WintermuteX Stories

Good Neighbors 2

By WintermuteX

Tags: MFgg, inc, pedo, preg, 1st

Content: Mother/daughter incest, Pedophilia, Impregnation, First time

I couldn't help but groan as I came in the door. The job site had been hellishly hot all day, and I was beat. My aching muscles protested even the minor weight of the grocery bags.

"Hey I'm home!" I called out. Silence. I kicked the door shut behind me and hefted the bags, carrying them to the kitchen. Technically I wasn't at my own home. I was at my neighbor's. My own house was just on the other side of the fence. It was beginning to feel like home here, though, just as much as my own house. We had grown irrevocably into each other's space: my truck was parked in the driveway, and my neighbor Sheila used my driveway for her little Hyundai more often than not. Most of her dishes had ended up in my kitchen since it was easier to cook there. Her clothes were strewn all over my bedroom, and my big work boots huddled on the rug just inside her door. Since my neighbors and I had started shacking up, our houses had become extensions of each other, the dozen feet between our patio doors crossed several times a day.

Eggs. Lunchmeat. Milk. I piled them into the fridge. Sheila had asked me to make sure we had some staples on hand this morning, just before she kissed me and ran out the door to go to work. She was a flirty woman and a good mom, but busy. Her job at the strip club monopolized her time far too often.

Finally. I crumpled the bags and tossed them, then leaned against the counter to rest. The calendar on the fridge featured a glossy picture of a kitten, and I realized that Sheila had left a folded note taped next to it. A heart was drawn on the front in red marker. I peeled the note off and opened it.

Hey James! Gotta work late 2night babe. Miss u. Can you help Summer with sum things?

♥ Remind her to clean her room like I asked her
♥ Can u help her with math homework
♥ Help her practice sucking ur cock 8====> :P

TY luv u

A kiss of red lipstick decorated the corner. Sheila could have texted me but she liked the personal touch sometimes. She had left a doodle on the bottom of the note, a tiny penciled illustration of a little girl on her knees licking an impossibly big shaft of meat.

Exhausted as I was, I couldn't help but grin. Sheila was incorrigible. She must have come home after her first shift to get some things and then left again. Her boss was a slave driver and double shifts at the club weren't unusual for her. I left the note on the counter and went looking for Summer in her room.

The 11-year-old was sprawled on her stomach on the messy bed. She had taken off her school clothes and dumped them on the floor, changing into the pink bellyshirt and short pleated skirt that she liked so much. Her slender legs kicked lazily in the air as she ogled the latest issue of Cosmo that had come for her mom. I stood in the doorway for a moment and took an appreciative look at the slight curves of her girlish midriff. Light brown hair trailed down her back, bouncing lightly with the motion of her body. She was humming.

"Hey tiger."

She started in surprise, then jerked her head, looking over her shoulder at me.

"Hey James!" She kicked and rolled herself off the bed, then charged me like a wild animal. I bent and let her throw her arms around me in a crazy hug, squeezing me like I was a big stuffed animal. Summer was as bright and cheery as her namesake, an enthusiastically girlish little handful full of laughter and happy smiles just like the one plastered on her face as she welcomed me home.

A hot rush of blood raced to my crotch, the pleasing friction of a sweet bundle of girlish glee wiggling against my jeans coaxing the inevitable response. Summer always knew exactly how to welcome me home. I was tired, but nothing can dispel a man's exhaustion like a sexy little girl rubbing hungrily against him. I hugged her back, rubbing the pink fabric of her shirt, then let my hands roam down the sweet curve of her back to find the perfect little pair of globes hiding under her skirt, giving each of them a squeeze.

Summer giggled and finally let up on her ferocious embrace. She pecked me on the cheek.

"How was school?" I asked.

"It was good. I think Mom got home before I did and she had to leave again."

"I know. She left me a note." I let her skirt drop and contented myself with rubbing her thighs.

"She wants me to help you clean your room and finish your math homework."

"Ewwwww," Summer wrinkled her nose until she looked like a pug. "Do I HAVE to?"

"Well if you don't, she'll yell at you when she gets home. Then she'll yell at me."

"You know she never stays mad." Summer was a master of the pouty lip. "She'll probably be too horny to yell at us."

"Probably." I let the word hang in air, enjoying Summer's knowing smirk.

"But let's do them anyway."

"Awwwwww!" Summer bawled as she flopped melodramatically back onto her bed. "No fun. I want to have some fun." She wiggled her hips teasingly, staring at me with a hungry gleam in her eye.

Aching flesh had tented my jeans, throbbing mercilessly. Summer's squirming had made her short skirt ride up, exposing the polka-dotted strip of panties between her legs. Fuck. A hot rush surged in my veins. I wanted to grab the squirming little 11-year-old, flip her over on the bed as she squealed with delight, and ram my prick straight into that teasing cunt. It was our normal welcome-home routine. With a Herculean effort, I managed to resist.

I grabbed the laundry hamper from the corner instead. "Come on kiddo. It'll only take a minute."

"Fiiiiiine." Summer slid off the bed like she was a boneless blob and then helped me gather the clothes off the floor. Her school blouse and skirt were tossed in, followed by a pile of socks, and then her cotton pajamas, the bottoms still turned inside-out from when they had been pulled off in haste last night.

"Hand me that shirt." I stuffed it in the hamper and then reached for the pair of jeans hanging from the dresser. Her Hello Kitty blanket was wadded on the ground nearby. That definitely needed to be washed after what we did with it. I added it to the pile.

"There. That's all of it. See? That wasn't so hard..."

A cotton missile slapped me in the face as I turned around, obscuring my vision. I sputtered, and the polka-dot panties slid off my nose and dropped into the hamper. Summer screeched with laughter.

"You little...!" I dropped the hamper in mock anger and dove for her. She squealed and ducked out of the way, but I managed to catch her skirt as she whirled and yanked her in.

We fell onto the bed, struggling together and laughing. Summer twisted in my arms, and I caught a flash of bare pink between her legs. I rolled her over and pinned her with my weight.

"Gotcha! You're gonna pay now!"

Summer stuck her tongue out at me, then squealed again when my fingers dove for her armpits.

"Ahahahaha! Noo, eeeek! Eeeeheeahahaha!" Summer squirmed as I tickled her mercilessly, gasping until she was out of breath. She tried to curl into a ball to protect her ticklish spots, but I maneuvered her between my legs until I was straddling her on the bed.

"You naughty girl." I grinned wickedly down at her, panting.

"How can you say that after I cleaned my room?" The pouty expression was back. My cock surged in my pants, poking her in the thigh. I knew the sweetest little 11-year-old cunt awaited me, lurking just under that skirt. I leaned back, trying to catch my breath, trying to hold off the mounting swell of horny desire blossoming in my crotch.

"Forgot this." Summer crossed her arms and hooked the edges of her shirt, then pulled it up and over her head in one smooth motion. She turned her head and wadded the shirt, then tossed it across the room. It sailed in an arc and landed perfectly in the hamper.

"Three points," I chuckled.

Summer smirked seductively at me, still locked on her back between my legs. I gazed down at her, marvelling at the innocent beauty of the half-naked 11-year-old. A pair of tiny, pert buds decorated her flat breasts, faint slopes on the cusp of blossoming into sweet little girl tits. The slight curves of her graceful hips framed a perfectly smooth belly, with an adorable divot of a belly button cradled in the center. I let my hands flow over the soft, pink skin, rising up, fingers brushing the sweep of tender flesh, feeling it tense in anticipation, until my fingers landed on the delicious nubs and tightened gently. Summer shuddered as I pinched her nipples, a trembling wave that passed down through her body and seemed to resonate in the muscles of the pelvis trapped between my legs.

Sweat ringed my collar. Hot breath rasped in my throat. Sheila had taught her daughter well, but Summer had mastered the art of teasing me to an almost supernatural level. The little girl bit her lip in sly anticipation as she quivered on the bed, but I wasn't fooled.

"You're not getting out of your homework that easy," I panted.

"Oh come ON!" Summer huffed, dropping her seductive expression like a succubus whose spell had been broken.

"It's just math." I slipped off the little girl, my crotch tingling regretfully. "Come on, get it out. I know you know this stuff."

"Yeah yeah, I know." Summer rolled and hopped off the bed, then took a step and bent to grab her backpack. I gave her little ass a squeeze and a slap of encouragement.

"I get the story problems. Those make sense." She pulled out her book and sat next to me on the edge of the bed, hair bouncing on her naked shoulders. "It's just the number ones that are hard."

"They want to teach you to go back and forth," I said. "Think of your numbers as story problems."

It wasn't as if I was a genius with numbers, and having a raging erection while sitting next to a cute little 11-year-old who was naked from the waist up didn't exactly encourage blood flow to my brain, but I forced myself to focus and tapped one of the problems on the sheet.

"Ok. x + 3 = 7. Can you think of that as a story?"

"I guess. Sort of." She shrugged her shoulders. "Are you sure you wouldn't rather be fucking me?"

"Focus, Summer." I could barely focus myself. The topless little girl blinked seductively at me, an expression of suggestive innocence on her face, and I braced against the fresh shiver that raced down my spine. The scanty prepubescent curves of her chest beckoned to me, flat swells of youthful flesh that ached for my hands to cover them. The scents of peach shampoo and eager little girl sweat filled my nostrils, tantalizing scents that sparked the a drumbeat of male instinct deep inside me, a staccato surge that fueled another painful swell of the aching cock in my pants. I wanted to bend her over, put my hands on her shoulders, squeeze her chest, massage the plump slopes of her 11-year-old butt and watch the twitching slit between them. Only the thought of Sheila's expression stopped me, the wearied disappointment as she got home from her double shift and realized how much was left to be done. She had pulled double duty at the club almost every day this week, and I wanted her to be able to rest this weekend. She had been relying on me more and more to help with Summer, but the girl was such a sweetheart that I welcomed every minute of it.

"Let's say we're fucking like we usually do." My brain supplied a helpful visual aid: Summer crouched on the bed, her skirt balled in my fists as her 11-year-old body jerked wildly back and forth from the pumping motion of my cock slamming her tiny pussy. I tried to push the image to the back of my mind.

"We've fucked some number of times. You can't really remember how many." Her slick little girl cunt split wide open around my prick, lips spread obscenely around the pumping shaft of a man's cock. The image heated to the boiling point in my brain.

"Then we fuck 3 more times. After that, you know we've fucked exactly 7 times." I rested a hand on her shoulder, massaging instinctively, thoughts inflamed with the vision of this little girl squealing with abandon as she trembled wildly from the thrusting pleasure, throat tightening around the mewling warbles that climbed to an apex of shrieking pleasure.

"Oh I get it. So we must have fucked 4 times before that." She looked up at me with a triumphant grin. "Like yesterday."

"That's right." I returned her smile and tried to ignore the lust burning my brain to cinders.

"How about this one?" I tapped another problem where she had written something next to it and scribbled it out.

"That one's hard. I can't figure out how to add them up like that," she confessed sheepishly.

"Fractions aren't as hard as they seem. Try it this way. Let's say we're fucking and I leave 3/4 of a load of cum in your pussy."

She folded her arms. "Well I think you'd owe me another 1/4 at that point."

I chuckled at her serious expression. "Ok ok. But just imagine. Later on we fuck again and I leave 1/2 a load in your pussy."

"Is that a promise?"

"Focus, girl." I grinned at her and tapped her shoulder. "Later on you suck me off, and I leave the same amount in your mouth as I put in your pussy combined. Now, how much cum is inside you at that point?"

She scrunched her face and I saw the slow dawn of comprehension.

"Oh...ok. So how much you put in me first is x, and then double you put 2 1/2 loads of cum in me."

