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Loli Island

By WintermuteX

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Content: Young Girls, Group Sex, Pedophilia, Pregnancy

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I was sitting in my chair, staring wistfully at the picture on my phone when John waltzed into my office.

"Adam!" He called to me with his big grin, jovial as always. The greasy mechanic represented the sort of person I rarely made friends with - a backwards-hat wearing 20-something bachelor unencumbered by intelligence, who thought that brashness was the same thing as confidence, and that snark could pass for wit. His coveralls were disgusting as always, and his long black hair dangled in oily curls. Still, John had grown on me a fair bit since I started working at the dealership. There was something about his easy affability and dogged persistence that made him good company, and - I had to admit - a major hit with the ladies. I wondered if there were any secretaries left at our workplace that he hadn't banged yet.

"You still schmoozing over that dumb bitch?" he sneered, seeing the picture I was looking at: my ex, looking beautiful in a field of flowers in her favorite summer dress. I still remembered that day. The weather had been beautiful and the breeze had whipped at her long blond hair. We had driven out for a picnic to get away from the stresses at home. Theresa had seemed to enjoy herself, but I think even then I could see the cracks beginning to form in our relationship as things came between us. She had dumped me not long after.

"Man you need to FORGET her," John said, his butt thumping on my desk as he leaned slovenly against it. "Go out and get some drinks. Mix it up. Get laid again Adam. Don't waste your time worrying about that psycho."

"She's not a psycho and she's not a bitch," I sighed, putting my phone away. John's advice was rarely welcome and never nuanced. The only thing he knew about Theresa was that she had come to my work once and made something of a scene, so maybe he was justified in thinking of her that way.

"Fine fine." John made dismissive motions with his hands. "She's an angel. A saint. Mother Fucking Theresa and a cunt just as dusty and tight, I'll bet. Look, Adam, I'll tell you this about women: they're ALL bitches, and they're ALL whores. And crazy. Every one of them. It's just a matter of how wound up they are with denying it. You just say what they want to hear, and they drop their panties and discover how much of a whore they are inside. Works every time."

John was moving his pelvis as he leaned against my desk, making humping motions with his hands and grinning at me.

"Sage words from the office Cassanova," I muttered, leaning back in my chair. "What did I do to deserve this?"

"I could hook you up with that sweet little thing at the front desk. What's-her-name...the one with the big tits who always wears that blue shirt with the ruffles."

"Sharon. Wait...I thought YOU were seeing her."

John shrugged at me. "For a little while, sure. She's a wild thing. Crazy, like I told you."

"No thanks." I sighed again and looked at the floor. I didn't want a rebound. I didn't want someone else to fill the gap. I just wanted Theresa back.

"Well how about we go to the strip club again? You'll feel better with some tits in your face Adam, I'm telling you."

John clutched his hands in the air and made a motorboating motion, complete with sound effects, then laughed at his own joke. I must have looked morose, because he finally fixed me with a frown.

"Ok, look. I used to be like you, Adam. All wound up and pining after one snotty little bitch that didn't want me. Forget about her. I know it's hard but I have just the thing that will help." He reached into the back pocket of his coveralls and pulled out a faded business card and handed it to me.

"Fantasy Adventures." I read the title out loud, my voice sounding dull even to me. "Where all your dreams come true." Ridiculous. The logo was a pair of cartoon palm trees bracketing an island. Adam tapped the card and I flipped it.

"Specializing in providing premium experiences tailored to a wide variety of tastes for our male clientele," I read. "Custom travel packages available."

"That's how I got out of the dumps," John said. "You need to call these guys. I went on one of their cruises and...well, I had the time of my life." He winked grotesquely at me and made those humping motions with his hands again. "They can set you up with whatever you want. You need to get back in the saddle. Find someone beautiful. Someone nice and young. Innocent. Primo." He touched his hand to his lips and blew a kissing motion like a French chef.

"I don't know..." I murmured. The card was awfully vague, and it didn't look like much, but then again it had been sitting in John's pocket and resting against his ass for god knew how long. A few faded silhouettes formed the background under the text on the back of the card - girls, suspiciously youthful, in a variety of enticing poses.

John tapped my phone. "Call them," he ordered me. "Tonight. You haven't even taken a vacation since you started here. You've got time saved up. Let me guess: you're already thinking about driving over to that lame cunt's house tonight and begging her to give you another chance, right? Don't do that. Call these guys and go enjoy yourself."

John was a crass son of a bitch, but surprisingly prescient sometimes. I tried not to let on that that was exactly what I had been thinking, and stared at the card instead.

"Fine," I sighed again. John whooped and clapped me on the back, almost sending me tumbling off the rolling chair.

"You won't regret it," he chuckled. "These guys really do make dreams come true. Whatever you want, they've got it. Anything" His grin deepened into a leer. "Anything."

"Fine, fine. They just better be on the up-and-up," I said. Theresa had never wanted to travel anywhere. She was always afraid of ending up being mugged or kidnapped in some other country where she didn't speak the language.

"Trust me." John gave me his best grin - a greasy smirk that nobody in 1000 years should ever trust. "Now, have you seen my copy of Motors Monthly? It's the one with the chick with the big tits on the cover."

"That's all of them," I protested. John pawed at the drawers on my desk, yanking them open one by one like he owned the place.

"I know I left it in here," he said. "I was reading it when that little cunt that always makes the coffee came in. Hmm, she's a pretty little thing."

"John, she's like 16. Isn't her dad your boss?"

He shrugged, a knowing smirk slowly building again. John liked to hang out in my office when I wasn't around, even sleep on the couch in here. I pretended to mind even though I really didn't.

"I don't worry about stuff like that," he said. "But I was definitely in here when I had it last. By the way, if you find some stains on the couch cushions, just like, flip them over or something. We may have had a bit too much fun."

"Get the fuck out of my office John," I said.

John smirked at me a final time and gave me a mock salute, knowing that I was just giving him shit. "Call them," he told me, tapping the card in my hand a final time before turning to leave. "You won't regret it."

I watched him go, the almost palpable aura of grime following him like a cloud, then looked down at the card again. A phone number was printed on the lower left, calling out to me.

Fuck it. He was probably right. A vacation would do me some good. Maybe it was just the thing I needed. Forget about work, forget about Theresa. Just have a good time for once.

With one last sigh, I picked up my phone and dialed.

"Welcome to Fantasy Adventures."

I took a break from gaping at the lavish surroundings to stare slack-jawed at the buxom receptionist. She may have been the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and her top just barely verged on being sheer enough to see her nipples. She was definitely not wearing a bra, and I found myself approving wholeheartedly. It would have been a crime to constrain those beauties.

With an effort, I forced my mouth to close.

"I uh...I have a...a 10:30 appointment," I said weakly.

"Of course sir." She got up and came around the desk to lean politely on my arm. "Mr. Sherman, is it? Right this way sir."

Her breasts brushed my arm just slightly as she led me down a short hallway to an oak-panelled door. The door was immaculately polished, gleaming in the warm light. Fine art framed it on both sides of the hallway. Everything in here was opulent, sophisticated. Wealth screamed from every polished line. If their logo hadn't been on the door I might have thought I had wandered into a high-priced lawyer's office by mistake.

"They're expecting you, Mr. Sherman. Go right on in." The woman practically purred on my arm before opening the door and gesturing me in. I smiled in thanks, and entered what looked like a conference room.

A man in a perfectly tailored suit was sitting in the seat near the door. He rose and greeted me with a warm smile, offering his hand.

"Mr. Sherman! It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Matthew Schaffer. Please, please, have a seat." He released my hand from his crushing grip and gestured for me to sit at the head of the table.

"Now then," he said, taking a seat again himself. "When you made your appointment you indicated you were interested in one of our vacation packages. Is that right?"

"Yes," I said. "Something that's a real getaway. I need a break, a major change of pace. Maybe somewhere in the Caymans. I hear they're very nice at this time of year. Or perhaps Cozumel. I was reading about it online and-"

"Ah - Mr. Sherman," Matthew suddenly interrupted, holding up his hand. "I'm sure you've put a lot of thought into where you want to go already, and those are fine choices. Fantasy Adventures specializes in building custom vacation packages that are tailored for individuals though. Our clients have indicated that they value the spontaneous nature of what we provide, and thanks to our proprietary profiling techniques, we can customize a high-quality experience that caters to your individual tastes, whatever they may be."

"Oh," I said, feeling partially deflated. "Well, what would you suggest for me? What's this profile that you build?"

Matthew rose with a slight smirk and retrieved a plastic box from the table along the wall, then set it on the conference table in front of him. He pulled something out of it, some kind of computer console with a disorganized collection of leads trailing from the end. He placed the device on the table in front of me.

"One challenge in our particular line of business if determining just what exactly an individual such as yourself would truly like. People build up certain expectations of themselves about what they OUGHT to like, but their real desires are often different." He pushed a button on the device and it hummed to life, then he began separating the individual leads.

"Some people will be happy with a trip to Spain. Others may want to hike in the Himalayas. One client that visited us had expressed a strong desire for pearl diving in the Philippines. Everyone is different. Other companies tend to rely on demographics for their suggestions, but we have something much better.

He stuck a white pad to the end of one lead, then reached up to press it against the side of my forehead.

"Whoa!" I said, holding his hand in surprise. "What's this?"

"A new technique, developed by us," he calmly explained. "By monitoring your brain activity and vital signs closely, we can explore what excites you. Lift up your shirt please."

I decided to play along and did so. He stuck two more white pads with leads to my chest and belly.

"With our program," he went on, "we can discover your deepest desires. What truly stimulates you. It's funny, the things we have buried deep inside of us. Strange urges, an insatiable wanderlust, burning desires for erotic intimacy." He attached more leads to my arms. "We're not as far off from our primitive ancestors as we like to think."

He winked at me as he attached what seemed to be the final lead out of dozens. I wondered if I wanted to go through with this. Somehow I didn't think that I wanted my deepest unknown desires to be analyzed by a computer program, but I decided I had come this far. I might as well let them build their little mumbo-jumbo profile. Besides, I had already paid the deposit.

"The process is a bit like dreaming, or at least taps into the same kind of mechanisms in the subconscious." Matthew pulled another item from the box - a helmet of curving metal struts and small metal nubs on the underside, blinking with LEDs. He placed this on my head, carefully adjusting it. I almost laughed. I couldn't help but remember the helmet that Doctor Brown had worn in Back to the Future. I must have looked just as ridiculous. The cold feeling of the smooth metal contacts pressed against my temple in a dozen places

"The machine will monitor your pulse and neural activity." He picked up a remote control and the lights in the room dimmed as a projector screen unfurled on the far wall. "It will help us build a more accurate profile if you leave your thoughts unfocused. The program is built to explore multiple simultaneous avenues of stimulation using free association techniques."

He pressed a button on the machine and it seemed to whir to life. He nodded to himself, apparently satisfied, then stood up.

"You're leaving?" I asked in surprise.

"Performing the test in the presence of others can skew the results," he said, walking toward the door. "We want your mind to be unclouded. I'll be waiting in the next room. Just relax, Mr. Sherman, and I think you'll enjoy what Fantasy Adventures can cook up for you."

He shut the door behind him, leaving me alone in the dark room. An overhead projector snapped on, illuminating the screen with an image of a waterfall. The water was cascading down, frozen in time with the spray glittering like diamonds in the bright sunlight. I wondered where it was. I wouldn't mind vacationing anywhere with such beauty. It looked tropical, but it could have been anywhere. I barely had time to wonder before the image shifted to a new one.

Blinking green and amber lights flickered from the machine in the corner of my vision. The projector was showing an underwater scene, as if taken by a scuba diver. The water was crystal clear, blue, with coral decorating the bottom and schools of fish swarming among the deep green strands of kelp.

The picture shifted again. An animal, something out of the Sahara. Again, and a beautiful, smiling woman locked in laughter peered back at me. The pictures were coming faster now, lasting just a few seconds each. Islands, storms, people, gorgeous scenes of nature and brilliant cityscapes. The images became increasingly exotic. An indian woman in a sarong with a brilliant red bindi. A herd of animals racing across the savannah. A vast skyline of lights edged by the blackness of deep night.

I wondered how many images were programmed into this thing. They flickered by faster and faster, the pace of the machine's blinking lights increasing with them. I could barely take them in, but something felt wrong. It began to show me more macabre images. A zebra freshly disemboweled by a lion, its bloody viscera spilled out onto the ground. A line of people wailing in grief at a wall. A soldier holding a rifle. Women. Children. I could barely take it in. The images flowed by like a rushing river, hypnotic. Was that a tank? Something underwater. A shark? The projector bombarded me with 10 more images in the space of a thought. I began to feel slightly dizzy. I had no time to take in what I was seeing. A coffin at a funeral. A flash of pink flesh, bare skin? I could barely tell. More erotic images seemed to be creeping in. A woman's breasts, bare thighs, a man's oiled chest, lightning glimpses flickering past as the projector clicked wildly. I saw it again: a naked girl, young looking. Very young.

I swallowed nervously as the hum from the machine deepened. The pace increased even further, each image flitting for an instant just at the edge of my perception. The variety seemed to have expanded wildly. Was this thing reading my mind somehow? A closeup of a face with brilliant blue eyes, exotically curved. The bare backside of a girl. There it was again - just flashes, but more of them, as if the machine was homing in on something. Tanned skin, a naked girl with flat breasts. Ropes, a girl tied up with a frightened look on her face. The machine hummed as if at a peak. The dizzying array of images whirled through my brain. More girls, each very young and in increasing states of undress. Instantaneous impressions only. I couldn't be sure. I could feel my heart beating rapidly in my chest. I realized I was panting. The rapid clicking of the projector had smoothed out into a low hum that matched the machine in front of me. Its lights were blinking furiously, like something out of a sci-fi movie.

All at once it was over. The screen went dark and the lights came up on their own. A satisfied beep emanated from the machine. It was finished.

"Well now. How was that?" asked Matthew, coming in from the side door with a grin.

"It" I swallowed again nervously. "What was all that? Were all those"

He waved his hand to brush away my concerns as he sat in the chair. "The machine seeds your initial impressions using images from our database. It's quite extensive. But, most of what you saw came from your own mind. The scanner simply directs its probing based on your responses to stimulus so it can build profiles for aversion and attraction."

His smile had grown to a knowing smirk as he reached up to help me take off the helmet and disconnect the leads. "Some of our clients discover urges inside themselves that are quite...primal. Our instincts are never very far from the surface."

After pulling off the leads one by one, he returned everything to the box. A printer on the side table began to spew out a lengthy report. He gathered the pages and sat back down to peruse them, flicking through them at a steady clip with his index finger.

"Mmm hmm, mmm hmm. I see." He licked his finger and kept flicking. I waited in silence. He must have eventually noticed my worried look because he laughed disarmingly and put down the report.

"Don't worry, Mr. Sherman. The machine doesn't know how to lie and we're not in the business of judging people based on what their imaginations come up with. In fact, yours is fairly typical for males in your demographic anyway. Lots of people hold certain...fascinations deep inside that they never express. The data we gather lets us select a more perfect scenario for you. In fact, I believe we've found one already. The computer has ranked your compatibility for this experience as exceptionally high. Actually I'm not sure I've ever seen our process produce a confidence score so high."

He was looking at the last page with interest. "Yes. Strong work ethic. Strong paternal tendencies. Deeply repressed sexual predilections, especially for the taboo. Adaptable. Technical. Resilient under stress. Good physical condition. Yes, I think we have an adventure that would be perfect for you Mr. Sherman. I believe you'll find it extremely satisfying."

He smiled broadly as I fidgeted. I had gone into this not sure what to expect. Could they set something up that would live up to this kind of promise? I briefly entertained the notion of thanking him for his time and getting the hell out of there, but the allure of something spontaneous, something mysterious, beckoned to me. Why go on a boring cruise when I could do this? I decided to go for it.

"Now there are just a few more things to take care of," Matthew said. "We'll want your complete medical history, and the window of your desired departure date, of course. And there is the matter of the booking fee. You may find it to be on the high end, but every client we have ever had has strongly expressed their opinion that it was worth every penny." I nodded as he went on

"Oh and there's just one more minor detail," he said, consulting the last page of the report again. "Tell me, Mr. Sherman. Do you have any fear of planes?

The angry buzz of the little plane's engine was almost lost in the deafening storm. All around us, peals of lightning flickered in darkness. I grabbed a handle and hung on desperately as a sudden gust of wind rocked the fuselage to the side. I couldn't see anything ahead of us in the driving rain. The pilot - my only company since we had taken off - seemed to be flying by instruments only.

"It's no good!" he shouted back at me. The plane lurched and I put my hand to my mouth. I wouldn't be able to take much more of this. The storm had come out of nowhere and had been tossing us about violently for at least an hour. It showed no sign of letting up.

"We might have to ditch!" the pilot yelled again. "The radio's dead and we're almost out of fuel, and the engine is-"

His words were lost in a deafening crack of thunder. The plane shuddered and I heard the painful sound of shearing metal. We banked sharply to the side and the wall of the cabin seemed to rise up to smash into me. I felt a pain in my chest. My ribs. The plane was shaking as if about to come apart. I was terrified. The ride to the island was supposed to be just a short 4-hour trip, just a quick hop along the sea. I coughed violently, trying to orient myself in the cabin while the plane seemed to fishtail in the air. Up front, the engine was screaming as if in pain as more peals of thunder rattled the metal frame around me.

"-Sherman!" I could barely hear him now as he looked back at me, screaming. He gestured furiously at a lifejacket hanging on the wall. I risked letting go of the handle long enough to grab at it and yank it off its hook. My mouth tasted like blood and my heart pounded a drumbeat of terror against my aching ribs. I managed to find the straps of the jacket and get them secured.

Just in time. With a sudden crack that sounded like steel being torn apart, we were thrown to the side. The rising pitch of a rapid descent screamed all around us. The pilot was wrestling furiously with the stick but it didn't seem to be helping our dive. I grabbed the handles and hung on for dear life and wondered if this was how it would end, ripped apart in a violent storm on what should have been the first day of a wonderful vacation.

Multiple warning lights blinked a furious red amidst the cockpit controls. The deafening screech threatened to shatter my eardrums. Fear drove all thought from my head. This was it. I was going to die. With a sudden roar, we lurched and I felt an impact like a truck had hit me at a hundred miles an hour. Chaos and pain ripped my senses apart just like the metal around me, and an abyss of darkness rose up to engulf me.

Pain. At the beginning that's all I felt. My mind struggled against it, trying to fall back again into the blanket of darkness, but the pain grew. I heaved, drawing ragged breath that burned like fire into my throat. The pain redoubled as I coughed and retched, burying my face in something soft and yielding. My fingers clutched at the granules, digging in. Sand. Sensation began to gradually return to each part of my body, and I groaned as each tiny movement brought with it another wave of agony.

I lay there, eyes closed, wanting to die, to flee the pain and be enveloped by the blackness again. But it eluded me. A rushing sound was filling my ears, and a bitterly cold sensation was flowing over my legs. It hurt to breathe. My mind began to function again, matching sensation to thought. The sussurating sound of water. A surf. Sand scratching against my body. The cries of sea birds. Water spilling over my legs from the waves.

And something else. A prodding sensation against my face. The sting of brine covered my eyes as I forced them open. Everything was blurry. Harsh sunlight was beating down on me mercilessly.

"Hey...hey mister...mister..."

Someone was calling, a gentle voice, tight with concern but sounding so far away. I blinked, trying to clear my vision. Something was definitely poking me. Something brown and gnarled. I followed the stick up its length and saw the silhouette of someone small squatting just out of arm's reach.

I groaned. I wanted her to stop poking me. I wanted to sleep, but my brain stubbornly refused.

"Hey! You're awake!" I heard shuffling on the sand. A face appeared in front of me, indistinct. My eyes hurt. There was sand in them. Suddenly I felt a gentle touch against my forehead.

