WintermuteX Stories

Good Neighbors

By WintermuteX

Tags: MFg, inc, oral, pedo, cons

Content: Pedophilia, Incest, Mother/Daughter

"Hi there!"

For a moment I thought the watered-down piss that passed for my beer had gone to my head, but it was only Sheila, the gorgeous young woman that had moved in next to my place, peeking over the fence at me.

My muscles groaned in protest as I got up from my deck chair. The worksite had kept me all day, moving lumber until my back was breaking. All I wanted to do when I got home was rest, but sometimes you had to make sacrifices when your ultra-fuckable neighbor wanted to talk to you. I crossed the lawn to the fence.

"Hi Sheila." I wasn't too tired to smile, or to appreciate the pretty face and the long, dark hair that she was hastily tying back into a ponytail. It was too bad the wooden slats hid her below the chest, but I had had plenty of chances to admire it since she moved in. Our houses were close together near the fence, and the windows looked into each other.

"Hey look I have to ask you for a favor, and I'm really sorry." Her tits bounced tantalizingly as she tied the strap around her hair. "Work called. They need to me come in, like right now. One of the girls quit and my boss said if I don't fill in he'll fire me."

"Sounds like a jerk." I muttered. Sheila was a stripper. I had wondered if I should wander down to her place some night to get a better look at her, but figured it might get weird. She had only moved in a couple weeks ago. I didn't want her to think I was too much of a pervert.

"Yeah well, he IS a jerk. But he pays the bills." Sheila was bouncing on her feet nervously. "There's no way I'll be able to get a babysitter for Summer. Can you look after her? Just until I get off work I mean. I hate to ask but I don't have any other options. If you can help me out I'd be REALLY grateful."

My house wasn't exactly set up to be a daycare, but I had never been the kind of man that could say no when a needy girl blinked her eyes at me. It beat watching the ball game until I fell asleep.

"Ok, sure-"

"Thanks so much she'll be right over thanks again!" She called over her shoulder as she hurried back inside. The sports bra and tight shorts were a nice parting gift: athletic thighs, a tight butt, trim stomach. Sheila was a knockout. She probably made tons of money stripping.

I had barely made it back inside myself when the doorbell rang. I opened it to see Sheila and her little girl, Summer, a rosy-cheeked 10-year-old with a winning smile.

"Ok hon momma's gonna go to work. Don't worry." She finished zipping an overnight bag and shoved it into her daughter's hands. "You have your pajamas and toothbrush and everything you need in here. Be a good girl and do what James says, ok sweetie?"

"Ok mom." Summer was a sweet little thing in a green dress with spaghetti straps and long brown hair held back by a pink headband with a little fake rose on it. Her mom crushed her into a bearhug and then dashed out the door.

We stood in the hallway awkwardly for a second. I had only seen the girl once before, but she was even cuter up close, with a sunny face and high cheekbones framing rounded cheeks and girlish dimples. She was already every bit as pretty as her mother.

"Hi Mr. Johnson," she said, smiling bashfully.

"Hi Summer. It's nice to meet you." I bent down so I wasn't towering over her. "Sorry your mom had to run out so suddenly."

"Oh it's ok...she does this sometimes." Summer looked down and pushed my rug with her toe experimentally. "Usually I just watch tv."

"Well you're welcome to watch anything you want here. I have a huge one. A huge tv, I mean." I mentally slapped myself. "I'll make some dinner too. Do you like hamburgers?"


"Good. I grill them myself. I won a hamburger cook-off once so I think you'll like them. Here, let me show you around."

I gave her the 30-second tour. Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room.

"OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH YOUHAVEANXBOX CANIPLAYWITHIT PLEASEPLEASE!!" Summer’s outburst rattled my eardrums as she practically cartwheeled onto the couch.

"Sure you can play with it," I laughed. "We both can." I got the controllers and we plopped ourselves onto the cushions.

"Humph, you're going down!" She threatened. And I did, getting stomped repeatedly in Rocket League. We switched to Super Monkey Ball, and I fared even worse.

"Jeez Summer, go easy on me," I panted. She was riding the edge of the couch, holding her controller with a furiously determined expression on her face.

"Pfft, go easy, no way!" She tilted her controller and my monkey hurtled off the track into an abyss. "Hah, gotcha! I win!"

I collapsed back onto the cushions in defeat, while she exulted, hands thrown in the air with fingers twirling. "Nah nah naaaah naaah, hey heeeeeey, gooooooodbyeeee." Her little butt gyrated on the couch as she sing-songed her victory.

"Sheesh," I muttered. Emasculated in my own my living room. The microwave beeped in the kitchen - the burgers I had thawed out were ready. "Stay put you." I poked her in the thigh with my controller. "I'll get the food."

Summer wolfed down her burgers until she was stuffed full of meat and gave a girlish belch. I piled our plates onto the coffee table and laid back on the couch, and Summer plopped her head against me. "Hey, sorry. Guess I wasn't very nice."

"Oh, it’s ok. Don't worry about it." I was a bit distracted by the soft head snuggling against my chest.

"Ours broke a while back so I’ve missed it. Mom says I get too excited when I play. Hey let's try Left 4 Dead! We can do co-op."

I switched games and we readied ourselves for zombie slaughter. Summer covered my back while I took on the main force of undead, mowing them down with assault rifles and grenades. We made a pretty good team. Summer had squeezed herself into the crook of my arm and made herself comfortable, and the warm body felt great pressed up against me. She was a pretty small girl, with a thin frame and just the right of plump roundness to her shoulders and butt. Her hair smelled like peaches, an airy, innocent scent like a hint of a coming spring. I couldn't help looking down: her green dress drooped slightly, revealing the upper slopes of her flat chest and an enticing darkness underneath.

Waves of zombies fell before us, body parts flying with each detonation of my grenade launcher. Summer was clearing the side rooms. I rubbed her neck with the crook of my arm, getting comfortable. A warm, fuzzy feeling was building up on my insides, a pleasant tightness that I hadn't felt in a while. My head was tilting, feeling her hair against my cheek. The sun had set, leaving my living room in darkness, and we were washed with blue light from the television. Maybe I could lean back a bit more, pull her a bit closer and...

And what? Idiot. I banished the thought and tried to ignore the uncomfortable pressing feeling in my pants.

"Aaaagh! Hey, help!"

Summer had been cornered by a hulking monstrosity while I was distracted. It pressed her against the wall and prepared to munch on her brains.

"Hang on Summer." I turned around and sprayed bullets at the zombies advancing behind me. "I'm coming!" I had to slip through and duck into the side room where she was caught. Switched my character to the axe, I swung heavily, driving the creature back with meaty thwacks until I tore its head off and it dropped. Summer was pushing against me with her legs, jerking slightly as she pounded her controller, struggling to keep the undead at bay. The light silk of her dress rustled under my arm where it was resting on her chest.

"Yes!" I crowed. "Take that!"