"Good girl!" I mussed her hair. "See I knew you could get it."

"Makes sense." She looked at the sheet of problems with a grin on her face. "I guess they're all like that. I think I can do them now."

It was easy to get girls interested in math, I thought. You just have to talk about it in the right terms.

"Your mom wanted one more thing..." I said, taking the book and laying it aside.

"One more?" Her disappointed frown slowly melted as I grinned at her. Summer was a smart girl. All it took was a gentle pressure on her shoulder, and she got off the bed and knelt in front of me.

"Ok, I'll try it again," she said, her expression uncertain.

"Don't worry. You did great last time," I said. "You're getting a lot better."

"Yeah but I'm not as good as Mom." Summer tentatively fingered the bulge in my jeans before finding the zipper. She pulled it down slowly.

"Practice makes perfect," I murmured, leaning back on my hands on the bed, letting the little girl peel back the flaps of my jeans and push her hand inside the straining cotton of my boxers. My cock vibrated like a violin string as 5 warm fingertips brushed against it.

"Hnnng," I panted, arms going weak as the tiny girl squeezed my manhood. Nothing beats a little girl touching your cock, feeling the steely velvet tighten under her fingers. She had felt it dozens of times, brushing against her, pumping away inside her, but the brief hesitation of her hands show that she still wasn't too confident in what to do with her mouth.

I lifted my butt and helped her pull down my jeans and underwear. Free of its desperate confines at last, my cock lashed side to side, turgid, flushed nearly purple, Summer's eyes following it hypnotically as it bobbed.

"Just like your mom showed you," I said, resting a gentle hand on her head. "Lips and tongue first, and careful with your teeth."

Summer gave me an uncertain smile, brown eyes wide and brimming with a girlish desire to please, then lowered her head. Her tongue flicked out, snake-like, a pink rasp that curled tentatively under my glans and sparked an electric shudder. My cock jerked involuntarily and she pulled back.

"Good, that's good..." With gentle pressure I coaxed her forward again until I felt the tickle of warmth sliding against my tip. I let my eyes close and my head reel backwards, tired body basking in the delicious reward of a little girl exploring my cock. Summer was a lovely girl, sweethearted and sweet-tasting with a sweet little pussy that twitched wildly when I was inside it, and she approached my aching prick my the same loving care that she gave so freely as her nature. Her tongue rubbed my glans slowly, cupping it like she had seen her mom do to me, then worked the sides, slathering a slow layer of dripping saliva. Hot breath washed down my shaft, agonizing, and I finally felt the warm suction of a pair of gentle lips wrapping me like a present.

"Mmmmph!" My throat twitched around the erratic moan. Summer took me in a little further, lips gliding over my glans, cock settling in her mouth like a perfect moist plug.

"Good...good girl...Summer," I panted like I had forgotten the art of speech, blood sucked away from crucial cognitive processes and sent into the raging torrent that thrummed in the little girl's mouth. The thrilling suction engulfed even more of my shaft, and my fingers tightened involuntarily in her hair.

I let my head fall forward, spellbound, lost in the sudden image of Summer looking up at me, pinning me with her gaze, brown eyes sparkling with sensual hunger and a rod of throbbing flesh crammed between her lips. That same gaze, mimicked perfectly, just like her mother showed her, and my fevered brain experienced a moment of confusion: the same high cheekbones, the same dimpled, girlish smile, the same quiver in the lips as they wrapped my cock in a loving embrace. Summer was the spitting image of her mother, with only her long walnut-brown hair standing in contrast to her mother's black.

Lips twitched tight over aching flesh, Summer beginning a gentle bobbing motion over the last few inches of my cock. She increased the pace, mouth working as if relishing the taste and texture, as if a stiffened penis in her mouth was all that the 11-year-old girl had ever desired. Her cheeks pumped in and out with each stroke, saliva leaving a gooey trail.

My body tightened as Summer increased her pace, as if the straining energy in my prick was permeating my whole body. Rapturous waves flowed up from my crotch, spreading from the sweet epicenter where my dick was buried in the nodding little girl's mouth. Saliva bubbled on her lips, running down to her chin, and her flaring nostrils send hot breath rippling over tense flesh. She had improved a lot since that first time she had knelt over me in bed, Sheila guiding her with a hand on her head, whispering words of encouragement.

Not much beats having an 11-year-old's lips wrapped around your cock, I thought, except maybe being in her pussy. My hand gripped her head tightly, guiding it down through each long stroke of heavy prick into her mouth. She was breathing hard, nostrils flaring, a red flush of arousal creeping from her flat chest up her neck. Thick shudders of pleasure began to mount deep in my crotch, a burning swell rumbling like a buried volcano coming to life.

We both jumped as my pants buzzed angrily. Summer almost pulled off, but I held her on my cock with a fist in her hair, and she managed to pick up right where she left off. Such a good girl, I thought, as I bent and fished in my jeans pocket to get my phone.

"Hello?" I heard the faint pulse of thumping music on the other end, distant, the familiar signal of Sheila's strip club.

"Hey James." Sheila seemed slightly out of breath. Probably just finished her stage dance.

"Hey babe." I let Summer go and rested back on my elbows, luxuriating in the sweet rhythm as she began to pound away on my cock. "How's work going?"

"Same old shit. Good tips today though. How you doing? Did you get my note?"

"I got it babe," I chuckled. "Groceries too. Don't worry about a thing."

"Thanks honey. I always seem to owe you. How's Summer? She doing ok?"

"Better than ok," I murmured, words clenching in my throat as white heat began to simmer in my pelvis.

"Let me talk to her."

I dropped the phone on the covers and hit the speaker. The faint sound of slurping was evident.

"Hey baby girl. Hope school was ok. You having some fun with James?"

"Mmmf. Mmmm, hmmmm. MMMF." Summer kept up her rhythm like a good little cocksucker, throat vibrating around my prick. Her hair bounced on her naked shoulders as my cock plunged between her lips.

"That's my girl," Sheila laughed. "Save some for me ok sweetie? I'll be home in a few hours."

"Mmmf, mummm"

"Remember to use your fingers honey. Make sure they're nice and wet. Love you guys."

Sheila made a kissing sound and then the phone went dead. I flicked it out of the way and leaned all the way back on the bed.

Summer took her mom's advice and used her hand, squeezing me with a fist just past her lips. Saliva rapidly coated her fingers. I began a light bucking motion with my pelvis, feeling my crotch begin to boil over into an imminent eruption. Summer's head raced, jerking up and down, hair flinging wildly against her naked chest.

The bolt of lightning jerked through my body, fingers gripping the sheets with white-knuckled heat, crotch slamming up at the face of the little girl. A blissful fountain surged up from my squeezing balls and rocketed out into the tight heat of her mouth. Summer gripped my hips and closed her eyes, trying to keep her head down, riding my thrusting prick with her mouth like it was a wild bull. I twitched like a tornado, lost in the storm of pleasure, mind blanked and body abandoned to the twisting track of instinctive wrenching ecstasy. Tiny lips quivered, trying to keep a futile seal on the flood of raging fluid. Fingers gripped. A tongue slithered wildly. My hands foundered and then found her head, pressing her hungrily down.

Heated static buzzed in my ears. My orgasm dwindled like breaking thunder. I managed to look down and saw the tiny girl, brown hair splayed around my crotch with her lips spread wide around my softening cock and her nose buried in my pubic hair.

She coughed once and pulled up, white syrup dripping from her lips. I stared, dazed. Slow trickles of bubbling fluid seeped down her chin and dripped onto her naked chest as she sat back on her knees. She swallowed visibly, then again, muscles in her neck working, then ran a finger along her lips and sucked on it.

"Got most of it that time," she grinned.

"You sure did." My mumble was incoherent, my body sprawled on Summer's bed, feeling like my guts had been drained out through my crotch. She had had trouble swallowing at first, but she had improved under her Mom's tutelage.

"That was ok, right?" Summer licked her fingers, cleaning up the stray spatters of my semen from her chin.

"Fantastic," I laughed, forcing myself to sit up. I reached down and pulled the kneeling girl into my lap. "Best yet. You'll be as good as your Mom in no time."

Summer squealed and giggled, wiggling playfully as I wrapped my arms around her, letting my fingers explore her chest and dive under her skirt. I planted a kiss on the top of her head. What a beautiful girl she was, a happy laugh and a joyful smile, eager to please in whatever way would make me happiest.

I found the stray trickle on her chest and wiped it with a finger. The white glob quivered on my fingertip like gelatin. I held it up and let Summer wrap her lips around it, sucking as she looked up with a sultry expression.

I laughed again and hugged her, enjoying the feel of her naked skin pressed against me.

"Getting used to the taste?" I asked.

Summer swallowed and nodded. "Yeah. I mean it wasn't what I expected at first, but now I like it." She licked her lips. Sheila and I had only introduced Summer to oral a few months ago, but the girl had attacked it with her typical enthusiasm and was almost a master cocksucker already.

"Ok tiger." I helped her stand up and reached under her skirt for one last squeeze. "I have a few more things to do before your Mom gets home."

"Ok." Summer smiled her pretty smile at me and I went to clean up.

I heard the hum of Sheila's little Hyundai in the driveway as I was setting the table. I went to meet her at the door.

"Hey babe." I grinned, taking in the heels and lacy bra and the vinyl miniskirt wrapping her hips. Sheila was a knockout, with jet-black hair curling gracefully over itself and a slender figure of luscious curves. Her tits bounced merrily, looking as if they were about to spill out of the red lace. A tired expression was on her face, but I saw it fall away and a girlish smile rise up in its place.

"Hey baby!" She threw her arms around me and I suddenly found myself with an armful of warm woman rubbing up against me, her lips pressing against mine with a budding urgency. If Summer was a flower on the cusp of bloom, her mother was the that same flower in full vibrancy. She kissed me with hungry passion, and I let my hands roam down her sides and squeeze her hips, fingertips rubbing the vinyl skirt, before circling around to rest on the ripe slopes of her butt.

A single moan escaped her throat before we parted. Sheila wasn't very tall, even with the heels. She looked up at me through long lashes.

"God I'm beat." She turned and went down the hallway, pulling me along with her hand. "We had a girl quit again and I had to fill in on the stage 3 times."

"Doing drinks the rest of the time I bet," I said, letting myself be pulled along.

"Yeah. I didn't even get a break." She turned to give me another peck on the cheek and rest her head on my shoulder for a moment. "This week's been hell."

"Well it's Friday now." I massaged her shoulder comfortingly. "Time for a break."

She flashed me a relieved smile before we turned to go into the living room.

"Hey Sweetie!"

"Mom!" Summer jumped up from the couch and nearly flattened her mother with a hug no less enthusiastic than the one she had given me earlier.

"Missed you pumpkin." Sheila tousled her daughter's hair. "I've barely seen you all week."

"Yeah. You don't have to work tomorrow do you?"

"I've got all weekend off." Sheila grinned down at Summer.

Summer hugged her mom even tighter, a sunny grin on her face. They were a picture-perfect pair.

I let Sheila finish setting up dinner. I had set the table for her and left the chicken in the oven. I could have done it all but I knew it let her feel like a Mom to put together dinner in her own house and serve it to her daughter and boyfriend. It was one of those things she needed, something to help assuage the guilt of working so much. I didn't mind at all. That tired look had already disappeared as she put out the bowls of chicken and rice. We all sat and dug in.

"Chew with your mouth closed sweetie," Sheila said.

"Nom nom nom." Summer smacked her lips obnoxiously, wearing a defiant smirk.

"Don't be sassy, girl, or James will fill your mouth with something else.

