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Sex Ed for Little Girls

By WintermuteX

Tags: Mg+, best, inc, oral, ped

Content: Pedophilia, Incest, Student/Teacher, Public Sex, Daughter Swapping

"What are you drawing there sweetie?" I asked, crouching down next to the girl.

"It's an elfunt!" Sally held up the paper to show me the indistinguishable grey blob with a train of smaller blobs following behind it.

"See? She has lots of baby elfunts too."

The gray crayon marks could indeed have been a train of stately pachyderms, but they might as well have passed for a series of rain clouds, or puddles. The little 6-year-old was creative, but she wasn't quite a Picasso yet.

"It's great honey." I wrapped my arm around her and gave her a squeeze. "You're so talented." Sally gave me her most heart-melting smile. She was such a sweetheart, all happy grins and sunshine and a passionate enthusiasm for everything she did. My favorite student.

"Hey Mr. Renner. Is it playtime yet?" Sally looked up at me hopefully, restlessness evident in the nervous tick of her thighs.

"Almost, sweetie. A few more minutes."

She flounced and huffed in my arms. "Okaaaaaay." I let her get back to her coloring. She bent over on the bench to rest her arms on the low table, and I took a moment to admire the cute pink skirt draped over the perky curve of her bottom. The little blonde 6-year-old was such a treat. Her father was a lucky man.

I stood up and surveyed the classroom. Jim was helping Meredith on the far side, resting a hand comfortably on the 7-year-old's shoulder as she scribbled madly on her paper, and the other girls were working quietly on their own projects. Lisa and Beth had cut out little figures from red construction paper and were gluing them onto a drawn background on a poster. The twin sisters were inseparable in everything they did. Emily, the new girl, was drawing quietly, and Amber, my oldest girl at 9, had drawn out a story about princesses and dragons on her big sheet of paper and was writing between the illustrations.

"Does he kidnap the princess?" I asked her, pointing at the leering wyrm.

"No," she laughed. "They run away together. They're in love. Some knight comes to save her but he's dumb and he gets eaten. Then they have little dragon babies and live happily ever after." She pointed at the tale scrawled between the figures, and I saw how the story ended with a picture of the princess and the dragon locked in an intimate embrace. I had to hand it to her, Amber could really draw. The dragon was anatomically accurate in every way. I made a note to get her some better art supplies for next week. She had long outgrown the markers she was using.

"Good job Amber." I swept my hand over the paper. "This is really great. I'll bet your Dad will love it."

"Yeah. He'll want to put it on the fridge." She made a slight face. "There's already too much on the fridge."

"That just shows how much he loves what you do," I laughed, tousling her blonde hair. "Can't blame a dad for being proud of his baby girl. He'll love this. Let's clean up now. It's playtime."

"Yay!" She hugged me and started packing the markers back into the box, arranging them fastidiously by color. I stood up.

"Ok kids!" I clapped my hands twice to get their attention. "Go ahead and put your stuff away and get your mats. It's playtime." Girlish squeals of delight filled the classroom as they bustled to put their things away. Jim and I stood resting back against the big table in the center of the room as one-by-one the girls picked their favorite mats and dragged them over to the cleared area in front of us. Amber picked the purple frilly bedroll that she liked, and Lisa and Beth shared the big red cushion with the knitted edges. Emily lingered at the pile of mats by the cabinets, looking hesitant.

"Pick the blue one!" Sally called. "Mr. Renner loves the blue one." The girls all tittered together, but it was true. The thick blue blanket with the sewn-in cushion was what I liked to use. The girls always looked so good on it, and its many stains barely showed.

Emily blushed briefly, but grabbed the blanket and hauled it over, joining the half-circle of little girls arranged in front of us. They each kneeled on their chosen mats and blankets, looking up at us with wide eyes and eager expressions.

"Ok girls. Remember where we left off last time?"

Sally threw her hand in the air and waved it hysterically. "I know! I know!" the 6-year-old bellowed. "You were explaining how it gets hard."

"That's right." I heard the zipping sound next to me and joined Jim in undoing my belt and pulling down my pants in front of the class of girls. The hungry bulges strained obscenely against our underwear as the girls looked on, fascinated.

"Do you remember how it gets hard Sally?" I asked.

"You said it was blood Mr. Renner." The little girl's eyes were locked on the swelling fabric of my underwear. "Which seems so weird. How does more blood make something hard?"

"Let's find out." I motioned to myself and Jim with a hand. "Who wants to volunteer today?"

Almost as one, Lisa and Beth scrambled forward and kneeled on the carpet in front of me and Jim. Two pairs of tiny hands reached up to grasp our underwear, and the girls pulled the fabric down, causing a pair of fat cocks to spring out and slap them in the face. They giggled and nuzzled the firm flesh, then wrapped their fingers around the meaty pricks of their teachers.

"That's good sweetie." I rested my hand on Lisa's head, fingers curling in her dark hair. She looked up at me with almond eyes shining with desire, the heritage of her Asian family.

"It feels good right?" she asked.

"Better than good," I sighed, shifting my weight and leaning back against the table. Christ, nothing could beat the feeling of a little girl's tiny fingers on your cock. I needed to give some of the other girls a chance during playtime besides Beth and Lisa, but they were just so good. Jim leaned back in the same way next to me as Beth pattered her fingers up and down his stiff rod of firm velvet, feeling the taut flesh, rimming the purpling glans at the end and peering at the first drip of precum on his cock with fascination.

"Can I try again today Mr. Renner?" The shining hope in Lisa's eyes as she looked up at me was adorable. My prick bulged expectantly an inch from her lips.

"Of course sweetie." I gestured, and the little girl opened her mouth tentatively and wrapped her lips around my prick like it was delicate candy. The twins had had more practice, but it was important that all the girls had a chance to practice cocksucking. The gripping warmth of Lisa's mouth sent a shiver racing up from my crotch, but I tried to file away a note to myself to let Meredith go first next time. She had seemed upset at only getting a B at blowjobs on her report card. More practice would do her good.

"Like Mr. Renner said, blood is what causes a man's penis to get erect," Jim said, taking over the lesson as the suction on my prick began to vacuum up all the thoughts from my head. "This usually means a man is aroused, though there could be other reasons. Now, who here has seen their Daddy's prick hard like this before?"

The girls all raised their hands. Good fathers, the lot of them. None of them had neglected their daughter's needs.

"Dad's pretty much hard all the time. He never even wears pants around the house anymore. Says it's too uncomfortable." Beth giggled as she used Jim's precum to moisten the head of his cock and began a slow slide of her fist along the tip.

"Then you're doing a good job at home honey," Jim encouraged her. "Now, last week we talked about sex again. Who can tell me what we talked about?"

The hands all shot up, but Jim pointed at Sally.

"Sex is when Daddy's hard cock goes in your pussy," the 6-year-old said proudly. "Semen with millions of little babies in it comes out of the cock and that's how you get pregnant. It feels really good."

"Dad only puts it in my pussy sometimes," Amber said. "He uses my mouth or my butt the other times, but it still feels good."

"But doesn't he have to cum in your pussy to get you pregnant?" Meredith asked. "Or can it be anywhere?"

Jim shook his head and readied a reply, but shuddered as Beth's hands on his penis sent a ripple of pleasure up from his groin.

"No," he panted, swallowing after the tremor subsided. "Your daddies can put semen anywhere in you, but you'd only get pregnant if it's in your vagina. Don't worry though. Remember that your daddies love you no matter where it ends up."

"Dad likes to put it on our faces before we get on the school bus", Beth said, nuzzling the prick in her face as she teased it with her fingers. "Lisa's always trying to butt in and take more of it though." She feigned an angry look at her sister.

"Mmmph. Mmph mmph mmmmphmmmph." Lisa couldn't protest her sister's accusation past the rod of engorged flesh in her mouth. The gripping tunnel had sucked me in until I had 3 inches of raging fuckmeat buried between her lips and was butting up against her throat in the back. She had taken the cue from the dripping precum on her tongue and my tightening fist in her hair, and pumped her cheeks before treating me to a light bobbing motion, tiny lips gliding over engorged flesh and leaving trails of gooey saliva behind. I bucked my hips to meet her motion, relishing the feel of my manhood flattening the girl's tiny squirming tongue underneath it.

The other girls looked on in fascination, pants and shirts down or up as they liked, fingers seeking the glorious buds of pleasure at their cunts and pinching the hardening nipples on their flat chests, watching the dark-haired twins on their knees at the front of the class eagerly sucking their teacher's pricks. Sally's pink skirt was around her ankles and her Hello Kitty t-shirt was pushed up to her chest as she reclined on her blanket, both hands digging hungrily at the slit between her legs. Her eyes followed the glistening cockflesh with wide-eyed wonder as it disappeared repeatedly into her classmate's mouth with wet slurping sounds. Sally was always a good student, attentive in class. They all were.

The rising tide became a sudden swell that shivered up my erect girth, the stirrings of a liquid avalanche beginning deep in my balls. Pulling gently on her hair with my fingers, I coaxed Lisa on with an encouraging murmur. She knew exactly what the sudden shiver and jerk in a man's pelvis meant. Saliva dripped from her lips and began to run down her chin as she dove eagerly onto the purpling girth, slapping the glans against her tonsils with puffing cheeks. Only 8, and already a great cocksucker, and her sister was every bit as skilled. I was lucky to have such good students. A struggling tongue worked my underside, wiggling and fighting for space to add that tiny spice of extra pleasure to the froth about to boil over in my crotch. Her eyes looked up, eyelashes batting, staring into mine to ask if it was good, if I liked it, if she was doing it right and would get a good grade. I could have lost myself in the dark depths of those almond pools. 8 years, and a gaze already glittering with the hungry passion and desperate need for validation that little girls craved so deeply from men. That look would never get old for me.

"Hnnnng!" My balls clenched suddenly, sending a frothing white geyser racing upward where it exploded into the girl's mouth. Cum erupted and filled the tiny space until it backflowed in her throat, and she pulled off, coughing, a mixture of spittle and semen dribbling out her mouth and down her chin.

"Ack," she coughed again into her hands, gooey liquid filling them up and dripping messily onto her yellow blouse. "Sorry Mr. Renner I" - she coughed again - " I tried to swallow. See?" She tilted her head up and opened her mouth wide like she was at the doctor's office, sticking her tongue out. Deposits of white cream melted like butter on its surface and goopy loads of semen swilled at the base. She closed and swallowed again.

"That was good. You did fine Lisa." I patted her head. Remember to swallow fast, girls," I said, addressing the class breathlessly." If a cock's in your mouth, remember to feel for when it's about to cum and be ready.

"Yes Mr. Renner" they all singsonged in unison.

"Now then." I loosened the fist I had tangled in Lisa's hair and let her sit back. Beth had watched with fascination as her twin sister sucked my cock, using her own spit and his precum to work Jim up to a gentle fisting motion. Now she turned and kissed the tip of his shaft before taking it inside. Jim's legs twitched and he moaned from the glorious feeling of little 8-year-old lips wrapping around his tool, rapture on his face. I took over the lesson again. It helped to have just one of us go at a time, so the other could keep up the lecture.

"Ok," I wheezed, trying to see past the stars of my dwindling orgasm. "You can sit Lisa." She scooted back and rested her butt on the red cushion, one hand rubbing the knitted edges for comfort as kids liked to do while the other hand dived hungrily into her shorts.

"Let's have a small story time," I announced. "We'll go around the class starting with Sally. Sally, do you remember the first time you saw an erect cock?"

"Yes Mr. Renner!" Sally chirped, her voice winding up with enthusiasm. She could be quite the teacher's pet whenever I called on her, but that was just her energy showing.

"When I was 5 I saw our dog TJ had a thing between his legs that was all red. He was kind of whimpering and pushing against the couch. I thought he was hurt so I told my daddy, and he showed it to me and explained what it was for."

"That's good," I said, nodding in affirmation. "Did it seem a little confusing at first?"