"You're hurt bad mister." The voice was tight and worried. A girl's voice. I blinked some more and forced myself to look up. A young girl with curly red hair spilling over her shoulders was crouched over me, frowning. I stared. She was absolutely gorgeous. Perfect tanned skin, a fresh, angelic face, and naked as the day she was born. I shook my head, trying to clear it. What a mistake. The pain redoubled. I forced myself to open my eyes and confirm: yes, this little girl was indeed naked.

"Don't worry mister. You're going to be'll be ok..." She sounded more like she was reassuring herself. I pushed myself up with shaking arms and let her help me sit up.

I was on a beach. Brilliant sunlight glittered off the sand. Blinking away the grit, I forced myself to look around despite the painful throbbing in my neck. The water was a crystal blue and a dense forest of vegetation hugged the shoreline where the sand ended.

"Where...where am I..." I groaned. "Who are you?"

"I'm Rose." The red-haired girl looked even more lovely with her flattering smile. "I was so worried. You weren't moving when I found you."

Feeling dizzy, I let Rose help me to my feet, then clamped my hand to my forehead, wincing at the aching pulse in my skull.

"My it...did it..." I panted breathlessly, unable to put words together.

"I only found you. I just came down to get some fish. Are you ok?"

I didn't know how to answer. Shockingly, nothing seemed to be broken. It was getting easier to stand on my own 2 feet now. I looked down at the girl's fresh-faced smile. She was a picture of innocence. She couldn't have been more than 12 years old, and for some reason she didn't have a stitch on.

"I think...I think I'll be ok..." I said, then suddenly the world tilted. I could feel Rose pushing against me.

"Here, lean on me. Oof, you're heavy." The little girl was brushing against me. With a shock, I realized that my pants had been stripped away. Even my underwear. My shirt was a tattered rag and I was naked from the waist down. Rose's skin was warm against mine as she hugged my waist. I realized that my crotch was brushing her arm. She was looking at my dangling penis with a fascinated look on her face, still hugging me tightly.

"Ok, I can walk. I can walk." I straightened up again and shrugged her off as the world decided to stop spinning, feeling a little relieved that my genitals were no longer rubbing against her. I had to find somebody, maybe somebody with a phone or a radio. The beach was deserted and I didn't see any structures anywhere.

"Rose, where are the nearest people? I have to get to a phone...something."

"It's just me," she said. She pointed vaguely behind her towards the tropical forest. "And the others. We live here."

" there a marina?" I asked. She just stared at me blankly.

"Some place where there are boats...and people?" I ventured hopefully. Rose shook her head.

"Boats don't come here," she said.

"Ok so...where are the police, a hospital...anything." The world was beginning to spin again. I decided to take a different tack. "Where are your parents?"

"My what?" she asked, confused.

The pain pulsing in my head was nearly blinding. I leaned to the side feeling like I was going to vomit and felt Rose brush against me again.

"Here, it's ok. I'll help you walk. You can come back to the village."

"Yes...yes, the village," I murmured, encouraged. "That's where I need to go."

She fixed me with a comforting smile and I leaned on her as I began to take some tentative steps across the sand. Not that she could provide a lot of support, but it felt oddly pleasing to feel her against me. She led me step by step up the beach, and guided me to a path between the broad leaves of the vegetation. It felt a little easier now, and the world had stopped whirling around, but Rose still had an arm tightly around my waist as if she thought I would slump again. I decided I didn't mind.

The path widened out. Beams of sunlight stretched down from the roof of the forest high above us and animals chirped and buzzed unseen in the chaos of verdant green. Most of the plants were blooming with flowers in brilliant hues of red, yellow, and purple. I wondered where the hell I was. There were multiple islands around here. I might have washed up on any of them. The one I had been heading to was supposed to have been tropical just like this one.

Rose led me along the path through the jungle until we reached an area where the ground began to rise to rocky ledges. She helped me up, with me grunting with pain the whole way. I could see a wide sweep of the island from here - more forest, a rising slope of volcanic rock, and a curving shoreline of sand. Still, we hadn't seen a soul yet. I covered my eyes against the glare of the sun and peered out over the ocean. There was a distant fog far out on the water. I couldn't spot any boats or planes. No motors. The island's peace was undisturbed by any artificial sounds at all. If I didn't know better I might have thought the place was uninhabited.

We turned a corner in the path, and I stopped dead in shock. It was a village all right, a tiny one like something straight out of Robinson Crusoe. Three levels of overlapping huts were flanked by interconnecting walkways made of some kind of large reed like bamboo. A little rope bridge stretched from one side of the slope to the other, connecting to more covered areas on the other side. Most of the structures were open, covered by some kind of simple thatch supported by thick reedy sticks. A chaotic mismatch of items rested on simple tables inside each covered area - plastic crates, tools, plant materials and fruit. There was even what looked like a kitchen, with a crude furnace of rock inside of which a blazing fire was burning.

Another young girl was on the path ahead, directly in the middle of the village. She was kneeling next to a stump, separating the stalks of some kind of plant into separate piles. One pile had the largest of the stalks while the other seemed to be smaller discards.

"I thought you went for fish!" the girl said, standing up suddenly with a shocked look on her face. I froze. She was naked too! This time I knew my eyes weren't deceiving me. She was immensely pretty, a young brunette with high cheekbones and dimples. I wondered if I should look away but I couldn't help myself. My gaze slipped all over her naked body, taking in her flat chest and the perfect pair of pink nipples, the plump little bottom, and the almost invisible cleft between her legs. She had the same trim, athletic build as Rose, and she looked like she was even younger

"I found him at the beach," Rose said, as the other girl rushed over and stood in front of me with an awed expression. She took me in with almost disbelieving eyes, scanning me up and down before finally fixing on my crotch with a look of confusion. I looked down. Damn. Seeing her lovely body and how her bottom bounced as she ran over had finally pushed me over the edge. I was getting hard. Funny that that still worked with how much everything else in my body hurt.

"I can go back for the fish, Tina." Rose said. "Can you help him lie down? He's hurt." Tina stopped staring at my growing crotch long enough to take my hand.

"I'll be right back." Rose said, smiling up at me as if to reassure me as Tina led me away by the hand. I followed lamely, bare feet trundling on the walkway of bamboo-like reeds. Tina pushed aside a hanging flap of woven leaves on one of the huts and led me inside.

"Here, lie down, lie down..." she said, guiding me to a hammock of fibers hanging between the walls. I groaned as I tumbled into it. The soreness would probably take a while to go away. I was lucky to be alive. Or maybe I wasn't. Maybe I had died and gone to heaven. The pain in my head managed to convince me otherwise.

"What's your name?" she asked me.


"Hmm." She turned her head this way and that as if perplexed. "Adam. What a weird name."

She turned and began to do something at a small table on the other wall. I couldn't resist following her with my gaze, admiring her backside. She was perfectly tanned, as if she spent a huge amount of time in the sun. No tanlines anywhere, not even from a bikini. Astonishing. I let my curious gaze drop to her bottom again - a perfect pair of little globes, and I felt a sudden urge to reach out and squeeze them.

She turned around, holding something in a tin cup.

"Here, drink this," she said, handing me the cup. "The leaves will help with the hurt."

I looked into the cup. She had crumbled some kind of dried herbs into it. I threw my head back and glugged it down. The cold water felt glorious in my mouth. I hadn't realized how thirsty I had been.

"Tina, I need to, other people. Adults," I said.

She pressed my shoulders with her hands, urging me to lay back on the hammock. "We're the only people here," she said. "But don't worry mister. We'll take care of you. You'll be feeling better in no time."

"Where are you parents?" I ventured.

Tina gave me a confused look, seemingly just as befuddled by Rose at my question.

"Who?" she asked.

"Er, nevermind. Who runs things around here? Who's in charge?"

"Well, Rose is the oldest," Tina said. "She's 12. I'm 11. Melanie's 10. But we're all in charge I guess." She shrugged.

This wasn't making any sense. Everything was feeling foggy. I opened my mouth to ask another question and a yawn came out instead.

"The leaves make you sleepy too," Tina said. "You look like you should sleep though."

"Yeah...uh, I will, Tina. I'll go to sleep..." I yawned again, unable to stop myself, and let my weary eyes close. The hammock was actually quite nice, laying on my side like this. It swayed ever so slightly in a pleasing rhythm. I should sleep, recover my strength. I'll find someone tomorrow, I thought, beginning to drift off. I didn't how I would ever tell this story to anyone - crashing into the sea, washing up onto an island with naked little girls. I'd be called a pervert just for that alone. Maybe the girls were part of some native tribe that was comfortable with nudity? That must be it.

My eyes flew open in shock when the hammock moved and Tina snuggled up against me.

"W-what..." I sputtered.

"Well, it's my hammock," she said, blinking her eyes innocently at me. "And I'm kind of tired too. Rose will be back in a couple hours and then we'll eat some fish." She yawned in my face then turned over and snuggled closer, pressing her naked backside up against me. I swallowed. I was beginning to sweat, and not just from the tropical humidity. This was probably a good way to get arrested, but Tina seemed quite comfortable with it. Well, I was too hurt to move anyway. It would be ok. My thoughts moved sluggishly, trying to justify my predicament.

Tina was already fast asleep, her breathing steady and her skin warm against mine. Her body had a light sheen of perspiration from the heat, and it rubbed slickly where we were making contact. I found myself entertaining thoughts I had never consciously considered before. Both Tina and Rose were immensely attractive girls. I would have called them knockouts and left it safely at that if I had met them back at home, but now I seriously wondered if I wanted to leave it at that. My cock was already growing hard, pressing against the cleft of Tina's bottom. She murmured and moved gently in her sleep, buttcheeks rubbing against my shaft. I shivered.

No. I tried to ignore the growing voice of desire in me. I wasn't a pervert...was I? Maybe I had had some thoughts a few times. What guy hasn't, with the way little girls dress these days? But that was it. Just thoughts. Intangible. Easily dismissed. But the naked body of the little girl pressed up against me was very tangible indeed, and the gentle sway of the hammock wasn't helping. My hardening prick was sliding along her bottom.

I had been carefully resting my arm against my side, trying to keep to myself, but it was too uncomfortable. I let my arm drape over the girl cuddling against me. Her skin was soft and warm, inviting. My fingers worked a slow caress up from her hip, feeling the perfect curves, fingertips closing in on that lovely sweep of her flat chest. My last reservations faded, and I let my hand clutch her breast, the barest mound of a little girl that had scarcely begun to grow. My fingertips found her nipple and pinched, and Tina moaned in her sleep and shivered against me.

Fuck. That did it. The gentle slide of my cock against her ass, the feeling of her warm prepubescent body snuggling against me, the brush of her tiny nipple under my fingertips - I came, my cock suddenly roaring to life and throbbing as it gushed like a firehose against the little 11-year-old butt. I shook in the hammock, trying not to gasp in her ear, hoping she wouldn't wake up and scream or something. Spurt after spurt of cum oozed out and I could feel it trickling into a gooey mess in the tight space between our bodies. Aw hell. I shuddered a final time and managed to lie still, seeing stars from the intensity of the orgasm.

Tina was still sleeping. Thank god. Had I really just cum all over the naked body of an 11-year-old? I was surprised to find that I didn't find the idea repulsive at all. She was an incredibly pretty girl. I was burning with the desire to do even more, to run my slick cock farther between her legs, up against her tiny little pussy. How old did a girl have to be before my cock would fit inside her? I shook my head, trying to banish the thought.

Just a one-time thing. Yeah. That's fine. I knew the scorn that everyone would heap on me if this ever got out, but it was just a one-time indiscretion. Could have happened to any guy under the circumstances. Sure. I liked women, I reassured myself, not 11-year-olds. Except Theresa had been boring in bed and pushing my cock against this little girl's asshole had been the most intense climax I had had in years. But nevermind all of that.

There was just one small problem though...what if Tina woke up? She'd probably freak out at the mystery goo all over her butt. How much did she even know about sex? She had eyed my cock with fascination as though she had never seen one before. I had to bury the evidence.

Reaching down, I swept the goo from between her buttcheeks. I could feel it in oozing blobs on my fingers. What a mess. I had got most of it. I doubted I could get any more without waking her up. I shook my hand, trying to flick my semen off of it. It stuck. Damnit.

How to dispose of it? I looked around, out of ideas, until I looked at Tina to make sure she was still sleeping. Her mouth was slightly open, her breathing steady. Sound asleep and none the wiser...

Impulsively, I brushed my fingers against her lips, carefully pushing the sticky runners of my jizz between them. She'd have a weird taste in her mouth when she woke up, but she'd dismiss it. The thought of my cum melting on her tongue and trickling down into her stomach filled me with a strange arousal. I had got most of it. With how sweaty we were I didn't think she would notice the remaining semen at all.

There. The perfect crime. Or the perfect something. Nobody would ever be the wiser. My thoughts were growing much foggier now as the leaves I had drunk took over. I yawned again, and rested my sticky hand against Tina's bare breast as I drifted off to sleep.

The gentle swishing sound of the grass flap is what woke me. Opening my eyes, I was greeted by the sight of a gorgeous little blonde girl crouching over me, staring into my eyes.

"Hi." Her voice was small and adorable, just like her.

"Hi," I said drowsily. The pain in my head was gone. That was something.

"I got you some food," the blonde girl said, straightening up. My breath caught in my throat. The girl was naked, and as beautiful as a model. Delicate shoulders, tiny pert nippes, a flat chest and smooth, tight tummy. Her sweet little cunt peeked out shyly from between her legs.

"Here," she said, waving the plate in my face with a giggle. She had been holding it out. I hadn't even noticed, mesmerized by her beauty. Sheepishly, I took the plate. It had cooked fish, berries and some kind of weird fruit that I didn't recognize.

"Thanks," I said, sitting up gingerly. I still hurt but it was much better than yesterday. My muscles didn't ache and my ribs didn't feel like they were on fire anymore.

"What's your name?" I asked the girl, digging into the food with my fingers. I was ravenous.

"Melanie," she said, crossing her arms behind her with a pouty expression that managed to make her even cuter.

"H-how old are you Melanie?"

She giggled again. "I'm 10. Duh. Didn't Tina tell you?"

I guess she had. My memories of last night were a little foggy. Had I cum all over an 11-year-old girl's ass and then put the evidence in her mouth before sleeping the entire day and night away? My body must have really needed the rest. It seemed to have done me good though.

"You feelin' ok?" She leaned into me again and I sat back in surprise. Her expression was earnest, forward, like she was a doctor and I was her patient.

"Better than yesterday, at least," I mumbled. Melanie was looking at me with interest. I suddenly felt very self-conscious about my nakedness, even though I probably shouldn't have. These girls seemed as comfortable with my nudity as they were with theirs.

My fingers touched the wooden surface of the plate and I looked down in amazement. I had eaten it all already. Melanie was still staring at me, all bright eyes with an eager posture. I handed the plate back to her.

"Wow, you were HUNGRY," she said, looking at the empty plate with disbelief. "That was the last of our Ojanka fruit. It's my turn to get some more. Want to come with me?"

"Um...sure," I said, feeling a rumbling thrill at the prospect of going anywhere with this lovely little thing. I rolled my legs off the hammock and put my feet on the ground, then stood up tentatively.

Melanie backed up in surprise. She was a pretty small girl, and I think it startled her to see how tall I was. I felt a lot more steady on my feet than I had yesterday.

"Awesome, you'll be able to carry a LOT of fruit," she said enthusiastically. She beckoned to me and then turned and pushed the grass flap aside to leave the hut. I followed.

The harsh glare of the sun was like a punch in the face. I winced, shielding my eyes, but they soon adjusted. Melanie had put my plate on a little table with what looked like other dishes and grabbed 3 bags made of some kind of woven fiber net. She handed a pair to me.

"You get TWO sacks, Adam," she said, giggling to herself as if this was the funniest thing in the world. I took them both and grinned back at her.

"Where are the others?" I asked, looking around the village. Lazy smoke drifted from the furnace but there was no other sign of activity.

"Rose went to get some more Kempa leaves. You drank the last of what we had. I think Tina went to get some more of those pretty rocks in the forest for some reason. They'll be back by the time we get back."

"Oh." I wondered if I could handle that, 3 naked underage girls in close proximity. And just where would I be sleeping, I wondered. I definitely wouldn't mind sharing Tina's hammock if she wanted. Or any of them, come to think of it. The thought brought back that low thrill, and I felt a rush of blood to my crotch.

"Er, maybe we should get going," I suggested quickly. Melanie nodded and slung the bag over her shoulder and led us up the path out of the village.

Maybe if she walked ahead of me, she wouldn't see my erection, I thought. I wondered if she had seen an erection before. She had looked at my crotch with just as much surprise and interest as the others had. I didn't think she had seen a man's penis before. Of course not, I chided myself. She's only 10 you pervert! Still, I could barely keep my eyes off her as we followed the path up a series of rocky switchbacks. Her bottom was high and tight, her hips narrow. She had the whitest skin of all the girls.

"We have to climb up here," she said, when we reached the rock face. "Can you do it?"

"Sure," I said. I felt a lot better. A bit of climbing wasn't out of the question.

"Ok." Melanie turned and grabbed hold of some rocky protrusions and hoisted herself up. I gawked. She scrambled up the handholds like a spider and before I knew it she was over my head. I grabbed the rocks and began to follow her lead.

"How high up is it?" I called.

"Not very high. Just a little more," she said.

I climbed after her, looking up. I missed my handhold more than once, distracted by the sight of the little 10-year-old pussy flashing just a couple feet above me. The lips of her cunt were so thin, bald and totally smooth, cupping the tiny little cleft of her vagina. I felt my heart racing, and not just from the climb. Was I really getting turned on by a little girl's pussy? Damn straight I was, I thought. After cumming on Tina last night I somehow felt much more comfortable with the notion, even though I had never really given much thought to little girls during my life. I wondered what my friends and coworkers would say if they could see me now, mesmerized by the sight of a prepubescent little cunny flashing just above my face. Disgusted, probably. Except for John. That fucker would probably give me a thumbs up.

"Here," she called, scrambling up over the edge. I followed, grunting as I pulled myself up. Above the ledge was a flat area with trees dotted all around. They looked different than the tropical trees I had seen in the forest. Fruit trees, I realized, spotting the weird-looking fruit hanging low in the branches. They were hairy like coconuts, but colored more like a pear.

"Usually we just pick up whatever's fallen," Melanie explained, searching around near the base of a tree. I helped her look. We picked up a couple of the fruits and put them in our netted bags. They were soft and yielding, almost like an orange.

"Doesn't seem like much," I said.

"Yeah. We'll have to get them another way." Melanie grasped the thin trunk of one of the trees and began shaking. I covered my mouth with my hand to stop from laughing. She looked so funny - an absolutely tiny little girl shaking this big tree. The trunk barely quivered from her efforts.

"Here, let me help." I stepped over and began shoving the trunk with a hefty rhythm, trying to make it sway. It worked a little, and a few more fruits dropped to the ground.

"It's still not enough," Melanie complained. "If you always eat like that we need a lot more. Normally it's just us 3.

"Well", I said, thinking. "How about I give you a boost?"

"A boost?" She scrunched up her nose, confused. It made her look like a little animal.

"Yeah. Here."

I hooked my hands under her armpits from behind and hauled her off the ground. She squealed with delight and kicked her legs, surprised. She didn't weigh very much at all. I lifted her over my head and set her on my shoulders.

"How's that?" I asked.

"Wow!" She gave her customary giggle, swinging her legs against my chest. She seemed pleased. "You're so strong!"

"See if you can reach any more of the fruit," I said, staggering slightly as I maneuvered. I was already sweating from the hot sun, and a surge of blood was flowing into my cock yet again. The skin of her thighs was so soft where I was holding her, and I tried not to think about that sweet little cunt I had been admiring brushing the back of my neck.

"I think...I think I can..." Melanie's thighs squeezed me even tighter as she stretched. Her fingers were just barely brushing the bottoms of the fruits.

"Almost...there! Got it!" She plucked a fruit triumphantly and laughed, then held her prize down for me to see.

"Great!" I said as she put the fruit in her bag. "Let's get some more."

Melanie squealed with delight, kicking her legs like I was a horse she was riding. She seemed like a very excitable little girl. I moved her around from fruit to fruit, plucking several until her bag was full and she was handing them down to me to put in my own bags.