"I thought that was dessert." Summer smirked at her own wit. Her Mom gave her an exasperated look that melted into a shared grin.

Sheila caught my gaze and flashed me a wink across the table. To the side, I saw Summer stretch her mouth wide open, showing a mouthful of chicken. Her jaw clamped shut when her Mom turned to look at her. Sheila looked away, and Summer made a face, which quickly went back to normal when her Mom looked again. They went back and forth, Sheila pretending to just miss her daughter's cross-eyed expression each time.

I couldn't help it. I burst into laughter. They were too much alike. Their personalities bounced off each other effortlessly. They flashed me identical grins.

We finished up and I cleared the table while Sheila went to do laundry. When everything was put away, I got a beer and sat on the couch to put my feet up, stretching aching muscles. I was tired too. Construction paid the bills but the jobsite could be murder some days.

"Honey bring me your clothes!" Sheila called out from the laundry room. Summer grabbed the hamper from her room and trotted obediently through the kitchen.

What a fantastic gig, I thought. Sheila was the best girlfriend I had ever had, and not just because she came with access to her 11-year-old daughter's sweet little cunt. They were both amazing. Sheila was easygoing, not the dramatic sort, and absolute dynamite in the sack. She had a killer body, athletic and toned, tight and plump in all the right areas. Only 24. We had had her birthday earlier this month. I was convinced that I had had her age wrong when we met last year, when she had asked me to babysit her 10-year-old daughter for the night, but no - she must have been just like her daughter at 13 years old, practically begging for cock inside her.

It must have been hard, raising Summer at such a young age. She didn't really like to talk about it and I didn't push, but there was no mistaking that love in her eyes when she looked at Summer. She loved her daughter fiercely, and I knew the long hours at her work were taking a toll. She missed her girl and worried that she wasn't a good mother to her. I had tried to put her mind at ease more than once but it was just one of those things. She was grateful that I was there to help Summer when she was gone, and she took every chance to show me just how grateful she was.

A sudden thump and a yell came from the laundry room. Summer burst out, shrieking, buck naked, and tore across the living room, a pair of purple panties in hand. Sheila was right behind her, in bra and panties, yelling.


I watched in wide-eyed shock as the pair streaked down the hallway.

"I SAID NO! GIVE ME BACK MY PANTIES!" Muffled shrieks from the bedroom. Something toppled and thumped to the floor. I looked down at my beer and took another swig. Just another day.

More thumps came from the bedroom and Summer was yelling. Stomping footsteps came down the hallway. Sheila emerged, breathing heavily, her naked daughter slung over her shoulder.

"Do something with this kid!"

Sheila smacked Summer on the butt, and the girl squealed, legs kicking.

"She has too much energy!" Sheila's eyes were blazing with furious mirth. Summer laughed like an imp and squirmed on her shoulder.

Sheila slung Summer down into her arms and then dumped her unceremoniously on my lap. I laughed and pinned the struggling girl.

"I have to finish the laundry or we won't have anything to wear. Don't you want clean clothes girl?"

"I just won't wear any," Summer laughed. She wiggled and turned her body against my grip. Sheila threw her hands in the air and disappeared back into the laundry room.

"Heeeeeeeey James." Summer giggled crazily. I let her roll over on my lap, breathing heavily, tink pink nipples dotting her naked chest.

"You should be nice to your Mother," I laughed.

"I'm nice." Summer wiggled her hips in mock struggle against my hands. "Don't you think I'm nice?"

"You're very nice." I tapped her nose, earning a wide grin from ear to ear.

"I just wanted to try on her panties. She wears those when she strips sometimes. Mom's so fussy." She scrunched up her face.

"You're just like her," I chuckled, rubbing a hand on her belly, rimming the tiny divot of her belly button.

"No way." Summer's smile was impish. "I'm way cuter."

"You may be cute, but I still find you guilty of underwear theft in the first degree."

"Oh yeah? What're you gonna do, punish me?" Summer wiggled her hips tighter against my pelvis, grinding against the bulge she felt there.

"I could do that," I mused, sliding my hand along her thigh, feeling the hot flush of girlish skin.

"Psssh, I don't think you'd do anything." Summer gave up her struggle, wearing a smirk.

"Well...I could do...THIS" I punctuated my words with a hard slap against her bottom. She squealed and laughed. Her rump felt like heaven in my hand, soft and tender.

"Hmm you'd like that too much. I know. I could sling you over my shoulder like your Mom did, and drag you around the neighborhood like a trussed chicken for all the neighbors to see."

Summer rolled her eyes and gave an exaggerated yawn, thoroughly unfazed.

"I could keep you off my Xbox."

"You WOULDN'T!" Summer sprang bolt upright, eyes blazing with 11-year-old fury. I laughed.

"Just kidding. But we may have to settle for...this!"

My fingers dove and Summer shrieked hysterically, curling up in a ball on my lap as I tickled her. She kicked with her legs, laughing, out of breath, but I held on. We wrestled crazily on the couch. Little girls are surprisingly strong sometimes. We twisted around and I ended up sitting on her leg, with her body under me on the couch.

"Ok ok! I'll be good." Summer put on her best pouting face. "Let me up."

"Uh uh." I savored the feel of the naked little girl in my grip. "Say you're sorry to your Mom first.

"SORRY MOOOOOOM!" Summer bellowed.

"S'ok babe." Sheila called back distantly.

"Ok now you can let me up."

"Hmmm, I dunno." I kept a heavy grip on her shoulder and traced my other hand down her hip, fingertips tickling her private parts. "I kind of like this."

"What if I did you a favor?" Summer's smirk was pregnant with suggestion.

"You've been found guilty of underwear theft. Do you really think you can bribe the judge?" I shook my finger at her in mock seriousness.

"Yes." Summer was at an awkward angle but she managed to rub her hand on the inside of my thigh. She stared up at me coyly and ran her tongue slowly over her lips.

"Ok but ONE outburst..."

Summer giggled at my serious expression as I let her up. I tumbled back onto my butt on the couch and let Summer kneel in front of me. It wasn't hard for her to unzip me and locate the raging erection tenting my jeans. It sprang out, eager, pointing at her naked body like a promise. She seemed a bit more comfortable in the face of that throbbing organ than she had earlier, as though our steady practice had built up her confidence.

The little girl pulled her hair back over her shoulders and ducked down, nuzzling the tip with her nose. She inhaled, rapture on her face, as if savoring the scent of a man's penis and finding it was everything she desired.

"I saw that in a video." She grinned up at me, seeking approval. "You like it?"

"Beautiful," I murmured, putting a hand on her head to guide her gently down. Heavenly lips touched me, tentative, tightening, warm pressure engulfing my straining prick as it disappeared into the little girl's mouth.

My head tilted back as exultant pleasure raced up my spine. Few things feel as good as having your dick into an 11-year-old's mouth. Summer worked her tongue in time with her gentle bobbing motion, slathering my underside, then pulled back to my tip for a series of sloppy licks. She kissed the glans and nuzzled it, spreading precum and saliva around her lips, then opened up and took me back inside.

"Oh good." Sheila came out of the laundry in her bra and panties, seeing her daughter sucking off her boyfriend. She smiled at us both and plopped onto the couch next to me.

"She spent all evening making so much noise I'm glad she finally has something stuffed in her mouth." Sheila leaned into me, head resting on my shoulder, a hand on my bare thigh. Summer looked up at us both, head bobbing a graceful rhythm on my erect cock.

"Good girl." Sheila rubbed her daughter's shoulder affectionately. "Just like I showed you. Use a bit more tongue when you go down like that." She smiled benevolently at her daughter, watching the firm shaft of flesh disappear into her mouth. Pride and affection tinged her lustful expression.

My cock pulsed and flared, flesh tightening where it sunk into the quivering pit of moist suction. The naked girl increased her pace, using her fingers now, arching her neck and back with the rhythm of her oral gift. Sheila was squeezing my thigh, her own excitement growing, watching her prepubescent daughter bob on the shaft of thick meat. Her other hand closed on her own breast, squeezing the ample flesh through the bra cup.

"You're getting so good at this sweetie." Sheila beamed encouragement at her daughter. "See? He's about to cum already." She could read me like a book, saw the signs of the primal heat swelling up in my gut at the same moment I felt it.

"Make sure to swallow it all." Sheila tightened her grip on her daughter's shoulder as the thrusting motion of her head reached its climax. A thick wave of gooey pleasure exploded in my crotch, racing up in waves, a pounding surge of white juice erupting like a geyser into Summer's mouth. I clenched and jerked on the couch, bucking involuntarily. Sheila leaned her weight on my shoulder, breathing heavily into my ear, her own fingers digging under the cotton of her panties.

The white heat drained away. Summer was swallowing fiercely, gulping down each hot splash. My cock twitched in her mouth, spewing semen, and she took it as fast as I gave it. Her eyes were closed in concentration, hands curled in fists around my shaft. My hand rested limply on her head.

My cock sprayed one last volley of salty seed into Summer's mouth and finally relented, twitching wildly between her lips. She swallowed it, cheeks working, greasy fluid sliding down her throat.

"You did it sweetie! You got it all!" Sheila leaned forward, beaming with pride. Summer opened her eyes and slowly pulled off me, inches of wilting flesh retreating out of her mouth.

"I'm so proud of you." Sheila caressed her daughter's cheek and bent closer, tipping her daughter's head up, then kissed her on the lips. They exchanged a passionate moment, heads hovering an inch from my spent prick. Gooey deposits glistened on both their lips when they parted.

"Thanks Mom." Summer grinned and sat back, wiping her mouth on her arm. She was beaming with pride as she looked at me, flush with her accomplishment. She had come a long way from the first time she had tried and ended up spitting most of my cum out.

"Come on, let's go." Sheila was purring as she leaned against me. Her fingers were soaked from where they had been working inside her panties. We got up together and they each grabbed one of my hands, the pair of them leading me to Sheila's bedroom where we spent most nights. Sheila pushed me backwards onto the bed, grinning like a tigress. My head spun from lack of blood as it all raced downward in a rapid revival. Summer tumbled onto the sheets with her customary giggle.

Sheila snapped off her bra, letting her perky tits bounce free, then slipped out of her panties and got up on the bed to straddle me. She bent and flowed over me like water, kissing my legs, then my belly and chest, breasts brushing my naked skin. My stiffening prick poked her in the leg. Summer cuddled up against my side, purring like a kitten, a miniature version of her mother. I laid back and luxuriated as the two girls pushed my senses into overdrive.

"Mmmmmmmm." Sheila's hot breath travelled up my neck until we were face to face. She hovered there, lips caressing mine, teasing me with sensual hesitation. Summer was wrapped around one arm, so I used the other, cupping Sheila's neck, drawing her to me. We embraced, passion locking our lips together in a tight seal. I tasted lipstick and a faint taste of salty residue, the thick deposit of my own semen that I had left in her daughter's mouth, transferred to her mother and then back to me. She nibbled my lip and we broke.

"Hunnnnngh." The moan came from my throat involuntarily. Summer was rubbing against my arm. My fingers twisted and explored, creeping between her thighs, finding the wet slit of her tiny hairless cunt. With my other hand I cupped her mother's ass, squeezing the taut flesh. My cock ached painfully.

Sheila worked her way down my chest slowly, licking and kissing until my erect cock bumped her face. She nuzzled it and her tongue flicked out, a delicious rasping warmth that sent a shiver racing up my body. Her lips parted and she took me inside, wetting my last few inches with a mouthful of saliva.

"Hmmm, tastes like my baby girl." Sheila pulled off and winked seductively at me, then slapped my leg, causing her tits to jiggle. "Ok you, sit up. Summer, roll over."