"Yeah. Daddy pulled down his pants and showed me his, but he didn't look like TJ so I didn't get it. He put his cock in my mouth so I could taste it, then he let TJ put his in my mouth too. He tasted REALLY funny," the 6-year-old gushed. "All salty and gooey. Then he asked Jessica, my big sister, to come in and she tasted TJ's cock too and then Daddy had her lie down on the floor and let TJ fuck her. He was really rough and I thought maybe it hurt but Jessica told me how good it felt. That's when Daddy started fucking me along with Jessica every night"

At 5 she would have been due to start SOEF classes the next year, but the sooner a girl started her education, the better, as far as I was concerned. Curiosity left unsated was never good for a girl. At best, neglectful, and at worst, dangerous. Sally's Dad was a responsible father.

"What about you, Meredith?" I asked, turning to face the little brown-haired girl masturbating on her mat. "When was the first time you saw a hard cock?"

"I don't really remember - I was really little I guess," the 7-year-old recalled. "Mom and Dad always let me sleep with them because I was always scared that something in my closet would eat me. I didn't really know what they were doing when they were having sex. I thought Daddy's cock was like, hollow, or that it would deflate like a balloon if I touched it." She laughed at her own naievete. "Mom made me touch it so I could see that it was solid. I didn't really get it though until I started SOEF. I just knew Mom liked Daddy's thing a whole lot."

I nodded at Meredith as she finished. Sexual Orientation, Education, and Fulfillment was an essential part of every little girl's life - and mandatory now, thank goodness, thanks to the new law. It had silenced the cries of the last remaining holdouts. The explicit instruction had supplanted the role of Kindergarten - scholastic education being a fairly useless endeavor for girls at this age - and it continued and complemented their other curriculum until they were wed, impregnated, or graduated high school.

I took a moment to enjoy the sight of the brown-haired little nymph shivering on the cusp of orgasm on her blanket. She had sunk a second finger into the tight snatch between her legs, and the furious rubbing set her pelvis jerking and her knees knocking together as her climax raced through her. Her bare nipples hardened even more and flushed from pink to red, heralding the crimson that crept up her neck to her panting face. Gasping, her eyes fluttered as she collapsed back onto the blanket, squirming and moaning with delight.

The class's eyes were fixed on Jim, and I looked over to see how he was doing. Beth had wrapped her lips as far up the turgid rod of meat as she could go, and the tiny girl's head was held immobile by the large first locked around her braid in a white-knuckled grip. Her eyes batted as she looked up at Jim and her throat jerked, rapidly swallowing the spurts of rich cum flooding into her mouth. She almost made it, but a runner of backwashed semen brimmed over her lips at the very end and ran down her neck to drip gooey splotches on her pink blouse. Lisa smirked at her sister as Beth pulled off the drooping manhood with a defeated gasp.

"That was good sweetie. You're getting very good with your tongue. I love it." Jim caressed the smiling girl's ear and shoulder. "Don't worry about little spills. They can be just as fun. You can go sit with your sister now.

I took the moment to take stock of the class. The girls each lay on their mats and blankets in a half-circle arranged around me and Jim and the big desk, skirts and shirts pulled up and pants pushed down, revealing the sweet, nubile flesh of little bodies all between 6 and 9. They had all orgasmed at least once by now, I could tell, and most were reaching for their second. Lisa and Beth had been so wound up from cocksucking that they had barely touched their own cunts before their climaxes crashed over them. That was good. Nobody was holding back.

Except for the shy new girl, Emily. She was an adorable little thing, with auburn hair pulled back into twin ponytails and her blue-and-white tank top pulled up to her shoulders to reveal the smooth field of her chest. Her hands dug feverishly beneath the rim of her blue pants, and she had squirmed her way to a quiet orgasm earlier, but she hadn't spoken up yet. I shifted the next question to her.

"Well Emily? How about you?" I met the little girl's gaze, seeing her heavy lids and glazed eyes from another approaching orgasm. "When was the first time you saw a man's prick all nice and hard?"

"Well I guess brother, uh, I think...Mr Renner." She stuttered and swallowed, and her hands wrestled under the blue fabric of her pants like struggling ferrets. "We always used to shower together and he would wash me, and his uh, cock would get hard all the time, but I didn't really know why. It would uh...uhnnnn uhnnnnNNGGGGH!" Her throat clenched and her shoulders shook as the 7-year-old exploded into orgasm from her thrusting fingers.

There are few things more lovely, more divinely beautiful, I thought, than the sweet sight of a tender little girl struggling in the throes of pleasure. Emily's flat chest hitched and she sagged on her knees, then she jerked upward again like a lightning bolt had straightened her spine. The tiny buds on her chest practically quivered from the pulsing orgasmic bliss that clearly raced from her head to her toes. Sweet hips, lovely thighs, delicate arms and a tiny, button nose, she was a gorgeous little flower barely blossoming into the mysterious world of sexual awakening.

I knelt next to the cumming girl and put my arms around her back, holding her gently, fingers giving her sensitive nipples the lightest of brushes as she shook on the mat and finally collapsed against me, heaving. Juice dripped from the delicate cleft between her legs, running around her fingers and down her thighs.

"Shhh, that's good sweetie. Very good." She was sniffling slightly, her free hand clutching my shirt. "You're doing great." We had to be there for our girls, ready to guide their precious bodies and minds through the art of lovemaking as gently as possible. I let Emily gasp herself out, waiting until she finally gulped and sat back on her knees on the blue mat, looking up at me with deep brown eyes buried behind her long lashes.

"You're a very pretty girl Emily." She blushed as I kissed her on top of her head in front of the class of masturbating girls. "There's nothing to be afraid of sweetie. Can you tell me how often your brother puts his cock in you?"

"Oh, oh I mean uh...once or twice each week..." she stuttered, embarrassed. We'd have to work on that reluctance. A little girl should never be shy about the topic of a man's prick inside her.

"He's just, well, working a lot," Emily said. "He gets home late most of the time and says they're really busy at work. Then he goes to see his girlfriend sometimes so he can't always help me with my homework." Her face drew a pouty frown. "I really like to do my homework with him but he's been gone more lately. He's had to take care of everything since my Dad died." Moist pools were beginning to form at the corners of her eyes. "So I don't get to see him much. I miss him."

That wouldn't do at all. The state had undoubtedly granted him sexual conservatorship over his little sister after his father passed, so he was probably at least 16. But if he had a job and other responsibilities...well, keeping a growing little girl fucked and happy and full of cum was a big task. I knew. I'd make a few phone calls and call him in to the school so I could talk to him and see about getting him some help. There was no shame in it, and the duty rosters were overflowing with horny men waiting to fuck the brains out of undersexed little schoolgirls anyway.

Really, I should have put this all together when I read her file anyway. It was my job as her SOEF instructor. But little Sally had wandered into my office before class that morning, and I could never resist bending that little 6-year-old nypmh over my desk and fucking her cunt until she hollered.

In the meantime, I had a duty to Emily. The poor girl's pussy was probably burning. Had she been fucked yet that morning? I shot an inquisitive glance at Jim, but he shook his head. He hadn't done the deed either.

"It's ok honey." I wrapped the sniffling girl in a hug. "Don't worry. Your brother loves you just as much as your Daddy did." The little girl hugged me back, her shirt still pulled up to her armpits. The flesh of her bare back was silky smooth under my fingertips, and her buttcheeks were soft putty when I squeezed them.

I broke our hug and gave her an encouraging gesture. "Lie back sweetie." She flopped back onto the soft mat, and I pulled her shoes and socks off, then helped pull her skirt the rest of the way down. The mounting tears were headed off by a giggle when I found the ticklish spot on her legs before pulling the fabric off over her feet. Her sudden grin was a sunbeam chasing all the gloom from her mood. I doubled down on her thighs until she laughed and squirmed, pushing at my hands. Jim had herded the girls closer around us for a better look.

"Ok Emily." I ran my hands up her legs, past the sweetly curving hips, around the little girl's naked torso with the of nubs peeping from the flat chest. An angel, grinning gently up at me now, neck blushing with arousal. I left her loose blouse pushed up around her neck and attacked her nipples, massaging them and pinching just slightly. Not too rough. A little girl was such a delicate thing under the strong touch of a full grown man, liable to go too fast and maybe even end up hurt in her excitement. The 7-year-old hadn't had much sex, it seemed, not as much as she needed, but I was going to fix that. Instinct wiggled her hips and drew a panting gasp when she felt my erect cock pressing between her legs.

"Does that feel good?" I asked. She nodded, opened her mouth, then closed it again in favor of a low moan. I kept up the pressure, moving around her chest, nipples to shoulders, massaging the prepubescent body and letting the faint rhythm of our motion slide my throbbing cock up against her hairless lips. The girls had pulled their mats closer and five pairs of eyes watched us with hungry curiosity, fingers rubbing their genitals furiously. I spotted Jim on the stool, tugging his own erect prick as he watched us too. He was an excellent assistant instructor, no less passionate about his job than I was.

My cock felt like it was going to burst. I had to get it into this sexy little thing. I leaned forward onto my knees and planted my hands on the mat, hovering over the tiny girl, stiff meat jutting down at her like a promise. She looked up at me, that shy, soft vulnerability and need that I knew so well lurking in her light brown eyes: a little girl's desire to please, to be accepted, to be pushed down or bent over and stuffed with a full helping of semen, liquid proof of how much she was loved. My prick was brushing up against her gate, the tip of my bulging glans just barely resting primed between her puffy lips. Nothing was sweeter than a little girl's pussy, hairless and innocent and blushing red with the boiling heat of her excitement as a man's cock rubbed up against it.

I moved my pelvis and pulled her by the shoulders, repositioning her slightly on the mat. I loved my job so damned much, stuffing my meaty prick into little preteen girls all day. It's a lucky man who enjoys his calling in life. Reaching down, I wrapped my fingers around my girth and wiped it against her slit, spreading my precum, mixing it with the trickle of pussy juice seeping out. Little Sally, Beth and Lisa with their almond eyes, slender Meredith, lovely Amber- I loved all the girls in my class, had fucked them all dozens of times. They had all leaned in, eyes bulging as they stared at the spot where their teacher's manhood was primed at Emily's tiny cunt, ready to welcome her to the class just as it had done for all of them.

Slowly, I pushed in, revelling in the feeling of the little lips briefly resisting and then giving way. Sucking heat wrapped the head of my cock. Emily whimpered and clenched the blue fabric with her fingers. Still small, tight beyond belief, I pushed slowly into her cunt, my head popping inside and then slipping an inch deeper into the squeezing heaven before I felt resistance.

Emily moaned as if the air was forced out of her by the cock pressing up into her tight little cunt. It bit off into a squeak and a surprised jerk when I stopped - just about an inch and a half of my throbbing cock buried inside her. Not too bad for a 7-year-old, but she could do better with a bit of practice and coaching. Jim and I would work with her and she'd be getting an A in Penetration by the end of the summer. Most of my girls got top marks in this area, able to spread their legs and breathe carefully and open up until they could take the sizable length and girth of their teachers inside them.

But I wasn't going to push the delicate girl. She was already shivering with pleasure, eyes squeezed shut, pelvis jittering as it was impaled with engorged fuckmeat. Slowly, I pulled back, right up until her straining pussy lips just began to part around my glans, then thrust forward again. I built into a mounting rhythm, fucking the squirming 7-year-old under me, enjoying the delighted squeal every time I reached the limit of her clenching tunnel. Already I could feel her loosening up, instincts taking over and spreading her legs wider, hormones rushing through her blood and jerking her muscles into an excited frenzy. Her body knew what it needed, craved the pounding pressure I was pumping into her, responded with the plainly desperate need of the little girl to get a cock stuffed into her. I sank another inch inside, and Emily's desperate gasps built to a series of excited, girlish yelps, pussy walls spasming crazily around my cock.

