirted. She held her pussy open, trying to leak as much juice as possible. It collected in the bowl in errant spurts and small dribbles, oozing into a puddle in the center. She thought of every squirt of semen that had been shot inside her, the dozens of men taking their turns, thrusting inside, using her rippling cunt for their pleasure and then discarding her. The vision spun wildly in her head. Herself as a little girl, bent over a dirty toilet and rammed from behind. Locked in a pillory, spitroasted from both ends endlessly. She imagined herself as the girl in the story, suddenly in over her head and helpless before the overwhelming power of the rapacious male onslaught.

She came to, still kneeling over the bowl, the thundering vibration ebbing slowly away. Her thighs were a mess. She looked down at the bowl. A healthy amount had collected inside it.

"Mēum Pacta, Daemōnium īnstrūmentum." She read the words from the laptop absently. They meant nothing, and she had already got herself off like she wanted, but it was in the spirit of things.

An icy chill went down her spine and she shivered suddenly. She felt dizzy and put a hand to her head. Her fingers were still greasy with her own fluids. Had the candles just dimmed? No, it must have been her imagination. She still felt hazy from her orgasm.

Whatever. No demon appeared. No fiend from the infernal depths to rape her senseless. She blew out the candles and gathered them up, then dumped the bowl in the bathroom and rinsed it. A vaguely unsettling feeling kept prickling the back of her neck, but she ignored it. She knew how overactive her own imagination could be.

She snicked a couple kleenexes from the box and wiped herself up, yawning. So tired. She hadn't really meant to stay up so late. She tumbled into bed, still naked, luxuriating in the feel of the silky blankets on her bare skin. The laptop's screen cast a pale light, then went out as its screensaver activated. Megan blinked. What was that? She raised her head. A faint source of light, almost imperceptible, shone from the floor past the foot of the bed. Was something glowing? She had left the sand on the floor, along with that focus thing. She blinked. No, it was dark. She was just imagining it. Her mind running away with her, again.

Feeling satisfied, Megan closed her eyes and went to sleep.

She was floating, falling, drifting silently on dreamy currents of heat that swirled over her naked skin. Darkness wrapped her like a blanket all around, but a frail red light flickered from below. A lurking sense of menace suffused the atmosphere around her - eyes, invisible, watching her with malevolent hunger.

Megan struggled to order her thoughts. She swam in the dark abyss, the crimson glow growing stronger beneath her. The space pushed in on her, oppressive. It felt like the darkness was sliding over skin, rubbing it with a ravenous velvet friction and a whispering appetite of insatiable desire.

Oily smoke clogged her nostrils and a sense of tremendous depth pushed down on her. She was lying on rocky ground. When she raised her head to look around, she felt something sticky covering the side of her face. She went to touch it, and realized it covered her palms too. The ground was covered with slimy runners of a viscous green sludge. She trailed her fingers over the rock. The fluid had the consistency of snot and smelled like an unwashed asshole. Trying not to wretch, Megan got to her feet.

She was in the crater of a fetid hellscape. Uneven walls rose all about in the distance - lumpy, misshapen mounds of porous rock colored in patches with a sickly green. Fear coiled in Megan's gut. She must be dreaming. But the fetid stench of bile and waste and the slime that seemed to ooze on the ground under its own power as she watched seemed all too real. The slippery stuff seemed as if it was being excreted from the rock, like some perverse sweat. A tingling feeling radiated in her skin where the fluid had touched, growing by the second.

She took a slow step, then another, feeling dizzy and disoriented. The slime covered half of her naked body. She tried to wipe it off her hips and flick it away, but it stuck to her hands like gooey syrup. Yuck. She shook her hand harder.

Fluid splashed under her feet and she cartwheeled forward. A milky surface rose up to meet her. She hadn't been looking where she was going, and had tripped. The white substance splattered against her face and belly as she landed on her hands. It was only an inch deep, a steaming pool of glistening goop that felt like pancake batter. It was all over her, dripping from her tummy and arms, clogging her nose, running on her lips. She blinked away the thick gobs. The stuff was vile, salty, brimming with a musky odor that oozed into her sinuses and refused to leave. She wiped her face, which didn't help. This *must* be a dream. She wasn't a little girl - she knew what that taste was, and that smell, although this stuff was so overpowering that it made her gag. Like something dripped from the nether regions of an unclean animal and left to stew in a puddle until it fermented.