But we had fallen too far behind, and the relentless waves of aggressive undead flooded into the room, ripping us to pieces. Summer's health was low and she died, and I was torn apart a few seconds later. Blood poured down the screen.

"Well we ALMOST made it to the helicopter." Summer huffed. "If I had another molotov I could have killed that boomer."

"Yeah...almost made it." Sweat beaded my forehead as Summer wiggled against me to get comfortable again. I let my arm move lower down until it rested against her tummy, enjoying the smooth feeling.

Summer exploded. "OHMYGOSH YOU HAVE DANCE CENTRAL!!!" She leaped off the couch and almost took me with her. "Mom used to have this it's like so much fun and so cool! Put it on!" I switched games and started it up, wincing as I was greeted by the pulsing beat of a crooning boy-band.

"Ok so..." Summer was standing in front of the couch, arms held out from her hips as if she needed to center herself. "You have to promise me something."



I laughed. "I promise, Summer."

"Promise you won't laugh."

I poked her in the shoulder. "Hey, I'm not going to laugh at you. Go nuts."

The firm sensation in my pants grew to an uncomfortable bulge as I watched the little 10-year-old girl shake her hips to the rhythm of the songs. She was good - her mother had probably taught her. She stepped to the side and thrust her hip out, smacking it with her hand, and did the same on the other side, alternating faster as the beat thumped along on an accelerating tempo. My cock flexed against my jeans, surging with blood like it was going to burst, and I wondered if the Kinect would register its slow strangling as motion. Summer threw her hands in the air, dropped them low with palms outspread, raised and lowered and threw them wide before twisting in a tight circle that sent the hem of her dress flaring. I gulped. Pink panties, hidden in the little cleft between her legs, barely visible in the washed-out light. My eyes couldn't help themselves: they roamed over the tight curves of the little 10-year-old, admiring her cute globes of her butt, the graceful legs and thighs, the girlish hips that worked back and forth in thrusting rhythms. Her dress was short, indecently short for a girl her age, but I wasn't complaining. The view worked my groin into a mounting mass that bubbled like a volcano about to erupt.

The song ended. She scored five gold stars and the screen exploded with fireworks and confetti.

"Yessss!" Summer bounced on her toes, giving me another show from behind. A light sheen of tiny droplets beaded her shoulders and arms, twinkling blue as they rolled down the curves of her body.

"I got it!" She twirled around. "Hey did you see?"

I swallowed. "I...yeah I saw." I looked for a way out, an escape, an ejection button. "Hey, how about some ice cream? We can watch a movie too."

"Sure!" Summer flopped bonelessly onto the couch. I stood up, delicately, trying to keep my cock from splintering like glass on the fabric of my jeans.

The freezer blasted me with antarctic air. For a moment I contemplated sticking myself inside. It might help, might keep my dick from bulging with excitement for the tight body of the little girl on my couch. She wasn't the only one who was sweating.

I had regained some control of myself by the time I returned to the living room with two bowls of ice cream. Summer accepted hers with a smile, lounging against a pillow with her slim legs pulled up under her. She had already found the remote and was paging through my cable subscriptions.

"Hmm...nope...nope...nope. Hey what's this one under your favorites? The Professional? Can we watch that."

"Um...uh..." I fumbled for the remote but she held it out of my reach, smirking. "No. Pick something else."

"FINE! Ok I want a horror movie. Evil Dead. This looks freaky." I sighed, surrendering.

The remake actually wasn't too bad. A predictably haunted fog rolled in and undead began to rise from the ground right on schedule. Summer sprawled against her pillow, yawning, right up until a ghoul screamed its way through the window and grabbed the heroine. The little girl shrieked in fright and grabbed my arm like a life preserver, hugging tighter every time another vicious creature came onto the screen.

I wrapped my arm around her and let her cuddle close, enjoying the sweet, intoxicating quality that a girl always has when pressed up against you. Her eyes reflected the light of the television, twin stars shining whenever the picture turned white. She was mesmerizing, head tucked close to her arms as she huddled against my side, a beautiful little girl on the cusp of blooming just like the flower on her headband. I let my fingers trail down the back of her dress, feeling the delicious curves under the cloth as they rounded the slopes of her butt and came up against the fringe of the skirt.

The heroine stalked down a hall with a knife, surrounded by darkness and menacing whispers. The door at the end was soaked with blood. She stepped lightly, closer, closer still, and reached for the handle.

We both jumped and screamed when the coffee table buzzed angrily. I reached out and picked up my phone. The caller ID said Sheila.

"Hey James, I just got on break. How's Summer doing?"

"Great. We're doing great. We played together, I mean uh, we played XBox, and ate. Food, I mean. Uh..." I babbled nervously, pulling my hands guiltily off Summer. "Yeah she's really fine. I mean uh, she's good. She played a dancing game on the XBox and now we're watching a movie."

"Ok that's great." Sheila sounded amused. "I have to work for a few more hours. Did you say she was dancing? She probably got sweaty. Can you give her a bath and make sure she gets into her pajamas? That way she'll be ready for bed when I get home."

"Oh ok, yeah I'll do that."

"Thanks so much. I knew I could count on you. Have fun." Sheila hung up.

"Was that mom?"

"Yeah. She says it's bath time." I said, patting her shoulder. "Come on let's go."

It took a minute for the shower to warm up. I held my hand under the head until it was comfortable, then turned up the spray and pulled the sheet across.

"Ok pumpkin. There ya go." Summer was sitting on the plastic bench by the door, grinning at me. She held out her foot. I helped her get her shoes off, dropping them next to the bathmat, then pulled off her socks. 10 wiggling little toes greeted me. The pink headband with its pretty flower was next, and her charm bracelet topped the pile. She stood up. I prayed she didn’t notice the tent in my pants.

"There ya go," I cleared my throat. "It’s all warmed up for you." I waited for her to move away from the door, but she raised her arms over her head expectantly.


"What?" she repeated, bemused at my dumbfounded expression. "Help me with my dress, dummy."

Hands shaking, I reached out and pulled the satiny summer dress up over her head, revealing her panties, her curving hips and smooth tummy, the sweet field of flat skin sweeping up her chest, pink nipples rising from the white plain like lonely peaks. Her body was amazing, an innocent bud of girlish sweetness and light curves on the cusp of flowering into the feminine vibrancy of a young teenager. I bent down and grabbed her pink panties at the waist, pulling them down over her slender legs, revealing the tiny slit hidden in the valley between her hairless lips.

"Ok, now you." Summer gestured at my shirt and jeans.

I was still on my knees on the bathmat, afraid that my manhood would rip itself apart if I tried to stand up. "Summer, I think, uh…"

"Don’t be silly." The naked girl put her hands on her hips, frowning disapprovingly. "It’s shower time. We have to wash each other. Here, I’ll help."

I let her pull my shirt up and over my arms. Summer wasn’t embarrassed by her own nakedness, but she seemed slightly cowed by my muscled chest. I stood up and got my pants down somehow, prick tugging at my underwear before springing free to lash about hungrily.