I could almost see her orgasm crashing up through her like a wave, exploding from the sudden clamp of muscles in her heaving cunt, arching her spine and neck and flushing red in her nipples as they thrust in the air, energy finally coming out of her mouth as a wild cry. I wasn't far behind. Pink fire flared in lightning spasms up from where I was stuffing my cock into the 7-year-old. Through the haze, I could see Amber, bending over on her mat, an orgasm rocking her body from side to side. Beth and Lisa had piled on top of each other, eagerly licking each other's cunts in a 69 position. Jim had got up and pointed his erect cock in Meredith's face, who sat on her knees patiently, mouth wide open and tongue sticking out. And Sally - I looked side to side - Sally's eyes were inches from the bucking conjunction of my swelling cock in Emily's cunt, watching with rapt fascination. The little girl had flourished in SOEF, a model student. She loved cocks, loved her Daddy's cock and mine and Jim's, loved them in her mouth, loved them in her pussy, and she was young so we were still working on her asshole, but she'd love them there too. Whenever I fucked another girl, she would stare as if spellbound, watching the plunging meat just as she watched it now, slipping between the straining lips of Emily's pussy. Emily shrieked under me with a furious wiggle of her hips and I embraced her, sinking my cock inside with one final plunge and holding the quaking body tight as my balls clenched and sent a geyser of cum rocketing up into Emily's womb.

Fireworks of ecstasy exploded behind my eyes, the heavenly jolt that crushes your consciousness in warm bliss when you cum with your twitching cock buried in a tiny little 7-year-old girl. Euphoria flooded over us both and time melted away as I held Emily in my arms underneath me, lovers connected in the sweet union of man and little girl. Scalding semen roared out of my cock, flooding up into the immature womb and pumping it full then backwashing into the tight space between my taut girth and Emily's convulsing pussy muscles.

The hazy roar faded to a thumping rush in my ears, and finally to a thrumming purr that reverberated between me and the sweaty body in my arms. I had pulled her back up off the mat in my excitement, letting her head dangle, arms locking her in place on my pumping cock as we shared our climax. Gently I set her back down. Her arms and legs collapsed, spent, as if all the life had been drained out and compressed into the spasming heave of her chest. I kept holding her, feeling the beat of her own orgasm taper away, and finally she opened her eyes and looked at me with the glowing fresh-fucked smile of satisfaction that looks so wonderful on a little girl.

"Good girl," I murmured, fingers brushing the tangles from her hair and giving her another kiss. "Feel better now?"

"Yeah...Mr Renner." She had to stop and swallow for air, nodding. My flaccid cock stuck briefly, as if reluctant to depart, but it finally slurped out of her pussy when I pulled back, and a well of slimy fluid followed afterward, pooling into a dark stain on the mat.

"Ok!" Jim clapped his hands and got the class's attention. Most of the girls were lounging on their mats, basking in the afterglow of their own orgasms. Meredith was using her hands to lick up the messy streak of cum that Jim had blasted onto her face.

"Go ahead and roll up your mats and put them away," he went on, pulling up and buckling his pants. "Did you all bring your reports today?" A general murmur went up from the girls as they hiked up their skirts and began to pull their mats back to the pile. Their homework had been to watch an animal of their choice mating and take notes. We'd compare them in class and discuss how animal breeding habits differed from humans. It was part of our new curriculum on safe sex with animals. Curious girls could get into trouble without the proper education.

Jim helped the girls while I rested back on my haunches, trying to catch my breath. I'd probably have to go shower. I felt like a sweaty mess, but looking at the naked little 7-year-old sprawled on the mat before me, smiling happily as cum leaked from her cunt, I felt the familiar surge of satisfaction. Bringing that precious grin to a little girl's face made it all worth it.

I helped Emily rolled up the blue mat - cumstains and all - and got her dressed again before nabbing a quick wash from the shower attached to my office. By the time I got out, Jim had arranged the class in a circle for Sharing Time.

"Ok. Who wants to go first?" Jim asked, as I took the seat next to him. Sally's hand shot up.

"Anyone? Anyone?" He looked around the room exasperatedly. Sally waved her hand frantically, wiggling in her seat like she had itching powder in her read end. She always wanted to go first.

"Ok, Sally," he sighed.

"YAY!" Sally squealed and hopped off her seat, then stood in the center of the circle with her arms clasped behind her back.

"This is my report," the 6-year-old recited. "Mr. Renner said we had to look at animals having sex, so I asked my Momma and she helped me. She said she had done it a lot."

She went on as if reading from a paper. "Our dog's name is Max. He has a big red cock that's 8 inches long - we measured. It's weird and pointed. Momma got Max on the bed and she got him really excited and showed me how to lick him. Doggy cum is really salty and tastes kind of weird but good. Mom showed me how to put socks on Max and let him get on you without hurting you. She let Max fuck her on the bed 3 times and Daddy watched too. She explained how a Doggy has a lump in his cock called a knot, and that it'll get stuck in a girl or in girl doggies if you let it, and that's how doggies keep their cum inside."

The assignment had been to watch animals having sex with OTHER animals, but as Sally finished and sat back down, so proud of herself for her perfectly-delivered report, I decided I didn't mind. Amber went next.

"Daddy took me and my sister out to the country to look at horses," she began. "We went to a big stud ranch where they breed them. A boy horse is called a stallion, and they have a really big cock - this long." She held her hands wide apart. "Horses don't lie on their backs. They always have sex like this" - she made a figure with her hands - "with the boy horse on top..."

I sighed and leaned back contentedly in my chair. Listening to the girls give their reports was getting me hard again already. The schoolday was almost over, but maybe we could arrange a huddle before they got their bags and headed out to the busses. Listening to Sally had got me so worked up, and nothing gave a little girl as nice a send-off for the day as a healthy glob of white butter in her mouth or on her face. If at least some of our girls didn't leave our class with fresh deposits of semen on their chins or dripping down their legs, then frankly Jim and I weren't doing our jobs as teachers.

But we hardly needed the encouragement. We were both professionals, dedicated to our jobs of fucking little girls and guiding them to sexual stability and maturity, and I wouldn't have traded my job for anything in the world.

HTV had changed everything. At first, we had no idea what to do. The best biologists humanity had to offer had blundered about trying to unravel the intricate virus and its myriad complicated effects, and mostly failed. Perhaps they couldn't be blamed. Even the best scientist is only human, and the raw reality that stared back at them from the dry charts and graphs was something they dared not allow themselves to contemplate.

I remembered seeing colored maps of the world every night on the news when I was very young, with certain sections shaded red. More were added every week. The newscasters always seemed angry, or perhaps desperate, reading their lines with harried looks on their faces. One had broken down completely on air one night, refusing to read the prompter and ranting that this was "the future" and that humanity needed to "accept what it couldn't change." I had been glued to the television until the crew tried to drag him away and the station went off the air.

Things accelerated rapidly after that. HTV. The Humanity Transformation Virus, they called it, but the name did so little to capture the fractious reality it brought. It came from nowhere. It spread rapidly. The accusations that it only infected through bodily fluids were false, but it gave people an excuse. I had vivid memories of my neighbor being dragged from his home by the neighbors, screaming about him having sex with his daughter. I didn't really understand at the time. Humanity was changing, the essential makeup of our DNA strategically unzipped and recoded by the virus with small changes that amounted to all the difference in the world. Subtle effects, for men: increased thyroid and testosterone production, enhanced sexual drive and longevity, several new enzymes present in ejaculate once the changes had worked their way to completion. The male life would have gone on mostly unchanged, if not for the dramatic effects on women, and especially on girls.

Years later, during the height of the trouble, somebody had handed me a pamphlet on my high school campus. That was the year that the administration had hustled all the girls off to their own schools, making ours a boys-only campus. I had gone with some friends to look at the new school the county had built for the girls: it was K-12, an ugly, hastily-erected edifice surrounded by a high wall topped with barbed wire. It was baffling. It seemed as if all the girls had been locked up in a prison. As I turned the pages of the orange pamphlet, I began to realize that that was almost exactly what had happened. It was the last desperate move of a crumbling political institution that couldn't accept the new reality I had seen the ranting newscaster screaming about years earlier.

"Fact: Girls are now sexually active much younger." Page 1. The printed orange paper had a lewd illustration of a 10-year-old girl on her back on a bed, fingers spreading her pussy lips, a look of pleading desperation on her face. I think that's when things first clicked for my teenage brain. The news had always seemed stuffed full of the same stories: statutory rape, 12 men arrested. Child sex ring: 20 men arrested. Online child pornography ring busted: millions of pictures found. Who would explain what was happening in the world to a confused teenager? My dad sure didn't, right up until the point where the police came and arrested him for having sex with the neighbor's daughter. She was 11.

It hardly mattered. States could not possibly have built and staffed prisons fast enough to keep up. But there were always voices of reason: online or on the television, often quickly silenced but ringing ever louder and more numerous as the years went on. Humanity HAD changed, girls the most of all. It was all laid out on the pages of the pamphlet.

Crucial disruptions to the endocrine system meant that female biology now required the constant introduction of male reproductive material in order to remain healthy and keep the proper hormononal balance. HTV dramatically accelerated sexual appetite, but not all aspects of sexual development. Girls still grew breasts and became fertile and got nice curves at the same time they always had, but their bodies craved cock from the age of 6 onwards.

Society almost tore itself apart. Some countries did, the ones too rigid to accept the biological truth that sex with little girls was now an imperative, an inescapable fact of continued human existence. People raged and rioted. Cities burned. The spread of HTV was complete in a generation, but it took a quarter of a century for some semblance of order to return, some norms of society to reshape and assert themselves to fill in the gaps.

The group that gave me the pamphlet had all eventually been jailed. I remembered seeing that on the news also. Their leader was a biologist-turned-pedagogue who was unafraid of the truth: little girls now had a vastly amplified sex drive, and the men being persecuted were those who had been doing their duty most faithfully. It didn't matter whether a little girl took a helping of sperm in her pussy or in her mouth, or even in her butt. The hormones worked on contact, and the most potent effect that avoided dilution from an immune response was from the genetic material of close relations: fathers, brothers, sons, the nearer the better. Changes to the embryonic development process also rendered any fears of inbreeding moot.

Perhaps most startling was how long it took these basic facts to disseminate and be accepted as truth. Pseudo-religious groups had sprung up, but most quickly withered from persecution. Their ideas remained. Social expectations slowly changed. Sex with fathers and family members was normal for a girl. Accepted, encouraged even. There were no more special schools, no walling off young girls from the irrational fear of their sexual proclivities.

The new normal was a sexual liberation beyond what the 21st century could have imagined. Laws had changed at a glacial pace, but they did eventually change, and programs like SOEF were developed to help steer girls through the sexual turbulence of their early years.

Ten years ago, the lanes outside the school had been filled with angry protestors, mothers and fathers raging impotently on behalf of their precious, innocent little daughters. Usually the same girls who would most eagerly swallow a cock between their lips as soon as it came out. Scandals about sex in schools became commonplace, then banal. Now the lanes were clear but for the scattered clumps of students talking and waiting for their busses. With the advent of the SOEF programs, parents knew that if their special snowflake girls were going to get cocks stuffed inside them a dozen times a day, it could at least be done by professionals. Their needs could be taken care of at school, and Daddy could do the rest when she got home.

And I could hardly wait myself, as I navigated away from school and cruished the highway towards home. Even after leaving a farewell gift on Sally's face, I was still hard. HTV's gift to men. The same hormones that nourished the bodies of little girls had magnified our stamina tenfold and eradicted impotence. I could fuck as many little girls a day as I wanted, but right now I was thinking of only one.

I had barely pulled the car into the driveway and got out when the front door of the house slammed open and a girl-shaped blur streaked towards me.


I dropped my briefcase just in time to grab Camilla under the armpits, using her momentum to swing her around and up into the air.

"Hey baby girl!" I laughed. Cam squealed with glee and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her red hair and pigtails swung with the momentum. The skirt of her yellow dress fluttered out behind her then went still as I completed the spin.

"Daddy you're finally home!" My daughter squeezed my neck as if we had been apart for 10 years instead of 8 hours. "Guess what Dad Sadie came over and do you remember she said her Mom got her a pet well guess what Daddy she brought it and it's this cute little hamster and he's just so adorable and she let me hold him and he wiggled around and got in my shirt Daddy and it was so cute and-"

My little girl pounded me with a barrage of words until, laughing, I hugged her freckled face closer and kissed her on the mouth.