"We've never had so many!" she said excitedly. "These will last us for days."

"What did you say they were called again?" I asked.

"Ojanka. They're really sweet."

"I remember," I said, thinking back to the fruit I had had for breakfast.

"Let's get one more. That one!" She pointed excitedly. "Look at how big it is!"

I craned my head trying to see. The fruits were a little smaller than cantaloupes, but this particular one was as big as a bowling ball. It seemed to swell with juicy ripeness.

"Can you reach it? It's really high up."

"Of course I can!" she spouted, reaching her arms up as high as she could. "Lift me up higher!"

I did my best. It didn't seem like enough. I saw her fingertips just barely brush the bottom of the fruit. She couldn't get a grip.

"Higher!" she laughed. "Come on Adam!"

I strained myself as best I could. We were almost there. I got up on my tiptoes, legs shaking.

"I think...I got it...yes!"

I felt a sudden weight pulling me forward, like a rock held high overhead. I yelled as we toppled forward. I tried to fall so that Melanie would hit me instead of the ground, and felt something gooey splatter against my shoulderblades as Melanie landed on my back.

"Oof!" I broke my fall with my hands as best I could. Melanie rolled off of me, laughing hysterically.

"Oh my gosh!" She shrieked. I groaned and looked up. The Ojanka fruit had exploded, crushed against me by her weight. It seemed it was soft inside like the core of a cantaloupe. Orange juice and gooey shards of fruit covered her skin everywhere.

"Aaaagh!" Melanie laughed, shaking her arms. "It's so sticky! Oh it got eeeeverywhere!" She giggled maniacally, then fixed me with a stare of mock seriousness. "This is your fault!"

"MY fault?!" I protested. "You were the one holding the darn thing!"

"Well you were supposed to hold me steady!" Melanie picked up a piece of goop from her belly and flung it at me wetly.

"Hey!" I laughed, slapping the gunk away. "Stop that!"

Melanie screeched playfully and began throwing more pieces of fruit at me. There was so much of it.

"No fair!" I threw some of the pieces back and she howled with laughter. We flung gunky chunks of fruit at each other like maniacs. A big piece hit me in the face even as I tried to flinch away, and I tasted sweet juice in my mouth.

"That's it!" I jumped at her, bowling her over on the grass. Melanie was hysterical with laughter. She picked up another piece of fruit and pummelled me with it at point blank range. I held her flailing arms down with my hands as I straddled her.


"No fair, you're too big!" she protested, struggling underneath me.

"You started it," I smirked. She calmed slightly, her naked chest heaving as she lay underneath me. We looked into each other's eyes. She was so cute, like a cheerful little angel with bits of fruit tangled in her hair. Her skin was covered with juice and gunk. On an impulse, I bent and licked a prominent piece off of her chest.

"Eeek!" She squealed and wiggled underneath me. "Hey!"

"Can't let you have any more ammo," I grinned, feeling the fruit juices dribblng down my chin. "You can't be trusted." I bent and licked her again, running my tongue along a long stretch of her flawless skin. "Besides, look how dirty you are."

"No thanks to you," she smirked poutily. "You going to clean me up?"

I began to lick furiously in answer. Melanie squirmed, then began to shiver underneath me. I drew my tongue in long strokes across her chest, tasting the sweetness. My tongue flicked out and touched her nipples each time I crossed them. Melanie was panting excitedly. My tongue worked lower and lower, descending to her belly, enjoying every tasty inch of her little 10-year-old body.

"Ooooh." Her eyes were fluttering. "F-...feels good. I feel funny."

The tiny points of her nipples had hardened. Her legs were trembling between mine. My erection was at full mast - a painful, throbbing storm in my crotch. I wanted this little girl so badly. I wanted to push my cock in her like I had never wanted anything else. She was delightful, a laughing little imp full of girlish playfulness. I let her arms go and moved my head down further to her navel. A big chunk of fruit was there and I swallowed it, then cleaned up the juice by tonguing her belly button.

"Gruuuuh, Oh..." she moaned awkwardly and swallowed. I felt her fingers curl in my hair as I descended. My licking tongue was closing on her labia. I could feel its heat against my chin, slick with fruit juices and her own arousal. I took my time, teasing her, feeling how she was wiggling as her excitement grew. So little, just 10 years old, but the flush of pleasure growing in her neck was as clear as day.

She twitched on the grass and squeaked when my tongue finally flicked against her bald little cunny lips. She was so pretty down here, puffy and bare, a crimson blush swelling along the edges. Slowly, I ran my tongue up and down, tasting the distinct tang of the fruit mixed with the unfamiliar juices of a little girl's excitement. They went together perfectly. Her crotch quivered against my lips as she moaned, her tiny body vibrating from the pleasure of a man touching her special place for the first time. I worked my tongue in steady strokes, picking up the pace, feeling her breathing quicken and her hips begin to shudder.

My mind was spinning. Theresa had never wanted to do oral at all, and now here I was licking the twitching cunt of a little 10-year-old. It was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. My blood thundered in my ears as I kept the pressure on, licking and sucking madly. Melanie's whole body was trembling, her finger in her mouth as she panted erotically on the cusp of her first climax. I flicked my tongue crazily, slathering her with saliva, then locked my lips against the tiny bud of her clit and began to suck as hard as I could.

Melanie exploded, shrieking with ecstasy. Her legs kicked around my ears. Her genitals throbbed against my lips, swollen with pleasure, and I could feel the vibrations racing through her cunt. A fresh batch of her juices flooded into my mouth and I sucked them down greedily. I dug my face in as hard as I could, riding her orgasm along with her and feeling it race in her body like a motor, purring as it revved through the apex of her orgasm and then began to slowly dwindle to a steady idle. My scalp hurt slightly where her hands were clenched in my hair in a deathgrip. Her muscles strained as the last vestiges of pleasure swirled through them, then she went slack, heaving with labored breath.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she sighed, eyes still fluttering. I let up the pressure on her cunt finally. The delicious musk of little girl fluids coated my lips and chin in a greasy sheen. I was shaking myself, wild with passion having watched this tiny little girl reach her first orgasm on the end of my flicking tongue.

"What...what...what WAS that. Ohhhh, Adam." She looked down at me, eyes glazed, uncomprehending.

"That's sex. Or at least one kind of sex," I said.

"Sex?" She mouthed the work awkwardly like she had never heard it. Maybe she never had. "Is that what it's called?"

I nodded. "Yeah. But that's just the beginning Melanie." I sat back on my haunches, looking down at her with her legs spread wide open on the grass, the tiny little hole between her legs glinting invitingly.

"There's...more?" Her voice was pregnant with disbelief.

I nodded and scooted forward. Melanie's eyes went down, then widened in shock when she saw my cock. It was full to bursting, tinged so red it was almost purple. I don't think I had ever been so hard in my life, and it was for this beautiful, innocent little girl. All doubt had flown from my mind. She wasn't too young. She was perfect. In that moment I knew what I had repressed for so many years. I knew I wanted this 10-year-old girl like I had never wanted anyone in my life. I knew I would never be able to go back to regular women after tasting the sweet virginal juice of a twitching little preteen.

Melanie's eyes got even wider when she felt my cock flop against her navel. I was panting wildly. I gripped her thighs, spreading them farther apart, then took hold of my waving cock and began to slide it up and down the juicy little furrow of the girl's sex, coating my glans with her juices, letting her cunt feel the velvet iron of a man's hard cock pressing against it for the first time.


Melanie's eyes closed again and she moaned. I reached up with my other hand, rubbing her bare chest, squeezing it, feeling the slight mounds of her tiny breasts. She had barely cum for the first time and she already looked ready for another round. I was ready to explode myself. After getting my cock good and wet, I lodged the tip at the entrance to her tight little tunnel.

"Ok Melanie," I said. "This is sex for real, and it will be the best thing you've ever felt." I leaned closer so my face was hovering over hers. "The only thing is that it might hurt the first time. But after that, it will never hurt again. I'm going to take it slow sweetie, ok? If it hurts too much you tell me."

She nodded, flushed and uncertain. I took a deep breath. Could I even fit in a 10-year-old? Was she big enough? No power in the universe could have stopped me from trying though. Gingerly, I pressed forward, squeezing until the tip of my cock popped into the juicy gap. Melanie twitched again and squealed, and I let her rest for a moment.

"Ok honey. I'm going a little further. Doing ok?"

She nodded her head shakily. I could already feel the press of her barrier. Best to do it quickly. I gave a quick thrust, burying an inch of my cock into the tight confines of the little girl's vagina.

Her arms and legs flailed briefly and she squealed again. I was through. I held steady and let her quivering die down. Her eyes were locked on mine, beginning to fill with tears.

"That's the part that hurts," I assured her. "But from here on out Melanie you'll like it."

She nodded again. She seemed to trust me. Her hand closed around mine when I reached for her chest again and her fingers curled into my grasp. Holding her hand, I began a slow pressure, squeezing more of my fat cock into her unbearably cramped pussy. I could feel the twitching muscles enveloping me, giving way slowly and then straining desperately around the rigid cockmeat inside her. I wondered how far I would get. Another gentle push and I was 2 inches deep. 2 inches inside this lovely, twitching, panting little virgin girl. She was shaking on the grass, her hand clenching my wrist. I pulled out a tiny bit, easing the pressure, and she groaned and tightened her grip, as if begging me not to leave. I slowly pushed in again, establishing a gentle rhythm that squeezed aside her pussy walls with each thrust. God, she was so tight. Not even the copious juices that had flooded her tunnel could lubricate that slide. Her body trembled, hanging on the verge between pain and pleasure.

Bit by bit, I increased the pace, gaining a fraction of an inch each time, sinking my bulging cock even deeper into Melanie's tiny cunt. She gave way slowly but surely, opening up to me, spreading her legs as wide as she could instinctively. My cock was sliding eagerly inside her now, the glistening streaks of my precum mixing with her own internal juices. She was so pretty, so beautiful with her long blonde hair stretched out underneath her. I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. The tight, gripping heat of her insides was squeezing me like a vice, pleading, begging me deeper, calling for what I was about to give her.

I planted my hands to either side of her and began thrusting harder, driving my prick deeper into the little girl. She squealed but didn't tell me to stop. I had another inch in now, and I felt myself knock against the very bottom of her cervix. I looked down. I was maybe a third of the way in, but I wasn't complaining. A deep shudder passed over me, leaving me trembling from the heady rush of pleasure. It was heaven. I had never known a little girl's cunt would feel this amazing. If I had, I would have chosen to fuck kids all my life. My motions came faster now, driving harder and deeper, as if desperate to make up for lost time. Melanie's back was scraping on the grass, her whole body jolted each time I bottomed out. I crouched forward, getting closer to her, moving the angles of our bodies so I was thrusting down into her. Her thighs brushed my hips, coming up on their own, and I felt her lock her legs behind me. Such a good girl. She knew what to do. My pelvis was bucking wildly now, my hips racing in a blur and piledriving Melanie's pulsing pussy against the ground. She screamed. I felt her fingers against the back of my neck, pulling me to her desperately. I fell against her until our chests were touching, and buried her in a wild kiss. Passion flooded me like a geyser. Her lips squirmed against mine even as her cunt writhed and gripped me. I felt my balls swell as a crescendo built in my crotch, a stirring stormfront flickering with streaks of lightning ecstasy that raced up my spine. Faster and faster I pounded the little girl, banging into her like a whore, like a slut, like the crazed and shaking little 10-year-old cunt that she was.

We exploded together. I rammed as deeply into her as I could go and held on. My cock throbbed mercilessly, cushioned by the quaking vibrations of her tight pussy walls, and then exploded like a firehose. Clenching spasms milked me as if hungry for my sperm. It shot out in a torrent, flooding the tight space deep inside her cunt. She was shaking beneath me, overcome by her first experience of being fucked by a man. Sweat lubricated the agonized pleasure of our chests sliding against each other, her tiny nipples scraping my belly. My muscles jerked. Lightning strobed behind me eyes. My body descended into an anarchy of bliss as my cock leaped and pumped sperm deep into the little girl that I had penetrated. I felt the juice moving, warm fluid seeping like a river, and knew it was washing up past her cervix and into her womb, the little girl's first helping of semen gushing inside her. She thrashed underneath me in her own climax, rapture on her face as she basked in the thrill of a man's prick buried in her cunt and pumping her full of seed. The vortex of my own climax set the world spinning and my senses merged into one continuous spasm of exalted, blinding pleasure.

The intensity began to drain like a receding wave, leaving blissful serenity. One by one, my thoughts began to order themselves. I was on soft grass, someone wiggling beneath me. The girl. Melanie. Our bodies were sticky with dried juice and sweat. I had collapsed on her, burying her. The poor girl was half my size. I pushed myself up.

"Wow!" Her rosy smile suited her crimson blush. "That was...that was..."

I bent down to kiss her, burying her words. Our lips locked. She was an uncertain kisser, but we could fix that. I let our mouths play together for a few minutes, feeling each other's panting breath, before breaking the kiss.

"That's sex," I murmured. "Like it?"

"Oh god YEAH!" Her enthusiasm was unrestrained. "Let's do it again!"

I laughed and kissed her forehead. "We will, don't worry." As much as I would have loved to lay here in the brilliant sun all day making love to this sweet little vixen, I felt rather shaky. My body was still weak. I'd need a few hours at least before engaging this delicious little thing in the wild sexathon that we both craved.

With a groan I pulled out. My cock popped out with a regretful plurping sound. Melanie collapsed like a deflated balloon and I rolled onto the grass next to her. We lay there for a while in contented bliss, silent, the sun beating down on our bare bodies. Eventually I turned and managed to get to my feet. Melanie followed me.

"We should probably get back," Melanie said, picking up the bags of fruit and handing two of them to me. "Tina and Rose will be wondering where we are."

"Hmmm. No rush." I grinned as I caressed the naked girl's shoulder. She smiled up at me with a deep, contented grin of satisfaction.

She moved to lead the way back down. I smacked her bottom as she turned and she leaped and squealed, then giggled at me. She still had a fair amount of juice all over her in sticky orange patches, and white globs of semen were beginning to ooze out of her cunt and trickle down her thighs. The sun seemed to catch her hair in a lustrous shine. She was truly gorgeous. An island beauty.

She gave me a final flattering smile, then I followed her as we walked back to the ledge.

There was that fog again. It seemed to come and go in a ring around the island, hovering low over the water far out on the ocean. I used my hand to shade my eyes from the sun and squinted from my vantage on the promontory. Still no boats. No planes. No nothing. It was like civilization had never touched these shores.

And my little trip around the island had yielded nothing, other than the confirmation that I was entirely cut off from the outside world. There were no other people on the island, no other buildings. Nothing. Just a verdant tropical wilderness stretching up from the sandy shores to the high volcanic peak, dotted here and there with lagoons of crystal clear water.

With a sigh I turned away and started back down the path. Jungle birds and wild animals chirped and hooted from deep in the foliage all around me. There was life here, but no people. Other than the girls, and me. Just one man and three underage girls, alone on this island. I pondered that as I wandered the path back down to the lower jungle. My questions this morning to all three of them hadn't told me much. They seemed to have been here a long time. The island was all they knew, but they seemed quite happy here.

The path branched, and I took a fork at random. It led me along the top of a slope studded with scree. The plants here were bursting with flowers in every kind of color. Vivid, bright hues of flagrant orange and red and yellow. Some kind of monkey chittered from the branches overhead and scampered away into the rustling branches as I passed underneath. I found my thoughts returning again to yesterday, to Melanie, to the things we had done at the fruit grove and then later. Rose had made a dinner of berries and some kind of chewy vegetable grilled over the fire. Afterwards darkness had fallen surprisingly quickly as we sat around the campfire in the center of their humble little village. They had wanted to know everything about me, eagerly probing and bombarding me with questions, but I think most of my answers had gone over their heads. The world outside was mostly a mystery to them it seemed. We had turned in shortly after dark, with Melanie proudly announcing that I should stay in her hammock to the giggles of the other girls. Once there, she had been very enthusiastic to repeat what we had done earlier. It had taken a while before she was satisfied. Who knew a 10-year-old would love sex so much?

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a quick glint of something. Metal, maybe. I turned to look. There was a little overhang of roots here, and a cavity underneath large enough for a man. It looked like it would provide adequate shelter from the rain. I crouched down to get a closer look, and saw an aging bed of grass and leaves piled in the depression in the center. Had someone lived here? I looked around and spotted it: the corner of some kind of box was sticking out of the dirt, the rest of it half buried. I reached down and tugged at it until it came loose, and found myself holding what looked like a large steel toolbox.

Someone else HAD been here. I brushed the dirt and gunk off of the latch, then pulled the lid open. Inside was a treasure trove: simple tools - a hammer, crowbar, a pair of pliers and an assortment of metal nails. They were all aged and rusted. I stirred my fingers through the mess. There was more here too. An assortment of colorful shells formed a pile in the corner, as if they were souvenirs. I pushed aside a tangled bundle of wires to find what looked like a radio circuit board. It was filthy and corroded far beyond repair. There were parts of other electronic devices mixed haphazardly with everythings. I dug deeper and found a compass and some kind of handheld meter attached to a stainless steel tube with a short cord. I pulled them out and set them aside. Beneath was the faded green cover to some kind of book. I pulled it out gently, trying to keep it from falling apart.

The pages were yellowed with age, barely legible. It was old. I began to thumb through it: there was a nautical log, several tables of some kind of scientific measurements, and a torn map of the South Pacific. The second half of the book was dedicated to some kind of journal, and when I saw the Japanese script things began to click into place. Luckily I remembered enough of the language from my college days to make some sense of it.

It looked like the toolbox had belonged to a Japanese scientist who had been doing marine biology research after the war. He had been on a ship, though I couldn't be certain of his destination, when some kind of freak storm swept the ocean and his ship had lost visibility with the other ships accompanying him. It was a bit hard to make out the account with my limited vocabulary, but it seemed they had been forced to abandon ship. He had been lost at sea along with lots of other sailors. He had washed up here later, malnourished, half-drowned, and heavily wounded.

I turned the pages, reading with great interest. He described being found by three young girls. He had spent months convalescing in their care. They spoke English and he didn't though, so he was never able to figure out how they had come to be on the island. There were some more charts and tables, most of which I couldn't understand. Once he had recovered he had been doing some kind of scientific measurements. As I read, I could almost feel the frustration growing day after day as he meticulously recorded everything he observed. None of his observations made sense to him. The tidal measurements were wildly inconsistent. The same was true of his astronomical observations. The flora and fauna on the island didn't correspond to any species he knew. He had fashioned a spyglass at some point, but it had been useless since visibility was always blocked by the thick fog around the island. His instruments had been limited to what had washed ashore with him - scattered wreckage from his ship, apparently. The toolbox had been a major find. He had hoped to build a radio, but judging from the state of what I saw in the box that hadn't panned out. I began to page forward through the journal until the entries stopped abruptly. The last one was dated in 1947.

Feeling dizzy, I put the book down. Over 70 years. Everything in the toolbox was all aged and rusted, but it couldn't have been that old. I picked up the compass, staring at it. It still worked. Or rather, it didn't work at all. The needle spun randomly no matter how I pointed it, never settling on any direction.

I put everything back in the toolbox and slammed the lid shut, then pulled it after me as I crawled out of the space. It swung heavily in my hand as I walked back down the path into the dense part of the jungle. The island didn't seem to be all that large, and after half an hour I was approaching the village again from a high, twisting path composed of dark volcanic rock. I wiped my hand across my forehead as I looked down on the village. I was covered in sweat from the walk. The beating sun made the climate comfortably warm even though I was nude. It had only been a couple of days but already I felt like I was growing used to it.