Summer pulled the curtain open. "Come on," she beckoned. "Before it gets cold." I followed her into the shower, and let the spray wash over us, heart thumping like a drum.

The soap squirted from my hands 4 times before I could work it into a lather. Summer held her arms up, eyes closed, rinsing her long hair in the water, letting it cascade down the slopes of her naked body. She wasn't at all concerned about the 8-inch cock waving about at her eye level. I longed for the freezer again.

"Ok, turn around and I'll do your back," I gulped. She faced the wall, giving me the gorgeous view of her naked backside, water cascading down her spine like a mountain stream and running into the cleft between her buttcheeks. The steam was fogging up the bathroom, fogging up my brain, stirring it into a dizzy haze of hungry lust. My hands worked on their own, rubbing down Summer's back, scrubbing it clean until they ended at the soft globes beneath, then grabbing the moist flesh and massaging it in wide circles.

She turned again, and I began on her front, spreading the suds across her chest, massaging it in, lingering on the perfect nipples. She giggled when I pinched them instinctively, smiling and wiggling her hips suggestively. God, she was amazing, like an angel from heaven, pure and unblemished, brimming with latent sexual energy. My erect cock bulged a few inches in front of her face, and her eyes followed it, mesmerized. She reached out and set it bouncing, laughing as the turgid organ flapped in the air. She was right there, smiling impishly, her mouth a few inches from my manhood. So fucking close.

Somehow, I managed to clean the rest of her, the autonomic part of my brain chugging along while the rest floated dreamily in the clouds of steam. I turned off the water and we got out, and I dried us both with a towel, giving extra attention to her chest and the tempting area between her legs.

"Your uh...your...p..."

"Pajamas." She said.


She pulled them out of her bag, a frilly pink set of Disney princess cottons, and I helped her get them on. My heartbeat had stopped racing and my erection subsided somewhat, like it was ashamed. Really, what was I going to do with this little girl?

Summer was all ready when the doorbell rang 20 minutes later. I opened it and there was Sheila, a captivating, luscious figure of a woman in tiny slipping panties and a sultry wrap tied lightly in front of her breasts. She hadn't changed after work.

"Hey sweetie!" She kneeled down and threw out her arms, embracing her little girl, the fine tan and ripe curves a perfect contrast to her daughter's white skin and immaculate shape. She kissed Summer on the forehead. "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah!" Summer beamed at me. "We watched a movie and had ice cream and a bath and it was great!"

"Thanks again," Sheila said. "You really bailed me out. I don't know what I would have done if you weren't here to help Summer."

"Don't mention it," I feigned modestly. "Summer's a great girl. She's a delight to have around."

"Yeah, she is, isn't she?" Sheila took her daughter by the hand. "Ok honey. Wave goodbye and let's go." The pair smiled and Summer waved girlishly at me, then they walked across the grass back to their house. I shut the door.

And collapsed against it. Jesus, that was close. My mind had been playing tricks on me all night. It's what happened when you let your cock lead it around, making me think a 10-year-old was teasing me with a dance, that I should shower with her and put my dick in her mouth, that her mother's sly wink when she said goodbye was anything other than good-natured gratitude.

Still, I couldn't get the image out of my head, of a supple little 10-year-old girl, beaming happily, her finger touching the end of my aching cock as warm water streamed down over us both. I tumbled into bed, swimming in the vision, in a fantasy of tiny little lips, wrapped around my desperate prick, sucking salty juice out of the end, of a stiff manhood pushing against a tiny red hole, glans squeezing aside the tight flesh around it until it popped inside the warm tunnel.

Cum fountained out around my fist, spewing like a garden hose. I cleaned up and tried my best to sleep, to banish the thoughts of a prepubescent girl with her head on the ground and her butt in the air, writhing around the rod of throbbing flesh inside her.

I had the day off, so I cleaned up around the house, trying to keep my mind busy with work. Nothing kills an erection like moving bags of cement. The sun had fired the evening sky to an orange luster streaked with purple, and I was just sitting down to enjoy it when the phone rang.

"Hey James! Look I'm really grateful for last night, I want you to know that. But now I have to be a jerk and ask if you can do the same thing again. We had 2 dancers quit, and my boss is going crazy. It's supposed to be my day off but he wants me to come in. Can you watch Summer again?"

I held the phone an inch from my ear. Sheila's request had jammed my brain like a broken transmission.

"James? You there?"

"Yeah um, watch Summer. I can do-"

"GREAT thank you SO much," she cut me off. "Ok I have to go right now but she'll be over in a minute ok?"

She hung up before I could answer. The doorbell rang a couple minutes later.

"Hi James!" Summer beamed up at me from the patio, wearing a thin white shirt and short blue skirt with an adorable straw hat that made her look like a country princess.

"Hi Summer. Come on in." She skipped inside and I closed the door, following her as she danced gaily into the living room.

"Hey look at this! Mom got it for me." She upended her night bag and pulled out a blanket from the pile of pajamas. With a twist of her wrist she fluffed it out. "She said it was so sweet that it reminded her of me. Isn't it cool?" The white fleece was bordered with pink edging and had a Hello Kitty logo on it.

"It's perfect for you," I smiled. She rolled it up and hugged it to her chest. "Yeah and it's so WARM!" Hey can we play XBox again?

"It's a bit late so how about you play XBox and I'll get dinner ready. Tacos sound good?"

"Sure!" Summer was brimming with her typical cheery enthusiasm.

Little girls have special powers, and one of them is that they can make food disappear in seconds. I had barely put the tacos down when Summer scarfed one and followed it with two more. "Hey leave some for me," I protested. Summer stared at me like I was an alien, licked her fingers, and reached for a fourth taco.

We ate our fill and I cleaned off the plates, then went around the house closing the shutters. The weather report had forecast freezing temperatures and my heater probably wouldn't be able to keep up. Once I was finished, I came back to the living room to see Summer paging through my movie selection again.

"So let's watch something again," she said. "But you have to let me pick this time."

"Hmmm, I don't know Summer...I mean, I’m not sure your Mom would have liked what you watched last time."

She rolled her eyes. "Ok fine. You get one veto."

I guessed that would have to do. I nodded and sat down on the couch next to her.

"Let's see...nope...nope...American Beauty. This looks neat." She was peering at the cover image, a milky-skinned girl lying on a bed of rose-petals in the nude.

"Good grief, no. Pick something else."

"Oh, is that your veto?"

I huffed. "Fine. Yes. It's my veto."

"Ok good." She promptly hit the back button and navigated to my adult section.

"!" I sputtered.

"HEY!" Her finger lanced out dangerously and landed on my nose, a dire threat. "We had a deal. You're not going to back out are you?"

I groaned. I could watch a porno with this little girl or admit she outsmarted me. Not a tough choice, really.

"Just please don't pick Backdoor Barnyard Sluts 7," I murmured. "Please."

"You used up your veto," she scoffed.