"Mmmph! Mmmmmph! Mmph!" Cam finally melted in my arms as I held her tight. At the end of the day, nothing felt sweeter than my little baby girl's mouth pressed against my own, lips yielding and slightly parted under her Daddy's pressure. My fingers dove up under her skirt with a mind of their own, rimming the edge of her panties and dipping inside. Well, one thing might feel better. Camilla had been the sunshine of my life for 10 years, a sugary, high-spirited little mynx with a mouth like a machine gun and a mischievous streak a mile wide.

I kicked the car door shut behind me and grabbed my briefcase, heading up the walk with my daughter still wrapped around my chest, her head resting on my shoulder. This was truly the best reward for a hard-working father at the end of the day. A laughing little girl in my arms, a sweet kiss from the heart, the feel of her snuggling up against me and the yearning pressure in my pants from knowing I'd soon be stuffing my bulging cock into her tiny little 10-year-old cunt and flooding her with cum. Cam wiggled against me like a hyperactive worm.

"Did Sadie's dad come over with her?" I asked.

"Yeah Daddy, Bruce came too but he let me play with the hamster first. Sadie named it Billy. What a stupid name!" she huffed as I put her down and opened the door.

"And just what would you name a hamster?"

"Well OBVIOUSLY I'd name him Cooper!" She strutted into the house ahead of me. "I mean honestly Daddy." She rolled her eyes at me like I had asked the dumbest question in the universe, and I couldn't help but laugh.

I had been thinking of getting her a pet anyway. Maybe a dog. She could have fun with a dog, if I taught her to be careful and trained it well. But a hamster was a possibility too. I slapped my keys and briefcase down on the kitchen table and loosened my shirt collar.

"Did Bruce fuck you today baby girl?"

"Yeah Daddy. We watched a movie with Sadie then we took turns and he came inside us both."

"What'd you watch?"

"Sadie wanted to watch The Little Mermaid but that's just kind of like...boring." She made an annoyed motion with her hands. "It's such an old movie. Kids stuff. So we switched to the Family channel. Bruce liked that."

The Family channel would have meant something different when I was a kid. Now they featured entertainment that families watched when they wanted to have fun together. Porn usually, little girls of every age getting fucked, hardcore or softcore with stories for those who liked that. Cam and I had a few favorite shows. The notion of a girl too young to be shown getting reamed on camera no longer existed.

The thought of another man's cock squeezing home in my little girl's cunt was getting me all worked up. Bruce was a good friend. I looked after Sadie when she needed it and he took care of Camilla. There weren't really any official recommendations, but most girls seemed to get antsy if they went over 8 hours without sex, and Cam, in her usual hyperactive way, could barely go more than 4. So I usually had someone check up on her if she was going to be home while I was at work. The couch was right there. She would have bounced her little naked body on his rigid cock with her typical enthusiasm and then squealed when she felt the scalding semen shooting up inside of her.

Camilla squared her shoulders and preened under my stare. She liked it when her Daddy looked at her. The straining flesh of my prick was about to burst open my pants from looking at my 10-year-old daughter.

"Turn around sweetie."

She turned her back to me obediently and I crouched down, running my hands down her sides and feeling her curves through the thin fabric of the yellow dress. So precious. I ran my fingers through her red hair, smelling the floral shampoo. Cam arched her neck and leaned back with a smile. My daughter was so sweet, all bright enthusiasm and boundless little girl energy. My hands went farther down, over her slender hips, and pulled up the yellow dress to see two perfect little globes of flesh neatly cupped by a little white pair of cotton panties.

"Daddy!" She giggled girlishly, melting in my arms. I knew my daughter inside and out, could feel her horny currents barely concealed under the surface. A touch on her shoulder, and she lifted her arms over her head. I gathered the skirt and then pulled the dress up over her head, exposing my baby girl's naked body.

I let her turn around again and look at me, her customary smile with just a hint of a smirk plastered on her face. God she was lovely. Supple, slender, a flat, prepubescent chest with just the perfect amount of curve to her hips and roundness to her shoulders. Her belly was smooth and tight. 10 years old, and not a day had gone by that I hadn't shoved my raging prick between the pretty lips of her mouth or into the squeezing tunnel of her cunt or into the chocolate warmth of her puckering little butt. She was almost that age, too. 11 was the average age of fertility now. More side effects. Some families considered marrying their daughters off this young, if pregnancy was on the table. It was their choice and everyone had to decide for themselves. But I couldn't bear the thought of my baby girl ever leaving the nest. By this time next year, that tight belly would probably be swelling up with my baby, assuming one wasn't already growing inside her.

The pain in my pants was threatening to splinter my tortured flesh. "Come on sweetie," I said, taking her hand and leading her to the couch.

"Is this where you and Bruce fucked?" I asked.

She nodded. I sat on the couch and leaned back, crotch tenting my pants obscenely. At a gesture from me, she reached out and unbuckled my belt, pulling back the flaps and helping me with my underwear until an engorged stick of red meat sprung out.

"Jeez Daddy," she giggled. Cam always thought the springy energy of my erect cock was somehow deliberate. She reached out and brushed it with her fingers, setting it bouncing in the air.

"Ummph," the simple touch of my daughter's fingers on my prick sent a shiver racing down my spine. I couldn't wait any longer. I reached out, grabbing the waistband of her cotton panties by the hips and pulling them down, then helping her step out of them. My little girl stood in front of me completely naked, the delicate flower of her hairless little pussy peeping out from between her legs.

"Show me how he fucked you," I panted. The thought of shoving my cock into my little girl got me hard as a rock, but so did the thought of other men doing it. We had shared Christmas with Bruce's family, and after opening presents I had fucked his little girl Sadie until she hollered while he did the same with Camilla in front of me. There were few things hotter than watching a fat cock stuffed into your daughters cute little cunt. It had been a great Christmas. I still had the tape.

Cam climbed up on me on the couch, straddling my legs with an eager grin on her face.

"Well Daddy first we started like this." She turned around and plopped on my lap, my cock thumping between the crack of her buttcheeks. "We watched TV for a while. Sadie was sitting with us and she gave me Billy to pet. He was soooooo cute Daddy." She leaned back and craned her neck to look up at me, flexing my cock painfully back against my stomach.

"He was just resting for a little bit as I sat on Bruce's lap like this." She made a cuddling motion with her arms. " But then he started moving around and he jumped in my dress!" She mimed the little critter moving up her chest and disappearing under her neckline. I rubbed my little girl's naked shoulders and chest as I pictured it, the girls laughing and squirming as the furry lump moved around under the thin yellow fabric.

"What happened then?" I asked.

"Well Sadie thought it was hilarious, but Bruce he said we should get him out before he got squished. He pulled up my dress like this Daddy." Her hands stroked slowly up from her thighs to her hips. "He was really hard. Billy had run around to my back so he reached up inside to find him." Her eyes twinkled as she moved my hands, pantomiming the questing fingers on her body. The iron rod squeezing against her bottom was proof of how excited she was making her Daddy.

"Hmmm, did he go around like this?" My hands caressed their way down her naked back and stopped at her buttcheeks. I gave them a squeeze, enjoying the pleasing squish of my 10-year-old girl's rump.

"Yeah Daddy." Cam was panting heavily. "He rubbed my butt for a while. It" her head lolled back against my shoulder, nostrils flaring. "It's was just like that Daddy." Body twitching, she arranged herself against me. "You know that's my favorite spo-EEEP!"

A little jerk whipped its way through her arms and legs when I tapped her butthole, cutting her off. The sweet slopes of her bottom fell away to the tiny, puckering divot. The feeling of it pressing up against the underside of my throbbing cock was indescribable.

"Did he find Billy down here?" I teased, keeping the pressure on her bottom.

"No Daddy he-....uhhh, he ran around in front." Her eyes were glazing over from the feeling of her Daddy's big hands rubbing her naked body. She was such a slender girl. Both of her soft asscheeks fit in my palms with room to spare.

"Oh? So did Bruce"

Hungry fingertips inched over her thighs and dived to find the hairless cleft between her legs. Hazy heat was fogging my brain, the erotic vision of my sexy little girl with her skirt hiked up and Bruce's fingers dipping into her panties.

"Yeah, he rubbed my pussy for a little bit. Billy was...was wiggling around on my stomach." The rising heat was coaxing a flush on her chest as she tripped on her words. "We even...eventually got him out. and S-Sadie held him..." She gave up and arched her head against my shoulder to look up at me.

"Daddy..." She batted her eyes up at me, green orbs pregnant with her desperate request. I could feel her moving against me, stroking her Daddy's body to feel the firm desire of his cock against her bottom. What father could say no when his little girl looked at him with that hungry expression? Few things could match the wild appetite of a horny 10-year-old girl, and Camilla had boundless energy. I drifted off to sleep every night with her cuddled up in my arms, the sucking warmth of her pussy wrapped exquisitely around my cock, and every morning I woke to her tongue and lips savoring her Daddy's taste under the blanket.

But I was going to tease her just a little bit longer. I stopped rubbing her pussy and put my hands behind my head, grinning and leaning back on the couch.

"You said you started out like this sweetie. Show me how you finished."

"Dad!" Cam adopted the huffy pout that she always did when her daddy's fingers left her crotch early. I just grinned at the quivering lip and soulful, pleading look on her face.

"Ok fine. He had me turn around like this." She matched the words with action, turning around on her knees on the couch until she was facing me, straddling my thighs. Slippery friction gripped the underside of my manhood as it rubbed up against my daughter's slit.

"I did this for a little bit. Bruce really likes it." She moved her pelvis in slow motions, sliding her cunt along the bulging girth of my meat. Searing heat radiated from our contact. My cock surged painfully, desperate for the sucking warmth of the little hole just above it. Cam kept up the rhythm, pussy juice lubricating the rapturous slide until the bottom of my cock glistened.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore. The naked, wiggling 10-year-old on my lap was threatening to push my cock into overdrive. It flexed agonizingly, a throbbing rod purpling with desire for my little girl's body. In one smooth motion I swept her up in my arms and stood up. Cam laughed and kicked her legs in delight as she always did when her Daddy picked her up. Light as a feather. Sweet as sunlight. She giggled and nuzzled my arm as I carried her down the hallway to bed.

A father has a duty to his little girl. If anything, our society emphasized that even more now. Deadbeat dads had been a commonplace thing when I was little, but now they were almost unheard of. Preachers and prudes had harped on the virtues of abstinence. I had seen them on TV when sex was still a mystery to my young mind. Now they had been replaced with others preaching love and care and devotion to the little girls of the world. There was something I understood. Nothing meant more to me than the innocent smile of the little princess in my arms, looking up at her Daddy with adoration and hunger in her eyes.

I laid Camilla down gently on the sheet and took a moment to admire the slender curves of her naked body. Sunlight from the sheer curtains moved over her youthful skin, teasing ripples playing on her flat chest, on the adorable slopes of her tummy and hips. My eyes feasted as they rolled down my daughter's body to the peeping cleft between her legs, a layer of slick wetness coating the slopes of her tiny hairless lips

I had always wanted to look after Camilla myself. I had no need to enroll her in SOEF classes - I was able to teach my little girl everything she needed to know about sex right here, in our room, in the bed we had shared together since she left the crib. In truth, I had barely had to teach her anything. Cam was smart as a whip and she picked up on every subtle hint of her Daddy's desire with almost no need for explanation. How to get a man hot, how to undress and make herself ready, how to take a cock in her mouth and make it at home with just the right amount of attention or how to take a fattened prick up her rear end without crying out and without it hurting - normally a girl could learn these things in school, but Cam had always been the perfect student at home. The sweet smile on her face and the gently inviting way that she spread her legs and rubbed her thighs for Daddy came as instinctively as walking and talking had.

Straddling my little girl, I bent down and kissed one of her nipples, gently twisting the other with my fingers. The tiny fingers curling in my hair told me how much she liked this even before the pressure of my lips coaxed a breathy, girlish gasp from her mouth.