I pondered the little village as I approached, seeing it from above for the first time. It was a quaint assortment of slightly ramshackle structures and uneven overhangs made mostly of those sturdy reeds that had been strung together like sheets of bamboo and other materials that seemed to have been scavenged. I could see plastic and metal scraps shoring up many of the weaker parts and even forming small stilts to help hold up the foundations. Each of the buildings was at a slightly different height, with small ladders and ropes to aid in the short climbs between them. Some shared roofs and walls, and everything connected in a way that felt like it had grown organically rather than been designed. Walkways of reeds and a pair of little rope bridges on the upper levels reminded me of an elaborate treehouse I had made with my friends when I was a kid living in the country. Had the girls made all this themselves? It seemed unlikely. Maybe someone had taught them. I resolved to ask, but a lot of my questions had been met with frustratingly vague answers already. I didn't think the girls were holding anything back, they were just genuinely unaware of certain things in a way that left me completely perplexed.

I saw Tina working on something at a small table as I approached. She was bent over and facing away from me, weaving strands of fiber to hold together some kind of box tied at the top with a long stretch of fibrous rope. The rest of the rope was coiled haphazardly on the table. I stopped for a moment to admire the view: her long dark hair cascaded most of the way down her back to where her plump little bottom was stuck out, perfectly tanned, a pair of unblemished little globes of tender flesh gleaming with a light sheen of sweat. Her thighs were athletic, trim, but soft-looking, and the gentle curve of her back and slender hips was intensely erotic. I licked my lips. I had never thought about how lovely naked little girls could be before I came here, but now I seemed to be having trouble thinking of anything else when I looked at them.

"Oh, hi Adam," Tina said, straightening up when I stepped up on the covered platform. The shade was a welcome relief from the sun. Tina eyed the metal toolbox as I hefted it and set it on one of the tables.

"Where'd you find that?" she asked with interest.

"Out in the jungle," I said. "It has some tools inside. They could be useful."

Tina's eyes flicked briefly to the box then turned away, as if she didn't want to look at it. Instead she bent and lifted a medium-sized corrugated metal sheet up from a pile of scraps and held it out.

"We can use this to shore up the roof over the kitchen. It's been leaking during the storms again. A lot of water washes down onto it from above so the thatch isn't holding up."

"Where'd you get the metal?" I asked, taking the sheet into my hands. It was slightly corroded, but still strong. A line of rivets studded the underside, rusted, with a few missing near the edges. There was an assortment of other solid materials in the pile of scraps.

"The beach." She shrugged nonchalantly. "A lot of things wash up here. I'm usually the one to go get it and bring it back. Things break sometimes but we can usually fix them if we have the right stuff."

I bent and dropped the sheet back onto the pile. "You have a lot of tools here already. Did you make all this yourself?"

"Yeah," Tina said, looking away as she said it. "Mostly. We need things to cut up the Ojanka or chop the Seaewe reeds. And to get fish. Oh! That reminds me." She turned to look at me again. "Can you help me with something?"

"Sure," I said, grinning.

"I tried to make a crab trap out of something I found. Our last one was smashed by the waves during a storm so we haven't had crabs in a long time. I want to see if it's full this morning."

She was gathering her hair as she talked, reaching back to pull the dark strands into a ponytail and tying it with with a little metal clip. I realized I was grinning - she really was stunning, with a fresh, honest face and a determined bent to her delicate jaw. The sun had darkened her skin to a delicious bronze color, and the soft sweep of her flat chest and little nipples drew my gaze like a magnet. I found myself thinking of what I had done to her a couple nights ago, rubbing my prick along the little cleft of her preteen ass until I came all over her, and suddenly felt a powerful urge to repeat the experience

The thoughts provoked a fresh surge of blood in my cock. It was getting hard as I eyefucked the naked little girl in front of me. She looked so small and delicate as she stared up at me with that sweetly crooked smile. Her eyes dropped, seeing my prick beginning to thicken and fill out, pointing directly at her undeveloped breasts from a few inches away.

"Why does it do that?" she asked curiously, looking back up at me again with an expression of perfect innocence.

", well you see it', because when a guy, um..." I was babbling. A hot flash of embarrassment began to creep up my neck. There was no reason to be shy, considering I had crammed my cock into her little friend just yesterday, but somehow the innocence of her question caught me off guard.

Tina laughed at my stutter, then poked a finger out curiously to rest it against the tip of my bulging cock. She gave it a tiny flick, making it bounce in the air. I shuddered at her touch.

"Wow!" she laughed, her eyes following the bobbing organ. "It's so weird."

"Maybe we should check the crab trap," I suggested, beginning to sweat again even though we were in the shade. Not that I didn't like her touching me. I had liked it a lot. Too much, maybe. If she did it again I didn't think I'd be able to resist pushing her over that little table and shoving my cock against that cute little butt again.

She giggled again and nodded, and I followed her out of the covered area. We set off down the path with her leading and me following close behind, trying to nurse an erection that was growing borderline painful as I looked at her. There was something intense and irresistible about these girls, something about their fresh innocence, their unspoiled bodies and minds. They were as virgin as the wilderness that surrounded us. Melanie had relished the sex we had with the kind of zesty childishness that only a 10-year-old could muster, and I couldn't help but wonder if Tina would be the same.

The village dropped out of sight behind us as we followed the curving path down a slope into the jungle. The wild green vegetation closed in on us, hemming us in and blocking the sun overhead. Tina walked just ahead of me, and I couldn't help but get the impression that something was on her mind. She seemed a more moody girl, where Melanie was bubbly by comparison.

The path turned and let out onto a ledge that trailed above one of the island's many lagoons. The water sparkled a lustrous blue, clear and inviting, fed by a small waterfall at the far end. I had never seen something so idyllic, so pristine. A keen appreciation of the majesty of this island was definitely growing in me, a forgotten paradise unspoiled by the outside world. And there was something of a mysterious quality to the island, like it was unchanging, like time was standing still. I realized that it felt like I was already losing track of how long I had been here. I should try to keep a record.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" Tina asked suddenly.

"Eh?" I gawked. Tina was looking down shyly as she walked, looking almost embarrassed.

"You're gorgeous," I said, feeling a nervous lump in my throat. "You're a very beautiful girl Tina."

Tina shook her head, her throat taut. "I'm not. Rose and Melanie are the pretty ones."

I took hold of her arm and she stopped. She was staring down at the ground, looking embarrassed again.

"You ARE pretty, Tina," I said. "You shouldn't be hard on yourself like that." I took her chin in my hands and guided her up to look me in the eyes. "Back where I come from, they put girls like you in magazines."

"What's a magazine?" she asked.

"It's a, sort of, with pictures, where they show off things you can buy. They always put the prettiest girls in them, especially the ones for clothes."

She seemed fascinated by the concept. "Girls...wearing clothes. We've never needed clothes here. It's always warm." She dug her toe against the soft dirt of the path, thinking, then looked back up at me.

"Would they still put me in a magazine even if I didn't wear clothes?"

I stifled my laugh. She looked so serious, so earnest.

"Well, maybe. There are some magazines where the girls don't wear any clothes at all."

She grinned. She seemed to like that concept. I looked around and spotted a brilliant red flower sprouting from the web of vines hanging off the slope next to us. I reached over and plucked it by the stem, then tucked it into her hair.

"There," I said, patting it. "Now you look like you belong on the cover. That's where the prettiest girls always go."

She looked surprised for a moment, touching the flower where it was resting in her hair. The blossom made her expression even more adorable. I felt a moment of surprise myself when she suddenly bent towards me and gave me a quick kiss.

"Thanks," she whispered, her smile dazzling. I blinked against the sun as she turned away and began to follow the path again with a new spring to her step. Following her again, we made our way farther down until the path finally let out at one of the island's many sandy beaches.

"Here!" she called, sprinting across the sand. "It's over here!" I followed, bare feet thumping on the soft sand. She reached a collection of large rocks poking out of the surf and bent over to plunge her hands into the water between them.

I bent down next to her and helped her haul it up. The trap had been made from a blue plastic crate with openings on both sides. Water poured out of the holes as we heaved it up onto the flat portion of the largest rock. The insides of the openings had been set with what looked like funnels of chicken wire, and half a dozen crabs were trapped inside the interior of the crate.

"It worked!" She whooped. "We've got crabs again! Good thing too. I was getting tired of just fish."

"Clever," I murmured, looking down at the improvised trap. "I didn't know you were beautiful AND smart, Tina."

Tina blushed fiercely. "Thanks."

"Where'd you get all this stuff?" I asked, gesturing at the trap. "Did it all wash up onto the shore?" I ducked closer to peer at the trap. Some small metal snaps had been improvised out of wire to hold the funnels in place.

"Yeah," she shrugged.

Seems sturdy," I muttered. "Is this the only one?"

"Right now it is. I made the first one too before it broke, but it wasn't my idea."

"Oh? Whose idea was it?"

"Oh-er, I got it from...a book. Yeah. Sometimes books wash up here too but they're usually ruined if water leaked into whatever they were inside of."

She was picking at the box nervously. I decided to let it go.

"It's broken," she said, poking at the wires. "The ties have come all loose here so the wire is pushed to the side. That's why it isn't full. I'll have to bring it back and fix it."

"Well, the important thing is that thanks to you we'll eat well tonight." I bent down and grabbed the box at both ends and heaved it up to my chest, staggering slightly from the weight.

"Hey! Dont'-" she protested, then stopped. She was gawking at me, wide-eyed.

"What?" I asked.

"You're so STRONG!" she gushed suddenly, breaking into a smile. She was staring at my biceps. "I've always made a sled for things that are that heavy."

"It's alright," I said, shifting to get a better grip. "I can manage it."

She nodded at me with a last flattering look, then we turned and headed back up the beach. Tina kept looking back at me, as if she couldn't believe I could lift something like this. I had to remind myself that they had probably never had a man around that could carry things for them.

We followed the path back into the jungle, which blocked out the harsh afternoon sun that had been beating down on us. I shifted the crate and tried to wipe the sweat off my head with my forearm. It was hot, and I was incredibly thirsty. There was water back at the village but I was already panting with exertion before half an hour had passed. Sweat stung my eyes as I squinted, smearing the jungle into a green maze of curling fronds and clinging vines. Tina was skipping happily ahead, her naked pink body almost out of sight in the wild greenery. I shifted the crate higher against my chest.

"Hey! Not that way!"

I stopped. Tina had taken the other fork of the trail and I had missed it. I peered over the top of the crate. Ahead, the path sloped down into what looked like a deep crevasse.

Tina was running back down the path. She came up to me and gripped my arm with a look of alarm.

"Come on Adam," she said, tugging. "It's the other way."

"What's down there?" I asked, nodding at the path.

"Oh, nothing. Just rocks," she said stiffly. She tugged at my arm more urgently. "Come on. Let's get back so we can get the crabs ready for dinner.

I let her lead me back to the fork and in no time we were plodding uphill again. Tina was staying close to me now, but my back was beginning to ache. We were just emerging onto the trail above the lagoon again when a sudden twinge made me put the crate down.

"Just...give me a minute...Tina," I said, panting. "I just need a little rest."

Maybe hauling heavy things through a sweltering jungle just days after being almost drowned wasn't the brightest of ideas, I thought. I sat down on the path and Tina came and sat beside me, leaning into my arm.

"Phew, it's hot," I said, wiping my forehead. "I'm not used to being in a place this hot."

Tina nodded. The heat didn't seem to bother her in the slightest.

"Sometimes I feel sticky when the sun is out all day like this," she agreed. "Hey! We could go for a swim!"

She leaped up suddenly and tugged on my arm. I let her pull me up and over to the edge that ran above the clear blue water.

"We swim in this pool all the time. It's warm. Come on!" She turned and took a running leap off the edge, her ponytail flying wildly in the air as she plummeted the dozen feet down to the water and disappeared with a tremendous splash.

I looked over the edge dizzily, seeing the foam spreading out in circles from where she had hit it. Her head broke the surface a moment later with a smaller splash.

"Come ooooon Adam!" she called, laughing and pulling wet hair out of her eyes. She waved up at me and beckoned. "Jump!"

Well it looked deep enough at least. I took a deep breath and hurtled myself into a flying leap off the ledge. The blue water came up to meet me with terrifying speed and I closed my eyes as I plunged into the depths.

Tina hadn't been kidding. The water was warm! The pleasant heat wrapped me like a blanket. Kicking my legs lazily, I opened my eyes again. The crystal expanse of the water was brilliantly illuminated everywhere I looked from the sun shining down on the surface. It was pure like nothing I had ever seen. Schools of tiny fish darted about in lazy swarms, and the bottom was dotted with floating strands of some kind of exotic seaweed that furled about in wild loops. Looking up, I could see Tina's legs darting back and forth as she tread water above me. I kicked my own legs into action, swimming upwards and breaking the surface just behind her.

"Gotcha!" I shouted, grabbing her from behind. Tina shrieked, surprised, expecting that I would come up in front of her. She wiggled wetly in my grip and squealed with laughter. I let myself enjoy the slippery skin brushing under my fingers, hands rubbing up from her hips and coming to rest on her flat chest. Fingers seeking out her nipples instinctively, I gave them each a tiny, delicate pinch.

"Oooh." Tina's motions pressed her further back into my arms. She seemed to like that. She squirmed against me and sighed, and I took a moment to relish the delightful pleasure of a naked little 11-year-old rubbing against my body.

"It's nice isn't it," she murmured, our legs kicking lazily together in the swirling warmth.

"Mmm hmm," I agreed.

"I like to come down here when it gets really hot, just swim and cool off."

"You must be an expert swimmer," I said. I was thoroughly enjoying having my arms wrapped around her tight little body. The plump sensation of her buttcheeks rubbing against my crotch was building a heat there that had nothing to do with the water.

"Yup...I am!" She gulped in a breath and suddenly dropped out of my grip, straight down into the water. I tread water for a moment, astonished, and then yelped in surprise when she suddenly jumped up on me from behind.

"Gotcha!" Tina howled with laughter as her arms dropped over my neck, hugging me from behind.

"Gah!" I gurgled and almost went under, but kicked my legs to stay upright.

"We catch fish here sometimes too." Tina kept her arms around me like a lasso. "You're the biggest fish I've ever caught."

"I'm no fish..." I said menacingly, gasping for breath and kicking my legs harder.

"No?" Tina's voice was all sweet innocence as she hung onto me.

"Nope...I'm a shark!"

With a splash I sent both of us under the surface, then twisted around to grab her. She danced just beyond my grip and began to swim away, howling with laughter as her head broke the surface. I slashed at the water with my arms and legs, swimming after her furiously, target locked on the cute little butt shining in the blue water with such clarity.

"Aaaaagh!" She shrieked when I caught up to her near the shore. "Help! It's a shark!"

She splashed me fiercely when I came up, laughing hysterically. I sputtered and turned away. It was shallow enough here that we could both touch bottom. I splashed her back, moving my arms to hurtle a huge crest of water at her.

"Gah!" She coughed as the water poured over her. "Ok ok Mr. Shark! I give up!"

I swam closer to her until we were almost touching, looming up in front of her and grinning mischievously.

"Are you going to eat me?" she asked, looking up at me with wide eyes that danced with mirth.

"Maybe." I rested my hands on her shoulders, taking in her beauty. She had lost the little flower I had tucked in her hair at some point. I reached back and pulled the little metal clip that tied back her hair, and tossed it onto the nearby sand.

"Normally I love to eat little girls," I said with mock menace, "but it would be a shame to eat one so beautiful." I ran my fingers through her dark hair, spreading it out to float freely in the water. It was quite long, long enough to hang all the way to her waist.

Tina blushed again, that cute, irresistible little flush of embarrassed delight. Her grin sparkled like the water around us. She bobbed up onto her tiptoes suddenly and gave me a peck on the cheek, then managed to blush even deeper.

I locked my arms around her and pulled her close until we were touching. She was even warmer than the water, slippery like a seal, trembling slightly in my hands as she looked up at me with a nervous grin. I could give this adorable little girl better than a peck on the cheek. Much better. I ducked to get my hands lower down behind her, grabbing a solid grip of her butt and lifting her up out of the water.

"Eeep!" Her legs clamped around my waist instinctively and her arms settled around my neck. Water trickled in fading rivulets all down her smooth skin, tiny tributaries flowing over the sweet curves of her 11-year-old body and leaving behind constellations of shiny droplets. We were face to face. I held her tightly against me, the pair of us breathing hot anticipation against each other's lips. I moved slowly, savoring the slow convergence of our kiss, quivering with the thrill as her tiny lips braced against mine. The uncertain contact deepened quickly into a passionate kiss, Tina's lips moving eagerly, soft pressure that set my heart humping in my chest. We moaned together, lips locked, parting slightly as our tongues slipped out to explore each other with tender touches.

I wasn't sure how long we stayed there, me holding this naked little girl against me, our slippery bodies touching and melting together. The plump handholds of her butt felt delicious in my hands and I squeezed eagerly. Tina's mouth writhed hotly against mine with all the trepidation of a girl's first kiss and all the passion of a little girl relishing her first sexual desires. I matched her energy with my own, swapping saliva, exploring the delicious taste of a blossoming little girl's eager mouth.

"Wow!" she gulped when we finally parted with a gasp. "That was...that was..." She swallowed uncertainly and blushed again. I smiled comfortingly at her. Tina shuddered and looked down.

"'What IS that?" she asked, moving her butt slightly and feeling the long length of my turgid cock rubbing against her privates.

"Well," I grinned, "it's how a guy shows he's excited. We get hard like this."

"Hard? It got hard like it did back in the village when you were looking at me? Why does it do that?"

"That's just how it gets, when we're with a beautiful girl," I said, still smiling at her. She looked so cute, so innocent. She didn't know anything about men. I wondered if she had ever met one before me.

Tina blushed even deeper at the compliment. "I don't get why you have*outside* like that. What...what do you even do with that thing?"

I bent and scooped her up in my arms. She was so light. Tina yelped and then laughed, hooking her arms around my neck. I let her bend close and nuzzle me as I splashed over to the shore.

"Let me show you what we do with that," I whispered to her, laying her down gently where the sand met soft soil. Her naked skin sparkled wetly in the sun and her eyes shone with hungry curiosity, fixed on my firm prick, watching it wave in the air.

I buried her with another kiss, feeling her shudder as I began to rub my hands over her slippery body - her wet belly, her cute little bellybutton, thighs athletic yet soft and hips curving with the gentle swell of a little girl's prepubescent body. She was amazing. Moisture lubricated the slow slide of my hand up to her chest, feeling the barest little mounds of her breasts with a perfect pair of tiny pink nipples dotting their peaks. She moaned and pressed up against me, her lips writhing against mine as I felt her up. Our bodies pressed and curled together, with my weight grinding her down into a bed of springy moss. She was so tiny, so delicate and vulnerable. Just a little girl all alone in a harsh wilderness. As I let up on the kiss, she smiled warmly up at me, beaming with happiness and seductive invitation.

I cupped her cheek, and was surprised when she instinctively opened her mouth to suckle a finger. Her moan deepened to a thrilling shiver, her body flexing against mine. She may not have known anything about sex, but she was eager to learn, her expression said, and I was eager to show her. The sounds around us began to fade away with the world - the tumbling rush of the waterfall feeding the lagoon, the trills of birds, the whisper of the sea breeze through the jungle. It was just us, just her, trembling with anticipation beneath me as I straddled her.

My cock was a molten spear of bracing steel, straining until it felt like it would explode. I lowered myself slowly over her until my glans touched the heat of her little pussy. She was wet, and not just from the water. With a gentle motion I began to run my shaft up and down the sweet little groove. The exhilarating feel of a tender 11-year-old's cunt blushing red with excitement cupped me and I exhaled with delight. Tina moaned again, working her hips slightly.

"Feels...feels so good..." she panted. Her arms came up to clutch my sides and her legs rose as her body followed its instincts. Sweat and trickles of water lubricated our sensual slide on the ground, my cock working a little harder, digging a little deeper with each stroke.

"Is" Tina asked. Her voice was heavy with awe and her nipples were standing stiff in the air. She was brimming with excitement already.

"Not yet," I smiled. "This is just to feel good." I bent to give her another kiss, our hot breaths mixing together. My lip stretched out as we parted, her mouth unwilling to let me go.

"Now I'll show you," I murmured into her ear. "Tina, it will hurt a bit the first time. I'll go slow, but once the pain is past you'll start to feel amazing."