"I shouldn't let you watch any of these."

"Oh please." She rolled her eyes again. "Mom practically does this for a living. Oh this one looks good."

She hovered over the box and hit play. I breathed a sigh of relief. It could have been worse. An hour-long semi-softcore film - I could do that. I could get through it, watching a porno with this little girl, hopefully without my cock melting down midway.

The opening music began to play, a dipsy, airy melody, and the title scrawled itself across the screen in fantasy script: "Loose Princess". I tried to arrange myself in the corner of the couch comfortably, so that I had adequate space in certain necessary regions, and suddenly found a warm girl curling up next to me.

I let her crawl under my arm, and wrapped it around her the way I had last time. Her back fit its curve perfectly, head resting against my shoulder. The heroine made her entrance, a ditzy blonde with jewels and a diadem and a revealing outfit of diaphanous clothing that seemed designed to come off in pieces if so much as a breeze blew wrong. She had lost her kingdom, or maybe she was just lost, and seemed fated to suck and fuck her way on a grand adventure across a fantastic realm to find her throne.

I let Summer's head rest in the crook of my neck as the film unfolded, enjoying the silky hair pressing against my cheek. Peaches and clean soap and the smell of sweet innocence wafted up from the body snuggling against me, sending blood surging into my prick even before the princess lost her top to a mysterious magical wind that taunted her with a very rapey voice.

The movie drowned it out at first, but a dull rattling built up in the other rooms, gusts of wind blowing against the shutters as predicted.

"I'm cold," Summer complained. I was getting cold too. I reached out for the little Hello Kitty blanket and wrapped it around us, forming a warm cocoon.

The princess continued her slow journey, seemingly determined to earn her Loose title as quickly as possible. I think the talking stallion she was riding might have made some significant contributions. Summer had seen pornos before, that was obvious. She had turned her head so she could rest her cheek against my chest, watching the movie with one eye. The princess had lost her skirt to the grasp of some pursuing goblins, and was now using her tits to earn some kind of favor from a country wizard when I realized Summer was slowly sliding against me.

My cock had been straining against its confinement for a while - sweatpants this time, I learned my lesson - and it bulged with desire from the slow motions. Summer was breathing heavy, eyes fluttering, pushing against me in a rising tempo. Her hot breath washed my neck, and a tiny moan escaped her throat just as the princess suddenly found herself penetrated for the first time by some evil soldiers.

I hugged her closer, feeling the heated rhythm growing under the blanket. My cock lurched and I almost jumped in surprise when I felt the first tiny fingers caressing the cotton at my crotch, brushing the tentpole in tentative exploration. There was no doubt about it: this sweet little 10-year-old, back arching and chest beginning to heave in pointed waves, was rubbing against me, touching my crotch with one hand while the other explored the moist secret between her legs.

My hand crept down her back like a spider, curling beneath the skirt and around the slope of her butt to find the activity below. Tiny fingers, slick with juice as they rubbed the itch that coiled in her loins, brushing against my stubby digits, coating them with beads of dew from the flowing source just above. I rubbed along with them in tandem, heart racing with her breath, until our fingers matched pace, exploring the tender landscape together as partners.

"aaaa....aaahhhaa...," the tiny girl mewled like a cat, shuddering as a man's fingers pushed their way around her nether regions, stimulating the low tingling until the muscles of her thighs quivered around my hand. My other hand crept down, far under the blanket, to where the girl's fingertips asked their wordless question at my crotch. I rubbed lightly, encouraging, moving slow as if they were a scared animal that I might frighten off. My thumb hooked the fabric and yanked, and my dick sprung out, loose underneath the blanket. I guided her fingers, helping them touch the head, glide along the silken firmness, and wrap around the shaft to find their proper place.

The sweetness of a little girl, a trusting 10-year-old, was like a gift from heaven. I showed her the way, helped her rub the precum up and down the shaft until it was coated and then freed my own hand to pull up her shirt and dive for the nipples underneath. She bucked against me, groaning, as I tweaked her knobs, building the momentum of her excitement until it was an avalanche that tumbled under its own power, unstoppable. Her fingers yielded for mine, pulling up to her clit, letting the bigger digits circle and rub the slick flesh of her lips before diving for the hole beneath. Our breaths mingled, gasps brushing together into shared gales of heat that defied the cold wind that blew outside.

"Aaaah, Oh, Jam-oh, yes, ooooohhh!" Her words foundered amongst tangled gasps torn from her mouth. I added a second finger to the 10-year-old's cunt, squeezing into the juicy depths and feeling the walls of her cunt spasm around me.

She bucked, once. I took the cue, and held her head down with my own, kissing her hair, sending my palm coursing around her sides and hips and back up to grab her chest. I pushed with my fingers, earning a second jolt, and a third, and then slammed them in as hard as I could. The little girl in my hands shuddered in waves and then locked her muscles and howled as her orgasm exploded like a supernova in her brain. Her hips thrust and wiggled, pushing down rapturously on my fingers, her hand squeezed painfully around my rod, and her back arched like a snake as her head rose off my chest and she wailed in helpless ecstasy.

I locked an arm around her, feeling the rapid cadence of her heart, the pulsing pussy sucking at my fingers, the uncontrolled jerking of arms and legs that come with the rapture of a little girl's climax. Summer shook and grabbed my shirt, and I guided her through the raging torrent that gripped her body, fingers caressing the muscles of her little body in slow strokes, massaging comfortingly, guiding them down from the tumultuous frenzy like a plane coming in for a landing.

I'm not sure how long I held Summer against my chest, feeling her purr like an engine at a slow idle. We were sweating under the fleece blanket, slick fluid rubbing from her bare stomach onto my arm where we touched.

The phone rang. I picked it up with my clean hand. Sheila.

"Hi James. Just calling to see how everything is going."

"Oh uh, we're doing fine." I just fingerfucked your 10-year-old-daughter. "Watching a now." She came all over me until she screamed. "Everything's good." I still have two fingers inside her wet little hole.

"Good, that's good James. Look, my boss is going to force me to work a double shift. He's yelling and throwing shit all over the place. Can you take Summer for the night?"

"Um, yeah. Sure. I'd love to."

"Ok great. Here let me talk to Summer."

I handed the phone to the sleepy girl sprawled against me.

"Heeeey Mom." Summer yawned, voice fogged with blissful satisfaction. I could still hear Sheila on the other end.

"Sweetie I'm so sorry, but I have to work late. I miss you. Is it ok if James takes care of you tonight?"

"Sure Mom, that's fine."

"Are you two having fun?" Sheila asked.

"Yeah. We watched a porno and he got me off with his fingers."

Oh SHIT! My brain exploded into desperate panic. Did she just tell her mom what happened? I was fucking DEAD!

"James? James?" Summer was holding the phone to my ear. "Are you there?"

The world spun dizzily around me. "Yeah."

"I'm glad you guys are getting along. Thanks for taking her for the night. Listen, if you want to, you can put it inside her."