"Daaaaaad," the word warbled from her lips like the coo of a pigeon. I kissed her neck, letting my hands flex against the soft skin of her flat chest. A flutter was building in my daughter's thighs. I let up the pressure for a moment, feeling how she was wiggling under me like a worm, impatient, scooting her back on the sheets to try to coax her Daddy's dangling meat to slide against her pussy. Cam was bursting with energy.

I buried her in a kiss, squeezing her to the sheets, then hooked my hands tightly under her armpits, and rolled over to put her on top of me. She squeaked at the sudden reversal, pigtails quivering as her head drooped forward. I knew the signs - I would have to wear Camilla out a bit if I didn't want to be in bed all evening. Not that I would have minded, but a 10-year-old can have ferocious energy in bed, and she'd have more fun spending it on top.

"I missed you Daddy." She straddled my crotch, panting slightly. Golden sunlight from the windowblinds traced her body from behind, the silhouette of a slender angel.

"I missed you too sweetie. I think about you all day." I rubbed my way up from her hips, grabbing her chest again and squeezing the tender points until she moaned and bit her lip.

"Summer vacation's almost here baby. We'll have a lot more time together then."

"Yeah Daddy. Can we go on a trip again?"

I had taken her to the beach for a month last year. It had been glorious, the pair of us swimming and playing on the beachfront during the day and making love on the balcony of our hotel room during the evenings, enjoying the sunsets and the warm breezes from the ocean. Camilla had been adorable in the little string bikini I had bought her.

"Of course hon. We can go to the beach again, or wherever you want."

She nodded at me, a grin on her face like she had just won a prize. Cam never let me forget a promise. I was on the hook now. As if that was all she had been waiting for, she leaned forward and raised her hips, sliding her hand down to wrap around my cock and line it up with her blushing pussy lips.

The blissful warmth of my daughter's sweet 10-year-old pussy enveloped the head of my cock, velvet lips parting and embracing her Daddy's prick until the glans popped just inside. A shudder raced up her body, and her neck twitched as her jaw tightened from the pressure of the massive rod perched at her gates. Camilla was still just a tiny girl, and the sight of a full grown man's penis pressing up into her little cunt looked like an impossibility, but she was a good girl and she knew how to relax and welcome her Daddy's cock inside.

With a grunting noise, she let herself down slightly, popping an inch of throbbing cock into her steaming insides. I could feel the resistance, eager though she was. A tiny girl tends to have a tiny cunt, and going too fast for her would just hurt. I squeezed her hips with my palms, letting her control the pace. A brief rest and a push got another inch of her Daddy's meat inside. I gave her an encouraging smile, meeting her gaze, her eyes glazed over with lust and passion.

"Doing good princess." I squeezed her butt for good measure as she panted and pushed again. Her hairless little cunt lips had spread wide around my prick, straining visibly around the flesh of her Daddy's fuckstick.

"Mmmmph. Dad, Daddeeeee-" she groaned and shoved the rest of the way down, burying my full length inside her pussy. It's like a sight from heaven, watching your 10-year-old daughter slowly impale herself on your throbbing erection. Camilla shuddered from head to toe and pulled herself into a light bouncing motion, exulting in the sliding pressure of the engorged cock inside her.

"Sweetie, oh baby-" I whispered. Sparks flickered up from the sizzling heat in my crotch, swirling into a pink buzz in my head as my little girl bounced on top of me. She had leaned back slightly, getting a deeper angle, using her legs to raise herself slowly up and then sink back down with a mewling groan each time until her Daddy's cock bottomed out inside her.

How many little girls had my cock been inside today? I had almost lost count. Camilla of course, being woken up by the firm shaft of my morning wood pressing against her behind. A little girl should always get a good fuck before school. And Amber, such a wonderful student. We had practiced anal in my office before classes started while Jim gave her tips. Even with the lube we kept in there she was a tight fit, but the 9-year-old was getting a little better. The twins during class, and sweet little Emily. Sally, semen dripping off her grinning lips right as the bell rang to end class, dashing out the door with white goop running down her chin.

But for a father, nothing could ever really compare to the bliss of your own daughter's cunt. Cam pushed herself into a harder bouncing motion on top of me, biting her lip as her Daddy's prick strained her tiny cunt lips and plunged inside. It was pure heaven between those thighs, my little girl's juices slicking my cock to a shine while her cunt muscles spasmed joyfully around the bulging flesh. Sweet, bubbly, affectionate, and with a wide streak of mischief that got her into trouble more often than not - Cam was everything to me, and of all the delightful little holes it was pushed inside each day, my throbbing cock still loved my baby girl's cunny best. I wondered what her life would have been like if she had been born in my generation; not nearly as happy, probably. Why should a little girl be denied the many pleasures of having sex with her father? But Cam loved me fiercely, loved my cock anywhere I put it, and I couldn't have imagined a life without my little princess's body pressing up against me every time she was horny.

Her hands were planted on my chest, her mouth hanging open, panting, humping away on my meat with pigtails bouncing loose against her back. God my little girl was sexy. She was pushing me into overdrive. Did my little 10-year-old sweetheart want her Daddy's cock so bad? I was going to give it to her. Wrapping my arms around her back, I pulled her down to my chest, then grabbed her little asscheeks with both hands. Tiny and plump, they fit perfectly. She always fit. I began pushing up, slamming her pelvis down with each thrust. Her Daddy's wild motions and the moaning in her ear drove her wild. She convulsed against my chest, fingers curling into my chest hair. She was such a tiny thing. The sweet pair of buds on her flat chest scraped against mine. Suddenly, her arms clamped my sides and her thighs started to shake out of control as her orgasm rolled up from the pumping motion of our connection. I wasn't far behind. Watching the contortions of pleasure wash over my little girl's body and face pushed me over the edge, and I rammed her butt down with a final motion that rocked the bed, burying as much of her father's cock inside her as I could. The creamy flood erupted deep inside, semen spewing out into the tight channel of her cunt and finding nowhere to go in the strained space but right up into her womb. I pushed again, grinding against her, heat roiling in my balls as we shook together in the familiar intimate embrace of a father with his daughter. Sweat slicked between our stomachs, our legs struggled against each other, and the crushing waves of ecstasy peaked as my twitching balls emptied themselves in wild spurts. Cam moaned against me crazily. Finally it ebbed, bliss smoothing itself out into a hazy sheen that coated our senses as we lay together on the bed, arms locked around each other.

Golden sunlight from the window played over us as we rested on the bed, breathing heavily. The warmth slowly spread across Cam's back and my arms, mixing with the contended afterglow of the sweet bond of passion we shared as father and daughter. I nuzzled my little girl, kissing the tangled red locks of her hair, kissing her delicate earlobes, planting smooches on her forehead until she giggled and raised her head off my chest so I could push my lips against her mouth. Her breath was hot, sweaty, and her lips pushed back eagerly against my own, moaning the contented sounds of a freshly-fucked little girl.

"Love you Daddy." Cam moved her arms up to hug my neck and flexed her hips, teasing me where my half-hard prick was still stuffed inside her, keeping a load of daddy sperm buried inside.

"Love you too Cam." I patted her back and drifted in my post-orgasm haze. In a little bit I'd have to get up and grade papers, but for now it was enough to lay here in the waning afternoon sun with my daughter on top of me.

"Hey Daddy?"

Cam had shifted her head where it was resting on my chest, curls of red hair brushing my neck. My fingers found the warm spot on her back and massaged it gently, enjoying the tender shape of her prepubescent body. We were so cozy I was about to fall asleep, but I realized she was looking up at me.

"Am I going to have a baby?"

That woke me up. Cam knew about babies, about pregnancy, of course. I had always taught her well and answered all her questions until she was satisifed. But we hadn't really, well...we hadn't talked about our own specific circumstances yet. It had been on my mind, for sure, and now I knew it was on hers too.

"You're almost that age sweetie." I let my fingers run through her hair. "Maybe one or two more years. We could, if you wanted to, but it's a really big responsibility and we need to make sure we're both ready first. Have you been thinking about it?"

She paused for a moment, fingers twined in the curls of my chest hair as I kneaded her back. The question hung in the air, even more relevant with a helping of my semen stuffed in my daughter's womb and plugged tight with a cock still partly swelling with excitement. I had to admit, the thought was intensely arousing. Little Cam, my angel, hollering as I bent her over and filled her with cum to make a baby, little Cam, pregnant belly swelling up more with each passing day, growing proof of her Daddy's love inside her. She was a thin girl. If I impregnated her after she turned 11, the enormous belly would still be hard on her tiny frame.

Finally she nodded. "Yeah. You know my friend from school, Tanya? She's 12 now. But she's already starting to show. She looks so happy. She's not sure if it's from her dad or her uncle or her brother though. They could get tested but I don't think they care much. She seems so happy."

I kept petting her hair. In-family pregnancies weren't that uncommon now for girls, though marrying out was still the usual practice. HTV's radical changes on the human genome were still being studied, but some effects had been known for a long time. Inbreeding was not an issue anymore. Lateral vectors of DNA expression during ovary development, or something like that. The science was beyond me. But pregnancy and marriage were now purely social matters, with most of the old barriers already gone.

"Honey." I pulled gently at her chin to get her to look up at me again. Green eyes, so lovely I could lose myself in them. They were filled with uncertainty.

"If that's what you want sweetie, then yes, we can have a baby. It's still a little ways off Cam. You'll probably be fertile next year, and we can try then. Ok Hon?"

She burst into a happy grin and hugged me around the chest again. Maybe she had been hoping for something more immediate, judging by her eyes, but Camilla was a smart girl. We'd talk again when she turned 11, and I could get her tested so we'd know beforehand exactly when we could start trying. The science of human fertility had never been more advanced.

"Ok sweetie." I slapped her little naked ass as she wiggled happily. "Daddy's got to do work at some point tonight. Let me up."

"But DAD!" All at once she had turned from happy giggles to wounded doe-eyes. "You promised we'd go to the park!"

Oh shoot. Now I remembered. I *had* promised her, two days ago.

"Honey I really have to do some work. Maybe we can go tomorrow. I think-"

Those eyes. They stared at me, disappointment springing from the green depths. My heart wrenched. Cam's lip was quivering, the little girl on the verge of meltdown.

"Ok! Ok we'll go sweetie."

"Yay! Thanks Daddy!" That mortally wounded look disappeared in an instant. All an act. Cam could play me like a fiddle. What father could deny his daughter when she looked at him like that?

She hopped off me and tumbled off the bed, and I sat up, slightly woozy. Judging by the sun we'd have plenty of time at the park. Maybe I could get papers graded tonight.

I reached into the dresser and pulled out the first thing I could find for Cam. She held her arms up with a grin, and I dropped the frilly pink dress over her shoulders and watched lecherously as she wiggled her body to pull it the rest of the way down. What a ravishing body my little girl had, perfect for rubbing, perfect for squeezing, perfect for every kind of fun you could have with a little girl. Ignoring the returning warmth in my crotch, I fished out some more clothes from the dresser for me.

After a few minutes, we were ready. Cam waited patiently, for once, as I locked up, then I held her hand as we walked out to the car.

Camilla was out the door and dashing over the pavement almost before the car stopped moving, a boundless ball of squealing girlish energy. She ran onto the freshly-mowed lawn of the park, scattering a squad of languid pigeons, laughing at their squawks of protest.

"Dad! Dad can I go on the monkey bars?! Can I?" She bobbed on her toes like a nervous frog, the skirt of her pink dress bouncing around her thighs as I got out of the car. "They're over there. No WAIT!" Her attention had already flitted to something else. "The horsies! Daddy can I go on the horsies? Please please please?!"

I couldn't help but laugh as I laid a hand on her shoulder to calm her. "Of course sweetie. Whatever you want." The words had barely left my mouth when she grabbed my arm and hauled me like baggage towards the far corner of the park. Cam was always like this: a hyperactive sweetheart bursting at the seams with wildly kinetic girlishness. About the only time she slowed down was right after I had given her a proper fucking and made her cum shrieking on the end of her Daddy's thick cock, and even then, unless I got her to sleep, she'd be back to her normal frenetic level of energy within an hour.