She nodded, throat tight as she swallowed. She was ready. Her pelvis was grinding against mine, our slippery genitals heaving against each other. I rose up and positioned myself, my stiff cock pointed down at the tiny little tunnel of her cunt. The glans found its place, lodged at her entrance and pulsing with a shared throbbing heat.

I looked into her eyes. They were ready. Eager. Desperate for me to enter her. I pushed slowly, feeling her pussy lips part reluctantly to embrace my cock with a tight grip. After a moment I hit her barrier and paused.

"Ready?" My hands stroked her dark hair. Sand crusted her shoulders and the back of her neck. She nodded at me and forced an uncertain smile.

I pushed hard. The resistance popped and I was in.

"Eeek!" Tina lurched, her pelvis jumping. Her arms and legs wrapped me tighter, holding on.

"Good girl," I said, giving her another kiss. She was trembling beneath me, uncertain. The pain had been a surprise. I pushed in very gently, working another inch in with delicate motions. 11-year-old pussy was so tight! I paused again to let her get used to the feeling of a man's cock inside her for the first time.

When her shaking died down a little I pushed in more. Her little virgin pussy walls clamped on my prick in welcome, a squeezing strength of delicious wetness and heat that slowly enveloped me. Tina was gasping, vibrating against the sand as she relished the new feelings. I wondered again at the magic of little girls. If I had known they felt like this then I wouldn't have wasted all those years in failed relationships with women.

Another inch. Our groans matched each other, bodies locked together in a sweet vibration. Tina's eyes were fluttering as she gasped with pleasure. I busied myself kissing down her neck, her shoulders, until my lips found the pert little point of her nipple. That seemed to make her take off like a rocket. She squeaked wordlessly and shook beneath me, overwhelmed by the pleasure of my lips on her breast and my cock in her cunt. Her tiny 11-year-old body was humping against me, hips moving, urging me on. I obliged, digging deeper into her cunt and then pulling back in a long, slippery stroke.

"Adam..." She was looking up at me, her eyes wet with tears and her throat tense, the word pregnant with all of her newfound passion and desire. Her mouth strained around another sensual moan. I pushed in again, pressing into her sucking heat, feeling her jolt slightly. Another stroke, pulling back to her slick entrance and then thrusting forward. She had a little ways to go before I hit bottom but I had promised to take it slow. Like Melanie, I didn't want to hurt this little girl.

She was getting used to it. I worked my cock in increasingly fervent strokes, thrusting farther into her depths each time. I had sunk another inch in when I felt the bottom. I looked down at where we were joined. Half of my cock was plugged tightly between her little cunt lips. Not bad for a girl's first time. I ground against her slightly, feeling the exquisite delight of my glans digging at her cervix.

She was ready. She looked like she was about to cum already. I began to piston downward with full force, driving her into the sand. Tina's fingernails dug into my back. Her heels drummed at my flanks. She squealed loudly with passion, the sound echoing out over the stillness of the lagoon. A little girl's first time, her first pleasure, the first ecstasy as an unfamiliar climax began to build inside her. I thrust harder, gasping, cock throbbing madly. Her little 11-year-old body was so much smaller than mine that it jerked with each wild jolt into her pelvis. I rammed my prick into her at a furious tempo, savoring the squeal each time I bottomed out. Our bodies moved together, sliding in tandem, pounding out the rhythmic drumbeat of our erotic display. She was clutching me like a spider, moving her hips, hands shaking and barely able to hang on now. I drove into her squeezing little cunt like a jackhammer, and felt the heat grow to a simmering lightning bolt in my balls. My hands rubbed her chest, enjoying the flat swell of her undeveloped breasts as we rocked in furious motion.

Tina's piercing scream shattered my eardrums just as my own orgasm rose up to overwhelm me. My balls clenched tight, and I felt the sudden gush of warm fluid racing up and out of my cock. I buried my prick into Tina's pussy as deep as it would go, the pair of us holding onto each other as our crotches quaked together. Semen spewed out of me like a volcano, dashing against the entrance to this little girl's womb and quickly welling up into a squishy flood that filled the tight space where we were joined.

Tight heat wrapped my throbbing prick like a blanket, coiling and caressing me, Tina's pussy pulsing desperately to milk every last drop of cum out of me. I gasped, out of control, jerking with each spurt. Dizzily, I wondered if I had ever cum so much before. It seemed to go on and on, wracking jolts of clenched muscles that sent fluid rocketing deep into the depths of Tina's tiny body. Spurt after spurt of oozing semen spilled out, shooting straight into her womb. I was holding onto her with an iron grip, feeling her shake in the midst of her own orgasm. Billions of sperm, swimming around inside this little girl. As I shook myself out I wondered if she was fertile, if the rush of cum into her juvenille body would make her pregnant. The thrilling thought was the last one I had before my orgasm crashed through my senses like a hurricane, sending me plummeting over the edge into the throes of ecstasy.

I floated in a heaven of bliss, weightless, then began to slowly fall from the stratosphere. My senses returned gradually. Something slippery was wiggling underneath me. Grainy softness dug at my legs. Sand. Tina. Hazy, I struggled to piece together my shattered consciousness after the biggest climax of my life. It had rivaled cumming in little Melanie, for sure. My head was spinning but there was one thought at the eye of the storm, fixed, a surety burned into my brain: I loved little girls. I'd never go back to women, ever.

Tina's lips brushed my cheek with a giggle. I pushed myself up, still foggy. The primal energy that had exploded in my prick was fading away to a distant pulse, leaving a slick gooey feeling in its wake. I looked down. I was still buried deep in her soggy cunt.

"Wow!" She pushed her head up again, grinning, puckering her lips for another kiss. I obliged, pressing my head down against her again, our lips writhing together. We moved slowly, feeling each other's bodies with a slow post-coital languor. The hot sun was beating down on my back and I was sweating profusely, though I wasn't sure if it was all from the heat or from the amazing sex I had just had with this underage girl.

Finally we broke our kiss. I moved my hips and groaned as my cock popped out with a plop. We rolled over together, naked on the mix of sandy soil. Tina was nuzzling my neck.

"I can't believe I never knew..." she murmured. She raised herself up on an elbow and looked down at me.

"That was good, right? I mean...I'm not sure if I did it right..."

I laughed at her earnest expression and yanked at her arms, pulling her onto my chest.

"You..." I began, "were great." I gave her a quick kiss on the lips, enjoying her flattering giggle. "You're beautiful." Another kiss. "You're sexy." I slapped my hand on her bottom just as I kissed her again, relishing the squeal. "You're perfect."

Her smile was warm and deep. Her insecurity was cute but she had no reason to be self-conscious. After a final embrace we stood up, brushing sand and moss off of our naked bodies.

"How do we get back up?" I asked, shading my eyes from the sun as I looked at the ledge we had jumped from.

"There's a little path. Through the trees there." Tina took my arm and pointed. "It goes up and around."

I followed her through the twisting jungle trail, climbing up a path of tangled tree roots covered with hanging moss until we emerged back on the overlook trail.

"I'm going to make you my special crab mix tonight," Tina grinned at me. "It's got crab legs and Ojanka and coconut milk and some sweet herbs."

"Sounds delicious," I said, hefting the plastic crab trap again.

"Then later on tonight we can...I mean, show me some more things...if you want to do it again."

I stifled a laugh at her earnest expression. "Of course," I said.

We walked back up the path to the village, Tina hanging on my arm and grinning up at me like she had found a new best friend.

I squinted at the characters in the journal. It was making a bit more sense. My kana was rusty and I knew very few kanji, but what I had learned in college was starting to come back in bits and flashes. The Japanese scientist had been baffled and frustrated by his inability to make sense of anything. His later entries seemed more resigned to his fate, with only the fading hope of fashioning a radio to hold on to.

"I cannot find any reasoning behind my circumstances. Despite all of my measurements, explanations continue to elude me. How did these girls come to be here? Why does the fog continue to wreathe the island in an impenetrable barrier? My ship broke up as we were crossing the 25th parallel. I believe Samoa was the closest island to our location, but the storm had blown us far off course and this island certainly is not Samoa. I have this deepening suspicion that if I could actually look at a map of the South Pacific again, I would not find this island anywhere.

"The only additional clue I have is the presence of the background radiation in the area. It's not at a dangerous level, but the only source of radiation that I know of in the Pacific is from the nuclear testing done by the Americans last year. We were nowhere near the Marshall Islands though, and it is impossible that the ocean could have carried me so far from where my ship was wrecked by the storm.

"I left the girls' village shortly after I was able to walk again, being disturbed by their impossible presence and their appalling lack of modesty. Now I think this was a mistake. They know where to find food on the island whereas I am nearly helpless in that area. I will return to their village tomorrow. It is a collection of simple structures and crude dwellings. I believe I could help them improve it, and perhaps in the process we could learn some small amount of each other's language.

"I must admit a certain trepidation at the notion. The girls make me nervous and arouse some very...improper feelings unfit for a man of my station. Nevertheless I will endure, and attempt to learn all that they know of this island and its surroundings."

The entries ended not long after that. I turned back to the inside cover and looked at the signature again. "Ishida Satsuma," it read. Tucked inside a plastic corner was a faded photograph of a Japanese woman, looking very severe and stoic. His wife or girlfriend, probably.

I put the journal down and picked up the geiger counter. Amazingly, the power pack still worked after all this time. I switched it on and listened to the erratic clicks. He had been right: there was some kind of inexplicable radiation on the island. But I was in no more of a position to investigate it than he had been. With a sigh, I put everything back in the metal toolbox and shut it again before slipping it under one of the tables in the hut.

The midday sun beat down like a furnace as I stepped outside, but it was bearable. I was getting used to the heat it seemed. My skin had also been thoroughly tanned to a dark bronze, matching the permanent luster of the girls' skin. I still hadn't gotten used to the beard though. It was scratchy. Razors were not one of the things that had ever washed up on the shore here, apparently. The girls seemed incredibly amused by it, giggling whenever it tickled them during a kiss.

I turned into a covered area just to the side of the doorway and hauled on a dangling cord. A pulley squeaked as it turned above me. Ishida must have helped them build this system - a loop of reed rope wrapped around two pulleys, with the lower end deep in a hole that had been dug to reach the spring that ran underneath the village. As I pulled, a cup cut from a very bamboo-like wood emerged, affixed to the rising side of the rope. I pulled it up to the proper height, then turned the cup and drank greedily. Cool water poured down my throat in defiance of the heat, and I let the excess splash on my face and run down my chin. There were several such cups attached to the rope, and with a minimum amount of effort you could bring a lot of water to the surface quickly. It was quite clever. The village was full of such innovations, crafted from whatever ersatz materials the girls had been able to scrounge up from the jungle or scavenge from the shores. The shaft of a circular pinwheel mounted to the roof of one of the huts connected via metal gears to a reciprocating cylinder that moved a fan of palm fronds in wide cooling motions in the shared area. The little cooking furnace had an ingenious chimney made from loose rocks mortared together. The inner sleeping areas of the huts had had their thatch replaced with shingles of more of that bamboo-like wood, which functioned perfectly to keep the rain out and the hammocks dry. There were even little windchimes, crafted from metal pipes and hollowed out wood that rung simple notes whenever the breeze picked up.

Had Ishida helped the girls with all of that? Tina had seemed to have a hand in a lot of it too. I pulled the cord again to elevate another cup up to head level, then upended it to splash on my face. The cool water was an almost intoxicating respite from the mounting heat of the day. Tina was tremendously smart on a mechanical level, quite talented with her hands. I smiled with my eyes closed as the last of the water dripped down my face. Last night I had shown her some other things she could do with her hands too, and she had attacked the job with the same zeal and skill as she did everything else.

Those two girls were insatiable. I had fucked both of them at least once a day since showing them how to have sex. It didn't matter if we were out scavenging or gathering food or just taking a pleasant walk along the beach. That was another change that the island had wrought in me - a vastly increased stamina and libido. I couldn't explain it. There was something vitalizing about this place. I felt fresh and at least 10 years younger than I was, and my sex drive was overworked every bit as much as a boy in puberty. The island had grown on me with its gorgeous vistas and enchanting beaches and pools. Or maybe it was just the excitement of discovering how good fucking little preteens felt that drove me so wild.

All that seemed missing from the picture was Rose. She was much more shy than the other girls, and I might have even called her modest except for the fact she was just as comfortable being in the nude as the others. She did a lot of the cooking - with Melanie and Tina trying their hands only occasionally - and I got the impression that as young as she was, she was filling the role of the mother of the group. She was also a major sweetheart with a smile to die for, and I had caught her anxious looks at my hard cock on several occasions. She was just as curious as the others.

Speak of the devil, I thought, when I emerged from the covered area wiping the dripping water from my beard. There she was. She looked to be taking stock of the food in the makeshift kitchen, probably trying to figure out what they would need to gather tomorrow. Her green eyes flicked back and forth, and I knew she was cataloguing everything in her perfect memory. Her lustrous red hair cascaded down her back in sultry curls.

She was looking away and hadn't spotted me emerging from the shadows. I began to creep quietly over the wooden reeds of the patio floor. A small series of steps led up into the kitchen proper, and there were two more side areas attached. I climbed cautiously, hoping the wood wouldn't creak, trying not to breath. It was like hunting a wild animal, some beautiful creature in her natural habitat. She was almost unbearably lovely, with a juicy little bottom and a lithe figure that flared at the hips with the barest hint of girlish curves. I snuck up behind her one step at a time, keeping her oblivious, before darting forward and wrapping my arms around her belly from behind in a tight hug.

"Rawr!" I shouted like an animal, lifting her up in the air effortlessly. Rose screeched, then laughed, her legs kicking in the air. The feeling of her little body pressed up against me was coaxing a now-familiar rush of blood in my crotch.

"Ack!" Rose wrestled with me for a few more seconds, then gave up and went limp when she realized that my arms were wrapped around her like iron.

"Adam! You scared me..." she murmured, her voice trailing off. Her feet were still dangling a foot off the floor. I lowered her down until her toes touched.

"It was worth it though," I whispered in her ear. "I love that laugh you have. I think you like being scared."

"Maaaybe." She twisted her head to grin upwards at me, curls of red hair spilling over her shoulders. "'Maybe I just like it when you lift me up like that."

"Mmm hmm." I nuzzled her ear and slid my hands up to her flat breasts, rubbing them delicately. She felt so warm and soft, leaning back into me like this. "You're so light though. It's easy to pick you up."

"You're just so BIG," she laughed, swatting my hands. I gave her nipples a quick squeeze before trailing my fingers down to her belly and over her hips again. Each of the girls was mesmerizing in their own way: Melanie with her impish grin, Tina's wit and playfulness, and Rose...well her smile always seemed wholesome, genuine. She was a sweetheart, deeply caring.

Right on queue, she seemed to stiffen up under my fingers. I reluctantly let her pull out of my grip. This was the other part of her, the part that pushed me away. She was never cold or unfriendly, but I felt like there was something else to her, some part she kept hidden. It didn't fit her personality, but there it was. I returned her smile as she turned around to face me.

"Here, I made you something," I said. I bent down and reached under the sheet next to one of the tables, where we usually stored the reeds that were too short or brittle to be used. When they dried out they made excellent tinder. Rose's eyes grew large as I pulled out a huge garland of brightly-hued flowers, their blooms spilling color every which way like a chaotic rainbow.

"It's called a lei," I said, reaching up and letting it fall down around her head. The blossoms dangled in an attractive ring across her chest. I had spent hours in the jungle yesterday trying to gather enough flowers, but it had been worth it to see the look of astonishment and delight on her face now.

"They're so pretty," she murmured, rubbing the flowers between her fingers and looking slightly dazed.

"There are a lot of pretty things in the jungle, but none are half as pretty as you are Rose."

She blushed a deep crimson, then bobbed up on her tip-toes to give me a sudden peck on the cheek.

"Thanks Adam," she said, giving me her best sweetheart smile, the one that made me feel like I was melting inside. A sudden shiver raced over me, despite the heat. Rose looked down, seeing my cock tinged red and pointing firmly at her.

"We have a storm shelter near the rocky beach," she said, turning away brusquely. "It's ready to fall over so we need to fix it. Want to help?"

"Of course I will," I said, standing up again. Rose was ignoring the hungry cock bobbing at her eye level as she picked at a pile of materials we had recently brought in.

"Let's see, we need some of this metal...and this plastic bar will probably help." She turned and pushed them into my arms. "And rope. We need rope. Maybe some of these shingles so it keeps the rain off better." She pushed more things into my arms, thinking aimlessly out loud as she did so. I was getting overloaded, shifting my arms to keep up with the growing mass.

"Oh and get this! We found some nails in that crate yesterday. Let's bring them too." She dropped a tied bundle of metal nails and the hammer from the toolbox on top of the heap. I could barely see her now past the bulk.

"Do we really need all this?" I asked, feeling like a mule.

"Well, you don't really want to come all the way back up here if we didn't bring something we needed, right?"

"I guess not." I shifted my arms again. I could barely see Rose grinning up at me.

"Besides," she said, "Tina's always talking about how strong you are. I want to see how much you can carry. It's not too much is it?"

"It's fine," I muttered, suddenly feeling the urge to assert my masculinity. My back was beginning to ache already but I could manage.

"Great!" Rose passed me and led the way out of the doorway, the lei brushing against her naked chest. It was a good look on her, I thought, almost as nice a view as her cute little butt from behind, wiggling seductively as she led me up the path.

The giant leaves and creeping vines of the jungle closed in around us. I trudged on with the huge weight in my arms, trying not to drop anything. The lovely view of Rose's naked bottom was the perfect spur to keep me moving. I shivered slightly thinking of sliding my hard cock into the groove of her buttcheeks, of grabbing her hips and holding her close. She looked back briefly, smiling, to make sure I was still following. She was such a lovely girl - every bit as lovely as the others - and her green eyes and red hair gave her such an exotic look that I felt a thrill whenever she looked at me.

The path emerged onto a high ridge with the jungle on one side and a steep slope on the other. Now that I could see the sky again I could see clouds beginning to roll in rapidly. I had been here long enough to know what that meant: we were going to get rained on before long.

Rose dropped back to me now that the path was wide enough for 2, and took hold of my arm as we walked together. I forgot the ache in my back when she leaned slightly into me and sighed contentedly. There was just something about having a naked little girl pressing up against me that set off a raging heat inside me. My heart began to pound, and my cock responded with firm eagerness, rising up in front of me and waving in the air. Rose eyed it as we walked, seemingly amused by the effect she was having on me. Unlike the others, she had never seemed mystified by my penis, but just intrigued.

Thunder began to rumble far out at sea. I turned to see a dark bank of clouds marring the horizon. Not just rain, a full-blown storm.

"Maybe we should turn back," I suggested. "We probably don't want to be caught in that."

Rose rolled her eyes. "It's a STORM shelter Adam. We can stay in it as long as we need to." She blinked at me with her pretty, earnest eyes. "That's ok right?"

"Damn straight," I muttered beneath my breath. My cock had grown to full mast, almost painful with it lashing about as I walked. I turned to consider the incoming stormfront again, trying to guess how long it would last, when I suddenly tripped over a rock.

"Gah!" I stumbled and almost crashed onto my face. The pile of materials in my arms shifted wildly but I clutched it tighter trying to keep the mess together. It seemed to work, but I watched in helpless horror as the hammer slid down a sheet of metal, toppled off and then fell down the steep slope.

"Oh no!" Rose darted to the edge nervously, peering down after it.

"That's the only one you have, right?" I asked, setting the pile down. Rose nodded up at me with a concerned look.

"It's ok. I'll get it." I stretched my arms, feeling the growing breeze brushing my naked body. "I think I can climb down over there." I nodded to an area where some boulders sticking out made the slope climbable.

"No!" Rose tugged on my arm in alarm. "Don't go down! Er, that is...I mean - you might fall!"

"I won't fall," I assured her. Her smile had disappeared and she was wearing a look of complete distress.

"I'm a good climber. I went rock climbing all the time back home."

" c-can't!" She clutched my arm tighter, but I gently shook her off.

"It'll be alright Rose. I'll grab the hammer and be right back up before the storm hits. We won't get caught in the rain.