Coughing, Megan felt her muscles shaking. The tingling had intensified into a thundering buzz, pervading her skin. A swelling rush of arousal burned in her crotch, intense, stealing her strength and converting into a mounting blaze of horny energy. Megan crawled forward on her hands and knees and got her feet under her.

Brown mushrooms grew in sickly clumps near the shore of the white goop. Megan stumbled away, trying to avoid them, but her foot brushed against one accidentally, and a green puff of vapor spurted up from the cap and expanded rapidly into a cloud in the air. Megan fell to her side, shocked, her lungs itching fiercely. She tried to scream, but only a pitiful mewling sound came out.

The fear in her stomach had boiled over into a raw, clutching horror. Megan scrambled desperately on the slimy ground, crawling forward, tears leaking from her eyes. What was happening to her? Her body was trembling in rebellion. Violent waves of rippling passion coiled around her spasming pussy. She had never felt so aroused. Her burning cunt itched and vibrated. She felt her hips jerking involuntarily and she pushed her ass higher into the air, thrusting with wild shrieks. Naked, terrified, covered with vile fluid, Megan writhed on the hellish ground as a massive climax roared up inside her and swept her away. She felt herself howling, her muscles clenching as waves of primal ecstasy ripped through them.

The thrumming tide of pleasure drained slowly away. Megan lolled on the ground, groaning. After a few moments, she sensed something, and opened her eyes.

A vast presence towered over her. Megan blinked, trying to resolve the silhouette in the dim red light. The shadow shifted, and slippery tendrils twisted themselves around her wrists and ankles.

She shrieked and kicked as she was lifted off the ground. It was a demon! The horrifying realization jabbed like an icy knife into her gut. The frightening beast drew her closer to him until she could make out the bestial visage in the gloom. An actual demon. Her mother was a loon, always whispering about them with dread when Megan was little, but she had been right.

No, no, just a dream, she told herself. She shook her head, tears running down her cheeks. Her naked body was lifted in the air until she was right up against his head, and she screamed.

The thing was wretched beyond imagining - a wide maw with rows of rotting teeth was centered in a lumpy, misshapen face. A pair of eyes protruded from thick stalks rooted in the heavy brow. Bulging, warty growths dotted the hideous flesh. Ugly could not have begun to describe it. Saliva dripped in the enormous mouth and a putrid breath washed over her, blowing her hair out behind her. Megan struggled instinctively, jerking her arms and legs, but the flesh holding her aloft was like iron. She looked down and saw that a dozen tentacles extended from the demon's grub-like body, coiling around her limbs, tightening hungrily, leaving warm trails of snot where they rubbed her skin.

This was no powerful demon master with virile, bulging muscles and dragon-like grace, this was a grotesque nightmare - a fat, bulging worm with a row of small, sludge-covered digits protruding from both sides of its body, each tipped with a single claw that dripped with filthy rot. Those limbs reached for her as it drew her close, stretching out to curl around her naked body. Megan gagged on the stink of decay and disease. The slimy body pressed against her, a twisted nightmare, a maggot-like abortion, a reject of hell.

The creature sniffed her hungrily, and a slimy pointed tongue oozed from its mouth and slithered over Megan's breasts. She struggled, her screams swallowed indifferently in the darkness of the open air. The tentacles lowered her and pushed her onto her back on the ground, and Megan got her first good look at the rod of oozing meat jutting from his underbelly. The horrific phallus was pulsing visibly, edged with obscene veins, sporting knotty ribs around its girth. Slimy fluid oozed from the bulbous head, dripping onto the rock. Shock froze her in place at the sight of such a monstrous shaft of demon meat.

The tentacles oozed over her body, squeezing, pointed tips slithering into every little crevice of her body. They explored her naked belly and hips, squirmed under her armpits, then tickled her belly button and pushed teasingly between her legs. Megan shrieked and struggled, helpless in his grip. Horrified, she felt the lingering currents of wanton lust in her groin began to flow again. She tried to resist. She tried to curl up, look away, but the tentacles traveled her body relentlessly, sampling every private place she had with eager delight, rubbing along her bottom, caressing her thighs, leaving stinking trails of grime behind. The clawed tips of the stubby fingers curled behind her back, a double row of razor-sharp pricks near her spine. A loathsome point of flesh pressed up between her legs, and Megan's eyes flew open.