The park was gorgeous in the summer: gently curving pavement wound slow paths through wide spaces of green grass and around groves of willow and cedar, sparrows dancing playfully among their branches. Cultivated flowerbeds were blossoming into clusters of red and orange and white. A light breeze and a mild sun capped off the perfect day. Cam had finally slowed a bit, and I switched to holding her hand as we trotted along the path.

This was a place for children and families. Kids dashed over the grass, screaming and hollering, chasing each other and playing tag, usually as their parents walked at a somewhat slower pace behind them. We passed a nuclear family out for a stroll, exchanging pleasant smiles - a mom and dad and their son, and a baby girl in the stroller, judging by the pink bow. A pair of boys were tossing an orange ball, laughing and playing a good-natured keepaway from their sister, a squealing 8-year-old who kept running back and forth yelling about how unfair they were. Dad sat on a bench nearby, looking a bit worn but not unhappy. I couldn't help but see most girls through the eyes of my SOEF training. If she were 8, she was probably already sexually active. I wondered if she was getting her needs met by a boyfriend, or which of her brothers or father was stuffing it in her little pussy at night - or if all 3 were enjoying her.

There were plenty of people here, enjoying the sunshine. Family life was more important than ever, but society had greatly expanded its notion of what could be a proper family. A trio passed us by - a boy around 18 and a girl, slightly younger, pregnant, the pair of them smiling happily and followed by an older woman around 30. Young marrieds, probably, and she could have been his mother or hers. Women's libido barely slowed down at all as they got older, and at 18 the boy may have had enough stamina to keep up with them both. A triangle wasn't that unusual. They might even be brother and sister. We didn't judge.

"Dad come oooooooon!" Cam yanked my arm impatiently until I thought she would wrench it out of the socket. We had reached the edge of a wide play area of soft dirt and sand. Kids laughed and screeched as they played among the jungle of monkey bars and swingsets and clattered up the ladders and down the slides of the many forts.

"Ok sweetie ok," I chuckled. "Give your dad a break."

That just made Cam pull even harder. She changed course and towed me over to the nearest toys: a long row of teeter totters. They were the new-style toys, probably installed by the city within the last 5 years to give the girls some extra fun. Cam bounced up and down next to the girl's end of a long purple length of fiberglass, waiting for me to help her.

My jeans wrenched my anatomy painfully to the side as I crouched to help her on. Hard already. Playgrounds always did this to me; they were designed to. After a quick squeeze of my daughter's chest - earning an aroused giggle - I helped her pull the skirts of her pink dress up to her waist, exposing her little pussy. With a hungry finger I inspected my daughter, touching the delicate slit between her puffy hairless lips. Wet enough, I thought. Good. I had cum in her an hour ago but Cam's horniness was always a given.

Hands on her naked hips, I guided her to straddle the end of the teeter totter, then grabbed the flexible plastic dildo mounted to the surface with a fist.

"Ok honey. Scootch up a bit." I guided the flaring tip until it rested against the lips of my daughter's prepubescent cunt.

"There you go." I rested a hand on her back and guided her down onto it, helping her penetrate herself on the translucent plastic.

"Mmmmph." Cam bit her lip slightly as her little girl cunt was spread open and filled up by the toy. Her arms shook briefly, then steadied as she took hold of the little handle in front of her waist. I let her skirt drop back down.

"Good girl." I kissed her on the top of her head. "Not too big?"

"It's fine. Come on Daddy!" She motioned me to the other end, grinning eagerly, but the shift made her wince just a bit.

Having a loving daughter was like having a second sun in your life, I reflected. A weight in the center adjusted the balance of the beam. I pushed it to the setting for an adult and a child, then went to the elevated end and straddled it. Cam was already bucking just a bit on her seat, enjoying the feel of her cunt being spread open. Her grin made her look like the happiest little 10-year-old girl that had ever lived because her Daddy was playing with her.

"Ok hon. Heeeere we go." I plopped by butt down on the seat, driving the plastic shaft up into my daughter's cunt. Cam squeaked as she was lifted off the ground.

"Aaaaah, aah!" Her legs wiggled and kicked in midair, then touched down lightly as I went back up. I pushed again, and we seesawed together, the beam squeaking back and forth as Cam laughed with delight.

"Higher Daddy! Higher! Come on g-OOOF." A particularly hard landing forced the breath out of her. I grinned wickedly. Camilla never asked to slow down. She always wanted everything bigger, faster, harder. My cock ached in my pants, watching the lust that glazed my daughter's face as we picked up speed. Her face twitched with pleasure and her pigtails slapped against her shoulders each time she crested, and the eye-bulging jerk each time she hit bottom was icing on the cake.

Up went the purple beam, carrying my daughter's bare bottom underneath the frilly pink dress, then down again, slapping the plastic shaft into her little cunny. Up again, my legs pumping, and down. Cam's thighs twitched and her arms shook against the handle. She came down soft, legs trembling, and I jerked my bottom to give her a nice thrust upward again. She squeaked and I could see the excitement bubbling just under the surface. I took over, using my weight to push the saw back down on my side, then heaving it upwards and delivering another pounding thrust to my little girl.

"Aaammff, mmmmff! D-daddy!" Camilla squeaked her pleasure as her orgasm raced up from the pounding tempo of our motion. I gave her a few more bangs, reading her signs, then shoved her down into a hard landing that slammed the plastic girth into her pussy with urgent force. She shrieked and vibrated on the end of the teeter totter, face flushed and muscles racing, hands locked to the little metal handle as her body quaked its way to orgasm.

A glowing, satisfied expression coated her face when she opened her eyes and saw me crouching beside her.

"Thanks Daddy. That was fun."

I pulled her dress up and held the plastic shaft steady as she slowly pulled herself off. A gooey trickle of pussy juice followed, and I wiped it up with my finger.

"Thanks Daddy," she giggled. Before I could reply, she wrapped her lips around my finger and sucked it lovingly, tasting herself as she looked up at me. God, what a little angel. No man would ever be able to resist those adorable freckles and the green eyes alight with horny desire.

I laughed and gave her another kiss on the head.

"Horsies now?" I asked.

"HORSIEEEEES!" She shrieked and grabbed my arm and we were off again, Cam dragging me behind her as if she were a girlish locomotive.

We passed a wider area with a group of kids playing tag while their parents watched. One father sat with his wife on one of the benches with a girl Cam's age straddling his lap, her shirt pulled up to her chest and giggling as he tickled her nipple. His other hand was buried under her skirt, squeezing happily. I smiled. It was always such a pleasant sight to see families playing together. Sponsoring and encouraging healthy relationships in the family was such an important part of my work. SOEF was as much about social work as education.

A group of girls passed us coming the other way. Most were in the 6-10 range, and the instructor leading them was a dead giveaway: a gorgeous brunette around 20, stark naked, extremely pregnant, and leading one of the younger girls by the hand. A SOEF worker guiding her class of girls.

"No Kathy." The brunette smiled, addressing her group of girls as they walked. "Remember that babies take 9 months to grow. It doesn't hurt, but sometimes you feel sick in the mornings. It's very important to go to the doctor often."

"But doesn't it feel weird having a stretchy stomach all the time?" The snub-nosed girl was holding the woman's hand as they walked, eyeing her swaying breasts and pregnant belly with a slightly awed expression. "It seems heavy. And can you really still do it if you're pregnant?"

"Don't worry Kathy." The instructor smiled down warmly at her charge. "It's still just as much fun, even if you do feel a bit heavy sometimes. Why don't you have a feel?"

The class stopped, and the naked woman beckoned her girls to come closer.

"Come on, don't be shy," she said. "This is what a girl's belly feels like when she's holding a baby."

Kathy and the others gathered in a half-circle to rest their hands on the taut flesh of the distended belly, oohing and aahing.

"Oh!" Kathy dropped her hand and lurched backwards into her classmates. "It moved!"

"He kicked." The woman's giggle was delightfully effeminate. "I told you he's been moving around a lot lately. He's due in a couple of weeks."

Cam was pulling my arm so we hurried on, but not before the pregnant woman caught my eye and flashed me a brief wink. Women usually handled the finer details of pregnancy education for the girls in SOEF, and her expression said she had immediately pegged me as a kindred spirit. Neither of us would have been in this field if we didn't love the work and love the girls under our care.

All of the rapid, desperate research in the wake of HTV had given rise to countless advancements in medical science. Pregnancy was safe for a girl at any age. Birth control was virtually foolproof, though rarely used - putting a baby in a little girl's tummy was too much fun for most men to pass up. STDs had been eradicated, though that was also partially due to the virus' genetic adaptations. Vaccination programs had further augmented the immune systems of the general population over the years until such things were virtually unknown. Adults under 20 had no experience with such things, barely remembered they had existed. Nobody had to worry. SOEF curriculum held that there was no reason to impair the natural advancement of any girl's sexual curiosity, and so every aspect of sexual education was thoroughly explored, including conception and the process of pregnancy.

Camilla interrupted my musings by tearing away from my arm, screeching. Around a dozen fiberglass bodies were mounted on large springs that were affixed to the ground - cars, trains, stylized horses, even a pair of dolphins. Cam ran a laughing path through them, pushing them aside and watching them rock back and forth. Monkeybars and a jungle gym rested just on the other side of the gravelled area.

"Daddy can I get on this one? Is it ok?" Cam had finally halted next to one of the toys: a red scooter with a rounded seat and handlebars, suspended about three feet off the ground by the large spring under it.

"Let's see sweetie." I bent down to inspect the seat - it was about the right size. Maybe a tad on the large size. All the toys were in different sizes to accommodate girls of different ages. I definitely wouldn't want to get Cam onto something too big and have her hurt herself. Sometimes she got just a little bit too eager and I had to reign her in.

"I think it's ok-" Cam cut me off by raising her arms up over her head. Hurry up you slowpoke, her expression said. I just laughed, and stood behind her so I could hoist her up by her armpits and get her onto the seat. Her feet touched down tentatively on the foot pedals as I held her.

"Ok honey. Hold the handles." I shifted her body slightly, lining her up. The foot pedals were far forward so she didn't have any vertical leverage except for holding the handles. Once she was settled, I bent down and hoisted up the skirts of her frilly pink dress.

"Ok now hold still." I wrapped a fist around the curving plastic dildo affixed to the seat of the scooter and lined it up at my daughter's cunt. The tiny nubs on the surface prickled against my fingers. Cam wiggled eagerly when she felt the pointed head brush up against her pussy lips, spreading them slightly around the plastic glans.

With a shudder and a sigh, Cam relaxed her arms, sinking down onto the rigid length. Her eyes closed and her cheeks twitched and a little squeak came from her mouth as she sank first an inch, and then another, the plastic girth with its little rings of nubs slowly disappearing into her cunt. I stood up and rubbed her shoulders as my little girl penetrated herself. Her head rolled back against my chest, wearing a glazed expression.

"Push me Daddy." She almost panted the words. She had just cum, but she was as horny as ever. With a smile I grabbed the rear of the scooter and gave it a gentle tug, setting it in motion. The slow wobble back and forth brought another twitching fit to my daughter's face. Her eyes squeezed shut, and a low moan escaped from somewhere deep in her throat.

It was a sublime sight: the gorgeous day with its cool breeze chasing away the heat, and the patchwork of sunlight that filtered through the trees playing over my little girl's excited face as she worked her cunt in the middle of the public playground. I gave her another push, rocking the scooter front to back in an easy rhythm, letting her pink skirts swish around her thighs. The shiver in her legs passed up through her hips and chest, ending in the visible quiver of her lips. She was almost all the way down on her seat, the last inch of plastic buried in her sucking cunt.

"Wheeeee!" Cam was having the time of her life. "Faster, D-Daddy, push me. Faster!" The stutter in her voice was unmistakable. I could read the pleasure rippling on my little girl's face as the rocking motion gently worked the dildo in her little pussy. Back and forth. Her thighs were shaking, twitching the fabric of her dress. Her shaking arms held tight to the handles despite the pleasure racking her tiny body.