I sat up and let the little girl roll onto her stomach where I had just been laying.

"Her mouth feels good, doesn't it?" Sheila murmured in my ear, buzzing with arousal. "I'll bet her pussy feels even better." Her fingers slid along the wet gap of her own shaved cunt, rubbing the blushing lips feverishly. Summer knew what to do and was already getting in position on her hands and knees, butt thrust in the air. Sheila bent and took my waving cock in her other hand, steadying it, lining it up with her daughter's rump.

"There you go sweetie. You ready?" Summer turned her head on the sheets and pulled her hair from in front of her face, nodding. Sheila helped me position the head of my prick at the entrance to the 11-year-old snatch. The tiny slit twitched with excitement, the little girl's body tense with anticipation. I steadied her with a hand on each hip and slowly pushed inside.

Heaven engulfed me, the rapture of sucking little girl pussy spreading its quivering warmth inch by inch up my cock. Sheila leaned against my shoulder, eyes intent on the gripping connection where I was entering her daughter. Summer wiggled slightly and moaned, fingers gripping the loose edge of the sheets. I pressed another inch in.

"That's it. Just like that." Sheila whispered in my ear like a devil, her fingers pounding away at her cunt. "Fuck her James, fuck my little girl's little pussy." I didn't need the encouragement, my body following the inexorable instinct, spreading the tiny cunt lips and gliding between them. I squeezed another inch inside, and Summer squeaked. Her hips quivered like violin strings between my hands. Another inch into the delicious suction, and I bottomed out.

"God that's so hot. I'll never get tired of it" Sheila panted heavily in my ear. "Do it James. Push that cock into my little girl until she screams."

Gripping Summer's butt with both hands, I began a gentle thrust, pulling back and pushing in again delicately. Summer squealed somewhere halfway between pain and pleasure. I kept the pace slow, letting her get used to it. Despite Sheila's urgency, I knew you had to take it slow with an 11-year-old. She was still a tiny girl, however eager, and I'd never forgive myself if I hurt her.

Sheila's eyes fixed hypnotically on her daughter's cunt, watching the lips spreading out wide around the turgid flesh with each stroke. She moaned encouragement to me, sagging against my shoulder, fingers expertly stoking her own excitement. Summer was loosening up, quaking body adjusting to the rhythm of our love, legs spreading wider and welcoming me in. I upped the pace, shoving my cock into the little girl on the bed with greater urgency.

Summer's head brushed back and forth against the sheets, her eyes closed, lips warbling with strained pleasure. Her brown, silky hair trailed on the fabric. I marvelled at her body as my cock swelled in her cunt - perfect shoulders, round and youthful, a graceful back, unblemished, arching in time with the melody of our motions. A plump, pink bottom, perky globes squishing softly in my hands. She was amazing, beautiful, an alluring angel of consummate sexual desire.

The waves of heated friction built on themselves, mounting to a growing climax that pulsed in every muscle in my body. I pushed faster, squeezed her butt harder, held on to the squirming little 11-year-old body as she squealed in passion and vibrated underneath me. Her mom was a hot pressure on my arm, hissing with desire. The bed rocked and the sheets rustled as we built to a crescendo, my adult cock pumping away into the prepubescent slit, feeding pounding pulses of passion that transformed into rippling waves of ecstasy in her cunt. Summer cried out. Her toes curled. Her fists jerked the sheets. The shared orgasm blossomed between us, rising up and drowning our senses, leaving only the heaving, bucking motion of our loins. Summer's butt slapped frantically against my pelvis, and I thrust back, ramming my cock into the little girl, thumping with desperate energy into the tight, slippery hole and relishing the gripping massage that pulled me in. With a final thrust, I slammed home, balls slapping against her thighs

"Cum inside her." The words spun crazily and dashed themselves to pieces against the whirling storm of my orgasm. More followed.

"Dump your semen inside her. Fill her up with sperm." Sheila's voice rumbled out of the darkness as I jerked and lost myself.

"Get my little girl pregnant James. I want to see it."

A gushing fountain rose up from my core and erupted into the sucking warmth. My prick twitched and convulsed wildly, spewing out gooey love. I grunted with each shot, body instinctively thrusting forth, keeping my spasming organ buried deep against the womb of the little girl. Summer was mewling underneath me. I collapsed forward, feeling her hot body against my chest, our pelvises still pushing together in the latent currents of our fading orgasms.

An icy hand trailed down my back. Someone purred with arousal in my ear. A trembling form cowered beneath me. Summer. I raised myself up, shuddering from the lingering sensitivity where our bodies connected. Summer was dazed, spent, gasping. I caressed the muscles of her back, feeling the aftershocks.

After a few moments, I gently pulled out. Summer squeaked and rolled onto her side, fingers still clutching the sheets as if the room was spinning.

A familiar grip immediately engulfed my sensitive prick. Sheila's fingers brushed carefully, respecting the hypersensitivity, gently spreading the slippery fluid of combined juices around my shaft. I shivered and moaned, eyes fluttering. Lips pressed against mine in a kiss. Hands brushed my chest, my thighs, my back. Sheila's hands seemed to be in a thousand places at once. She rubbed and swayed against me, stoking my fading fire with expert precision, breasts rubbing my arm while her fingers coaxed my prick back to life like a snake charmer. The enticing press of her body against me ramped my heart up to a fever pitch again, hormones dumping into my racing bloodstream. God she was amazing. Silky hair, heaving tits, the crush of her lips - they worked their miraculous revival, and I felt my aching flesh harden again as if by magic.

Summer had rolled onto her back. Feeling me stiffen, Sheila swiftly bent onto her hands and knees on the bed, straddling her daughter. She looked down, caressing Summer's flat breasts, smiling at the desultory flutter of her eyelids. She looked back at me again, and an expression of animal hunger boiled in her face.

I lined up at my second pussy of the night. Sheila was always this way. She wanted me to cum in Summer first, then practically jumped on me, burning with her own excitement. Her cunt was as beautiful as the rest of her, with a slight, delicate labia, blushing tight lips, and so perfectly shaved that it seemed like just a slightly larger version of her daughter's own bald slit. I rested my glans at her entry, then pushed in.

Thrilling heat wrapped me. Delicious gripping suction and caressing warmth pulsing in time with the beat of her body. I didn't have to go slow with Sheila. I didn't have to work in a few inches at a time for fear of hurting her. I slammed in to the hilt, earning a girlish squeal exactly like her daughter had given me a few minutes earlier.

Her butt squeezed in my hands. Her thighs pressed back against mine. I picked up the pace and thumped my cock into Sheila's pussy, revelling in the delicious familiarity. Every curve, every squeeze, every rippling massage felt like an older, riper version of her daughter. I picked up the pace, feeling how close she was to cumming already. Watching me fuck her little girl had put her almost to the razor edge. After barely a minute her heavy panting rose to a series of heated gasps and I felt the wild clench of muscles wrapping my cock. Her head jerked wildly as I kept thrusting, Sheila staring down at her daughter beneath her, a shared expression of love on their faces. She bent and buried her daughter with a kiss as her orgasm ripped through her. They convulsed together, Sheila's generous tits brushing her daughter's flat chest, nipples scraping together, the naked bodies of mother and daughter writhing together in the most intimate of embraces. The erotic sight and the final wild spasm of Sheila's cunt abruptly sent me spinning over the edge, and I rammed forward, reeling, senses dimming as a fresh surge of white energy rocketed forth from my cock. Ecstasy electrified my body, a blinding sheet shot through with violent spasms, jolting my muscles. Warmth spewed deep inside Sheila's cunt, my seed flooding her insides with sperm just as I had done for her daughter moments ago.

We collapsed together, a human sandwich with me on top. Two pairs of arms and legs moved underneath me, our legs tangled in blissful chaos. We heaved against each other, hot breath swirling on naked skin. Eventually I managed to pull my softening prick from its plug and roll to the side.

Sheila and Summer were locked in each other's arms, their hands freely exploring every inch of each other's flesh. Cum dripped down in a syrupy waterfall from Sheila's cunt, pooling on Summer's thighs and pussy lips. They writhed together, entwined in an incestual embrace.

They kissed a final time and turned their heads simultaneously to look at me, love sparkling identically in both their eyes. Sheila beckoned and I spooned up next to them, the three of us leisurely cuddling, shared juices still dripping from all of our genitals. Our fingers wrapped gently together. Our lips found each other's skin. We freely shared and freely gave, welcoming each other's hands and lips in idle pleasure until sleep rose up and overtook us.

Morning sunlight spread a slanted pattern on the wall. I stretched my legs and yawned, watching the golden motes float in hazy delirium, luxuriating in the paradise of a warm bed with warm girls in it. My vision cleared and I saw Sheila smiling at me, already awake. Summer snoozed soundly on the sheets between us with sunlight spilling over her mussed hair like a halo.

"Morning sleepyhead." Sheila's smile was as warm as the sunlight.

"Morning." I smiled back and yawned again. A hand brushed my thigh under the blanket and we pulled closer, smiling at each other in bed with Summer squished between us.

"You know..." Sheila whispered, hand gliding under the sheet, trailing down my stomach and wrapping itself around the base of my cock, "if I had one of these, I'd be stuffing it inside that little grade-schooler there instead of sleeping, pumping liters of sperm up into that tight little slit around the clock until her stomach bulged like a beach ball. Have you ever seen a pregnant 11-year-old? It's glorious."

I laughed and slapped her ass under the blanket. "God you're filthy. I love it."

"Mmmmmhmmmmm," she agreed, fondling me under the blanket. "What can I say? I love seeing my little girl getting fucked silly by a man's big cock. She reminds me of me when I was her age."

"You're just like her," I mused. "Although, she claims she's cuter."

"Hah," Sheila scoffed. A smile twitched at the corners of her mouth. "Girl's got a lot to learn."

My prick began to swell up in Sheila's expert grip, tenting the bedsheet. Her fingers were magic, effortlessly coaxing another miraculous revival from my abused cock. It seemed no matter how many times I came or how exhausted I was, these girls could always get me humming again.

"She is cute though, isn't she?" Sheila gazed at her daughter lustily as her hand pumped my stiffening cock under the blanket.

"She's fantastic," I agreed. "And a sweetheart too."

"Yeah she is. She surprises me sometimes. There was this time about a year ago, just before I met you actually, when I was pretty sick. I was missing work and throwing up. It was doubly bad because without the hours I didn't think I was going to be able to make rent."

Sheila kept stroking me under the blanket, as if keeping me erect were an effortless task that didn't even require her full attention. She used her other hand to brush a stray hair from Summer's face.

"Well Summer had this little piggy bank - I don't think they make the kind you break anymore. I had been giving her loose change to keep. Well she knew I was sick and she was worried, so she opened it up, and she took the three dollars and twenty seven cents and she walked all by herself to the corner store and bought a bottle of ibuprofen and a dollar can of chicken soup. I don't even know how she knew what to buy. I think the pharmacist told her. Then she walked back home, warmed up the soup on the stove, and brought it to me with the pills and a little colored note that said she was sad I was sick and the soup would help me feel better."

"That's sweet," I grinned.

"I was furious," Sheila laughed. "She went somewhere without telling me and then used the stove without telling me. I was too sick to stay mad though."

Our whispering finally earned a sleepy mumble from Summer. She stretched and rolled onto her side to face her mother, then went still again. Her face glowed in the sunlight, young and innocent. Motes danced over the pillow from her steady breathing.

"I think about her all day at work," Sheila finally whispered, clearing a lock of Summer's hair from her face. "Wondering what she's doing, if she's ok. I'm so glad you're around to look after her James." Sheila reached over Summer and kissed me with a deep passion that set my heart thumping even faster.