The flaring tip of that revolting prick was pressed snugly up against her pussy. She could feel the warm drips from the end rubbing gooey tracks over her pussy lips. The demon's cock pressed forward, and the entrance to her tunnel spread wide open. Megan felt its pulse, a vile throbbing rhythm meshing with the growing drumbeat from her own genitals as it pushed slowly inside.

Her body let go, overwhelmed by the carnal currents. The worm demon hunched its body and thrust its prick inside impatiently, and Megan's thighs jerked. The burning arousal from earlier had returned in force, a fire igniting her veins with dire cravings. The cock between her legs barreled forward and bottomed out in her cunt. Megan shrieked and writhed on the ground helplessly, a tiny figure squirming under the looming bulk. It pressed down, grinding her with its fat belly, tentacles squeezing her chest, holding her in place with coils around her throat as it began to pump its cock eagerly into her body. Megan's brain locked up. It was too much. The malodorous stench of the place clung to the inside of her nostrils, overwhelming her senses with a revolting bouquet of moist decay and the rank filth of the demon's body. Slippery globs of her own juices mixed with the creature's precum dribbled down into the crack of her ass. The sticky fluids all over her body tingled overwhelmingly, feeding the mounting storm of pleasure that grew from the straining focus of pumping flesh inside her.

Her cries mixed with the creature's grunts of delight. The pair strained together on the rocky ground of slime and mold, Megan's legs in the air, thrashing, feet slapping against the sides of the grubby body. She thrust her pelvis, pushing back, reveling in the feel of her pussy lips sliding along that filthy girth. Her rational mind had fled from this hellish reality and the dark side of her had risen up to take its place. She had only ever felt this way twice in her life, the overwhelming pleasure as she was taken, struggling and helpless, raped and defiled, used like the worthless cunt she was. She flung her head back, her scalp rubbing harshly against the slimy rock. Fuck me. Use me. Megan surrendered utterly to her lust, surrendered to the demonic cock impaling her, welcoming her utter degradation to demonic fuckslut. Thick saliva dripped onto her face from the terrifying maw that loomed above her. The pounding pace in her rippling cunt increased. She squeezed her pelvis, massaging the invading girth as it slammed her backward on the rock again and again, rousing a symphony of hectic ecstasy that bubbled in her gut and then suddenly detonated into a wild bolt of energy that shot up into her brain.

Megan's senses exploded. She howled in bliss. The ugly, filthy beast shoved into her welcoming cunt to the hilt and stayed there, twitching spastically. An animal bitch, that was what she was. A hot geyser exploded deep into her belly, a torrent of demonic cum blasting up against her cervix and flooding the puny space of her tunnel. A worthless, wiggling cocksleeve. Her orgasm washed through her, brimming with an infernal undercurrent that shattered her senses with a storm of pleasure. Just a shrieking tunnel of meat good for nothing else than accepting the geyser of greasy cum in her eager pussy. Megan quaked against the filthy rocks, her skin glistening with sweat and fluids and legs spread wide around the throbbing shaft of demon flesh, delighting in the corruption of juicy fluids flooding her insides.

Drifting, insensate, Megan lost hold of reality, floating in the undertow of orgasmic currents. She had never felt so sated, never felt such satisfaction. From far off, in a dark space, she heard a rumbling voice - a deep, guttural sound of black words pregnant with vile meaning that she somehow understood:

"You are mine, Megan. To me you are pledged, and to me you shall return, my eager mate, my eternal bride."

Hazy tendrils of oblivion closed around her, and she slept.

"What a DREAM!" Megan thought, for the thousandth time that day. It had been impossible to focus. She had already got a dozen customers' orders wrong. She slipped between the kitchen and the tables as if still asleep, staring off into the distance whenever there was a lull. It wasn't just the overwhelming power of the memory, of the blinding recollection of herself in the deepest pits of hell screaming with pleasure as she copulated with the ugliest creature she could imagine, it was also the persistent itch between her thighs. It had started the moment she woke up, and lasted all day, growing even worse as the hours stretched on. Megan could barely resist the overwhelming urge to thrust her fingers under her skirt and shove them as deep into her sopping pussy as they would go.