"Put...put what inside her?"

"Jeez James...put your dick inside her little girl pussy. Maybe push it in and out a few times. You might like it." Laughter from the other end. Did she just give her blessing for me to fuck her daughter?

"Are...are you serious Sheila?"

"Of course. Look I've seen you through the bathroom window. You're pretty big but you're about the size of my last boyfriend and he could fit. Just take it easy on the rough stuff ok? And don't keep her up too late. She has to sleep sometime."


"Great. Ok you two have fun. I've gotta get back to work. Thanks again."

The phone went dead and I tossed it onto the cushions. Summer was squirming against my chest.

"Touch me," she murmured. Jeez, 10-year-old girls got straight to the point. I let my hands snake under the blanket and rub gentle circles on the smooth tummy and butt. Summer writhed her back in slow motions against my chest, mewling quietly as a warm flush moved up her neck.

"Want to go to the bedroom?" I asked.

"Sure," she nodded. In one smooth motion I scooped the little girl into my arms and leaped to my feet. Summer giggled, wiggling in the blanket that swaddled her, kicking her feet playfully as I carried her down the hallway.

I pulled back the covers of my bed and let Summer topple out of the blanket onto the bedding, laughing as she landed on her side and rolled onto her back. My cock ached painfully against the fabric of my pants as I took in the sight of the little 10-year-old, shirt pulled up above her nipples and the hairless little cleft peeping out from the tangle of her blue skirt. She was so sweet, beaming up at me with a mixed expression of trust and hunger and a concealed uncertainty as she eyeballed the swelling lump at my crotch.

I pulled the shirt up over her waiting arms, and then tugged her skirt down, past the wiggling hips and down the slender legs, catching briefly on her toes. I threw it aside and ran my hands over her hips and legs, rubbing the smooth skin like silk under my fingers. Summer stretched her arms on the bed and bit her lip, lying naked as the day she was born, her tight little body offered up like a treat to the man looming above her.

I pushed my pants down and kicked them aside, manhood springing free like an escaped prisoner, then crawled up on the bed to straddle her. My fingertips skimmed up her thighs, then grabbed and pulled her legs apart, hungry for the nectar that lurked in the pink folds between the little girl's thighs. Summer seemed to sink into the mattress under me, dwarfed by the full-grown man on top of her, locked in place by the muscled thighs rubbing her waist. I pulled her closer. My cock bounced and landed with a meaty thump on her mound, just above the waiting slit that still leaked with juices. Gasping at the contact, she looked down at the engorged organ primed below her belly, bulging red with desire and tickling her navel, tip dribbling with precum that filled the little pool until it overflowed onto her stomach.

My head bent and my lips found hers, brushing against the soft rims until they parted and I tasted the moist excitement underneath. I tweaked her nipples and ran my hands slowly down her belly, hands curving out to her sides, feeling the soft curves of skin that trembled under my fingers. The little girl was all eager energy, lips pressing back hungrily against mine, pelvis twitching under the arc of my legs, begging for the penis rubbing just above the moist lips of her pussy. I reached down and wrapped fingers around my base, steadying my pole to line up with the puffy lips, plugging the head at the entrance to the tiny gap between them.

Wet heat tickled the rim of my prick, and I pushed forward, squeezing myself into the narrow tunnel of the little prepubescent girl. Summer moaned and threw her head back against the pillow as the head split her little cunny lips wide open and popped inside. God, her little pussy was so tight! I stuffed a few more inches of my girth inside, relishing the feel of the muscles sucking at my intruding meat, pulling it deeper into the tunnel as if desperate to have the thick penis of a grown man buried inside the girl where it belonged.

Summer writhed under me, brown hair rustling the sheets, cooing with pleasure as I stuffed my cock inside her. Her eyes were fixed, bulging, on the sight of her hairless cunt lips wrapped obscenely around the wide shaft of firm flesh entering her. I pulled back against the suction and pushed in again, cramming myself another inch deeper into the squeezing heat, twisting the peaks of her erect nipples as I went until her eyes closed and her neck arched back, throat muscles locked around a long, rumbling groan.

I shoved in, then pulled back until my mushroom hovered just below her lips, and plunged again, thighs slapping against hers as I built into a bucking rhythm that pushed deeper and deeper until all 8 inches of rigid flesh were pistoning between the pink folds and squeezing up into the little girl's belly to bang on her cervix at the end. Summer was a twisting form under me, porcelain body vibrating on a bed of long brown hair and squealing wordless cries of pleasure. I planted my hands on the bed and hammered the little girl against the pillow, hips jerking in a rhythm of long strokes that slapped my balls against her ass, grunting in shared ecstasy as our panting mounted into heated cries, bodies locked together in racing desire. A warm buzzing began in my groin, swelling through the muscles of my pelvis in a rising current, fed by the energy of each eager penetration into the tiny body howling beneath me. My hands held her arms down, holding her still as she jerked in orgasm, and I hammered the last few thrusts into the tiny pussy and exploded inside her.

Our bodies convulsed. I collapsed against Summer’s tiny frame, enveloping her underneath me as our chests rubbed slick sweat onto each other and my cock surged like a firehose, blasting cum up into the little pussy wrapped around it. Brain spinning in dizzy ecstasy, my body shook, crushing her beneath me as I filled her with sticky juice, patting her hair and kissing her forehead as she thrummed happily with her own climax. My shudders finally stopped, receding like distant waves, and I pulled up so she could breath.

My cock popped regretfully out of the warm haven of her cunt, spilling a small flood of mixed cum and pussy juices that leaked down onto the fleece of the Hello Kitty blanket. I rolled off and let Summer cuddle up to my chest, hugging me happily, face beaming with the fresh just-fucked smile that looks so good on little girls.

I'm not sure how long I held her against me, fingers stroking her back and hips, before the phone rang. I rolled over to answer it.

"Hey James, I just got home. We had another girl come in so I was able to leave. I'm coming over to get Summer. If you guys aren't too busy, that is." I swore I could hear the smirk in her voice.

"Sure um...yeah." I looked at Summer, drowsing with her eyes closed on the bed, sperm leaking from her crack. "Come on over."

Somehow I got the yawning girl to sit upright. She giggled, pretending to resist as I pulled her shirt back on and got her to stand up for her skirt. Her crotch was a mess, fluid dripping down her legs. The doorbell rang. Shit. I pulled her skirt up and tucked her shirt under the band. Summer seemed amused at my panicked actions, stifling another yawn with her hands as I grabbed her things and began to stuff them in her overnight bag. The doorbell rang again. Shit.

Her blanket had several deposits of obvious goop on it. I rolled it up tight and stuffed it down at the bottom of the bag, then hauled Summer to the door. Her hair was a mess and her skirt was lopsided, and I tried not to think of the trickles of semen winding their way down her thighs. I pulled open the door.