"This girl sleeps like a log," she whispered in my ear. "Let's give her something to wake up for." She leered at me, her smile transformed seamlessly from affection to naked lust, and beckoned impatiently.

I tried not to shake the bed as I pulled the covers and scooted my pelvis down on the sheet. Summer slept peacefully, the rising sunlight flooding her skin with a healthy pink glow. She looked like an angel, a slumbering vision of youthful beauty, her naked body laid out like an offering on the altar of the bed. Our legs brushed together as I positioned myself up against her with my erect prick against her bottom, finding the sweet little tunnel.

Sheila cuddled closer to her daughter, gazing lovingly at her face, watching the tightening expression as I slid my cock inside her. Quivering lips. Fluttering eyelids. A sudden twitch of the muscles in her neck. We both watched as the girl flushed with signs of arousal in her sleep. I pressed in slowly, gently spreading the sleeping little girl's cuntlips, filling her dreams with passion and her body with bulging meat.

"This is how I lost my virginity when I was her age," Sheila whispered in my ear. "I woke up with him inside me." She had pulled close to her daughter, naked breasts grazing Summer's face.

"It was so much fun that I asked him to do it again."

Blood thundered in my cock as I pushed it deeper into the little girl. Sheila's fingers had primed me and her sultry whispers were pushing me into overdrive. A low mewling sound escaped Summer's throat, sleepy warbles of arousal. I held her hip steady and began a long, slow stroke into her pussy from behind, the sheets rustling with our movement. Sheila licked her fingers and sent them down between their bodies, finding her little girl's tiny red jewel, brushing it in time with our pistoning motion.

Summer's tiny body rocked gently between us, locked between the two adults giving her pleasure. Her shoulders shivered and her eyes fluttered open, waking from sleep into an intimate face-to-face with her mother.

"OH! M-Mom, James..." Summer cut off with a sudden intake of breath as I pushed in suddenly from behind. Sheila beamed lovingly at her daughter, squeezing close, her hips rocking in time with ours. Her arm brushed between their bellies as she worked her fingers on her daughter's crotch. The little girl twitched, half-awake, and I felt the telltale buck of her pelvis against me just as the rising heat suddenly burst into a wild flood that gushed out of my cock.

Summer came with a spastic cry, shaking between us, wakened into the wild flush of her own orgasm. I squeezed her hip, grinding my cock into her, skewering her 11-year-old body against her naked mother. The sweet flesh of her soft body convulsed, and Sheila bent her head, locking her daughter in a kiss, sharing the storm of passion ripping through her little girl's body. Cum fountained out of my cock and deep into Summer's pussy as I watched mother and daughter share the intimate moment of love.

"Hmmmmmmf!" Summer moaned against her mother's mouth until their kiss broke. She was panting crazily, perky nipples standing up and her neck and chest flushed red. My fingers traced up her hips, feeling the sweet curve of her body, and gripped her flat little tits while Sheila fondled her from the front. We cuddled with the little girl between us, all of us breathing heavily.

Eventually we slumped together, naked bodies supporting each other, hands idling in lazy circles. A blissful smile of contentment was on Summer's face as she closed her eyes, breathing steadying, dropping off to sleep again in our arms.

"I don't really know how it is for a guy like you," Sheila mused, straightening Summer's hair with her fingers. "But when you're a girl with a cock inside you, it feels like heaven. You get that last push and the hot splash inside your tummy, and you can feel the cum seeping into your insides. It's so warm. I couldn't get enough when I was Summer's age. I still can't."

Her other hand rubbed hungrily at her own cunt. Nothing turned Sheila on like seeing a man's cock inside her little girl.

"I didn't even slow down when I was pregnant. That's what I want James. I want to see her belly getting nice and plump. I want to see her riding a cock with her pregnant stomach bouncing up and down." The familiar lustful expression burned on Sheila's face as she nibbled at my ear. "Both of us. I want to push my pregnant belly against hers as you fuck us both." She panted with crazed animal passion, fingers pounding her cunt in a runaway rhythm. She was about to climb on top of me and beg me to fuck her.

Her phone rang. It was lost on the floor in a tangle of clothing.

"Damnit. I'll get it." She rolled over and hung off the bed, fishing around with her arms, annoyed.

"Fuck!" She threw a blouse to the side and finally found her purse. The phone was inside.

My wilting prick was slipping out of Summer. I pulled us apart, gently, careful not to disturb her sleep.

"Uh huh. Uh huh. Well you can tell him to go to hell." Sheila was kicking her leg angrily under the covers. "I'm supposed to be off this weekend."

I watched her face fall as she listened to the voice on the other end. I knew what it meant. They were promising her overtime. Promising her time off next week. Promising her the world.

"Ok." Her sigh was heavy with defeat. "I'll be there." She slapped the button to end the call and tossed the phone angrily onto the pile of clothing.

"They want me to open at the club. And apparently they have some big parties booked all day both today and tomorrow." She looked guiltily between me and her sleeping daughter. "This was supposed to be our weekend together."

"Hey it's ok." I rubbed her shoulder, trying to put a smile back on her face. "You don't have to apologize. It's alright."

She gave me a peck on the cheek, then rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed. I took in the view as she slipped on a pair of panties. Firm thighs, curving hips, luscious tits that bounced seductively - my cock shuddered and began to swell, aching for another round. It was about to be disappointed.

"Tonight," she purred, bending over the bed to give me a full kiss, breasts brushing a soft promise against my arm. A shiver raced down my spine and became a firm throb in my cock. No warm-blooded male could be kissed by a knockout like Sheila and not get a response. She quickly dressed, wearing a regretful look as she gave us both a final kiss goodbye.

Breakfast went smoothly. Summer poured half a bottle of syrup on her french toast then wolfed it down like a starving girl. I gave her a smack on the ass as she left to go play, then cleaned up. Poor Sheila. I missed her already. She really deserved better than her boss gave her. All I could do was make sure that she didn't have to worry about doing anything else when she got home.

I tidied up around the house and then attacked the yards. Both of them. My old mower gave me its usual cranky struggle before starting. The noontime sun beat down on me, and the smells of summer heat and fresh-cut grass began to fog my senses. Back and forth I went, the blaring roar of the mower drowning out the world. After finishing the front yards, I moved to the back, my legs beginning to ache. It was hot as hell. I wiped the sweat off my forehead, then waved back at Summer, who was grinning at me from the living room window. She was coloring.

My garage was a mess, a chaotic labyrinth of tools and half-finished projects that smelled of dust and gasoline. It was perfect. I put the mower away and cleared some space then got back to work on the truck. The spark plugs were acting up again. The work kept me occupied, but I couldn't help worrying about Sheila. I could have supported her, but she didn't want to quit. Saving for Summer's college fund, she kept saying. It wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't keep calling her on her days off. Her boss was a prick and Sheila seemed to be his go-to whenever the club needed more hands or more tits.

"Jaaaaaaames!" Summer hollered at me from the side door. I managed to avoid banging my head on the hood as I pulled upright.

Summer had pulled on her little white shirt with the Powerpuff girls on it and the green miniskirt that was ridiculously short. I didn't even know where Sheila had found something so short for a little girl. It barely covered her ass. I thoroughly approved.

"Can Claire come over?" Summer put her hands together behind her back and thrust out her chest, batting her eyelashes and giving me the best little girl I-want-something look that she could. A pair of tiny nubs marked where her nipples pressed against the tight shirt.

"Sure." I wiped my oily hands on the rag and then held them up when Summer squealed and dashed inside to hug me around the waist.

"Ok kiddo," I laughed, keeping my greasy hands up high. "Just make sure it's ok with her mom."

"I will." Summer grinned like a fiend and squeezed me one last time before darting away like a spooked cat. I leaned against the grill of the truck, admiring the short flap of the green skirt bouncing against her plump little ass as she took off.

It took me another half hour to finish up. I put some things away then headed inside my house from the garage. A pair of girlish voices screeched with laughter out in the yard. I was filthy, with grime on my hands and soot on my arms, stinking of sweat. I probably looked like a coal miner. I ducked into the bathroom for a quick shower.

A pair of voices and a thumping beat was coming from my living room when I got out. Towelling off, I stepped into my bedroom for some clean clothes, then realized that everything I had was at Sheila's. Damn. I wrapped the towel around my waist with a shrug.

Blasting music greeted me at the door to my living room. A pair of slender bodies were jumping recklessly in front of my tv: Summer and Claire, engaged in a furious dance-off. Getting her the Just Dance game for her birthday had been one of the best ideas I'd ever had. A team of dancers swayed back and forth and stars popped on the screen, and the girls shrieked with laughter as they jerked back and forth, trying to imitate the movements.

"No FAIR!" Summer stomped and shook her fist at the screen when the song ended, as if my Kinect were responsible for her shoddy dancing. "How can you get 5 stars on EVERYTHING?"

"I'm just that good." Claire preened as the screen tallied up her score and burst into a celebration of fireworks. She was a thin girl, with longish legs and dark hair and slightly mousey features. I had only seen her once before, when her mom had stopped by to pick Summer up for school. She was the same age as Summer, with narrower shoulders and slighter hips and a lovely pair of athletic thighs. I leaned on the doorjamb and let my eyes roam approvingly, taking in the blue dress that hung from her shoulders on thin spaghetti straps and hugged her body, curving down over her perky butt and hanging to mid-thigh. The fabric clung irresistibly to her girlish body, leaving little to the imagination. I once again prayed a silent thanks to all the clothing designers that plied their genius to sell little girls clothing that looked so enticing.

Claire was still watching the screen, strutting. She hadn't seen me. Summer's eyes flicked momentarily to mine, and an impish leer blossomed on her face as if she had had an idea.

"If you're so good you won't mind a little dare," Summer smirked.

"As IF!" Claire crossed her arms. "What's the dare?"

Summer leaned in conspiratorially, cupping her hand and whispering in Claire's ear.

"WHAT?!" Claire was shocked. "You want to STRIP? No WAY!"

"Don't be a chicken!" Summer lifted her chin and sniffed imperiously. "My mom's a stripper. It's fun."

"" Claire wilted slightly. "I guess, I mean..." She eyeballed Summer up and down.

"But you've got more stuff on."

"Well you're BETTER!" Summer huffed. "Also, socks don't count."

"Isn't this your neighbor's house?"

"It's ok. He's my boyfriend." Summer had a self-satisfied look, as if she were so much more experienced than her friend.

"Wait..." Claire's expression was perplexed. "I thought he was your mom's boyfriend."

Summer shrugged nonchalantly. "Same thing. Do you want to do this or are you a chicken?"

Girlish pride warred with confusion on Claire's face. Pride won.

"Ok fine. No biggy. I'm not gonna be the one that ends up naked." Claire smirked down her nose at Summer, as if she were suddenly the confident adult and Summer the foolish girl.

Summer didn't rise to the bait. Instead she used the controller to select a new song.

"I don't know this one. Who's Aerosmith?"

"A band, dummy." Summer poised for the intro with her hands crossed over her head, a look of deadly seriousness on her face. It was on.

I made myself comfortable in the doorway and settled in to watch. No way was I interrupting this contest. The pair of tender bodies burst into motion, seductive rhythms feeding the mounting flow of blood to my cock. Summer lashed her hands in the air, one after the other, then rested them on her hips and did a wide sway that rolled her skirt around her waist. Claire pranced from side to side, shoulders rolling, arms moving in lazy circles, following her dancer on the screen. The verse lurched into a rousing chorus and the dancers synced up, both girls following suit with a hop into a spread-legged stance and a belly roll that terminated in an alluring twitch of their hips.