They were so busy that she didn't get a break until her shift was over. She doffed her apron and raced out, then sped home along the highway. The horny tingling in her crotch burned furiously. Her brain fixated on the singular vision that had occupied her all day: that monstrous demon cock, grotesque, filthy with slime, pounding rapaciously into her cunt. What a dream. She was going to get the girls to bed the moment she got home and then lock herself away with her biggest vibrator, eyes closed, reliving her rape at the hands of the repugnant beast that had forced itself upon her.

They protested, but Ashley and Amanda finally went to their rooms at her insistence. They seemed weirded out by their mother's strangely animated behavior. When she got to her room, she hesitated before turning the light on. The onyx focus was on a shelf with the spent candles. It WAS glowing, wasn't it? A dull light seemed to pulse from deep inside, scarcely visible except at certain angles. She threw a towel over it and cursed her imagination.

She unbuttoned her blouse and threw it across the room. Her skirt and panties veritably flew off. She went to the bathroom and reached into the cabinet to get her favorite: an expansive pink shaft with ribs and a flaring head. Tumbling into bed, she closed her eyes and began.

And...nothing. The tingling itch in her pussy burned fiercely. She rubbed the plastic ribs delicately over her pussy lips, then angled the toy so she could tease her clit too. She was wet, almost gushing - her panties had had a substantial damp spot when she had torn them off - but even when she sunk the carefully-modeled glans into her slit, she couldn't cum. Her play just made it worse. She panted on the bed, her naked chest heaving. She squeezed her C cups. She twisted her nipples and flicked her sensitive bud, twisting all the knobs that usually gave her such delight, and her body responded, thighs shaking, genitals swelling and a coil of pleasure racing through her pussy walls, but she just couldn't do it. Frustrated, she gave up after 20 minutes. Something was missing. When she had cum so powerfully in her dream, she was being used, raped, violated, her body a filthy cum rag for a wretched maggot of grime and filth. That was who she was, deep down - an insignificant receptacle fit only to be a fucktoy and breeding sow for the most putrid creature on offer.

She turned off the lamp, angry at herself. What was wrong with her? She didn't want to go down that road again. Sure, it had given her Amanda and Ashley, the two things most precious to her in the world, but she had a duty to be a good mother to them. To be there for them and provide everything that a pair of growing girls needed. She tried to banish her thoughts, to dispel the swelling ache that throbbed between her legs. It didn't work.

Amanda. Ashley. Think of them, she chided herself, fidgeting restlessly under the blankets. Amanda would need a mother more than ever now that she was sexually active. Pretty, brunette, a cheerleader - more boys would be all over her this year. And little Ashley, with her lovely blonde hair and blue eyes, and her perpetual impish grin. She was going to discover boys at any moment. Megan would have to deal with that reality.

Finally, Megan dropped off into an uneasy slumber, the images of her daughters with their legs spread, squealing their way to new heights of pleasure on a pair of pumping cocks competed with the vision of a foul, infernal prick slamming into her own pussy.

She smiled in her sleep

Sulfur. Heat. Heavy breezes carrying the sickly smell of unwashed flesh and stewing bodily fluids. The aromas swirled into her nostrils like an noxious tide, making her gag.

She was at the edge of a cliff, looking out into a vast space. A ragged plain stretched before her, broken by sharp precipices leering over dank rents in the rock that spewed baleful steam.

Sensing a presence, she whirled around. The epitome of ugliness towered over her from behind, a heavy worm-like body rising from the shadows, bloated, deformed, a mottled ruin of sickly slime and gangrenous flesh. Pointed tentacles whipped out and snatched her off her feet.

She shrieked despite herself as her naked body was fondled everywhere by the demon's slithering tentacles and foul claws. Not again! That lonely voice of sanity that rebelled was dwindling, but still present. But it was losing ground to the burning desire in her crotch. One of the stubby fingers rubbed upwards along her slit, collecting the juices dribbling from her lips onto the tip of its claw. Megan struggled, repulsed by the figure of the revolting demon, but it was hopeless. The horrid stick of meat jutted from the creature's groin, pointing upwards at her, throbbing with a visible hunger. Megan shuddered and banged her fist against the unyielding tentacles around her waist, but they stayed locked around her, maneuvering her body in the air and positioning her over directly over that imposing phallus.

"No," she moaned, feeling the slimy tip brushing up against her pussy, but her hips shook on their own, saying yes. A bulging head of firm meat pressed up, splitting her pussy lips apart, and Megan's eyes bulged. It was happening again. She must be crazy, to dream of something like this, but the sudden thrust that slammed into her pelvis and thrust the engorged demon cock up into her cunt drove home just how real it was.