Was there anything lovelier than the sight of a little girl in the throes of carnal delight? Cam's pigtails jerked and her back arched suddenly, the rising wave of ecstasy plain on her face. I shoved the plastic scooter even faster, letting her sway, letting her feel the firm material stroke her pussy walls with the motions. God my daughter looked good when she was being fucked. That twisted passion on her face as she gasped breathlessly for more speed made every part of me swell with pleasure.

I gave one last heave forward and let her rock back hard into my waist, taking care that the rear of the scooter didn't smash the aching hardon in my pants. Her legs had fallen off the pedals. They hung loose, shivering, then jerking with climax as gravity pulled her body fully down onto the jutting extension. Under those pink skirts I knew the delicate little pussy lips were straining around the plastic girth, moisture beading on the rims and trickling down to pool on the seat.

As my daughter's orgasm rose up under her, I hugged her to my waist and yanked the shoulder straps of her little pink dress down over her shoulders, then pushed the top down. Her tiny pink nipples were exposed, thrusting proudly from her prepubescent chest. My fingers went to work, twisting and pinching, grinning down at her as she lolled her head back against my stomach, eyes dilated, mouth working around a girlish moan. I locked her eyes with my own and squeezed tight, sending her low moan rising in pitch until it became a squeak of pleasure.

"Da-Daaaaaaaaaddy..." Her long, passionate cry was a love-letter to the pleasure of my hands on her chest and the ample girth stuffed between her legs. I let her gasp and squeal and shake herself out in my arms, holding my little girl tight, guiding her through the heady rush of orgasm as I had so many times before.

The taut expression finally drained from her face and her limbs went slack. I held the scooter still for support as she leaned back into me, massaging her shoulders. A few errant beads of sweat dripped from her chin.

Looking around, I realized a few more kids had joined us in this area of the playground: two young boys and a slightly older girl. About 13, I guessed. They didn't pay us any mind, a small girl and her Daddy enjoying sexual play together in public being nothing unusual to remark about. The girl shrieked in feigned annoyance at the boys - her younger brothers, apparently - then lifted her miniskirt and mounted one of the dolphins, slowly working the slippery shaft of plastic into her cunt as she took her seat. Her brothers waited impatiently, jostling each other to be the first to push her on the toy.

And there was another girl, I realized with a start. She had snuck up next to us and stood with her hands clasped shyly behind her back, smiling.

"Hi Mr. Renner. Hi Cammie."


My arms were still wrapped around Camilla, tweaking her nipples gently as she warbled in post-orgasmic bliss, but my mind took a trip down memory lane. The little girl standing there in the airy blue dress that fluttered lightly in the breeze had been a good friend to my daughter, to us both really. A white ribbon was tied in a bow in her hair, and the demure smile on her face was captivating, adorable, like a model from a little girl's clothing magazine. Exactly like I remembered her. Still achingly pretty, but a year older now. 11 now.

And if she were here in town then that meant...

"Ben!" I laughed in shock when I turned around and saw him. Early 30s, light stubble, fringes of blonde hair peeking out from under his baseball cap. That wide, toothy grin was every bit as disarming as I remembered it.

"You rascal!" He laughed, then I found myself in a surprise hug, Ben pounding me on the back with glee. He politely ignored the erection tenting my pants.

"You haven't changed a bit," I chuckled. "You and Julie both."

He squeezed an arm around his daughter's shoulders affectionately. "Same for you and Cam, buddy. What's it been, a year already?"

I hoisted Camilla up off the scooter, letting the dildo slide out with a wet popping sound and wave in the air, then set her feet on the ground.

"About. How's the new job working out?"

"Hard work, but the best gig I ever had. Only came back this week to take care of some business. You know we had 40 new dogs to train this year? Think about how many hours that is. Got to feed them, water them, clean them, exercise off all that puppy energy. And train them, of course." His grin widened at that. "Takes a lot out of you. But we have some swell girls. Most know their jobs pretty well. Beats construction by a long shot." He adjusted his cap as he talked, his characteristic tic whenever he was excited. Ben was a terrible poker player.

"Sounds grand," I mused. "If a bit dirty. I'd still prefer teaching."

"Well ya know, sometimes getting a bit dirty can be fun." He winked at Cam as he said this, and she giggled. "The girls seem to like it, and getting to watch the training is a major benefit."

He looked down at Julie, his arms still wrapped around her shoulders. "Hey sweetie. Tell Cammie what you got for Christmas."

"Daddy got me a big dog!" Julie blurted out. "He's named Bear and he's sooo cool. He's a mast...uh, a mastic something. Daddy?"

"An A-class certified Mastiff-mix companion canine. Two hundred and ten pounds of solid girl-servicing animal." Ben could barely contain his pride. "Trained him myself. He was a favorite of the girls at the center too."

"Yeah and he's like THIS BIG" - Julie held her hands as wide as they would go - "and his thingy is like this big." She held her hands at a more modest distance. "It's great. He's like so much fun Cammie. Daddy makes sure I feed him and walk him and he's always wanting to play. Do you have a dog Cammie?"

"Not yet. Er-" She looked up at me, and I could already see the trap springing shut around me. Those soulful green eyes, batting their lashes coyly. How could I refuse anything they asked?

"Daddy, can we get a doggy?"

"I thought you wanted a hamster," I told her.

"Well, I do, but can we maybe get a doggy too?" Camilla clutched my jeans with one hand, as though she had to pile on an extra layer of adorableness to get her curmudgeonly father to relent.

"You know," Ben said, grinning, "I do have a nice German Shepherd about to graduate. His size and weight would qualify for a 10-year-old easily."

I threw up my hands as though I had been forced into it. "Ok baby. We'll get you a dog. Just as soon as I can afford it ok?"

Cam squealed and hugged me around the waist. Service dogs were expensive items, as raising and training and vetting their health and potency took quite some time. A certified animal was rigorously trained from puppyhood to be able to please a girl however she wanted it. They knew how to mount from behind or in front, they knew how to avoid scratching, how to deal with a girl half their weight, they followed commands, their sperm was top-quality, they'd sit still and let a girl suck them off or play with them, and in every way they operated as a fiercely loyal, protective, and passionate companion. Some people settled for untrained dogs or ones that had been through a 6-month training program, but a full-fledged service animal was so much better. Only the best for my little girl.

"Good man." Ben play-acted punching me on the arm. "Gotta have the best, I always say." His knowing look said more than an encyclopedia. Our daughters meant the world to us, and they always got what they wanted.

"And how have you been, tiger?" Ben glanced down at Camilla, leering at her bare chest where her pink dress was pulled down. "Been having some fun today?"

"Daddy promised to take me to the park, but he almost forgot!" She huffed and crossed her arms, a pouty expression on her face.

Ben laughed. "I'm sure he just got busy. Good thing you're there to remind him. I'll bet he can't forget anything with you around."

A brief smile, a slight inclination of the head - that's all it took. Some understandings between men didn't need to be spoken, and Ben and Julie were old friends of ours anyway. This wouldn't be the first time. I let Ben talk to Camilla as I bent down in front of Julie.

"Hey honey. I can barely believe it's been a year since I've seen you. How's life at the new school working out?"

"Oh it's ok I guess," Julie said. "Moving kinda sucks and I only know a few people there. Our arts class is putting on a play for the school next month. It'll be in front of everyone."

She blushed and smiled shyly again, her dimples showing.

"There was this other girl in it but she dropped out, and now our teacher wants me to play the princess."

"Well, I'm not surprised they picked you darling." I tapped her gently on the nose. "They'd be crazy to pass over someone so cute."

She broke into her nervous, shy little giggle, and a blush stained her cheeks. "Aw stop it. You sound just like Daddy."

"Well, he's right." I smiled warmly. "Princess in the making here." I wasn't kidding either. Julie was a blue-eyed little vixen the same age as Cam, with a cherub face and ears that stuck out from her hair like an elf. Her blue dress hugged her 11-year-old body in all the right places, and her blonde hair hung just past her shoulders, decorated with a small braid on the side and tied with the white bow in the back. She could have passed for a girl out of a fairy tale.

She looked over to the side, where a group of kids had just run off from the play area. "Hey Mr. Renner, do you want to go on the jungle gym?"

"I'd love to sweetie," I said with a grin. I let her lead me by the hand to the far side past the riding toys, where she jumped and immediately started crawling up the edge of the sprawling maze of metal bars.

"How'd you get to be so fast?" I pulled myself up behind her and flashed her a devilish smirk. "Little girls aren't allowed to be so fast. I'm gonna GETCHA!"

With a squeal she ducked and evaded my hand, then twisted farther into the mess of bars and began climbing. I took a moment to appreciate the lovely sight: a thin pair of pink cotton panties with a little frill along the hem peeked out from under her dress. Comparatively modest, by today's standards. It was usually an even bet whether a girl would be found wearing underwear or not. Cam usually preferred to go without.

I toyed with Julie a bit more, pretending to be an ape, letting her climb near the top and laugh as she twisted to evade my clumsy grasp. Another rung up brought me closer, and I snatched at her dress, pulling it briefly and enjoying the girlish shriek before she pulled away.

"Too slow!" I snickered, moving to the side. I couldn't fit through the bars easily, so I let Julie hang in the center of the jungle gym just beyond my grasp. "I'm comin for you!"

"YOU'RE too slow." Julie pulled herself up, then held the bar against her stomach and flipped to hang upside down, blonde hair dangling. She stuck her tongue out.

What a tease, I thought fiendishly. Her dress fell up, pooling against the bar, revealing her slender legs and the little pink panties in all their glory. The perky little 11-year-old bottom flashed tantalizingly as she spun again, two cotton-covered globes the perfect size to be squeezed in my hands.

I stuck my tongue out right back at her, earning another laugh. God, what a lovely girl. The straining peak in my pants throbbed fiercely. I took a glance behind me to check on Camilla, and saw her seated on Ben's lap on one of the benches with her pink dress still pulled down and a smile on her face. His hands were on her chest. She liked Ben a lot. She liked all my friends.

"Hey!" Julie flipped herself again, righting her dress. "Can you help me go on the monkey bars?"

My eyes followed her finger to a pair of long parallel beams, metal bars spaced at intervals between them. They ran in a semicircle around the play area.

"I'm always afraid I'll fall," she said.

"Sure honey. I'll hold you. You won't fall."

I beckoned her out from the center of the bars, giving her an assist with a hand under each armpit as she reached the edge and turned around.

"Hup. There you go." I set her feet gently on the dirt, hands lingering just long enough to give her a nice squeeze around the chest. She was a light girl, slim, with delicate skin and lovely hips. I admired how the little blue dress clung to her figure as we walked over to the bars.

I helped her up the steps the same way, hands gripping her torso for balance and stealing another squeeze of her chest. Julie just giggled as she took hold of the bars overhead. I moved to stand close behind her, her little rump brushing my chest.

"Ready?" I asked. She nodded.

"Ok I've got you. Go for it."

Julie swung out nervously, gripping the next bar, then swinging again and grabbing the next. I kept my hands tight against her sides, moving with her, enjoying the feel of succulent little girl flesh twisting against my palms. She seemed to gain confidence when she felt me supporting her, and began to swing ahead faster.

"Good girl, you got it," I encouraged. "Keep going."

A fresh determination seemed to fill Julie. She had put a couple dozen bars behind her already. We were passing the halfway mark. She thrust ahead, pulling herself along with me in tow.

"Keep it up. Almost there!" I kept my hands at her sides. She was tiring a bit as we neared the end, swinging more slowly. I tightened my grip, anticipating a fall.

But she made it. She was panting as she swung off the last bar onto the platform.

"I did it!" Her laugh was girlish and rich. "I've never been able to go that far. Normally I get tired halfway through. Thanks Mr. Renner." She gave me a hug around the shoulders from her elevated position.

"No problem sweetie. Want to go on the big slide too?"

I gestured at the array of metal tubes. The monkey bars made a long horseshoe shape around the play area, and we had ended up near where we had started. Julie grinned wickedly.

"Yeah! Let's go!" I let her pull me by the hand. A 3-level playhouse stretched upwards to about 20 feet off the ground, its bulk dominating the park. Three elaborate slides climbed from the ground, curling in the air and then joining at a platform on the top. Julie climbed up a steep ramp studded with letters and numbers in bright colors, and I followed her to the next level. The rooms of the interior were kid-sized spaces with round, open windows and miniature fiberglass furniture. Perfect for playing house.