Fuck. My stiffening manhood was already tenting the towel. Watching a pair of sexy little vixens prancing around my living room to a thumping bassline would make any man as hard as a rock. I eyefucked the girls as they jerked their arms and thrust their cute little bottoms in the air. Summer was a sexy treat, as always, brown hair flying in the air, and Claire was just as tantalizing, the tight blue dress slipping like silk over the curves of her hips and butt. My heart was racing along with the song by the time it finally beat its way through a crescendo and concluded.

"HAH!" Claire thrust her fingers in the air, celebrating her victory as the screen exploded with color. Summer didn't skip a beat. She just smiled and crossed her arms, grabbing her white shirt and pulling it up over head, then tossing it to the side.

"Your pick." Summer nudged her friend, completely unembarrassed by her naked chest. Claire swallowed and pointed her controller. The lyrics of "Birthday" began to roll out of the speakers.

The girls jumped straight into the song, thrusting their hips, bodies snaking back and forth, snapping their fingers in perfect cadence. Their hands flew behind their neck, elbows up, and their flat chests pumped forward with sensual synchronicity. The aching thump of the bass vibrated through the floor and up my legs into my throbbing cock, a taut shaft of vibrating torture that was already threatening to make a mess on the towel. I sucked in a breath and tried to think of something to dampen it. Cold showers. Naked grandmothers. Kittens with cancer.

Summer trounced Claire, sing-songing and pumping her hips in a little victory dance. Claire blushed fiercely, but when Summer elbowed her she bent and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her head. The filmy garment dropped to the floor.

I brushed my aching cock through the towel, watching the topless girls attack the next song. They were both pretty good. I wondered if Summer would put her dancing skills to good use when she got older and decide to strip like her mother. She would probably be great at it. She wasn't quite good enough to win the song though, scoring only 4 out of 5 stars. She unsnapped the side buttons of her green miniskirt and pulled it off, then kicked it to the side.

The girls picked the next song and danced together in a wild rhythm, a sweet, fuckable little pair of sexy strumpets rolling their hips and thrusting their butts in just their panties. Claire was a delicious sight, with light, perky nipples beading her flat chest like gumdrops. Her belly was trim and tight, without an ounce of fat on it. I smirked at the little teddy bear face on the rear of her panties and wondered what delightful little treats waited under the white cotton.

"YEEEEEEEESSS!" Summer crowed at her 5-star victory, narrowly edging out Claire, who buried her fingers in her hair in disbelief.

"No WAY!" A red flush of embarrassment had crept up Claire's throat.

"No chickening out now." Summer pranced exultingly. "I can take mine off too if you want."

"I just...I..." Claire shied away, but hooked her fingers hesitantly at the edge of her panties. She took one last nervous looked around, and spotted me in the doorway.

"EEEEEK!" She crossed her hands to cover her chest.

"Claire, it's ok!" Summer reached out to comfort her friend. "That's James. I told you he's my boyfriend. You don't have to be shy. He's really nice."

"Oh...oh..." I didn't think it was possible for Claire to blush even more, but she managed it. She took me in, eyeballing my hairy, muscled chest and biceps, goggling at the obscene tent in the towel around my waist.

"Sorry, I-" Claire faltered, letting her hands drop from her chest.

"Nothing to be sorry about," I grinned. "Summer's friends are always welcome. You girls give a good show. I thought you were going to win Claire."

"You're Summer's boyfriend?" Claire asked. I nodded.

"Oh." Claire looked at Summer uncertainly. "I've never had a boyfriend. My older sister has one."

"Well, you should get one." Summer smirked at me. "They're fun."

Claire paused, her blush deepening. "What do you even do with a boyfriend?"

Summer giggled at her friend's ignorance. "You do things like take these off." She tapped Claire's panties at the hip.

"Oh. I mean...I could...uh..." Her glance shifted nervously between Summer and the bulge in my towel, hesitating. My cock vibrated under the towel, teasing my brain with visions of the cotton scrap being pulled down and revealing the honeyed hole beneath.

"Here, look." Summer gripped Claire's arm, seeing her reluctance. "Let's do one more dance. But this is a dare too."

"Ok, I guess. For what?"

Summer leaned in and whispered in her friend's ear again.

"With my TONGUE?!" Shock painted Claire's face.

"Hey, you asked what you do with boyfriends, didn't you?" Summer laughed. "And if you win I'll give you my outfit since you said you liked it. It's like, win-win."

Claire hesitated, but finally nodded. Summer took her by the hand and the girls took their place in front of the tv.

"Your pick," Summer said solemnly.

Claire pointed and Lady Gaga suddenly blasted out of the speakers. The girls lurched into action, flipping their hands hands palm-up, lifting, then throwing them wide and following with a beguiling sway of their hips. My eyes followed the four perfect little globes of girlflesh as they vibrated and danced, perky buttcheeks firm with the vibrancy of youth. The dancers on the screen thrust their chests out and the girls did the same, twin pairs of nipples jutting proudly into the air.

It took all my willpower to not throw off my towel and wrap a fist around my aching prick right there, fountaing a torrent of sperm onto those bare bodies like a bursting dam. I managed to resist. The girls danced their hearts out, bodies twitching in tandem, each determined to outdo the other. The song raced along to a conclusion and the score meters for both girls were neck and neck.

"YEEEEEAH!" Summer whooped and hollered as the game proclaimed her the victor by the narrowest of margins. They had both scored 5 stars, but Summer's total score was slightly higher.

"Come on!" Summer's patience seemed to break and she grabbed Claire's hand and then mine, and beelined for the bedroom, dragging us behind. Both girls were sweating and breathing heavily. Claire looked for a moment as if she might protest, but then curiosity seemed to get the better of her and she let herself be pulled along.

"Sit." Summer planted a hand on my chest and shoved me backwards onto the bed. I plopped down in a sitting position, leaning back on my hands. God, she was just like her mother. Sheila always did the same thing to me. Summer knelt in front of me and beckoned encouragingly for Claire to do the same, then reached up and pulled at my towel, smiling widely, unwrapping me like a present.

My cock sprang out, eager and hungry. Claire blinked in amazement, the little girl's first sight of cock a proudly, painfully erect specimen tinged nearly purple with blood. Summer grabbed her wrist and helped her reach up, guiding her fingers to wrap tentatively around my taut shaft.

"Oh it's...really warm." Claire blinked in amazement. Her fingers rippled instinctively, brushing down my girth to the base, feeling how the strained flesh emerged from my pubic hair. I groaned and Claire squeaked in surprise when my prick jumped in her hand.

"That's good. It's alright." Summer guided her friend's hand back to my manhood. "See? It feels good, doesn't it James?"

"Very good," I panted, trying to fill my head with something to slow me down before I came on the curious faces of the two little girls fondling me.

"Haven't you ever touched one before?" Summer asked Claire.

"Well, just one time," Claire said. "When I stayed after with Mr. Erickson in math class. He wasn't big like this though. And when I touched it some funny white stuff came out."

"That's cum." Summer lectured like she was an expert. "It comes out when it feels good."

"Oh." Claire swallowed. "I don't know how to make it feel good."

"I told you, with your tongue. Like this."

She leaned forward and planted her tongue on my aching flesh, and slathered a long, slippery lick up my shaft until her tongue flicked off my glans. I jerked, panting, fingers curling into the bedsheets.

"See? He likes it." Summer giggled, and pointed my prick at her friend. "Your turn."

Claire opened her mouth and an uncertain tongue snaked out. She tried a quick lick, the rasp of tastebuds sending a wave of pleasure down my cock into my groin. She watched my face intently, noting how it twitched with delight, how my chest shuddered with bated breath when she touched me. She tried again, leaning forward and planting her wet tongue against my prick, and pulled it up in a slow, sloppy lick just like Summer had done, ending with a flick that set my cock bobbing comically in the air.

"Wow." Claire laughed as her eyes followed the bouncing flesh. It steadied, and she pushed with her index finger and set it waving again.

"Here. I'll show you how to REALLY have some fun with it." Summer scrambled up onto the bed next to me and pulled Claire up after her. The girls tumbled onto their backs on the sheets, giggling. Summer gave me the look. She could tell how close I was. I rolled over her and ran my hands up her thighs, savoring the squeeze of succulent flesh, and hooked her panties. With a smooth motion, I pulled them down her thighs, past her legs, and off her feet, twirling them briefly around a finger before sending them sailing across the room.

Summer squealed with laughter and kicked her legs playfully in my grip. I wrestled with her, hands running over every inch of the naked girl, feeling her thighs, filling my palms with her butt, savoring the sweet curve of her hips and belly and then pinching the delicate pink buds of her nipples between my fingers until she squeaked. Claire rested on her belly on the bed next to us. Her eyes bulged as she watched my turgid manhood line up with Summer's cunt, the tiny hairless slit dwarfed by the full-grown organ of an adult man.

I held Summer's legs steady and pushed in, feeling the brief pressure before my glans popped inside. Summer was slippery already, her 11-year-old body aroused and ready for cock. She wiggled her hips encouragingly at me and gave the little girlish moan that signalled that she liked it and wanted more. I fed another inch into her, enjoying the twitch of her hips and the goggle-eyed gaze of her friend watching her penetration from inches away. Claire seemed mesmerized, as if astonished that such a mammoth rod of flesh could somehow disappear inside a girl's body.

Our hips swayed together, our motion increasing. My cock sank into the juicy slit, the gripping suction of little girl cunt sparking a rushing current that raced up from my groin to my brain. I fell forward onto my hands, groaning wildly, feeling Summer wiggle beneath me. My body moved on its own, pelvis shoving forward, balls pressing against her bottom, our bodies working together in an intimate, private dance.

Claire was panting heavily against my leg, the rising flush of sexual excitement building for the first time in her little 11-year-old body. Her eyes sparkled with fascination, watching my bulging cock glide between the slippery embrace of Summer's cuntlips, then pull out again, moist with the juices of her insides. Maybe she had never seen sex before. Maybe she had never seen porn before. There's a first time for every little girl, when the door is thrown open and a wide world of sexual bliss is exposed for the first time. I could see the awe etched on her face. Her eyes flicked back and forth between the thrusting point of copulation and the expression on Summer's face, the breathless smile of pleasure that every little girl wears when she feels a man's cock spearing her cunt.

Quivering muscles wrapped me in a velvet massage, coaxing me further in, inviting me to push harder, to go deeper, to plumb the depths of little girl cunt that engulfed me. I began a thrusting rhythm that set the bed bouncing, ramming downwards, Summer squealing and thrashing underneath me until she was a blur. Hot gasps wracked my lungs and sweat dripped into my eyes. Harder. Faster. Pumping energy focused like a laser of taut flesh, lancing into the delightful sticky heat of prepubescent girl pussy. Fingernails scratched my sides, Summer hanging on as I drove her along the bedding. Our crotches slapped together, my prick bottoming out on the unyielding barrier of her cervix. I heard a final squeal, a racing, orgasmic cry of total abandon, a signal that detonated the frothing heat in my loins like an exploding boiler and sent the floodwaters of scalding semen racing up my cock. Cum fountained out of my prick and into Summer, wild jets twitching from turgid flesh, primal energy of gushing fluid that heaved with warm shockwaves that raced to my head in a roar. Heavy grunts rose to a frenzied cry. Girlish squeals became a heated shriek of passion. Our arms and legs locked, chests rubbing, crotches grinding together, a man and the tender body of an 11-year-old girl locked in the racing throes of fervent ardor, bodies conjoined in quivering ecstasy.