"P-please...Adam. Stay up here, with me. Ok?" She was beginning to cry, wringing her hands. I bent down on a knee and held her arms as I looked her in the eyes.

"There's nothing to worry about. I'll be back in a jiffy. Don't cry, ok?"

I leaned forward before she could reply and planted a kiss on her lips. She stiffened with surprise, then melted slightly. She was pushing back, urging my own lips on with gentle pressure. I was surprised myself - Rose was a good kisser. I had the sneaking suspicion that she had done it before.

I stepped back and stood up, leaving her sniffling, then turned to the beginning of the rocky climb and found the first handholds. It didn't look too difficult. Peering down on it I recognized the area: it was the ravine I had passed by several times, first with Tina, then on various errands. It curled a bit, a big crack in the rock near the center of the island. The girls had always assured me there was nothing down there.

"Adam!" Rose was shouting above me, but I was already several meters down. I figured I should be able to find the hammer and climb back out before the rain hit and made the rocks slippery.

"Adam!" She was growing distant now. I ignored her and kept descending. Eventually my feet touched a flat area and was able to let go. I was probably 20 meters down. The sun shone down into the gap at an angle, keeping half of it in darkness. I edged my way carefully forward. The hammer should have fallen right around here. I scanned as best I could, but didn't see it. It must be in the dark area. I moved forward.

There it was. I saw the dim shape on the ground. Luckily the handle hadn't broken. I bent to pick it up and held it up higher, inspecting it. None the worse for wear.

I let the hammer drop and then rocked back in shock when death stared me in the face. A frightened yelp clawed its way out of my throat. I almost turned and ran, but the rational part of me fought with my sudden fear. What was it? A demon? A zombie? It looked withered and dead. It wasn't moving. I took control of myself and forced myself to take a step closer.

Just a corpse. Dead for several months it seemed. The mouldering, eyeless face was what had given me such a shock. I bent down to peer at it. He was naked just like me, but there was something peculiar about his face. It wasn't decayed completely. The features were distinctive, something about them, the eyebrows hinted at a look that was...Asian.

Was this Ishida? I felt more and more certain of it. This was what the girls hadn't wanted me to find. I couldn't tell how he died just from looking at him. One thing was for certain - this corpse was definitely NOT 70 years old. He must have died not long ago.

I heard a sobbing shriek from behind me and whirled around. There was Rose. She had just reached the bottom, and saw me and what I was looking at. She turned and darted back up the rocks again, climbing while she cried hysterically. I looked on, astonished, before shaking myself out of my stupor and dashing after her.

"Rose!" I called up, finding my handholds and beginning to climb. "Rose don't run! It's ok!" She ignored me and practically hurtled up the slope, disappearing over the lip while I was still halfway up.

"Damnit!" I muttered. I climbed as fast as I dared, and eventually pulled myself back up onto the ledge again.

She was nowhere in sight. In the distance, thunder was booming. I looked and saw that the clouds had moved much closer. The storm was about to hit the island. I couldn't leave Rose out here. I spotted a footprint, finally, a ways up the path. It had been left in a patch of mud. I hurried in that direction.

"Rose! Rooooooose!" I called. My voice disappeared as if swallowed by the dense jungle. I pushed on, knocking giant fronds and leaves out the way and wiggling past vines. There was something in the path - a brilliant orange flower blossom. But those flowers didn't grow this deep in the jungle. It hadn't come from a flower - it had dropped from Rose's lei.

I ran on heedlessly. At least I was on the right track. The thunder was booming ever closer, echoing in the sky. I passed a few more blossoms and some bent leaves. The trail was going up, leading to one of the promontories on the island. With the sky already beginning to grow dark, I felt the first drop of rain on my cheek.

I emerged from the jungle into a clearing that overlooked a wide vista of the island and the ocean around it. The storm was an angry band of gloom tightening around the island like it was going to strangle it. There was Rose - I'd recognize her naked little body anywhere. She was standing uncomfortably close to the ledge, and sobbing like her world had ended.

I walked up carefully, not trying to hide my sound. I didn't want to startle her. She must have known I was there. Finally she turned to look at me with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry!" She called over the rumble of the thunder. "It's my fault!"

"What's your fault Rose?" I asked gently

"He...he hit his head. It was horrible. We all cried for months."

"The corpse I saw...was that Ishida?"

Rose buried her face in her hands, crying, but managed to nod. I took a long step forward and grabbed her by the arms and pulled her farther back.

" happened so fast," she hiccuped. "Now you''re going to go away, just like he did!" She collapsed to her knees like a wilting flower and began bawling with her head against her legs.

"Rose!" I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight, rocking her. The rain was starting to pick up, showering us with droplets. The breeze up here was fierce, blowing Rose's hair out behind her.

"It's ok. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. Shhh, it'll be alright."

"It's my fault!" She sobbed into her knees, grief pouring out of her like a river.

"Shhh, Rose. Whatever it is, whatever happened, it wasn't your fault. Look at me." I cupped her chin and managed to get her to look up. "You're a wonderful girl, inside and out. I don't think you could ever do anything bad. It's not your fault."

She sniffed, looking up at me with quivering lips, then threw her arms around me in a hug like she was drowning. I let her cry against my chest as the storm's fury finally hit the island. Lightning began to flash. The sky opened up and began to pour water on us, and in seconds we were soaked.

"Come on!" I yelled over the wind and the driving rain. I stood up and helped Rose get to her feet. Water splattered our naked bodies freely and ran down in gushing rivulets. Rose leaned against my side and took a few wobbling steps with me, then stumbled.

"Up you go!" I hauled her to her feet, then scooped her up. She was older than the other girls but still surprisingly light. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on as I walked quickly back down the path.

I knew the shelter wasn't far. They had built it for just this situation. We came to the first fork.

"Is it that way?" I shouted, trying to be heard over the driving rain. At that instant a brilliant flash of lightning blinded me and a crack of thunder shattered the air with such force that I could swear my teeth rattled. Rose shrieked with fright and clung to me even tighter. She was shaking. I wouldn't get any answers out of her, but we couldn't stay up here exposed like this. The jungle canopy could have kept a lot of the water off but up here the trees were much thinner. I decided to go left.

Before long I began to recognize the path. The shelter was just up ahead. We emerged into a small clearing with a dilapidated hut on the far side. I jogged towards it, Rose still clutching me with fright and jerking every time another barrage of thunder exploded above us. The storm was so close, but we'd be safe inside. I kicked open the corrugated metal door and stepped quickly inside, then shoved it closed with my foot.

I could barely make out anything in the darkness, but I knew that it wasn't much to look at - just some bedding of palm fronds and soft leaves, a fire pit, and a shelf for supplies. The floor was dirt instead of the hard reeds used back in the village.

I set Rose down gently and checked to make sure she was ok. She was shivering - though whether from the cold of the rain or the terror of the storm I wasn't sure - and she pulled her legs up tight against her as she sat and buried her head in her knees. She looked so miserable, so dejected. I had never seen her like this.

"I'm going to get a fire going Rose." I took some tinder and firewood from a crude little cabinet designed to keep it dry and arranged it in the firepit, then took the flint and steel and began to strike them together rapidly. Sparks flew, and in a few minutes of coaxing and gentle blowing I had a small blaze going. I piled more of the tinder on and yanked the wood closer so it could catch, then sat back to watch the fire grow.

Rose was looking into the orange glow, her hair soggy and her eyes still watering. I leaned back and wrapped an arm around her to pull her close. She leaned into me, still staring into the growing fire.

"Rose, honey." I brushed the wet strands of auburn hair out of her face. "Talk to me. Why do you think what happened was your fault?"

She kept staring for several agonizing seconds before answering in a strained voice.

"He was so nice...we became good friends. We spent a lot of time together even though I couldn't understand him. We...we were up on the high ridge above the beach with the crabs one day. We were all sweaty and it was hot. We took a break under some trees..."

She lapsed into silence. I nodded and let her go on at her own pace, hugging her close with both of us soaking up the heat from the fire. It was crackling along merrily now, filling the tiny hut with a cozy amber glow.

After a minute she went on. "I saw that his...his thingy was hard. I didn't know what it is but I saw it kept getting like that whenever he was around me. I thought it was funny, but he seemed to be embarrassed. I was curious so I touched it."

Rose let her gaze drop, to where my own shadowed cock was standing proudly. I couldn't have a lovely naked little girl snuggling up to me and NOT get hard. I brushed her cheek and she looked up into my eyes again. She was so arousing - pert lips, flat slippery breasts, and the tiny cleft between her legs. The orange flicker played over her supple body, the light lending her tanned skin an erotic allure.

"What happened?" I prompted.

Rose swallowed. "He...well he was surprised but I kept going. Then it seemed like he liked it. He started showing me what to do. He really seemed to get excited. He was so cute. Before I knew it I had kissed him. I liked how he was touching me, it felt so good. He showed me how to get on him, and we kept kissing and moving. I could feel his penis sliding along me, and I started feeling funny, like I had been running all day."

She took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly. "Then we had sex," she said. "He showed me. I never knew how to have it. I didn't know it felt so good. I was confused when I felt him spurt his stuff inside but then I practically exploded. It was the best feeling I ever had."

She went silent again. I began stroking her hair, urging her to continue.

"When...when we were done, he got upset. I didn't know what he was saying, but he was angry. He smacked his head and shouted something. When I touched him he turned around and looked at me like he was scared. That's when he ran."

"Ran?" I tried to picture it: this prudish man finally giving in to his desires, then immediately hating himself once he realized what he had done. He came across as so formal in his journals. Maybe he had panicked

"I followed him...but he was fast." Rose was sniffling again, wiping tears away as they ran down her cheeks. "There was a storm coming in. It was just like today. The sky got really dark and it was hard to see anything, but I could just barely hear him on the path up ahead. I came around the corner and-and..."

She began to tremble and shake her head. I held her tighter, feeling the soft skin of our bodies rubbing together.

"He didn't see the edge," she finally sobbed. "I saw him go over when the lightning flashed. He hit his head. He went away. He went away because I kissed him! Because of the thing we did! If I hadn't-hadn't...he'd still be alive!"

"Shhh shhh, oh Rose," I said, wrapping both arms around her and hugging her closer. She collapsed against me, her head buried in my chest, wracked with sobs. I had never expected that she felt this way - not this smiling, happy, innocent little 12-year-old girl. She had been blaming herself for this tragedy all this time. No wonder she had seemed reluctant to my advances.

"Darling", I patted her head gently, rocking her slightly until she went back to merely sniffling.

"What happened wasn't your fault. It wasn't. It's not because of anything you did." I rubbed my arms up and down her bare back, feeling the fading slickness of the rain.

"There's nothing wrong with what you did together. It was a beautiful thing. I've been doing the same things with Melanie and Tina."

"I know," she sniffed. "I...I kept wanting to kiss you. I remembered how good it felt. But I knew if I did, you'd go away just like he did."

"I'm not going anywhere, Rose." I rocked her back and held her at arm's length, staring straight into her teary face. "And I'll prove it."

I leaned forward and planted a deep, passionate kiss right on her lips. She squirmed slightly at first, then went limp. I cupped her head with my hand, keeping the pressure up until she began to push back. A weak, girlish moan grew in her throat.

I set my hands free to roam, touching her shoulders, her arms, sliding ever so slowly down her sides and brushing her hips. She was such a lovely girl, beautifully tanned, perfectly fit, naked and enchanting in the firelight. The stimulation of our lips writhing together set my heart pumping and a fresh surge of blood straight to my crotch. I was so hard I felt like I was going to burst.

We broke our kiss, slowly, reluctantly. Rose opened her eyes and peered into mine, her face so close that I could feel her hot breath on my cheeks.

"Still here," I said with a grin. "Believe me now?"

"Hmmm." She flashed a crooked smile and rubbed against me. "I think ...maybe...I just need more convincing."

I chuckled and rolled over, keeping her steady in my arms until she was lying beneath me. The dirt floor was soft and our bodies were still slippery from the rain, but the fire had filled the hut with warmth. Rose looked gorgeous, her red hair spread out under her, her tears gone and replaced with the a tentative smile. I took in her naked body, relishing the sight like a feast - the sweetly succulent curve of her body, the slight hills of her breasts, the soft skin glowing amber in the firelight. She was ravishing. I heard myself panting with desire.

I bent and planted my mouth on her breast, tickling her nipple with my tongue. Rose groaned with satisfaction and curled her fingers into my hair. Nothing tasted so good as the sweet little tits of a preteen girl, I had found. Well, unless it was her cunt. I licked and sucked, feeling the little bud grow hard under my lips, then left a pool of saliva around it as I began to kiss my way downwards. Her tummy was trim, tight, not an ounce of fat anywhere. I paused to suck her navel, and Rose squirmed and giggled enticingly. A hot flush was growing all across my neck and face. I had to have her. Not just for me, not just because I wanted to share something beautiful with this little girl, but to show her that she shouldn't be scared of sex, that what had happened hadn't been her fault.

My tongue oozed down below her navel, leaving a trail of kisses all the way down the perfectly hairless stretch to the sweet puffy lips. Her clit was barely visible, hidden deep in its hood as if scared to be seen, but I dug gently with my tongue until I got the reaction I wanted - Rose jerked suddenly and shook, then went limp, her gasping breath coming even faster. I flicked my tongue down her canyon, licking and sucking, bathing it with saliva and tasting the musky reward of her juices. Moans filled the air of the little shelter in defiance of the menacing thunder outside. Rose spread her legs even wider, exposing as much of herself as possible to my probing tongue. She was sucking on her own finger, back arched on the dirt, neck flush with passion.

I felt like a man who could never go back to normal food. Nothing in my life had tasted as good as the trickling insides of the little girls on this island, the sweet nectar that flowed from their cunts when they got excited. My old girlfriends had never wanted me to eat them out. I had long forgotten about them anyway. None of them could have compared to the lovely preteen beauty with her legs spread wide in invitation, shaking and jerking with erotic squeaks as my tongue rumbled along the slippery edges of her teeny little cunt. Rose was panting faster now, her arm trembling, eyes fluttering. She was on the brink already. I grabbed her hips to keep her steady and dug my face against her crotch, feeling her clit tickle my nose. I thrust my tongue in as far as it could go, relishing the feast of little girl cunt. Sumptuous. Sloppy. Her juices ran freely, charged with excitement that tingled on my tongue. I never knew how wet little girls could get before I washed up in this paradise.

"Ahhh, Ahhhh, AHHHH!" The cadence of Rose's squeals had reached a crescendo. Her hips jerked wildly but I grabbed her and hung on, slobbering and flicking like a madman as she thrashed through her sudden orgasm. The slippery walls of her cunt squirmed with pleasure against my tongue, muscles twitching with the chaos overwhelming her body. I sucked at the sudden flow of fresh juices. I rubbed, I flicked, I nudged her clit with my nose. Rose's howl rose to overwhelm the driving wind outside as her hips lifted off the ground, quaking ecstatically.

I stayed right with her, still licking as her roaring climax tapered down bit by bit until she finally collapsed. Her head was twitching on the floor, eyes closed, her lovely body shining in the light. I rose up and wiped the juice off my chin, then bent to kiss her.

"Mmmmm, mmmmMMM!" Rose seemed surprised by the taste.

"That's you," I murmured. "You're the sweetest thing I've ever tasted."

She blushed fiercely. I cuddled her for a few minutes, fingers exploring every tender inch of her precious body until I couldn't hold off anymore. My cock was going to explode like a rocket and I wanted to be inside this sweet little thing when that happened.

"Here," I said, rolling over onto my back. "I'll show you how to do it this way. I'll bet you didn't do it this way last time."

She nodded her head uncertainly as she followed my gesture, straddling me. My aching cock flopped against the gooey mess of her crotch and Rose looked down at it in awe.

"You''re bigger," she said idly, tentatively sliding her fingers around my cock. "Way bigger. Adam, I don't know if I can fit..."

"I'll go slow," I promised. "Your body knows what to do. Just relax your muscles and we'll be fine. Better than fine."

She seemed to accept this with a grin. I used my hands on her hips to nudge her up, then reached to position my cock with the head lodged at the base of her furrow. Her pussy lips twitched in anticipation, already drenched, ready to welcome the stiff presence of a man's cock deep inside.

"Ready?" I asked.

She nodded down at me.

"Ok, go down just a little sweetie. Do it an inch at a time..."

Rose pushed down with her pelvis, and a shudder wracked my body when I felt my glans pop inside. Glorious. Once again I was inside a little girl's sweet child pussy. It was like entering heaven - a tight, gripping, slippery heaven that embraced my prick with loving warmth.

Rose bit her lip as she dropped a bit farther. An inch of my fat prick disappeared inside her. I looked down to see her tiny genitals wrapped around my shaft, straining. I wrapped both of my hands around hers, gently encouraging her with a smile.

"Doing good. God you're so tight," I said, feeling like my eyes would roll back in my head. "Just a little further now. Just a little bit..."

Rose sunk further onto my cock, impaling herself on my rigid organ. She quivered erratically and moaned, licking her lips like she was satisfying a desperate craving. Her pussy clamped down on me like a velvet vise, crushing my prick, then easing off gently as if embracing the swollen meat. She was so lovely - just a blushing, naked little 12-year-old fresh from her first orgasm, lowering her body tentatively on the massive cock of a full-grown man. I had never seen anything so beautiful before I came here.

She stopped, panting, arms tight.

"Not too fast. Don't want it to hurt. Just take your time," I said, massaging her arms up and down. Rose nodded and hovered, moving her hips slightly, enjoying the feeling of a turgid dick plugging her immature little cunt.

"Just like that...just like that...good girl." I smiled up at her, lost in a haze. I wouldn't last much longer. I gave her an experimental bounce - just an inch - and heard her squeak in surprise.

"Feel good?"

She nodded again, lips quivering. I pushed again and another inch slipped out and then back in, spreading her pussy lips wide as she sank down. I was a little over halfway in. That was plenty. We'd work on the rest together.

A delicious squeezing pressure moved up and down my shaft as we picked up a gentle rhythm. Rose moved gently on top of me, her hair bouncing, her head thrown back and a rapturous look growing on her face. The storm outside seemed far away. There was just us, man and girl, locked together with our growing moans competing with the crackle of the fire.

With each thrust, each quivering penetration of the little girl on top of me, our movements gained intensity. Biting her lip now, Rose jerked her hips ever more eagerly, her upward glide leaving a shivering suction on my raging prick, and then back down again with squeezing heat. I was farther in now, sinking inch by inch further into Rose's exquisite little pussy. Feeling her begin to control the rhythm, I kept my hands on her hips to guide her, savoring the clamping shake of her tight tunnel, the lovely trim body and flat breasts moving in the firelight. I reached up to pinch her nipples, gently, and enjoyed the pleasing squeak I got in return. She really seemed to like that

I moaned loudly and almost came when my balls slapped up against her butt. She had bottomed out, taking my entire cock inside her - an impressive feat for a 12-year-old. She had stopped at the nadir of her slide and was groaning as she ground her pelvis against me. I could feel the tight fit of my glans nudging her cervix.

"Aaaaahhh, Ahhhhhh!" Rose was panting, trembling. She pitched forward onto me and I caught her, our bare chests rubbing together. Our lips reached towards each other unbidden, locking in a deep passionate kiss, relishing the connection of our bodies. My cock was a rod of swollen ecstasy brimming on the brink of an explosion, and from the spastic squeezing of her cunt Rose was about to cum herself. I gave a slight bump to her hips, moving her up and down as we swapped saliva and slid our tongues eagerly around each other. Our motions picked up speed again, firelight glinting on the plump, moist globes of her rear end. Reaching down to grab them, my fingers closed on squishy delight, squeezing tightly, lifting and pushing with our shared rhythm. The heavy drumbeat of our shared climax was thundering in my ears as we fucked, the sweet little 12-year-old moaning, groaning, gasping against my chest when our kiss broke. I was slamming into her now, any attempt at gentleness forgotten as the raging sexual heat began to fog my brain.