A little rope ladder led to the top level where the slides were attached. I let Julie climb first while I admired the view from below, then followed. Once on top I sat first, my feet over the lip of the slide, and Julie plopped right in front of me.

The feel of her snuggling up to my chest was delightful. I wrapped my arms around her, hands naturally finding the flat lumps of her little prepubescent chest and squeezing. Julie was still breathing heavy from exertion, and I was breathing heavy from having a pretty little girl pressed so close to me. My prick made a resurgence in my pants, poking out fiercely as if to make up for lost time. I knew Julie could feel my protruding excitement against her rump, but she just wiggled teasingly.

I seized the opportunity to hike up the hem of the blue dress. Pink cotton rubbed against my twitching fingers, fingertips sliding down the little cleft between Julie's legs, feeling the divot just underneath. Moisture speckled the fabric. The wiggling little girl in my hands was just as horny as I was. She was a little bit more shy than Cam. Just a little bit more reserved. My daughter would have been whispering for me to stuff my cock in her already, but Julie was content to enjoy the feel of her butt brushing against my firm prick as we sat poised at the top of the slide.

That ladder rattled. Some other kids were already coming up. Regretfully, I took my hands off her panties and steadied them at her hips.

"Ready sweetheart?" I asked. The slide was covered with fiberglass on its upper half, and the open tube yawned before us.

She looked up at me, her expression innocence itself, as if unaware of the engorged manhood stuffed against her rump. Even her hair smelled enchanting, like peaches and silk from the fluttering white ribbon.



We pushed off at the same time. Julie shrieked with laughter and leaned back into me as the slide took a sharp turn to the left, curling through a wide torus before straightening into a dive. We dropped, hearts briefly coming into our mouths as the roof of the tube opened up to sky. Chrome skimmed our thighs as we banked one last time before sliding down the long length to the end.

I could have stayed there happily, arms wrapped around Julie's little 11-year-old body. The momentum had compressed her back against my stomach, trapping my throbbing cock against her bottom. I decided I didn't want to get rear-ended by more kids though, so I helped Julie stand up and then got up myself.

"That was fun!" The slide ended near a set of climbing bars, and Julie pulled herself up then sat on one at waist height. "Dad works a lot more now so we don't get to go to the park much. I never get to play."

She swung her legs with nervous energy, kicking the skirts of her blue dress. I leaned on the bar next to her.

"Don't your friends play with you at school?"

She shook her head. "I only know a few people there. The girls are kind of snobs. They never want to play any games with me. "

The rumbling in my pants threatened to become an active volcano. "I'll play a game with you sweetie," I said, tapping the bar she was holding. "Just lean back into me and hang onto the bar. See how long you can hold yourself up. Don't worry, I won't let you fall.

Little girls are always so eager to play any game. With her legs firmly hooked on the bar she was sitting, she leaned back against my chest, arms extended, holding onto the bar at chest height.

Perfect. I grabbed her hips, enjoying the pleasing curves of little girl flesh, and rubbed up her sides to her armpits. Julie blushed, but her demure expression masked the mischievous sparkle in her eyes saying that she was as eager to play along with our "game" as I was.

I took my time, feeling her up, squeezing her flat breasts and round shoulders and then diving under her dress to grab her butt. Little girls always felt right to me in every way. Their laughter, their smiles, their sweet gasps as they enjoyed a man's touch on their bodies. Julie's weight was shifted back, but she wiggled with shy pleasure as I ran my hands up and down and around, touching her in all her intimate parts. It wasn't our first time together, just like Camilla had had Ben inside her plenty of times. The thought of another man pulling off my daughter's clothes and fucking her brains out until they left a heaping helping of spunk inside her always turned me on. A quick glance over my shoulder showed they were doing just fine on the bench. I knew that look on my daughter's face very well.

My hands took a break just long enough to unbuckle my belt and yank the zipper on my jeans. My cock sprang out, lashing the air as if revelling in the release from its long confinement. I hiked Julie's dress up to her hips and pulled the sides of her little panties down to her thighs. Moisture from the sweet little slit rubbed the tip of my glans, and despite the warmth of her back against my chest, I shivered, trying not to cum on the spot.

Families walked by, paying us no mind. Just another little girl getting fucked. They needed it several times a day, after all. I steadied Julie at the hips, lining her up with the stiff fuckmeat just beneath her. The petite pair of little pussy lips opened timidly, giving way before the point of my cock.

Slowly, I pushed up, the delicious sucking warmth of 11-year-old pussy wrapping around my cockhead and squeezing with delight. Julie's arms slackened, trembling. Her eyes fluttered and a low moan escaped her lips. There's no expression more beautiful than the groaning delight on a little girl's face as a man's cock spreads the lips of her cunt and pushes gently inside. I revelled in it, in the flushed joy creeping up her cheeks. I kept steady behind her, hands on her hips, letting her control the motion, her body sinking slowly as her arms tired. The delicious heat massaged my prick inch by squeezing inch, Julie slowly impaling her tiny body on the stiff rod beneath her.

She finally exhaled a sigh of warm delight, quivering, as she sank to the halfway mark. With her body steadied against the bars, her center of gravity keeping her pinned helplessly on my cock, I let my hands roam the landscape of the lovely girl - round hips, firm to the touch, a perfect bottom sweet and plump, tender belly with a dainty belly button in the center. So small in my arms, fragile, the delicate frame of a tender flower budding with youth. Her eyelashes fluttered as she rolled her head back to look at me. Barely a year older than my own daughter, but that gratified simper was the same familiar look I had seen on Camilla's face so very many times at that special moment of connection when her Daddy's cock slipped inside her.

Two straps of blue fabric kept her dress up. I pulled them down over her shoulders, exposing the sweep of her flat chest, and grabbed the pair of pert little buds I found. A slight pinch, a gentle twist, and Julie's slight shudder mounted to a horny buzz of delight in my hands. Never let it be said that I didn't know how to pleasure a girl, whether she was a student or my own daughter or simply a dear friend like Julie. It didn't take all that much, really, to stimulate a little girl's innate feelings. Arousal was always lurking just beneath the surface, hormones surging in a river through their bodies, begging for release. But every little girl that I held in my arms or toyed with in my bed or held tight as she shuddered on the business end of my cock was special to me, every one a treasure. There was always something in that sweet, honest look on a girl's face that made me want to make every experience as wonderful as possible for her.

I began a slow motion upwards, sliding up into the velvet delight of Julie's little hairless cunt, rocking her weight against the bars. She warbled and her arms trembled, but her weight was supported against me. Gently, I increased the motion, pushing a bit more of my cock into the tiny girl. She was light, even for an 11-year-old. I could have held her in my arms easily. A company of kids passed us by, oblivious to the common sight of a man stuffing the cunt of a little girl in public. One of the girls stopped briefly, eyes locked at the point where my throbbing prick was entering Julie's body, but she was immediately tagged by the boy who was "it", and she whooped with laughter and rounded on the other kids, chasing them as they hollered.

I stoked the energy of the little girl as I fucked her, hands working her butt, her flat chest, the tiny pair of pink nipples exposed proudly in the air. Her low moan was punctuated by little squeaks each time I thrust up inside her. I picked up speed, pelvis pistoning back and forth, bucking Julie lightly against the bars. A surging current of buzzing energy was growing in my groin, fed by the slippery connection of our bodies. Julie was a tight little girl, but inch by inch the rock-hard length of my manhood pushed further inside her. Spasms rocked the walls of her pussy, massaging my prick, inviting it further into the slippery depths. Her thighs were shaking. Her arms were slack, leaning back, eyes fluttering as the heady feeling of sexual bliss rose up inside her.

I couldn't help but compare. Julie was a very different kind of lover than Camilla. Where Cam was eager, Julie was shy. Where Cam was passionate, Julie was reserved and sweet-hearted. My daughter was a tiger in bed, but Julie was more like a kitten, albeit a kitten just as anxious to have a man's cock stuffed inside her as any girl. That modest demeanor was cracking now, Julie panting from the pumping pleasure of my cock bouncing her body up and down. Her head lolled back and she flashed me a heart-melting smile, eyes glazed over with pleasure.

The mounting shudder rose through her body and erupted into a twitching storm just as my throbbing cock exploded. I pushed her down on my cock, hard, burying it inside her. Hot splashes of cum shot up into the gasping little girl as every muscle of my body seized. Arms locked, hands squeezing her chest, I held Julie in my arms as our shared orgasm tore through us, a rapturous tidal wave echoing up from the connection of our bodies. Another spurt, another quiver from the body in my arms. Hot cum blasted up in waves in her pussy, flooding the tiny space.

Languid bliss connected us, a shared joy from that most special of moments when a man and a little girl shuddered in mutual connection. Despite the boisterous world of the park all around us, we floated together, hazy, oblivious to the shrieks of kids at play, to the pleasant chatter of passing families. Like warm syrup, our shared orgasm drained slowly away, leaving just a shuddering satisfaction in its wake.

Julie was leaning back into me, her legs still hooked on the bar but her arms crossed over mine on her chest. The 11-year-old was so light that her weight wasn't a problem. My prick slipped out of her cunt with regretful slowness and flopped down against my thigh.

"You're so nice, Mr. Renner." Julie snuggled against me dreamily, wearing that lovely expression of just-fucked satisfaction that looks so good on little girls. I rubbed her chest and tweaked her nipples in gratitude, then shifted, letting her lean forward and grab the bar again so she could support her own weight. I pulled up the top of her blue dress and let the rest hang down again.

"Having fun sweetie?"

Ben was standing just behind us, holding Camilla's hand, a lecherous grin on his face. He had probably finished in Cam just in time to catch the tail end of his daughter shaking her way to climax on another man's cock in her cunt. Cam looked almost decent with her dress pulled back up, but that gooey expression of happiness on her face was unmistakable.

Julie giggled and dropped off the bars. It might have been my imagination but I could swear I saw a few errant drips of white fluid trickling down her leg.

"Yeah Dad!" She flashed her father a happy smile and then threw her arms around me in a bear hug.

"Mr. Renner's being really nice to me." Julie looked up at me with that princess grin. "We even played a game."

Ben chuckled knowingly. "This is almost like old times eh buddy?"

"Just as much fun as I remember." I flashed Cam a sly wink as Ben and I exchanged daughters. Cam took my hand and Julie transferred her bear hug from my waist to her Dad's.

"It's too bad you live a couple hours away now," I said. "Maybe we could visit though, get reacquainted. Weekends?"

Ben looked thoughtful. "I'll do you one better," he said. "I have a bunch of vacation saved up. I was thinking of renting one of those deluxe beach houses on the coast for Julie and me to hang out in. Isn't school out in a couple weeks? Why don't we do it then? You can come and join us and we'll make it a party."

It was just what I had been planning for Cam. Great minds think alike, and Ben's thoughts undoubtedly mirrored mine: Camilla and Julie, running on the beach in their bikinis, splashing in the water. Barbecues in the evening. Sitting on a deck watching the sun go down. I could see it now. Just us and our girls.

"How about it Cam?" I looked down at her. "You want to visit Ben and Julie once school gets out?"

"Yeah Daddy!" Cam bounced on her toes. "Sounds cool!"

A look passed between me and my friend. We could both imagine it, just like old times: helping the girls build sand castles, chasing them through the waves, laying them down together on the bed at night and fucking them until they hollered, then swapping. We might not even get any rest, as frisky as the girls were.

"Hey Daddy, can I bring Bear?" Julie looked up at Ben with that wide-eyed plea little girls always use when they want something.

"Of course you can sweetie." He mussed her hair and laughed.

"He's so much fun Cammie," Julie said. "He's all big and furry and he feels so good. You'll like him."

The thought of my daughter grunting away as a well-trained canine straddled her and pumped its cock into her little girl cunt sparked new life in my pants. I couldn't wait to get her a pet of her own.

"You know," I said, "I think this is going to be the most fun I've had all year."

Ben and I exchanged a knowing grin, and we laughed together.