My hips jerked with each tapering gush, instinctive energy coursing along my nerves. Warm fluid squished against Summer's pussy walls and raced up, flooding through the tiny space of her cervix, filling her womb with semen. I had cum in this little girl so many times, each time wondering if this would be the one. Beguiling images drifted through the pink fog in my brain: a swarming tide of sperm, spreading inexorably, seeking the innocent egg that lay hushed and waiting in the depths of this little girl's body. Barely 11 years old, her cunt flooded with my cum, her taut belly swelling up with my baby. The vision floated in the eye of the storm as my climax raged around me. My body jerked a final time, and I collapsed, feeling a brush of silky hair on my face.

Summer was a purring bundle of heated satisfaction under me. The sweat of our naked chests lubricated a slow movement, tiny nipples grazing my pectorals, a gentle kiss against my sternum. Her arms and legs were clutched around me like a spider around its prey. One by one our muscles slackened, the lingering storm finally departing. I fought the lingering tremors in my arms to raise myself up and saw Summer, her hair a mussed chaos against the sheets, smiling blissfully up at me.

My body weighed a thousand pounds. Somehow I pressed myself up, feeling the tepid gush as my cock slipped out of Summer's pussy, and rolled over on the bed.

"Wow!" Claire was practically buzzing with hungry energy, her nervousness fully evaporated. "Is that what you do with a boyfriend? What's that like? Is it good Summer? It looked like fun. Is it fun? What does it feel like? How does that go inside you? Can I try?" Her voice brimmed with excitement. Summer gave her a hazy grin.

"It's fun." Summer giggled. Her fingers played with the gooey leavings on her pussy, spreading the dripping mess around her cunt lips. "Here. I'll warm him up."

My eyes closed, basking in the heavy syrup of post-coital pleasure, I was barely aware of it as she rolled onto me. I had been teased for so long and cum so thunderously that I wasn't sure I was good for anything else. A wiggling worm of a little girl pressed against me, Summer vibrating with affection. She kissed me on the lips, and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back.

"What do you mean, get him warmed up?" Claire came closer on the bed, confused by the flaccid state of my cock.

"Guys need a little encouragement sometimes," Summer explained. An array of fingers suddenly wrapped around my hypersensitive cock, aching needles that lanced up into my groin. I winced.

"Not the tip," I murmured. "Go slow. Like your mom showed you."

Summer moved down to my legs, gently caressing my prick. Her fingers worked the sticky fluid, rubbing it ever so gently on the shaft, coaxing a new fire to burn from the glowing coals. I felt a slight tap, a warm pad of flesh. Her tongue, caressing my shaft and avoiding the tip like she had been taught. I knew she liked the taste of cum more and more, but I wondered how she liked the taste of her own pussy. A lot, judging by her enthusiasm.

It didn't take long before the first stirrings of life returned to my prick. Battered flesh stretched firm and rose up, thickened by blood. Summer worked her fingers and mouth, juicing me with saliva, giving slight attention to my glans now. She seemed proud of herself, that she was able to do what her mom had done. Inexorably, my erection stiffened under the little girl's ministrations, until it was pointing proudly at the ceiling again.

"He's ready," Summer proclaimed, and rolled to the side. I felt a bit like a side of meat, but a side of meat that was about to sample another taste of 11-year-old pussy. Far be it from me to complain.

Claire leaned back on the bed, her face tinged with both eagerness and apprehension. She was ready, enchanted by the look of pleasure she had seen on her friend's face, ready to taste it for herself but uncertain how to proceed. I took it slow, letting my hands roam over her, touching gently at first, tenderly sampling the sweet swell of her shoulders and hips and the enticing promise of the flat mounds on her chest. She touched me back, uncertain, fingers brushing over my arms, over the muscles on my chest, curling in the hair.

My fingers found her panties and pulled, slowly, gauging her reaction as she found herself naked with a man for the first time. The teddy bear face scrunched on the fabric as I drew them down over her legs and threw them over my shoulder. A perfect little 11-year-old slit waited for me, hairless, blushing, speckled with the faintest hint of moisture. Claire swallowed, embarrassed. I buried her fear with a gentle kiss, our lips pressing together until my hands registered the slow thaw, the draining of her virgin reluctance and its replacement with the latent sexual appetite that lingers under the surface in all little girls.

I positioned myself in front of her. Her thighs were slender treasures, smooth and silky. Her butt was a soft bounty, filling my palm with warmth. Gently I parted her legs, marvelling at the pretty pink slit revealed between. She was only a little bit skinnier than Summer, but her skin filled my hands with pleasing firmness just the same.

Claire looked down and gulped when she felt the bump of hardened flesh touch her privates. I smiled at her reassuringly.

"It hurts a little bit the first time, sweetie. But then it feels good. If it's too much I can stop."

She nodded at me, biting her lip. She trusted me, that look said. She wanted me. She was ready. Her pussy was a waiting flower, flushed pink, a delicate bud hiding at the top. I positioned my glans at the entrance, admiring it. A little girl's cunt was so pretty. Different than a woman's, like a rose about to bloom. Summer took position a few inches away, lying on her stomach, her eyes fixed on where my prick was primed to penetrate her friend.

Gripping heat ringed my prick ever so slowly as I pushed in. Claire moaned as her 11-year-old body shivered from its first taste of cock. The tiny, delicate lips parted ever so gracefully, spreading with welcoming warmth. I stopped with my glans barely inside her entrance, letting her get used to the pressure. She swallowed and nodded at me, so I pressed in further.

A barrier pressed back. Claire shuddered again and her fingers clenched the sheets. Summer reached out and took one of Claire's hands in her own, holding it, as if to guide her friend through her first fuck. I moved my legs slightly, getting a better grip on her thighs, lining up until I had the right angle, and then shoved in.

Claire squealed and then gulped, tears in her eyes. She looked at me in disbelief.

"Shhh, that's it. That's the hardest part." I kept still and massaged her thighs, letting her adjust to the new intrusion of a cock in her body. Summer patted her hands, smiling at her. Eventually Claire swallowed and nodded again. Good. I didn't want to go too fast. A girl's first time should be special. My cock was already slick with semen and with Summer's juices, so I pushed in a little more, savoring the sweet tightness of fresh virgin pussy. Her muscles clamped, rebelling, and then eased, reluctantly allowing me in.

God she was tight. The juicy tunnel squeezed my shaft with velvet rigor. I fed another inch of cock into her pussy and then stopped, letting the nervous tremors in her thighs stabilize, marvelling at the simple beauty of her body. Her eyes squeezed tight each time I pushed, face contorting into a sensual mix of pain and pleasure. Her flat chest heaved on the bed, nipples proudly erect. Quivers passed just under the surface of her trim belly, moving up from her hips which had begun the gentlest of motions as she adjusted to the glorious new feeling of a man's penis inside her.

Summer lay on her belly next to Claire, watching with rabid interest. I knew that look: it was the same lustful hunger her mother always wore when she watched me fuck Summer. Amazing, how much they were alike; Summer was just as her mother must have been at that age: loving, eager, horny beyond belief, a delicious mix of wide-eyed innocence and filthy appetites in bed. The look she gave me commanded me to keep going, to fuck her friend until she hollered.

Claire was getting into the spirit of it, her shoulders rolling on the bed, belly and hips moving. A look of delighted astonishment was on her face, as if the feeling of slippery cockmeat moving inside her had awoken the 11-year-old girl to a realm of pleasure she never knew existed. I could see the excitement growing, the rising thrill making her heart pump, her hips jerk, beginning to push at me with wild, erratic thrusts. I moved with her, cramming deeper into her tunnel, using my pelvis to guide the inexperienced girl into a gentle rhythm. Her butt rocked on the sheets. Her thighs clenched in my hands. A squeal caught in her throat. I looked down, seeing the gorgeous sight of my turgid shaft squeezing the tiny cuntlips aside, pressing between, penetrating the virgin slit and then pulling out again shining with her juices. Claire shuddered wildly on the end of my cock, and I knew the rising storm had reached a crescendo in her body, reaching up to smash her senses with pink thunder, electric waves of gooey pleasure crashing up from the pumping connection of our bodies. Her body was hot in my hands, her pussy boiling, and the heat suddenly flowed up my cock and erupted in my groin, balls clenching as a geyser of white fluid raced up and spewed from my prick and emptied into the screeching girl. Her pre-adolescent body convulsed with orgasm as it was flooded with semen for the first time. My cock slammed home and stayed there, buried to the hilt, twitching madly as jet after jet of syrupy fluid filled the tiny space of her pussy and then overflowed into her womb.

I collapsed on her, feeling the crazy grasp of her hands against my sides. Quaking pussy muscles twitched wildly around my prick. Her body writhed, confined, pinned by my heavy torso. I barely felt it, lost in a vortex of warm lightning that flickered chaotically, muscles jerking, cock twitching in the deep, sticky crevice where it was buried.

A hand caressed my back. I groaned. Summer, grinning at me from my peripheral vision. And under me, Claire, panting like an animal, hair tangled, spittle on her lips. We gasped together, hearts thudding against each other's chests. I rested my lips on hers, tasting the little girl's passion, savoring the heated breath of our post-coital bliss. She seemed spent, drained, pressing back only weakly. I shifted my weight.

"Mmmm...hmmmmMMMF" A wordless protest squeaked from her throat when I pulled out my wilting prick, as though she couldn't bear to feel it go. I rolled over, exhausted, sweating and gasping with the slick juices of two little girls smeared in a mess over my crotch.

"That-that was..." Claire struggled to catch her breath. Summer huddled next to her on the sheets, a fiendish grin on her face. She had enjoyed the show thoroughly.

"Fun. Told you. Boyfriends are fun."

I let the girls chatter, giggling, comparing their experiences. The bed seemed to swallow me up as I lay there naked, barely able to move. What was it about little girls that they could evoke so much eager energy and then drain it from my body just as swiftly? My mind drifted, pondering the mystery helplessly. The mattress jiggled as the girls got up.

I hauled myself up and followed, after pulling on some clothes. The girls were in the living room. A horn honked outside just as I came in.

"Oh." Claire looked out the window. "That's my mom."

An attractive redhead had pulled up in front of Sheila's house and was getting out of the car. There were 2 naked 11-year-olds in my living room, and my glass patio door was in full view of Sheila's front door. I panicked.

The girls squealed as I yanked them together. Blue dress. I picked it up and slammed it over her head. The woman was coming up the walk. Damnit. No time for panties. I jerked the white blouse over the other girl's head. They were laughing at me. Green skirt. I wrapped it around the slender waist and buttoned the side. The dress was caught. A pair of arms wiggled awkwardly. I helped her pull it down and Summer's head popped through the top.

Fuck. I stared like an idiot. The girls were giggling hysterically, wearing each other's clothes. The woman was wringing Sheila's doorbell impatiently. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. I grabbed the girls' wrists and lurched toward the front door.

"Hey mom!" Claire waved at her mom. The woman looked over and saw us standing in the doorway opposite Sheila's house.

"Hi sweetie-" she trotted halfway over the grass and then stopped short in surprise. "Claire, what happened to your clothes?"

"We switched." Summer said quickly. "I mean, if that's ok with you Mrs. Danes. She beat me in a dance so I said she could keep them."

"I...I guess." Claire's mom reached her arm out uncertainly and Claire skipped over the grass to meet her. The white shirt was slightly askew and the tiny green miniskirt barely reached the end of her ass.

"Summer is your mom not at home?"

"She had to work. It's ok, I hang out at my neighbor's all the time." Summer grinned innocently. "He's fun."

"They were playing Xbox," I said sheepishly.

"Ok. Well that's good then. Thanks for taking care of her." Claire's mom wrapped an arm around her daughter's shoulder and waved goodbye to us. Claire flashed a shy smile back at me as her mother led her to the car.