"Aaah, Ahhh!- Adam! Hnnnnnnnghhh!" Rose threw her head back, crying out as a sloppy trickle of drool from our kiss dribbled down her chin. I thrust into her like an animal. Her body was so tiny, so pert. So utterly perfect. The intoxicating fog of sex with a small child began to cloud my senses, and I slammed her down and gave a primal roar when my balls writhed and exploded, sending the first spurt of semen up into her womb.

I felt like my heart would burst. The boom of the thunder rattled the dingy metal walls of the shelter, but it was nothing beside the heat erupting inside me. Rose was thrashing, almost screeching as her own climax welled up and burst inside her. I felt her hips grinding, her nipples scratching against my pecs. My arms wrapped around her, clutching her to me, the pair of us shaking together. My penis clenched in ecstatic agony, sending burst after burst of thick sperm shooting wildly into her depths. I could feel each ropey expulsion rocketing out, slamming into the tight barrier and flooding her insides. My sperm. My cum, shooting up into this little girl's womb, filling it up with my seed. The thought was feverish, dreamy. I panted wildly as I held her in a tight hug and kissed her forehead, our hips jerking together, grinding, shaking with the sweltering energy of our combined orgasms.

I don't know long we laid there with our bodies locked together, trembling in the throes of sexual bliss. Our wild gasps died down slowly, the tremors wracking our muscles subsiding like a fading earthquake. I floated in a dreamy fog, vaguely mulling over how I had never had such intense orgasms before coming here, before giving in to the joy of fucking little girls. There was nothing else like it, no drug so intoxicating, nothing else so rewarding as sliding my slippery cock into their tight little cunts and making them scream with pleasure. I patted Rose on the back of the head as our breathing slowed. She was delightful. I wanted to make her happy every bit as much as the other girls.

"Hmmmm..." Rose was murmuring, sliding against me with slippery movements lubricated by the remains of the rain and our own sweat from the fire.

"You're amazing, Rose." I grinned as I gave her a ravishing kiss, my hands gliding along her back, squeezing her butt and hips.

"Mmmm. That's so nice." She turned her head to rest against my chest, enjoying the slow rise and fall. She was almost purring. "Can we do it again?"

"Of course!" I laughed. "We'll do it as much as you want, however you want. And there's more than this, I promise. I can teach you everything."

"You're not going to run away now?

I shook my head and ran my fingers through her hair. "Of course not. I'm not going away Rose. I'm staying right here, with you and the others."

She seemed to relax after hearing my assurance. She had been genuinely afraid that the same thing might happen again. These poor girls had been locked away here for who knew how long. The island was a paradise, but how it must have hurt to be alone, to lose their only friend. My diminished penis slipped out with a wet squelch as I helped her sit back up. Cum was dripping from her pussy down onto her thighs, the globs glistening in the firelight. She was smiling at me expectantly, a wide grin with an eager glint in her eye. She wanted to go again. Like magic, I felt myself growing hard again as I gazed at her naked body.

"Here, let me show you another way," I said.

"Ok!" She gave a girlish bounce of excitement. "What do I do?"

"Turn over, get on your hands and knees."

She did so eagerly. I didn't even have to tell her to thrust her butt in the air; she did that on her own. The sloppy crevice of her hairless pussy waited in front of me, tantalizing, irresistible.

A fresh blast of lightning and thunder crackled outside. We ignored it, lost in our own world, as I slowly slipped my cock into her again.

I scratched my hefty beard idly. It was still itchy, but I had gotten used to it. The sun beating down on me was another matter. The days were getting even warmer. My body was covered in a glittering sheen of sweat from my brow to my butt.

"Last one...Oooof!" I grunted as I hefted the last rain barrel up onto its platform. Rose guided it from her position up above, rocking it into place. I climbed up after it.

"There!" she chirped. "'Now we'll have enough water for the summer."

I nodded and put my arm around her shoulders, hugging her. The spring was drying up as we entered a particularly hot season, and hauling freshwater from the lagoons was exhausting. Luckily the storms would fill these barrels in short order. There was no shortage of those.

I crouched down to her eye level and we shared a kiss. I let my hand rub over her belly tenderly, feeling just the slightest bulge there. No doubt now - she was definitely pregnant. We had been a little unsure for a while, but the outcome was inevitable.

"Hmmmmm." Rose murmured happily and threw her arms around me, hugging me closer as our kiss broke. "I'm so happy Adam. We're going to have a baby."

"We sure are." I couldn't have stopped the grin that came to my face even if I wanted to. I clutched her tightly, brushing my fingers down her red hair.

"Want to try the thing now? The um...shower?"

"Sure." We had pumped some water temporarily into a reservoir positioned on the roof, and the new barrels would ensure it was always full. A boon of pipes and plumbing equipment had come ashore with a large cache of debris a week ago, giving us just what we needed.

"Hey girls!" I called over the edge, waving down at them. Melanie and Tina looked from what they had been working on in the kitchen. "Go on over! Let's try it out!"

They squealed girlishly in anticipation, bobbing on their toes and setting their pregnant bellies bouncing before hopping down to the ground and prancing eagerly to where the showerhead jutted out over a flat area of rock. Rose and I took the shortcut down. We stepped onto a small hanging platform, crowding together, and I threw the lever. We descended like an elevator, balanced by a counterweight. I threw the lever into the lock position again when we touched bottom.

The girls had been seriously impressed when I built this. Ladders had always been the way they had got up and down the levels of the village, but it had grown so much larger now with my additions that we needed another way. I had never dreamed that my mechanical engineering degree would end up being used for this, but I certainly had no complaints.

Rose and I stepped up to the area and we all stood tightly underneath the head. It was a completely typical metal showerhead, dotted with a lattice of open holes.

"Ready?" I asked them, grabbing the head of the faucet. All three nodded at me simultaneously, wearing identically eager grins.

Water exploded from the head when I turned the handle and rained down on us heavily. The girls shrieked, laughing.

"It's just like a storm!" Tina enthused.

"A storm whenever we want it." Melanie was wearing a huge grin. She cupped her arms to build up a pool of water, then sloshed it at Tina.

"Agh! No fair!" Tina splashed her back, the pair of them laughing. Water streamed down their hair, down their naked bodies, dripping off their distended bellies and running off the square rock into the trench I had dug.

"It's so cool! We can get clean whenever we want without having to go swimming!" The girls stopped their play and all three hugged me tightly around the waist. I couldn't help the gasp of excitement from feeling their naked bodies touching me, the shiver as they looked up at me happily with wet faces. Right on queue, a sudden surge of blood took over my cock.

"Hey you're getting hard!" Melanie laughed. "Didn't you just fuck Tina like an hour ago?"

"Well, you girls know how it is..." I said sheepishly. "Whenever you touch me, it happens. I can't control it."

"Hmm well we'd better take care of you." Rose murmured. "Can't leave you like this. No after you've given us something so nice.

The girls all went down on their knees just as I had taught them. I adjusted the water so the flow was just a light drizzle. Three pairs of tiny hands reached for my cock, fingers cuddling the tip, curling around the shaft, fondling my balls lovingly. A spasm rocked me as I felt their touch and I leaned back against the standing pipe with a groan. There weren't any walls to the shower; it hadn't seemed necessary with our lifestyle of zero modesty.

"Oh god...girls, mmmmmf" I groaned as they caressed my growing cock. They were all experts by now. I had been teaching them all everything I knew, and they had proven to be eager little cocksuckers, titfuckers, and everything else I could have ever imagined doing to little girls. It was no wonder Melanie and Tina's bellies were bulging like that. They were a lot farther along than Rose. Their pregnancies hadn't seemed to slow down their energy though. If anything, it had increased it. I hadn't known that pregnant preteen girls could be so...insatiable.

They worked me with their hands until I was fully hard, then Tina, directly in front of me, lowered her head to wrap her lips around my glans. She always liked to have the first taste, but the girls weren't selfish. I shivered again as the sweet, moist embrace of her mouth slowly moved up my shaft, bathing me in delicious sucking tightness. God, she was beautiful, with her glistening dark hair and deep eyes looking up at me. They all were. I rubbed the heads of the girls on either side as Tina went even deeper until I was butting against the back of her throat. She withdrew slowly, milking my agonized cock with her throbbing cheeks every millimeter of the way.

Tina's lips popped off the end with a wet plop, and I flinched again. I was fully hard, a raging, desperate heat radiating from my prick. Tina held me to the side so Melanie could have a go, and the little 10-year-old attacked me with gusto. Her mouth was even smaller, tighter, but she used her tongue like an expert, squirming it all over my head, then underneath my shaft as she went deeper. Her light blue eyes had that customary sparkle as she stared up at me. She was always eager to please, eager to do whatever I wanted so long as it ended with a cock inside her somewhere. She was even more lovely with the light shower of water streaming over her, droplets landing on her face, her shoulders, or disappearing into her damp blond hair.

I groaned and shuddered my way through the next couple of minutes, relishing the exquisite feeling of a tiny girl expertly tonguing my prick. Melanie eventually popped off, ready to share again, and Tina moved my cock to the other side where Rose promptly engulfed it.

Since we had first made love in the shelter, Rose had been eager to make up for lost time. My increased stamina gave me enough energy to tend to all the girls, but my first week with Rose had been demanding to say the least. She had REALLY liked doing doggy style, practically grunting like a dog herself whenever I bent her over and railed her from behind. She was a lioness in the sack, even compared to the other girls. It meant I usually had to finish with her last.

Those olive-green eyes stared up at me just as the others had, eagerly watching the visible signs of the pleasure she was giving me. I was shaking, ready to cum already just from the tight mouths of these little island beauties. After a few minutes of eager sucking Rose saw how close I was and popped off me.

I grabbed my waving cock with my hand and began jacking eagerly. The girls leaned in and opened their mouths, just as I had taught them, three gaping girls hungry for sperm. The sight sent me over the edge, and I roared as my cock tightened, my balls clenched, and the first blast of sperm rocketed out and blasted across their faces.

I thought I wouldn't have a lot to offer after Tina had exhausted me but I had been wrong. My cock sputtered like a geyser, ejecting shot after shot of gooey cum in a chaotic pattern over those grinning faces and open mouths. A rope of slime spurted onto Tina's cheek and over to Melanie's. The next went wildly the other way, landing on Rose's tongue like an eruption of delicious cream. I threw my head back and lost myself in the current of lurching ejaculations, my seed spewing wildly and coating the girls with my passion. Was that a dozen? I lost count. It went on and on. Hazily I wondered what the island was doing to me that made my orgasms last so long, but that thought was obliterated in the next spurt of gooey manseed straight into the faces of the underage trio.

With a final withering blast, I sagged back against the pipe, my climax finally beginning to taper off. Everything seemed far away, even the lukewarm water cascading over me. I heard the girls giggling and looked down.

God, they looked like they had been in a whipped-cream foodfight. There was almost nowhere on their faces that hadn't been slathered in dripping sperm. They were licking it up eagerly, using their tongues and hands. Melanie turned and licked a slow slide of salty jizz off Tina's face next to hers. Both girls laughed, and somehow it turned into a contest, both Rose and Melanie wrestling Tina to the ground and licking her furiously like momma cats trying to clean their young. I couldn't help laughing too as I crouched down. The water was washing most of the rest of my leavings off them slowly, and the rest they were eagerly lapping up until they were clean again. They were all swift learners, and had learned to adore the taste of sperm since I had first showed each one how to use their mouths for a man's pleasure.

I hugged them all close, our slippery bodies rubbing erotically and all of us laughing. The shower was a success. They wiggled against me like excited seals. My hands played over their chests, their hips, their cute little butts, squeezing each plump little curve with delight. They were so adorable.

I realized my stomach was grumbling when I finally stood up to turn off the water.

"We should eat," Rose said. "It's dinnertime."

"But we just ate!" Melanie giggled.

Rose laughed and punched her arm. "I mean actual food, dummy. Come on."

Tina and Rose had been working for hours, preparing a big meal for dinner. At the beginning I had almost overwhelmed them since I ate as much as all of them put together. The food stores had dwindled until I was adept enough to start bringing it in myself without help.

Our table was a round stone slab, smoothed with great effort by the few tools we had. It sat low in the common area, and Melanie and I sat down on the reed flooring next to it while the others began to heap the cooked food into baskets in the kitchen and bring it in. Rose put down some plates - wooden discs that we had cut from a fallen tree and then sanded down - and Tina used a large spoon to begin piling food onto them.

"Let's see, we've got crab, fish, oysters." Tina was spooning out each dish. "Oh and Melanie made her turtle-egg omelettes again. We put in some of the Yenna root that only grows when it's hot like this. It's spicy. Let's see, Ojanka mash, Karathi sprouts, oh and we made some more of that Kombu stew with yams in it."

Just hearing her list everything made my stomach rumble again. It was certainly different fare than I was used to back in my old life - hamburgers, pizza, pasta - but the white meat and wide variety of fruit and veggies seemed to have improved my health considerably. Like the girls, there wasn't a trace of fat on me now, and I was far more fit than I had ever been.

Tina made her way around the table to me. "Whatcha want?" she grinned.

I held up my plate. "Everything. Gimmee."

She giggled since that was usually her line, then began to heap huge portions of everything onto my plate with her wooden spoon. I was ravenous. My mouth was watering just looking at all the succulent food being piled in an untidy mess on my plate. Afterwards, Tina sat down to eat and we all tucked into our food. The room filled with agreeable chewing sounds as we began to wolf it all down.

I reached for the mug of Ojanka juice and took a look at each of them in turn as I gulped it. Tiny little Melanie, her belly swollen with pregnancy, gobbling up the stew like she was starving. She was the most boisterous of them all, and she loved to roughhouse in every kind of way. I had wrestled her to the ground while she screamed with laughter countless times. She was also devilishly ticklish while the other girls weren't. Being so close to her a lot, feeling her body pressing against mine as she struggled, was probably the reason she had caught first. I had spewed cum into that little girl's pussy night and day for weeks. Despite my surprise that she could be impregnated so young, a baby was an inevitability.

It was the same with Tina. She had a feisty, defiant character. She was always challenging, but quite clever. She would goad me and tease me whenever we went to do some chore together, seeing how far she could push me before I finally had had enough and bent her over to fuck her brains out. She loved it. It was her game, and she squealed and howled when I came inside her just as much as the other girls. They were all noisy, but out here, the only people to hear us were each other. Her insecurities about her looks were still there, but they were slowly fading.

And then there was Rose. I let my eyes play up and down her naked body. She was grinning widely as she chomped on the Karathi - thick green stems like scallions - and chatting with the others. She looked happier than she had in a long time. I think she had been a little jealous that the others got pregnant first. Being able to talk about her time with Ishida had helped, and she no longer went stiff or tried to pull away like she used to. She dropped a hand idly to stroke her belly, feeling the faint beginnings of the bulge there, and gave me a smile and a wink on the sly.

After we were done I helped them collect the plates and wash them with the water that flowed out of the big reed when we tipped it down. It was large and sturdy, cut obliquely like a bamboo rocking fountain. The girls' happy chatter surrounded me as we worked to put everything away. I felt a sudden squeeze on my butt and turned around, but couldn't tell which of them had done it. They were all wearing identical mischievous smiles though.

Finished, I stepped to the side where the kitchen was open to the vista of the island. The sun had just set, leaving the ocean sky glowing a lush orange streaked by purple clouds. "Looks like a storm," I said, peering out at the dark perimeter slowly closing on us.

"It's bedtime anyway," Rose said. All the girls broke into spontaneous giggles. They knew what bedtime meant. Rising with the sun and sleeping when it set was another thing that had changed for me, but without electric lights it was the only sensible thing to do. I found I had enjoyed it a lot - the brilliant tropical sunrise every day, and the quietly entrancing stillness of reds, oranges, blues and purples lingering every night.

I let the girls finish and stepped out to take a brief walk. The cool air felt good on my skin. I had never really thought about the nudist lifestyle, but it seemed to agree with me completely. And with as many opportunities as I had to bend a sweet little girl over and give her a good ripe fucking, clothes seemed pointless anyway. I wouldn't even have known how we would launder out all the inevitable stains.

I stopped at the top of the ridge. The view of the ocean was vast and menacing, falling into darkness out in the distance. The storm would be here in minutes. They were always rapid and fierce.

"Adam?" I heard a small voice call out behind me.

"Come on up here," I said without turning around.

Tiny feet padded up the trail and stood next to me. I looked down. Rose. She touched my hand and we sat down together, staring at the sunset as it was swallowed by the encroaching gloom.


"Yeah?" I put my arm around her and pulled her close.

"What's it like to be a mommy?"

I pondered this for a minute before replying. "I don't know. I've never been a Mommy, or a Daddy for that matter."

"Why not?" Her expression was earnest as she looked up at me.

"I just...I..." I lapsed into silence. My relationships with women had always seemed to fall apart. They always wanted more than I could give them, somehow. I had been dumped more times than I could count.

"I don't know," I admitted. "I think nobody ever wanted to really have a baby with me."

"Well that's silly," she said with childish certainty, rubbing her head on my arm. "It was the happiest feeling I've ever when I rubbed my tummy this morning and was finally sure."

She looked up at me hesitantly and swallowed. "I love you Adam," she said. "You've changed everything."

I pulled her closer with my arm and kissed her. "I love you too Rose. You're my sweet little angel."

"What's an angel?" she asked, her eyes blinking curiously.

"You are. All three of you. Nothing has changed as much as I have since I met you girls."

She rested her head on my shoulder and we looked out over the ocean until we began to feel the first drops on our skin. The wind had picked up too, blowing Rose's red hair seductively out behind her.

"Time for bed," I said, rising and pulling her up with me. I led her by the hand back down the path. We had taken to lighting tiki torches at night so we could at least move around a bit without tripping over something. Their cheery blaze led us straight back to the village.

I slapped Rose's bottom as she took the steps up into the large hut, delighting in her girlish giggle. The hut was new, connecting several of the smaller buildings that had been spread out a bit. Sex in the girls' hammocks had been a little awkward, and once we all started staying together at night we found that no place was large enough. I had spent a month felling trees and dragging them back until I had enough material to build this big one. It was as solid and as sturdy as I could make it, with shingles to keep it dry, strong wooden beams on the walls facing the storm, and wattle and daub around the rest. It was cozy and perfect for us.

Melanie and Tina were already waiting on the improvised mattress I had made. They had helped me take some of the tough fiber that had washed ashore in a crate and stuff it with soft but resilient trimmings from the jungle. We had found a tree very much like sourgum with perfect, almost cottony growths. The bed had turned out even better than I expected. It had to be durable, with as much action as we put it through every night.

Rose leaped onto the springy bed, giggling as it bounced, and I plopped myself down between all three of them. The flickering light from the torch outside bathed our room in a warm, seductive light. The girls squirmed up next to me, purring complacently. Melanie was the smallest so she rolled between my legs, her head near my crotch and panting expectantly. Bedtime was the favorite time of all the girls, for good reason.

My cock began to grow as Melanie played with it, her little fingers expertly massaging the wrinkled flesh until it was throbbing with heat. I groaned, letting my hands dance on the playgrounds of the girl's backsides as they snuggled close. They liked to rub their hands over my chest, snickering as they touched my muscles and played with my hair. I kissed Rose on the head, and then Tina, then my arms tightened as I groaned from the pleasure Melanie was giving me. Her warm lips wrapped around me lovingly and I tightened as I felt the moist heaven of her mouth. She was an expert. The little 10-year-old was the most enthusiastic of all the girls at sucking cock. It got her crazy like nothing else.

Tina's lips brushed mine. I pulled her even closer, almost on top of my chest, and returned her kiss with a passion. Her moan rumbled against my chest, and her hand squeezed my arm excitedly. Rose was kissing my shoulder on the other side, and Melanie was already going full blast on the raging erection she had so skillfully coaxed to life.

I left a hand on each girl's butt, squeezing every time another shiver wracked my body. Slurping and moaning sounds filled the room, but were overcome by the sound of wind and rain after a few minutes. Rose squeezed even tighter up to my side, clinging to me like a growth. She always hated the storms but the other girls didn't seem to mind them much. Slick, sucking sensations raced up and down my cock, Melanie jamming my penis as far into her mouth as it would go, sucking on it like a lollipop and using her squirming tongue to encourage the thrum of my excitement. She was moving faster, driving deeper, determined to do something. I had only begun teaching the girls to use their throats to get me farther inside, but they needed practice. Melanie was going for broke tonight.