She shrieked again, her wails dying out quickly as if stifled by the wretched odor of the hellish pit. Demon prick crammed itself between her cunt lips, seeking the juicy warmth inside. The sight of the sickly flesh stuffing itself into her body sparked the horny desire in her gut to a roiling blaze. All of the pent-up energy that had mounted over the course of the day seemed to swell up at once inside her. That disgusting prick. The horrid rod of grossly swelling flesh. That was what she needed, what she craved. The most vile organ imaginable - that was all that a little cunt like her deserved. The thrusting tempo picked up pace and Megan bounced in the air, gasping and sweating with the slimy tentacles coiled tightly around her waist. Filthy demon cock slammed home inside her, splitting her cunt and banging home at the end. A torrent of pleasure swirled up from the pounding force in her crotch, a mixture of Megan's tainted desire and a shuddering feeling of self-loathing. What if her daughters could see her now? What would they say if they saw their mother squealing with delight as a grotesque fiend pounded its cock between her legs, her thighs shaking, her hands clenching with ecstasy, whispering wordless moans of encouragement? They'd see her for the bitch she truly was. The hopeless slut, an abject, miserable little rag of flesh fit only to spread her legs and accept the filthy dominance that she craved. A little girl crying on a toilet as a train of fat pricks rammed her from behind. A whore locked in place as she was spitroasted by dozens of twitching cocks. A terrible mother, a vile woman debased to nothing more than the lowest rank of bestial urges.

The pounding rhythm reached a crescendo. Megan wiggled like an eel in the air, twitching on the thick shaft that impaled her, and shrieked a final time as her orgasm ripped through her. A cockrag. A cum trophy. A mindless receptacle for the sudden gush of hot fluid she felt spewing inside her. Demon cum, flooding her cunt, splashing up into her womb. Megan twisted and writhed, out of control, her mind obliterated by her crashing climax. The hot, greasy flood spewed up into her like a firehose. She exulted in every fresh spurt, riding a wave of bliss that wrenched her muscles and jackhammered in her aching cunt. Megan was swept along, lost to herself, submerged in the currents of pounding ecstasy.

Her body went limp, held aloft by the towering cock. Her arms dangled and twitched with residual spasms. Megan slowly came to, trying to piece together her senses. She was slumped against the demon's fat body, still impaled by the powerfully erect phallus. Slowly, she looked up.

Baleful fire gleamed back at her from the glassy eyes at the end of the short stalks. The worm demon looked down at his little fucktoy, still stuck on his cock. The deformed face seemed to glower with a ravenous expression of approval.

"Wh-who are you?" Megan managed to squeak.

A rumbling growl came from his throat behind that wide, rotting mouth, guttural words that sounded like lumps of meat squished together in a layer of phlegm.

"I am He who owns you."

She shuddered in revulsion. His voice was as repulsive as the rest of him. The words were horrific abortions of sound, black and harsh, but Megan found that she understood them anyway.

"Where am I?"

She thought the shaking of the creature was laughter. Its chest jerked against her with a squelching sound, rubbing slime and sweat from his body onto her naked tits. The motion forced globs of thick orange goop to squeeze out from around her straining pussy lips and dribble down her legs.

"The lowest pit. The deepest realms of rot and waste. The domain where Hell discards its trash."

Claws grazed her hips, gently, scratching against her skin. The reek of musky flesh was overpowering. The slimy sheen of sweat that covered the creature's fat belly was revolting.

If he was the outcast, a demon so wretched that even Hell threw him away, what did that make her?

Megan realized that the red landscape was fading away. She floated on currents of darkness, the glowering eyes of the demon still hovering above her even as his body disappeared.

"Your cunt is mine," rumbled the darkness. "Your body will serve me eternally, and my seed will grow in your belly."

The parting words sent a wild shiver up Megan's spine. She could still feel the foul fluid squishing out of her pussy like gelatinous bile. She reached down to dip her fingers in it - oily, putrid, an oozing scum of virulent orange shot through with veins of black and red. Demon cum. Demon sperm, swimming through her womb. The thought evoked a thrilling rush that she couldn't explain.

The darkness reached out to smother her, and Megan knew no more.

Part 2