"Hi James." Sheila had been reaching for the doorbell again. My jaw dropped open in shock. She was stunning, face made up with pink lipstick and her hair bouncing in shining curls. She must have come right over, not even bothering to change out of the lacy bra and garters that she wore for work. The tanned skin and hourglass figure captured my eyes as she bent to hug her daughter, and the similarities were obvious. Summer would look just like her mother when she grew up.

"Thanks so much James. We really appreciate it." Sheila tousled her daughter’s hair affectionately. "Come on honey, let's go to bed." She led her daughter back to her house by the hand, giving me a lovely view of her bare buttcheeks in the porchlight. Tight and round, they jiggled slightly as she walked, unhampered by the tiny strap of string bikini that ran down the cleft between them.

My stare followed them, mesmerized at the sight of the luscious woman and her cum-filled daughter walking across the grass. An urgent tightness was growing in my pants again, cock rising from the dead, pointing at the pair of girls like a dowsing rod as they went in their house. Then I was alone, staring like an idiot, moths flying in the open doorway. I closed it and went to bed.

I had slept well into the afternoon, dreams filled with visions of little girls being bent over and stuffed full of cocks until their bellies bulged with semen. A dim haze still lingered over the world as I sat on my couch, trying to drive away the grogginess with a third cup of coffee. The memory of my thumping cock gushing sticky juice into the deep end of Summer's little 10-year-old pussy kept crashing into my thoughts, scattering them like autumn leaves. I thought I was still dreaming when I saw Sheila through the side window, crossing my yard to buzz the doorbell.

"Hey there James." Sheila's smile was a sunburst on a cloudy day, the kind of warm invitation that could capture a man's heart or break it in two effortlessly.

"Hi Sheila." I tried to keep my eyeballs at a polite height, but they wiggled down her body on their own, admiring the fringed red crop-top and dropping past her muscled stomach to the jogging shorts that hugged the athletic curves of her hips.

"I'm glad you're home today. Listen, do you want to come over for a bit?" She cocked her head invitingly. "You've helped me out twice now and I wanted to say thank you in person.

I might have stood there forever, staring at her hips and the shapely tits under the drape of her top, but a synapse finally fired somewhere in the back of my brain and I shook off the paralysis.

"I'd love to." I let the screen door shut behind me and followed her across the lawn to her house.

"Work's been absolutely killer," she said, inviting me in the door with a wave. "I thought I was sunk when the other girls quit. I mean, I could take Summer to work. The other girls absolutely adore her. But somebody would probably raise hell sooner or later."

"Yeah. Glad I could help." I looked around the living room, admiring the cutesy decorations. Her house was small, like mine, but the girlish lights and pink loveseat gave it a cozy atmosphere.

"It's rough, you know?" She poured two glasses of wine and handed one to me. "Moving to a new neighborhood, no friends for us, nobody to look after Summer." She sat down on the loveseat and beckoned me to join her.

"I can imagine. " I sipped my wine and tried not to stare at her tits. "Little girls can be a handful."

She laughed richly. "Summer's a sweet girl. She doesn't make any trouble. We're very close." She winked at me and drained her wine glass. "We do pretty much everything together."

I mulled that over as I emptied my glass.

"I've had to work more this year and I don't get to see as much of my daughter as I used to," she sighed. "I want to cut my hours at the club, but the bills would pile up."

"I know the feeling." I murmured, looking around her living room again. "It's hard to get ahead. Still, you seem to have done well enough for yourself."

"I suppose so." She cocked her head at me, smiling coyly, letting her curls cascade down her shoulder. "Stripping pays pretty well. Here, let me show you around."

It barely took a minute. The kitchen and living room were tidy, but I barely spared them a glance. Every time Sheila turned around I couldn't keep my eyes from squirming up and down her body, from the sexy top down the graceful curve of her naked back to the firm buttcheeks straining against the black shorts. She was exquisite, with friendly eyes and a dazzling smile, her body athletic and tanned like a sculpture come to life. I had never met such an amazing woman. And she looked young - I pegged her at about 23, but I couldn't make the math add up.

"Not much to show," Sheila laughed. "It's as small as your place. That's the laundry over there, and this is the bedroom."

"Oh." A few shirts hung out of the dresser drawer and a pair of pink socks kept vigil by the single large bed. Draped cloth near the ceiling turned the dim lights an alluring shade of red and gave the space a snug feeling.

"It's nice."

"Yeah. It is nice." She reached out a hand and pushed me squarely in the chest, sending me sprawling onto my back on the bed.

"I" Words babbled stupidly from my mouth as Sheila straddled me.

"Shhhh." She grinned seductively, laying a finger on my lips. "Let a girl show how much she appreciates a guy."

Rubbing her body against my legs, she slowly dropped to her knees on the carpet, brushing the lump in my jeans with her hand. I jumped reflexively when she pulled down my zipper and fished inside, wrapping her fingers around my cock, finding it already swollen with excitement.

"Hmmmmm," she rumbled seductively. "So this is what it looks like up close." She bent down and kissed the tip lovingly, flaring her nostrils and parting her lips for a brief taste of the end. "Nice."

My body shivered, melting on the bed as I surrendered to the captivating feel of Sheila's expert fingers on my rod. She licked my glans like a lollipop and then swallowed the head into her mouth to moisten the whole thing, sucking for a moment until she let me go with a wet pop.

"Ahhh." Sultry breath washed in a hot wave down my girth. "So this is what was in my daughter. It still tastes like her." Sheila worked her tongue, adding more juice to the end, then licked her way down the shaft until my prick was glistening with a light sheen. She smacked her lips, looking up at me as she pulled back her hair, and then a steamy pocket engulfed me as she took me inside.

My fingers curled into the cushions, knuckles turning white as Sheila began to bob her head, showing her affection to the rigid cock in her mouth. Saliva ran in slurping rivulets from her lips, oozing down from the underside of my shaft to pool on the bedding. Her jaw stretched wider, lips writhing hungrily over the veiny flesh as she fit another couple of inches inside. A pad of warm friction worked in loving swipes under the aching flesh, tongue gliding along the stiff surface, welcoming it into her mouth with gentle laps on the instroke and squeezing it with a tearful goodbye as it departed, flicking the urethra teasingly before starting again.

Black curls danced a hungry rhythm on her shoulders as her nose ducked closer and closer to my base, and then my tip bumped up against a soft resistance: I had reached the back of her throat. She held me there, vibrating her mouth with a low moan that buzzed its way up my prick in ecstatic oscillations.

I was panting wildly already, cock swelling up to the verge of explosion, and Sheila ran her tongue over me one last time and popped off the end.

"God, you're a lot bigger than I expected when you're hard. How did you even fit inside Summer's pussy?" She buried her nose against my prick and flared her nostrils, inhaling the musky scent, then kissed the end. "Don't worry though, I can make you fit anywhere."

She let me go just long enough to reach behind her back and untie her top. The hanging cloth floated to the ground like light silk, and I stared at Sheila's beautiful tits: perfectly tanned, light and round, with small nipples peeking from the center of a pair of C-cups. She was 100% natural. Even for a stripper, she didn't need the help. Any man would give his left nut to cup those globes in his hands.