I shivered, heart racing from the sexual ministrations of three naked girls. Had any man ever been so lucky? I could hear blood thundering in my ears, feel their hot breaths against my chest, their moans, their gasps, and my own groan slowly building with the tension of my turgid prick butting Melanie's tight throat. She was bobbing up and down ferociously, trying to jam me in. I had coached her on how to relax her jaw and her throat to accept a man's penis, and after a few minutes it seemed to be working. On a particularly hard thrust I felt my glans pop into the unbearable tightness beyond, filling her esophagus.

"Oh god!" I moaned, clutching the girls with an iron grip. I could barely see Melanie, but her eyes were watering. She seemed determined though. She pushed a little deeper, cramming another inch of my quivering cock into her throat. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair, the hot gasps of her nostrils blasting my navel with heat.

I wasn't going to be able to hold on. I was getting deep throat from a 10-year-old! My cock bubbled and then erupted like a volcano, swelling up even more and plugging Melanie's throat with a tight seal. She held steady, the muscles in her throat swallowing rapidly like I had told her. She gulped down the first blast of semen, then the next, and the next. My cock spewed like a geyser, pumping load after load of semen into her stomach. The hot, blinding sensation overwhelmed me and I heard myself cry out hysterically. The intensity of the orgasm shocked my system, a crackling ball of lightning shoot through every nerve ending in my body. My muscles jerked. My head thrashed. My agonized prick throbbed in its clenching prison until after a long ride it finally sputtered out.

Melanie pulled up quickly when she felt I was done, heaving for air. She gulped and wiped her chin while she caught her breath, then smiled at me.

"How was that?" she asked innocently

I chuckled. "Absolutely perfect, darling. You're my prized cocksucker for the day."

Melanie grinned at the compliment and rolled over against my leg, rubbing it like a cat.

"My turn," Tina breathed hotly against my cheek. I helped her clamor up onto me and sit up, and Melanie took her place at my side. Tina began to slide her butt against my flaccid cock, giving long, heavy strokes that slathered the frothy juices all along the crack of her asshole. This was her favorite trick, and it always worked. The feel of my cock working the savory slide along an 11-year-old's buttcrack revived it almost instantly. Melanie played with me idly, fingering my balls as my cock ran up and down Tina's slippery groove. As I shuddered, the sputtering heat began to revive inside me as this beautiful naked girl ground her pelvis against mine, smiling down at me with a smoldering expectancy.

I was fully hard again, just like that. Tina lifted herself up and reached down to position me at her cunt. The puffy, hairless lips blushed a light shade of red as she felt my prick touch her labia. I flexed to move back and forth a little, teasing her, and she smiled and played along, our sensual slide lubricated by saliva and the small backwash of cum that Melanie had left on it.

Finally she grabbed me, planting my cock more firmly against the base of her cleft. My glans was plugging the tiny entrance to her vagina. Tina took a deep breath and thrust herself down defiantly, and I gasped as I felt myself pop inside.

Oooooh god, that was good. The exquisite delight of little girl pussy enveloped me yet again. I'd never get tired of it. The deep, clenching, pulsing heaven of moist flesh that throbbed in time with my cock, welcoming it in lovingly, urging me to go ever deeper. Tina bit her lip and thrust down farther. The girls had got much better at taking my cock in quickly, though sometimes they still needed a little time to adjust. I was so proud of them.

"Oh, lovely, Tina. Just lovely, my sweet little girl..." I was panting. Tina's dark eyes flashed with excitement as she smiled at me. Her legs were spread wide, her pussy lips straining around my large girth as I slipped inside. Rocking slightly, she worked me farther in until her gripping labia had almost reached the base of my cock.

Throwing her head back, she began a slow slide, up and down, her naked, pregnant body shaking slightly as she bounced on the massive cock of a full grown man. She was gasping, heaving, increasing the pace. A long, agonizing slide to the top, and a brief second before she plunged back down, lips spreading wide as inch after inch of thick penis penetrated her.

"Unnnnngh, it's good...feels so good...," she gasped. She was already so tightly wound that I knew she would cum in a moment. I reached up to pinch her nipples and squeeze her flat chest, and she mewled with pleasure like a kitten, clamping her hands over mine to keep them against her breasts. Her pace increased, becoming a ferocious jackhammer slide, ramming my cock into her at a breakneck pace. Her dark hair bounced tantalizingly. Her eyes fluttered. Her pregnant belly bulge bounced up and down. Her trembling muscles shook, and she suddenly slammed herself down on my prick and let out a shriek as her pussy went wild, squeezing twists curling around my cock like a whirlpool.

"AaaaaahhhhhHHHHHHH!" She howled, lost in the torrent of her orgasm. Seeing her body shaking with delight sent me over the edge into my own climax. My cock thrummed wildly and exploded, sending a creamy froth up into the little girl and slamming against her womb.

Our cries mixed together and then were lost as the first boom of thunder rattled the walls. I could barely hear it, spinning in the throes of ecstasy, pumping sperm into Tina's 11-year-old body like a flood. The warm goo backflowed, finding nowhere to go, squeezing into the tight confines of our conjoined genitals until I felt it begin to dribble out. Tina thrashed, wracked by spasms, her muscles jerking wildly as her body surrendered itself to chaos. Through the distant haze I managed to tighten my hands around her hips, steadying her, keeping her pinned on the tight penis spewing jizz inside her.

I went limp. She sagged against me. Our breaths were hot against each other as we caught our breath and then shared a deep kiss.

"You guys are so cute together," Melanie giggled. "Do I look like that when I cum?"

"No. You make even more noise and you flail your arms," Rose chided.

Drifting in our post-coital fog, I felt rather than saw Melanie stick her tongue out at Rose. They both laughed together. Tina finished our kiss then rose up, and my spent prick slapped against my belly. She rolled exhaustedly between my legs.

"Oh god...just...just give me a minute girls," I gasped, swallowing. The back-to-back orgasms were exhausting. Rapid-fire jizzing inside the tight pussies of little girls was pure heaven, but I still needed a minute.

"Hmmm...aren't you forgetting something?" Rose was purring against my shoulder. She didn't want to wait.

"Never...never forget about you Rose," I panted. "Just need...a slight rest..."

Rose snapped her fingers. "No way. Let's get you going again."

The girls all rolled over, meeting at my penis. I almost laughed. They looked like such a serious council, mumbling to each other about how best to revive me.

"Let's just blow him until he's hard. He always likes that." Tina's smirk was perverse. The other girls agreed, and with six hands and three sets of lips and tongues they went to work.

"Uuuuhhhhh, uhhhhAhhhh!" I jerked on the humble little mattress. I was sensitive so soon after orgasm, but they were gentle enough. After some light fondling they began to work their tongues simultaneously up my shaft in long, slow licks, their eyes all locked on me and big smiles on their faces.

Fuck. Three tiny girls all licking my cock together, playing me like an instrument. It was working, of course. My prick thickened slowly, growing under their ministrations, surging upwards with slow inevitability. Christ. They did that with such skill. I had taught them, of course, but it was scary how good they had become in such a short time. I wondered if all little girls could become so good in bed with the proper instruction.

"There!" Rose sat up triumphantly when I was fully erect. She turned around and bent over onto her hands and knees, slamming her 12-year-old ass into the air. I could see fluid glistening on her cunt already, growing excitement from watching me fuck the other girls in front of her.

I grinned and got up, positioning myself behind her.

"Adam?" she asked, her sweet grin hiding just a hint of a devious smirk.

"Yeah Rose?" I asked positioning my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy, already knowing what she was going to say.

"Do it harder this time!" She giggled and wiggled her butt. I laughed. She always wanted me to do it harder, especially when it was doggy style. I had fucked her until she screamed last time so now I would have to top it, would have to really fuck her into to a pulsing, toe-curling heap that would leave her breathless. No matter. I was up for it.

Rose garbled wordlessly when I slammed into her. We were both very wet already and she wanted it hard, so that's what I would give her. I squeezed her ass with an iron grip and began lunging in and out, ramming my heavy prick into her quivering little cunt. Rose turned her head, eyes closed, mouth gaping with an erotic moan. I turned up the heat. My hard cock thundered in and out, slamming desperately into her pussy with no hint of gentleness. Maybe it was because she was older but she had gotten used to the full wrath of my generously-endowed prick very quickly.

We moaned together, heat building, hearts pumping, bodies racing together in frantic motion. I pounded her little 12-year-old body from behind, balls slapping against her thighs, gaining speed. The lovely gripping heat caressed my prick like velvet lightning, trembling excitement that clamped me like a vise as I plunged in and out. My heart raged in my chest, burning like a bonfire, flushed heat in my neck and chest. Rose's naked body arched as she raised her head, the arousing sweep of her naked backside like a melody against the furious drumbeat of our bodies pounding together. I wiped sweat from my eyes, not stopping for an instant. I thrust forward harder and harder, pounding her bottom, ignoring her frantic squeals and railing her with my aching prick as hard as I could.

The jerking slams became the rhythm that defined our world. A man and a girl, connected in furious sexual bliss, losing ourselves in the desperate motions and the growing passion rising inside both of us. I had taken hold of her hips with an iron grip just to keep her up and was fucking her like a toy, her little body jolted violently on the improvised mattress. She was delirious with pleasure, babbling, spittle running out of her mouth. I slammed into her with overpowering force, her tiny body no match for the raw strength of my pelvis working her like a jackhammer.

She shrieked and screamed, all her muscles tightening at once. I let myself go and rammed my quivering cock as deep inside her as I could get. I could feel her orgasm almost as clearly as my own, communicated from the trembling walls of her pussy directly to the pulse of the blood rushing in my cock. It slammed into us with all the violence of the storm outside, shattering our senses, drowning us in turbulent ecstasy. I hung on for dear life as the abyss rose up to drown me, focusing on the sensation of my hands around her hips, the motions of her rump from her gasping, and the thrill of my racing cock spurting gob after gob of hot sperm straight inside her. Rose clenched her cunt tightly around me, shrieking for me to empty it all inside her, her quaking pussy milking me for everything I was worth, every spurt, every last dribbling drop of gooey sperm that my clutching balls could empty into her deepest place.

I felt her under me. I think we had fallen to the bed together after we were spent. My shrivelling cock was still embedded inside of her, and I rolled us both to the side while keeping it that way.

"Jeez you guys are crazy," Melanie laughed from a foot away, resting on her side and looking at us. "Looks fun though."

My hazy brain could barely crank out a thought. I was drained after cumming three times. I bent down to kiss Rose on the cheek, and she squirmed slightly and murmured something inaudible. She was as much of a wreck as I was, but that familiar satisfied smile had blossomed on her face.

Lightning flashed and a crack of thunder boomed outside immediately after. The hut kept the wind and the rain out marvelously, but it could only do so much. I felt the other girls snuggle up against me as I wrapped an arm around Rose, leaving my dripping cock buried inside her. She always liked that. I rested a hand on her belly, feeling the bulge again, and a sudden elation burst inside of me. She was going to be a Mommy - they all were - but I was going to be a Daddy. It was something I had never dreamed of. I wondered if I would have more girls, how the kids would grow up in this tiny island world. So many details crammed into my brain, but I dismissed them all. The girls were cuddled tightly against my body on all sides. We never bothered with a blanket - the island was much too warm for that - but slept in the nude. Bugs never bothered us. The island always provided what we needed. How could life get any better than this? I felt like some benevolent god had reached down and touched me, gifting me a perfect life, satisfaction in every way possible.

The girls' breathing was slowing as they dropped off to sleep. Our tangle of arms and legs and pregnant bellies was so warm and cozy. A heavy weight pulled my eyelids closed, and I drifted off, feeling as happy as I'd ever been.

Tina shrieked as I slammed her against the wall of the hut, giving one final thrust into her from behind. We shook together, my body against hers, holding her tightly upright as I came inside of her.

"Uhhhhh, Oooooh-ooooh...Adam," she murmured, shivering as her orgasm began to fade. "What did you call that again?"

"A quickie," I said, still gasping against her neck.

"I like it." She managed to turn her head a little even though I was holding it tightly against the reed wall. "Definitely quick."

"That's the idea." I let her up so she could turn around. Her belly was so much larger now, an almost preposterous bulge on the slim body of a little 11-year-old. She gave me a kiss on the lips and I returned the favor, then she giggled and left to go clean some fish in the kitchen.

I turned around, regarding the village with a satisfied sigh. I could hardly believe how satisfying my new life was. Had it already been a year? Maybe longer. I had stopped keeping track of time after the fourth month, when the girls first got pregnant. I found I no longer cared about time. Maybe it was fucked here anyway. I didn't think the girls were aging. I didn't think I was either. I had notched their heights and my own on a tree several months ago and they hadn't changed. It didn't matter to me. I felt like I was really living for the first time ever.

I walked down the center path of the village, wondering if I should go chop some more reeds for our stockpile or just go swim in the lagoon. Rose spotted me walking and called out from one of the huts to the side.

"Hey Adam!" She waved her hand to beckon me over. She was standing in the covered area of an open hut. This was where we kept most of our materials.

"I made some more shingles just like you wanted," she said, emerging from the shadowed area into the light. "See? The plastic was easy enough to cut into the right shape, just like you said."

I took the block into hand and inspected it. It was just right. These could replace the shingles we had lost in an unexpectedly violent storm a few days ago.

"Good job," I said. "It's exactly what we need."

Rose beamed at the compliment. I bent down to rest a hand on her belly. It was massive, a leering bulge of distended flesh, warm to the touch. I felt a sudden jerk.

"Ooof!" Rose brought her hands up to cup her tummy. "Another kick."

"Just a few more weeks to go," I assured her, smiling and rubbing her arm.

"So I need to put these up," Rose said, holding up the shingle, "but our big ladder broke yesterday."

"Hmmmm." I regarded her sagely. "Well, I see only one thing to do about that."

I grabbed her carefully around the waist and hoisted her up, above my head. Rose laughed in delight.

"How can you lift me like this? I'm so heavy!"

"Not that heavy," I said. "Got it?"

Rose lifted her leg up and scrambled onto the lip of the roof, just a little bit awkwardly with her big belly.

"Ok, I'm good," she said, grinning down at me. "But now you're going to have to toss the shingles up."

"Your wish is my command." I matched her grin with my own, and she rolled her eyes. I had just begun tossing them up to her when Melanie came running up the path yelling at us.

"Adam!" she gasped, bending over and panting. She had run a long way, no mean feat with her own pregnant tummy.

"What? What is it?" I bent down next to her, suddenly concerned. "Take it easy. What's wrong?"

Melanie gulped, shaking her head.

"Something's coming. Do-do you hear that?"

I held still and listened. There was a low rumble in the sky, like a motor. A plane?

"Stay here," I said. "All of you. I'll take care of this." I grabbed the makeshift spear I had made - something I had only ever used for fish and a few times against the boars that we sometimes encountered in the jungle - and dashed off down the path. The girls were calling my name behind me, fear in their voices, but they faded away as I plunged into the dense green growth. The droning sound was growing louder. Definitely something man-made. I sprinted down the track at a breakneck speed, vaulting over roots, bracing myself with the spear at the corners. The sound seemed like it was coming in at the beach, so that's where I was headed. Monkeys scrambled away overhead, screeching in protest, and birds took flight as I jogged past them. I burst out of the vegetation and out onto the beach just in time to see something coming down out of the air and landing on the water with a splash. A seaplane? I shaded my eyes with my hand and squinted. There was no doubt. It had touched down, right here, at our isolated little island.

I sprinted for the shore. I could see the door open, and a dark figure get out, hopping down into the water with a small splash. He was about 30 meters out, swimming for the shore with a pack trailing behind him from a rope.

I stopped short. Something was familiar about him. It couldn't be...

The man was finally close enough to get his feet under him, and he splashed his way up the shore towards me. He was curly-haired, almost greasy somehow, wearing darkly-tinted goggles. His chest was bare and his pants were soaked. He halted in surprise when he got close enough to make me out fully.

"Whoa! Whoa man, take it easy!" He held up his hands when I pointed the spear at him. The voice was straight out of my past, but I couldn't place it.

"It's ok. Just take it easy..." He made lowering motions with his hands. "I don't want any trouble."

I flinched when he reached up, but he was only pulling his goggles up. I gawked. It was John.

"I'm, uh, looking for someone," he said. "A friend. He might have been on a plane that came down around here." He was looking at me, astonished. I must have been quite a sight: bearded, tanned, naked, heavily muscled with only a tiny pendant around my neck that Tina had made for me, and holding a crude spear threateningly.

"It's you...isn't it?" His voice was heavy with mystified awe as he took me in. "Adam?"

I flinched. He saw it.

"Man, people have been looking for you! You just disappeared! I've had my pilot's license since I was a kid so I came down here, trying to find you. Fantasy Adventures lawyered up and would only say you had taken their premium package. There was nothing for months! No wreckage, no clues. Nobody knew what had happened. I don't even know how I got here. A freak storm blew me off course and-"

I raised the spear menacingly, almost touching his chest.

"Go away," I said, trying to conceal the terror beating in my chest. I didn't want him here. He didn't belong here. Nobody could know about this island, could know that we were here.

"But...Adam! I came here to rescue you!" He reached out an arm bravely, despite the spear. "You must have been through hell, lost on this island. Don't you want to come back with me?"

Fear clutched my heart. I thought of my old life, of working around the clock, of worrying about bus schedules and money and rent and stressing out over every little thing. It seemed like a lifetime ago. So many things that I didn't now understand why I had ever cared about.

"No," I said with a shake of my head. "No. Go away. I'm not Adam. I've never heard of him."

John looked at me in disbelief, and then his eyes flicked behind me. I raised the spear again immediately, and carefully looked back.

The girls had emerged from the jungle, looking frightened. They must have been just as much a surprise as I was: three naked girls, extremely young, naked and innocent as the day they were born except that all had massive pregnant bellies.

"Oh," John said, a new understanding in his voice.

I turned back and nodded at him. "Yes...that's right. You were right all along John, about what I needed. But you need to go."

He nodded reluctantly and turned away, splashing out into the water, dragging his waterproof sack of supplies behind him. He stopped suddenly and turned around, that old familiar sly grin on his face.

"You're a lucky man, Adam. Luckier than I'll ever be. And I was never here, right? I guess you were just a poor soul lost at sea."

I nodded. "That's right. Er..."

The silence stretched out between us, with only the breaking waves in the background.

"Thanks John," I finally said.

He gave me a mock salute like he always used to do, then turned back to the water and dove in. He began to swim back to his plane.

The girls had wisely stayed at the edge of the beach. I walked back to them, clutching my spear. I hadn't wanted them to come at all but I didn't have it in my heart to yell at them.

"Who...who was that?" asked Melanie, moving to grab my arm fearfully.

"Just an old friend," I said. "Sort of."

"He's going away?" asked Rose, grabbing my arm on the other side.

"Yes. But it's ok. He wanted me to go with him."

"No!" Rose clenched my arm, suddenly crying. "You can't!"

"I know," I said, patting her comfortingly. "I'm not going anywhere, Rose. I know where I belong now."

The plane's motor cranked up and it began to slowly turn around, its wide pontoons slipping over the waves. We watched in silence as it revved its engines, gaining speed until it began to rise into the air and fly directly away from the island.

"If he leaves he can tell everyone about us," Tina said with a worried frown. "Then a lot of people might come."

"No," I assured her. "I don't think people can get here the normal way. We were both just...lucky. I also made sure he won't tell anyone else. We're safe here. Nothing's changed."

Nothing but me, apparently. John had been shocked when he had seen me. There were no resemblance between the old life I had left behind and my new one here. And that was just the way I wanted it.

"Come on girls," I said. "There's nothing to worry about. How about we all go for a swim?"

Their uncertain expressions finally dropped away, replaced by the familiar, innocent smiles I knew so well. Putting my hands on their shoulders, we all turned together and disappeared back into the jungle.