"Nice of you to let her keep the skirt." I said after closing the door.

"It's fine." Summer rubbed her fingers on the hem of the dress approvingly. "I like this."

"I like it too." The silky blue cloth draped alluringly over the little girl's body, accentuating her shoulders and hips.

"Come on tiger," I said. "Let's take a shower."

Summer followed me to the bathroom. I turned on the water, yanked off my clothes, then pulled the newly-acquired dress up and over Summer's head. The naked girl grinned at me and stepped into the shower, letting the water stream into her hair and down her body, running in tantalizing rivulets over her smooth skin.

"Getting in?" Summer arched her back and gave me a ravishing grin. To my amazement, I felt my cock stiffen with a fresh rush of blood. Summer and her mom were like twin miracles, able to set my heart thumping and my prick pulsing with just an inviting grin no matter how many times I had cum that day. Right on queue, it began to surge to life again, pointing at the girl in the shower, reviving as I relished the teasing eyeful of that delicious, fuckable little preteen body.

Prick waving in the air, I stepped under the water with her, and pulled the curtain closed behind us.

I stared vacantly at the TV screen. Kramer had cartwheeled into the room, bellowing about some kind of lunacy, and Jerry gave him a disbelieving look. I had always hated Seinfeld, but I didn't have the strength to change the channel. My muscles ached, almost as much as if I had worked at the jobsite all day. Wasn't this supposed to be my day off too? Fucking energetic little girls all day was a workout all by itself.

I took a sip of gatorade and another bite of the protein bar. I needed them both, lest I end up as some skeletal shell of my former self, drained of all my bodily fluids. Summer dozed on the couch next to me in her pajamas. She had wanted to stay up until her mom got home, but hadn't quite made it.

I left her there with the quiet chatter of the TV and went to the kitchen to browse around in the fridge. Not much seemed appealing. I closed the door again just as I heard the key rattle in the lock of the front door.

"Hey James." Sheila set down her purse as she came into the kitchen. Despite the weariness that marred her smile, she was a vision of perfect loveliness: sleek white schoolgirl blouse several sizes too tight, a tartan miniskirt, high heels in a shocking red that matched her lipstick, and raven hair perfectly curled, bouncing seductively. Her tits threatened to burst out of the blouse, buttons straining painfully. Even after the long slog of a double shift, Sheila couldn't help but look amazing. She often didn't change after getting out of the club, a fact I wholeheartedly approved of. Her makeup and the schoolgirl outfit made her look several years younger than her age, like a buxom high-school student.

"How was your day?" I asked her, letting her wrap her arms around me and ply me with an eager kiss, tasting her lipstick.

"Lots of dances. I made bank with my tips." She smiled and flipped her hair, pressing up against me flirtatiously. "Couldn't wait to get home and see you guys. How's Summer?"

I tore my eyes off her cleavage and nodded into the living room. Sheila followed my gaze, seeing the tiny girl sprawled on the couch.

"Awww, she's so cute. Tuckered out I see. You must have worn her out again."

"She wore me out," I chuckled.

Sheila moved my hands to her hips and nibbled seductively at my ear.

"Hmm, I'll bet. How many times did you cum in my baby girl today?"

I paused, blood draining from my brain as Sheila's tits rubbed temptingly against my chest.

"Uh, 3. I think." Summer had planted her hands against the shower wall and thrust her butt in the air after revving me up under the steamy water. That little girl drove my cock crazy almost effortlessly.

"Only 3 times?" Sheila was a sultry devil, whispering in my ear. "Oh come on, you can do better than that."

"I'm only human," I protested. "Summer 3 times, and Claire once."

" Claire?" Sheila squealed mirthfully. "Her friend? Ok James, try not to get ALL the neighborhood girls pregnant."

I laughed along with her, our bodies swaying slightly from side to side, my hands squeezing her ass through the skirt.

"Although, I wouldn't mind seeing all those tight little bellies swelling up big." Sheila rested her head on my shoulder, kissing my neck, purring. "Wouldn't that be a kick! The school year starts up and suddenly every little girl in this entire neighborhood suddenly begins to bulge with a baby in her belly. It would be great. Best thing for a little girl, to get pregnant as soon as possible."

She was rubbing against me, body twining sinuously with arousal.

"And all those parents would be scratching their heads, wondering who would have the audacity to slam a heaping helping of semen right up into every one of those little gradeschool virgin pussies."

"You are the absolute filthiest-minded little slut I have ever met," I chuckled, squeezing her asscheeks tightly in my hands.

"Mmmm hmmm. You know you love it. Can you blame me? This ass gets shaken all day" - she wiggled her rump in my grip "and I don't get any release. All I have to think about is you cramming sperm into my daughter."

"Poor girl," I teased. "Tortured by your fantasies. Well I'll settle for getting Summer pregnant before everyone else. You think she's ready?"

Sheila rested her head on my chest and looked into the living room, still swaying with me, a light dance that moved our feet on the kitchen floor.

"Well I was plenty ready at her age, and you're always saying how much we're alike."

"That's true."

"She'll be pregnant in no time," Sheila murmured. "It's just a matter of getting this cock" - she squeezed my straining crotch tightly - "into her every day. And then once she's ready, doing it for me too. Besides, it's obvious how much she wants it. Look."

She reached to the side and took one of the papers off the fridge and held it up for me: Summer's crayon work. A trio of peach figures stood side by side, holding hands, a man and a woman and a girl with carefully pencilled outlines, all naked and smiling. It was pretty good. Summer actually had some talent.

A cartoonish cock hung down on the man and greyish-white blobs dotted the lower halves of the girls' bodies like little clouds. A caption in pink marker was scrawled on the upper half of the page.

♥ James cums in me and mom every day ♥

An idyllic rainbow arced over the characters. Sheila turned the page around so I could see the rear side. It was the same thing, except the girls' tummies were swelling gracefully.

"That's my baby girl," she murmured approvingly, fixing the sheet back to the refrigerator with a watermelon magnet. "You've got your work cut out for you James. You've got to put a baby in that little girl over there, and then you've got to put one in here."

She moved my hands from her hips to her belly, fingers gently kneading mine.

"You've got some sugar left for me, right?"

I chuckled madly. I must have been crazy to think Sheila wouldn't be up for fooling around tonight. She was never too tired for sex. I let her yank my wrist and pull me down the hallway, pinching her bottom and earning a muted squeal.

Her light shove pushed me down to a sitting position on the bed. I rested back on my hands, grinning, letting her do all the work like she wanted. Her butt wiggled and she looked seductively over her shoulder at me, giving a brief preview of the kind of show she gave at the club. The skirt came off rapidly, and the little white blouse followed. Her hips swayed in a captivating rhythm as she walked slowly towards me, heels touching down in a narrow line, an imaginary catwalk leading to where I waited on the bed.

Where summer was all fresh innocence and virgin tenderness, Sheila was experienced, succulent, perfect in her technique. Her hands found my cock, squeezing through my jeans, then extracted it effortlessly. The warm suction of her mouth engulfed my taut flesh, tongue twisting in delightful tandem, smoldering gaze pinning me to the bed. I collapsed onto my back, falling before the onslaught of her mouth and fingers. Her bra and panties seemed to fly off in a blur and before I knew it she was on top of me, hands racing, breasts swaying, an engine of heated friction vibrating against me with urgent passion.

Shivers raced through my body as she sat upright and positioned my prick at the entrance to her tunnel, then sunk slowly down with sensual grace. Sheila was amazing, a perfect lover with selfless enthusiasm and a body to die for. Let me do everything, her gaze said. Let me show me how much I love you. Her body welcomed me into a squeezing embrace, a caress of moist pressure coupled with a thrilling bounce of her tits and the eager clamp of her thighs. Her hips began to slide up and down, long strokes, as if savoring a treat she had been longing for all day.

I gave myself up to the exquisite feeling, hands kneading her legs, relishing the heavenly sight of the gorgeous woman bouncing on top of me. Her fingers moved everywhere at once as if by magic: rubbing my chest, squeezing her own breasts, curling in her own hair as she bit her lip in ecstasy. She was so wound up that I could feel it in her body like a slowly uncoiling knot. With each thrust, her body began to race harder, bouncing faster, expression transforming by slow degrees from loving tenderness to an animal leer, lips curling around a slow hiss of euphoria. She was always like this, attacking our lovemaking with total abandon, throwing herself into the storm of her passion with complete surrender. I pushed up with my hips, driving my raging cock into her cunt, feeling it ripple and quake in wild bursts that matched her mounting excitement. She was close already. She must have been at a slow simmer all day.

The squeaking of the bed competed with our rampant moans. Sheila bounced through a trembling crescendo, then thrust down ferociously, sending us both over the edge. My balls clenched spastically. Sucking heat wrapped me like a vice, coaxing a hurricane of pleasure that raced up my shaft and fountained out, sticky seed racing from my jerking cock and overflowing into the tight space of her pussy. Her pelvis ground frantically against me. My hands found her breasts and squeezed desperately, holding them like anchors as the tempest threatened to tear me away. Our bodies jerked and convulsed together, the wild tide of our shared climax washing over and drowning us in a crushing undertow.

Hot breath raced against my chest. Hair brushed my lips. Two globes of delicious ass were squeezing under my hands. We had collapsed together, a conjoined body linked by the lingering dashes of electricity that flowed through our quivering connection. Drifting, senses coated in a suffocating syrup of euphoria, we floated together, sweaty bodies trembling in each other's arms.

"God, James." Sheila was kissing my chest, a look of sated adulation on her face. "You make me cum like I'm a little girl all over again." She punctuated this with a heavy kiss on my lips. I patted her hair, words lost somewhere beneath my breathless gasps, feeling utterly drained.

"Hi Mom." Summer stood in the doorway, rubbing her eyes sleepily, a tiny silhouette in flannel pajamas.

"Hi baby girl." Sheila turned her head on my chest and smiled, beckoning. Summer padded into the room, unfazed by the sight of the two adults with their leaking genitals still stuck together. She climbed up onto the bed with us.

Sheila groaned and finally slid off me, my cock popping out with an audible slurp. She rolled over to make room, and Summer crawled between us. We each welcomed her with an arm.

I pulled the sheet over us, and we snuggled together. Warm bodies rubbed sensually up against me, the two girls I loved more than anything in the world. It was true, I realized. I loved them. I had never met anyone like Sheila and her daughter. They were a perfect pair, inseparable in my mind. Caring, sweet, enthusiastic lovers that could both command me with a glance and drive me wild with a touch. Everything about them felt perfect, felt right, inside and out. Lying next to the pair, our idle hands grazing wistfully under the blanket, it felt like something impossible had revealed itself to me - a world full of a promise of warmth and love that I had cynically dismissed all my life.

How could I ever resist these two? Summer, with her impish smirk and boundless energy, and a slender body that veritably writhed with pleasure when I explored it. Sheila, with her smile full of warm affection, her devilish laugh, her luscious tits and delicious body that twisted with casual sensuality with every step she took. I was well and truly caught, I realized, both of these girls having wound themselves around my heart in a way I hadn't thought possible. Snared, but I was a willing captive. They had filled a void in myself that I hadn't realized existed, become precious to me in a way I could scarcely let myself contemplate. What did my future look like with these girls in it?

The lingering thoughts dogged me as I drifted off to sleep. Both of them, mother and daughter, holding hands and smiling at me like in Summer's drawing, their naked bodies offered up together in love. My gift inside them, taking root, growing, until their bellies began to grow. The vivid images quickened against the backdrop of my imagination, flowing seamlessly into heated dreams as the world slipped away.