Slime squished between her fingers as she wrapped them around me and stroked downwards in double fists. My prick swelled up like a balloon about to pop in her hand, and she opened up and stuffed her mouth full of it again.

The gripping slide of Sheila's mouth on my cock had boiled my brain so much that I almost didn't hear the front door open. Shit, was school out already?

"Hi mom. Hi James" Summer waved at me from the bedroom doorway, nonchalant at the sight of her mother kneeling against the bed with a man's cock crammed in her mouth up to the balls. Sheila pulled her head up in a slow motion until my meat popped out and waved in the air, dripping with gooey saliva.

"Hi honey." Sheila turned around, not bothering to wipe the spittle dribbling from her mouth. "How was school?"

"It was ok I guess. I walked home with Eve. " Summer watched my cock wave in the air as she dropped her pack on the floor and reached back to pull the scrunchy off her ponytail.

"Good. It’s pretty hot outside honey. Why don’t you take a shower while I finish James off?"

"Ok Mom." Summer smiled and began to strip off her clothes as her mother went back to work, tonguing her way up my girth in long strokes while her daughter pulled down her miniskirt and panties and then lifted her arms to peel off the yellow blouse. I watched the little girl’s naked body hungrily as she padded across the floor to the bathroom and stepped in the shower.

Greedy lips wrapped around my rod as Sheila took me inside again, slippery friction coaxing a wave of shivers from the tender flesh as her suction urged my prick further in. Lying on the bed, I had a perfect view of the shower through the mirror. Water streamed over Summer’s body in criss-crossing rivulets that cascaded down to the delicious clefts of her pussy and ass, as if determined to seek the sweet spots of the body they caressed. Sheila bobbed up, blocking my view briefly, locking me with her penetrating stare, before sinking down onto my engorged meat again, giving me another view of her daughter. Summer’s face was upturned, water splashing her face, eyes closed and lips slightly parted as she ran her fingers through her long hair, a vision of bare innocence and girlish vulnerability. Her body was a work of art, tiny pink buds marking the flat chest where her breasts would grow, skin gleaming a healthy shade of orange-pink under the gathering steam.

Hot flashes raced down my spine to my pelvis. Sheila pulled up and began to lick my glans feverishly, relishing the stiff manhood as it tinged nearly purple in her hands, kissing and sucking and rubbing it on her face, inhaling the musky scent before diving hungrily again. My knuckles burned white as I squeezed the sheets, the heat in the center of my pelvis building until it was a roaring blaze that lanced like needled ecstasy down the rigid girth squeezed in Sheila’s mouth.

My eyes flickered between the two: the stunning woman bobbing her head on my pole, steady eyes burning with lust, raven locks and perky tits beating together in thrilling tempo, and the slender white body of the precious jewel in the shower, stroking swaths of lather over the tender skin of her adolescent body. Fevered grunts puffed from my mouth like a smokestack as Sheila worked my pole in an urgent rhythm, stroking with the fist of one hand and bobbing her lips just behind. Her tongue swirled under my prick with each stroke, undulating back and forth like a snake, tickling the tip at the height of each motion before I was plunged back into the moist hole. I gripped the back of her head instinctively, fingers curling into her hair, and she took the signal, working me deeper and deeper into the sucking delight of her mouth, pushing greedily forwards until her nose was almost brushing my pubic hair.

Sudsy lather covered Summer's chest as she scrubbed her chest and armpits, then lifted her legs to wash her thighs. Bubbles slipped down in milky waves, briefly teasing as they obscured the treasure underneath, then washed away to let the little girl's naked body shine freely again.

My pelvis bucked and white magma surged up from my core. Sheila felt the balls tighten in her hand, the flesh in her mouth priming for the coming eruption. She shoved herself forward as far as she could, neck bulging visibly as she crammed the pulsing phallus into the narrow confines of her throat, and held her breath, eyes streaming with tears as thick blasts of cum knifed out and splashed into molten gobs inside. She swallowed repeatedly, trying to keep up with the input of fluid before it backed up into her lungs. I didn't think I would have much left after cumming in her daughter last night, but Sheila had wound me up so much with her mouth that she sucked down a dozen blasts of heavy semen before my cock gave one last spew and finally shriveled in surrender.

I sagged back on the bed limply, feeling like my guts had just been sucked out through my crotch. Sheila's eyes had never left mine as she impaled herself on my manhood and took what it had to give. She swallowed a final time, and began to back off, nostrils flaring as she drew breath again. My length slid out of her mouth inch by inch until the tip emerged covered with gooey slime. She hadn't coughed once.

Sheila thudded onto the blankets beside me and I drifted in giddy rapture until I heard the shower turn off. Summer came out of the bathroom, naked and towelling her hair.

"Want me to massage you mom? You're probably tired from working late."

"You had track today didn't you sweetie? That means it's your turn."

"Oh yeah." Summer tossed her towel into the hamper.

"But you haven't even kissed me hello yet," Sheila pouted. "Is this the way you treat your mother?"

"You were busy!" Summer laughed and came to the bed, and Sheila planted a sloppy kiss on her daughter's forehead before yanking her close and wrapping her in a bearhug.

"Aggh!" Summer squealed and kicked her legs playfully, setting the bed bouncing as the girls wrestled. Sheila buried her daughter with exaggerated smooches until Summer surrendered, pinned against the bed, giggling hysterically.

"I'll get the oil. Say hi to James." Sheila smacked her daughter's bare ass as she got up.

"Heeeeeey James." Summer rolled over and curled up against me, laughing innocently at my bewildered expression.

Sheila came back after retrieving a bottle from the dresser. "My muscles always hurt at the end of the week and Summer's hurt after track. We like to switch off doing this for each other. Ok." She clapped her hands twice, authoritatively. "Rule time. What's the rule sweetie?"

"Everyone has to be equal during massage time," Summer recited with mock gravity.

Sheila leveled her finger at me. "That means you and me. Lose the shirt."

I stood up and pulled the t-shirt over my head and then stared as Sheila pushed her shorts and panties down to the carpet and stepped out of them. Her pussy peeped out from between her legs, shaved clean and lips blushing red with excitement.

Summer flopped onto her stomach in the geometric center of the bed, stretching her arms and legs like a cat. Sheila sat down next to her daughter and motioned me to do the same on the other side. Squeezing the bottle with both hands, she emptied a generous amount of oil on Summer's shoulderblades and let it trickle in gooey trails down her back.

She rubbed her hands until they were coated and then began to pull in slow, double-handed strokes up the smooth skin of her daughter's back to her shoulders. Pinning me with a knowing glance, she gestured down with her head.

"Um..." The moronic syllable lingered in the air. My brain always went on vacation after orgasm.

"What's the rule of massage time sweetie?" Sheila asked, drawing another greasy stroke up her daughter's back.

"Everyone has to be equal during massage time," I mumbled along with Summer. The little girl giggled at me. "That means help."

My fingers were callused from years in construction, but I could hardly turn down an offer to feel up a sexy little 10-year-old. I worked Summer's back on my side, mimicking her mother's motions until I felt the delicate muscles begin to melt under my hands.

More oil went on the little girl, and I rubbed her side, shoulders and arms as she gurgled and began to purr contentedly, luxuriating in the attention the two adults were giving her body. I let my hands wander, enjoying every curve, every subtle slope and arching curve of the sensuous form. Sheila began to chop a light patter on her spine, so I wandered down to Summer's butt, straddling her legs and so I could apply a generous amount of lubrication, then rubbing the lovely little mounds from her hips inward to the sweet little pucker of her tiny asshole, squeezing them together and pulling them apart with both hands until the oily goop trickled down the crevasse between them.

My cock had made a triumphant comeback, thickening to a perverted salute as I groped the little girl on the bed. It poked against her leg, jabbing demandingly with each forward stroke of my hands on her backside.

"Ok." Sheila said. "Roll over. Let's get your chest."

I let her legs twist, and once again Summer was sprawled underneath me, legs pinned between mine, chest rising in heated expectation as the tiny cleft of her pussy rested just below the 8 inches of turgid meat that brushed her navel. I swallowed, head spinning. She was so pretty, like a summer blossom ripe with color, eyes gazing up at me with trust and a hint of timid hunger.

Sheila poured the oil out like an offering on her daughter, and my hands pushed forward, powered by the thumping animal instinct that raced between my heart and my loins. Soft flesh yielded under the pressure of my fingers, rubbing their way up the supple skin of her stomach to her flat chest to flick her nipples and twist them into a reddened sheen until they shined like tiny rubies in the light.

My manhood traced a wet groove in her belly, tip sliding along the grease with our motions. Gripping her chest, pulling the flesh, I felt Summer's heartbeat racing under my hands as she arched her neck and moaned. My cock bulged like an angry viper about to spit, demanding entrance to the den below. I pushed her legs apart and arched my pelvis, positioning the head of my dick at the little girl's cunt, obeying the command of the thready drumbeat in my veins.

"I got SO hot at work thinking about your cock in my daughter." Sheila whispered in my ear like a ghost, her hand icy on the sweat on my shoulder. "Just dreaming about it, as I danced, your prick hammering into her little pussy, splitting it wide open." Her lips brushed my earlobe, heavy panting swirling in my ear canal. I hovered at the threshold, cockhead pressed against the tiny slit between the hairless folds of her daughter. "Her puffy little lips spreading around a real man's cock, taking it inside her. God, I was wet the whole time." Her nose tickled my ridges. "Let me see it."

I steadied myself and pushed slowly, squeezing into the tiny space. I knew I could fit, but a 10-year-old's pussy is so tight! I went slow, spreading the flesh around me until the tip popped into the humid furnace of her tunnel. Summer jerked slightly, legs quivering, and whimpered excitedly in that peculiar way that little girls do when they have a dick inside them. I pressed in, beckoned by the clenching muscles and rippling suction of her wet cunt.

"You should cum in her, stuff her with semen until she's bulging like a beachball." Sheila's voice was a sultry devil on my shoulder. I pushed harder, working about half my cock inside Summer, beginning a soft rhythm of light thrusts to loosen her up. "Plug that fat cock in my little girl and pump her womb with jizz." I thrust harder, bucking my pelvis against hers, forcing my way farther in. Summer moaned on the bed, eyes fluttering, wiggling her hips.

"Get her pregnant. Slam your cock into her until you've filled her with enough spunk that she'll have triplets before she's out of the fifth grade." Sheila's face was twisted with gleeful lust, her hands frigging her clit as she rested her chin on my shoulder and watched her daughter's penetration. A roaring energy frothed in my loins and I buried the last 2 inches inside the twitching girl, making her shriek with pleasure, fingers scrabbling for a grip on the blankets. Pounding energy boiled at the base of my cock, thrumming with power as the first stirrings of the geyser swirled in my balls.

"She needs someone to settle her. I was about her age, you know, when I became pregnant." I bucked my pelvis in a primal rhythm, banging the little girl up against the headboard as she gasped incoherently. "Best thing for a little girl, really, to get a man's cock in her as early as possible. Someone who can show her how it's done." Sheila was whispering furiously, fingers pounding on her own genitals as she rushed to orgasm with her daughter. "This way I don't have to worry about some boy at school knocking her up."

My engorged manhood pounded mercilessly at the tiny 10-year-old pussy, thundering like a freight train over the razor edge into climax. Spots flashed behind my eyes. I yanked her thighs towards me violently in one last push.

"It was her idea you know." The whisper slithered in my ear like a snake in a tempest. "She likes you. And after you fill her up you can do the same for me."

My world exploded inside the wild, spasming tunnel where our bodies connected. Summer howled in one ear and Sheila moaned in my other, both girls blasting into the heights of their orgasms, muscles trembling in ecstasy. Cum rocketed in wild jets up into Summer's tight hole, finding only one way to go in the tiny space, squishing into the narrow space of her cervix and up into the little girl's uterus. I felt the fluid drain away from my vibrating organ instead of squeezing its way backwards. Our rapturous cries blended together, deliriously twined, as my prick pumped its eager ejaculations into the willing womb of my neighbor. Someone sagged against me, I collapsed, drifting in a fever as I bucked a final time and rested against the tiny body beneath me, utterly spent.

Fingers combed their loving way through my hair. I rolled to the side, groaning as my softening cock slipped out of its warm embrace, pulling a gush of tepid fluids after it. I floated in an aimless limbo, collecting my scattered senses with no particular urgency. Warm bodies pressed against me, fingers on my skin, the smell of sweat and girls and cum, sighs of satisfaction wafting in scattered breezes. We lingered, content, connected in a tangle of arms and legs in the sheets, Sheila's plump breast in one of my hands and Summer's soft buttcheek in another.

Hours passed. Eons maybe. I think it was morning. The phone rang. I heard Sheila groan and roll over to answer it, leaving my backside cold.

"Hello...oh. Ok. Uh-huh. Well tell him I'm not going to. I know. Ok FINE."

She hung up with a curse. "Damnit. I have to go in to work."

"Again?" Summer yawned, stretching her arms sleepily.

"Yeah. They need a server for the day shift."

The bed bounced as she rolled away and stood up. I looked over to see her donning panties and a lacy bra.

"Sheesh, your boss is a slave driver." I murmured.

"Yeah well..." she pulled on a pair of sheer stockings. "I need this job." She came over to sit on the bed.

"I keep having to say I'm sorry." She kissed her daughter on the lips, and then me. "Listen James, work will probably be uh...hectic for a while, but Summer has the week off of school. Would you mind taking care of her?"

I looked down at the grinning expression of the little girl spooning up against me.

"Sure, I'd love to."